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Bear chases overly friendly dog away on Alaskan street

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(UPI) An Alaska resident captured video of the tense encounter between a bear and a dog that ran up to the predator to say hello.

The video, recorded Sunday in Juneau, shows the dog run toward the bear on a residential street.

"I was hoping they would sniff each other and check each other out, but the bear seemed more interested in keeping its...Read more

Harvey Weinstein's new claims against Ashley Judd outrage actress' attorney

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LOS ANGELES--Harvey Weinstein's lawyers have asked a federal judge to dismiss a defamation lawsuit brought by actress Ashley Judd that charges the producer ruined her career after she rejected his sexual advances.

Weinstein's legal counsel claims the movie mogul and the actress had a "bargain" that allowed him to touch her if she "won an ...Read more

Kayaker charged by grizzly bear in British Columbia river

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(UPI) A kayker serving as a safety guide for a rafting tour group was charged by a fast-swimming grizzly bear and the scary encounter was caught on video.

Footage recorded by an Adventure Group Whistler tour guide's GoPro camera during a rafting trip on the Elaho River near Squamish, British Columbia, shows a grizzly bear running into the water...Read more

Mountain lion captured after wandering into back yard

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(UPI) Authorities in California said a mountain lion that wandered into a resident's back yard was tranquilized and captured in the neighborhood.

Witnesses said the cougar was first spotted in the San Mateo home's back yard about 9:35 a.m. Monday and police responded to the scene.

The mountain lion, which officials said was not acting ...Read more

Going to the dogs (and other animals) in Europe

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Despite a lifetime of European travel, there is a world of firsts still out there for me. And recently, I had my first falconry experience.

It was at the Ireland School of Falconry (just outside of Cong, north of Galway), where a great guide took our tour group on a "hawk walk." For about an hour, we wandered through the enchanting grounds of ...Read more

Dog alerts Florida family to rattlesnake behind the house

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(UPI) A Florida family said they were shocked when their dog revealed a hidden danger behind their home -- an eastern diamondback rattlesnake.

Adam Kinder said his dog alerted him to the presence of an intruder in the back yard, a rattlesnake.

"Living near the creek, I knew that I should be looking out for water moccasins, but I didn't really ...Read more

Animal rescuers lift pony stuck in bog

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Britain responded to a bog where a pony sank up to its shoulders and became stuck in the water.

The RSPCA said an animal collection officer responded to a report of a pony in distress at the Askham Bog Nature Reserve in North Yorkshire, England, and arrived to discover the equine had sank into a ditch in the middle of ...Read more

Buy a bag of Dog Chow, help a veteran

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The Pets and Vets service dog program at Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation could get up to $500,000 from Purina Dog Chow, which has launched a two-prong campaign in support of ARF's efforts to help veterans and rescue dogs.

Purina has a long history of supporting the U.S. military, and officials with the company said they know the impact...Read more

Colorado hiker licked by mountain goat

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(UPI) A Colorado hiker who found herself surrounded by mountain goats was recorded being licked on the head by one of the animals.

Ashby Capito of Vail said she was hiking in the Rocky Mountains with a friend last week when they noticed they were surrounded by mountain goats.

Capito said she and her friend attempted to keep a safe distance, ...Read more

JetBlue crew comes to rescue of bulldog with breathing issues

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(UPI) A Boston couple are thanking a JetBlue flight crew for coming to the rescue of their French bulldog when the canine had trouble breathing.

Steven and Michele Burt said they were flying home to Boston from Florida on Thursday when their dog, Darcy, showed signs that she was having trouble breathing.

"I noticed that her tongue was blue and...Read more

Cat interrupts expert's Dutch TV interview

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(UPI) A Polish historian giving an interview on a Dutch news show was interrupted when his cat climbed his body and rubbed against his face.

Rudy Bouma, a reporter for Dutch news show Nieuwsuur, tweeted an outtake from an interview with Jerzy Targalski, a historian from Poland.

The video shows Targalski maintain his composure and continue to ...Read more

North America's first dogs were domesticated in Siberia, but their descendants are all gone

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The arrival of the first Europeans in the Americas in the 15th century didn't just affect the lives of native people already living here. It also took a devastating toll on their pets.

In a paper published this week in Science, an international team of archaeologists and geneticists report that the lineage of dogs that thrived alongside Native ...Read more

Wild bear wanders into Idaho zoo, climbs tree near cougars

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(UPI) Wildlife officials in Idaho said what was initially thought to be an escaped bear at a zoo in the state turned out to be a wild bear that wandered into the facility.

Peter Pruett, superintendent of Zoo Idaho in Pocatello, said he received a call early Tuesday morning from zoo workers who spotted a black bear on the loose inside the zoo.

...Read more

Security camera records burglars failing to steal dog poop

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(UPI) A doggy daycare business in Alberta shared security camera footage of a bizarre burglary attempt by two hapless suspects.

The video filmed by security cameras at Central Bark in Winnipeg shows the two men drive up to the business in a van. One of them grabs a large plastic garbage can with the apparent intention of trying to load it into ...Read more

To calm dogs spooked by fireworks, pet owners are using treats made from marijuana

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As the sound of fireworks sends terrified dogs running into closets, under the bed and possibly even away from home, many pet owners and veterinarians are buzzing about a new way to help man's best friend relax and enjoy the holiday: products made from the marijuana plant.

Cannabidiol chews, oils and dog treats are selling out at local pet ...Read more

Raccoon fends off bobcat in Florida back yard

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(UPI) A Florida woman captured video of a backyard fight between a mother raccoon and a bobcat that came too close to her habitat.

Erinn Earth captured video in her Manatee County back yard of what began as a tense stare-down between the raccoon and the bobcat.

The video, which Earth posted to YouTube, shows the standoff eventually turn into a...Read more

Circus dog, owner break Guinness record for leg jumping

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(UPI) A Japanese circus performer and his dog broke the Guinness world record for a dog jumping over a human's leg during a show in Hong Kong.

The Super Wan Wan Circus, an all-dog and human circus troupe based in Fuji, visited Hong Kong for a Chinese New Year Show, where Jack Russell terrier Daifuku and owner Hiroaki Uchida attempted the ...Read more

Arizona puppy takes rattlesnake bite to save owner

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(UPI) An Arizona woman branded her golden retriever puppy "a hero" after the dog jumped between her and a rattlesnake that bit the canine in the face.

Paula Godwin of Anthem said she and her two dogs were hiking on a Phoenix-area trail when her 6-month-old golden retriever, Todd, bolted out in front of her foot.

"I didn't see the snake and I ...Read more

Man brings home kitten that turns out to be bobcat cub

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(UPI) A Minnesota man who found what he thought was a stray kitten lost in a parking lot brought it home before discovering it was a bobcat.

Jared Yost said he was working a landscaping job when he spotted the small cat hiding at the edge of a parking lot. Yost said he doesn't consider himself a cat person, but he decided to take the kitten ...Read more

Man arrested in theft of van carrying 14 show dogs; second suspect sought

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Redding police have arrested one man in connection with the theft of a van containing 14 show dogs that was stolen from an In-N-Out earlier this month and are asking for the public's help in locating another.

A white van carrying the 14 dogs was stolen from the Redding fast food restaurant's parking lot in the early ...Read more