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'The best friendship in history': MusiCares honors Motown's Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson

LOS ANGELES — Friday night's MusiCares Persons of the Year gala marked the first time the Recording Academy's charitable organization honored the work and philanthropy of two musicians instead of just one at its annual Grammy weekend tribute concert.

It was also the first time one honoree sang a tender song of devotion to the other.

"In my ...Read more

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Beyoncé and Adele have a long history of ups and downs together at the Grammy Awards

LOS ANGELES — The Grammy Awards are once again poised to honor music superstars Beyoncé and Adele, the much-loved pop queens who have competed in the same categories repeatedly for more than a decade.

The 65th Grammys, airing live Sunday from the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, will bring together the singers who are top nominees across the...Read more

Lynda Hirsh On This Week's TV Gossip

It has not been a good week for Jay Leno. He crashed and burned and lost his car show of eight years. In typical Leno fashion, he is not complaining. "I hate whiney celebrities. They have everything. If they get a hang nail they moan and groan instead of being thankful for what they have." Leno certainly has reason to complain. He suffered burns...Read more

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Brendon Urie welcomes baby with wife as Panic! at the Disco's final shows near

Weeks after announcing the end of Panic! at the Disco, musician Brendon Urie is starting for another venture: fatherhood.

The former Panic! frontman, 35, reportedly welcomed his first child with wife Sarah Urie, 35, earlier this week, TMZ reported Friday. Additional details about the baby, including its birthdate, sex and name were not revealed...Read more

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Priscilla Presley slams family-rift rumors over Lisa Marie's will: Ignore 'the noise'

LOS ANGELES — Just a week after Priscilla Presley contested the will of her late daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, the ex-wife of legendary singer Elvis Presley is addressing rumors of a family rift head on and telling fans to ignore "the noise."

"I loved Elvis very much as he loved me. Lisa is a result of our love. For anyone to think anything ...Read more

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Jay-Z will reportedly perform 'God Did' at Sunday's Grammy Awards

Jay-Z and DJ Khaled will reportedly perform “God Did” at Sunday’s Grammy Award presentation in Los Angeles.

The tune, which also features John Legend and Rick Ross, is nominated as the top song of 2022. Variety reports viewers will see “an all star performance” of the title track from DJ Khaled’s album, which is up for five awards. ...Read more

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James Cameron tests 'Titanic' theory: Jack could have avoided icy death, if only ...

Maybe his heart will go on?

“Titanic” director James Cameron finally conceded that Jack “might have” survived the sinking of the cruise ship if he shared Rose’s makeshift raft, settling a decades-long debate among some fans of the blockbuster 1997 film.

Moviegoers have long been vexed by the emotional final moments of the 11-time ...Read more


Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi released from prison after declaring hunger strike

Acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi was released from prison in Tehran on Friday.

The news follows a whirlwind few days. Panahi had been in prison since July serving a six-year sentence. Earlier this week, he declared a hunger strike, saying in a statement, "I will remain in this state until perhaps my lifeless body is freed from prison." ...Read more

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Has Austin Butler's 'Elvis' accent left the building? Actor says it is on the way out

Austin Butler is ready to leave Elvis Presley's famous Southern twang behind, after years of embodying the King of Rock 'n' Roll for the movie "Elvis."

The actor, 32, said on Friday's episode of "The Graham Norton Show" (via Independent) that he is indeed "getting rid of the accent."

"I have probably damaged my vocal cords with all that ...Read more


Movie review: Tragic 'Close' superb tale of innocence, loss

The Cannes award-winner “Close” from Belgian writer-director Lukas Dhont (“Girl”) is a sad tale of innocence and loss. The protagonists are 13-year-old boys who are inseparable. At school, they are teased, sometimes in an ugly manner, about being gay. This causes one of the boys, Leo (a revelatory Eden Dambrine), to push the other Remi (...Read more

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How a bluegrass singer overcame all kinds of obstacles to become a top Grammy nominee

LOS ANGELES — When it comes to awards shows, Molly Tuttle knows the line about how it's an honor just to be nominated. What she found out only recently, though, is that the way you're nominated can be its own reward.

