A changing of guard: After unthinkable tragedy, Generation Z emerges loud and clear

Up until last week, most of us had never really considered what to call the group of American kids growing up behind the millennials.

Those born in the 2000s, who grew up alongside Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, have inspired plenty of commentary about the damaging effects of social media and selfies, but little reflection about ...Read more

Movie review: 'Game Night' is a fun genre hybrid win

We all have those friends who are way, way too into trivia. What if those friends got married, bonded for life through their love of competition, and then had to put their table games expertise to use during a violent kidnapping? This is the question posed by the refreshingly oddball action comedy "Game Night," which is much funnier and more ...Read more

Former 'Prairie Home' returns to Minnesota for first time since Keillor scandal: 'It's been really hard'

"The show must go on." That is Chris Thile's mantra as he brings the Radio Show Formerly Known as "A Prairie Home Companion" back to the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul this weekend.

It will be the first Twin Cities performance since Minnesota Public Radio accused Garrison Keillor of inappropriate behavior, severed their ties and renamed the 44-...Read more

New Orleans police investigated 'Breaking Bad' actor after sexual assault allegation; D.A. declined to file charges

New Orleans police last year investigated "Breaking Bad" actor Dean Norris after a woman said he sexually assaulted her, but prosecutors ultimately decided not to file charges, the Orleans Parish district attorney's office has confirmed.

New Orleans police received a report alleging assault by Norris last June, according to authorities. A 32-...Read more

Television Q&A: Is 'Midnight, Texas' coming back?

Q: Is "Midnight, Texas" coming back?

A: NBC has ordered a second season of the supernatural drama, though I don't have an air date for its return at this time. There will be some changes from the first season of the show based on novels by Charlaine Harris: Neither Yul Vazquez (Rev. Emilio) nor Sarah Ramos (Creek) was listed among the returning...Read more

Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams make 'Game Night' a winner

Of all the underappreciated performing categories, the comedy straight man might be the most wrongfully ignored. By keeping a deadpan focus on the lunacy erupting around him, he gives the gags a frame that makes the energetic edgier and the ribald hilarious. Like a gymnast at the bottom of a human pyramid, he doesn't get much credit, but without...Read more

As a kid in NC, she 'couldn't Google gay stuff.' On TV, she's out — and a rising star.

Fortune Feimster is wearing a pretty blue cardigan, bright red lipstick and dangly earrings, and she's doing her best to pretend she's not a lesbian.

It's a scene from Mindy Kaling's forthcoming NBC sitcom "Champions," which centers around a gym owner who has just found out he has a long-lost teenage son, who is gay. In it, Feimster -- who co-...Read more

'Annihilation' review: Natalie Portman leads journey to the center of the blob

In the popular culture and various corners of our own lives, we confront the unknown in one form or another, learning something about our own fears and desires. The examples defy rational explanation. The Monolith in "2001: A Space Odyssey." The Mist in Stephen King's novella. The Smoke Monster in "Lost." The Great Boyg in Henrik Ibsen's "Peer ...Read more

Movie review: Female-driven 'Annihilation' is singularly adventurous

Sometimes cinematic adaptations are conversations with source material rather than direct representations. No recent film more exemplifies this idea than Alex Garland's bold, metaphysical and just plain weird "Annihilation," adapted from Jeff VanderMeer's book, the first in his "Southern Reach" trilogy. The result is a deeply challenging, big ...Read more

Redbox's Top 10 DVD rentals

The top 10 DVD rentals at Redbox kiosks for the week of Feb. 12:

1. Wonder -- Lionsgate

2. A Bad Moms Christmas -- Universal

3. Roman J. Israel, Esq. -- Sony

4. Only the Brave -- Sony

5. Geostorm -- Warner

6. Tyler Perry's Boo 2! A Madea Halloween -- Lionsgate

7. Blade Runner 2049 -- Warner

8. It (2017) -- Warner

9. Despicable Me 3 -- ...Read more

'Black Panther' is a powerful force at the box office everywhere — including Africa

Marvel Studios and Ryan Coogler's blockbuster superhero movie "Black Panther" has become a legitimate global juggernaut, grossing a jaw-dropping $427 million in global ticket sales and defying movie business assumptions. It's also showing strength in the continent where the film mostly takes place -- Africa.

