Lynda Hirsh On This Week's TV Gossip

I got it. No, not the Pulitzer Prize for soap opera coverage. There is a space on my mantle for that though. I got this novel coronavirus. I will not go into details. I tested positive on Sunday. I knew something was wrong when I did not want to talk or eat. In high school, I was named "motor mouth." And I have traveled all over the world and am...Read more

CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin tests positive for coronavirus

Brooke Baldwin has joined Chris Cuomo on the roster of CNN on-air talent testing positive for the coronavirus.

The afternoon anchor announced Friday on her Instagram page she experienced chills, aches and fever on Thursday.

" ... been social distancing," Baldwin said. "Doing ALL the things we're being told to do. Still -- it got me."

Baldwin,...Read more

New streaming service Quibi offers short-and-sweet TV

No one could accuse Jeffrey Katzenberg of thinking small. As chairman of Walt Disney Studios, he spearheaded megahits like "The Lion King" and "Beauty and the Beast." He later co-founded DreamWorks, focusing on its animation division that churned out "Shrek" and "Madagascar" movies.

But his latest project, Quibi, seems about as far from those ...Read more

Disney's 'Artemis Fowl' will skip theaters and go straight to streaming on Disney+

Walt Disney Studios' live-action fantasy film "Artemis Fowl" will skip movie theaters and go straight to streaming on Disney+, the company said Friday.

Disney has not said when the movie will appear on the streaming service, which costs $6.99 a month. It was supposed to hit theaters on May 29.

The decision to dramatically change release plans ...Read more

John Prine remains in ICU with pneumonia in both lungs, his wife says

As John Prine remains in the hospital fighting COVID-19, his wife tweeted an update Thursday night that went into some detail about what's going on with the esteemed 73-year-old Americana singer-songwriter.

"This is John's 8th day in ICU," Fiona Whelan Prine wrote in a lengthy Twitter thread. "He is receiving excellent medical care and being ...Read more

Commentary: Two big, new TV dramas that will take you to another time, place in a good way

From the women's movement in 1970s America, to World War II in Poland and England, television is coming to the entertainment rescue this week and next with a couple of big, new, sprawling productions capable of transporting viewers to other times and places. And who isn't looking for some of that mental and emotional TV travel during these stay-...Read more

Why working actors are anxious about paying their next bills too

Actress Kathleen Wise had just started dress rehearsals for a play she was directing at the Clark Studio Theater at Lincoln Center in New York City when she was given three hours to shut down the production and vacate the theater.

It was March 12 and Broadway went dark, joining Hollywood in a wholesale work stoppage in a bid to slow the spread ...Read more

New music venue coalition warns that without help, some Seattle clubs may close for good due to coronavirus

SEATTLE -- The last three weeks feel like three months. As communal gathering places become ghost towns, Seattle -- like many cities around the world -- doesn't feel the same as it did even a month ago.

As social distancing requirements to curb the spread of COVID-19 slam the brakes on the local economy, the lasting effects remain to be seen. ...Read more

Jeff Mauro co-hosting 'quarantine edition' of Food Network's 'The Kitchen' from his Chicago-area home

Saturday's episode of "The Kitchen" will look different -- and not just because co-host Jeff Mauro said he filmed the episode while sporting "quite a gross mustache." The Food Network show's first "quarantine edition" will feature the five co-hosts cooking separately at their respective homes, instead of together at a New Jersey studio, because ...Read more

Sony delays 'The Last of Us 2,' 'Iron Man VR,' citing coronavirus

"The Last of Us Part 2," a game, in part, about the breakdown of society due to the spread of a highly contagious virus, has been delayed indefinitely by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The game, a twist on the zombie formula, was due May 29, which itself was a push from its original Feb. 21 release. This time, however, Los Angeles-based game ...Read more

Incarcerated Florida rapper YNW Melly says he has tested positive for coronavirus

MIAMI -- YNW Melly, the South Florida rapper who remains behind bars in Broward County jail on double murder charges, has tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

The "Mixed Personalities" artist shared the news via his Instagram account Thursday evening.

"He hopes for your support and to recover soon #prayformelly send positive energy to ...Read more

Commentary: 'Tiger King' confuses binge-watching 'justice' with the real thing. That's a problem

There's an opportunistic virus out there, and it's called "Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness."

Netflix's true crime-meets-trashy reality TV docuseries dropped late last month, just as Americans were asked to stay home to help flatten the curve.

Now those folks are facing another threat to their well-being: an unhealthy obsession with this...Read more

The best Adam Schlesinger songs you didn't know he wrote

Adam Schlesinger, the songwriter-singer-musician who died Wednesday from complications of the coronavirus, left behind a deeply admired musical legacy.

While songs from his band Fountains of Wayne, including "Utopia Parkway" and "All Kinds of Time," reached a relatively narrow audience -- "Stacy's Mom" being the notable exception -- Schlesinger...Read more

Country star Sam Hunt on releasing his first album in five years … during a pandemic: 'It's ready'

In the 5 1/2 years since Sam Hunt released "Montevallo" -- the triple-platinum 2014 debut on which he fused country music and hip-hop more naturally than any singer before him -- virtually all of Nashville has crowded onto his bandwagon.

But extraordinary times can do funny things to extraordinary people. Asked this week how he's been amusing ...Read more

Commentary: Forget Trump's daily briefings. Watch these coronavirus messengers instead

We have become a nation of castaways, combing the bandwidth from a hundred million islands fearfully, hopefully for news.

Key to this new way of living is the press conference -- local, state, national, airing, streaming, reporters in attendance or calling in. (And sometimes no reporters at all.) Purely as information, you could learn it all ...Read more

The wildest, wackiest and most-fun mobile game to play with friends is now online

One of the reasons we play games is to bond, a shortcut to understanding one another and building trust. See, for instance, any number of corporate team-building exercises -- the egg drop, scavenger hunts and, no one's favorite, the trust fall.

But forget all of those.

The absolute best game -- OK, fine, my long-standing go-to -- for quickly ...Read more

You know the original, but these coronavirus song parodies are catchy too

During COVID-19 isolation, many have turned to music for solace.

From police singing and dancing in Spain to living-room concerts by famous artists to celebrities performing "Imagine" and getting ripped for it, pandemic-related tunes are there for us.

And then there's the stuff people are singing to laugh in the face of doom. Coronavirus song ...Read more

Tuned In: 'Modern Family,' 'Schitt's Creek' end; Quibi launches

PASADENA, Calif. -- TV series can go from must-see to not-worth-DVRing over years, maybe because the show falters or because viewers find better alternatives. A little of both contributed to my letting go of "Modern Family" years ago.

Yet watching recent episodes reminded me of why I loved "Modern Family" when it premiered. Even after 11 ...Read more

Review: Disneynature doc 'Elephant' is gorgeous if much too obvious (tusk, tusk)

By sheer coincidence, the new feature-length documentary narrated by Meghan Markle -- or as she is billed on screen, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex -- is about a majestic family whose way of life, though rooted in centuries-old traditions, has never felt more imperiled. That's probably a misleading way to characterize a herd of pachyderms making ...Read more

Films that were set for SXSW will appear exclusively on Amazon Prime Video

Films that were slated for this year's canceled South by Southwest festival will appear exclusively on Amazon Prime Video for 10 days this spring.

Filmmakers who choose to participate will receive a screening fee and could opt in starting Thursday.

The films will be available for free to consumers, but they will need to sign up for a free ...Read more