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London firefighters tear down a wall to rescue five kittens

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(UPI) London firefighters tore down the wall of a home to rescue five newborn kittens trapped within it, Britain's Royal SPCA said on Friday.

The kittens were found in a cavity of a wall in a home under renovation in the Wembley Park section of Brent, a London borough, presumably abandoned by their mother when she could not reach them. The ...Read more

Dogs Won't Fetch Much

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Q: I have included this picture of a pottery dog I am curious about. It is one of a pair, and I think they are Labrador retrievers. One is black, and the other is


yellow. They have been stored away for years, and we found them when we were doing some spring-cleaning. Each is about 5 inches long and 3 inches tall, including the base. ...Read more

Family finds pool-crashing neighbors were baboons

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(UPI) A South African family who suspected rude neighbors were trespassing in their backyard pool set up a security camera that identifies the culprits -- local baboons.

The Marloth Park, Ehlanzeni, homeowner said he and his wife started noticing that when they would come home from work, it appeared someone had been using their pool.

"We ...Read more

Firefighters rescue horse from deep mud in California

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(UPI) Firefighters in California spent hours rescuing a horse that got trapped in deep mud while out for a ride with his owner.

Sherry Leigh said she was riding her horse, Ziggy, near the Hansen Dam in Shadow Hills on Tuesday evening when the equine stepped into some deep mud.

"He instantly sank to his belly," Leigh told KABC-TV. I didn't ...Read more

Adopting a cat? As kitten season nears, here's what to consider

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When Tozlu entered Old City's Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society center, the long-haired, gray-and-white cat immediately dozed off in the arms of a volunteer. He purred in peace, belly and feet flopped toward the ceiling, warmed by the human body cradling him.

"He's all about the belly rubs," said PAWS adoption counselor Lauren Campagnini. "He...Read more

What you need to know about 'zombie raccoons' and how to protect your pets

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They may sound like some invention out of Hollywood, but "zombie raccoons" are real and police say they are a threat to pets.

In Illinois, the Riverside Police Department is warning pet owners about raccoons carrying the distemper virus, which can cause the infected animals to walk on their hind legs, stagger and bare their teeth -- the reason ...Read more

Are you feline any better today?

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WASHINGTON -- This just in: A new sociological study concludes that cat owners are, on the average, less happy than dog owners.

I read this with some amusement. I don't question the truth of it, but I do question its newsworthiness. It would be like a survey concluding that people with hemorrhoids are less happy than people without hemorrhoids....Read more

Dog serving as school resource officer makes the yearbook

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(UPI) A police dog that joined the security team at an Arkansas high school was awarded a high honor -- a photo in the yearbook with the rest of the faculty.

The Bryant Police Department posted a photo to Facebook showing a page from Bryant High School's yearbook.

The page features photos of the faculty and staff -- among them, K9 School ...Read more

This tiny rescue kitten needs major surgery at UC Davis — and $8,000 to pay for it

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As soon as Ellie Purpura met Will, she knew something was wrong. The kitten was covered in fleas, had tapeworms and was underweight. But worst of all: He wasn't breathing properly.

Will was brought to the Yolo County Animal Shelter on May 2, and the shelter called Purpura to pick up Will because she fosters kittens and often picks up ones that ...Read more

Pigeon triggers speed camera in Germany, goes viral

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(UPI) A speed camera on a road in a German city captured a photo identifying an unusual speeder -- a pigeon.

The town of Bocholt, located on the border with the Netherlands, shared a photo that quickly went viral on social media showing the pigeon flying nearly 10 mph over the speed limit on the road.

The speedy avian triggered the camera, ...Read more

Bobcat perches atop electrical pole next to Florida highway

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(UPI) Wildlife officials were summoned to an electrical pole next to a Florida highway when a bobcat climbed up and perched on the top.

A Florida Department of Transportation camera captured the bobcat keeping watch over Interstate 75 in Collier County from its position high up on the pole Thursday.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation ...Read more

Seattle zoo creates special shoes to help baby giraffe walk

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(UPI) A baby giraffe born at a Seattle zoo has been outfitted with a custom-made pair of therapeutic shoes to treat a leg abnormality that prevented it from walking.

The Woodland Park Zoo said the giraffe, a yet-unnamed male born at the facility May 2, was born with a condition known as hyper-extended fetlocks that made it difficult for him to ...Read more

Bobcat found tangled in Colorado soccer net

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(UPI) ATTN sports fans. Here's why we ask you to take down sports nets when not in use. This bobcat was trapped in a soccer net in the Golden Hills area of #ColoradoSprings. This bobcat was lucky. It escaped with its life. Others injure themselves or die frantically trying to escape.— CPW SE Region (@CPW_SE) ...Read more

Why does my dog dive into the grass and wiggle on his back?

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Dear Joan: Why does my dog grass dive?

He's a minpin-dachshund cross, about 8-inches tall at the shoulder, and this behavior is really slowing down our walks because he often would like to stop every 25 yards or so.

While on leash as we stroll through the neighborhood, he lowers his head to sniff the grass -- usually 2 to 4 inches high -- ...Read more

'She had this fighter spirit': Dog finds forever home in Huntington Beach after being rescued in Thailand by 2 friends

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A street dog from Thailand has found her fur-ever home in Huntington Beach, Calif.

Dr. Lisa Chong and Tara Austin spotted the year-old Thai Bangkaew dog dragging its body on its two front legs across a busy street while they were in that country last December to volunteer at Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai.

The tale began to unfold after ...Read more

Curious seagulls become stars of London traffic camera

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(UPI) Due to popular demand, a quick update from our reporter just north of the Blackwall Tunnel.....— TfL Traffic News (@TfLTrafficNews) April 30, 2019

Transportation officials in London shared unusual traffic camera footage of a pair of seagulls that have become fascinated with the camera.

Transport for ...Read more

Lost cat reunited with family 475 days after mudslide

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(UPI) A California family said they were reunited with their beloved cat 475 days after the pet went missing in a mudslide.

Noelle Stogoff said her cats, Diamond and Huguette, were nowhere to be found when her family needed to evacuate their Montecito home during the storms.

"I had no idea that what happened was going to happen and assumed ...Read more

How to stop dogs from peeing on the lawn and killing the grass

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Dear Joan: Help! My husband and I own a house on a corner lot. We are very proud of our lawn and front garden, and we spend a lot of time and money keeping it looking nice.

Our problem is that a lot of people walk their dogs in front of the house and around the corner, and they let their dogs pee all over the yard. Most people pick up the poop ...Read more

Firefighters help rescue cougar stranded atop tree

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(UPI) Our duty crews responded to a different type of rescue this evening, members assisted Conservation Officers and @vicpdcanada with the safe lowering of a tranquilized cougar from a tree along the Gorge. The big cat was taken by Conservation Officers for assessment. #yyjnews #iaff— Victoria Fire L-730 (@...Read more

Mountain lion sedated outside California shopping mall

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(UPI) Authorities in California said a mountain lion was tranquilized Monday after being spotted lurking outside a shopping mall.

The Santa Rosa Police Department said a section of B Street between Fourth and Seventh Streets was closed Monday while authorities worked to remove the tranquilized cougar.

The Santa Rosa Fire Department said the ...Read more