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Cat rescued from air vent of traveling Ford Focus

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(UPI) A male tabby cat nicknamed Ford was rescued from the air vent of a traveling Ford Focus by Britain's Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

The owner of the car, Steven Kane, realized that a cat was trapped inside the grill of the vehicle after he had traveled to seafront area, Clacton-on-Sea of England with his family, a...Read more

Georgia grandmother strangles rabid bobcat to death with her bare hands

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(UPI) A Georgia grandmother strangled a rabid bobcat to death with her bare hands.

DeDe Phillips, 67, had just put a bumper sticker on the back of her truck that read: "Women who behave rarely make history" and was about to take a photo of it when the bobcat crept into her backyard, facing her.

"My neighbor's dog was barking and it drew my ...Read more

Chubbs, a 29-pound cat arrives at California Humane Society

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(UPI) A 29-pound cat referred to as Chubbs, arrived at the Human Society in Pasadena, Calif. recently after being brought in by a good samaritan.

Chubbs, a 10-year-old Himalayan mix, was found taking an afternoon walk down a busy street. The Pasadena Human Society noted that the cat was in need of grooming which took hours to complete and was ...Read more

Rescue kitten at Minnesota shelter turned out to be a bobcat

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(UPI) An animal rehab facility in Minnesota was surprised to find a rescue kitten that was brought in was actually a bobcat.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota shared a photo of the kitten that was brought in by a "very observant client" who heard it crying for help in a parking lot.

"After bringing home the stray kitten and ...Read more

Wyoming family and dog reunited after three years

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(UPI) A Wyoming family has been reunited in Sioux Falls with their red heeler dog, Ginger, who went missing three years ago.

The family lost the dog while Jennifer George's husband BJ was on a business trip in Burlington, Iowa, in August 2015.

Jennifer didn't want to leave the dog in a kennel for the trip and the red heeler escaped from the ...Read more

Achilles the cat to predict Russian World Cup results

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(UPI) A deaf white cat named as the official soothsayer of the 2018 World Cup in Russia has predicted the winner of the tournament's first game on Thursday: Russia, of course.

The cat, named Achilles, made the prediction using bowls marked with the competing countries' flags after some hesitation, ABC News Moscow reported.

Achilles is a blue-...Read more

Wounded leopard wanders into Chinese village

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(UPI) A wounded leopard is being treated by veterinarians in China after it wandered into a village in an apparent search for food.

The leopard was spotted Tuesday in a village located in Xinlong County, Sichuan Province, and locals reported the big cat caused some property damage while apparently searching for food.

The local forestry bureau ...Read more

Tiki the toucan took off. Is she feasting on your mangoes?

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Tiki the toucan is a free bird after escaping the Flamingo Gardens wildlife sanctuary.

With mango season in full swing, you might see Tiki feasting on luscious golden fruit, underneath green-leaved canopies, as she evades captors trying to lure her back home.

The brightly-billed bird flew to freedom recently as a keeper cleaned her cage.

"...Read more

He wrote an obituary about — wait for it — a duck. Here's why you should give a quack

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BILOXI, Miss. -- Bonnie "the goodtime duck" waddled her way into the hearts of William "Andy" Linville and his granddaughter, Hailey Hickerson, during their regular trips to Hiller Park in Biloxi.

Well, they assume Bonnie was a girl. This duck could have been a guy. They're not sure.

What they do know is that the duck with the funny tuft is no...Read more

Makeshift ladder used to rescue leopard from well

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(UPI) A group of villagers and wildlife officials came together in India to use a makeshift ladder to rescue a wild leopard that fell into a deep well.

Residents of the village near the Satpura Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh contacted the Forest Service officials when they discovered a leopard had fallen into the 20-foot well and was unable to...Read more

8-year-old inventor and his dog bowl are finalists at National Invention Convention

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Good inventors are constantly tinkering with their inventions.

Second-grader Ethan Mott -- inventor of the "Flashing Dogbowl" -- has been tinkering with his invention ever since he created it. And he may still be tinkering with it as he heads to the National Invention Convention in Dearborn, Mich., happening through June 2, to accept a national...Read more

Buffalo saves lizard by flipping lion into the air

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(UPI) A safari-goer in South Africa captured video of the moment a lizard about to become a lion's meal was unexpectedly saved by a brave buffalo.

A video captured Sune Eloff near the Lower Sabie area of Kruger National Park shows a group of lions examining a water monitor lizard when one of the big cats carries the reptile off to make it into ...Read more

Wandering lion caught on camera on South African highway

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(UPI) Authorities in a South African province are warning the public to be on the lookout for a lion spotted wandering along a highway.

The Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency's Wildlife Protection Services confirmed the lion, spotted near the city of Mbombela, remained on the loose as of Wednesday evening.

A video captured by a driver on the ...Read more

Mountain lion found wandering through Vancouver-area park

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(UPI) Visitors to a Vancouver-area park are being warned to use caution after a mountain lion was caught on camera wandering through the park.

The City of Port Moody posted a photo to Twitter showing the cougar that was spotted Tuesday wandering through the southern part of Bert Flinn Park.

"It did not show signs of aggressive behavior and it ...Read more

Talking dogs: Ever feel like somebody's watching you? Could be your dog, and it's learning a lot

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I don't want to alarm you, but your dog is literally watching your every move, and is busy learning something every waking moment of his day. Dogs are extremely perceptive and masters at figuring out our patterns, since we humans are predictable ... very predictable.

For example, your dog has learned that each time the doorbell rings, you will ...Read more

Around the World: Traveling with Pets?

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Wondering whether she was alone in her concerns, a reader recently wrote in
to relate her personal ‘traveling-with-Fido’ story -- which was, unfortunately, a not altogether pleasant experience.

“Does this happen to other travelers? And, what did I do wrong?,” she wanted to know.

As for her first ...Read more

Audiobooks for your pup could be the new dog whisperer

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The email from Amazon had an irresistible subject line: Audible for Dogs.

Yup, that's right. The online purveyor of audio entertainment now has talking books for your pets? Well, dogs, at least. I was going to file it under "Signs you've anthropomorphized your pet a bit too much," but you have to admit it sounds fun. I mean, what sort of books ...Read more

Family records cat's highway ride on van's roof

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(UPI) A family traveling on a Nebraska highway captured video of a cat surfing on the roof of a van, with the vehicle's driver apparently unaware.

Ronda Rankin posted a video to Facebook showing the cat her family spotted on top of a van while they were traveling 60 mph on Interstate 480 in Omaha about 8:30 p.m. Friday.

"My daughter says, '...Read more

Have you seen this lost Fresno pig? It could be Poncho or Cupcake

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There are at least two lost pot-bellied pigs on the loose in Fresno, and they need your help.

The plight of pigs Poncho and Cupcake got the attention of thousands after a video was posted recently on Facebook. It shows a frantic black pig running in a median alongside fast-moving traffic headed southbound on Fresno Street toward Ashlan Avenue. ...Read more

Lynxes have heated debate at side of Ontario road

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(UPI) A traveler on an Ontario road captured video of two lynxes having an intense verbal sparring match in the roadway.

Nicole Lewis said she was driving Friday in the Avery Lake area, near the Michigan border, when she spotted the two lynxes standing face-to-face and bombarding one another with their unusual calls, which sound like loud human...Read more