'Watchmen's' provocative portrait of race in America has its own creator worried

More than three decades since it first exploded onto the comic book scene, the mere mention of "Watchmen" still sparks excitement from diehard fans -- and plenty of others enthralled by its revolutionary approach to conventional superhero storytelling. Employing pointed commentary, brutal violence and dark subject matter, including vigilantism ...Read more

Mike Birbiglia's one-man Broadway show 'The New One' to debut on Netflix next month

Mike Birbiglia's latest one-man show will launch globally on Netflix on Nov. 26 -- news that arrives just before a monthlong run of "Mike Birbiglia: The New One" kicks off at Los Angeles' Ahmanson Theatre on Wednesday.

"Broadway was already this terrifying and inconceivable dream come true, so the fact that this show is going to Netflix and ...Read more

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Album reviews: Nick Cave, Jon Regen, and Big Thief

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds


(Ghosteen 1/2)

Nick Cave's 2016 album "The Skeleton Tree" was so somber and stark that it was widely perceived to be a response to the death of his 15-year-old son, Arthur, the previous year. But while those "Skeleton" songs were emotionally raw, they were mostly written before tragedy struck. "Ghosteen,"...Read more

Meredith MacNeill talks origins of 'Baroness von Sketch Show'

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- Canadian comedian Meredith MacNeill was down to her last pair of slacks, her coat spliced with duct tape, when she landed the job of her life in her native Nova Scotia.

"I got this job as a writer-performer for a couple of weeks and on this show,

'This Hour Has 22 Minutes,' which was in Halifax, back in Canada. I was ...Read more

'Maleficent: Mistress of Evil' tops box office but falls short of expectations

LOS ANGELES -- The box office was dominated by villains and sequels as Disney and Buena Vista's "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil" toppled "Joker" from the top spot after two weekends of dominance.

The $185 million film, which stars Angelina Jolie as the titular "Sleeping Beauty" sorceress, opened with a disappointing $36 million, well below ...Read more

Netflix's hit 'Stranger Things' inspired Ingrid Michaelson, and her 'Stranger Songs' is the result

The hit Netflix series "Stranger Things" has captured the imagination of viewers, among them Ingrid Michaelson, whose new album "Stranger Songs" was inspired by the show.

The singer-songwriter was instantly drawn to the look and feel of the sci-fi drama, which debuted in 2016 and is now in its third season. It's a period piece that begins in ...Read more

Is Lewis Capaldi — a Brit with a canyon-sized voice and an ugly-cry smash — the new Adele?

BOSTON -- Lewis Capaldi is the ugly-cry balladeer of 2019.

Standing onstage recently at the Royale nightclub here, the singer from Glasgow with the rough-edged voice delivered only a few lines of his chart-topping "Someone You Loved" before nearly every member of the capacity crowd took up the song, hungry for the catharsis to be found in ...Read more

Karen Pendleton, original Mouseketeer who became advocate for disabled people, dies at 73

It was the height of the baby boomer era when Karen Pendleton and the rest of the Mouseketeers came bounding into living rooms across America, a troupe of bubbly, overly exuberant teens and pre-teens who danced and sang and reminded viewers to make good choices in life.

"The Mickey Mouse Club" was must-watch TV in the 1950s with the after-...Read more

Sam Waterston goes Jane Fonda: Both arrested in D.C. climate change protests

So much for law and order.

Jane Fonda's aspirations to get arrested in D.C. repeatedly are going swimmingly. And this time, her "Grace & Frankie" costar Sam Waterston, a veteran of the police procedural "Law & Order," joined her.

In their latest display of civil disobedience, the actors were detained by U.S. Capitol Police Friday amid ongoing ...Read more

China delays release of Tarantino's 'Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood,' but why?

LOS ANGELES -- Distribution of Quentin Tarantino's film "Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood" in China has been postponed indefinitely, The Times confirmed Friday.

The movie was to be released Oct. 25 in the Asian nation, which offers a vast potential audience. The Chinese distributor is Beijing-based Bona Film Group, which has a 25% stake in the...Read more

How Angelina Jolie's daughter inspired the secret backstory of 'Maleficent: Mistress of Evil'

When director Joachim Rønning took on Disney's "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil," creating something original was one of his priorities. And in building out the fairy tale world, the filmmakers came up with a backstory even bigger than their movie would have time to tell.

"Yes, the film is based on the characters of 'Sleeping Beauty' and the '...Read more

Barney is coming to the big screen thanks to … the star of 'Get Out'?!

Barney the Dinosaur is coming to the big screen, thanks in part to "Black Panther" star Daniel Kaluuya.

Mattel on Friday announced a partnership with Kaluuya's production company 59% and Valparaiso Pictures to create a film based on the anthropomorphic purple T-Rex, who became known in the classic 1990s children's show, "Barney & Friends." In a...Read more

Judy Garland's life was run by men. These newly unearthed recordings reveal how

Deep in the San Fernando Valley, there is an unremarkable warehouse where some of the few remaining pieces of Judy Garland's life are stored. They are kept in cardboard boxes and film cans, never subjected to temperatures above 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The rare concert footage and home video recordings have barely been touched since their owner --...Read more

Meghan Markle was asked how she's doing — and she's not OK

It comes as little surprise that Meghan Markle has been struggling through relentless public scrutiny ever since she started dating Britain's Prince Harry.

What is surprising, however, is how candidly the 38-year-old addressed it in a recent interview. For the first time, the American former actress spoke out about the behind-the-scenes ...Read more

Newbie? Obsessive? Zack Snyder fiend? Our guide to HBO's 'Watchmen' has you covered

Damon Lindelof has long maintained that his "Watchmen" is neither a direct adaptation nor a reboot of the original comic book series created by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons.

Instead, the showrunner has described his HBO series, which premieres Sunday, as more of a "remix," albeit one that treats the 12-issue comic as canon: The new series does ...Read more

Lady Gaga says she's fine after she and fan fall off stage in Vegas

Shrieks rang out Thursday when Lady Gaga and a fan fell off the stage to the floor several feet below at a show during her Las Vegas residency.

Several attendees caught the incident on video, which sees Gaga wrapping her legs around a concertgoer she had invited up on the stage, hopping up and down repeatedly before he loses his balance and ...Read more

The real-life 'Living Undocumented' finds drama in eight migrant families ripped apart

The scene is a nailbiter.

It's two hours before Luis has to deliver his toddler son, Noah, to Immigration and Customs Enforcement to be deported. He'll reunite his son with the boy's mom, Kenia. She's Luis' girlfriend, and she's six months pregnant. But like his young family, Luis is also undocumented. If he steps into the ICE handoff facility ...Read more

Movie review: The eerie, unabashed 'Lighthouse' illuminates the broken psyches of two men

The words "elevated horror" have recently spurred debate and defensiveness among cinephiles, particularly those who reject the notion that horror needed elevating in the first place. But "The Lighthouse," Robert Eggers' bleak and blisteringly funny squall of a film, might actually prove worthy of the term. Not because this movie displays unusual...Read more

Movie review: Risky satire 'Jojo Rabbit' turns the weapon of humor on Hitler

Unlikely though it sounds, we have a need to laugh at Adolf Hitler, on the movie screen if nowhere else.

Some of our greatest comedy directors, from Charles Chaplin ("The Great Dictator") to Ernst Lubitsch (the brilliant "To Be or Not to Be") to Mel Brooks ("The Producers"), have used der Fuhrer as a figure of fun, trying, perhaps, to make a ...Read more