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Fox rescued from storm tank at sewage treatment plant

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(UPI) Firefighters and animal rescuers in Britain came to the rescue of a young fox that fell into a storm tank at a sewage treatment plant and was unable to climb back out.

The RSPCA said inspector Grace Harris-Bridge responded alongside personnel from Kent Fire and Rescue Services when the fox was spotted about 30 feet down in the storm tank ...Read more

30 foods that are poisonous to dogs

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As man’s best friend, dogs do everything with us: walk around town, ride in the car, play in the yard, and snuggle on the couch. It’s natural, then, given how much time we spend with our four-legged companions, to assume they can eat with us, too. However, human food can be dangerous for dogs, even types of food that are completely safe for...Read more

Megan Henry/The Columbus Dispatch/TNS

Teachers struggle to care for turtles, tortoises and other class pets during pandemic

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — As teachers pivoted to online learning last school year, some faced a unique challenge: What would happen to their class pets?

Central Ohio teachers scrambled to find surrogate homes for their turtles, bearded dragons and other class pets last spring and, in some cases, again over the summer.

“Those are some of the ...Read more


Prosthetics for animals on 'The Wizard of Paws'

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STERLING, Va. – For 17 years Derrick Campana has been gifting the disabled with a new lease on life with braces, prosthetics and engineered equipment. But Campana’s clients have four legs, not two. And he never planned it that way.

Armed with a master’s degree in prosthetics and orthotics, Campana was perfectly happy serving his two-...Read more

Connecticut commuter records coyote running on the highway

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(UPI) A Connecticut woman making her morning commute captured video of an unusual sight on the highway -- a coyote running down the middle lane.

Tanika Campbell said she was on her way to her job in New Haven when she spotted the coyote sprinting down the center lane of Interstate 95.

Campbell posted a video to Facebook showing the coyote ...Read more

Pet telemedicine took hold in the pandemic. A lawsuit wants to make it permanent

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SAN FRANCISCO — A group of veterinarians and pet owners in California is asking the state to permit more telemedicine for animals even after the pandemic ends.

In a federal lawsuit filed Monday, the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says the state should not end waivers allowed during the pandemic for remote ...Read more

Stranded bobcat rescued from atop New Mexico utility pole

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(UPI) Authorities in New Mexico worked together with a power company to rescue a bobcat seen stranded at the top of a utility pole.

Dona Ana County said residents reported a bobcat was stranded atop the electric pole in the Topaz Road area and officials determined the animal needed help to safely get back to the ground.

The county worked ...Read more

Dog rescued from narrow gap between San Francisco buildings

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(UPI) Authorities in San Francisco conducted an unusual and difficult rescue when a dog fell into a narrow gap between two buildings.

San Francisco Animal Care and Control said the 12-year-old canine, nicknamed "Baby Jessica" by rescuers, had become stuck between two buildings on San Bruno Avenue, about 6 feet below a deck.

Rescuers said the ...Read more

Stranded dog rescued from Michigan island

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(UPI) A dog spotted stranded on a Michigan island by a passing angler was rescued by animal control officers using a trap.

Robert Debolt said he and some friends were participating Sunday in the Freeland Walleye Festival when he spotted a dog wandering on Green Point Island, where the Saginaw River branches into the Tittabawassee and Shiawassee...Read more

Mother dog, puppies rescued from Texas storm drain

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(UPI) A group of Texas neighbors who had been trying to capture a stray dog for weeks rescued the canine -- and her newborn puppies -- from a storm drain.

North Houston neighbors Pam Ashley, Emily Daniels and Shireen Hyrapiet connected on the Next Door app to attempt to safely capture a pregnant stray in the Lindale Park area. They said the dog...Read more

How to help your dog adjust to a new baby

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Bringing a new baby home from the hospital is exciting for you, but it may be confusing or frightening to your dog. Suddenly, the baby is taking up most of its owners’ time and attention, and the family dog can start to feel anxious or jealous. Taking the right steps before your new baby arrives home can help create a bond between your new ...Read more

Dog joins Utah track meet relay race, wins

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(UPI) Video footage of a high school track meet in Utah is going viral after a dog ran out onto the track and was the first across the finish line in a relay race.

The video, filmed on the track at Logan High School, shows Gracie Laney in the lead during the last leg of a relay race when a dog, named Holly, darts through the crowd of runners ...Read more

Dog rescued from SUV engine, adopted by firefighter

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(UPI) A stray dog that climbed up into the engine compartment of a parked car in Dallas found a new home with the firefighter who rescued her.

Maryanne Davidson said she was taking a walk with friends in the White Rock area, and they returned to her SUV to find a small dog underneath the vehicle.

Davidson said she and her friends attempted to ...Read more

Firefighters rescue dog alone inside moving vehicle

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(UPI) Firefighters in Canada came to the rescue of a dog who knocked their owner's vehicle out of park and took an accidental joyride.

The Edmonton Fire Rescue Service in Alberta said a crew was summoned about 12:30 p.m. Tuesday when witnesses reported a dog was alone inside a vehicle that was rolling down Guardian Road.

EFRS personnel said ...Read more

How to dissuade a digging dog

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Does your yard resemble a minefield because of your dog’s digging? Certain breeds, particularly terriers and hounds, dig more because it’s in their genes. However, digging is more broadly used as an outlet for frustration when dogs have pent-up energy as a result of a lack of physical and/or mental stimulation. Digging provides a very ...Read more

Advice for seniors considering a dog

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Studies show that having a pet can bring both emotional and health benefits to the elderly. But for many seniors, the fear of not being able to provide the proper care, training and exercise may keep them from experiencing the joy of dog ownership.

To help, the American Kennel Club offers the following tips for seniors to match the right breed...Read more

Dog rescues smaller dog from owner's backyard pool

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(UPI) A South African couple's home security camera captured the moment one of their dogs rescued their smaller dog from drowning in the backyard pool.

Byron and Melissa Thanarayen said they returned to their home in Boksburg, east of Johannesburg, to find Chucky, their toy pomeranian, was mysteriously wet.

The couple said they checked their ...Read more

Animal services officer rescues seven puppies from hole

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(UPI) An animal services officer in California rescued a family of puppies from a deep hole near a city's courthouse.

Kern County Animal Services said Officer John Mehciz responded to a location near the Lamont courthouse at which a deep hole had been found with seven puppies trapped at the bottom.

Officials said the puppies' mother is ...Read more

Texas emergency responders free dog trapped in truck's undercarriage

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(UPI) Police, firefighters and animal control officers responded to a Texas home where a man's German shepherd climbed into the undercarriage of his truck and got stuck.

The Lufkin Police Department said the 2-year-old dog, named Booger, had apparently become spooked by overnight storms and sought shelter in the undercarriage of owner Roger ...Read more

Karl Merton Ferron/Baltimore Sun Staff/The Baltimore Sun/TNS

These families opened their hearts and their homes to foster dogs during COVID-19 pandemic

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BALTIMORE – In the dead of winter, and the throes of the pandemic, the Berman family chose to foster a passel of puppies and their mother, all desperate for shelter. Five dogs in all clambered into their Ellicott City home — a squirming, squealing brood from the Canine Humane Network, a nonprofit rescue organization in Highland.

The 4-week-...Read more