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GM's China sales continue to slump in third quarter as US automakers lose market share

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General Motors' sales in China fell by 17.5% in the third quarter from the same period in 2018, the company's fifth consecutive quarterly decline in the world's largest auto market.

The company said it delivered 689,531 vehicles in China during the period "in the midst of the continued soft vehicle market."

It's bad news as the Detroit ...Read more

Motormouth: Paintless dent repair might be the ticket for hail-damaged car

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Q: After a recent storm, an owner of a new BMW 540 told me his car was heavily damaged by hail. He was at work during the storm, and his car was in the parking lot. The worst part, according to him, was that not all the cars in the lot suffered hail damage and that his did not fare any better than a KIA. His theory is that BMW is either trying ...Read more

Under the Hood: Replacing struts not a job for inexperienced home mechanic

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Q: I just had my car serviced and was told I need new struts. It's a 2014 Honda Accord with 47,000 miles. The man pushed me very strongly saying it's a "safety concern" and I should have them done right away. I figured I'd get a second opinion. What do these parts do? Is this something my husband could replace?


A: Oh boy! It may be ...Read more

Auto review: BMW's extra Apple CarPlay fee on luxury SUV is a money grab

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The 2019 BMW 330i sport sedan explores how to meld the brand's claim to be "ultimate driving machine" with rising levels of driver assistance, but it locks down the title for "ultimate display of gall by an automaker."

For 2020, BMW moved from its previous practice of charging customers once for a feature other brands made standard years ago to...Read more

You could one day commute to work in a flying Porsche. Boeing has teamed up with the German carmaker to study airborne vehicles.

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Boeing Co. hopes one day you can ditch the terrestrial street traffic and fly through the clouds in your own airborne vehicle.

The Chicago-based aircraft manufacturer and Porsche, the German sports car automaker, announced a partnership Thursday to study the air mobility market. The companies will also work on a prototype for an electric ...Read more

Larry Printz: A tale of two BMWs or, is the sports car dead?

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Is the sports car dead?

It's a fair question to ask. While many scribes are moaning about the demise of the sedan, they still account for 30 percent of the American car market. In reality, it's the sports car that is truly nearing extinction -- at least in the mass market.

Sad, I know.

But two recent vehicles by the same manufacturer proved ...Read more

Auto review: Ford updates the best-selling F-150 for 2019 with more choices and tech

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For 2019, the Ford F-150 pickup from America's truck leader has some exciting upgrades and additions.

Tough, smart and capable, the F-150 has class-leading capability, outperforming others whether hauling cargo in the bed or towing a trailer, making the toughest task look easy on the job or on a fun weekend.

With seven trims available, priced ...Read more

Key sticking point: GM and UAW at odds over what will be made in America

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DETROIT -- Made in America tops the list of sticking points to be resolved between the UAW and General Motors to get to a tentative contract agreement.

For the 46,000 UAW members in the fourth week of nationwide strike against GM, a promise that the company will build upcoming vehicles in U.S. plants equals job security. The two sides ...Read more

Ford dealership giving away guns, Bibles to lure in potential customers

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Derrick Hughes and his team will do whatever it takes to sell trucks and cars during the slow months of deer hunting season, so they're giving away guns along with Bibles and flags at their Ford dealership in tiny Honea Path, S.C.

"It's crazy," Hughes told the Detroit Free Press on Wednesday. "We've had multiple people take advantage of the ...Read more

Tesla's Smart Summon is a glitchy 'science experiment,' Consumer Reports says

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Consumer Reports tested Tesla's new Smart Summon feature and found it wanting.

Smart Summon "was glitchy and at times worked intermittently, without a lot of benefit for consumers," the product and service-testing organization said Wednesday.

Tesla released Smart Summon in late September via an over-the-air software update to owners who had ...Read more

The UAW officer leading talks with GM is from the assembly line and ready to fight

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DETROIT -- This past spring, local UAW leaders from across the country gathered in Detroit to meet the UAW's top negotiators at the Renaissance Center.

One leader noticed a 10-year-old Chevrolet Malibu sedan roll up to the entrance, driven by a rather unassuming 62-year-old man. The car had placards taped to the windows: "GM: We invested in you...Read more

Eric's Autos: 2019 Toyota Prius C

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Everyone knows about the Prius, but how about the other Prius? The one that costs less -- and saves you money on gas?

It's the Prius c.

What It Is

The Prius c is not as well-known as the eponymous Prius -- Toyota's popular five-door hatchback hybrid -- but it's basically the same thing in a smaller and more affordable package.

Prices begin ...Read more

GM's much-anticipated 2020 Corvette Stingray to be delayed by UAW strike

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DETROIT -- General Motors' much-anticipated Chevrolet 2020 Corvette Stingray will be delayed going to market because of the UAW strike, the Free Press has learned.

Two people familiar with GM's production plans said the automaker will have to delay the production and launch of eighth-generation Corvette as it works to catch up on production of ...Read more

UAW says negotiations with GM have 'taken a turn for the worse'

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DETROIT -- The UAW's lead negotiator said Sunday that talks with General Motors have "taken a turn for the worse."

The surprise negative development followed reports of progress in recent days and adds more uncertainty to when the UAW's 3-week-old strike against GM might come to an end.

In fact, a person close to the talks told the Free Press ...Read more

Under the Hood: Renew transmission fluid earlier than manufacturer recommends

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Q: I have a question about servicing an automatic transmission. My maintenance schedule says to drain and replace the fluid at 120,000 miles. A friend in the business says this is crazy and that I should do this sooner. What is your take?

-- Alan B.

A: Renewing transmission fluid more regularly than 120,000 miles could certainly help extend ...Read more

Now your Tesla can come pick you up. California says that's not 'driverless'

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Tesla unleashed the latest twist in driverless car technology last week, raising more questions about whether autonomous vehicles are outracing public officials and safety regulators.

The Palo Alto electric car company on Sept. 26 beamed a software feature called Smart Summon to Tesla owners who prepaid for it. Using a smartphone, a person can ...Read more

What it's really like behind doors of GM, UAW contract talks

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DETROIT -- Late nights, early mornings and a lot of hurry up to wait.

That's the life of UAW and General Motors bargainers who are enduring a process that is emotionally and intellectually grueling, say two former labor negotiators and people close to the 2019 talks.

Since roughly 46,000 autoworkers went on strike early Sept. 16 at GM sites ...Read more

GM can withstand losses of UAW strike — because of what it stands to gain

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DETROIT -- Some analysts estimate the UAW's nationwide strike against General Motors has cost the company about $1 billion so far.

But GM can withstand the financial losses because of what it stands to gain with a new UAW contract: a deep discount to labor costs.

That's a big deal. Industrywide, labor is about 5.1% of the cost of the average ...Read more

Auto review: 2020 Lincoln Corsair SUV's new looks and tech make it real small luxury contender

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CARMEL, Calif. -- Sleek and loaded with advanced features, the 2020 Lincoln Corsair five-passenger SUV gives Ford's luxury brand a vehicle that can compete with compact and subcompact luxury SUVs like the Acura RDX, Audi Q3, BMW X3 and Cadillac XT4.

The Corsair replaces the MKC, which was 1.4 inches less long and 1.1 inch less tall than the new...Read more

Fate of GM Lordstown plant unresolved as contract talks linger: What could happen

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DETROIT -- General Motors and the UAW continued Tuesday trying to hammer out a tentative contract agreement after discussions went beyond 10 p.m. Monday.

The UAW's strike is now on day 16 and though bargainers worked throughout the weekend, a number of difficult issues remain unresolved.

One of these matters is the fate of GM's assembly plant ...Read more