Recording Academy alleges Deborah Dugan demanded 'millions' to withdraw her allegations and resign

LOS ANGELES -- The war of words and inflammatory accusations between the Recording Academy and its recently sidelined President and CEO Deborah Dugan heated up further Monday as board chairman Harvey Mason Jr. accused Dugan of offering, through her lawyer, to drop her complaint of wrongdoing and resign in exchange for a multimillion dollar ...Read more

Terry Gross will be on PBS' 'Finding Your Roots,' discussing how terrible a teacher she was

PHILADELPHIA -- After more than 13,000 interviews and 40 years on the air at WHYY, Fresh Air host Terry Gross is among the most recognizable figures in American radio. But back in 1973, she was a soon-to-be-fired English teacher at a public school in Buffalo, N.Y.

"I was literally fired in six weeks," Gross says in an forthcoming appearance on ...Read more

Backstage with the 'Parasite' cast celebrating a historic SAG Awards win: 'Where's Bong?!'

LOS ANGELES -- The emotional celebration began moments after the cast of director Bong Joon Ho's South Korean heavyweight "Parasite" stepped offstage at the SAG Awards after winning the prize for best ensemble, the first foreign-language film ever to do so.

Spilling offstage with stunned looks on their faces, stars Song Kang Ho, Lee Sun Kyun, ...Read more

Robert De Niro stays proudly political at the 2020 SAG Awards

LOS ANGELES -- Upon being presented with a lifetime achievement award at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday night, the surprising thing wasn't that Robert De Niro got political, but that he did it so calmly.

"Political leaders who support unions are more likely to support the Affordable Care Act, equitable taxes, humane immigration ...Read more

Apple TV+: What's coming soon to the streaming service

PASADENA, Calif. -- With an energetic sizzle reel proclaiming "Our stories are your stories," Apple TV+ on Sunday made its first-ever appearance at the Television Critics Association press tour.

The streaming service launched just a couple of months ago with a handful of original programs. But during a series of panel sessions held at the ...Read more

The Oscar acting races are over: Why the four SAG award winners will go all the way

LOS ANGELES -- The SAG Awards were handed out Sunday night, and for those who stopped watching after Brad Pitt's acceptance speech because they were too busy trying to find him on Tinder, a quick recap: Surprises were scant, Adam Sandler got a well-deserved shout-out and the "Parasite" cast earned two standing ovations -- one for just showing up...Read more

Weinstein trial is a milestone for #MeToo and a moment of wrenching truth for survivors

LOS ANGELES -- For the past two years, Louise Godbold has been living in a state of heightened tension.

In interview after interview, the former commercial producer has shared what she said happened to her 29 years ago in an empty New York meeting room with Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, and then again at the Beverley Hills Hotel. Each ...Read more

SAG Awards 2020 fashion: The stars shine bright and bold on the silver carpet

LOS ANGELES -- The Screen Actors Guild Awards are frequently described as an actors-celebrating-their-own kind of affair and, based on Sunday night's awards, it was a celebrate-your-own-style affair as well, with most of the memorable looks coming down the silver carpet pumping up the volume, amping up the color and showcasing boldness -- in ...Read more

'Parasite' wins top prize at the 2020 Screen Actors Guild Awards

LOS ANGELES -- With just three weeks to go until the Oscars, this year's unpredictable awards season took another surprising twist at Sunday evening's Screen Actors Guild Awards, as Hollywood's actors gave their highest honor to Bong Joon Ho's genre-scrambling class satire "Parasite."

Beating out a diverse field including "Bombshell," "The ...Read more

Box office: 'Bad Boys for Life' opens at No. 1, 'Dolittle' falters in 2nd

LOS ANGELES -- This weekend at the box office, old things were made new again as Sony released its long-delayed "Bad Boys" sequel and Universal sought to introduce a younger audience to the classic Dr. Dolittle character.

