Chicago police investigating whether rapper FBG Duck was killed after making video about dead gang members

CHICAGO -- Chicago police are investigating whether a rapper was killed in a brazen shooting after recently making a video featuring "derogatory statements" about rival gang members who have died.

Carlton Weekly, who performed under the name FBG Duck, belonged to a Gangster Disciple faction, and police believe it may now seek retaliation ...Read more

'How many Quibis make an episode?' An 'SNL' vet re-imagines 'Murder, She Wrote'

I first became fully aware of Paula Pell in 2014, as the co-creator and costar, with James Anderson, of "Hudson Valley Ballers," a brilliantly bizarre web series about friends who open a B&B in upstate New York. But I had seen her work on "Saturday Night Live," for which she wrote for 20 years (including a few seasons as head writer), and had ...Read more

Women break silence, tell stories of rape and groping by Ron Jeremy over 2 decades

LOS ANGELES -- Lianne Young still remembers in vivid detail the night Ron Jeremy snuck up behind her on the Sunset Strip.

The adult film actress who went by the name "Billie Britt" was wearing a bikini inside the former House Of Blues at a porn industry Halloween party when she said Jeremy shoved her onto a table and forced himself inside her. ...Read more

Movie review: 'She Dies Tomorrow' singularly sensory cinematic experience capturing existential dread from mysterious virus of sorts

The brilliant actor, director and producer Amy Seimetz made her directorial debut in 2012 with the hazy, sun-drenched lovers-on-the-run film "Sun Don't Shine," starring Kate Lyn Sheil and Kentucker Audley. Although it's been eight years between her debut and her follow-up film, "She Dies Tomorrow," Seimetz has been very busy in the interim. She'...Read more

Review: 'Howard,' a valentine to the songwriter who helped Disney get its mojo back

The Howard in "Howard," streaming on Disney Plus starting Friday, is Howard Ashman. And anyone who had the wit and the cheek to write the lyric "I use antlers in all of my decorating!" for the muscle-bound antagonist in "Beauty and the Beast" plainly deserves to have his story be told in a documentary.

Ashman's lyrics -- and, just as crucially,...Read more

Chicago saxophonist Sharel Cassity marks comeback from tough illness

CHICAGO -- If you listen to Chicago saxophonist Sharel Cassity's compelling new album, the aptly named "Fearless," you never would know how ill she was when she recorded it.

Her tone sounds full, her technique nimble, the joy of her music-making unmistakable.

But just a few weeks before the recording sessions in July 2019, Cassity received a ...Read more

Commentary: Netflix's 'Umbrella Academy' makes family dysfunction more fun than saving the world

The "Umbrella Academy's" superhero troop possesses the ability to sprout octopus arms in battle, travel through time, commune with the dead and blow their enemies' minds -- literally -- with the power of suggestion.

But it's not the clan's crime-fighting skills that set it apart from television's crowded field of onscreen avengers. Netflix's ...Read more

Redbox's Top 10 DVD rentals

The top 10 DVD rentals at Redbox kiosks for the week of July 27:

1. Scoob! -- Warner

2. You Should Have Left -- Universal

3. Deep Blue Sea 3 -- Warner

4. Survive the Night -- Lionsgate

5. Trolls World Tour -- Universal

6. Grand Isle -- Screen Media

7. The Invisible Man -- Universal

8. Force of Nature -- Lionsgate

9. Bad Boys for Life --...Read more

Neil Young sues Trump's 'campaign of ignorance and hate' for using his songs again

Legendary musician Neil Young has sued President Trump's campaign for copyright infringement after it used Young's music to promote a "campaign of ignorance and hate."

Young's songs "Rockin' in the Free World" and "Devil's Sidewalk" were played "numerous times at rallies and political events," namely during the president's June campaign rally ...Read more

Katy Perry, Kevin Hart stand up for embattled Ellen DeGeneres, sending their love

Katy Perry cast a middle-of-the-night smile on Ellen DeGeneres, posting her take on the embattled talk show host for the whole world to see. The pop musician is not the only celebrity coming to DeGeneres' defense. Actor Kevin Hart also chimed in with his support Tuesday morning.

