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Who is the head of the magical law enforcement squad at the Ministry of Magic?

A) Dolores Umbridge
B) Rufus Scrimgeour
C) Barty Crouch Sr.
D) Cornelius Fudge

What magical object shows the current location and actions of everyone within Hogwarts?

A) The Deluminator
B) The Pensieve
C) The Marauder's Map
D) The Crystal Ball

What did Ron see in the Mirror of Erised?

A) Himself as Head Boy
B) His family
C) Himself kissing Hermione
D) Himself with lots of food

What do the initials "R.A.B." stand for in the "Half-Blood Prince"?

A) Regulus Archibald Black
B) Regulus Arcturus Black
C) Rudolphus Algernon Black
D) Roderick Alphard Black

Who teaches Muggle Studies during Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts?

A) Professor Umbridge
B) Professor Burbage
C) Professor Sinistra
D) Professor Vector

Who becomes Minister for Magic after Cornelius Fudge?

A) Barty Crouch Sr.
B) Rufus Scrimgeour
C) Dolores Umbridge
D) Percy Weasley

Which Horcrux was first destroyed by Harry and Dumbledore in "The Half-Blood Prince"?

A) Hufflepuff's cup
B) Nagini
C) Slytherin's locket
D) Ravenclaw's diadem

Which potion does Harry take to help him retrieve Slughorn's memory?

A) Felix Felicis (Liquid Luck)
B) Polyjuice Potion
C) Draught of Living Death
D) Amortentia

What was the name of the group Hermione forms to promote the rights of house elves?

A) Elves Liberation Front
B) House Elves United
C) Society for the Protection of Elfish Welfare
D) Elves Rights Movement

What type of dragon did Harry face in the Triwizard Tournament?

A) Swedish Short-Snout
B) Hungarian Horntail
C) Chinese Fireball
D) Common Welsh Green

Which of the following is not a broomstick brand in the wizarding world?

A) Nimbus 2001
B) Firebolt
C) Thunderstick 3000
D) Cleansweep Eleven

Which Horcrux was destroyed first?

A) Tom Riddle's diary
B) Marvolo Gaunt's ring
C) Salazar Slytherin's locket
D) Helga Hufflepuff's cup

Which of these is not a magical creature?

A) Crumple-Horned Snorkack
B) Hippogriff
C) Niffler
D) Bowtruckle

Who becomes headmaster after Dumbledore's death?

A) Minerva McGonagall
B) Severus Snape
C) Horace Slughorn
D) Dolores Umbridge



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