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Lions attack visitor's car at British safari park

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(UPI) A visitor to a drive-through safari park in Britain captured video of the moment a pride of "aggravated" lions attacked her car.

Abi Tudge said she and a friend were traveling through West Midland Safari Park with two children when rangers shut the gates because a pride of lions had wandered too close to the exit.

Tudge told the BBC the ...Read more

Pennsylvania police rescue cat stuck in garbage disposal

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(UPI) Police in Pennsylvania shared a photo from an unusual call involving a cat that found itself trapped in a difficult spot -- the garbage disposal.

The Tredyffrin Township Police Department posted a photo to Facebook showing the curious cat that managed to crawl into its owner's garbage disposal, leaving only the feline's head sticking out ...Read more

Dog stops pickup truck from leaving by jumping on hood

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(UPI) A surprised traveler in Brazil recorded video of a dog that refused to let a man drive away by repeatedly jumping onto his hood.

The video, filmed this month on a street in Nova Iguacu, shows a man in a pickup truck at the side of the road trying to get a dog to get off the hood of the vehicle.

The man honks his horn, but the canine is ...Read more

Russian couple keeping cougar as pet in small apartment

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(UPI) A Russian couple's pet has become a social media sensation after they adopted a cougar from a petting zoo and brought it to live in their studio apartment.

Alexandr and Mariya Dmitriev said the 2-year-old mountain lion, Messi, has been living as a normal -- if oversized -- house pet ever since they adopted him from a petting zoo in 2016. ...Read more

Dog rescued from quarry ledge after earthquake in Wales

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Wales said a dog stranded on a 50-foot-high ledge at a quarry during an earthquake was rescued unharmed.

RSPCA Cymru said Basil, a small collie mix, became stranded on a ledge at Rosehill Quarry, near Townhill, Swansea, about 50 feet up from the ground and 65 feet from the top during a 4.4-magnitude earthquake on ...Read more

Calf pulling and puppy worming: rural vet Dr. Pol is reality TV's most unlikely star

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He's plucked countless porcupine quills from the snouts of dogs, delivered calves in snowstorms and castrated a petite house cat and a 2-ton bull in the same day.

There isn't much that rural veterinarian Jan Pol, 75, hasn't seen or done in a half-century of practicing animal medicine in and around his Weidman, Mich., clinic.

Reindeer with a ...Read more

When looking for a new home, consider pet's needs

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- All homebuyers have their must-have lists when looking for their perfect home, such as an open floor plan or a spacious master bathroom. But pet owners also need to consider their creatures' needs when looking for a house. Luckily, more and more builders are taking four-legged companions into account in new construction and ...Read more

Dr. Pol shares 'Incredible' life with animals

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PASADENA, Calif. -- When he was studying veterinary medicine in his native Holland, Jan Pol had no idea he would become a TV star. But that's where the 75-year-old finds himself today as the subject of Nat Geo Wild's wildly popular "The Incredible Dr. Pol."

He was ministering to all kinds of farm animals in rural Michigan when his son, Charles,...Read more

Mountain lion caught on camera looking through Wisconsin window

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(UPI) A Wisconsin resident's security camera captured the moment a wandering mountain lion walked up to their home and looked in through a window.

The video, recorded by a home security camera in Brookfield, shows the cougar walk up to the house and rest its front paws on the window ledge while peering into the home.

The Wisconsin Department ...Read more

Family uses blindfolds to prepare house for blind dog

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(UPI) A British family who adopted a blind dog from animal rescuers revealed the secret to their preparations for the terrier's arrival -- testing their home with blindfolds.

The RSPCA said Tina the terrier lost her sight due to an eye infection while living in a home with dozens of other animals.

"The owner had around 40 dogs as well as ...Read more

Lonely therapy dog goes viral after nobody showed up to read to him

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WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn. -- "For the love of dog, will someone please read to Sting?"

That was the plea from thousands of people across the world after the 10-year-old therapy dog showed up for story time at the Ramsey County library in White Bear Lake -- and nobody showed up to read to him.

Cue the sad puppy eyes.

For the past two years, Sting...Read more

Kansas officials bar dog from running for governor

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(UPI) The Kansas Secretary of State's Office said a dog that filed paperwork to run for governor is not eligible to serve in the position.

Terran Woolley of Hutchinson filed paperwork last weekend to officially enter his dog, Angus, as a candidate for governor. Woolley had read about teenagers who entered the race after discovering the state ...Read more

Biggie the pug, a Westminster Best in Show finalist, steals hearts with sad tale

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Fans at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show have taken one dog in particular to their hearts this year: A little pug named Biggie who brings a sad tale.

With velvety black ears and a confident strut, Biggie won the Toy Group on Monday, Feb. 12, which means he will compete for Best in Show.

Biggie is a cousin of a champion pug named Rumble -- ...Read more

Someone left this puppy to freeze to death. Then two lives suddenly changed

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She was left for dead.

A gray, blue-eyed pitbull puppy was found under the Seabreeze Bridge in Daytona Beach on Jan. 18 by Daytona Beach Police Department animal control officers.

A video shows the rescue effort by Officers James Lee and John Pearson.

Pearson places the trembling animal, which is wearing a blue collar, up to the heater. You ...Read more

Minnesota cat with 28 toes ties Guinness World Record

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(UPI) A Minnesota cat owner revealed her feline has a total 28 toes, tying the Guinness World Record for most toes on a cat.

Jeanne Martin of Northfield said Paws, a cat rescued from a maple syrup farm by Martin's daughter's partner, benefits from being polydactyl -- having extra toes.

"It almost looks like a catcher's mitt," Martin told WCCO-...Read more

Mexican police find tiger cub sent by express mail

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(UPI) Authorities in Mexico said they rescued a sedated tiger cub that had been placed in a plastic container and sent via express mail.

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection said police using a sniffer dog to root out contraband from a load of mail at the New Tlaquepaque Central Bus Station in Jalisco discovered a plastic box ...Read more

Mountain lion attempts to break through sliding glass door

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(UPI) A California family captured photos of a brazen mountain lion that repeatedly tried to break through the glass of their back door to get to their dog.

Nadine Young of Westlake Village said her son, Sammy, 8, was preparing to let their 14-year-old Jack Russell terrier out the back door Sunday night when he spotted something shocking.

"He ...Read more

Rescuers free dog's paw from bathtub drain at Florida home

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(UPI) Emergency responders in Florida were called to a home where a dog taking a bath ended up with her paw stuck in the tub drain.

Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue said a Technical Rescue Team was dispatched Saturday morning to Maria Fuentes' Fort Laudersale home to free Angel, a 12-year-old Schnauzer, from the bathtub train.

"She says she's ...Read more

Security camera records family dog starting fire in kitchen

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(UPI) A Massachusetts fire department shared a homeowner's security camera footage of a pancake-loving dog igniting a house fire.

The Southwick Fire Department posted a video to Facebook showing what happened when a family dog climbed on the stove to snatch some leftover pancakes while its owners were away.

"Unfortunately, the dog hit the ...Read more

New York theater invites movie-goers to bring dogs

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(UPI) A theater in upstate New York is telling patrons to bring their dogs to four movies this month.

For its Dog Movie Week from Feb. 11 to Feb. 17, the Smith Opera House in Geneva, N.Y., will show dog-related films Best in Show, Must Love Dogs, The Artist and Bolt. The theatre will offer free treats to dogs, who can attend for free, as long ...Read more