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How to dissuade a digging dog

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Does your yard resemble a minefield because of your dog’s digging? Certain breeds, particularly terriers and hounds, dig more because it’s in their genes. However, digging is more broadly used as an outlet for frustration when dogs have pent-up energy as a result of a lack of physical and/or mental stimulation. Digging provides a very ...Read more

Advice for seniors considering a dog

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Studies show that having a pet can bring both emotional and health benefits to the elderly. But for many seniors, the fear of not being able to provide the proper care, training and exercise may keep them from experiencing the joy of dog ownership.

To help, the American Kennel Club offers the following tips for seniors to match the right breed...Read more

Dog rescues smaller dog from owner's backyard pool

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(UPI) A South African couple's home security camera captured the moment one of their dogs rescued their smaller dog from drowning in the backyard pool.

Byron and Melissa Thanarayen said they returned to their home in Boksburg, east of Johannesburg, to find Chucky, their toy pomeranian, was mysteriously wet.

The couple said they checked their ...Read more

Animal services officer rescues seven puppies from hole

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(UPI) An animal services officer in California rescued a family of puppies from a deep hole near a city's courthouse.

Kern County Animal Services said Officer John Mehciz responded to a location near the Lamont courthouse at which a deep hole had been found with seven puppies trapped at the bottom.

Officials said the puppies' mother is ...Read more

Texas emergency responders free dog trapped in truck's undercarriage

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(UPI) Police, firefighters and animal control officers responded to a Texas home where a man's German shepherd climbed into the undercarriage of his truck and got stuck.

The Lufkin Police Department said the 2-year-old dog, named Booger, had apparently become spooked by overnight storms and sought shelter in the undercarriage of owner Roger ...Read more

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These families opened their hearts and their homes to foster dogs during COVID-19 pandemic

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BALTIMORE – In the dead of winter, and the throes of the pandemic, the Berman family chose to foster a passel of puppies and their mother, all desperate for shelter. Five dogs in all clambered into their Ellicott City home — a squirming, squealing brood from the Canine Humane Network, a nonprofit rescue organization in Highland.

The 4-week-...Read more

Kansas police praise dog for getting help for owner during emergency

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(UPI) Police in Kansas are hailing a dog as a hero after the canine ran to get help for his owner during a medical emergency.

The Kansas City Police Department said in a Facebook post that a resident was walking his dog Sunday evening when he began to experience a medical emergency.

"The dog quickly ran to alert a nearby neighbor that his ...Read more

Commentary: Flatten the 'kitten curve': Spay and neuter now

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Brace yourself — there’s another surge coming. But this one isn’t COVID-19. It’s kittens.

Tiny felines are undoubtedly more appealing than a spike protein-wielding virus, but the fallout from the annual surge of kitten births, known as “kitten season,” is devastating. And, just as with the coronavirus, there is no cure — only ...Read more

Cat rescued after 18 days stuck in Arkansas tree

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(UPI) An Arkansas woman said her cat was stuck up a tree for 18 days before being successfully brought back to earth by a tree trimmer.

Beverly McIntosh of Jonesboro said her cat, Sparkles, scaled the 60-foot tree, and in the ensuing days, she and several friends tried unsuccessfully to reach the cat using a ladder.

"Everyone came up and got ...Read more

Small dogs chase trespassing bear out of California home

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(UPI) A bear got more than it bargained for when it wandered into a California home through an open door and was chased off by a pair of pint-sized pooches.

Deedee Mueller said she was napping in her Paradena home on Saturday with multiple doors open to allow for fresh air to circulate through the home and so her dogs, Mei Mei and Squirt, could...Read more

Advice for seniors considering a dog

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Studies show that having a pet can bring both emotional and health benefits to the elderly. But for many seniors, the fear of not being able to provide the proper care, training and exercise may keep them from experiencing the joy of dog ownership.

To help, the American Kennel Club offers the following tips for seniors to match the right ...Read more

Massachusetts woman reunited with missing dog after 5 years

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(UPI) A Massachusetts woman whose dog went missing five years ago was reunited with her pet, who was found wandering about 10 miles from home.

Renee Perry of Framingham said Bay, a basenji mix, went missing from her home in June 2016, when she was only 1 1/2 years old and was being watched by a sitter.

Perry said there was no sign of her ...Read more

Baby foxes rescued from storm drain in Massachusetts

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(UPI) Police, animal control officers, firefighters and highway department officials responded to a Massachusetts storm drain to rescue a pair of stranded baby foxes.

The Foxborough Police Department said officers responded to Baker Street in Foxborough to help animal control officers rescue what was initially believed to be a pair of coyote ...Read more

Firefighters, animal control officers rescue puppy from storm drain

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(UPI) Firefighters and animal control officers in South Carolina came to the rescue of a puppy who fled from her family and ended up trapped in a storm drain.

The Spartanburg Police Department said in a Facebook post that the Spartanburg Fire Department and the City of Spartanburg Animal Control responded Tuesday morning to a report of a puppy ...Read more

Dog steals Russian TV reporter's microphone during live broadcast

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(UPI) A golden retriever stole the show during a Moscow weather reporter's live outdoor segment when he stole a colorful microphone and ran off with it.

Nadezhda Serezhkina, a weather reporter for TV station MIR 24, was delivering a live report in Moscow about spring weather in the capital when a golden retriever ran up and snatched the ...Read more

Pooches brave the waves at Dog Surfing Championships in Florida

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(UPI) Some talented canines showed off their unusual skills by taking to the waves in Florida at the 8th Annual East Coast Dog Surfing Championships.

The event at Lori Wilson Park in Cocoa Beach, organized by the Brevard Humane Society as part of the Easter Surf Festival, followed guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ...Read more

Advice for dog-friendly gardening

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Now that it's spring, many people will soon start tending to their gardens. While we love our gardens, parts of them can actually be dangerous to our four-legged friends.

To help keep your garden dog-friendly this spring, the American Kennel Club offers the following advice:

• Avoid dangerous plants. Certain common flowers and plants can...Read more

19-pound cat, missing for 28 days, found in neighbor's chimney

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(UPI) A Washington state woman said her 19-pound cat was missing for 28 days before being found in a place she never considered the portly feline could fit -- her neighbor's chimney.

Caitlyn Wertenberger said the house next door to her Union Gap home was vacant and under construction when Piper, her 19-pound tuxedo cat, went missing from her ...Read more

North Carolina woman wins $373,741 on her 20th anniversary

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(UPI) A North Carolina woman who decided to try a Fast Play lottery game ended up winning $373,741 on her 20th wedding anniversary.

Sadhana Patel, of New Bern, told North Carolina Education Lottery officials she was at the U Pick Food Mart, the store she owns, when she decided to try out the $5 Rockin' Bingo Fast Play game.

"I said, 'I feel ...Read more

Take precautions to prevent pet theft

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With the temperatures rising, time spent outdoors with our canine friends will also be on the rise. Enjoying the outdoors with your dog is certainly something to look forward to, but it also means a higher risk of him getting loose or possibly being stolen.

The thought of your dog being taken from you is unimaginable, but with pet theft on ...Read more