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Firefighters rescue cat with head stuck in pasta can

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(UPI) Firefighters in North Carolina came to the rescue of a cat spotted with its head stuck inside a prepared pasta can.

The Clayton Fire Department said a driver spotted the cat with its head stuck in the metal can and alerted the department Thursday.

Firefighters used tin snips to remove the Bon Italia pasta can from from the head of the ...Read more

Dog with head stuck in wheel rim rescued in California

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in California said a dog was dubbed Rimsy after being found with her head stuck through the middle of a wheel rim.

Fresno Humane Animal Services said Animal Control Officer Danielle Hartman found the Lab mix puppy in the unfortunate situation after responding to a call.

"Of course, being her size, I was really concerned ...Read more

California deputy rescues cat with head stuck in ramen noodle bag

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(UPI) A California sheriff's department shared video of a deputy coming to the rescue of a cat spotted running around with a ramen noodle package stuck over its head.

The Cabazon Sheriff's Station said the sergeant was on patrol in Riverside County when he spotted the cat with a Top Ramen bag stuck over its head.

The sheriff's station said the...Read more

VIDEO: 'Dog' rescued by driver who struck it turns out to be wild coyote

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(UPI) A Manitoba man who struck what he thought was a dog on his way to work loaded the animal into his back seat and only later discovered the canine was a coyote.

Eli Boroditsky said he was on his way to work at the Bothwell Cheese factory in New Bothwell, south of Winnipeg, when an animal ran out in front of his car and was clipped by the ...Read more

Coast Guard crew rescues dog in distress off Florida coast

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(UPI) A U.S. Coast Guard crew came to the rescue of a dog spotted struggling to swim off the coast of Florida.

The Coast Guard's Station Fort Myers Beach said the night crew were just started their shift Wednesday when they were alerted to a "dog in distress" off Bowditch Point.

The crew shared photos and video from the rescue of the ...Read more

British dog gives birth to litter of 21 puppies

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(UPI) A British woman said her dog may have broken a world record when she gave birth to a litter of 21 puppies.

Joanne Hine said her Great Dane/American bulldog mix, Mary Jane, was initially expected to deliver a litter of six to eight puppies, but the dog ended up having 21 babies when she went into labor Nov. 20.

The Guinness World Record ...Read more

Dog starts kitchen fire by turning on microwave

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(UPI) Firefighters in Britain said a kitchen fire was caused by a family dog that somehow turned on the microwave.

The Essex County Fire & Rescue Service said firefighters responded Monday afternoon to a small fire at a Stanford-Le-Hope home.

Firefighters discovered the fire had started in the kitchen when the owner's dog, a husky, started...Read more

Holiday gifts for pets and pet lovers alike

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Chances are you have a lot of pet lovers in your life. According to the latest National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, 67% of U.S. households have a pet, which equates to about 85 million families.

With holidays just around the corner, we thought we could make life easier for you by sharing some gift ideas...Read more

British couple offering $40,000 for full-time dog-sitter

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(UPI) A British couple are offering nearly $40,000 a year for a full-time dog-sitter to take care of their two golden retrievers.

The job posting on Silver Swan Search seeks a full-time, live-in caretaker for golden retrievers Milo and Oscar at the London home of the canines' owners.

The owners wrote they are both business executives who often...Read more

Chihuahua drives owner's SUV across busy road

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(UPI) Police in Louisiana shared security camera footage from an incident at a gas station involving a chihuahua that managed to drive its owner's vehicle across a street.

Slidell Police shared security camera video from the Gause Boulevard gas station, where a 5-pound chihuahua had been left alone inside an SUV Friday.

Police said the ...Read more

Newborn giraffe adopted by dog at South Africa sanctuary

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(UPI) A wildlife sanctuary in South Africa said a newborn giraffe found abandoned and comatose is now improving with help from his new adopted parent -- an anti-poaching dog.

The Rhino Orphanage in Limpopo Province said Jazz the giraffe was only 2 days old when he was found alone and in a coma.

The giraffe was brought to the facility, where ...Read more

VIDEO: Home-invading leopard captured in India

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(UPI) Authorities and wildlife rescuers were summoned to a home in India where a leopard chased a family dog inside the house.

Dilip Jagtap, a resident of Pimpalgoan Rota village in Parner Taluka, Ahmednagar, alerted the Forest Department when a leopard chased his dog into his house about 7 p.m. Saturday.

Jagtap said the dog escaped from the ...Read more

Reader asks how to protect against dog attacks

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Dear Joan: Would you let us, as readers and dog walkers, know what to do if an unleashed stray dog approaches while we're walking? It was heartbreaking to hear about a woman being attacked on a trail by two dogs that killed her small dog.

What could she have done, if anything, to protect herself and her dog. I've heard pepper spray isn't a good...Read more

Police help rescue coyote stuck in vehicle bumper

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(UPI) Authorities in Illinois came to the rescue of an unlucky coyote that was struck by a vehicle and ended up stuck in the bumper.

The Whiteside County Sheriff's Office said deputies responded just before 5:30 p.m. to a location in the Sterling area on a report of an animal struck by a vehicle.

Deputies arrived to find "a distant relative to...Read more

Florida dog knocks car into reverse, drives in circles for an hour

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(UPI) Residents of a Florida neighborhood said a car that drove in circles in reverse for about an hour only had a single occupant -- a dog.

Police said the driver of the car in Port St. Lucie had gotten out and left the vehicle running, and the dog then apparently knocked the vehicle into reverse.

Neighbors said the car was moving for about ...Read more

Missing Oregon cat found 5 years later in New Mexico

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(UPI) An Oregon family's cat was found more than 1,200 miles away in New Mexico after disappearing five years earlier.

The Santa Fe Animal Shelter said black cat Sasha was identified via microchip after being found recently wandering the streets of the city.

The microchip revealed Sasha's family lived more than 1,200 miles away in Portland.

...Read more

'Why is my cat attacking my lovely smelling husband?'

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Dear Joan: I read an article about cats going crazy with certain smells. My cat bites my husband after showering. We know that he smells his body wash on him because it's pretty strong, but just wondered why.

He uses Old Spice and Irish Spring body washes. Just curious!

-- Sheila Warner

Dear Sheila: There are three reasons your cat might be ...Read more

Leopard lunges at motorcycle on India road

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(UPI) An Indian Forest Service officer shared video of a leopard lunging at a motorcycle, missing the vehicle and its two riders by what appears to be a matter of inches.

The video, tweeted by IFS Officer Susanta Nanda, shows the leopard standing at the side of the road and dashing into the road when the motorcycle approaches.

The leopard ...Read more

University of Missouri loses suit over records of dogs and cats used in research

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Boone County, Mo., judge has ruled that University of Missouri violated the state's open records law by placing an exorbitantly high price tag on records sought by a California animal rescue group.

When the Beagle Freedom Project requested MU records on 179 cats and dogs that the school used in medical research, the ...Read more

Narwhal the 'furry unicorn' puppy has extra tail on his face

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(UPI) A puppy in the care of a Missouri nonprofit is going viral after photos and videos posted online showed the extra tail he has growing out of his face, making him a "furry unicorn."

Mac's Mission, a Cape Girardeau dog rescue nonprofit, said the puppy was dubbed Narwhal the Little Magical Furry Unicorn after being found living on the ...Read more