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Tips to prevent food guarding by your dog

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The tendency for dogs to guard their food is natural. If you notice your dog being defensive of their toys or bed, it is important to take action to keep it from progressing.

To prevent your dog from food guarding, the American Kennel Club recommends the following tips:

Let your dog eat in peace. Refrain from interacting with your pup ...Read more

Kitten rescued from engine compartment of car in S.C.

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(UPI) Firefighters in South Carolina came to the rescue of a kitten trapped in the engine compartment of a car.

Horry County Fire Rescue said on social media that its Station 18 crews from Stephens Crossroads were dispatched on "a reported animal rescue call" on Pint Circle in Longs.

The firefighters arrived to find a kitten was stranded in ...Read more

Cat rescued from junkyard car moments before crushing

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(UPI) A runaway cat taking shelter in a car at a North Carolina junkyard was rescued from the vehicle just moments before it was crushed.

The Brother Wolf Animal Rescue said the junkyard worker opened the hood of the car to remove the battery before the vehicle was crushed and a cat "took a blind leap of faith into his arms."

The employee kept...Read more

WATCH: Lost cat reunited with owner after five years

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(UPI) A cat who went missing from her South Carolina home was reunited with her owner five years later thanks to the feline's microchip.

The Charleston Animal Society said the cat, named Feya, was brought in by a member of the public who found her wandering loose on Johns Island.

Feya's microchip identified her owner as Alexandra Struthers, ...Read more

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Thanks to this 'rogue' taxidermist, a pet's death doesn't mean goodbye

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PHILADELPHIA -- Krusty Noodles was a killer.

No bird, no bunny, no backyard rodent stood a chance when this feline assassin was on the prowl. But to Krusty’s humans, he was a lover — a cuddler, an ear licker. And when the cat’s nine lives were up, his people could barely bear to say goodbye.

“I was saying, ‘I wish we could keep him ...Read more

WATCH: Small chihuahua puppy rescued from Boston highway ramp

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(UPI) A 10-week old chihuahua puppy was rescued from a highway on-ramp and very quickly found a new home, animal rescuers said.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston said a local resident had spotted the small dog on multiple occasions over the course of several days and was able to capture the canine when she was seen along an Interstate 93 on-...Read more

The American Kennel Club offers tips on bringing home a new puppy

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Adding a new puppy to your family can be a life-changing decision. Even for experienced owners, raising your new pup can be a big challenge. The goal is to provide your puppy with a safe environment while making sure you are not being too overprotective.

To help your pup develop into a happy, healthy, well-adjusted adult dog, The American ...Read more

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Dave Bautista pledges reward after puppies tossed from vehicle in Tampa

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TAMPA, Fla. — The Humane Society of Tampa Bay took to Instagram on Friday looking for information on who tossed three puppies from a car.

“They deserve justice and we want answers: $10,000 reward,” the post began.

Soon, a famous animal lover was on board to help. Marvel actor and former professional wrestler Dave Bautista, who lives in ...Read more

Guinness World Records revokes title for oldest dog ever

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(UPI) Guinness World Records said it has revoked the title of oldest dog ever from Bobi, a dog who was purportedly 31 when he died in October 2023.

Mark McKinley, director of records at GWR, said Bobi's title was revoked after an investigation was conducted in accordance with the record-keeping organization's review and appeals process.

"...Read more

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And the Oscar for best boi goes to …

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Among the actors making publicity rounds in the run up to the Oscars on March 10 is a 7-year-old border collie named Messi, who co-stars in best picture nominee “Anatomy of a Fall.”

Called Snoop in the film, he traveled from France last week to attend the luncheon for Oscar nominees. Never one to let a good marketing opportunity go to waste...Read more

Here's How: Simple-To-Build Doghouse

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Dear James: We have a dog that spends much of his time outdoors in our fenced yard, so we need to build a good doghouse for him. Is there an easy-to-build design? -- Jay M.

Dear Jay: Building a doghouse yourself can be much less expensive than buying one at a pet store, and you can customize it for the size and unique needs of your dog. The ...Read more

WATCH: Orchard's missing cat found after more than a year

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(UPI) An orchard in Illinois said a foster cat is back home after going missing more than a year earlier.

The Curtis Orchard in Champaign said the cat, named Baby Boo, was brought to the orchard as a foster kitten in 2022 and went missing in October of that year.

"At the end of the day, Baby Boo was no longer there," Rachel Coventry, a ...Read more

Runaway dog selects winning scratch-off lottery ticket

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(UPI) A Chinese woman's golden retriever pulled away from her during a shopping trip and grabbed a scratch-off lottery ticket that turned out to be a $139 winner.

The woman, identified by the surname Lin, said she was out shopping in Guangdong when her dog pulled out of its leash and ran into a nearby store.

Lin pursued her pet and was told ...Read more

Tips on how to keep your dog’s teeth pearly white

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Caring for your dog’s teeth is an important part of grooming and keeping your dog looking their best. It is an integral part of keeping them healthy on a larger scale. Regular dental care and brushing is essential to prevent bad breath and gum disease.

The American Kennel Club shares clues and signs that may mean poor dental health and ...Read more

WATCH: Lion cub tries pulling siblings off rock

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(UPI) These six lion cubs were feeling bored until they found a long grass root to play tug of war with. Then the cutest chaos began, and it was all fun and games.

Pieter Van Wyk, a guide at MalaMala in South Africa, witnessed this adorable sighting and shared the video with

It all started with the cubs and their mother ...Read more

WATCH: Curious fox steals animal rescuer's phone, takes selfie video

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(UPI) An RSPCA officer in Britain set up his phone to film an animal rescue, but a curious fox snatched the device and ran away with it while it was still recording.

Animal Rescue Officer Ben Fitzcosta said he responded to a wooded area in Bagshot on a report of a fox with an injured leg.

Fitzcosta located what he believed to be the injured ...Read more

WATCH: Dog fends off mountain lion attack in California yard

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(UPI) Security cameras were recording in a California neighborhood when a family's dog fended off an attack from a mountain lion.

Giant schnauzer Holly was let out into her family's La Verne yard just before 9 p.m., and security cameras recorded the moment a mountain lion pounced on the 3-year-old, 93-pound canine.

Holly struggled with the ...Read more

WATCH: Tiny lion cubs lead mother lion across bridge

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(UPI) Chad Hobbs captured this adorable scene at MalaMala Game Reserve in South Africa, and the cute footage was shared with

Lions are known to be fierce and unforgiving beasts, but there's also a very different side to lions. Like fluffy balls of cuteness, that are lion cubs. These guys are tiny, with the cutest round ...Read more

Valentine’s Day safety for your pet

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Valentine’s Day is a holiday that celebrates love with exchanging cards, sending flowers, and giving and receiving chocolates and candy. Unfortunately for those of us in the veterinary health field, Valentine’s Day can also be a time of increased pet medical problems and increased visits to vet emergency hospitals.

These seemingly simple...Read more

WATCH: Entangled fox freed from netting outside Pennsylvania school

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(UPI) Police in Pennsylvania came to the rescue of a fox that wound up entangled in netting outside of a school.

The Lansdale Borough Police Department said in a Facebook post that Sgt. Matthew "The Fox Whisperer" Erbele and Officer James Steady Hands Thompson responded to a call about an animal in distress at Lansdale Catholic High ...Read more