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Lil Wayne is the latest rapper to support Trump, much to Twitter's ire

Lil Wayne is feeling the heat after he became the latest prominent rapper to endorse President Donald Trump for reelection.

Before Trump jetted to Miami for last-minute campaigning, he met privately with the "A Milli" artist.

"Just had a great meeting with @realdonaldtrump @potus besides what he's done so far with criminal reform, the platinum...Read more

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22 years ago, 'Halloweentown' became a spooky classic. Its stars still feel the love

On display in Kimberly J. Brown's house is a framed letter from the late Debbie Reynolds.

The "Halloweentown" actress thinks about her on-screen grandmother "all the time" — especially during the month of October, when she and Reynolds used to break out their old witches' robes to bring smiles to fans' faces on the 31st. Now, when she needs a...Read more


'The Mandalorian' is back. This guide to 'Star Wars' lore will help you follow it

The first season of "The Mandalorian" hinted at unseen events — a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away — that drove the surviving warriors of Mandalore to a life underground.

Among the show's biggest surprises came during the first-season finale, when former Imperial officer Moff Gideon used a legendary Mandalorian weapon to break out of...Read more

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Marriage story meets weekend update: Scarlett Johansson, Colin Jost get married

Marvel star Scarlett Johansson has married "Saturday Night Live's" Colin Jost. And word of their union came from a most-unexpected place.

According to Meals on Wheels — yes, the nonprofit that combats hunger and isolation among seniors — the "Black Widow" actress and "Weekend Update" host wed over the weekend "in an intimate ceremony with ...Read more

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Commentary: No matter who wins the election, artists will be called upon to repair a broken nation

There's a small yet potent scene tucked away in the sprawl of "The Inheritance," Matthew Lopez's epic gay drama that arrived on Broadway last year, which re-creates the experience of the 2016 election returns, when Donald Trump pulled off one of the greatest upsets in modern political history. For progressive theatergoers, this part of the play ...Read more


These comedians made their names poking fun at Trump. The election may change that

I am not about to make any predictions as to the results of Tuesday's election — if there will even be a Tuesday result — but I can say with some assurance that if the incumbent loses, we will be entering a different era of Web-based comedy.

This long moment has created at least one bona fide star in Sarah Cooper, who famously embodies ...Read more

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Trump makes so many false claims, CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale has lost count

Daniel Dale never planned to spend more than four years fact-checking Donald Trump.

In September 2016, Dale was a Washington, D.C.-based political reporter for the Toronto Star. He'd previously covered the scandal- and deception-ridden tenure of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and was struck by then-candidate Trump's serial inaccuracies. He started ...Read more

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Put 'Haunted Painting' from Philly indie rocker Sadie Dupuis on your Halloween playlist

When Sadie Dupuis found herself in a Seattle museum in 2018 looking at German artist Franz von Stuck's 1902 oil painting "Saharet," she saw something she didn't expect.

"It's a just a portrait of a dancer, but there's something very captivating about her expression," says Dupuis, the Philadelphia singer-guitarist who has just released "Haunted ...Read more

Review: A Shakespearean SoCal tragedy, 'The Donut King' charts the rise and fall of Ted Ngoy

War. Romance. Family. Immigration. Entrepreneurship. Politics. Gambling. Betrayal. Tragedy. Doughnuts. Wait, what?

Yes, lots and lots of doughnuts. The story behind the documentary "The Donut King" is large and it contains multitudes.

Directed by Alice Gu, the movie details how one man, Bun Tek "Ted" Ngoy, built a sugary, deep-fried dynasty, ...Read more

Omari Hardwick already played Ghost; now he tackles horror in Halloween scarefest 'Spell'

Considering the very real scares of 2020, it feels almost cathartic to be terrified by a horror movie like "Spell."

The film, out Friday, stars Omari Hardwick as a high-powered lawyer stranded in backwoods Appalachia and Loretta Devine as the deceptively quaint old lady who holds him hostage.

