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Lynxes have heated debate at side of Ontario road

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(UPI) A traveler on an Ontario road captured video of two lynxes having an intense verbal sparring match in the roadway.

Nicole Lewis said she was driving Friday in the Avery Lake area, near the Michigan border, when she spotted the two lynxes standing face-to-face and bombarding one another with their unusual calls, which sound like loud human...Read more

Hero dog jumps into Arizona pool to rescue drowning friend

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(UPI) An Arizona woman shared security camera footage of one of her dogs jumping into her backyard pool to rescue another canine who appeared to be drowning.

Laurie Becerra shared security footage showing Remus the dog running to the rescue of Becerra's other dog, Smokey, who she said isn't as strong of a swimmer.

The video shows Remus jumping...Read more

Family gives up 'puppy' that turned out to be black bear

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(UPI) A Chinese family said they had to give up the "puppy" they adopted two years ago when it turned out to be an Asiatic black bear.

Su Yun, who lives in a village near Kunming, Yunnan province, said her family bought what they thought was a Tibetan mastiff puppy in 2016 and were quickly surprised at how much the apparent canine ate -- a box ...Read more

Husky shot 2 years ago is now training to become a therapy dog

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CHICAGO -- It's a long journey from running solo on the mean streets of Chicago to settling in with a family, especially when you're carrying the baggage of gunshot trauma.

Yet, Gunner, the Siberian husky that was rescued from Chicago's southwest side after being shot in the head in 2016, is on his way to becoming a therapy dog.

Missing an ear...Read more

Florida school apologizes for bringing live tiger to prom

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(UPI) A Florida high school apologized after sparking outrage with a surprise appearance by a live tiger at the school's jungle-themed prom.

Students and family members said they were surprised Friday night when the Christopher Columbus High School prom at the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel near Miami International Airport featured surprise animal ...Read more

Florida firefighters rescue kitten with head stuck in basketball hoop

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(UPI) A pair of firefighters in Florida helped free a kitten that got its head stuck in the base of an outdoor basketball hoop.

St. Tammany Fire Protection District #1 shared a video of firefighters Eric Dupuy and Richie Carter working to rescue the small gray kitten after Dupuy spotted it trapped in the base.

The firefighters worried the ...Read more

Fox cub rescued after fall from Wales cliff

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Wales said a fox cub was rescued and is being rehabilitated after apparently falling off a cliff and wandering into a town.

The RSPCA said members of the public contacted the charity May 4 to report a young male fox was wandering through the town of Penarth with an apparent leg injury.

Witnesses were able to get the ...Read more

Family of five chased by cheetahs at safari park

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(UPI) A family of five who got out of their car at a safari park in the Netherlands had a close call when they were chased back to their vehicle by cheetahs.

Video filmed by witnesses in another car at the Beekse Bergen Safari Park shows the family, which includes very small children, getting out of their car to get a closer look at some ...Read more

Lion attempts to open car door in South Africa

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(UPI) A safari-goer in South Africa captured video of a curious lion attempting to open the door of an occupied car with its teeth.

Bronwyn Hattingh, 36, captured video on a road through Kruger National Park, where she was driving with her husband while some friends followed in a second vehicle.

Hattingh said the convoy had been stopped for ...Read more

Texas woman brings home 'kittens' that turn out to be bobcats

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(UPI) Animal authorities in Texas said three people are recovering from bites after a woman brought home a pair of "kittens" that turned out to be bobcats.

"These bobcat kittens are now orphaned and under quarantine with our partners at Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation because someone thought they looked like house cats," the City of San ...Read more

How two friends created ShaggySwag, an upscale subscription box for dogs

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Chris Riley and Matt Powers wanted an upscale experience for their dogs.

The two friends were using a subscription box for pets, but they felt that the toys, treats and other items weren't sophisticated.

"We both vented that it was a little cheap and the items were a novelty," said Powers, 35. "It didn't fit in an upscale New York City home. ...Read more

Firefighters fish poop-covered dog out of sewage pond

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(UPI) Firefighters responded to a water treatment plant in Colorado to rescue a poop-covered dog spotted struggling in a sewage pond.

The Pueblo West Fire Department said in a Facebook post that workers estimated the dog had been stranded in the aeration pond for about 90 minutes before they heard her barking for help.

"She was exhausted," ...Read more

Lion steals documentary crew's camera while it records

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(UPI) A documentary film crew in Kenya shared footage from an unusual incident where a lion ran off with one of their video cameras.

The producers of My Africa, a virtual reality film from Conservation International, shared an outtake from the filming of the documentary that occurred when a group of lions became curious about some cameras set ...Read more

Guest list for weddings at Como Zoo can include penguins, sloths, fruit bats

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Daniel Sperling was expecting a very special guest at his wedding last September. Just days before the big event, though, the star attendee hit a certain snag.

Minneapolis resident Sperling and his fiancee, Kristina Geiger, were getting married at Como Zoo in St. Paul, Minn., right next to the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory. As part of the event...Read more

Crash releases swarm of bees, dog onto Virginia highway

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(UPI) The Virginia State Police responded to a stretch of interstate where a multi-vehicle crash released a swarm of bees -- and a dog.

The Virginia State Police said two vehicles involved in a minor fender-bender in the northbound lanes of Interstate 495, near Georgetown Pike, were pulling over to the side of the road when they were struck by ...Read more

Bobcats fight for territory at the top of utility pole

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(UPI) A Colorado woman captured video of two bobcats fighting over an unusual piece of territory -- the top of a utility pole.

Kathy Homan captured video of the two wild felines dueling with their teeth and claws near the top of a utility pole in Fountain.

The bobcats can be heard growling at one another from a distance.

The two animals ...Read more

Dog was missing for more than a week. Then his whimpering was heard from a drainpipe

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TANEY COUNTY, Mo. -- A dog named Jack got stuck in an underground pipe in southwest Missouri and was there for days -- as many as eight -- before he was rescued by firefighters.

Jack's owners told the local fire department that the dog had disappeared more than a week ago -- until when one of them heard whimpering while checking the mail, the ...Read more

Border patrol agents find tiger cub in abandoned duffel bag

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(UPI) Border Patrol agents in Texas said a duffel bag abandoned by migrants attempting to cross into the United States was found to contain a live tiger cub.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Brownsville-based Border Patrol agents working near the Rio Grande observed three subjects attempting to cross from Mexico into the United States.

...Read more

Exotic African serval cat on the loose in Alabama

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(UPI) Police in Alabama said they are attempting to track down an exotic African serval cat that escaped from its owner's home.

Felicia Wilson of Pelham said Juno, an African serval cat roughly the size of a medium dog, has been missing since escaping from her home last week.

Wilson said Juno is domesticated and does not pose a threat to the ...Read more

These puppies may be Maryland's first cloned dogs, and superheroes in their own right

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BEL AIR, Md. -- A Bel Air woman loves her long-haired chihuahua so much that she paid a Texas animal cloning company $50,000 so that her dog -- or a version of him -- will be at her side forever.

Five puppies who are genetically identical to the dog, named Bruce Wayne, were born in October and thrived. Four went to live with Bruce and his owner...Read more