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Fox News host Neil Cavuto shares hate mail following his COVID diagnosis and pushing viewers to get vaccinated

Apparently it isn’t just mainstream news outlets that get hate mail from Fox News viewers.

On Tuesday, Fox News host and cancer survivor Neil Cavuto shared angry messages he received from viewers who seemed upset that he’d promoted life saving inoculations after testing positive for COVID-19 last week.

The “Your World with Neil Cavuto”...Read more

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Billy Joel tells Howard Stern he felt Eric Clapton's anti-vaccine stance was a 'total shock'

Piano man Billy Joel visited “The Howard Stern Show,” where the two natives of Long Island, New York, sang their praise for the 1960s rock band Cream, but expressed disappointment in its superstar guitarist, Eric Clapton.

“Clapton is like one of my heroes, but he got weird with the pandemic,” Stern said. “Did you read about him? He ...Read more

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Michael Phillips: After the Alec Baldwin accident, getting rid of live ammo on movie sets is only one step toward a solution. The others won't be easy

The fatal Oct. 21 “Rust” film set accident involved a “cold gun” that turned out not to be what an assistant director declared it to be. The investigation into how and why Alec Baldwin’s prop gun killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins continues. Meantime, a wave of protest has formed regarding the use of live ammunition on movie sets. ...Read more

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An appreciation: Mort Sahl is the father of modern comedy

CHICAGO — His name largely faded from headlines and nightclub marquees, Mort Sahl was arguably the most influential comic of his generation.

Sahl died Tuesday from what friends called “old age.” He was 94 years old and had for many years been living in Mill Valley, California, north of San Francisco. He was in residence at the ...Read more

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Family guide to new movie releases


Rated R for bloody violence, sexual content, language, brief drug material and brief graphic nudity.

What it’s about: A young fashion student forges a psychic connection with an aspiring singer in 1960s London, in this splashy neon slasher film.

The kid attractor factor: Teens might be drawn to the horror genre and ...Read more

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Chloe Zhao's 'Eternals' is a different kind of superhero movie, and it lingers long after you leave the theater

So, what happens when you hand a massive Marvel Comics Universe movie to a brilliant maker of small-scale, meditative independent movies? Something different, it turns out — not always in a good way, but definitely something fresh, and maybe that's what the MCU needs right now. Chloe Zhao's "Eternals" has its flaws; in a nutshell, it's too ...Read more


Review: Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga illuminate the beautifully complex drama of 'Passing'

The closing shot of "Passing," Rebecca Hall's sleek and transfixing adaptation of Nella Larsen's 1929 novel, peers down from a great height at a courtyard on a cold December night, a vision partially obscured by falling snow and set to the graceful tinkling of piano chords. The image — composed by Eduard Grau in a nearly square frame and a ...Read more

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Movie review: 'Last Night in Soho' a stylish ode to '60s London

Nostalgia can offer history a brighter, more exciting and decidedly rose-colored sheen. This is the question filmmaker Edgar Wright, and co-writer Krysty Wilson-Cairns, pick up in “Last Night in Soho,” a neon-drenched, blood-soaked trip through the swinging '60s of Soho, London, as experienced through modern eyes. In this giallo-inspired ...Read more

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Redbox's top 10 DVD rentals

The top 10 DVD rentals at Redbox kiosks for the week of Oct. 18:

1. Old — Universal

2. Snake Eyes — Paramount

3. The Protege — Lionsgate

4. Joe Bell — Vertical

5. F9: The Fast Saga — Universal

6. Space Jam: A New Legacy — Warner

7. The Forever Purge — Universal

8. Pig — Decal

9. Escape Room: Tournament of Champions — ...Read more

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Mac Miller's 'Faces' breaks Prince's record for R&B/hip-hop vinyl sales

“Faces,” the 2014 Mac Miller mixtape released for the first time on vinyl and streaming, made a smashing debut on the charts this week.

