Beyonce drops out of Coachella 2017, will headline in 2018 instead

LOS ANGELES -- Beyonce is sitting out Coachella -- per doctor's orders.

The pop diva, who announced earlier this month that she is pregnant, pulled out of her headlining gig at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, which is slated for April 14-16 and April 21-23 in Indio, Calif. She will instead headline next year.

In a statement to The ...Read more

Movie review: Jordan Peele's clever horror-satire 'Get Out' is an overdue Hollywood response to our racial anxiety

The opening scene of "Get Out," a satirical horror-thriller perfectly tailored to our post-postracial moment, is so cleverly composed and effortlessly subversive that writer-director Jordan Peele never quite manages to top it. Filmed in a single take with an elegantly swiveling camera, it shows a young black man (Lakeith Stanfield) walking ...Read more

Capsule reviews of feature films

THE COMEDIAN. 2 stars. Robert De Niro hams it up as a self-hating has-been comic Jackie Burke in this sometimes droll misfire from Taylor Hackford. A rom-com of sorts, the film has some charm in its first act thanks to costar Leslie Mann, who plays a scatterbrained heiress with a father complex. The film becomes monotonous and unfunny when it ...Read more

Interview with August Wilson's wife: 'I think that he would be ecstatic'

SEATTLE -- A Seattleite will be at the Academy Award ceremony Sunday night, in the latest chapter of a nearly 30-year story. Constanza Romero Wilson, wife of the late playwright August Wilson, will be on hand representing her husband, who received a posthumous nomination for his screenplay to "Fences." Based on his Tony Award-winning play, the "...Read more

Politics, performance issues are on host Jimmy Kimmel's mind

LOS ANGELES -- Jimmy Kimmel's late-night talk show isn't taping today, but Kimmel's working. He's always working. Right now he's wearing his standard uniform when he's not on the air -- shorts, a Dickies work shirt and black socks.

"I'm a very glamorous guy," Kimmel says, laughing, noting the incongruity of him hosting the Oscars this year, an ...Read more

'Moonlight' is sunlight for Joi McMillon, the first black woman nominated for a film editing Oscar

When Joi McMillon was a junior in high school, she really wanted to be a journalist for the Orlando Sentinel. Even though her brother moved from Florida to Los Angeles to be an actor, being in the film industry was just a fleeting idea. But during a tour of Universal Studios, she stumbled upon a guy using the program Avid to edit an episode of "...Read more

CMT's 'Sun Records' aims to show a time when rock 'n' roll was 'cons and hustles'

For a series immersed in events that happened upward of 70 years ago, CMT's new drama "Sun Records" felt timely to star Chad Michael Murray.

While on location in Memphis, Tenn., the musical fertile crescent where rock 'n' roll began at Sam Phillips' studio on the corner of Marshall and Union avenues, Murray was staying near the city's double-...Read more

TV review: CMT's 'Sun Records' takes the history of rock 'n' roll on an entertaining ride

"Sun Records," an entertaining, eight-part miniseries premiering Thursday on CMT, is liberally based on the jukebox musical "Million Dollar Quartet," about the day in 1956 when Elvis Presley dropped by Sam Phillips' Memphis Recording Service in the middle of a Carl Perkins recording session (with Jerry Lee Lewis on piano). Johnny Cash showed up ...Read more

If there's a 'Meryl Streep kind of moment' at the Oscars, will President Trump be too busy to respond?

In an awards season already rife with politically charged acceptance speeches, Sunday's Oscars ceremony could offer the most prominent platform of all.

And will President Donald Trump, the target of most critiques so far, be tuned in?

That's what Debra Saunders, White House correspondent for the Las Vegas Review-Journal, wanted to know at ...Read more

Louis C.K. headed to Netflix for two stand-up comedy specials

Netflix continues its steadfast expansion of stand-up comedy programming with the addition of two new specials from Louis C.K.

The specials will be available exclusively on the streaming service. The first, which was shot in Washington, D.C., and is titled "2017," will premiere April. 4.

