Mueller report play spotlights Trump's 10 acts of possible obstruction

One way to make the 448-page Mueller report more accessible to the general public? Turn it into live entertainment.

On Monday night in front of an audience, John Lithgow, Annette Bening, Kevin Kline, Kyra Sedgwick, Alyssa Milano, Michael Shannon, Alfre Woodard, Joel Grey and more took the stage at New York's Riverside Church for a live reading ...Read more

Movie review: 'Yesterday' doesn't quite come together, but it's almost impossible not to like

Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis' "Yesterday" requires its viewers to take quite a few leaps of faith. First, you have to wholeheartedly buy into the rule that, categorically, the best songs ever written are by The Beatles. They're great songs, to be sure. But in "Yesterday," they are revelatory, tear-jerking, Best Songs Ever, no matter the ...Read more

List of DVD release dates for June 25 and beyond

Following is a partial schedule of coming movies on DVD. Release dates are subject to change:


25: Dumbo

25: The Aftermath

25: The Hummingbird Project

25: Maze

25: Poison Rose


2: The Best of Enemies

2: The Public

2: Mia and the White Lion

2: Styx

2: An Acceptable Loss

2: Escape Plan 3

9: Pet Sematary

9: Little

9: After

...Read more

E. Jean Carroll is accusing Trump of rape, but is anybody listening?

Author E. Jean Carroll's allegation that she was raped by President Trump 23 years ago is having trouble making its way to the top of the news food chain.

In a forthcoming memoir by Carroll, she describes an encounter with Trump in 1996 -- when he was still a high-profile New York real estate mogul -- at the Bergdorf Goodman department store in...Read more

Daniah De Villiers does lion share of work in 'Mia and the White Lion'

LOS ANGELES -- Some actors will work only a few days on a movie, while others can spend months. In the case of "Mia and the White Lion," the producers made it clear to lead actor Daniah De Villiers before production started that she would be spending three years on the project being shot at the Welgedacht Reserve in South Africa.

"When we ...Read more

'Legion's' Noah Hawley wants to build you more than an emotional roller coaster

LOS ANGELES -- Believe it or not, Noah Hawley does find time to sleep. But you'd be forgiven for doubting that he can afford to lay down his head for more than a few minutes after a glance at his current schedule.

He's completing the concluding episodes of "Legion," FX's kaleidoscopic series about a powerful mutant who is also grappling with ...Read more

Yes, BET got its groove back. Now it's time for the show to tell a different story

LOS ANGELES -- The BET Awards and its branded festival, BETX, have often told contrasting stories.

Yes, both share BET's mission to celebrate the present and future of contemporary R&B and hip-hop. However, the network's weekend of festival offerings connected to its awards spectacle hasn't always translated seamlessly.

That's not to call ...Read more

The first Democratic debate won't break ratings records. And that's OK

It's safe to say that no one will call anyone a "moron" or a "pathological liar" at the first Democratic debates. No one will insult anyone's parents or use derogatory nicknames. No one will threaten to start World War III. And no one, I mean no one, will be making semi-veiled comments about the size of their own or anyone else's genitals.

Also...Read more

'The Hills' helped invent the social media influencer. Now what?

LOS ANGELES -- On a balmy weeknight inside the nightspot formerly known as Les Deux -- the reality TV landmark frequently featured in "The Hills" -- Spencer Pratt is tending to his fidgety toddler.

It's a trip for die-hards of MTV's uber-popular 2006-10 docu-soap. Because if these walls could talk, they'd tell you about the time Lauren Conrad, ...Read more

New on DVD: Check out 'The Public,' 'Mia and the White Lion'

Two films about people caring enough to take a stand top new DVD and Blu-ray releases for July 2.

