Casey Kasem's widow files wrongful-death lawsuit against his three eldest children

LOS ANGELES -- Jean Kasem, the widow of Casey Kasem, has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the "American Top 40" host's three eldest children and others.

Kerri Kasem, Mike Kasem, Julie Kasem Aboulhosn, Jamil Anis Aboulhosn, attorney Troy L. Martin and Catholic Health Initiatives are named in the suit, filed June 14 in U.S. District Court ...Read more

Conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt gets a show in MSNBC's weekend expansion

MSNBC is expanding its live news programming lineup, including a new Saturday show hosted by conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt.

Hewitt, best known as a host for the right-leaning Salem Radio Network, will have a half-hour Saturday morning program airing at 8:30 a.m. Eastern. The move is likely to get some gimlet-eyed looks from MSNBC viewers...Read more

With anguish and disbelief, Trevor Noah reflects on the Philando Castile verdict

On a Wednesday night that offered what's become the now-standard assortment of political recaps -- Seth Meyers' closer look at the Senate's mysterious health care bill, Samantha Bee with a vaguely Germanic look at keywords in fake news on "Full Frontal" -- Trevor Noah on "The Daily Show" stood out with a segment that left comedy behind entirely....Read more

Prince Harry: 'Is there any one of the royal family who wants to be king or queen? I don't think so'

Continuing what appears to be a concerted effort in recent months to demystify the royal family, Prince Harry granted Newsweek an extensive interview, printed Thursday, detailing his attempts at normalcy and continuing the legacy of his late mother

Harry even suggested that no one in the royal family is itching to take over for Queen Elizabeth ...Read more

Movie review: 'The Bad Batch' has good look, but dull story

Director-writer Ana Lily Amirpour's first feature, "A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night" from 2014, was such an original, revelatory vision -- a hallucinatory vampire story set in an otherworldly mashup of California and Iran shot in a luminescent black and white -- that it set the bar impossibly high for what she decided to do next. Sadly, her ...Read more

Movie review: 'Letters From Baghdad' tells fascinating story of Gertrude Bell

Before ancient Mesopotamia was transformed into 20th-century Iraq, the extraordinary British diplomat, mountaineer, archaeologist and spy Gertrude Bell was working to carve up the Middle East into principalities that Europe could comfortably control. She and her compatriot, T.E. Lawrence, helped arm the Arab rebellion against the Ottoman Turks, ...Read more

Ron Howard to take over as director of Han Solo movie after creative shakeup

Ron Howard will take over directing the untitled Han Solo spinoff movie for Lucasfilm and Disney after the surprising news earlier this week that directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were leaving the project already well into production.

Hollywood trade papers first published the news of Howard's hiring Thursday morning, with an official ...Read more

Movie review: 'Wakefield' hits a lot of wrong notes

"Wakefield" is a symphony of wrong notes. For one, the star is Bryan Cranston, who always seems to be trying hard to force it in every performance. Here he plays Howard Wakefield, a prominent lawyer spiked with bile, who comes to his lovely suburban home after work and suffers one doozy of a midlife crisis. Rather than greeting his lovely wife (...Read more

Television Q&A: Why songs can keep studios from releasing DVDs of old TV shows

You have questions. I have some answers.

Q: My question may be a little outdated and possibly something you have already addressed, but is there a reason the first two seasons of "Knots Landing" were released on DVD, and not the remaining 12? Was the decision based on poor sales of the first two seasons?

A: "We'd love to release the rest of ...Read more

Movie review: Script hinders promise of 'The Exception'

"The Exception" is a period story about a king without a throne, star-crossed lovers and espionage -- but mostly it's about Nazis.

