List of DVD release dates for Sept. 26 and beyond

Following is a partial schedule of coming movies on DVD. Release dates are subject to change:


26: Transformers: The Last Knight

26: 47 Meters Down

26: 2:22

26: Longmire: The Complete Fifth Season

26: Mune: Guardian of the Moon

26: Queen of the Desert

26: Shameless: The Complete Seventh Season

26: Sleepy Hollow Season 4

26: ...Read more

Movie review: 'American Made' has an undeniable shaggy-dog charm

As soon as the Universal logo flickers and switches to its retro '70s look and the disco music starts to play, jazzing up Jimmy Carter speeches and old news footage, we know what we're in for with the cocaine-smuggling adventure "American Made." This is a romp and a half. Maybe even three.

Director Doug Liman has never been a minimalist ...Read more

Movie review: Gentle 'Our Souls at Night' is surprisingly stirring

"Gentle" is the word that comes to mind when describing Ritesh Batra's "Our Souls at Night," a quiet and sensitive film that reunites legendary Hollywood icons Jane Fonda and Robert Redford as romantic leads. This is a far cry from 1967's carefree newlywed comedy "Barefoot in the Park," in which they starred, but it's a fascinating counterpoint,...Read more

Trump's NFL comments hike audience interest in network pregame shows

Preliminary television ratings show an increased interest among viewers in how NFL players reacted to President Donald Trump's weekend criticism that NFL owners should "fire or suspend" players who kneel during the national anthem.

Television ratings for the various Sunday games were mixed. CBS Corp. said Monday that its overall Week 3 lineup ...Read more

Divided on President Trump, Michigan voters give Oprah an earful

"Every day I love him more and more."

"He's a horrible president."

Oprah got the full range of views about President Donald Trump when she sat down with a diverse range of Michigan residents, in her first assignment for "60 Minutes."

According to CBS, Oprah interviewed seven Michigan residents who voted for Trump and seven who did not during ...Read more

Album reviews: Foo Fighters, Fergie, and Gregg Allman

Foo Fighters

"Concrete and Gold"

(Roswell / RCA )

Can you hate the Foo Fighters? Not really. You might grow frustrated with Dave Grohl's consistent displays of competence and rarer bursts of inspiration, or his ubiquity as the rock guy present at every awards show celebrity jam. But in general, the Foos continue to make decent if not ...Read more

'Trek's' tight ship: The new series makes hush-hush CBS debut before flip to streaming

"Star Trek" is back, you may have heard on your subspace communicator, in the shape of a television series for the first time since "Enterprise" completed its four-year mission in 2005. There have been movies since, running on their own timelines, with different people, but to my mind "Star Trek" requires the authority of a TV cast and crew. So ...Read more

Anna Brewster of 'Versailles' taps into her personal pain

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- Actress Anna Brewster thinks that traumatic experiences in real life can sometimes bleed into acting. Her role as the lusty mistress of King Louis XIV in Ovation's "Versailles" is a prime example.

"I had a very big heartbreak two years ago, which actually helped to inform my work on Season Two," she says, perching on ...Read more

Herb Alpert aims to uplift the world and celebrate creativity in two recent albums

LOS ANGELES -- While walking from his sculpture and painting studios to his recording studio on a typically Pacific-breezy afternoon, trumpeter, A&M Records co-founder and philanthropist Herb Alpert paused to describe his first brush with a horn.

It was at a music appreciation class when he was a kid, Alpert, 82, said during a tour of his ...Read more

'Kingsman' hits target, 'Lego Ninjago' disappoints as franchises hit and miss at box office

LOS ANGELES -- R-rated thrill rides continue to rule the box office with 20th Century Fox's profane spy sequel "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" and New Line Cinema's horror flick "It" dominating the top spots.

A sequel to the 2015 hit "Kingsman: The Secret Service," the $104 million film debuted just below analysts' predictions of $40 million to $...Read more

Is Rotten Tomatoes killing the movie industry? No, bad movies are

Take this simple quiz to see if you are qualified to run a movie studio.

Question: The terrible movie "The Mummy" -- starring Tom Cruise -- gets a terrible 16 percent rating on movie-review-aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes and wilts at the box office.

This failure is the result of:

A: A bad idea, cynically conceived and poorly executed.

B: ...Read more

CBS takes bold digital push

LOS ANGELES--When CBS Corp. launched a stand-alone streaming service three years ago, some analysts wondered why consumers would spend nearly $6 a month to watch a TV channel that they could get over the air for free.

CBS soon will answer that question by making its big-budget bet, "Star Trek: Discovery," available exclusively on its CBS All ...Read more

Jerry Lewis excludes his six sons from his will

LOS ANGELES--Jerry Lewis' six sons were purposely excluded from the late comic's will. The legendary comedian, who died in August at 91, explicitly asked that they receive no benefits from his estate.

In documents obtained by the Blast and People, the Emmy-winning star's last will and testament declares the exclusion of his children with ex-...Read more

Jimmy Kimmel is sure Trump doesn't know anything about the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill

Jimmy Kimmel's battle against the Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill continued in Round 3 on Thursday. For the third consecutive night, Kimmel slammed the proposed Obamacare repeal and the politicians who support the plan.

The "Jimmy Kimmel Live" host kicked off his monologue with his sights set on Donald Trump, who had finally tweeted his way into...Read more

Lin-Manuel Miranda kept 'half' his promise to Oscar Lopez Rivera about 'Hamilton' show

CHICAGO -- If you were holding out hopes that your unused "Hamilton" tickets would be for Lin-Manuel Miranda's much ballyhooed performance in Chicago, forget it.

Miranda excited speculation this summer when he tweeted that he would reprise his lead role for Oscar Lopez Rivera, the Puerto Rican independence activist who was sentenced to 55 years...Read more

Movie review: Frederick Wiseman goes beyond books in 'Ex Libris,' a leisurely look at New York Public Library

Frederick Wiseman's "Ex Libris: The New York Public Library" is more than a magisterial mash note to that distinguished establishment, it's a heartening examination of the vastness of human knowledge and the multiple ways we the people endeavor to access it.

With more than 40 films to his credit, Wiseman is as much of an institution as the ...Read more

Movie review: Peter Nicks advocates for the truth in 'The Force,' his look at Oakland's police department

Director Peter Nicks got more than he bargained for when he started working on "The Force," a lot more, and we are the beneficiaries.

Winner of a directing award at Sundance, this examination of the internal workings of the Oakland Police Department is the second of a projected trilogy of documentaries looking at that Northern California city's...Read more

'Will and Grace' just the latest example of TV recycling

LOS ANGELES – Eric McCormack and his wife spent a recent Thanksgiving night binge-watching "Will & Grace," the beloved 1990s sitcom starring ... Eric McCormack.

"My son finally woke up, kind of rubbed his eyes, looked at the screen and said, 'You're just going to sit and watch yourself on television?'" he said.

With a highly anticipated ...Read more

'Will & Grace' picks up where it left off — sort of

LOS ANGELES -- What started as a small way to voice opinions about the recent presidential election turned into the catalyst for bringing back one of NBC's most successful comedy series, "Will & Grace." Series stars Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes reunited a year ago after a decade to create a short video where their...Read more

Myth America: Recalling King-Riggs 'Battle of the Sexes' media circus

Contrary to what many think they remember and the mythology that has grown to match the its symbolism, Billie Jean King's prime-time tennis victory over Bobby Riggs was not the biggest thing on television 44 years ago.

ABC's "Battle of the Sexes" spectacle was not the highest-rated program of the week it aired.

It was not even the highest-...Read more