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Loose dog rescued from I-94 in Chicago

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(UPI) A dog spotted running loose in traffic on a Chicago highway was rescued by police with the help of concerned witnesses.

Video of the rescue Tuesday afternoon on Interstate 94 shows police and witnesses attempting to use their cars to block the dog's path as it runs through the roadway.

The footage shows one person get out of their car to...Read more

Joan Morris: Did a dose of castor oil prove fatal to gophers and ground squirrels in backyard?

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DEAR JOAN: We have a nice big set of windows that faces a partial hillside backyard and flat grass area. We've had some pretty major gopher problems with mounds all over our yard that my son rakes down regularly.

We also have ground squirrels who live on the hill that we enjoy watching frolic around the yard. There were three babies and the ...Read more

Think about summer food safety for your dog

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Certain foods have become associated with summer: grilled meats like chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs; chips and dips; watermelon and other fruits; ice cream and popsicles.

We generally recommend that dogs not receive table scraps so they don't develop bad eating habits, to prevent gastroenteritis due to a change in a dog's regular diet, and...Read more

Dog that jumped from car window found 600 miles away

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(UPI) A dog who jumped out of a car window on a South Carolina highway was found 11 days later -- 600 miles away in Florida.

Tim Whitfield said his family got the dog, Bella, for his 90-year-old mother just a few months ago, and earlier this month the canine vanished after leaping from a car window on the highway near Charleston.

Whitfield ...Read more

Joan Morris: Is there danger lurking in a birdbath coated in red algae?

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DEAR JOAN: I pressure wash my birdbath two or three times per week and add fresh water, but red algae has appeared.

Is this something I need to clean out? We have a steady line of customers for the birdbath, and no ill effects apparent. Should I be more diligent cleaning my birdbath?

John P. Bronson, San Jose, Calif.

DEAR JOHN: Most algae, ...Read more

Rescue team carries St. Bernard down England's highest mountain

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(UPI) A St. Bernard, a breed of dog famous for conducting mountain rescues, was the subject of a rescue when the canine collapsed on England's highest mountain.

The Wasdale Mountain Rescue Team said in a Facebook post the owners of the dog, named Daisy, contacted rescuers to report the St. Bernard had collapsed and appeared to be experiencing ...Read more

How to enjoy a summer 'staycation' with your dog

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Going on vacation can be costly and stressful, especially if you plan on bringing your family pet. During the current global health crisis, many families are rethinking travel this summer.

With plenty of dog-friendly fun in your area, you don't need to stray far from home to enjoy your vacation with your dog included. The American Kennel ...Read more

Cash-obsessed kitten twice attempts to steal money from bar

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(UPI) Security cameras at a Russian bar were recording when a cash-obsessed kitten made two attempts to run off with stacks of cash.

The Pivbar CCCP in Anapa, Krasnodar Krai, shared surveillance camera footage to Instagram showing the kitten running through the pub with a bundle of banknotes.

The feline drops the stack of money before making ...Read more

Utah woman reunited with missing cat after 10 years

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(UPI) A Utah animal shelter said a cat that went missing 10 years ago was reunited with her owner after being brought in as a stray.

The Tooele City Animal Shelter said a stray cat was recently brought into the shelter by a person who said they had been feeding the stray feline, but they were preparing to move and were concerned about leaving ...Read more

Having an owner who works from home is a 'pet's dream.' But what happens when you go back to work?

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Working remotely during the stay-at-home order, Kelly Sorfleet moved from the city to her parents' cottage in Michigan. Her loneliness led her to take in a foster dog in late May: 2-year-old basset hound Desi.

"After fostering dogs for a while, you prepare yourself to see the dog off to a new home," she said. "With this dog, I didn't see myself...Read more

Teaching kids how to approach dogs

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Owning a pet at an early age can be a wonderful experience for children. Not only do kids become more active with pets, but they also learn a variety of valuable lessons, including responsibility and compassion. The first thing kids must learn about pets, however, is how to be safe around them.

Whether it is a dog you know, one you've never ...Read more

Leopard cub escapes enclosure at South Carolina zoo

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(UPI) A baby leopard escaped from its enclosure at a South Carolina zoo, prompting guests to be temporarily moved to indoor areas, city officials said.

Beth Brotherton, communications and neighborhood relations director for the City of Greenville, said the 4-month-old amur leopard cub escaped from the leopard exhibit at the zoo about 10:30 a.m....Read more

Missing dog made 60-mile journey to family's former home

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(UPI) A dog that went missing from her family's Kansas home turned up about a week later at the front door of her family's former home -- 60 miles away in Missouri.

Colton Michael said family members returned to their home in Lawson, Mo., recently and were surprised to find a dog on their porch.

Michael, who moved into the home two years ago, ...Read more

Missing dog rescued from drain pipe on university campus

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(UPI) Firefighters in California came to the rescue of a dog found trapped in a drain pipe on the University of California Santa Barbara campus.

The Santa Barbara County Fire Department said a member of the public heard the dog crying in distress from a drain pipe on the school's campus and alerted authorities.

Firefighters climbed into the ...Read more

Taking care of stray cat leads couple to $50,000 lottery jackpot

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(UPI) A Kentucky couple said taking care of a stray cat paid off when they stopped to buy food for the feline and won a $50,000 lottery jackpot.

The Florence couple told Kentucky Lottery officials they were out running errands when they decided to stop at the Turfway Food Mart to buy food for a stray cat that lives around a local shopping ...Read more

Cow wanders into Australian police station

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(UPI) Police in Australia shared security camera footage from the moment a curious cow wandered up to a police station and decided to go inside.

The Queensland Police Service said in a pun-filled Facebook post that the cow was spotted wandering outside the Doomadgee Police Station before surprising officers by making its way inside the building...Read more

Man on rafting trip rescues coyote pup from drowning

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(UPI) A man on a multiday rafting trip in Saskatchewan rescued a drowning coyote pup and brought the animal along for the last 10 days of his trip.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Saskatchewan said a man identified as Justin was on a rafting trip down the Red Deer and South Saskatchewan rivers when he spotted the small coyote struggling ...Read more

Serval captured after two weeks on the loose in Japanese city

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(UPI) Officials in a Japanese city said a serval, an exotic cat native to Africa, was captured after about two weeks on the loose.

The City of Shizuoka said the 1-year-old cat, which was being kept as an exotic pet in the city, escaped June 27 and was on the loose for over two weeks before being captured Monday.

Officials said a witness ...Read more

Tiger fleeing flooding takes shelter in villager's goat shed

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(UPI) A tiger seeking refuge from flooding wandered into an Indian town and found shelter inside a resident's goat shed.

The Kaziranga National Park in Assam said the tiger was spotted Monday taking shelter from floodwaters in Kandolimari Village, located on the edge of the park.

Park officials said a team was dispatched to the village and ...Read more

It's a myth that shaving double-coated breeds keeps them cool

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Many dog owners feel that in the hot summer months, clipping their dogs will make them feel cooler and will help eliminate shedding.

While single-coated breeds such as Poodles, Kerry Blue Terriers, Portuguese Water Dogs and Bichon Frises can be repeatedly clipped short because the shaving process does not change the texture of their hair, it...Read more