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Elon Musk tweets Model 3 teaser and clears up misconceptions about Tesla's latest electric car

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SAN FRANCISCO -- Elon Musk tweeted a teaser video of a freshly manufactured Tesla Model 3, the mass-market electric sedan due for sale in limited numbers later this year.

For Tesla, the Model 3 is a make-or-break proposition. The renewable energy company has enjoyed much success with its luxury-priced Model S and Model X.

The Model 3, ...Read more

Under the Hood: Oil pressure issue might be easily resolved

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Q: My 2003 BMW 325Ci has 97,000 miles on it and generally drives perfectly. I have always taken good care of it. However, after about 10 minutes of stop-and-go traffic, the oil pressure light starts flickering.

I know the problem isn't the oil level because I always check it after 500 miles and do timely filter changes. The warning light goes ...Read more

Auto review: 2017 Lincoln Continental flagship sedan makes a father proud, and a son understand

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Sometimes, father knows best. This reluctant admission comes after a week with the 2017 Lincoln Continental, the first Lincoln in my adult lifetime that did not make my father's unwavering lifetime support of a once-proud premium brand seem bewildering.

The only relevant Lincoln in my mind was the series of Town Cars we used to take on family ...Read more

New brake technology keeps family business moving

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DETROIT -- In nondescript buildings in Detroit and nearby Dearborn, advanced dynamometers are whirring 24 hours a day. They are the heart of Link Engineering, an immigrant's dream that became a family business and one of the world's leading brake- and wheel-testing companies.

Business is growing. Link has test and engineering facilities in Ohio...Read more

Mark Phelan: Need to organize your car? Ford engineer can help

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If you're the sort of person whose socks are all folded in a drawer -- or even better, if you can never find a pair that match -- one of Ford's vehicle interior engineers has developed some simple tips to that might make it easier for you to find things in your car.

Ford interaction and ergonomics engineer Sejal Shreffler knows what she's ...Read more

Polaris Industries recalls 19,200 more ATVs

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MINNEAPOLIS -- Polaris Industries recalled another 19,200 all-terrain vehicles, this time, for 2015 and 2016 Sportsman 850 and 1000 models. Possible fire risks were the reason, like in several other recalls.

The recalls, reported Tuesday to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, came after Polaris received complaints of 793 incidents, ...Read more

Auto Word: 2017 Infiniti Q60 is a Sex Jet Without Penalty for Pleasure

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Nobody needs a luxury sport coupe, but everybody likes how they look behind the wheel.

Infiniti has completely redesigned and re-engineered its 2017 Q60, a four-seat hardtop. The company calls the Q60 a brand shaper because elements of its styling will be carried through on future vehicles.

This third generation of Infiniti's coupe -- ...Read more

Do car companies want Trump to trash emission standards? Maybe not

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SAN FRANCISCO -- President Donald Trump talked tough in Detroit earlier this month, confirming that his administration will open up Obama-era auto emissions standards for review and change them if they threaten auto jobs.

Environmentalists went ballistic, pumping out news releases that said any rollback would harm the environment, cost ...Read more

Auto review: A good thing in a small package

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A good time to be buying an automobile in America just got better. So many choices. Such good cars. Just pick a style and a price point and go.

Kia Motors has added to the affordable sport utility vehicle mix with its 2017 Niro -- a name the company says is a mixture of "hero" and "near zero," in reference to the little car's high fuel economy ...Read more

Mark Phelan: Reviewing mpg rules doesn't mean rewriting them

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Reopening the review of federal fuel efficiency standards isn't about a return to the gas-guzzlers Detroit was once known for. It's about honoring the deal the Obama administration made when the auto industry signed on to the most far-reaching and ambitious regulations in its history.

The Environmental Protection Agency invited the controversy ...Read more

Under the Hood: What's up with rough-running Accord?

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Q: My daughter has a 2000 Honda Accord Coupe with a 3-liter V-6 engine. Sometimes, after a hot restart, it will run very roughly. In fact, it usually stalls. This happens year-round, though more often in the spring.

If she's able to get the car in-gear and proceed, it'll generally smooth out and run just fine. But more often, she shuts it off ...Read more

GM to add or retain 900 Michigan jobs

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DETROIT -- General Motors announced plans Wednesday to add or retain approximately 900 jobs across three Michigan plants over the next 12 months. The announcement came in advance of President Donald Trump's scheduled Wednesday visit to the state.

Many of the jobs -- up to 680 of them -- may be filled by some of the 1,000 workers the company ...Read more

Glut of off-lease vehicles makes it good time to buy used

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The number of new vehicles that were leased hit a record 4.4 million last year, triple the number in 2009, when auto sales were at their low point during the recession.

New- and used-car sales have increased seven years in a row as the economy has improved, a streak not seen since the 1920s, but industry analysts worry that the used-car market ...Read more

Auto review: 2017 BMW 740e charges flagship sedan segment

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BMW is plugging into the electrified future of automobiles by offering a plug-in variant across its product line. The 740e full-size sedan benefits from the same lightweight carbon core construction and impressive list of technology features as the redesigned luxury flagship, but it has a 2.0-liter gasoline engine along with an electric motor ...Read more

Auto Word: 2017 Volvo S90 AWD Inscription is a First-Class Cabin With Bewildering Pilot Assist

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Volvo is moving boldly into the great unknown of semi-autonomous driving, with its large S90 sedan (and upcoming V90 wagon). But is it moving too quickly with its driving aids? Volvo is among the first makers to provide a self-driving mode in a nonelectrified vehicle.

The S90 is beautifully styled, richly appointed and layered with many smart ...Read more

If you like cars, not trucks, it's a good time to buy

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DETROIT -- Big deals are coming on new vehicles in spring and summer as automakers try to shave bloated inventories.

Dealers will be offering rich incentives such as low monthly leases, cash back and generous financing -- especially on traditional cars, which continue to plummet in popularity.

That was the consensus at WardAuto's Outlook ...Read more

Firms prosper as more truck fleets tap in-cab video to improve safety

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SAN DIEGO -- Steve Mitgang occasionally sits down with commercial truck drivers for coffee and doughnuts, asking them what they think of having video cameras in the cab to monitor their driving.

"They feel like in the next few days or months, there's going to be a passenger vehicle that is going to strike them, and they are going to be falsely ...Read more

Targeting fast-growing market, Lincoln to build luxury SUVs in China

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Ford's luxury division, Lincoln Motor Company, will begin building upscale SUVs in China, after seeing sales in that country triple between 2015 and 2016.

The company, which claims to be China's fastest-growing luxury automobile brand, will build the vehicles in partnership with local manufacturer Changan Automobile Group at a facility in the ...Read more

What happened in Sweden? Trump's world view and the Volvo SUV

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STOCKHOLM -- Volvo's luxury XC90 SUV has a quintessentially Scandinavian design. But the cabling comes from Morocco, the catalysts from South Africa, the leather keys from Portugal and its plug-in hybrid batteries from South Korea. Oh, and its owners are Chinese.

When the Swedish car manufacturer was struggling to make ends meet at the height ...Read more

Auto review: Alfa Romeo's wolf in sheep's clothing

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Has the world been waiting for a relatively affordable four-door track car with luxury-level comfort?

Well, it's here. It's the Alfa Romeo Giulia.

The latest assault on the American market by a company that hasn't had much success getting our collective attention, it's a bit of a wolf in sheep's clothing.

The outside presents an anodyne sedan...Read more