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VIDEO: Puppy in rocking chair goes 'ice skating' on frozen lake in Canada

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MAPLE RIDGE, British Columbia (UPI) -- A Canadian dog owner shared video of a Labrador puppy "ice skating" with the help of a human and a fold-up rocking chair.

The video shows Molly the Labrador puppy looking contented on the rocking chair while being pushed around British Columbia's frozen Whonnock Lake by her owner's son's girlfriend, who ...Read more

'Wolf-like' dog captured by Maryland police

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CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Md. (UPI) -- Animal control officers in Maryland tracked down and captured a loose dog many residents believed to be a wolf.

Prince George's County police shared photos which concerned several citizens due to its large size and wolf-like appearance.

Police managed to track down and capture the animal at about 10:30 a.m. on ...Read more

'Tough pup' recovering from heroin overdose in Texas

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CARROLLTON, Texas (UPI) -- A Texas police department shared a photo of a "tough pup" recovering after it was found suffering from a heroin overdose in its owners' truck.

The Carrollton Police Department said in a Facebook post the young dog was found suffering from a heroin overdose on the floorboard of his owners' truck in a Home Depot parking...Read more

VIDEO: Group of Siberian tigers take down drone in China

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HEILONGJIANG, China (UPI) -- A group of Siberian tigers swatted down and destroyed a drone at a wildlife habitat in China.

Footage shared by CCTV shows the hefty tigers chasing down the the floating piece of tech used to encourage the animals to exercise.

The drone led the tigers through the snow until one managed to land a massive paw on the ...Read more

VIDEO: Shopkeeper finds door-shattering vandal was dog pursuing cat

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BEIJING (UPI) -- A Chinese shopkeeper trying to determine how his glass door was shattered reviewed CCTV footage and discovered the vandal was just a clumsy dog chasing a cat.

A video posted to YouTube by the People's Daily newspaper shows CCTV footage from early Monday

afternoon outside of the store.

The video, which the shopkeeper reviewed ...Read more

VIDEO: Lion blocks road to get attention from keeper at South African sanctuary

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HARRISMITH, South Africa (UPI) -- A South African wildlife sanctuary shared video of a lion refusing to budge from the middle of a road until he received the proper attention from his favorite human.

GG Conservation Glen Garriff posted a video to Facebook showing a lion named Smokey blocking an access road at the sanctuary.

A keeper identified...Read more

Escaped pot-bellied pig sent home by Ohio police

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (UPI) -- Police in Ohio sent an escaped pot-bellied pig found in a local neighborhood crying "wee, wee, wee all the way home."

Columbus Police responded to the area to find the runaway pig after receiving an unusual call on Tuesday morning.

"Pot belly pig running loose. Caller afraid it's going to get hit by a car," police ...Read more

'Dog Whisperer' Cesar Millan on why Americans have so many problems with their dogs

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CHICAGO -- When I sat down with Cesar Millan recently, he had just finished a speaking event in town. I asked how it went. "In other places, you get the feeling you don't belong," he said, "so it can be challenging to deliver this message in places like Los Angeles or New York." That message? In almost every case, it is you, not your dog, that's...Read more

Scottish brewery offers 'paw-ternity' leave for employees with puppies

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ABERDEENSHIRE, Scotland (UPI) -- A Scottish brewery has instituted a new policy offering "puppy parental leave" for employees raising young dogs.

BrewDog brewery announced the "paw-ternity" policy that provides all employees with one week off when they bring home a new puppy.

"BrewDog was started by two men and one dog in 2007," the brewery ...Read more

VIDEO: Impatient dog left in car honks horn for owner to hurry up

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GROVE CITY, Ohio (UPI) -- An Ohio couple captured video of an impatient dog barking and honking a car horn to get his owner to hurry up outside of a Subway.

Tim and Yvonne Blankenship said they stopped at the Subway in Grove City for some lunch when they spotted a dog sitting in the driver's seat of a parked car.

