Capsule reviews of feature films

AMERICAN MADE. 3 stars. Tom Cruise stars in this fun but heavily fictionalized portrait of Barry Seal, a drug smuggler who found himself at the intersection of drug cartels and CIA adventurism in Central and South America in the 1970s and '80s. Directed by Doug Liman. 1 hr. 55 R (violence) -- Gary Thompson

ATOMIC BLONDE. 2.5 stars. Charlize ...Read more

Television Q&A: Was 'Action' character based on Harvey Weinstein?

You have questions. I have some answers.

Q: There was a Jay Mohr series set in the film industry. What was its name? And was the studio head on that show based on Harvey Weinstein?

A: At first, I thought you might be asking if Weinstein inspired Peter Dragon, the movie producer played by Jay Mohr on "Action," a dark comedy that aired on Fox in...Read more

Movie review: Weak political elements take punch out of 'Geostorm'

"Geostorm" finds ways to draw attention away from an interesting use of weather as a weapon by using a cold front of political jabber.

The problems in "Geostorm" were caused by director Dean Devlin and co-writer Paul Guyot as they have taken a passable action film and buried it under a tsunami of political muck. Politics can work – even in an...Read more

Movie review: 'The Snowman' is a jumbled nonsensical mess

Mister Alfredson, you could have saved it. We gave you all the tools -- a star-studded cast, a blockbuster best-selling Scandinavian murder novel by Jo Nesbø, and three time Oscar winning editor Thelma Schoonmaker. So why is "The Snowman" such a jumbled nonsensical mess?

Director Tomas Alfredson has copped to the fact that scheduling issues ...Read more

Rhiannon Giddens and her MacArthur Fellowship: 'Genius'? She's not buying

Technically speaking, she's now entitled to bragging rights as the world's first officially crowned "genius" banjo player.

The idea elicits a chuckle from Rhiannon Giddens. To be honest, she says, she isn't a fan of the "genius grant" nickname that's been widely used to describe the MacArthur Foundation Fellowship reward she has just collected ...Read more

Gord Downie, singer for Canadian rock band the Tragically Hip, dies at 53

Gord Downie, the singer for the Tragically Hip and one of Canada's most beloved rock musicians, died Tuesday night, according to an official statement from the band. He was 53.

Downie had been previously diagnosed with glioblastoma, an incurable brain cancer. The disease was discovered after a 2015 seizure.

The band, one of the most popular ...Read more

Nielsen will tell clients who's watching on Netflix and other streaming video services

Audience measurement company Nielsen will offer networks and studios data on who is watching programs on streaming video on-demand services such as Netflix.

While Nielsen has tracked streaming and on-demand content since 2014, the new service announced Wednesday will for the first time give clients online viewership information about their own ...Read more

Redbox's Top 10 DVD rentals

The top 10 DVD rentals at Redbox kiosks for the week of Oct. 9:

1. The Mummy (2017) -- Universal

2. Baby Driver -- Sony

3. Wonder Woman -- Warner

4. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales -- Disney

5. Transformers: The Last Knight -- Paramount

6. Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie -- Fox

7. 47 Meters Down -- Lionsgate

8. ...Read more

Herbie Hancock keeps searching for the unexpected

CHICAGO – There's something eternally youthful about pianist Herbie Hancock, who has spent his long career doing what enterprising young artists love to do: search for new ideas in sound.

Jazz, pop, fusion, techno, funk, world music -- everything Hancock hears eventually makes its way into his art in one form or another, to the exasperation ...Read more

Infinite attraction: The 'radical connectivity' of Yayoi Kusama lands in Los Angeles as Infinity Mirror Rooms take their place at the Broad museum

LOS ANGELES -- Blame it on Katy Perry. Or maybe Adele.

The popularity of Yayoi Kusama's trippy, immersive Infinity Mirror Rooms -- which both pop stars have Instagrammed and which subsequently became selfie magnets on social media internationally -- has reached a feverish peak.

