Album reviews: Melody Gardot, James Hunter Six, MGMT

Melody Gardot

"Live in Europe"

(Decca 1/2)

Philadelphia's smoky-voiced and nimble-fingered Melody Gardot has been an elastic jazzy presence throughout her handful of studio albums since her 2006 debut, "Worrisome Heart." And the singer and pianist's studio ensembles have also been rubbery, hazy and dynamic. Yet anyone who has witnessed ...Read more

Trolls on Twitter make false claims of being assaulted at screenings of 'Black Panther'

As Marvel's latest superhero movie, "Black Panther," draws praise and rakes in millions of dollars at the box office, Twitter trolls have emerged across the country attempting to stoke racial division by spreading false reports about the film's largely African American fans.

Over the last few days, users have posted false claims that they were ...Read more

David Glasser was the Weinstein Co.'s 'third brother.' Will his firing be enough to save the business?

They called him "the third brother."

For years, Weinstein Co. President David Glasser was the right-hand man to Harvey Weinstein, working as a peacemaker between the volatile movie magnate and Weinstein's brother and partner, Bob. Glasser oversaw the company's operations and was key to building its television business.

That abruptly ended ...Read more

Record-breaking box office, traditional African garb as 'Black Panther' fever takes over LA

LOS ANGELES -- "Black Panther" fever took over Los Angeles and beyond this weekend as the highly anticipated Disney film opened to the kind of fervor typically reserved for the latest offering in the "Star Wars" franchise.

The Marvel Entertainment release took in an estimated $192 million over the weekend domestically, making it the highest ...Read more

Dr. Pol shares 'Incredible' life with animals

PASADENA, Calif. -- When he was studying veterinary medicine in his native Holland, Jan Pol had no idea he would become a TV star. But that's where the 75-year-old finds himself today as the subject of Nat Geo Wild's wildly popular "The Incredible Dr. Pol."

He was ministering to all kinds of farm animals in rural Michigan when his son, Charles,...Read more

Trolls take to Twitter to lie about being attacked by black people while going to see 'Black Panther'

As Marvel's latest superhero movie "Black Panther" draws praise and rakes in millions of dollars at the box office, Twitter trolls have emerged across the country attempting to stoke racial division by spreading false reports about the film's largely black fans.

Over the past few days, users have posted false claims that they were attacked by ...Read more

Weinstein Co. board fires president David Glasser 'for cause'

Weinstein Co.'s president and chief operating officer, David Glasser, has been fired "for cause," the New York entertainment company's board of directors said.

Glasser came under fire this week after the New York state attorney general's office sued the studio, alleging civil rights violations. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman ...Read more

'Black Panther' roars to $25.2 million at Thursday box office

"Black Panther," the latest superhero blockbuster from Marvel Studios, grossed a massive $25.2 million in ticket sales from domestic Thursday preview shows in the U.S. and Canada to set a February record, according to studio estimates.

The Thursday night result for "Black Panther" nearly doubled the previous February box office preview record ...Read more

'Chicago P.D.' filming is insensitive? You're missing the point

CHICAGO -- The NBC police drama "Chicago P.D." was "slammed," the Tribune reported in a Wednesday headline, for filming too close to the Thompson Center in Chicago's Loop, where Chicago police Cmdr. Paul Bauer had been fatally shot just one day before.

How close was too close for our sensibilities? Five hundred yards? Three blocks? Two miles?

...Read more

Oscar-winning animator Nick Park is 59 going on 11

Nick Park's career started as a child. He became enraptured with the long-running English kids' comic book "The Beano," doodling cartoons of his own as soon as he knew how to hold a pencil. "I just loved creating a little comic world," he said in a phone conversation.

He was soft-spoken and rather introverted as a child -- just as he is now at ...Read more

Why 'Black Panther' is Ryan Coogler's most personal film to date

Being a black American sometimes comes with an identity crisis. After all, parts of African American culture are rooted in a land some of them will never know thanks to colonialism, imperialism and slavery. The result, hundreds of years later, is a generational distance.

"One of the things that sometimes comes with being (of African descent) is...Read more

Fran├žois Ozon's psychosexual thriller 'Double Lover' is a twisty, trashy delight

Among its many virtues, Francois Ozon's wickedly uninhibited "Double Lover" brings startling new meaning to the term "opening shot." From its first post-credits frame, a small trompe l'oeil display of cinematic invention and gynecological technique, this cracked mirror of a movie knows exactly what it is: a ludicrous erotic-thriller trash-...Read more

Unhappy lives and lacerating truths in Alex Ross Perry's exquisite 'Golden Exits'

The unnervingly talented 33-year-old writer-director Alex Ross Perry seems intent on liberating American independent cinema from the tyranny of "likable characters," one movie at a time. The men and women moving through his brittle, blistering dark comedies stake little claim on our affection, which may partly explain why they so easily command ...Read more

The one-liners are fast and furious in Sally Potter's wickedly entertaining 'The Party'

In "The Party," an acid-laced amuse-bouche of a movie from British writer-director Sally Potter, dinner never makes it to the table but the guests still get served, early and often. We are in the home of a London politician named Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas), who has just been appointed shadow minister for health of an undisclosed opposition ...Read more

Creators of Wallace and Gromit outdo themselves in 'Early Man'

Aardman films don't come out very often, but it's worth the wait because when one does, it's a work of art. The little English animation studio, home to those iconic figures of sculpted clay Wallace and Gromit, has won four Academy Awards for its handcrafted look and sweet, silly sensibility. It consistently delivers the quality work you can't ...Read more

'Black Panther' claws out a new paradigm for superhero movies

A big and bold change of focus in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, "Black Panther" pushes past many of the cliched plot devices, archetypes and formulas of standard comic book blockbusters. Calling a moratorium on planet-devastating villains, maverick heroes, romance-free story lines and people of color exclusively viewed as sidekicks, this well ...Read more

Kendrick Lamar's gripping 'Black Panther' soundtrack joins a tradition of black movie music

There's a scene in "Black Panther" -- director Ryan Coogler's breathlessly awaited Marvel Comics adaptation that promises to smash box-office records after opening this weekend -- in which a bad guy busy raining fire from the passenger seat of a getaway car commands his driver to turn on some music.

"It's not a funeral," the bad guy sneers, and...Read more

The gently amusing "Early Man" showcases Nick Park's offbeat humor

If just hearing animator Nick Park's name doesn't bring an anticipatory smile to your face, watching a few minutes of the thoroughly amusing "Early Man" will do the trick.

A kind of caliph of claymation best known as the creative force behind the comical cheese-loving duo of Wallace and Gromit, director Park has won four animation Oscars, ...Read more

Jeff Daniels to star in Aaron Sorkin's adaptation of 'To Kill a Mockingbird' on Broadway

Jeff Daniels will play the inimitable lawyer Atticus Finch in Aaron Sorkin's forthcoming Broadway adaptation of Harper Lee's classic novel "To Kill a Mockingbird," a spokesman for the production announced Thursday.

The show, which will be directed by Tony Award-winner Bartlett Sher ("The King and I," "South Pacific"), is being produced by Scott...Read more

Michael Phillips: I'm fed up with guns in the movies. Again.

In "Black Panther," the juiciest Marvel Studios movie in years, there's a moment when the spear-wielding Wakandan general played by "Walking Dead" alum Danai Gurira perches atop a car speeding through the streets of Seoul. She's in pursuit of Klaue (Andy Serkis) and his machine-gun-wielding henchmen.

Once the bullets start flying, the general ...Read more