Commentary: The impeachment trial tests American attention span. Failure is not an option

The trial of a lifetime. A constitutional crisis of historical proportions. A game-changer for American democracy.

President Donald Trump's impeachment trial -- only the third in American history, the second since the advent of television and the first of a first-term president -- rolled into the Senate chamber this week with the promise of a ...Read more

'American Dirt' publisher stands by polarizing novel amid brewing backlash

As harsh criticism continues to roil Jeanine Cummins' buzzy immigrant novel, "American Dirt," publisher Flatiron Books stands by the divisive book but acknowledges the brewing backlash it has sparked.

In a statement provided to the Los Angeles Times on Thursday, the imprint continued to defend the title, saying that it seeks to generate "...Read more

Review: Patrick Stewart will thrill you in 'Star Trek: Picard'

In our era, Earthdate 2020, there are two long-running franchises based in space. One of them is smart and ambitious, driven by character and ideas.

The other is "Star Wars."

"Star Trek" first beamed into cultural consciousness in 1966, charting the voyages of the Starship Enterprise as its multicultural, multi-planetary crew boldly went from ...Read more

Column: When you oust the first female president of Grammys, she will burn down the house

And then the ousted president of the Recording Academy looked up at the sky and said: "Dracarys."

The word is more Emmys than Grammys, but it's tough to imagine that Dugan wasn't surrendering, at least a tiny bit, to her inner Khaleesi when she filed her complaint against the Recording Academy to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on ...Read more

How Compton's Roddy Ricch became 2020's newest star, with help from some squeaks

Around 6 p.m. on a Friday night, Roddy Ricch's new single "Boom Boom Room" bludgeoned the near-empty Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. The 21-year-old Compton rapper's crew was locking in the mix for the night's show, and the deep bass and crackling snares had already drawn a crowd of superfans outside. The song's lyrics -- "Bought a big Patek ...Read more

The Go-Go's to reunite for 11-city concert tour

The Go-Go's, the most commercially successful all-woman rock band in recording history, are getting back together for a 2020 summer reunion tour. All the dates and cities appear below, along with ticket information.

The 11-show reunion tour comes four years after The Go-Go's 2016 farewell tour and two years after the Los Angeles quintet's ...Read more

Dave Matthews Band announces 2020 summer tour

Dave Matthews Band announced dates for its 2020 North American summer tour.

With the release of 2018's "Come Tomorrow," the Dave Matthews Band became the first group in history to have seven consecutive studio albums debut at No.1 on the Billboard 200.

An online ticket presale for members of the DMB Warehouse Fan Association will began ...Read more

Sundance 2020 may not match last year's deal frenzy. Here's why

Generations of filmmakers have headed to the tiny resort town of Park City, Utah, for the Sundance Film Festival with dreams of landing big deals and launching their careers.

Maybe it's the thin mountain air, but the festival has a long history of bidding wars that often end with distributors paying hefty sums for hot-ticket movies. While some ...Read more

'Writing my Latino novel': Satirical reactions to 'American Dirt' flood Twitter

As the storm surrounding Jeanine Cummins' "American Dirt" continues to gather force, especially after a photo emerged on Twitter of a book party festooned with barbed-wire center pieces, detractors have responded to the novel with humorous stories of their own.

Running parallel to "American Dirt," which was published Tuesday, the "Writing my ...Read more

Terry Jones, a very naughty boy and a Python like no other

The Pythons -- the living ones, anyway -- can be funny about death. The point of this column is to say surrealists like these guys should be funny about death. Some of us could use the help.

"Two down, four to go," tweeted John Cleese Wednesday, reacting with affection to the death of Terry Jones, maybe the least Pythonesque of the Monty Python...Read more

39 essential films to see at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival

For 50-plus weeks of the year, Park City, Utah, happily presents itself as the home of the world's largest ski resort and all that that implies. But for the coming days, something bigger comes to town, something so consuming that one luxury hotel felt safe promising potential guests there would be "virtually NO ONE on the mountain."

That would ...Read more

'Picard' review: Patrick Stewart steers a confident course for the NEXT next generation of 'Star Trek'

It takes three full episodes for 79-year-old Patrick Stewart's Jean-Luc Picard -- the wise, principled man of action too good for Earth as we know it -- to board an unauthorized spacecraft, surround himself with an eclectic crew of old allies and new acquisitions, and say the word for which everyone, young and old, has waited a generation:

"...Read more

The Recording Academy is in chaos. What does it mean for Sunday's Grammy Awards?

Grammy grumbling is a time-honored tradition.

And with good reason. Sometimes, it seems, getting it wrong is the only thing the Grammys can do right.

Historical examples abound. Fifty years ago, Blood, Sweat & Tears' self-titled second album beat out the Beatles' "Abbey Road." In 1985, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Tina Turner, and Cyndi Lauper ...Read more

Television Q&A: Who plays Aaron Rodgers'/Patrick Mahomes' agent in the State Farm ads?

You have questions. I have some answers.

Q: Do you have any info on the actor who plays Aaron Rodgers'/Patrick Mahomes' "agent" in the State Farm commercials? He's funny.

A: That's David Haydn-Jones playing Gabe Gabriel, the sports agent competing with State Farm agents for the attention of Rodgers and Mahomes. The Canadian actor is also known...Read more

Movie review: 'The Turning' less about answers, more about gothic horror to savor

At the end of Floria Sigismondi's "The Turning," after all the credits had rolled, male members of the audience at a press screening were visibly and vocally upset. They were seemingly enraged at the film's unwillingness to offer up a single definitive answer about the perceived haunting in this take of Henry James' 1898 novella "The Turn of the...Read more

Obama paintings from National Portrait Gallery will go on a five-city tour

Celebrated paintings of Barack and Michelle Obama from the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery will embark on a five-city tour in summer 2021, the museum announced Thursday, giving residents in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Atlanta and Houston a chance to see in person the works that sparked a media frenzy when they were unveiled in 2018. ...Read more

Commentary: If the Oscars aren't going to change, is it time to walk away?

How do you solve a problem like the Oscars?

"Female filmmakers and actors of color increasingly sidelined," is how the New York Times put it in the run-up to nominations. That prediction was confirmed earlier this month when a number of worthy names were noticeably missing from the list of contenders.

This year is the 92nd Academy Awards ...Read more

The nine best picture Oscar nominees need to woo voters. Here's how they should do it

It's a thrill to be nominated, sure. But everyone wants to go home with an Oscar. And with voting about to begin, awards consultants are busy fine-tuning their pitches to academy members, making final appeals to their exquisite taste, their sense of decency and, yes, throwing in a dash of shame for good measure.

How might those overtures look ...Read more

Once upon a time, Tarantino slept in his car and DiCaprio was a break dancer

LOS ANGELES -- "I swear to God, I had to hide a tear," Brad Pitt says, looking over at Quentin Tarantino and Leonardo DiCaprio, remembering the first time Tarantino played him the Jose Feliciano cover of "California Dreamin'" on the set of "Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood." "Look," Pitt continues. "I'm not ashamed to say it. I got a little ...Read more

Feds allege R. Kelly still a threat to intimidate witnesses from a federal jail in Chicago

CHICAGO -- R&B star R. Kelly, awaiting trial on a litany of sex charges in a federal jail in downtown Chicago, used a jail staffer's phone to make at least one call, circumventing security measures, federal prosecutors in New York City revealed in a court filing.

Prosecutors also alleged that an undisclosed attorney -- not affiliated with the ...Read more