Tuttle, a 30-year-old singer and guitarist widely respected in the world of bluegrass music, is up for two prizes at Sunday's ...Read more

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'One Fine Morning' review: Léa Seydoux illuminates Parisian story of family obligations, guarded hearts and a sexual reawakening

Some actors relish the act of performance in delightfully showy and externalized ways. Their brio provokes our enjoyment, and while all sorts of subtle and humanizing details may come from that delight in sheer invention, the work is big. Juicy. Like a peach, picked and then devoured by Cate Blanchett and Daniel Day-Lewis.

With Léa Seydoux, ...Read more

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Remember when Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift at the VMAs? Taylor Lautner does

Actor Taylor Lautner can't seem to let go of Kanye West's infamous interaction with singer Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, more than a decade after the fiasco shocked viewers.

Lautner sat down with his wife, Taylor Dome — so many Taylors! — during Wednesday's episode of "The Squeeze" podcast to reflect on his time in ...Read more


The 2023 Grammys are back in Los Angeles: Here's how to watch Sunday's awards show

LOS ANGELES — Music's biggest night is back in Los Angeles after the pandemic upended the last few ceremonies.

Sunday's 65th Grammy Awards marks a welcome return to familiar form for the annual awards show. Attendees will make their way to Crypto.com Arena in downtown L.A. for a night of performances, and certainly snubs and surprises.

In ...Read more

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'Hug 'em hard,' Dwayne Johnson says after his mom survives an LA car accident

LOS ANGELES — Dwayne Johnson says "angels of mercy watched over" his mother Ata Johnson early Thursday morning when she was involved in a Los Angeles car accident.

Posting a picture of his mother's wrecked red Cadillac SUV on Instagram on Thursday, the "Black Adam" and "Red Notice" star said, "Thank you God she's ok."

"She'll survive and ...Read more

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'80 for Brady' review: Fonda, Moreno, Field and Tomlin give their all for a halfway football flick

Tom Brady says he’s retiring from football for real this time. But along with his Super Bowl rings, and that nagging string of resume asterisks on the topic of suspicious football air pressure levels, he’ll always have “80 for Brady.”

Some movies are sports merchandising tie-ins, plain and simple; this one’s plainer and simpler than ...Read more


'Skinamarink': Inside the 'polarizing' $15,000 horror movie that became a viral hit

LOS ANGELES — "Skinamarink," the runaway success story of the moment, is at once the stuff of literal nightmares and every indie filmmaker's dream: a $15,000 chiller that's earned $1.8 million in theaters in a matter of weeks. And, love it or hate it, polarizing reactions have made writer-director Kyle Edward Ball's experimental debut feature ...Read more

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'I don't get canceled, really': John Waters on his career, conservatives and taboos

John Waters knows what makes a “John Waters movie,” but he isn’t sure movie critics do.

“I hate those movies, because they just mean they’re gross, or they have one drag queen in it,” Waters tells me over the crackling receiver on his San Francisco landline.

Waters has spent years creating universes where people are as bad as cable...Read more

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See inside the Bob Marley One Love Experience in Hollywood

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Cedella Marley stood at the entrance of the Bob Marley One Love Experience, an interactive exhibit devoted to the life and legacy of her father, a few days before it opened on Jan. 27 for a 12-week run in the heart of Hollywood.

It’s not the first time she’s seen the exhibit, which debuted in London a year ago before ...Read more

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How Paul Walter Hauser landed in 'the devil's playground' with 'Black Bird'

Playing a convicted murderer — and probable serial killer — is challenging enough, but playing a real-life murderer whose victims were young girls? One can imagine how Paul Walter Hauser could have a hard time.

Adding to that, his time playing a killer on the "Black Bird" shoot was spent mostly on a prison set, delayed and extended by ...Read more