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Tularemia infection surge prompts warning, especially for Minnesota cat owners

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An increase in tularemia infections in Minnesota animals prompted a warning from state health officials, particularly to cat owners, who could get sick if their pets get infected and scratch or bite them.

Only 21 cases were found in animals last year, but that tripled the usual total, according to an alert issued Thursday by the Minnesota ...Read more

Cheetah cub born in Oregon transferred to Ohio to meet foster mom

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(UPI) A cheetah cub born at an Oregon zoo was successfully transferred to an Ohio facility and paired with a new foster mother.

Wildlife Safari, a zoo in Winston, Ore., said on social media that the male cub was one of two born June 7 to Zuri, "the #1 genetically valued female cheetah in North America."

The second cub was born with an ...Read more

Overexcited pups: Tips to help your dog stop jumping on people

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When dogs get excited, it’s natural that they might jump, especially when greeting people. Although a dog’s intentions might be harmless, it can be unsafe for larger dogs to jump on people, especially kids or the elderly.

The American Kennel Club recommends the following tips for helping your pup stop jumping on people:

Ignore the ...Read more

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Woman dies after attack by stray dogs in West Baltimore, police say

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BALTIMORE — A 50-year-old woman died and two other people were injured after being attacked by a group of stray dogs in West Baltimore on Friday night, according to Baltimore Police.

Around 9 p.m. police were called to the 2000 block of North Pulaski Street in Mondawmin for reports of a dog bite. When police arrived at the scene, they were ...Read more

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Norman Reedus and 'Walking Dead' alumni salute Seven, the dog who played Daryl's Dog

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Seven, the dog who played Daryl Dixon's canine companion Dog on "The Walking Dead," has died.

AMC confirmed the canine actor's death Thursday on the show's Instagram page: "Rest in peace, Seven. #TWD's best boy," the post said, featuring images of the Belgian Malinois. On X, formerly Twitter, the network's announcement, which featured a shot of...Read more

Iowa Great Dane dubbed world's tallest dog at 3 feet, 2 inches

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(UPI) An Iowa family's Great Dane has been named the world's tallest living dog at a height of 3 feet and 2 inches.

Guinness World Records said the Des Moines, Iowa, canine, named Kevin, was officially measured at 3 feet and 2 inches from his feet to his withers -- the point at the base of his neck, over his shoulders.

The record-keeping ...Read more

Skateboarding cat breaks speed record in China

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(UPI) A skateboarding cat showed off his skills in China and earned a Guinness World Record by skateboarding a distance of 32 feet, 9.2 inches in just 12.85 seconds.

Bao Zi, an American shorthair cat, broke the record for the fastest 10 meters on a skateboard by a cat at the age of just 1 year and 8 months old.

Bao Zi's owner, professional dog...Read more

India police deny presence of a leopard at PM's swearing-in

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(UPI) Police in India said an animal spotted in the live broadcast of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's swearing-in ceremony was not a leopard, despite rumors on social media.

Viewers of the live broadcast Monday noticed a large feline walking in the background while Modi was sworn in for his third term at Rashtrapati Bhavan, the prime minister's ...Read more

Here's a program to keep you and your dog fit

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Keeping active is incredibly important for dogs and people and provides both mental and physical benefits. Taking your dog for a walk is a great start to your fitness journey. This may even be enough for breeds with lower exercise requirements. There are many ways to keep your dog fit in your daily life and every dog will enjoy a variety of ...Read more

The power of pets against loneliness

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If you're a pet parent, you probably know that having a meaningful bond with an animal companion can have several health benefits. According to the National Institutes of Health and the independent nonprofit organization, pet ownership can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, improve heart health by lowering blood pressure, ...Read more

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Are pet dogs and cats the weak link in bird flu surveillance?

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When researchers talk about their biggest bird flu fears, one that typically comes up involves an animal — like a pig — becoming simultaneously infected with an avian and a human flu. This creature, now a viral mixing vessel, provides the medium for a superbug to develop — one that takes the killer genes from the bird flu and combines it ...Read more

Ripples in the water: Chlorination and cancer risk in dogs

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Bladder cancer affects tens of thousands of dogs in the United States each year, with certain breeds like the Scottish Terrier, West Highland White Terrier and Shetland Sheepdog being particularly susceptible.

This suggests a genetic influence on cancer risk, but environmental factors also play a large role in triggering this type of cancer....Read more

Kitten rescued from middle of Florida highway

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(UPI) A Florida police officer on patrol ended up rescuing a kitten he spotted in the middle of a busy highway.

The Alachua Police Department said in a Facebook post that an officer driving on Highway 441 spotted a kitten in the middle of the roadway "while vehicles continued to pass within feet of it."

The officer was able to rescue the ...Read more

Indiana zoo's escaped baby bobcat safely captured

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(UPI) A baby bobcat who escaped from her enclosure at an Indiana zoo was safely captured and returned to the facility, city officials said.

The Michigan City mayor's office previously revealed the 9-month-old bobcat, named Grace, was noticed missing Wednesday from the enclosure she shares with her sister, Hazel, at the Washington Park Zoo.

The...Read more

Tips for senior dog care

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Although it usually depends on the size and breed of dog, most dogs are considered senior when they reach 7 years of age.

Genetics primarily affects how a dog ages, but environmental factors, such as obesity, can also play a role in how a dog shows signs of aging. Dogs breeds that are giant age more rapidly than small breeds. An Irish ...Read more

Stranded cat rescued from atop utility pole

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in California teamed up with utility company workers to rescue a cat stranded at the top of a utility pole for several days.

Kern County Animal Services said an animal control officer responded to a report of a cat stranded atop a utility pole and discovered the feline had spent multiple days stuck 50 feet over the ground....Read more

Myths about dog wellness, debunked

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A healthy pup means a happy companion for years to come, but it isn't always clear what guidance to follow regarding canine health. Even the widely held belief that dogs see in black and white has been disproven: They, in fact, see in a range of blue and yellow. Other things, like tail docking, evolved from the Roman times with the intent to ...Read more

The ASPCA received calls about pets being exposed to more than 350,000 toxins in 2023. Here's how to keep yours safe.

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Most pet owners can relate to the dreaded moment their pet swallows the forbidden object in their mouth. Whether rummaging through trash bins for snacks or chewing up a bottle of pills they nabbed from the counter, pets are not always the best health advocates for themselves.

Of course, not all pet poisoning cases stem from sneaky behavior. ...Read more

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The South Jersey dog that was the first to walk around the world has died

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PHILADELPHIA — Savannah, a once-rescue-puppy who enthusiastically accompanied her South Jersey owner Tom Turcich on a seven-year walk around the world, has died.

Savannah, a retriever that Turcich adopted from a Texas animal shelter four months into his The World Walk, was euthanized at a New Jersey animal hospital Sunday after treatment for ...Read more

Dogs don Met Gala-inspired looks at Pet Gala fashion show

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(UPI) Canine couture is now on display at the AKC's Museum of the Dog in New York after more then two dozen dogs donned Met Gala-inspired fashions and walked the red carpet for the second annual Pet Gala.

Fashion designer Anthony Rubio's second annual fundraiser at the museum featured dogs donning duds inspired by the Met Gala looks sported by ...Read more