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Pet owners in crisis can lose their companions forever. This program reunites them

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Suzette Hudspeth and her dog, Ceasar, are inseparable. Just ask their neighbors.

In her neighborhood, Hudspeth is known as Ceasar’s mom. She’s constantly asked how he’s doing. Everywhere she goes, he goes.

Outside of her 26-year-old daughter, Ceasar’s the only family she has in town. He’s a service dog, and he’s...Read more

Dog escapes from pet hotel, runs 2 miles to home in Kansas

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(UPI) A Kansas couple vacationing in Las Vegas said their dog escaped from a pet hotel and ran 2 miles to their home, where he triggered their doorbell camera.

Jeremy Henson said he and his wife, Sarah, dropped off their dog, Dexter, at a Lenexa pet hotel before traveling to Las Vegas, where their phones informed them that their Ring doorbell ...Read more

Stowaway cat on delivery truck could have come from any of several cities

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Scotland said they are trying to solve the mystery of a cat that stowed away on a delivery truck -- and may have come from any of several locations in Scotland and England.

The Scottish SPCA said the cat, dubbed Maverick by rescuers, was brought to the rescue group after being found aboard a delivery truck.

Officials ...Read more

5 ways to improve your dog's oral health

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Bad breath can be uncomfortable, even from “man’s best friend.” It’s often a sign of poor oral hygiene for dogs. Pet owners that cares for their dog’s teeth and keeps them on a healthy diet reduces risk of oral diseases like halitosis, gum disease, and tartar in the future.

Native Pet compiled a list of ways to improve and maintain ...Read more

'Kitten' rescued by Tennessee couple turns out to be a baby bobcat

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(UPI) A Tennessee animal rescue group said a couple who brought in a kitten they found on their back deck were shocked to learn the animal was a baby bobcat.

True Rescue in Mount Juliet said in a Facebook post that a couple came in on Friday with a kitten that ran up to the humans on the back deck of their home.

The couple sought "emergency ...Read more

Hundreds of dogs return to San Francisco beach for Corgi Con

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(UPI) Hundreds of corgis and thousands of dog-loving humans gathered on a San Francisco beach for the first Corgi Con since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Corgi Con, which began in 2014, happens twice a year -- usually in July and October -- on San Francisco's Ocean Beach, but the event was canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic.

...Read more

5 ways to improve your dog's oral health

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Bad breath can be uncomfortable, even from “man’s best friend.” It’s often a sign of poor oral hygiene for dogs. Pet owners that cares for their dog’s teeth and keeps them on a healthy diet reduces risk of oral diseases like halitosis, gum disease, and tartar in the future.

Native Pet compiled a list of ways to improve and maintain ...Read more

Tips on enjoying a beach day with your dog

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With summertime comes beach days. With a little extra planning, your canine pals can join the summertime fun.

To ensure dog owners have the best beach experience possible with their pup friends, the American Kennel Club suggests the following safety tips:

Stay hydrated. Make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water to drink and keep him ...Read more

Dog rescued from under concrete slabs in Pittsburgh

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(UPI) A dog missing for several days in a Pittsburgh neighborhood was reunited with its owner after being rescued from underneath concrete slabs.

Pittsburgh Public Safely said in a Twitter post that the dog was reported missing on Friday and Animal Care & Control searched for the canine in the Swisshelm Park neighborhood.

The dog was ...Read more

Cat sounds played from cellphone used rescue kitten from storm drain

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(UPI) Authorities in Virginia rescued a kitten from a storm drain using a catch pole and a cellphone that lured the feline out by playing cat sounds.

Petersburg Animal Care and Control officers responded alongside personnel from Petersburg Public Works and the Petersburg Fire Department when a police officer working on a crime scene in the ...Read more

Bengal tiger wanders loose on sidewalk in Mexican city

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(UPI) An adult Bengal tiger sparked fear and fascination in a Mexican city when it was seen wandering loose on a sidewalk in a residential area.

A video captured Wednesday in Tecuala, Nayarit, shows the tiger walking down a city sidewalk in a residential neighborhood while surprised locals watch from a distance.

Witnesses said the tiger sat ...Read more

Dog Disagreement

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Dear Annie: My wife and I married four and a half years ago, the second marriage for both of us. I have had dogs virtually all of my life. My wife was aware of this. I brought three dogs into the marriage, and my wife was also well aware of their habits. She likes dogs, but she does not adore them as I do because of the hair that they shed and ...Read more

Dog caught on camera activating stove, causing house fire

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(UPI) Security cameras inside a Missouri home recorded the moment a dog turned on the kitchen stove, starting a fire that severely damaged the house.

The Kansas City Fire Department and Southern Platte Fire Protection District responded to a house fire in the Riss Lake neighborhood of Parkville and they rescued two dogs, who were the only ...Read more

Tips for June 24th's take your dog to work day

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June 24 is National Take Your Dog to Work Day! It can be really fun to introduce your dog to new places, and spending time in a new environment can get them used to new people, smells and experiences. Having a dog in the office can also provide a soothing, calming effect for humans, and studies show that dogs increase productivity, and decrease ...Read more

Leopard rescued from deep well in India

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(UPI) Firefighters teamed up with other agencies in Odisha, India, to rescue a leopard that fell into a deep well and was unable to climb back out.

The Odisha Fire Service tweeted video showing the rescue of the leopard in Sambalpur district.

Firefighters and Forest Department officials used a wooden plank tied to a rope as a flotation device ...Read more

'Giant dog' wanders into Dollar General store in Florida

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(UPI) Police in Florida were summoned to a store when a "giant dog" wandered into the business, browsed for a few hours and refused to leave at closing time.

The Bradenton Police Department said the "giant dog," a 135-pound canine, wandered into the Dollar General store in Bradenton and employees initially decided to let the animal go about his...Read more

Kitten rescued from fast food drink cup in New York

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(UPI) An environmental conservation officer in New York came to the rescue of a kitten spotted wandering in the middle of a road with its head stuck in a fast food cup.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation said in a news release that Environmental Conservation Officer Darci Dougherty was nearly the end of a late-night ...Read more

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Eva, the California dog that saved its owner from mountain lion attack, dies unexpectedly

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Eva, the dog credited for saving her owner’s life after she was attacked last month by a mountain lion in rural Northern California, died unexpectedly Wednesday morning.

In a brief interview by phone, Eva’s owner, Erin Wilson, said Eva, a 2 1/2-year-old Belgian Malinois, started getting wobbly and having seizures over...Read more

New Hampshire woman reunited with lost cat after four years

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(UPI) A New Hampshire woman was reunited with her lost cat four years after the feline went missing.

The Salem Animal Rescue League said it was recently contacted by a woman who was preparing to leave the state and was concerned for the welfare of a stray cat that she had been feeding on her porch.

A SARL team was able to catch the feline and ...Read more

Firefighters rescue cat wedged between brick buildings

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(UPI) Firefighters in Britain came to the rescue of a cat that attempted to walk in the narrow gap between two brick buildings and got wedged trying to squeeze past a pipe.

The Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service's Dunstable Community Fire Station said the Green Watch crew responded to an address in Kensworth where a cat was reported stuck ...Read more