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Michigan dog gets Guinness record for long dock dive

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(UPI) A Michigan dock diving dog broke a Guinness World Record by leaping 35 feet and 3 inches from a dock into the water.

Rachael Brinkman, who owns Einstein Dog Training with her husband, said their dog, Slingshot, set 12 world records in the sport of dock diving in the 2018 season, and one of his jumps is now a Guinness World Record.

"...Read more

VIDEO: Veterinarian claims Colorado dogs getting high from eating human poop

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(UPI) A Colorado veterinarian said dogs in the Aspen area are being brought in with marijuana toxicity after getting high from eating human poop at trails and campgrounds.

Dr. Scott Dolginow, owner of Valley Emergency Pet Care in Basalt, said between three and 10 dogs are brought in each week with marijuana toxicity, and 70 to 80 percent of the...Read more

Bear chased out of New Jersey yard by neighbor's dog

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(UPI) A New Jersey man's home security camera captured the moment his neighbor's dog chased away a bear lurking outside his home.

Hewitt resident Mark Stinziano, who posted the footage to Facebook, said he was working in his garage and his wife was inside the house watching TV when the bear wandered into their yard Tuesday and pulled down their...Read more

Kitten rescued from undercarriage of New Jersey police car

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(UPI) An injured kitten was rescued from the undercarriage of a New Jersey police car thanks to officers, Department of Public Works employees and an animal rescue group.

The nonprofit Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge said North Haledon Police Officer Nicholas Florio was flagged down by a resident to help capture a loose kitten in Hawthorne, but the...Read more

Boating couple rescue struggling opossum in Michigan channel

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(UPI) A couple out boating on a Michigan channel came to the rescue of an opossum they saw struggling to stay above the water.

Char Morse said she and her husband were boating on the channel between White Lake and Lake Michigan when they spotted the animal in danger of drowning.

The video shows the opossum cling to a flotation device that ...Read more

Alligator with soccer ball stuck in mouth rescued in South Carolina

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(UPI) A pair of wildlife trappers were called to a South Carolina retention pond for an unusual rescue involving an alligator with a soccer ball stuck in its mouth.

James Sargent, a trapper with The Snake Catcher, responded with helper Chris Boone to the pond in the Osprey Cove neighborhood of Myrtle Beach when neighbors reported the gator, a ...Read more

Ohio dog located four years after it went missing

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(UPI) A dog missing for four years was returned to its owners after it was found 50 miles away from home, an Ohio dog shelter staff said on Monday.

Workers at the Clark County Dog Shelter said they picked up Smiley on Saturday, as the dog ran loose on the streets of Columbus. A microchip embedded in the dog indicated its owners were in ...Read more

Police struggle with station-invading squirrel in New Hampshire

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(UPI) A pair of New Hampshire police officers were recorded by security cameras as they engaged in an unexpected chase inside the station with a squirrel.

The video shows Statham Police Sgt. Emerson and Officer Doucette being surprised by the squirrel as it jumps at them and flees across a station garage.

The men opened a garage door and ...Read more

How a cat mended a broken marriage and other pet stories

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Dear Joan: I never wanted pets -- cats or dogs -- but when my children, now in their 30s, were 4 and 7, a kitten appeared in our garage.

Much to the surprise of my daughters, I decided we should keep the kitten, which my younger daughter named Dusty. We had Dusty for 15 years.

During that time, my husband and I divorced, but remained cordial. ...Read more

Tiger chases motorcycle on road in India

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(UPI) A conservation nonprofit in India shared video showing a tiger briefly chasing after a motorcycle on a road through a wildlife sanctuary.

The Forests and Wildlife Protection Society, which posted the video to Facebook, said two Forest Department officials were riding the motorcycle through the Muthanga Wildlife Sanctuary in Wayanad, ...Read more

Adding Pets to Your Disaster Preparedness Plans

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Dear Annie: I have a message I hope you will please share.

The last several years have seen numerous natural disasters. The human toll has been great, but there are thousands of other victims that have no voice. Pets, especially cats, are left behind. I encourage all pet owners to have a disaster plan for their pets. Please make sure you have ...Read more

Fox rescued from sewer grate predicament in Massachusetts

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(UPI) Firefighters, police and public works employees responded to a street in Massachusetts where a fox had gotten its head stuck in a sewer grate.

The Northborough Fire Department said it responded with police and public works employees Thursday when the fox was spotted with its head sticking out from the sewer grate on Northborough's West ...Read more

California woman records face-off between mountain lion, coyotes

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(UPI) A California woman captured video of a scene that unfolded in her yard when a mountain lion came face to face with two coyotes.

Monica Hylbert of Los Gatos said she heard strange founds from outside her home before 7 a.m. and looked out to see the two coyotes appearing to try to stop the cougar from moving forward.

"I was pretty calm ...Read more

Minnesota cat survives 35-minute washing machine cycle

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(UPI) A Minnesota woman said her pet cat is down one of his nine lives after taking a 35-minute ride in the washing machine with a load of laundry.

Stefani Carroll-Kirchoff said she checked on her laundry at the end of a 35-minute cycle at her home in Maplewood and spotted a paw belonging to her 1-year-old cat, Felix, sticking out from among ...Read more

California canine Scamp the Tramp dubbed World's Ugliest Dog

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(UPI) An aesthetically challenged pooch named Scamp the Tramp was crowned the World's Ugliest Dog after previously coming in second.

Scamp, who has competed in the competition at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, Calif., four times previously and was the runner-up in 2018, defeated a field of 18 other unsightly canines to take this year's ...Read more

Zoo employee's performance in lion escape drill goes viral

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(UPI) A Japanese zoo's escaped animal drill is going viral after footage emerged of an employee in a lion costume getting into character.

The escape drill at the Tobe Zoo in Ehime Prefecture featured a worker in a lion costume running loose inside the park while visitors were evacuated.

The footage shows the "lion" swiping its paw at ...Read more

Veterinarians remove 19 pacifiers from bulldog's stomach

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(UPI) A Boston animal hospital said veterinarians used X-rays to discover the cause of a bulldog's nausea and vomiting: 19 pacifiers in his stomach.

The MSPCA's Angell Animal Medical Center said Emily Shanahan, the owner of Mortimer, a 3-year-old bulldog, brought the canine into the facility in the spring to investigate the cause of his nausea ...Read more

Legal weed's a growing danger to dogs, so keep your canine out of your cannabis

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It all started on a Tuesday night, when I came home from work to an unmistakable absence. My brown-and-white pitbull mix, Maizey, wasn't at the top of the stairs to greet me. Instead, she was in her bed, shaky and confused.

When I tried to get her up, she stumbled, nearly falling over while standing still. Walking to the vet, she leaped like a ...Read more

Strawberry farm seeks goat yoga world record

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(UPI) A post shared by Maan Farms (@maanfarms) on Jun 17, 2019 at 9:53am PDT

A British Columbia farm is aiming to break a Guinness World Record by gathering 356 people to participate in the world's largest goat yoga class.

Maan Farms in Abbotsford said it is aiming to have 356 people wearing red and white stretch alongside the farm's goats at ...Read more

Bobcat returns to nature center after escape during break-in

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(UPI) A bobcat that escaped from a Tennessee nature center during a break-in returned home on her own, and police have arrested a suspect.

The Reflection Riding Nature Center said Evi, a bobcat believed to have resisted capture and escaped into the wild during a break-in last week, walked back into her enclosure on her own Monday morning.

...Read more


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