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Mountain lion shocks experts by using culvert to cross highway

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(UPI) National Park Service researchers said they were shocked when wildlife camera captured a rare instance of a mountain lion using a culvert to cross a highway.

The National Park Service said an adult male cougar known as P-64 was outfitted with a GPS collar on Feb. 28 and the next day a wildlife camera captured photos as he used a culvert ...Read more

United mistakenly sends Kansas-bound dog to Japan

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(UPI) A family in the process of moving to Kansas said they took a flight to their new home state, where they were told United Airlines had accidentally flown their dog to Japan.

Kara Swindle, whose family is in the process of relocating from Oregon to Kansas, said she and her children arrived in Kansas City on a United flight and went to one ...Read more

Elderly Baltimore cat gets $19,000 kidney transplant

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(UPI) A 17-year-old Baltimore cat can add an additional life to his allotted nine after his owner shelled out $19,000 for a life-saving kidney transplant.

Betsy Boyd, a part-time professor at the University of Baltimore, said she was devastated to learn in November 2016 that her cat, Stanley, was suffering from renal insufficiency and likely ...Read more

Sanctuaries offer home for bobcat seized in Illinois gun raid

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(UPI) Wildlife sanctuaries are offering to take in a bobcat seized by police in Illinois when they raided a shuttered storefront in search of firearms.

Orland Park Police said Lynxie the bobcat was found in a small office at a shuttered storefront where they seized a cache of guns Feb. 28 and arrested the exotic animal's owner, Philip Giese, on...Read more

The tale of Rex, the dog who took bullets for his teenage best friend

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- You could say that Rex the Dog, the hero German shepherd who on Feb. 21 took at least two bullets protecting his 16-year-old master, has a few flaws.

What hero doesn't?

But when it was all on the line, when Javier Mercado was alone, hiding and terrified in his family's Des Moines home while intruders forced their way in, ...Read more

Buddy the adventure cat steps into the great outdoors

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Dogs will fetch your hiking boots and do back flips by the front door if you mention going "outside."

Ask a cat if it wants to go for a hike and it will pause, lick a paw, and maybe say "meow." That means "no," or at best, "meh."

But not all cats. Not Buddy. His "meow" means, "Yes, that sounds wonderful. Go get my harness and GPS tracker and ...Read more

Mountain lion stalks man on trail for over an hour

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(UPI) A British Columbia man recorded his hourlong encounter with a mountain lion that stalked him while he set up wildlife cameras.

Adam Bartsch's video, which was recorded Thursday and posted to YouTube by his wife, Chantelle Bartsch, shows him being stared down by a 140-pound tom cougar while setting up wildlife cameras on a trail north of ...Read more

Small dog rescued from deep tortoise burrow in Florida

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(UPI) Authorities responded to a Florida neighborhood where a small dog had fallen into a gopher tortoise's burrow and found itself trapped.

Charlotte County Animal Control said in a Facebook post that a Rotonda resident contacted authorities on Wednesday to report his Boston terrier was trapped in a gopher tortoise burrow.

Animal Control ...Read more

A $19,000 kidney transplant for a 17-year-old cat? His Baltimore owner says it was money well spent

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Not quite four months ago, Betsy Boyd spent 41 percent of her annual salary on a kidney transplant for her ailing 17-year-old cat, Stanley.

As a condition of the $19,000 surgery, she also adopted the kidney donor, a 2-year-old tabby named Jay, bringing the total number of felines in her household to six. Both cats are thriving post-surgery -- ...Read more

Officials: Photos confirm wandering cougar still in Wisconsin

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(UPI) Wildlife officials in Wisconsin said a big cat caught on camera is likely the same cougar seen peering through a resident's window earlier this month.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources tweeted photos captured by landowners Friday near Menomonee Falls.

The DNR said wildlife biologists examined the photos and confirmed they ...Read more

Loose dogs halt traffic on busy Arizona highway

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(UPI) Traffic on a busy Phoenix highway slowed to a crawl as state troopers and bystanders attempted to capture a pair of dogs running loose in the roadway.

The Arizona Department of Transportation tweeted photos from the scene Wednesday as Arizona Department of Public Safety troopers and concerned travelers attempted to corral the pooches ...Read more

Dog rides on back of motorcycle, holds umbrella

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(UPI) A passenger on a road in Thailand captured video of a dutiful dog riding on the back of its owner's motorcycle and holding the man's umbrella.

The video, filmed last week on a street in Songka, shows a motorcycle passenger's view of another motorcyclist traveling with his dog in the passenger area.

The dog perches with his front paws on ...Read more

Stranger breaks through ice to rescue dog from lake

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(UPI) A visitor to a British Columbia lake captured video of the moment a stranger ran into the frigid waters of a frozen lake to rescue a dog that fell through the ice.

Ben West posted a video to Instagram showing the scene he witnessed Friday at Trout Lake in Vancouver, where a dog that appeared to be a husky ran out onto the ice and fell ...Read more

Laugh about the mouth-to-snout bill, but it could save your dog or cat

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What's in a name? Ask Jay Kerr, the inspiration for California SB 1305, euphemistically known as the Mouth-to-Snout Resuscitation Pet Rescue Bill.

Got your attention, didn't it?

Kerr is a veterinarian with 35 years of experience in the Tri-Valley area. He's also a director on the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District board. So he is ...Read more

Mountain lion captured while wandering Texas neighborhood

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(UPI) Police in Texas said a mountain lion that wandered into a residential neighborhood was captured after residents were warned to stay inside their homes.

The Laredo Police Department posted a warning to its Facebook page on Sunday asking residents of the Santa Rita subdivision to remain inside their homes while officers and Texas game ...Read more

Lions attack visitor's car at British safari park

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(UPI) A visitor to a drive-through safari park in Britain captured video of the moment a pride of "aggravated" lions attacked her car.

Abi Tudge said she and a friend were traveling through West Midland Safari Park with two children when rangers shut the gates because a pride of lions had wandered too close to the exit.

Tudge told the BBC the ...Read more

Pennsylvania police rescue cat stuck in garbage disposal

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(UPI) Police in Pennsylvania shared a photo from an unusual call involving a cat that found itself trapped in a difficult spot -- the garbage disposal.

The Tredyffrin Township Police Department posted a photo to Facebook showing the curious cat that managed to crawl into its owner's garbage disposal, leaving only the feline's head sticking out ...Read more

Dog stops pickup truck from leaving by jumping on hood

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(UPI) A surprised traveler in Brazil recorded video of a dog that refused to let a man drive away by repeatedly jumping onto his hood.

The video, filmed this month on a street in Nova Iguacu, shows a man in a pickup truck at the side of the road trying to get a dog to get off the hood of the vehicle.

The man honks his horn, but the canine is ...Read more

Russian couple keeping cougar as pet in small apartment

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(UPI) A Russian couple's pet has become a social media sensation after they adopted a cougar from a petting zoo and brought it to live in their studio apartment.

Alexandr and Mariya Dmitriev said the 2-year-old mountain lion, Messi, has been living as a normal -- if oversized -- house pet ever since they adopted him from a petting zoo in 2016. ...Read more

Dog rescued from quarry ledge after earthquake in Wales

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Wales said a dog stranded on a 50-foot-high ledge at a quarry during an earthquake was rescued unharmed.

RSPCA Cymru said Basil, a small collie mix, became stranded on a ledge at Rosehill Quarry, near Townhill, Swansea, about 50 feet up from the ground and 65 feet from the top during a 4.4-magnitude earthquake on ...Read more