The dog was impatiently ...Read more

VIDEO: dog joyfully teaches herself how to sled down hill

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AURORA, Colo. (UPI) -- A fun-loving Colorado dog was caught on camera teaching herself how to sled after watching her human friends ride down hill.

The video, posted to YouTube by user A Day, shows Lacey the dog dragging her sled to the top of a small hill.

The dog jumps onto the sled, riding a short distance down the hill until she falls off....Read more

VIDEO: Orangutan bottle feeds baby lion at Philippines zoo

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MANILA (UPI) -- Zookeepers in the Philippines captured video of a young orangutan bottle-feeding a baby tiger after the two animals were introduced.

The video, posted to YouTube by John Mills, shows the orangutan using a bottle to feed milk to the baby lion at the Davao Crocodile Park.

Zookeepers said they introduced the two animals in the ...Read more

Boston police mascot SWAT cat gets mini 'Kitty Condo'

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BOSTON (UPI) -- Boston police gifted their once wayward mascot, SWAT cat, her own miniature condo at their base in Roxbury.

Officer Jamie Pietroski constructed the "Kitty Condo" for the faithful calico cat, who has lived around the base since 2013.

"Swat Cat moved right in and looks very happy with her new custom kitty accommodations," police ...Read more

Cat fight: Barb Horton's passion is to save cats and put them to work. Not everyone thinks that's a good thing.

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SEATTLE -- Barb Horton's passion for the past 15 years has been finding homes and jobs for abandoned cats. She's introducing me to one, a handsome, gray-and-white tom that was dumped several weeks earlier and is adjusting to a new home in a neighborhood with a rat problem.

We are standing on the street, talking about the cat named "Tor" by his ...Read more

Cupid the two-legged puppy gets ski-shaped prosthetic legs

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OAKVILLE, Ontario (UPI) -- Cupid, a rescued two-legged puppy in Canada, was fitted with a ski-shaped pair of prosthetic legs.

The Dog Rescuers Inc. shared a photo of Cupid posing with doctors after being fitted with prosthetic legs for the first time at a local hospital.

"Cupid with his favorite techs and vet Dr. Dev at Fourth Line Animal ...Read more

VIDEO: Phoenix firefighters rescue puppy with head stuck in gate

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PHOENIX (UPI) -- A curious puppy in Arizona had to be rescued by firefighters after getting its head stuck in a security gate.

Phoenix Fire Department shared video as rescuers arrived at a local home to find the mischievous puppy, Harley, with his head trapped between two metal bars.

"This pup is in a tight spot! Engine 27 responded to an ...Read more

VIDEO: Goanna lizard ends dog chase by jumping on canine's back

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YANDINA, Australia (UPI) -- An Australian woman whose dog interrupted a goanna stealing eggs from her chicken hutch recorded the lizard hitching a ride on the canine's back.

Bev Stefanidakis posted a video to YouTube showing the goanna clinging to the back of her Staffordshire bull terrier, Bella, after the dog interrupted the reptile's attempt...Read more

Cat rescued from tiny space between brick walls

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STAFFORDSHIRE, England (UPI) -- Animal rescuers in England helped free a pet cat that found itself trapped in a tiny space between two brick walls.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals found Mickey, the curious cat, trapped in the 8-inch space between his owner's home and the neighbor's garage.

"We exhausted every option ...Read more

Talking dogs: Take your dog to mundane destinations to teach him to be a calm car traveler

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Q: My dog loves to ride in the car and jumps right in, but barks like crazy the entire time I'm driving. Any suggestions besides just leaving him at home?


A: I'm going to assume, Steve, that your dog is barking due to the anticipation of arriving at a fun destination. There are, of course, many reasons a dog will bark -- fear, anxiety,...Read more

Latex-detecting dog is Bay Area woman's weapon against dangerous allergy

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SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Balloons, rubber bands, dishwashing gloves and yoga mats are hardly cause for panic for most people.

But to Patsy Hayes, even the slightest physical contact with latex is enough to send her to the hospital, wheezing with swollen lips, tongue and eyelids -- a possible life-threatening scenario.

Now, the severely allergic 21-...Read more