No. 1 'Transformers' hits new low with $69 million domestic debut, but is saved by global box office

LOS ANGELES -- "Transformers: The Last Knight," the fifth installment in the blockbuster franchise from Michael Bay, may have topped the weekend, but all that robot-smashing has gotten a bit rusty at the box office.

The Paramount film, which opened Wednesday, took in $45 million in the U.S. and Canada over the weekend, placing it in the No. 1 ...Read more

Promoters reassessing big music festivals

LOS ANGELES--The American live music scene has become a culture of super festivals. Beyond the massively successful Coachella, Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo, the last two decades have seen a tremendous expansion of events that draw thousands of fans and boast multiple stages with city-sized artworks.

Now some believe that bigger is no longer better...Read more

New Han Solo film director Ron Howard is 'beyond grateful' and hopes 'to honor the great work already done'

"Star Wars" fan Ron Howard is "beyond grateful" to add his voice to the Lucasfilm franchise and hopes "to honor the great work already done" on the upcoming Han Solo film, which he inherited from directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

The Oscar-winning director proclaimed his love for George Lucas' universe and eagerness to take the helm on ...Read more

Oasis' Liam Gallagher to release first solo album, launch new tour this fall

Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher will undertake his first solo tour of the U.S. and Canada this fall, in support of his debut solo album, "As You Were," which is set for release on Oct. 6.

The tour is slated to open Nov. 13 in San Francisco, which is the closest it is scheduled to get to Southern California. So far only nine dates have been ...Read more

Madonna's childhood home is for sale

DETROIT -- Madonna's childhood home in Rochester Hills, Mich., is up for sale – again.

The current owners put the house on the market Thursday, said Robert Kabbani, the agent in charge of the sale for Re/Max Realty.

He expects a lot of traffic over the weekend just because The Material Girl lived there. She attended Rochester Adams High ...Read more

'Pretty Little Liars' is the biggest show you've barely heard of (if you're over age 35)

LOS ANGELES -- What's the most impactful show of the past decade? If you said "American Idol" or "Game of Thrones," you're probably well over the age of 35 and use social media primarily to show off photos from your weekend in Branson.

All the cool kids know the correct answer is "Pretty Little Liars" -- and they've got the numbers to back it ...Read more

'Playing House' draws on star's real-life cancer battle

LOS ANGELES -- The set of the cable series "Playing House" looks like an Anthropologie catalog come to life with 23 throw pillows in the living room, ceramic owls perched on shelves and chubby pine cones filling a wire basket by the fireplace.

"We wanted it to feel like girl porn," said co-creator Jessica St. Clair, who plays Emma, a sunny-side...Read more

The Civil War-set 'The Beguiled' patiently weaves a spell that is hushed and intoxicating.

Although it unfolds in and around a Virginia boarding school in 1864, a year before the end of the Civil War, Sofia Coppola's "The Beguiled" has some of the spooky, suggestive magic of a fairy tale.

The opening shot could be of an ancient grove at the witching hour, the chatter of cicadas merging with the sound of a young girl humming as she ...Read more

Movie review: Rom-com 'The Big Sick' gets a boost from interracial twist

"The Big Sick" begins with a meet-cute, proceeds confidently through flirtation, sex and full-fledged romance, then skids to a halt with a nasty breakup, followed by the kind of dire medical emergency that seems fated to end in reconciliation or grief.

It sounds like the stuff of a conventional romantic dramedy, and on some level it is. ...Read more

Movie review: 'The Bad Batch' reveals a muddled but visually striking Texas-set dystopia

The title of "The Bad Batch," Ana Lily Amirpour's arid and feverish new movie, refers to the assorted undesirables who have been exiled by the U.S. government to a vast and barely habitable stretch of Texas wasteland. Under a merciless sun, a sullen new arrival named Arlen (the British actress Suki Waterhouse) is promptly captured by a gang of ...Read more

Music calms grief over Prince: The Revolution's Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman talk about reunion tour

In the years since they played with Prince in the early 1980s, Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman have become two of Hollywood's most prolific television composers, creating music for such shows as "Heroes," "Prime Suspect" and "Shades of Blue."