"Louis has been one of the most innovative comedy voices...Read more

Joining Madonna and the Beatles, Rihanna lands 30th top-10 hit, sets sights on record

In yet another confirmation that you're getting old, pop superstar Rihanna has hit a landmark: She has now landed 30 songs in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, a feat achieved only by the Beatles and Madonna.

She charted her 30th hit this week when "Love on the Brain" crossed the threshold to land at No. 8. It's the fourth top-10 track...Read more

Bill Maher takes credit for, but not glee in, the downfall of Milo Yiannopoulos

Bill Maher weighed in Tuesday on the swift downfall of Milo Yiannopoulos days after the controversial pundit had appeared on his HBO show, " Real Time," last week.

"By the end of the weekend, by dinnertime Monday, (Yiannopoulos is) dropped as a speaker at CPAC. Then he's dropped by Breitbart, and his book deal falls through," Maher told the New...Read more

Redbox's Top 10 DVD rentals

The Top 10 DVD rentals at Redbox kiosks for the week of Feb. 13:

1. Arrival -- Paramount

2. The Girl on the Train -- Unviersal

3. The Accountant -- Warner

4. Keeping Up With the Joneses -- Fox

5. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back -- Paramount

6. Boo! A Madea Halloween -- Lionsgate

7. The Secret Life of Pets -- Universal

8. Storks -- Warner

9....Read more

Movie review: Provocative, funny 'Get Out' is a horror film with a serious message about race

Genre films -- horror, comedy, fantasy, Westerns -- have always been great vessels for social commentary. The pleasures of genre conventions allow such messaging to go down easy; the spoonful of cinematic sugar that helps the medicine go down. Actor/comedian Jordan Peele's directorial debut, "Get Out," is an expert example of the way this works,...Read more

Viceland's 'Trapped' is a chilly mystery from Iceland

Announcements that cable channels most people have never heard of are getting into the scripted-series business don't generally make my day -- if there's a shortage of things to watch, TV critics haven't heard about it.

So when Viceland's "Trapped" this month ate most of a weekend, one icy, subtitled episode at a time, it got my attention.

The...Read more

Costars bond over power plays: Ruthless enemies in 'Billions,' Lewis and Giamatti share plenty of laughs offstage

Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis are Serious Actors. They've played heroes and villains, presidents, soldiers and spies, and have been justly acclaimed for doing so. (Both have an Emmy to prove it: Lewis for "Homeland," Giamatti for "John Adams.")

But right now, in a hotel suite in Pasadena, the Serious Actors, who likely have stories to trade ...Read more

Strand of Oaks returns with 'Hard Love'

Before Timothy Showalter issued "HEAL," the emphatic 2014 album that established his band Strand of Oaks as one of the leading lights of the Philadelphia rock renaissance, he put out three other records under the SOA banner.

But those albums – "Leave Ruin" (2009), "Pope Killdragon" (2010), and "Dark Shores" (2012) -- were largely acoustic, ...Read more

Column: Late-night TV is becoming all Trump all the time and that's a problem

Lately, I tune in to CBS's "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" to take democracy's pulse.

If Colbert is still there, skewering President Donald Trump and his administration, then all may not be right in the world. But it's still a world I recognize, one where comedians can take pokes at the powerful without losing their livelihoods or their ...Read more

Hidden theme of 'Hidden Figures': America's disappearing potential for unity

I saw "Hidden Figures" in a suburban theater surrounded by baby boomers, and many were openly weeping by the movie's end.

That's a bit strange, as the movie tilts upbeat and is engineered to be inspirational. Many younger viewers, in fact, are energized by it, much so that they've gone to the astonishing extreme of expressing an interest in ...Read more

Chicago rapper Cupcakke garners attention for helping fan in trouble

CHICAGO -- Chicago rapper Cupcakke typically grabs attention with her sexually explicit lyrics, but the South Side native was in the spotlight last week for reaching out to a fan who said he was kicked out of his home because he's gay.

"Need a hotel?" Cupcakke asked the fan on Twitter. "Ask someone you (know) that has an ID that's over 21 to ...Read more