Released by Walt Disney Co., "Black ...Read more

Anna Deavere Smith talks about taking on real people and Shondaland

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- Anna Deavere Smith has lived many lives as an actress for hire, moving fluidly among stage, film and television. The Baltimore native has inhabited memorable characters in "The American President" and "Rachel Getting Married" and on "Nurse Jackie," "The West Wing" and most recently "black-ish." (She joins the Shondaland ...Read more

'Designated Survivor's' Italia Ricci calls politics stranger than comic book worlds

LOS ANGELES -- One of the biggest mid-season finales among all the network programs was the ABC drama "Designated Survivor," where a deadly car crash took the life of First Lady Alex Kirkman (Natascha McElhone). When the series returns to original programming Wednesday, 10 weeks will have passed and President Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland) and ...Read more

Natalie Portman's savvy sci-fi thriller 'Annihilation' is a real thriller

"Annihilation" is an eerie, ominous and challenging film that is also great. With a stellar cast, state-of-the-art visual effects and excellent direction, it burrows its way into your brain like a parasite and eats it from the inside.

This is a sophisticated science fiction film that takes us to unbearable heights of fear, tension and bleak ...Read more

How Yance Ford's historic 'Strong Island' Oscar nomination is a victory for more than trans filmmakers

On Oscar nominations morning, Yance Ford sat on his couch with his partner, Amanda, watching the telecast. One hundred seventy documentary features had qualified for consideration, and Ford's "Strong Island" had already made it to a pre-nominations shortlist of 15.

As announcement hosts Andy Serkis and Tiffany Haddish made their way to the ...Read more

Finely wrought new Netflix crime drama 'Seven Seconds' is like a spiritual cousin to 'The Killing'

Veena Sud, who developed AMC's "The Killing," has a new series, "Seven Seconds," 10 episodes to binge on Netflix starting Friday. That is easy to do, graced as it is with well-wrought characters, wonderful performances, a keen sense of place and weather, and the old familiar questions of who gets justice, if anyone gets justice, and who receives...Read more

Movie review: 'Survivor's Guide to Prison' shows a corrupt criminal justice system

Activist and filmmaker Matthew Cooke directs an anti-prison film under the rubric of a prison and justice system guidebook in the arresting documentary "Survivor's Guide to Prison." Actor, producer and former inmate Danny Trejo serves as a guide, along with Cooke, who offers his own direct commentary, fleshing out details and facts. A cavalcade ...Read more

'Black Panther' breakout Letitia Wright is just getting started

"My voice is all gone," said Letitia Wright. "I sound like a hoarse-y man."

While the sentiment was a bit of an exaggeration, Wright was beginning to go hoarse after a week of nonstop press for Marvel's highly anticipated "Black Panther."

In the film (now playing in theaters), Wright shines as Shuri, King T'Challa's 16-year-old sister and the ...Read more

'Living Biblically' team hopes they have a prayer with new comedy

LOS ANGELES -- In the beginning, Patrick Walsh created the new CBS comedy "Living Biblically," and he's convinced it's good. His creation follows Chip Curry (Jay R. Ferguson), a reporter who decides he's going to literally live his life according to the Bible. His spiritual journey toward a more moral life will take some help from his wife, ...Read more

'Ash vs Evil Dead' finds more bloody fun each season

LOS ANGELES -- Bruce Campbell and other members of the cast of the Starz series "Ash vs Evil Dead" have gathered at the London Hotel to talk about the upcoming opener for the 10-part third season. Take a moment to think about that. This is a horror/humor story that started 40 years ago when director Sam Raimi made the short film "Within the ...Read more