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Loose horse attempts to board bus at Russian stop

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(UPI) Surprised commuters at a bus stop in Russia captured video of a loose horse that attempted unsuccessfully to take a bus ride.

The video, recorded at a bus stop in St. Petersburg, shows the unaccompanied horse grazing on a patch of grass feet away from where a group of onlookers are waiting for a bus.

The bus arrives and the horse appears...Read more

VIDEO: Bear's balcony balancing act caught on camera by homeowner

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(UPI) A Colorado woman captured video of a poised black bear's balancing act on the balcony of her home.

The Conifer resident said she recently removed the "bear barrier" that prevented animals from climbing on her home to allow a roofer access.

She said the barrier's absence led to a visit from a bear that climbed onto her balcony and ...Read more

Mountain lion breaks into home, gets trapped in bathroom

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(UPI) Authorities summoned to a California home on "reports of a break-in" discovered the culprit, a mountain lion, was locked inside the bathroom of the house.

The Tuolumne County Sheriff's Office said deputies responded to a home in Sonora "for reports of a break-in" and arrived to find a cougar had wandered into the house through the front ...Read more

Escaped arctic wolf spotted two months later in North Carolina

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(UPI) An arctic wolf that escaped from a North Carolina conservation charity has resurfaced after two months without any sightings.

Lisa Meredith, owner of the Meredith Wolf Education and Conservation Den in Onslow County, said the 12-year-old wolf, Buster, escaped from his enclosure in June and hadn't been seen in two months until being ...Read more

Butcher-bound yak on the run after Virginia escape

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(UPI) An animal control officer responding to a report of escaped livestock in a Virginia road discovered an unexpected animal -- a yak.

Nelson County Animal Control Officer Kevin Wright said he was expecting a black angus cow or another livestock animal more common to the area when he responded to the call about 10 a.m. Tuesday.

"They didn't ...Read more

Police rescue raccoon with jar stuck on its head in Wisconsin

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(UPI) A Wisconsin police officer came to the rescue of a raccoon that went dumpster diving and ended up with a glass jar stuck over its head.

The Madison Police Department said an officer was flagged down by citizens Tuesday who spotted a raccoon about 20 feet up in a tree with its head stuck inside the jar.

The officer summoned an animal ...Read more

Moose crashes in and out of Canadian school office

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(UPI) Today a moose decided it was not too cool for school and broke its way in and out of a Ft. St. John School District office. Why we are not sure. Unfortunately the moose had not learned how to open doors prior. The moose was located and determined to be fine all things considered.— BC CO Service (@_BCCOS) ...Read more

VIDEO: Deputies use Taser to rescue moose from hammock

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(UPI) Authorities in Wyoming said they had to use a Taser to subdue a moose so they could disentangle its antlers from a resident's hammock.

The Sublette County Sheriff's Office said deputies and Wyoming Game and Fish personnel responded to a residence this week where a bull moose was reported to be caught in a hammock hanging from a tree.

"...Read more

Cat-lovers built their indoor cats a 'catio' so they can enjoy the outdoors

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In their new outdoor living room, Coco and Rosie have lounging areas, exercise equipment, fragrant plants, tasteful lighting accents and a water fountain. The three-season sanctuary is connected to the main house with a stylish elevated breezeway.

Coco and Rosie think they're worth it.

After all, they're cats.

The outside hangout for the two ...Read more

VIDEO: New Jersey family has close cheetah encounter during African safari

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(UPI) A New Jersey woman on safari with her family in Tanzania captured video of a curious cheetah that climbed on the roof of an open-top Jeep in their group.

Jen Shimek captured video of the cheetah when it approached the safari vehicles traveling in the Serengeti.

"I mean, honestly, I was so scared," Jen Shimek told WABC-TV. I kept ...Read more

Is household drama stressing out Rosco the dachshund?

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Dear Joan: My boyfriend and I live with my friend, who has a dachshund named Rosco. Twice now he's come into our room, jumped on our bed, laid down and licked my boyfriend's blanket.

I don't know why he's doing it. None of my dogs that I've had in my life have ever done that. Our friend's sister-in-law, Rachael, said he could be hungry or ...Read more

Breeding has shaped dogs' brains, MRI scans reveal

Pets / Cats & Dogs News /

As hunters, fetchers, and vigilant protectors, dogs have honed a wide array of specialized skills through centuries of breeding.

In a new study, scientists say evidence of all this human intervention can be seen at a deeper level than simply how the animals use their snouts and paws:

It shows up on MRIs of their brains.

The authors analyzed ...Read more

Commentary: Spare a thought for animals whose labor never ends

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Most of us enjoyed Labor Day holiday as a welcome day of rest. But horses who pull carriages, elephants forced to give rides and ponies who plod in endless circles never get a day off. For them and other working animals, every day is "labor" day.

While we're relaxing by the pool or having a picnic, horses in cities across the country are ...Read more

Thanks to 3D-assisted surgery, this dog survived to comfort his grieving family

Pets / Cats & Dogs News /

PHILADELPHIA -- It's hard to keep a good dog down, and Andy, a dachshund with Yoda ears and boundless energy, was as good as they get.

Ever since he joined Lorraine and Robert Young's Woodstown, N.J., home as a pup seven years ago, the little long guy had been a tireless source of laughter, licks and doggy love. This was especially valuable to ...Read more

VIDEO: Service dogs attend live musical as part of training

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(UPI) A pack of service dogs in training were treated to a performance of a Canadian theater's live musical as part of their preparation for service.

A photo of the dozen eager canines sitting in the theater seats went viral when Ontario's Stratford Festival shared it on Twitter, and the head trainer for K-9 Country Inn Working Service Dogs ...Read more

Lost cat found 3 1/2 years later in Florida

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(UPI) A Florida man who feared his cat had been eaten by coyotes was reunited with the feline three and a half years later thanks to a stranger, a microchip and an animal hospital.

Miguel Tellado-Quiles, 31, said he and his cats, Lola and Mister Kitty, were staying with his parents in Gainesville while he studied for the bar exam in 2016 and ...Read more

VIDEO: Moose crashes pool party, steals taco

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(UPI) An intrusive moose crashed an Alaska family's pool party and was filmed drinking water from the pool before stealing a taco.

Annah Anderson said her daughters were having a pool party in the back yard of their Alaska home when the girls were sent running by an unexpected moose.

Anderson's video shows the moose drinking water from the ...Read more

VIDEO: South American kinkajou attacks Florida man inside his home

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(UPI) Wildlife officials in Florida said a kinkajou, a South American animal similar to a raccoon, broke into a home and attacked a man.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said the Lake Worth Beach man told investigators he had given the unusual animal a piece of watermelon outside his home, and it returned the next morning ...Read more

The family trip turns into a cat roundup

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Dear Amy: My partner and I recently traveled abroad with her family.

We are all adults. We spent six days with her mother, father, brother and sister-in-law.

We both knew that there would be the usual frustrations associated with spending time in close quarters with her enmeshed family.

We stayed in vacation rental homes, where each couple ...Read more

Vets remove 32 rubber ducks from hungry bulldog's stomach

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(UPI) Veterinarians at an animal hospital in Thailand conducted surgery on a bulldog to remove 32 rubber ducks from the hungry canine's stomach.

Owner Nong Aom said her American bulldog, Devil, got into a box of 50 yellow rubber ducks that had been bound for her pool in Pattaya, Thailand.

The worried owner said Devil threw up five rubber ducks...Read more


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