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Mountain lion strolls through California neighborhood

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(UPI) A California man said he was checking his home security camera footage and was shocked to see a mountain lion wander past his house.

Steve Guevara, 64, said he was reviewing the footage on the camera pointing toward the road from his San Jose home when he spotted the large adult cougar.

"I was looking through footage from the camera and ...Read more

Documentary sets Guinness record for largest dog photo shoot

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(UPI) The makers of upcoming documentary Superpower Dogs said the final day of filming brought a Guinness World Record for largest dog photo shoot.

The producers of the 3D IMAX documentary, which is scheduled to premiere in March 2019, said 108 dogs and their owners gathered in Los Angeles for a "Superpower your Dog Day" event on the last day ...Read more

Students on spring break help repair 87-year-old's home, rescue stray dog

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ARCADIA, Pa. -- For spring break this year, college students Kiara Jacoby and Tori Zaccaria decided to go to a hurricane-ravaged Texas town just south of Houston to help an 87-year-old woman repair her badly damaged home.

On their last day there, a dog showed up.

The light tan pit bull mix wandered on to the property with no collar or ...Read more

Animal shelters across US teach cats how to high five

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Why are photos and videos of cats high-fiving suddenly popping up on Facebook and Instagram?

Ask Jackson Galaxy, host of Animal Planet's "My Cat From Hell."

Last year, Galaxy launched Cat Pawsitive, a program that encourages animal shelters to teach cats how to do tricks, like giving high-fives, to make them more attractive for adoption. ...Read more

Florida court says former neghbors must share custody of dog

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(UPI) A Florida court ruled that two former neighbors must split custody of a dog after a dispute about who's the dog's rightful owner.

Pinellas County Judge Lorraine Kelly recently said Tina Marie Walker, 53, and David Somerville, 68, each have a right to Elario, a 4-year-old, 100-pound Labrador and must abide by a visitation calendar to share...Read more

Fox wanders into Massachusetts home through doggy door

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(UPI) Police in Massachusetts said a wild baby fox used a doggy door to wander into the home of a surprised family.

The New Bedford Police Department said animal control officers were dispatched to a home last week on a report of a fox that wandered into a home through a doggy door.

Animal Control Officer Manny Maciel brought the baby fox to ...Read more

Small cat chases coyote across road in front of bus

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(UPI) A dashboard camera on a Wisconsin bus captured the unusual moment that a small black cat chased a coyote across the street.

The Milwaukee County Transit System posted a video to Facebook showing the unusual animal chase that took place in front of driver Johnel Morris' bus on Wednesday.

The video also shows footage from inside the bus ...Read more

Dog rescued from subway tracks in New York

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(UPI) A subway track inspector in New York got down onto the tracks to rescue a dog that wandered into a tunnel and was nearly struck by a train.

Edlin Cruz, a Metropolitan Transportation Authority track inspector, said the dog was first spotted on the tracks at the Wilson Avenue stop in Buckwick, Brooklyn, about 3:40 a.m.

The canine was ...Read more

Coyote confronts rattlesnake in middle of Arizona road

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(UPI) An Arizona woman captured footage of a tense and unusual encounter between a coyote and a rattlesnake in the middle of a road.

Annie Kane said she filmed the video Sunday morning when she spotted the two wild animals in the street near Baseline and Recker roads in Mesa.

The video shows the coyote and rattlesnake lunging at one another ...Read more

Authorities rescue puppy from tire rim in Texas

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Texas shared video from the rescue of a puppy that wound up with its head stuck in the rim of a tire.

Bastrop County Animal Control and Shelter posted photos and videos to Facebook chronicling the rescue of the puppy, which was found with its head stuck in the tire rim while its concerned mother and siblings watched ...Read more

Talking dogs: Beagle pup isn't 'devilish,' he's just acting like a normal puppy

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Tom has written in, describing his Beagle puppy Trio as "devilish." His list of troubles include having to replace three remote controls for his television thus far, due to Trio chewing on them, trying in vain to get socks, toilet paper, dish towels and his checkbook out of Trio's mouth before they are destroyed, and having to drive down to the ...Read more

Runaway dog back home after porcupine mishap

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(UPI) A New Hampshire animal rescue group shared photos of an unimpressed dog with a face full of quills after an encounter with a porcupine.

Granite State Dog Recovery posted photos to Facebook showing a beagle named Milo before and after the porcupine quills were removed from his face.

The post said Milo had escaped from his home in ...Read more

Bobcat battles rattlesnake next to Arizona sidewalk

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(UPI) An Arizona real estate agent showing a house captured video of some unexpected urban nature when a bobcat and a rattlesnake faced off next to the sidewalk.

Laura Lucky said she was showing a house in north Scottsdale to a couple from California when the fierce battle started to play out.

Lucky said the eastern diamondback rattlesnake bit...Read more

Kitten rescued after three days in Brooklyn tree

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(UPI) The New York Fire Department rescued a kitten whose three-day adventure in a tree was initially thought to be an April Fools' prank.

Alexandra Sanchez said her kitten, Reese's, became stranded atop a 60-foot tree at the Kingsborough Houses complex in the Crown Heights are of Brooklyn on Sunday.

Sanchez said she tried calling 911, but ...Read more

A purr-fect pair: 27-year-old woman rescues 26-year-old cat

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Laura Cassiday, was searching on Facebook recently, looking at the different animal rescue pages, when she saw Baltimore County Animal Services' plea for a cat named Thomas.

The 26-year-old feline, then under the care of the Animal Allies Rescue Foundation, had been put up for adoption after his owner fell ill. The geriatric cat, too, had ...Read more

Family rescues dog from attacking mountain lion

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(UPI) A Colorado family rescued their dog from attacking mountain lion and part of the tense encounter was caught on security cameras.

The family shared security camera footage from the incident outside their Nederland house, where the homeowner said his daughter was the first to spot the cougar and called for family members to "grab the ...Read more

Cat rescued from between automatic glass doors

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(UPI) Animal rescuers responded to a hotel in England where a small cat became wedged between two automatic glass doors.

Phoebe Nyatsambo, assistant operations manager for the Premier Inn in Luton, Bedfordshire, England, said she was working the morning shift Wednesday when she "spotted a small cat outside the sliding doors."

"It was raining ...Read more

Cheetah surprises Oregon man by jumping into vehicle

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(UPI) An Oregon man on safari in Africa ended up in a closer-than-expected encounter with a cheetah that jumped into the back seat of the SUV.

A video captured by Peter Heistein on the Grand Ruaha Safari in Tanzania shows safari-goer Britton Hayes sitting still inside the tour vehicle while the cheetah watches him from the seat behind him.

The...Read more

Man captures video of tree-top battle for lynx mating

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(UPI) A Canadian photographer stopped on a logging road to capture video of an "epic" scene: A female lynx fighting off an unwanted mating attempt at the top of a tree.

Amos Wiebe said he was driving Wednesday evening on a logging road near Grand Prairie, Alberta, when he spotted the two felines scrapping about 100 feet up a tree.

Wiebe said ...Read more

Talking dogs: How do you get your dog to like bathing at home?

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Maria has written in about her Cocker spaniel, Molly. It seems that, although Molly loves to swim in the pool, she detests getting a bath. Maria bathes Molly herself, in the bathtub, every few weeks. Molly's behavior has worsened over time, to the point that it has now become a bathing battle that Maria feels she is losing.

Not to worry, Maria....Read more