From an obscure episode of World War II, the film crafts one of the most bewildering love triangles in memory, giving us a peculiar emotional menage a trois. The members are Germany's exiled monarch, Kaiser Wilhelm ...Read more

Capsule reviews of feature films

ABACUS: SMALL ENOUGH TO JAIL. 3 stars. Manhattan DA mounts a shaky mortgage fraud case against a family-run Chinatown bank, gets more than he bargained for from close-knit Chinese-American family. From director Steve James ("Hoop Dreams"). 1 hr. 30 No MPAA rating (adult themes) -- Gary Thompson

ALIEN: COVENANT. 2 stars. Katherine Waterston and ...Read more

Famed DC mural replaces Cosby, adds Ali, Chappelle and others

A high-profile mural in Washington, D.C., has been updated to replace comedian Bill Cosby's visage with those of Barack and Michelle Obama as well as actress and D.C. native Taraji P. Henson, athlete Muhammad Ali, comedian Dave Chappelle and several others.

Local muralist Aniekan Udofia has been seen sketching the likenesses of 16 local and ...Read more

George Clooney and partners agree to sell Casamigos tequila line for up to $1 billion

Actor George Clooney says he started his upscale tequila company Casamigos with two friends simply because they wanted to make a better-tasting tequila.

Four years later, their product has a fast-growing following, and Clooney and his partners Wednesday agreed to sell Casamigos -- or "house of friends" -- for up to $1 billion to British liquor ...Read more

'Transformers: The Last Knight' review: Fifth time's the charmless

Of course it's not good. "Good" would only get in the way. The new "Transformers" movie sits right on the beam, qualitatively, with the previous three sequels (the first one was a mite less ... I don't know, something). So be warned or be encouraged, depending on your allegiance to the earlier movies.

Of course it'll be profitable. The previous...Read more

In the Trump era, Obama nostalgia is a booming industry

WASHINGTON -- Pat Cunnane spent six years in the White House helping to promote Barack Obama's message. From the outside, he still does: On Tuesday, Cunnane became the latest Obama alumnus to land a contract for a book on his experiences.

While much of the world obsesses about the more impetuous musings of President Donald Trump -- or perhaps ...Read more

Make it diverse, make money: Movies with varied casts (think 'Get Out') tend to sell more tickets, study finds

There's been little debate over the moral arguments behind increasing diversity on- and off-screen in Hollywood, but the economic arguments haven't always been so clear.

While women, people of color, LGBTQ folk and other historically marginalized communities in Hollywood continue to insist "diversity pays," the box-office success of films with ...Read more

Review: Netflix takes on the world of female pro wrestlers in vibrant new comedy 'GLOW'

In the lovely, lively new Netflix comedy "GLOW," which premieres Friday morning a minute after midnight, Alison Brie plays Ruth, a never-hired actress in 1985 Hollywood who stumbles into the world of professional wrestling.

"Every director says, 'Bring me someone I don't know, someone I haven't seen, I want a girl who's real,'" a casting ...Read more

Movie review: 'Band Aid' is the first movie with an all-female crew. It's also funny

"Band Aid" is a movie with an all-female crew, but it's not especially ladylike.

The frequently funny, just as frequently bawdy "Band Aid" comes by its R rating honestly, and honesty is the movie's policy -- it's a down-and-dirty picture of a marriage that's faltering, even as both parties strive mightily (and goofily) to make things work.

...Read more

Movie review: In new Steve James documentary, bankers are the heroes for a change

"Abacus: Small Enough to Jail," the new documentary from Steve James ("Hoop Dreams"), is another underdog story, though in this case, the underdog takes the unlikely form of a New York bank that trafficked in dubious mortgages.

The title is a riff on the phrase "too big to fail," a term applied to giant New York banks that cynically packaged ...Read more

Movie review: Bruce Willis is beached in 'Once Upon a Time in Venice'

In the planned sequel to "Unbreakable," Bruce Willis reprises his role as a man who can emerge unscathed from disaster, a skill that comes in handy in "Once Upon a Time in Venice."

Hooking up with his old pal M. Night Shyamalan probably reminds Willis of better days, better scripts, when he wasn't skateboarding naked for the sake of slapstick ...Read more


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