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Eric's Autos: 2019 Volkswagen Atlas

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Volkswagen, which built its business selling small cars, is building big ones to grow its business.

It would take at least two old-school Beetles to equal the new Atlas in size, weight and seating capacity. Plus, it has a working heater!

What It Is

The Atlas is a full-size three-row crossover SUV -- and the largest VW to date.

It gives VW ...Read more

Eric's Autos: 2019 Ford F-150

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It's interesting that just as diesels are disappearing from the passenger-car market, they're making a big comeback in trucks.

Ford is the latest to bring one back, joining the Dodge Ram -- which offers one in the Ram 1500 -- and anticipating Chevy, which will offer one later this year in the 2019 Silverado 1500.

But there's one other thing ...Read more

Eric's Autos: 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage

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Saving money on gas is great, but how about saving money on the car? If it costs you less, then you have more in your pocket to pay for the gas you put in it -- and other things.

A simpler car is also less likely to hit you with high-dollar repair costs down the road. And if it has a better warranty than other cars, you won't have to pay any ...Read more

Eric's Autos: 2019 Honda Insight

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The problem for hybrids right now is that gas is cheaper than bottled water again. This makes it harder to sell a hybrid based mostly on how little gas it uses.

Which probably explains why the new Honda Insight hybrid focuses on things other than gas mileage, such as how much unlike a hybrid it looks and how unlike a hybrid it moves. That it ...Read more

Eric's Autos: 2019 Toyota Prius AWD-e

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How many vehicles with all-wheel drive average 50 miles per gallon? Not many.

Very few even manage 35 mpg as best case on the highway -- usually just barely.

Cue the exception: the new AWD-equipped Toyota Prius. It exceeds 50 mpg in the city, averages 50 mpg and won't get stuck in the driveway when it snows.

What It Is

Toyota took the Prius ...Read more

Eric's Autos: 2019 Nissan Kicks

Automotive / Eric's Autos /

Crossover SUVs have become as popular as fireworks on the Fourth of July, which is why the cost of crossovers continues to increase.

But there is an antidote to the high cost of being popular.

It's the Nissan Kicks.

What It Is

The Kicks is Nissan's newest, smallest and most affordable crossover SUV.

It's similar in general layout and size ...Read more

Eric's Autos: 2019 Chevy Sonic

Automotive / Eric's Autos /

Chevy's second-smallest car is also, as it turns out, one of its roomiest.

It's also less than half the price of Chevy's smallest car -- and it goes twice as far.

What It Is

The Sonic is Chevy's entry-level subcompact sedan/five-door hatchback. It's slightly larger than the electric Bolt, which is Chevy's smallest car and (like several non-...Read more

Eric's Autos: 2018 Mazda6

Automotive / Eric's Autos /

How good a car is the Mazda6?

Good enough to go without its V-6 for five long years -- and still sell better than it did when it offered a six. And now, at last, there's a horsepower infusion.

It's not a six, but it's enough to make up for it, especially given how little Mazda charges for it.

What It Is

The Mazda6 is Mazda's midsize mid-...Read more

Eric's Autos: 2019 Toyota Sienna

Automotive / Eric's Autos /

Minivans used to be hugely popular because they were hugely practical. Which may explain why minivans have become less popular than they used to be.

They are curiously less practical in one very popular respect: Almost none of them offer all-wheel drive anymore.

Except for this one.

What It Is

The Sienna is a seven-to-eight...Read more

Eric's Autos: 2019 Kia Stinger

Automotive / Eric's Autos /

If you want real Coke, you have to go to Mexico. Well, you have to get it from Mexico. That Coke is still made with sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup. And the good stuff still comes in glass bottles -- not plastic.

Kia's new Stinger is the real Coke of sport sedans.

What It Is

The midsize Stinger is Kia's first rear-wheel-...Read more

Eric's Autos: 2019 Jeep Compass

Automotive / Eric's Autos /

Most crossover SUVs can't cross over very much.

They look like rugged, off-road-ready SUVs, but they're really high-riding cars, with light-duty all-wheel drive (usually optional) and not much more off-road capability than the cars they're based on.

Except for this one.

What It Is

The Compass is a compact-sized, two-row crossover ...Read more

Energy Express: 2019 BMW X4

Automotive / Eric's Autos /

How do you make a crossover SUV not just another crossover SUV? One way is to chop the roof and make it look less like just another crossover SUV. Another way is to make it drive differently than other crossover SUVs -- by putting something more than merely utilitarian under the hood.

BMW has done both things with the 2019 X4.

What It Is

The ...Read more


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