'Florida Man' is so over. On TV, Florida women are having their day

LOS ANGELES -- Florida! America's joke state! Home to fire ants, sand spurs, palmetto bugs, manatees, alligators, hurricanes, floods, the "Florida man" meme (plus actual Florida men) and the "stand your ground" law (see: Florida men). A land of promise and false promises, built on swamps and speculation, purported site of the Fountain of Youth ...Read more

'Power' star Omari Hardwick almost turned down the role that changed his life

In taking on the lead role in the Starz drama "Power" -- as James "Ghost" St. Patrick, a man living a double life as a drug dealer and glitzy nightclub owner -- Omari Hardwick had to perform some horrible deeds: shooting his rivals, manipulating his friends and enemies, cheating on his wife, lying to his children.

But the actor said he still ...Read more

Our health care system is broken. Can crowdsourced medical shows fill the void?

LOS ANGELES -- If one thing remains true in the rapidly changing world of television, it's that viewers love a medical mystery. The Patient With the Obscure Ailment That Baffles Physicians has been a fixture on hospital dramas for as long as they've existed. Unexplained illnesses fueled eight seasons of the Fox series "House," which starred Hugh...Read more

George R.R. Martin's former Chicago apartment is for sale — and of course the open house is 'Game of Thrones' inspired

CHICAGO -- House Targaryen and House Lannister have nothing on House (er, condo?) Martin.

An Uptown condo near the intersection of Sheridan Road and Argyle Street that "Game of Thrones" author George R.R. Martin lived in from 1971 to 1975 is on the market for $354,900.

According to listing details, the 1,800-square-foot condo features three ...Read more

Everything you need to know about Disney's new streaming service, Disney+

The arrival of Disney+ will kick off a new era in streaming when it crashes into a field of established stand-alone services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and HBO Now. Also entering this ever-expanding arena are brand-new services from Apple ( Apple TV+) and WarnerMedia ( HBO Max).

With family-friendly films and TV shows from Disney...Read more

Starz's 'Power' is a ratings powerhouse. Why does it still feel like an underdog?

The curtain will soon fall on two long-running African American dramas, both flavored by hip-hop and family dysfunction. The higher-profile series is trying to shake off declining ratings and a staggering controversy. But it's the underdog going into its farewell season with the swagger of a champion.

This fall, Fox will launch the sixth and ...Read more

Former US Attorney Dan Webb named special prosecutor to look into dismissal of Jussie Smollett charges

CHICAGO -- Former U.S. Attorney Dan Webb on Friday was appointed special prosecutor to look into why State's Attorney Kim Foxx's office abruptly dropped all charges against actor Jussie Smollett.

The appointment was announced by Judge Michael Toomin during a hearing at the Leighton Criminal Court Building. Webb was sworn in shortly after the ...Read more

ICE shut down a hotline for detained immigrants after it was featured on 'Orange Is the New Black'

LOS ANGELES -- In the fifth episode of the last season of Netflix's "Orange Is the New Black," the character Maritza, who has been languishing in an immigrant detention center, finds out about a toll-free hotline she can call to get a free lawyer. As she's rejoicing, another character, Gloria, cuts her off.

Gloria warns Maritza: "You have to be...Read more

Ninja Warriors love to test themselves against the quirkiest obstacles you've ever seen

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. -- The place is hard to find. You must drive into the mountains above Santa Cruz, following a road that turns from asphalt to dirt, then park at the top of a rise and look for a path whose entrance is deliberately concealed by brush.

A handful of men and women arrive here on a weekday afternoon in late spring, tramping ...Read more

Review: 'This Is Not Berlin' vividly conjures a bygone Mexican counterculture

The exuberant Mexican drama "This Is Not Berlin" opens with a quote from Proust and a blast of raucous misfit energy: It's like a promise that we are about to see a memory broken open and poured out onscreen, raw and unfiltered. In the opening scene, boys from rival schools are locked in an afternoon brawl, while Carlos (Xabiani Ponce de Leon), ...Read more

Mary McNamara: Middle school is the new high school. Catch up, pop culture

It might have been the full-page dress code or the Instagram photos of the already decorated lockers or all the sleek new haircuts framing expressions of careful ennui as they made their way down the early morning sidewalk. Whatever the culture-tipping factor, delivering my third and youngest child to her first day in seventh grade, I realized ...Read more

Review: 'Brittany Runs a Marathon' gets real about body image and self-worth

"Brittany Runs a Marathon" is as simple and declarative as a movie title gets. The film itself, blessedly, is anything but.

A singular amalgam of humor, heartache and self-help that won the U.S. dramatic audience award at Sundance, "Brittany" resolutely goes its own way, entertaining us as richly as anything that's come out in a while.

Written...Read more

Rapper Kodak Black pleads guilty to lying to gun seller, faces decade in prison

MIAMI -- Rapper Kodak Black, accused of lying on documents while purchasing weapons at a Hialeah distribution center earlier this year, pleaded guilty in federal court on Thursday.

Black, a 22-year-old Pompano Beach song writer whose real name is Dieuson Octave, was arrested prior to a performance at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in Miami ...Read more

Sean Spicer responds to 'Dancing With the Stars' backlash

Sean Spicer attempted a somewhat diplomatic approach when addressing the backlash surrounding his recent casting on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," saying that he hoped the show would give people "another opportunity to see a side of me that is different."

Donald Trump's former White House press secretary was the source of both internal ...Read more

Oops! Taylor Swift accidentally reveals she's opening the VMAs

Look what you made her do.

Taylor Swift accidentally let slip that she'll be opening the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards, during an interview with "Good Morning America" on Thursday. Plus, she elaborated on her decision to rerecord her older albums in a defiant stand against talent manager Scooter Braun.

"I'm opening the show, so that's exciting,"...Read more

Sarah Huckabee Sanders joins Fox News as a contributor

Former Trump White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has signed on to become a paid contributor for Fox News Channel, the network announced Thursday.

Sanders, 37, departed the Trump administration in July after serving as the president's chief spokesperson for two years. She will begin her career as a pundit on Sept. 6, making her ...Read more

Tom Bergeron wanted 'DWTS' to avoid politics. Then Sean Spicer was cast

"Dancing With the Stars" host Tom Bergeron has waded into the political debate surrounding ABC's casting of former White House press secretary Sean Spicer on the long-running dance competition.

The stalwart Bergeron, ever the voice of reason in the show's cavalcade of sequins, feathers and spray tans, voiced his disappointment Wednesday over "...Read more

Review: 'Jawline' examines the fleeting fame of live streams

Liza Mandelup's debut documentary feature, "Jawline," opens with a photo shoot. Aspiring digital heartthrob Austyn Tester, a good-natured teen from rural Tennessee, asks his brother, Donovan, to take his picture with his smartphone. None of the many, many shots are good enough. They eventually give up, planning to try again later for perfection....Read more

Brad Pitt knows what really happened to Cliff's wife in 'Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood'

Among the many enigmas, controversies and unexplained mysteries within Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood" is a bit of backstory about Brad Pitt's character, Cliff Booth. What happened to his late wife?

A stuntman and war veteran resigned that his best days are behind him, Booth works as a handyman, driver and general aide-...Read more

Trump's Jewish comments play on anti-Semitism in culture, film and art

Nazi caricatures of Jews as conniving, scurrilous schemers -- a people of hooked noses and sinister motives -- infused the art, literature, film and propaganda that led to the Holocaust. Jews had been stereotyped for centuries across Europe as devious and untrustworthy. They hoarded money, killed Jesus, betrayed the French, brought vermin and ...Read more


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