In first place, "Bad Boys for Life" opened with an impressive $59.2 million and an estimated $68.1 million through the ...Read more

How 'This Is Us' stars tug at viewers' heartstrings

PASADENA, Calif. -- Television series can often become a comfy habit with shows like "Friends," "The Big Bang Theory" or "Roseanne." But TV shows can be more than that, as proved by NBC's popular "This is Us."

In its fourth season, the show ranks as TV's top rated drama, which is interesting because it's not a comfy habit but a hardy commitment...Read more

Lynda Hirsh Soap Opera Summaries For This Week

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Hope breaks down to Brooke and shares what she witnessed between Steffy and Liam. Liam and Steffy get real about their shared encounter. Steffy attempts to tell Liam that Thomas pulled some strings to get what he wanted. Hope tells Brooke that Douglas is her hero. Steffy and Ridge are worried about the outcome of ...Read more

Lynda Hirsh On This Week's TV Gossip

"All My Children" would be 50 years old this week. I watched the first show which makes me -- Ah! Nevermind, you do the math. Let's just say the fire department cut off my use of birthday candles years ago because the number was considered a fire hazard.

Sadly, "AMC" only lasted 41 years. Brian Frons, in one of the dumbest TV executive moves to...Read more

Oprah Winfrey backed out of the Russell Simmons sexual assault documentary. Why the fallout was 'horrible'

Twenty minutes. That's how long Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering had to digest the news that Oprah Winfrey was pulling her support of their documentary before she released the announcement to the press.

The email from Winfrey, sent at 3:10 p.m. on Jan. 10, had come as a shock. In her message, the filmmakers said, the Harpo Productions head said she ...Read more

For Phish bassist Mike Gordon, making music is about a process of 'letting go'

Much in the way his best-known and monolithic band Phish has been known to get all dreamlike and downright mesmerizing in the midst of their notoriously epic jams, Mike Gordon takes a similarly Zen-like approach to his musical craft.

"Sometimes it's about surrendering," the bassist said of what serves as a principal inspiration to him after ...Read more

Commentary: George Walker is the black composer you should know but don't. Why that may change

Richard Valitutto offered an impressive Piano Spheres program at the Colburn School's Zipper Hall last week in downtown Los Angeles. He covered the transgressive keyboard waterfront, exploring the idiosyncratic ways of banging and sounding and resounding that occupy composers of today, young and old. Crafty sonic sensuality and even, with a ...Read more

Commentary: Can best picture Oscar nominee 'The Irishman' make money for Netflix? It's complicated

If a movie was released in theaters, you can find its box office reported. "The Wizard of Oz" made $969,000 internationally when it came out in 1939. Type a title into Box Office Mojo and see what comes up.

This is useful information for a few reasons. Here's a compelling one: A couple years ago a study looked at global box office between 2014-...Read more

Black Pumas talk busking, Prince and best new artist nomination ahead of Grammys

Much like their toughest competition Lizzo, the co-founders of Texas soul-rock band Black Pumas find the "new" part of their best new artist Grammy nomination to be a bit of a misnomer.

"Some of these songs date back 10 years, and I've been a working musician going on 20," mused guitarist/producer Adrian Quesada. "So it definitely doesn't feel ...Read more

Betty White, looking fab at 98, gets birthday love from her celebrity fans

Forever golden girl Betty White's birthday is practically a national holiday, and who better to ring it in than her "Proposal" co-stars Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock?

The actors reunited on social media Friday to deliver a sweet birthday message to the Hollywood legend, who turned 98 on Friday. Reynolds and Bullock starred as White's on-...Read more

Commentary: Martin Luther King Jr. would want peace, not war with Iran

A great way to remember Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is to listen to his words for peace. We need his inspiration as we are dangerously sliding toward war with Iran, and many other conflicts remain ongoing.

King advocated diplomacy, talking to your enemies to build peace treaties instead of an endless spiral of tension and violence. When Dr. ...Read more