Q&A: 'Star,' Eric Dane

You have questions. I have some answers.

Q: I was just wondering if there will be a season 2 for the TV show "Star"? The season finale had a lot of unanswered things going on.

A: Fox has ordered a second season of the drama. It is set for Wednesday nights following "Empire."

Q: I was so saddened to hear about the temporary shutdown of "The ...Read more

Movie review: 'Spirit Game,' about the Iroquois roots of lacrosse, is no ordinary sports doc

"Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation" isn't a standard sports documentary. Its focus is on spiritual matters as well as the physical because it deals with a game its adherents believe is just about as old as time.

That would be lacrosse, a sport the Iroquois, who originated it, call "the creator's game," something they believe was played between ...Read more

Movie review: Well-aimed 'War Machine' hits mark

American movies are traditionally of two minds about our military might, celebrating it in John Wayne epics and mocking it in everything from "MASH" to "Dr. Strangelove." But "War Machine" has decided, with exceptional results, that it wants it both ways.

Starring Brad Pitt and written and directed by the gifted David Michod, "War Machine" is ...Read more

Sean Hannity goes on vacation as advertisers drop out of his Fox News show

NEW YORK -- Fox News may be seeing a repeat of advertiser backlash that eventually drove out its former top anchor, Bill O'Reilly.

At least seven advertisers -- Cars.com, Leesa Sleep, Casper, USAA, Peloton, the Crowne Plaza hotel chain and doorbell company Ring -- have reportedly asked to be pulled from Sean Hannity's prime-time program.

The ...Read more

Here's how major Hollywood studios stack up on LGBTQ representation

LOS ANGELES -- Hollywood keeps getting it wrong when it comes to diverse and accurate portrayals of LGBTQ communities in film. A study released Thursday by LGBTQ media advocacy organization GLAAD finds that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people are "nearly invisible or outdated punchlines in big Hollywood movies."

Of the 125 ...Read more

New on DVD for May 30: 'The Shack,' 'Before I Fall'

Two of the DVDs being released May 30 take very different looks at death.

"The Shack"; 2.5 stars: The film starts with a parent's greatest nightmare. A loving father (Sam Worthington) takes his three children on a camping trip that ends with his youngest daughter being kidnapped. The loss of the child tears the family apart and makes the father...Read more

Summer TV preview

The regular broadcast-television season might be winding down, but that doesn't mean your TV screen is going dark.

The summer will again bring waves of fresh programming, from new dramas (Will you sink you nails into "Claws"?) to well-established favorites like "Game of Thrones," "House of Cards" and "Orange Is the New Black."

And a few shows ...Read more

Capsule reviews of feature films

ALIEN: COVENANT. 2 stars. Katherine Waterston and Billy Crudup head up the latest Alien spacecraft to run into an invasive creature that wreaks havoc on their journey. Same-old, same-old. Too much back story. Enough already. 2 hrs. 2 R (violence, gore) -- Gary Thompson

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. 3 stars. Live-action version of the 1991 animated ...Read more

Breathing life into strange new worlds: Disney's Joe Rohde puts theme parks' boldest ventures into play

When visitors set foot into Pandora -- the World of Avatar at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., they will find glowing plants and floating mountains.

Opening Saturday, the lush, forest-like setting of Pandora obviously takes its cues from James Cameron's 1999 blockbuster; more unexpected is the subtle nod to the Italian Baroque art of Gian ...Read more

Movie review: 'Baywatch' is too shallow

"Baywatch" is no day on the beach.

Despite lengthy sequences of attractive women and men jogging toward the camera and jiggling in slow motion, and a cool star in Dwayne Johnson, the film is nothing more than a serviceable also-ran in this year's crop of silly spring movies. While the eye is rewarded (and the ear, with a hit-packed soundtrack),...Read more

Movie review: 'Pirates' franchise should abandon ship

Yes, this movie -- No. 5 in an increasingly leadfooted series -- actually exists. And, in its early moments, there was actually hope that "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" might be kind of fun, when some randomly uniformed nautical character gazed at an oncoming pirate ship and yelled, in plummy tones, "OPEN BAR!" But hope faded...Read more

Blueprints for the original 'Star Wars' space station were created at University of Illinois at Chicago

CHICAGO -- Remember that scene in "Star Wars" where the University of Illinois at Chicago makes its case that the Empire can be stopped and the Rebels are the only ones to stop them?

You don't?

Well, it's there: In fact, as cameos go, UIC's role in the first "Star Wars" film would prove pivotal to the mythos of "Star Wars," more powerful than ...Read more

Pioneering media mogul and LA philanthropist Jerry Perenchio dies at age 86

LOS ANGELES -- Andrew Jerrold Perenchio, the man behind the curtain who deftly pulled the levers of power to create cultural defining media events, propel political candidates, collect masterpiece artworks and become one of the richest men in Los Angeles, has died. He was 86.

The enigmatic Bel Air billionaire, known to his friends as "Jerry," ...Read more

Fox News moves to dismiss lawsuit by former on-air host Andrea Tantaros

LOS ANGELES -- Fox News is seeking the dismissal of a lawsuit by former on-air personality Andrea Tantaros that claims the company hacked her computer and conducted surveillance of her phone calls and emails.

In a motion filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court, Fox News said Tantaros' allegations that fake Twitter accounts were set up to harass ...Read more

Movie review: Latest 'Pirates' is dead on arrival

The Pirates of the Caribbean descend to new depths with "Dead Men Tell No Tales." Padding out its muddled 153 minutes with the sluggish pace of a funeral barge, it marks the ignominious low of a once-great series. It lacks yo-ho-ho.

The usual template is mostly in place, with well-established characters doing precisely what we expect of them. ...Read more

Warner Bros. cancels London 'Wonder Woman' premiere following Manchester attack

In the wake of Monday's deadly terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, Warner Bros. has announced it is canceling a planned premiere in London next week for its superhero film "Wonder Woman."

"Our thoughts are with those affected by the recent tragedy in the UK," the studio said in a statement. "In light of the ...Read more

Ariana Grande suspends tour through June 5

Ariana Grande's tour has been suspended through June 5, her management team said Wednesday. That includes the cancellation of concerts planned for Thursday and Friday at London's O2 Arena.

Twenty-two people died and at least 59 were injured in a suicide attack Monday night outside Manchester Arena, where Grande had just concluded a stop on her ...Read more

Chris Cornell's body has been cremated, report says; funeral set for Friday

The body of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, who died last week in Detroit, was reportedly cremated Tuesday in Hollywood, and a funeral is planned for later this week.

Widow Vicky Cornell, brother Peter Boyle and friends Linda Ramone and singer J.D. King were at Hollywood Forever Cemetery for the cremation, sources familiar with the service ...Read more

Movie review: 'Dead Men' shows some signs of life

It's been six years since the fourth movie in the amusement park ride-inspired "Pirates of the Caribbean," that one subtitled "On Stranger Times," sailed into local theaters. It was beginning to look like the Disney Studios had keelhauled the franchise leaving Johnny Depp to make such forgettable flops as "The Lone Ranger," "The Rum Diary," "...Read more

Playing dead alongside 'Gods': Emily Browning talks about falling for her reanimated yet all too human character

Up until Sunday's installment, each episode of Starz's "American Gods" opened with the introduction of a new deity.

The pilot chronicled Odin's arrival, in AD 812, to the United States. The second episode focused on African trickster god Anansi and the third on Egyptian lord of the dead Anubis.

But the self-contained fourth episode, titled "...Read more


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