James Holzhauer takes 'Jeopardy' championship crown but rival Emma Boettcher gives him a run for the $250,000 prize

NAPERVILLE, Ill. -- James Holzhauer's day job as a professional sports gambler came in handy this week as he claimed the title of undisputed champion of "Jeopardy!" season 35.

After a tense two-day battle, the Naperville native walked away with the $250,000 prize after finishing with a total of $76,923.

But it was no runaway for Holzhauer, who...Read more

Don't have a cow, 'Simpsons' fans. Disney+ will offer 'original' aspect ratios in early 2020

LOS ANGELES -- Immediately after Disney+ launched with a treasure trove of "The Simpsons" episodes this week, fans of the show complained that the viewing experience was marred by the service's formatting. Many episodes were presented in an aspect ratio that critics said ruined some of the show's visual gags.

But "Simpsons" purists may not have...Read more

Disney's Hulu is raising prices for live TV as costs escalate

Hulu's live TV bundle for cord-cutters is about to get more expensive.

The Walt Disney Co.-owned streaming service said Friday that its Hulu + Live TV offering, which includes more than 60 television channels, will increase its price by $10 a month, starting next month.

As of Dec. 18, the so-called skinny bundle will raise its fee to $55 a ...Read more

Beyoncé's new wax figure is flawless after a 2017 one sparked outcry

Look, it's Bey with the good hair!

Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas has unveiled a new Beyonce wax figure and nailed the Beychella doppelganger -- fierce stare, pink hoodie, fringed boots and all. The Sin City debut came more than two years after the museum's sister location in New York infamously botched the "Flawless" singer's likeness in 2017.

...Read more

Baltimore Museum of Art will only acquire works from women next year: 'You have to do something radical'

BALTIMORE -- The Baltimore Museum of Art will celebrate 2020 by adopting a daring new policy designed to reverse the art world's historic marginalization of female artists.

Christopher Bedford, the museum's director, said Thursday that every artwork the BMA obtains for its permanent collection next year -- every painting, every sculpture, every...Read more

'Survivor' host Jeff Probst accepts 'responsibility' in handling of #MeToo incident

LOS ANGELES -- Controversy rocked "Survivor" Wednesday night when multiple female castaways came forward to accuse male contestant Dan Spilo of inappropriate touching. On Thursday, longtime host and executive producer Jeff Probst paused to reflect on how the events unfolded and how those behind the long-running reality show might have handled ...Read more

Big Machine accuses Taylor Swift of lying about Scooter Braun blocking her music

Big Machine Label Group is fighting back against Taylor Swift's accusations that the label, which manager Scooter Braun purchased along with Swift's back catalog earlier this year, has blocked the pop star from using and performing her own songs.

On Thursday, Swift posted a lengthy message on social media alleging that the company barred her ...Read more

Review: 'Frozen 2' goes into the mist, and into some pants, with Elsa and Anna and new power ballads

Sequels are tough! Especially with musicals. Hollywood, Broadway, either way. "Grease 2," "Love Never Dies" (the "Phantom of the Opera" add-on), the epically lousy 16-performance flop "Best Little Whorehouse Goes Public," the un-lamented "Bring Back Birdie" -- tough, tough, tough, tough.

The good-enough success of "Frozen 2," then, deserves ...Read more

Review: These 'Cops' hug first, ask questions later

Your typical buddy cop movie often relies on the tension between mismatched partners (who initially loathe each other) to navigate certain action-comedy requirements and dispatch bad guys with fists flying, guns blazing and wisecracks wielded. Aside from the wisecracks, "Ernie & Joe: Crisis Cops" is definitely not that kind of movie.

For one ...Read more

Review: 'Ford v Ferrari' revs Matt Damon and Christian Bale's acting engines

A barnburner of a motion picture that mainlines heart-in-mouth excitement and tug-at-the-heart emotion, "Ford v Ferrari" is made the way Hollywood used to make them, a glorious throwback that combines a smart modern sensibility with the best of traditional storytelling.

