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Don't neglect your dog's dental care

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February is National Pet Dental Health Month, designated as such to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining your pet's dental hygiene. Despite what some people believe, domestic dogs don't automatically take care of their teeth by chewing.

Like humans, dogs can suffer periodontal disease, tooth decay, injured teeth and other oral ...Read more

Loose dogs rescued on Las Vegas highway

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(UPI) The Nevada Highway Patrol said a trooper and a helpful witness were able to rescue a pair of dogs running loose on a busy stretch of Las Vegas highway.

The NHS said Trooper Willner responded to a report of loose dogs on Interstate 15, near the Washington Avenue exit, Thursday morning.

Willner arrived to find a witness who spotted the ...Read more

Virginia dog brings home orphaned bear cub

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(UPI) Wildlife rescuers in Virginia said an orphaned bear cub is being fostered out to another mother in the wild after the baby was found by a dog that gently carried it home.

The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries said a Washington County resident called a rehabilitator to report their dog had arrived home carrying an apparently...Read more

Skateboarding French bulldog draws attention at Russian skate park

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(UPI) A Russian man's pet French bulldog is going viral after showing off her skateboarding skills at an indoor skate park.

The video shows 5-year-old French bulldog Sonya skateboarding around the indoor park, using one of her back legs to push off and then standing with all four feet on the board while gliding.

Sonya's owner, Dmitry, said the...Read more

Dog chasing rabbit gets trapped inside buried vehicle

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Virginia said a small dog chasing a rabbit on his owner's property ended up trapped inside an old vehicle that had been buried.

Franklin County Animal Control and Shelter said in a Facebook post that Henry, an elderly beagle, was chasing a rabbit on his family's Franklin County property when he pursued the smaller ...Read more

What's up with little birds hogging my hummingbird feeders?

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DEAR JOAN: I have been successfully feeding hummingbirds in my backyard for several years. I have three feeders that accommodate one bird each at a time. I feed them the standard sugar-water formula and it has been working well.

However, recently there has been an influx of another type of bird that is hogging the hummingbird feeders, often ...Read more

Knowing when it's time to say goodbye to your dog

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The overwhelming joy of having pets is unfortunately accompanied by the inevitable sadness that comes with the end of their lives. As humans, sometimes feeling like parents, we must be witness to the death of our family member, our pet, our "child" as it so it often feels. And unlike the movies, rarely is it that they just fall "...Read more

Fox wanders into British Parliament, tours building

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(UPI) A fox found its way into the British Parliament and wandered through the building, to the surprise of workers and lawmakers.

Members of Parliament and workers in the London building said the fox was spotted on four different floors of the building Thursday night, with several witnesses sharing photos and videos of the invading animal.

...Read more

Firefighters rescue cat with head stuck in tire rim

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(UPI) Firefighters in California said they ended up using a power saw to free a cat that ended up with its head stuck through the middle of a tire rim.

The Cal Fire/Riverside County Fire Department said a crew from Station 65 in Moreno Valley responded to a call from the Riverside County Department of Animal Services to assist with a cat rescue...Read more

Baboon cub-naps, carefully grooms lion cub in South Africa

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(UPI) A safari guide in South Africa captured photos and videos of an unusual incident involving a baboon that cub-napped a young lion and was seen grooming it on a tree branch.

Kurt Schultz, director of the Kurt Safari company, said he was on his way to a meeting Feb. 1 when he stopped to take some wildlife photos at Kruger National Park.

...Read more

Researchers share footage of coyote, badger playing together

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(UPI) A wildlife camera set up by researchers in California captured an unusual scene of a badger and a coyote playing together in a tunnel.

Peninsula Open Space Trust researchers said they were reviewing footage from a tunnel under a road in the Coyote Valley, south of San Jose, for a study on how animals travel at night.

The footage depicted...Read more

Cats don't want to destroy our furniture, but they need good alternatives

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DEAR JOAN: When our cat, Mau, adopted us, we were living in a small house with a door to close off the living room. When we moved to a house with no door to protect the furniture, we bought a tall scratching post covered in carpeting and with three platforms, hoping this would keep him away from the furniture.

During the move, we locked him in ...Read more

New Jersey zoo pairs cheetah with service dog

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(UPI) Keepers at a New Jersey zoo said the facility's cheetah has been paired with a service dog to ease the big cat's anxiety.

The Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange said Nandi the cheetah was introduced to a Labrador named Bowie when both animals were just a few weeks old.

"Bowie has a very important job here, which is to be, kind of, her ...Read more

Woman recognizes long-lost dog's photo on beer can

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(UPI) A Minnesota woman is due to be reunited with the dog who ran away from home three years ago after a Florida brewery put the canine's face on a beer can while it was staying in a shelter.

Monica Mathis said she was on social media when she saw a story about Motorworks Brewing putting photos of dogs at the Manatee County Animal Services ...Read more

Protect your pet from winter dangers

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Winter presents a series of challenges to humans and our pets. The American Kennel Club highlights things to be careful of in the cold-weather months:

- Beware of antifreeze (ethylene glycol). Antifreeze is a liquid added to a car's radiator to prevent freezing. It's extremely toxic and can be deadly even in small amounts. It tastes sweet ...Read more

Firefighters rescue dog that fell through ice on the Minnesota River

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(UPI) Firefighters in Minnesota rescued a dog that wandered out onto the ice of a partially frozen river and plunged into the water.

The Bloomington Fire Department tweeted photos showing crews venturing out onto the ice to reach the German shepherd that fell through the ice of the Minnesota River.

The department said the dog was cold and wet,...Read more

Pet turtles: How hard can they be?

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Keeping a pet turtle must be so easy. You put water into a glass tank, add a turtle, then presto -- you have everything taken care of!

This couldn't be further from the truth. Turtles are, in my opinion, one of the most difficult animals to keep, but what makes them so difficult?

Aquatic turtles (there are other types of turtles, including ...Read more

Loose dog stops traffic on New York highway

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(UPI) A dog broke free from its owner during a walk in New York and brought traffic to a halt on a busy stretch of highway.

Sgt. Carlos Nieves of the New York Police Department said he arrived to investigate traffic congestion on northbound FDR Drive, just before the Manhattan Bridge, and discovered a man weaving through cars to chase a loose ...Read more

This adventurous Minnesota duck is now a viral internet sensation

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Move over 'gray duck.'

A fluffy white bird from St. Paul is currently the most famous duck in Minnesota, thanks to some fast feet, fowl puns and a viral video.

Recently, Derek Johnson posted 17 seconds of his pet, Ben Afquack, drumming with his webbed feet on a snare. The video got a million views overnight on Facebook. It's now up to 3 ...Read more

Everything you need to know about canine pregnancy

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Before discussing pregnancy in dogs, it's important to stress that the breeding of purebred dogs is a serious endeavor best taken on only by responsible breeders who have studied all the intricacies of a particular breed of dog and are committed to maintaining and improving type, temperament and health. Knowledge of a breed's official standard...Read more