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Wildlife officials seek mountain lion that broke into home

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(UPI) Wildlife officials in Colorado are warning residents to be aware of mountain lions after one of the big cats broke into a home.

The Boulder Police Department said a mountain lion broke through a screen door and killed a family's cat last week.

"Please keep ground level doors and windows closed and locked at night and when you are not ...Read more

What would your dog do to help you? Study suggests Fido would at least open doors

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Anyone who watched the long-running TV show "Lassie" or the movie "Benji" knows that no barrier could stop those dogs from helping their humans.

It turns out there's some fact to that fiction.

That's the conclusion of a recently published study called -- in a nod to Lassie -- "Timmy's in the well: Empathy and prosocial helping in dogs" co-...Read more

This dog brought closure to families of missing loved ones. Now it's time to mourn her

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After an apartment building collapsed in Barbados, it took Spirit "not even a minute" to find the remains of two people.

When an earthquake pummeled Haiti in 2010, Spirit located 11 people who had been killed and trapped beneath rubble.

And she went with her partner to Iraq to try to find American soldiers who had been killed. Although there ...Read more

Florida firefighters rescue kitten with head stuck in generator

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(UPI) Firefighters in Florida rescued a kitten with its head stuck in a generator behind a local grocery store on Sunday.

The City of New Smyrna Beach Fire Department shared photos of the distressed kitten with its head sticking out of a small hole in the green generator.

Crews from Engine 52 arrived at the scene and used lubricant to gently ...Read more

Mountain lion visits California man's back yard, front door

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(UPI) A California resident's home security cameras alerted him to the presence of an unusual late-night visitor -- a mountain lion at the door.

Xiaochao Yang said he was asleep Wednesday morning at his Sam Mateo home when his motion-triggered security cameras sent an alert to his phone.

The culprit turned out to be a large mountain lion, ...Read more

Mountain lions brawl in middle of Montana road

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(UPI) Travelers on a Montana road captured video of an unusual traffic hazard -- a pair of mountain lions brawling in the middle of the street.

The video, filmed on a road in the Yaak area, shows the two cougars wresting their way across the road.

The big cats eventually take their fight off the road and they continue to brawl on a hill next ...Read more

Canine surfers gather for World Dog Surfing Championships

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(UPI) Talented canines gathered at a California beach to ride the waves at the World Dog Surfing Championships.

Markia Holmgren shared video of dogs shredding the waves at Linda Mar Beach in Pacifica for the annual canine surfing contest.

The event also included competitions for Frisbee catching, ball fetching and dog fashion.

Proceeds from ...Read more

Bobcats drink from Arizona woman's backyard pool

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(UPI) An Arizona woman looked out a window in her home and spotted thee bobcats taking a drink from her backyard pool.

Aftyn Beaird captured video last week while she and her husband watched the three bobcats drinking from the pool behind their home in Anthem.

Beaird can be heard calling the bobcats "cute" in the footage.

The bobcats appear ...Read more

Cat and chicken found hiding from fire together

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(UPI) Firefighters battling a wildfire in California found an "unlikely pair" of animals sheltering from the flames together -- a cat and a chicken.

The Grass Valley Fire Department said in a Facebook post that the Office of Emergency Services Engine 334 crew, assigned to the OES Strike Team 4806A, was patrolling structures affected by the Carr...Read more

Dog survives Greece wildfire by hiding in outdoor oven

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(UPI) A dog that survived a devastating wildfire in Greece by hiding inside an outdoor oven is recovering and has found a new home.

The 4-year-old poodle mix was found hiding in an outdoor oven outside of a home that was destroyed by the fire, which razed the seaside town of Mati on July 23.

A video recorded by animal rescue volunteer Artemis ...Read more

What caused a chemical burn on my cat's tongue?

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Q: My daughter left for the week on July 1st and I left on July 4th, coming home later in the day on July 7th. I felt the adult cats would be fine on their own for a few days with plenty of dry food and water in the house where they are safe.

Everyone looked fine and healthy when I left, but my daughter's cat, Skweeks, had a severely injured ...Read more

Mountain lions stroll up to California woman's front door

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(UPI) A California woman who checked her home security camera the morning after hearing strange sounds made a surprising discovery -- a visit from two mountain lions.

Amy Young said her son told her he heard strange noises outside their Poway home about 12:30 a.m., but she didn't give it too much thought.

"[He] said, 'Mom, I hear noises.' We ...Read more

Road-hogging kangaroo hops along in front of vehicle

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(UPI) An Australian driver captured video of a road-hogging kangaroo that hopped into the vehicle's path and refused to let it pass.

The video initially shows two kangaroos hopping in the road in front of the vehicle, but one of the marsupials quickly gets out of the way.

The other kangaroo hops along in front of the driver, who laments the ...Read more

'Retirement home' for pets, looks to expand

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JUPITER, Fla. -- Mornings for Wendy Derhak, the owner of The Pet Cottage, start before sunrise. She dishes out chow for Elvis, Dash, 2-2 and Charlie Brown before taking three of them out for walks.

Elvis is a shepherd mix who Derhak adopted from a rescue that had saved him from a high-kill shelter. He and 2-2, a terrier mix, usually like ...Read more

Roommate's Problem Cat

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Dear Annie: A few months ago, I signed a lease on a house with my friend "Bob." At first, I was excited that Bob has a cat, "Whiskers." I have always wanted a pet but just can't commit to taking care of one and can't really afford one.

However, for the past month or so, Whiskers has been "thinking outside the litter box." She's urinated on my ...Read more

Moose befriends family dog through window of home

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(UPI) A Colorado resident captured video of their dog making friends with a moose that appeared right outside a window of the home.

The video, recorded Thursday, shows the moose grazing on plants right outside of the Breckenridge home while residents and a dog named Peanut watch from inside.

The footage shows Peanut stare out the window at the...Read more

Lioness attacks vehicle's tires at South African sanctuary

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(UPI) A veterinary mission at a South African lion sanctuary became extra costly when one of the big cats popped three tires.

A video filmed by veterinary workers at the Glen Garriff Conservation Lion Sanctuary shows a lioness dubbed Lexi chewing on a vehicle's tire.

"She loves car tires and usually chases cars because of it," the filmer wrote...Read more

Sea lion recovering after collapse on Los Angeles street

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(UPI) A sea lion is recovering after being rescued by a man who found it collapsed on a Los Angeles road amid a heat wave.

Longshoreman Carlos Gutierrez said he was leaving work on Monday afternoon when he spotted the sea lion collapsed amid the trucks going in and out of the Port of Los Angeles.

"I saw him and thought, 'Oh, that's not ...Read more

Bear climbs out of manhole to escape storm drain

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(UPI) A bear that somehow ended up in a suburban Colorado storm drain was able to climb to freedom after workers removed a manhole cover.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Southeast Region tweeted a video showing the bear climbing out from the manhole after a Colorado Springs Utilities worker removed the manhole cover.

A Parks and Wildlife officer...Read more

Snake encounter, brave beagle lead woman to big lottery prize

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(UPI) A Maryland woman said her $29,295.70 lottery jackpot might have never happened if not for a pesky snake and a brave beagle.

The 63-year-old woman said she was preparing to leave her Upper Marlboro home to play the Maryland Lottery's Racetrax virtual horse racing game on Monday, but a snake sighting outside her door sent her running back ...Read more

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