Six of the rooms anchor the exhibition "Yayoi Kusama: Infinity ...Read more

Beck continues to shape shift: In his new 'Colors,' the rocker turns out pop melodies and dance beats

LOS ANGELES – Standing on the 12th floor of the Capitol Records tower in Hollywood, Beck gazed through a south-facing window and pointed toward a neighborhood straddling nearby Sunset Boulevard.

"We lived over there when I was a kid, and it was all bungalow houses for six or seven blocks in every direction," the singer said. Today the family ...Read more

My worst moment: When hubris got the best of 'Survivor's Remorse' star Erica Ash

The LeBron James-produced TV series "Survivor's Remorse," about a young NBA star and the loving-if-exasperatingly opinionated family he surrounds himself with, just wrapped its series finale on Starz, closing out four seasons of some of the best topical comedy on television.

The show wouldn't work half as well without Erica Ash as Mary Charles ...Read more

Album review: St. Vincent gets personal on 'Masseduction'

If there's a rap against St. Vincent, aka Annie Clark, it's that she can be an arty, icy singer who keeps listeners at arm's length. Her inventive songs prompt distant admiration but not necessarily deep connection. But she drops some of the emotional armor on her fifth studio album, "Masseduction"(Loma Vista), which comes off as not only one of...Read more

Perspective: Scandal shatters the Weinstein brand that held sway for so long over Hollywood

He arrived that autumn night like a tribal leader in a strange, opulent outpost.

The crowd, many of them famous, whispered, nodded. Jane Fonda swept past the bar, Idris Elba mingled near Taylor Swift, and Cuba Gooding Jr. talked hockey in the corner. But waiters stiffened their glides and the air was suddenly charged when Harvey Weinstein, his ...Read more

Movie review: 'Loving Vincent,' hand-painted movie about Van Gogh, is exquisite

You have, I am certain, never seen anything quite like "Loving Vincent," which is being promoted as the world's first entirely hand-painted movie. It's an animated film, but that descriptor isn't quite accurate: To tell this story about a mystery surrounding the 1890 death of artist Vincent Van Gogh, filmmakers Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman ...Read more

Randy Newman talks about God, Putin and bad movies that make him cry

Randy Newman has made a nice living while piling up two Oscars, three Emmys and six Grammys for soundtracking movies and TV shows. The "Toy Story" franchise wouldn't be the same without his tunes.

At 73, the master songwriter decided it was time to do some acting himself on his latest album, "Dark Matter," in multi-character songs such as "The ...Read more

The Just Luckies don't care what little bands are supposed to do

"We get a lot of musical advice that is like, 'Little bands like you don't release full-length albums. Little bands like you should put out five songs,' " said KC Weldon, founder of the rock group The Just Luckies. "But I guess that's not really our style. We go all the way, always."

That group ethos has been the modus operandi of the band (...Read more

Willie Watson sounds like a man from another time

He's only 38, but Willie Watson often sounds like a man from an earlier time. On his new album, "Folksinger Vol. 2," the Americana singer, guitarist and banjo player covers the work of a string of roots music legends including Lead Belly and Furry Lewis. Sensitive as Watson is to the source material, he remains his own man -- one who isn't ...Read more

Andy Mineo is Christian and raps — it's complex

Andy Mineo is a white Christian who raps, which presents both problems and opportunities. He possesses a necessary "wholesomeness," as he put it in a recent phone interview, that many hip-hop fans find undesirable, but for many devout Christians, no rapper will ever be wholesome enough.

To please one camp without alienating the other is a ...Read more

Harvey Weinstein exits studio's board

LOS ANGELES--Harvey Weinstein resigned from the board of directors of Weinstein Co. on Tuesday as the disgraced mogul faced continued allegations that he sexually assaulted and harassed women over two decades.

Canadian actress Larissa Gomes on Tuesday added her voice to the chorus of women bringing allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Gomes ...Read more