Wait, what? Devine is the villain? Hardwick ...Read more

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'His House' and more of the best new horror movies to watch this Halloween at home

Terror strikes beyond cheap jump scares in one of the best new horror movies of the Halloween season as an immigrant couple seeking asylum in the United Kingdom discovers a sinister presence lurking within the walls of their new home.

In Remi Weekes' haunting feature debut "His House," acquired by Netflix out of Sundance and streaming as of ...Read more

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We have learned to live without movie theaters

As the COVID-19 pandemic wears on and drives permanent changes to entertainment culture, Hollywood giants such as Walt Disney Co. and Comcast Corp.'s Universal Pictures appear to be turning their backs somewhat on movie theaters. The largest among the cinema chains, AMC Entertainment Inc., is teetering on the brink of bankruptcy at the same ...Read more

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7 movie remakes that are better than the originals

Remakes: We hate them, until we don't.

"Why can't Hollywood do something new?" is a moviegoer refrain as familiar as "Why did the trailer spoil the best parts?" I've repeated it myself. And even if filmmakers insist, as actor Armie Hammer did of Netflix's flaccid "Rebecca" last week, that their projects are not remakes, it doesn't take a ...Read more

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Review: The repressed return with a vengeance in the well-acted refugee thriller 'His House'

The two lead actors in "His House" are so good, so wrenchingly persuasive as a Sudanese refugee couple lost in a strange and inhospitable land, you almost wish they'd been allowed to play that drama straight, unimpeded by all the slashing knives and vengeful phantoms that await them. Not that the phantoms aren't first-rate too: Like deranged ...Read more

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We're in the middle of a pandemic. Don't feel guilty about your guilty pleasures.

I've spent a lot of time sitting around this year. That's what you do during a pandemic, if you care about yourself and the survival of an entire civilization. You just sit around.

You go to work and then you come home or, if you're fortunate, you work from home and then move to the other side of the couch in a feeble, fruitless attempt to ...Read more

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'Come Play' review: That device you're holding? That's where the wild things are

A preteen on the autism spectrum, lonely and isolated, becomes the online prey of an unwanted stranger, a monster from another realm.

That's "Come Play" in one sentence. The results unfold more like a collection of reference points to previous film than a film unto itself. But this PG-13 offering, opening in theaters Friday as if it were any ...Read more

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Chris Jones: As we head into a winter lockdown, who will win? Netflix and DoorDash again? Don't be so sure.

CHICAGO — Last Saturday, I asked my wife how she wanted to spend the evening. "Well," she said. "We could take the dog for a walk or watch something on a screen."

My face must have fallen. "You know what?," she said, brightly. "We could do both."

In the first phase of this pervasive COVID-19 nightmare, screens dominated our locked-down lives...Read more

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NBC's 'Superstore' throws essential worker characters into coronavirus pandemic in Season 6 return

Few shows are better equipped to reflect the current pandemic than one about essential workers in a big box store.

So those behind "Superstore" felt compelled to rework Season 6 of the sitcom, which was to premiere Thursday on NBC.

"We all decided that it would be crazy irresponsible of us, a show that is tackling hot-button topics and the ...Read more

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Former Miss America Leanza Cornett dead at 49 — 'A bright and beautiful spirit'

Leanza Cornett, who was named Miss America 1993, died Wednesday afternoon after being hospitalized with a head injury.

She was 49.

Cornett, born in Virginia but raised in Florida, was named Miss Florida in 1992 before winning the national pageant a year later.

"Leanza had a bright and beautiful spirit and her laugh was infectious. We know she...Read more

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Just in time for (next) Halloween, you can own part of Elvira's spooky legacy

LOS ANGELES — Everyone's favorite "Mistress of the Dark" is back, right on time for Halloween.

Julien's Auctions announced Thursday morning that it will be selling property from the collection of Elvira, the wisecracking horror hostess who rose to fame on L.A.'s TV airwaves in the early 1980s.

In October of next year, Julien's will auction ...Read more