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Cat reunited with Pittsburgh family 5 months after house fire

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(UPI) A Pennsylvania woman was reunited with her beloved cat five months after the feline was feared dead in a house fire.

Wanda Humphries said her cat, Hope, was believed to have died in the April fire that destroyed her Rankin home and also claimed the lives of her dog and another cat.

Humphries was shocked when she received a call from ...Read more

Iowa woman has deceased pet cat cloned

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(UPI) An Iowa woman said her kitten bears a strong resemblance to her old cat for a very good reason -- he's a clone.

The Cedar Rapids woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she decided before the death of her cat, Mr. Tufts, that she wanted to have the feline cloned.

"I had never had such a wonderful creature. It was harder losing him ...Read more

'Co-therapist' dogs and ponies to help boost mental health of pediatric patients

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - In training as a therapy animal since she was just months old, Gypsy the miniature horse is now 6 and brimming with confidence.

"Gypsy is a sassy, spunky, loveable, affiliative little girl," said owner Jenny Pfeiffer, a nurse manager at Nemours Children's Specialty Care Clinic in Jacksonville who has been involved with ...Read more

How to provide basic first aid for your dog

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First aid refers to the immediate care you should provide when a dog is injured or ill until a veterinarian can perform further medical treatment. For minor conditions, first-aid care may be enough. For other problems, first aid care should be considered as temporary care until your dog is evaluated and treated by the vet.

The main goal when...Read more

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Woman teaches her Sheepadoodle how to communicate using buttons

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SEATTLE - If you have a pet, you've probably wished at some point that it could talk to you. Too bad that's impossible ... or is it? Alexis Devine would tell you that her dog can - in a way.

Devine, an artist in Tacoma, Wash., has had Bunny, a female Sheepadoodle, for a year. And in that time, Devine says she's introduced Bunny to more than 50 ...Read more

Bobcat wanders aisles of Dollar General store in Kentucky

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(UPI) A Kentucky sheriff's office said deputies responded to a Dollar General store to evict a wild bobcat found perusing the toiletries aisle.

The Floyd County Sheriff's Office said deputies responded alongside Kentucky State Police and Martin Police Department personnel when the bobcat was reported inside the Dollar General store in Floyd ...Read more

Watch: Aggressive cougar follows man on Utah trail for 6 minutes

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(UPI) A man out for a run on a Utah trail captured video of his frightening 6-minute encounter with a "scary kitty cat" -- a mother cougar.

Kyle Burgess said he was out for a 10-mile run at Slate Canyon in Provo when he spotted four cougar cubs on the trail ahead of him.

Burgess said he was filming the cubs when their mother showed up and ...Read more

Leopard caught on camera at power plant in India

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(UPI) Wildlife officials in India said they are searching for a leopard that was caught on camera wandering around the grounds of a power plant.

The Uttar Pradesh Forest Department said Sunday a camera at the National Thermal Power Corp.'s plant in Greater Noida captured an image of a leopard wandering around outside the facility late last week...Read more

Get your dog's coat and paws ready for fall

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As we transition into the fall season, it's important to nourish your dog's paws and fur after the damage the summer weather may have caused. We are all doing our best to make the most of the fall season before the cold sets in. But from cracked paw pads to pollen to sun-bleached fur, your pet might need some post-summer TLC.

The American ...Read more

French couple trying to buy Savannah cat get tiger cub, instead

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(UPI) A French couple who purchased what they thought was an exotic Savannah cat from an online ad ended up turning the feline over to authorities when it turned out to be a tiger cub.

Prosecutors in La Havre said the couple encountered an online ad in 2018 offering a baby Savannah cat, a cross between a domestic cat and an African serval, for ...Read more

Family's cat found 23 months after Camp Fire disappearance

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(UPI) A California woman who feared her pet cat had died in a 2018 wildfire was reunited with the feline 23 months later when he was found by a neighbor.

Lindsy Metz said she and her children had only 30 minutes to evacuate as the Camp Fire approached their Magalia home, so when their 8-year-old black cat, Artemis, fled from the house, there ...Read more

'Cat' trapped in donation bin turns out to be battery-operated toy

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(UPI) A London man putting some old clothes into a donation bin called firefighters to rescue a "cat" that turned out to be a battery-operated toy.

Alan McElligott, an associate professor at the University of Roehampton in London, tweeted photos showing the scene that unfolded after he put some items into the bin and heard a "meow."

Police and...Read more

Tips for hitting the trail with your dog this fall

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Hiking is a great way to take advantage of the cool fall weather and beautiful foliage, and no one makes a more willing and eager hiking buddy than your dog. Going for hikes with your four-legged friend provides you both with exercise and lets you enjoy all that the season has to offer.

The American Kennel Club offers tips on what to bring ...Read more

Escaped pet ferret climbs into bed with surprised stranger

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(UPI) A ferret that escaped from his owner's home in England was found early the next morning when he wandered into a stranger's home and climbed into bed with a resident.

Lisa Marie Buckley said her family's 18-month-old ferret, Thomas, escaped from their home in the village of Ince on Saturday night, leading her to post about the pet's ...Read more

How to stop your dog from begging at the table

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If you sit down to dinner and your dog tries to get in on the action, you're not alone. It's hard to resist sharing your meal with your dog when he looks up at you with those eyes, but begging at the table can quickly become a problem.

To help owners teach their dog to kick the bad habit, the American Kennel Club offers the following tips ...Read more

Watch: Annual dog surfing contest in California goes virtual

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(UPI) An annual competition for surfing dogs in California went virtual amid the COVID-19 pandemic, replacing the in-person contest with videos of canines riding waves around the world.

The Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon, which normally is help each September at Del Mar Dog Beach in De Mar, instead was held virtually this year, with the owners of surfing...Read more

Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension/TNS/TNS

Minnesota's new police dog can help sniff out electronic evidence in sexual predator cases

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MINNEAPOLIS – Minnesota state authorities have unleashed a four-legged investigator specifically trained to sniff out digital electronics commonly used by sexual predators to exploit children and others.

K-9 Sota, a black British Labrador, was introduced to the public last week by the state Department of Public Safety (DPS) as the first law ...Read more

Watch: Bridge inspection crew rescues stranded dog

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(UPI) A bridge inspection crew in Mississippi came to the rescue of a dog they spotted perched on a ledge about 120 feet over the Mississippi River.

The inspection crew for design firm Stantec was assessing the bridge in Natchez for the Mississippi Department of Transportation when they spotted the dog stranded on a ledge below the roadway.

A ...Read more

Watch: Man confronts mountain lion outside California home

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(UPI) A California man who spotted what he initially thought was a German shepherd in his yard ended up chasing a mountain lion that was stalking some nearby kids.

Timothy Kerisk said he went outside his Pacifica home to look for his cat when he spotted a much larger animal next to his fence.

"I thought it was a German Shepherd at first, I was...Read more

Curious puppy rescued from backyard drain cover

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(UPI) Firefighters in Pennsylvania came to the rescue of a puppy who went wandering in her owner's back yard and ended up with her head stuck through the middle of a drain lid.

The Palmer Municipal Fire Department said a crew responded to the home Sunday when the owners called to report the curious puppy's head was stuck through the middle of a...Read more