So it makes sense that when recalling three gigs they played last September at First Avenue in ...Read more

Movie review: Sam Elliott and That Voice make 'The Hero'

"The Hero" begins with Sam Elliott's character, a veteran actor, reading a voice-over about barbecue sauce, and that's when it hit me: Sam Elliott's voice is barbecue sauce. Pour it on any movie -- and oh, that voice does pour, in thick, velvety dollops -- and it tastes better.

Not that "The Hero" would taste terrible without him, but it might ...Read more

Column: Why Megyn Kelly shouldn't want to be the next Barbara Walters

I am so over TV news' obsession with the big "gets." Maybe Megyn Kelly should be, too.

In her first few weeks anchoring NBC's "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly," the former Fox News Channel host has made headlines for drawing Russian president Vladimir Putin to the interview chair and for attempting, at least, to introduce conspiracy-peddler Alex ...Read more

Movie review: 'My Journey Through French Cinema' is deeply personal and passionate trip

As its title indicates, "My Journey Through French Cinema" is personal with a capital P, a passionate, opinionated, drop-dead fascinating documentary essay about that country's film history put together by a clear-eyed enthusiast who was born to tell the tale.

Few people know as much about French film as 76-year-old Bertrand Tavernier, now a ...Read more

Movie review: 'Nobody Speak' examines dangers to news media in the age of Trump

It was a curious twist that Hulk Hogan's sex tape became a test for the First Amendment in an era when the news media were increasingly vulnerable to petulant billionaires, angry mobs, shrinking advertising, a Twitter-frenzied president and a Montana congressman who body-slammed a reporter.

The new documentary "Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free ...Read more

Casey Kasem's widow files wrongful-death lawsuit against his three eldest children

LOS ANGELES -- Jean Kasem, the widow of Casey Kasem, has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the "American Top 40" host's three eldest children and others.

Kerri Kasem, Mike Kasem, Julie Kasem Aboulhosn, Jamil Anis Aboulhosn, attorney Troy L. Martin and Catholic Health Initiatives are named in the suit, filed June 14 in U.S. District Court ...Read more

Conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt gets a show in MSNBC's weekend expansion

MSNBC is expanding its live news programming lineup, including a new Saturday show hosted by conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt.

Hewitt, best known as a host for the right-leaning Salem Radio Network, will have a half-hour Saturday morning program airing at 8:30 a.m. Eastern. The move is likely to get some gimlet-eyed looks from MSNBC viewers...Read more

With anguish and disbelief, Trevor Noah reflects on the Philando Castile verdict

On a Wednesday night that offered what's become the now-standard assortment of political recaps -- Seth Meyers' closer look at the Senate's mysterious health care bill, Samantha Bee with a vaguely Germanic look at keywords in fake news on "Full Frontal" -- Trevor Noah on "The Daily Show" stood out with a segment that left comedy behind entirely....Read more

Prince Harry: 'Is there any one of the royal family who wants to be king or queen? I don't think so'

Continuing what appears to be a concerted effort in recent months to demystify the royal family, Prince Harry granted Newsweek an extensive interview, printed Thursday, detailing his attempts at normalcy and continuing the legacy of his late mother

Harry even suggested that no one in the royal family is itching to take over for Queen Elizabeth ...Read more

Movie review: 'The Bad Batch' has good look, but dull story

Director-writer Ana Lily Amirpour's first feature, "A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night" from 2014, was such an original, revelatory vision -- a hallucinatory vampire story set in an otherworldly mashup of California and Iran shot in a luminescent black and white -- that it set the bar impossibly high for what she decided to do next. Sadly, her ...Read more


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