It landed at No. 3 on Top Album Sales (32,000), but, more impressively, it was the No. 1 vinyl album and the largest sales week on vinyl for an R&B/hip-hop album since MRC Data began tracking sales in 1991,...Read more


Sound Advice: Would new TV speaker benefit from adding subwoofer?

Q. I bought a ZVOX AV357 TV Speaker based on your recommendation and the special promotion. It is hooked up to the 40-inch TV in the basement where I exercise, and it is working great!

I am considering adding a subwoofer and trying to stay under $100 if I can. I emailed ZVOX and they recommended the $66.95 Monoprice 8-inch powered subwoofer for...Read more

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Critics' guide on what to watch (and avoid) on TV this weekend

'Scooby-Doo, Where Are You Now?'

The Scooby gang comes together for a "Friends"-like reunion that gets interrupted by a ghost terrorizing the Warner Bros. Studios. Too bad the menace is a lot less frightening than Ugly Naked Guy. Clips from past episodes will make you wonder how the Mystery Machine van has kept motoring for more than 50 years. ...Read more

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Megan Thee Stallion preparing to graduate college this year

There will be no honorary degrees or celebrity-favored certification programs for Megan Thee Stallion.

The Grammy winning hip-hop superstar has announced that she is graduating college.

“2021 finna graduate collegeeee, taking my graduation pics today,” she wrote Monday on Instagram, showing off her bedazzled graduation cap emblazoned with ...Read more


No more autographs for Paul McCartney, who says 'it always struck me as strange'

All you need is love – but not an autograph from Sir Paul McCartney.

The Beatle has gotten quite persnickety when it comes to fans seeking his signature.

But at age 79, he has earned the right to be.

In a new interview, McCartney shared that while he’s happy to have a conversation with fans, he will not participate in scribbling his John ...Read more

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Alec Baldwin is credited as a producer on 'Rust.' What does that really mean?

Being a film producer can mean different things to different people. And when a star like Alec Baldwin takes a producer credit on a film, it can signal a variety of levels of involvement in the project itself.

While a film producer performs many tasks through the life of a film — from its inception and development, financing and production, ...Read more


Colin Kaepernick's fingerprints are all over his Netflix biopic. Even what it leaves out

This isn’t about the 2016 NFL preseason when then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick set off a firestorm with his silent protest during the national anthem. It’s not about the fallout that has led to five years and counting of him not getting an offer from an NFL team.

This is about a mixed-race teenager from Wisconsin who was...Read more

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What really happened to Dorothy's ruby slippers that went missing in Minnesota?

MINNEAPOLIS — Actor Melissa McCarthy freaked out over them in a recent TV special promoting the opening of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles. During his concert at Treasure Island Casino in Red Wing earlier this month, singer Christopher Cross joked that he contemplated stealing them from Liza Minnelli's house.

But few have...Read more

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Issa Rae's final season of 'Insecure': What the showrunner will tell about the revolutionary series

LOS ANGELES — Let's get it out of the way now: No, there will not be an hourlong episode of "Insecure" in its final season.

The plea for HBO's comedy to adopt a longer runtime has become a recurring gag that Prentice Penny, the series' showrunner, has had to contend with — often playfully — over its five seasons. Much to his confusion.

"...Read more

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'Inside Job' showrunner thought a shadow government would be scary. Reality was scarier

In "Inside Job," certain celebrities and politicians are revealed to be members of a race of shape-shifting lizard people that secretly live alongside humans. These reptoids help fund the work of the shadow government, which in turn ensures that the Earth stays at their preferred climate.

That's just one of the routine conspiracies being ...Read more

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Mary McNamara: Someone give these 'New Amsterdam' guest stars a spinoff

Two years ago, the Broadway veteran and prolific character actor John Christopher Jones auditioned for a role on "New Amsterdam." He didn't get the part, but he got something even better: He went on the wall.

Many television writers rooms have "a wall," some swath of whiteboard on which the team tracks episode beats, narrative arcs, character ...Read more