From Trump's election to Weinstein's fall: Sexual harassment is taken seriously at last

Film mogul Harvey Weinstein and President Donald Trump have become late-night TV's newest, albeit unwitting, comedy duo.

As Seth Meyers recently pointed out, both are powerful men accused by multiple women of sexual harassment. Both were caught on tape saying things to and about women that should have ensured they'd never make it a step further...Read more

Producers Guild to expel Harvey Weinstein, creates task force to address sexual harassment in Hollywood

LOS ANGELES -- The Producers Guild of America's board of directors has voted unanimously to terminate Harvey Weinstein's membership, the organization announced Monday.

The decision was reached during an emergency meeting held Monday by the PGA's National Board of Directors and Officers in the wake of a rapidly escalating controversy that has ...Read more

LAPD urges women who say they were victims of Weinstein to come forward

LOS ANGELES -- The Los Angeles Police Department said women who feel they were victims of a crime at the hands of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein should report what happened to authorities.

"We absolutely encourage anyone who may be a victim of sexual assault to come forward and report the crime," Josh Rubenstein, the LAPD director of ...Read more

Weinstein Co. in talks to potentially sell itself to Colony Capital

The Weinstein Co., beset by sexual harassment and assault allegations against ousted co-founder Harvey Weinstein, announced Monday that it is in negotiations to sell part or all of itself to Colony Capital.

The company -- known for producing films such as "Silver Linings Playbook," "Django Unchained" and "The Iron Lady," as well as the reality ...Read more

Album reviews: Robert Plant, Van Morrison, Kelela

Robert Plant

"Carry Fire"

(Nonesuch / Warner Bros. 1/2)

Robert Plant refuses to cash the Led Zeppelin reunion check, and God bless him for it. The 69-year-old rock titan continues to age with leonine grace. After finding his bluegrass and acoustic Americana groove with Alison Krauss on the Grammy-winning "Raising Sand" in 2007 and carrying ...Read more

Gunman changed life of 'Flint' star Jill Scott

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- Singer-actress Jill Scott didn't start out to be a singer OR an actress. She was a poet. She actually earned some acclaim as a poet and even traveled with her verses tucked neatly under her arm.

But a gunman changed all that.

"I was across the street from my house. My friend and I were sitting in the car and a guy came...Read more

'Happy Death Day' stands out among weak lineup of wide releases

LOS ANGELES -- It's been a great season for horror, with Blumhouse's "Happy Death Day" becoming the latest such film to top the domestic box office in its opening weekend.

The $5 million movie, a bloody riff on the classic "Groundhog Day" concept, brought in an estimated $26.5 million in the U.S. and Canada, according to figures from ...Read more

Kate Winslet didn't thank Harvey Weinstein when she won the Oscar; here's why

NEW YORK -- When Kate Winslet won the lead actress Oscar for "The Reader" in 2009, she thanked 19 people by name along with many others in general.

She did not mention Harvey Weinstein, whose company financed and distributed the movie.

"That was deliberate. That was absolutely deliberate," Winslet told the Los Angeles Times in an interview ...Read more

Harvey Weinstein kicked out of motion picture academy

LOS ANGELES -- Harvey Weinstein -- a once-dominant force in the Academy Awards who rewrote the rules of Oscar campaigning -- was expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Saturday in response to mounting allegations of sexual harassment and assault against him.

The film academy's 54-member board of governors, which includes ...Read more

What next for Amazon studio?

LOS ANGELES -- As the head of Amazon's entertainment studio since 2014, Roy Price was tasked with shaping the e-retailer into a major player in the film and TV world.

But his unpaid suspension last week after a television producer accused him of making unwanted sexual advances toward her has not only raised questions about his future in the ...Read more

No one took Rose McGowan's claims seriously; now everyone is listening

LOS ANGELES -- Well before the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke, Rose McGowan was already, in her words, a "feminist whistleblowing badass."

For months, the actress had warned of a powerful Hollywood figure who had allegedly raped her. She railed against a casting call that asked her to wear a tight tank top "that shows off cleavage (push up bras...Read more

Weinstein Co. board in turmoil over future of studio

LOS ANGELES -- The Weinstein Co. board of directors and executive ranks erupted into turmoil Friday over the future of the company co-founded by disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein.

Bob Weinstein, brother of Harvey Weinstein, said the mini-studio they founded in 2005 is not shutting down or for sale despite sexual harassment and assault ...Read more

Harvey Weinstein's legacy: A first step to removing the industry's systemic sexism

The first time I met Harvey Weinstein he called me an idiot in front of a theater full of people. The last time I spoke to him he told me he knew who my enemies were and threatened to give me to them on a "dish served cold" so they could carve me up "like turkey on Thanksgiving."

In the intervening 16 years, there were phone calls and emails, ...Read more

Movie review: 'The Meyerowitz Stories' is Noah Baumbach's witty airing of grievances

Adam Sandler has made some of the rankest comedies in modern movies, and in a miserably divided world, that's one thing on which we can all agree. But his excellent work in the new Noah Baumbach film "The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)" did not come out of thin air.

With the perpetually divisive exception of Paul Thomas Anderson's "Punch...Read more

'The Florida Project': Childhood, in a land stranger than paradise

In different hands, the people knocking around the mauve-slathered kitsch universe of "The Florida Project," a highlight of the fall season, might've made for a pretty awful and manipulative dramatic experience. At-risk children running wild and having too much fun to know why they're hurting inside; a poverty-line motel named the Magic Castle, ...Read more

Will Sasso helps bring balance to 'Loudermilk'

LOS ANGELES -- There is an interesting balance to the two main characters in the new AT&T Audience Network series "Loudermilk."

Ron Livingston ("Office Space") plays Dave Loudermilk, a recovering alcoholic and substance-abuse counselor with an extremely bad attitude that extends to everything in his life. Through his uncensored assault on the ...Read more

Exhibit of Baltimore artist's Ku Klux Klan robes is closed to public

BALTIMORE -- An exhibit of satirical Ku Klux Klan robes created by the Baltimore African-American artist Paul Rucker has been closed to the public by York College of Pennsylvania officials because they fear that the show could be inflammatory.

"The images, while powerful, are very provocative and potentially disturbing to some," the college ...Read more

Movie review: A bracing sourness cuts through the treacle in 'Goodbye Christopher Robin'

Names are endowed with unusual power in "Goodbye Christopher Robin," a honey-hued but brittle-edged drama about the English author A.A. Milne and the emotional price he paid for his most enduring literary creation. Here and there we glean a few charming insights into Milne's methods of naming his characters: why "Eeyore" is perfect for a donkey,...Read more

Movie review: The brutal, hauntingly beautiful 'Walking Out' puts 'The Revenant' to shame

Not a word is spoken in "Walking Out" before we feel we understand its two characters, their relationship and, on some level, the nature of the struggle that lies ahead of them.

A 14-year-old Texan boy named David (Josh Wiggins) has just landed at a small airport in frigid Montana, where he waits inside for Cal (Matt Bomer), the father he sees ...Read more

Rose McGowan implores Jeff Bezos to 'stop funding rapists'

LOS ANGELES -- The scandal enveloping Hollywood grew wider Thursday when actress Rose McGowan accused movie producer Harvey Weinstein of raping her, and then pleaded with one of America's most powerful business titans -- Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos -- to end his company's alleged involvement in a culture of exploitation and abuse.

"@jeffbezos...Read more