Nick Carter seeks restraining order against brother Aaron Carter

Nick Carter says he and his sister Angel have obtained a restraining order against brother Aaron Carter.

"In light of Aaron's increasingly alarming behavior and his recent confession that he harbors thoughts and intentions of killing my pregnant wife and unborn child, we were left with no choice but to take every measure possible to protect ...Read more

'Bachelor in Paradise' finale makes history with first same-sex engagement

Cue the rose petal confetti! "Bachelor in Paradise" contestants Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty -- the franchise's first same-sex couple -- got engaged Tuesday night in a historic finale episode.

The pair's groundbreaking queer romance had a fairy tale ending during the three-hour broadcast, which included one proposal in pre-recorded ...Read more

NBC's Peacock is reviving 'Saved by the Bell,' and we have questions

Beloved '90s sitcom "Saved by the Bell" is getting yet another sequel. This time the high school comedy will return to the fictional halls of Bayside High to contend with the latest misadventures of one Zack Morris.

The original series' protagonist, played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar is at the heart of the logline for the Peacock series, which stars...Read more

Movie review: 'Where's My Roy Cohn?' a fascinating exploration of the man who wrote Trump's playbook

Former Vanity Fair editor-at-large and documentarian Matt Tyrnauer pulls back the curtain on Donald Trump's notorious mentor Roy Cohn in the rollicking, salacious documentary "Where's My Roy Cohn?," a fast and furious portrait that is almost overwhelming in its breadth and depth.

Cohn, born into New York City's Jewish aristocracy, was known as ...Read more

Review: 'Downton Abbey' is in the house, picking up where the PBS series left off

Once feared shuttered for good, "Downton Abbey" has grandly reopened its doors, and for those who found pleasure within its magisterial walls, that is the best of news.

For six seasons a pillar of appointment TV, in fact PBS' highest-rated dramatic series of all time, "Downton" has adroitly transitioned to theaters with all its satisfying ...Read more

Britney Spears hasn't fully controlled her life for years. Fans insist it's time to #FreeBritney

LOS ANGELES -- In late April, Britney Spears delivered a plea to her 22 million Instagram followers.

"Don't believe everything you read and hear," she wrote in a caption.

"Your love and dedication is amazing," she went on, "but what I need right now is a little bit of privacy to deal with all the hard things that life is throwing my way."

It ...Read more

Redbox's Top 10 DVD rentals

The top 10 DVD rentals at Redbox kiosks for the week of Sept. 9:

1. John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

2. Men in Black: International -- Sony

3. Aladdin (2019)

4. Ma (2019) -- Universal

5. The Secret Life of Pets 2 -- Universal

6. The Hustle (2019) -- Universal

7. Godzilla: King of the Monsters -- Warner

8. Avengers: Endgame -- Disney

9....Read more

Judge won't increase bond for R. Kelly or give $100,000 back to woman who posted his bail

CHICAGO -- A Cook County judge on Tuesday declined to increase the $1 million bond for singer R. Kelly on his pending sex abuse cases and also shot down an unusual bid by a woman who posted Kelly's bond in February who now wants her $100,000 back.

Prosecutors at the Leighton Criminal Court Building had not spelled out how much they wanted to ...Read more

Woman sues Kevin Hart for $60 million over sex tape

Kevin Hart has been named as a defendant in a $60 million lawsuit filed by Montia Sabbag, a woman who the Philly comic appeared in a September 2017 sex tape.

Sabbag filed the suit this week in a federal court in Los Angeles, claiming that Hart and several other defendants allowed a sexual encounter with Hart in a Las Vegas hotel room to be ...Read more

What we learned from Beyoncé's surprise 'Making the Gift' documentary

Beyonce's penchant for surprises spilled onto network television Monday night when the pop superstar aired "Beyonce Presents: Making the Gift" on ABC.

The documentary special -- a behind-the-scenes look at her musical ode to this summer's "The Lion King" -- dropped Monday with little advance notice, save for an announcement from the network on ...Read more

Study shows viewers want more representation for those with disabilities

Historically, able actors who play characters with disabilities have been rewarded for their performances with high box office returns, critical acclaim and even Academy Awards. But a recent study shows that viewers are getting tired of the lack of representation for the disability community on screen. Authenticity is the new frontier.

Findings...Read more

Alex Trebek has big cancer setback and resumes chemotherapy

Alex Trebek has had an unexpected setback in his pancreatic cancer treatment that will require him to undergo another round of chemo, the "Jeopardy" host said in an interview that aired Tuesday.

"I was doing so well and my numbers went down to the equivalent of a normal human being who does not have pancreatic cancer so we were all very ...Read more

'The Big Bang Theory' streaming rights will go to HBO Max

The long-running hit sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" will have its streaming home on HBO Max, the upcoming service to be launched by WarnerMedia next year.

The rights deal announced Tuesday was expected as "The Big Bang Theory" is produced by WarnerMedia's studio Warner Bros. Television. The agreement also includes keeping the series on ...Read more

How to watch the Emmys and answers to your other burning questions

Looking for the who, what, when, where, how, and why of this year's Emmys? We've got you covered.

What: The Television Academy presents the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards

Where: The 7,100-seat Microsoft Theater at L.A. Live in downtown Los Angeles

When: The ceremony begins Sunday at 8 p.m. Eastern. Red carpet coverage begins at 6:30.

How to ...Read more

Appreciation: Ric Ocasek and the Cars' gleaming new wave did something surprising: It endured

It's almost impossible to do now, after decades of continuous radio play that's rendered the Cars' music as familiar as the smell of your own automobile. But put on "Just What I Needed" or "Let's Go" or "Shake It Up" and try to imagine that you're encountering the song for the first time.

Listen to the guitars, how they idle for a few seconds ...Read more

Review: 'Ad Astra' takes astronaut's innermost self-exploration out of this world

Space, the final frontier (or at least another one), has always served as a vast, blank and mysterious terrain upon which storytellers can splay the unlimited possibilities of their existential, metaphysical and symbolic journeys. In James Gray's sprawling space epic "Ad Astra," the journey is a deeply intimate and personal one, a metaphorical ...Read more

Q&A: Beau Bridges channels his former basketball coach, UCLA legend John Wooden

LOS ANGELES -- Before Beau Bridges played roles in "The Fabulous Baker Boys," "The Second Civil War," "Homeland" and other movies and TV shows, he played basketball at UCLA. And though he played for only one season, he stayed in contact with his coach: John Wooden, who guided the Bruins to an unprecedented 10 national championships in the 1960s ...Read more

Chuck Lorre's 'Hearts' more than romantic comedy

LOS ANGELES -- Television producer Chuck Lorre is all about winning when it comes to creating romantic comedies for television. He's the guy behind such successful offerings as "Dharma & Greg," "Mike & Molly," "Mom" and "The Big Bang Theory." Lorre's next project, co-created by Gina Yashere, has a similar structure to past works, but he's quick ...Read more

George Takei on his childhood in internment camps — and his faith in the future

LOS ANGELES -- Actor George Takei says he's determined to keep talking about the imprisonment of his family and 120,000 other Japanese Americans during World War II because he wants a new generation to know what happened and fight similar injustices today.

Last Tuesday, Takei recounted the morning his father abruptly woke him and his younger ...Read more

Movie guide: Capsule listings

Ratings by the Motion Picture Association of America are: (G) for general audiences; (PG) parental guidance urged because of material possibly unsuitable for children; (PG-13) parents are strongly cautioned to give guidance for attendance of children younger than 13; (R) restricted, younger than 17 admitted only with parent or adult guardian; (...Read more