As can be guessed by the title, this is a film about fast cars and the men ...Read more

Review: 'The Good Liar' makes the most of Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren, even when the story falters

A film with a title like "The Good Liar" is likely to have more than one twist up its sleeve, and that is completely the case with this deceptive drama.

What is real? What is fake? Who can be trusted and how much? Can anything be what it seems? All these questions and more are at the heart of a plot that unfolds like a series of Russian nesting...Read more

New York stands in for Detroit in 'The Irishman,' Martin Scorsese's Jimmy Hoffa epic

DETROIT -- Detroit pops up in several scenes in "The Irishman," the epic drama from director Martin Scorsese that focuses on mobsters and famous Teamsters union president Jimmy Hoffa.

But the real Motor City isn't actually part of the stellar cast that includes Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci, Harvey Keitel and Anna Paquin.

Instead, the ...Read more

Here are the movies that could — and should — earn Oscar nominations for best picture

Flying home from the Toronto International Film Festival, I was talking about this year's Oscar race with an editor from another publication. He told me his boss believed that "Jojo Rabbit," the strange, slapstick story of a Hitler Youth member coming to realize the awful truth of his hateful beliefs, would win best picture.

I shook my head, ...Read more

Beth Hart is living the bliss of a life that contains everything in a blizzard of extremes from no label to a Grammy nomination

Beth Hart's life is the stuff of great blues songs, equal parts victory and failure, triumph and tragedy. The singer-songwriter has battled drug and alcohol addiction, struggled with a troubled mind, signed and then lost a major label deal and rebounded to Grammy-nominated acclaim. She has played for loose change on street corners and sung in ...Read more

#MeToo came to 'Survivor.' Now come the apologies

A #MeToo moment struck "Survivor" Wednesday night when multiple female contestants accused Hollywood talent manager and fellow castaway Dan Spilo of touching them inappropriately on the island.

Over the course of a two-hour broadcast, the women reported several instances of unwanted contact initiated by Spilo, backed by video evidence, forcing ...Read more

Disney Plus premieres a new 'Lady and the Tramp.' Maybe it helps to hate the 'Dumbo,' 'Aladdin' and 'Lion King' remakes, but I kind of liked it.

The peculiar new "Lady and the Tramp" is fine with me, as long as it succeeds in getting younger Disney Plus subscribers to check out the 1955 original sometime, especially now that it has been deemed potentially offensive. The streaming behemoth has slapped a cautionary label on that earlier film, along with several other Disney movies which "...Read more

Review: 'The Good Liar' is an entertaining but contrived thriller

Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren play elderly singles who swipe right in "The Good Liar," a classy but only half-convincing mystery-thriller about an internet date that is anything but casual. With those two stars, it barely needs saying that the movie's faults lie not in the acting. Like so many twisty-turny tales, "The Good Liar" hooks us quickly...Read more

Lil Nas X makes history as first openly gay artist to win at CMA Awards

Lil Nas X made history Wednesday night at the 53rd CMA Awards when he became the first openly gay musician to take home a win from the Country Music Assn.

His hit "Old Town Road," a collaboration with veteran country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, was named the musical event of the year. The song similarly made history, ruling at No. 1 on Billboard's ...Read more

An Apple bundle with Apple TV+, music and news may be on the way

With its new Apple TV+ streaming service just getting off the ground, and fresh competition coming from this week's debut of Disney+, Apple is reportedly considering selling a bundled package that would include its new TV offering and other subscription services.

Apple, which launched Apple TV+ on Nov. 1, is said to be looking at including the ...Read more

Alicia Keys will host the Grammys again. And that's a good thing

Alicia Keys will be back to host the 62nd Grammy Awards, and the recurring gig even came as a surprise to the super-chill recording artist.

"At first I did think last year was a one-time thing but when the opportunity came back around there was no question about returning as host of the Grammy Awards," the singer-songwriter said in a statement ...Read more

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