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WATCH: Stranded cat avoids rescue by jumping from atop utility pole

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(UPI) A Newfoundland cat who took issue with an attempt to rescue him from atop a utility pole took a flying leap from the top of the pole -- and the incident was caught on camera.

Alice Reid said her cat, Coco, was likely chased up the pole by a neighborhood dog and he spent two hours crying for help from atop the pole before a rescue effort ...Read more


Mayo Clinic Q and A: Why dogs are good for your health

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DEAR MAYO CLINIC: We're thinking about getting a dog. We know they're great companions, but how are they good for your health?

ANSWER: People with dogs know the benefits of pet ownership. The unconditional love, trust and loyalty shown by your canine companions, coupled with their unbridled enthusiasm on your return home each day, is hard to ...Read more

Tips for traveling with your dog at the holidays

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Holiday season is here which means a lot of people will be traveling and that sometimes includes their pets.

To reduce any additional stress that comes with travel, the American Kennel Club offers the following canine courtesy tips to ensure that you and your pup will be able to find a home away from home during your holiday travels.

Book ...Read more

WATCH: Husky rescued from Kentucky storm drain

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(UPI) Animal control officers in Kentucky came to the rescue of a husky that somehow managed to get himself stuck in a storm drain.

Lexington-Fayette Animal Care & Control said officers responded to a neighborhood where multiple callers had reported a large dog trapped in a storm drain.

"Usually, we get ducklings that have fallen in a ...Read more

Lost dog found on Colorado mountain trail after nearly two months

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(UPI) A Bernese mountain dog that escaped from her owner in a Colorado parking lot was found nearly two months later on a mountain trail.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said in an Instagram post that deputies responded to a report of a loose dog spotted by hikers near a trail in Meyers Ranch Park.

"They tried to make friends with the ...Read more

What is a breed standard? The AKC describes what a dog breed should look like and what judges look for in a dog show

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While most dog owners will agree that their dogs are perfect, in the world of purebred dogs, the perfect example of a breed of dog is objectively described in a breed’s “standard.”

Dog breeds were developed over many generations by selecting dogs that had particular attributes, whether physical, behavioral or instinctual, to best ...Read more

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The unusual story of how a dog became a town's mayor

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Most politicians caught with their tail between their legs are voted out of office or run out of town, but not the mayor of Idyllwild, California, a small mountain community about 25 miles south of Banning.

Here the top dog is an actual dog — a 1-year-old, full grown American purebred golden retriever with the legal name of Maximus Mighty-Dog...Read more

Nevada dog owners advised to prepare for spreading 'mystery' disease

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A mysterious dog disease that has been spreading across the country appears to have avoided Nevada — so far.

“You may have noticed in the news reports across the country a ‘mystery illness’ that has been affecting dogs resulting in coughing, sneezing, eye or nose discharge and lethargy,” a recent email from Boca Park Animal Hospital ...Read more

5 ways to remove pet hair from a sofa

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As pet parents, we love our furry friends — but oh, that fur! The fur itself is harder to love, especially when it's all over everything we own, including (and especially) the sofa.

Keeping pet hair from overtaking the couch can seem like an insurmountable task, and indeed, it does require regular work. Fortunately, there are plenty of ...Read more

Mel Melcon/Los Angeles Times/TNS

Veterinarian warns of respiratory illness affecting dogs across nation

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SEATTLE — Dog owners should keep an eye on their pets' coughs, Washington's state veterinarian warns, as an unidentified respiratory canine illness spreads across the nation.

No cases of the illness in Washington have been reported as of Tuesday, but it has been recorded in four states: Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. ...Read more

Thanksgiving with your pup: Safety tips for your dog this holiday season

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As Thanksgiving approaches, we are all busy planning and prepping each dish. However, it is important to be vigilant about this much food around your pup when you may not be able to give them your full, undivided attention. This leaves room for your dog to sneak food off the table while you are not looking. The danger is that certain human ...Read more

Puppy rescued from sewer pipe in Texas

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(UPI) Water crews in Texas came to the rescue of a puppy that fell into a sewer main and became stranded in a pipe.

The San Antonio Water System said crews responded on Wednesday night when three puppies fell into the sewer main on Brunswick street on the South Side of the city.

Firefighters were able to pull two of the puppies to safety, but ...Read more

Genaro Molina/Los Angeles Times/TNS

No shots for Spot? Study finds owners' vaccine hesitancy can extend to pet dogs

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LOS ANGELES — Individuals who are skeptical of vaccines for themselves are also more like to question the need or efficacy of getting shots for their four-legged companions, according to a recent study.

In the study, published in the medical journal Vaccine, researchers asked 2,200 Americans their thoughts on vaccines and whether they were ...Read more

Mystery big cat caught on camera in Arizona mountains

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(UPI) Wildlife officials in Arizona are trying to identify a mysterious big cat caught on camera in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve.

A video uploaded to YouTube by user Jen Fletcher shows an unidentified creature that appears to be a large feline in the mountain range.

Tom Cadden, a spokesperson for the Arizona Game and Fish Department, said ...Read more

Pet policies on the largest airlines in the US

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Many pet owners prefer traveling with their fluffy companions, and most airlines make it possible to bring them on board. That said, traveling with Fido may take more preparation than just packing your bag.

Airlines typically allow small pets in carriers in the passenger cabin for an additional fee. Some large dog owners test those limits. In...Read more

African serval captured after several weeks on the loose in Illinois

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(UPI) Animal control officials in Illinois said an African serval cat has been successfully captured after several weeks on the loose in Macon County.

The Macon County Animal Control and Care Center said the serval was captured on private property in the area of Forsyth and Maroa in Decatur.

Animal control officials said the serval will be ...Read more

Most popular pet names include Charlie, Luna, Oliver

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(UPI) An online marketplace for pet owners released its annual list of the most popular pet names, with Charlie and Luna topping the lists for male and female dogs, respectively.

The rest of the Top 10 male dog names on Rover's 11th annual Most Popular Pet Names report were Max, Cooper, Milo, Buddy, Reddy, Rocky, Bear, Leo and Duke. The company...Read more

The 10 top-rated pet charities and the missions they support

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For every treasured family dog in a cozy home, there is a lonely pup in a shelter cage; about 6.3 million cats and dogs enter shelters each year, butonly an estimated 4.1 million end up being adopted.

In a world wheremost pet owners spend more on their furry friends than on themselves, the value of animal nonprofits working behind the scenes ...Read more

Kitten rescued from drain system under Virginia mall

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(UPI) Animal rescuers in Virginia came to the assistance of a kitten found hiding out in the storm drain system underneath an outdoor mall.

The Billy the Kidden Rescue said officials first received word of the kitten in the drain system at Town Center of Virginia Beach on Nov. 2, and rescuers went down to the mall to assess the situation.

"We ...Read more

Tips to keep your dog safe in the cold weather

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As the temperature outside starts to drop, both you and your dog will start to notice how the weather changes. Part of responsible dog ownership is knowing when to take special care of our dogs in the colder weather, just as we must for ourselves.

The American Kennel Club offers these tips for a safe winter with your dog.

Don’t leave ...Read more