"The Public"; 3 stars: Emilio Estevez spent 10 years working on the script for "The Public." And like a bottle of wine, cheddar cheese or a cast-iron skillet, the final result is a well-honed story that has aged so well over the years that it works...Read more

Chicago police release hundreds of videos, documents on Jussie Smollett investigation

CHICAGO -- On the night Jussie Smollett reported being the victim of a vicious hate crime, he stepped forward to greet police officers wearing a powerful symbol of the attack he said he suffered: a thin white rope looped around his neck, braided into a tangled noose and reaching below his chest.

"The reason I'm calling (police) is because of ...Read more

Review: 'Annabelle Comes Home' could be best of 'Annabelle' trilogy

In a summer of sequels, third and fourth films in a series have to prove the worthiness of their existence, and some this season haven't risen to the top. But while it's easy to scoff at another killer doll film in The Conjuring Universe, the spooky franchise is stealthily successful, and always steadily consistent. "Annabelle Comes Home," the ...Read more

Actress Emma Greenwell's next move is 'The Rook'

PASADENA, Calif. -- Actress Emma Greenwell was born on Friday the 13th. She figures that made her especially lucky. It doesn't sound so lucky.

Greenwell, who was born in America but brought up in England, decided as a teenager that she wanted to be an actress. It was a foreign concept to her British father and French mother.

"My parents very ...Read more

Georgia's abortion ban forces political reckoning among TV and film workers

SENOIA, Ga. -- Zombies lurk beyond the train tracks. They have been here for years, working under lights, swatting mosquitoes, bringing eerie charm to streets of gothic homes and magnolia. Tourists come from as far away as Japan to glimpse the set of "The Walking Dead," which has become a neighbor in this town of Bible school classes and soft-...Read more

Album reviews: Mark Ronson, Willie Nelson, Luke Nelson and Bill Callahan

Mark Ronson

"Late Night Feelings"

(RCA )

Mark Ronson has a thing for ubiquity. After co-creating modern party classic "Uptown Funk" with Bruno Mars, the DJ-turned-writer-producer snagged an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and a Grammy for his work with Lady Gaga on the epic ballad "Shallow" from 2018's A Star Is Born. What Ronson's done for an encore ...Read more

Review: Cardi B, off-the-cuff as always, proclaims: 'I ain't going to jail' at Staples Center

LOS ANGELES -- Cardi B makes clear in her latest single how she's feeling these days about engaging with the professional news media.

The song is called "Press," and its chorus finds this wildly popular rapper -- an object of intense scrutiny since she broke into the pop mainstream two years ago -- repeating that word over and over, each time ...Read more

Review: HBO's 'Years and Years' finds entertaining family drama in the dystopian near-future

Russell T Davies, who in 2005 rescued "Doctor Who" from suspended animation and who last year wrote the delicious fact-based miniseries "A Very English Scandal," has a new limited series, "Years and Years," which was to premiere Monday on HBO. Following a Manchester family for 15 years, from 2019 into a plausible dystopian near-future, it is ...Read more

'Toy Story 4's' softer-than-expected opening delivers limited box office relief

LOS ANGELES -- Dolls ruled the weekend as "Toy Story 4" and "Child's Play" revived the box office after a three-week-long slump, but overall numbers continue to lag behind last year.

Disney and Pixar's latest entry in the two-decade-spanning "Toy Story" franchise raked in $118 million, well below studio predictions of $140 million to $150 ...Read more

50 years later, TV is still enamored of the Apollo 11 moonwalk

Retired astronaut Wally Schirra spoke for the world with his commentary for CBS News during the Apollo 11 moon landing on July 20, 1969: "Thank you, television, for letting us watch this one."

A global audience of more than 500 million viewers tuned in for what was considered the greatest adventure in human history and the culmination of a ...Read more

How the 'Child's Play' remake redesigned Chucky, a smart doll with a killer glitch

Tasked with reimagining the pint-sized killer doll Chucky, one of the most iconic villains in the horror canon, "Child's Play" reboot helmer Lars Klevberg ("Polaroid") found inspiration from an unlikely source: adorable, innocent babies.

More specifically, toddlers -- including his own -- and the ways in which they soak up everything, both good...Read more