"I know I can't speak for anyone else's experience besides my own ...Read more

Chance the Rapper is teaching his 5-year-old that 'Black power is her superpower'

Chance the Rapper once sang the lyric "Brown boys are dying and none of 'em were for business / And all of 'em love they momma and all of they mommas miss 'em."

Long before he won three Grammys and acclaim for the mixtapes "Coloring Book" and "Acid Rap," Chance was rapping about parenthood and racially motivated violence. Now the artist has two...Read more

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are 'unreservedly sorry' for wedding on a plantation

Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds has addressed his controversial 2012 wedding to American actress Blake Lively, which was held at Boone Hall, a former plantation in South Carolina.

In a new interview with Fast Company, published on Tuesday, the "Detective Pikachu" star expressed the couple's remorse for the decision and explained that he and Lively...Read more

New on DVD: 'The High Note' is simple and sweet

Settle in for a serenade in the top new DVD picks for the week of Aug. 11.

"The High Note": Personal assistant Maggie Sherwoode (Dakota Johnson) has a dream of becoming a professional music producer. This is a no-no for her day job, to be at superstar singer Grace Davis' (Tracee Ellis Ross) side more or less every minute of the day. But after ...Read more

What to stream: See how dictators come to power in this movie marathon

Philosopher and writer George Santayana coined the aphorism "those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it." Although we are living in "unprecedented" times, the phrase seems to have been rattling around the collective American consciousness this summer, as President Donald Trump tests the boundaries of democracy, dabbling in ...Read more

Movie review: Wacky 'An American Pickle' pits a deft Seth Rogen against himself

The new Seth Rogen vehicle, "An American Pickle," is a lot like the foodstuff for which it's named: a quick, tart, satisfying bite, and of course, kosher. The film heralds a return of sorts, or at least a nod to, classic American Jewish cinema (there's a nod to "Yentl"), the likes of which hasn't been seen, it seems, in some time.

The film is ...Read more

15 minutes with Chicago-area native Taylor Zakhar Perez of Netflix's 'The Kissing Booth 2'

CHICAGO -- Long before he was lauded as the internet's new boyfriend for his guitar-playing, smooth-dancing, ab-baring role in the Netflix movie "The Kissing Booth 2," Taylor Zakhar Perez was a star swimmer at Chesterton High School in northwest Indiana.

Zakhar Perez plays Marco, who distracts classmate Elle (Joey King) from her long-distance ...Read more

Music's last best hope lies in livestreaming

Except for the biggest pop acts, like the Rolling Stones or Rihanna, and a few hot shows like "Hamilton," musicians have struggled to fill concert halls. But now the entire business of live performance is in trouble, even for the top stars, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic: theaters and performance halls have been closed since March -- and with ...Read more

What would Sean Hannity's Fox News show look like under a Biden presidency?

NEW YORK -- Sean Hannity is the most-watched personality on cable news. But a conversation with him quickly reminds you that his roots are in radio, which he still does three hours a day. Like an old-school top 40 disc jockey, the conservative host can play the hits ("Russia Collusion Hoax," "Trump Derangement Syndrome," "The Deep State") on ...Read more

List of DVD release dates for Aug. 4 and beyond

Following is a partial schedule of coming movies on DVD. Release dates are subject to change:


4: Dead Ringer

4: Dispatches From Elsewhere, Season 1

4: His Dark Materials: First Season

4: Last Man Standing: The Complete Eighth Season

4: NCIS: Los Angeles: The Eleventh Season

4: Swallow

4: The Good Doctor

4: The Neighborhood: ...Read more

How Jessie Ware's stunning new disco dance videos were shot in quarantine

Inside a seedy-looking motel room, a dancer sashays, twirls and vogues alone to the pulsating bass line and sultry lyrics of Jessie Ware's "What's Your Pleasure?" In the nearly five-minute video, dancer Nicolas Huchard plays a game of seduction with the camera while wearing different outfits of leather, lace, satin and fringe.

This is the COVID...Read more