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International Cat Day was founded by animal welfare group in 2002

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(UPI) International Cat Day, celebrated annually on Aug. 8, was founded in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare to celebrate feline companions and raise awareness of their needs.

The holiday was created in 2002 by IFAW to raise awareness of felines in need around the world as well as proper care of cats in the home.

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American Kennel Club offers pet theft prevention tips

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Pet theft happens every day across the country, and though it is an unimaginable thought, it is important to be prepared and be alert. Pet theft is on the rise, and losing a member of your family can be devastating.

While it cannot always be helped, the American Kennel Club offers tips for protecting your pet from theft.

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Activists say people are abandoning their dogs in the woods

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PHILADELPHIA — A small but growing number of dogs are being abandoned in and around a wooded section of the West Mount Airy area of Philadelphia — some of them found tied to trees or stakes.

A few other dogs, as well as cats, are being dumped in other locations in Northwest Philadelphia, according to activists.

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Texas family's stolen dog found 5 years later, 600 miles from home

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(UPI) A dog stolen from a Texas family was found five years later when she was picked up by an animal control officer more than 600 miles away.

The City of Borger said in a Facebook post that an animal control officer recently picked up a stray German shepherd and scanned the canine for a microchip.

The dog's microchip identified her as Sheba,...Read more

The American Kennel Club offers tips for the perfect 'staycation' with your dog

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Going on a vacation can be expensive and stressful, especially if you plan on bringing your dog with you. With plenty of dog-friendly activities in your area, there’s no need to stray far away from home to enjoy a vacation. The American Kennel Club suggests the following tips to help you enjoy a fun “staycation” for you and your dog.

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Exotic cat on the loose in Long Island

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in the Long Island region of New York are urging residents to keep watch for a large exotic cat spotted wandering the area.

The Strong Island Animal Rescue League said the cat was spotted wandering loose this week in Islip.

Rescuers urged residents to call 911 or local rescue groups while keeping a safe distance from the ...Read more

Lynx captured after days on the loose in Long Island

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(UPI) A Lynx on the loose in New York's Long Island region has been captured after three days on the loose.

The Strong Island Animal Rescue League, which earlier warned residents to be on the lookout for the exotic cat, said the Suffolk County Police Department captured the lynx about 3:30 a.m. Friday in Islip.

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Smoke from California wildfires puts cats at risk of developing deadly blood clots

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Dr. Ronald Li, a critical care veterinarian at UC Davis, treated 23 cats that were rescued from the devastating Tubbs fire that scorched Northern California for more than three weeks in October 2017. They had the kinds of traumatic injuries he expected to see: first- to third-degree burns, exposed skin and scar tissue.

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Wisconsin couple open 'mewseum' to show off cat figurine collection

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(UPI) A Wisconsin couple turned their collection of more than 13,000 cat figurines and feline-themed pieces of art into a "mewseum" to raise money for shelter cats.

Shawn Redner and Hilary Siegel-Redner said they remodeled the basement of their Menomonee Falls home so they could increase the number of cat figurines on display at the house, also...Read more

Tennessee firefighters rescue puppy with head stuck in truck tire

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(UPI) Firefighters in Tennessee came to the rescue of a curious puppy that got its head stuck through the middle of a disused truck tire.

The Hardin County Fire Department said in a Facebook post that firefighters responded to the Savannah home to rescue a puppy with its head stuck through the middle of the tire's rim.

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Your dog doesn't want you going to work or on vacation. How to handle separation anxiety

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LOS ANGELES — Pandemic-related shutdowns in 2020 gave many people who believed they didn't have time for pets the push they needed to adopt.

But with many offices haltingly bringing employees back and vacations in full swing, pet owners and people who work with dogs are starting to grapple with animals' separation anxiety and other problems. ...Read more

The American Kennel Club offers tips for camping with your dog

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Sleeping under the stars on a warm, breezy summer night is a feeling like no other – and it’s even better with your dog by your side. Bringing your pet camping with you is a fun way to bond, get exercise and enjoy nature together. The American Kennel Club shares the following safety tips and considerations for dog owners:

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House fires affect 500,000 pets per year. Here's how to protect your dog or cat

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According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, around 40,000 pets in the U.S. die in residential fires each year, mostly due to smoke inhalation, and 500,000 pets are affected overall. In some instances, pets can be the cause of those fires.

Here’s how often pets cause house fires and what you can do to ensure their safety in the ...Read more

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Dog leads rescue team to man who plunged 70 feet near Tahoe National Forest

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LOS ANGELES — Saul is a very good boy.

So good, in fact, that’s he’s being hailed as a hero for leading search and rescue crews on a 200-yard trek after his owner was injured when he fell 70 feet while hiking near Tahoe National Forest.

In “true Lassie fashion,” Saul, a border collie, ran through the forest and got the attention of ...Read more

What to do when your dog is afraid of thunderstorms

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Dogs who have noise phobias often act out in response to storms or sudden noise. Some researchers believe it is not only the volume of the thunder that triggers this fear, but that they also hear distant thunderclaps before we do. It is even argued that they can smell the increased moisture in the air signaling coming rain, sense the static ...Read more

Escaped cat captured after wandering Boston airport for three weeks

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(UPI) A cat who escaped from her kennel after arriving at a Boston airport on a flight from Germany has been safely captured three weeks later.

The cat, named Rowdy, escaped from her kennel after her family's Lufthansa flight arrived at Logan International Airport on June 24.

The feline was spotted wandering around the airport but evaded ...Read more

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Commentary: Before you buy your kid a 'starter pet' -- don't

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After my German shepherd mix passed away, I wasn’t ready to adopt another dog. But my single-girl condo felt empty. So when I got an e-mail about two guinea pigs who needed a home, I thought, “Perfect! How hard could it be?” Looking back, I realize that Alicia Silverstone had nothing on how clueless I was.

Don’t get me wrong, Duke and ...Read more

Dog chases bear away from owner's New Hampshire porch

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(UPI) A New Hampshire resident's home security camera was recording when a bear that wandered onto his porch was chased off by the family dog.

The North Haverhill resident, identified only as Zach, shared Ring doorbell camera footage showing his 13-year-old dog, Thor, standing next to a black bear on the front porch of the home and barking at ...Read more

10 superfoods for dogs from your very own kitchen

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Staying healthy and fit is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. The growing popularity of natural pet food and homemade treats suggests that pet parents are becoming more mindful of what is healthy for their animal pals. On a global scale, the organic and natural pet food market has become a $22.8 billion industry.

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Critically endangered Sumatran tiger gives birth to twins in Oklahoma

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(UPI) The Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden announced the birth of two endangered Sumatran tiger cubs.

The zoo said 11-year-old Sumatran tiger Lola gave birth to twins on Saturday in the facility's Cat Forest habitat.

The mother and cubs were said to be doing well and are being kept in a behind-the-scenes area while they bond so ...Read more