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How to help a recently injured dog up the stairs

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Q: I have a 2-year-old pit bull mix named Twinkie. Recently she will not go upstairs in my house or outside when she used to have no problem in the past. It's been a problem for almost three months now. She did suffer a mild sprain of her back leg, but there was no fracture as per the veterinarian that I went to. She is back to running around in...Read more

My Pet World: How positive reinforcement and a spray bottle can help train cats, dogs

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Q: We have a male Siamese cat that we got when he was 12 weeks old from a private breeder. He is now almost 2 years old. He seems to be more attached to me than anyone else, following me around the house and often sitting near or on me. He can be very sweet one minute, sitting on my lap as I scratch his head and neck. He'll be purring away and ...Read more

My Pet World: Each dog has a different tail for a reason

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Q: My question is one of tails! We have three dogs -- a Boston terrier, a mini poodle and a golden retriever. The Boston has a teeny-weeny tail, the Poodle has a tail that was obviously cut off and the Golden has a big long tail. All three dogs seem happy with the way things are but we were wondering why there seems to be such a difference in ...Read more

My Pet World: How the dog truly represents the eighth Wonder of the World

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Q: You mentioned in your article about the variety of tail shapes in dogs that this illustrates how you believe that the dog is the eighth Wonder of the World. I was curious on why you feel that way and if you could elaborate a bit on it? -- Sandra Williams, Chicago, IL

A: One of the most amazing facts about the domestic dog that has always ...Read more

My Pet World: Being diligent will only get your cat to stop his annoying behavior

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Q: We have a 5-year-old red and white neutered male indoor cat named Charlie. He is very vocal and cries for something to eat whenever we are in the kitchen. He does not stop until we give him something. This has become very annoying and we have tried to teach him not to do this by squirting him with water from a water pistol when we are in the ...Read more

My Pet World: One way you can create healthy food for your pet bird

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Q: I just returned from a week-long vacation and left my two cockatiels with a friend. She fed the birds well but did not clean the cage out as I do but I really could not fault her for. As soon as I got the birds home I noticed them at the bottom of the cage eating something with gusto and when I looked closely I saw it was seeds that fell to ...Read more

My Pet World: How to treat an old cat that won't eat

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Q: We have a nearly 19-year-old cat in very good condition. Recently she's become a rather fussy eater. It's not her teeth -- they've been checked out by our local vet and she'll still occasionally eat dry cat food. She used to like certain flavors of canned cat food, but lately she wants only Gerber's baby food -- the various meat varieties. ...Read more

My Pet World: How to teach a cat not to use a plant pot as a litter box

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Q: For Christmas I was just given a gift of a 6-foot palm tree that is in a 24-inch wide pot that is sitting in my living room. However, my issue is not with the tree but with my 2-year-old indoor cat who, for whatever reason, likes to use the soil in the pot as a litter box. She jumps up onto the pot and somehow finds the room to dig a hole in ...Read more

My Pet World: Why you're seeing more hawks around the urban area

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Q: Is it common to see red tailed hawks in urban areas? I saw one perched on a light pole right in a major shopping district and it was just sitting there with one foot up watching all the traffic go by. I have lived here for the last 30 years and I have never seen one except on TV. I can understand a bird getting lost and ending up in the city ...Read more

My Pet World: Will tooth extraction help a dog with poor teeth?

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Q: Please help! We love your column and need advice. Our 10-year-old dachshund has always had terrible teeth and no matter what we did (brushing, scaling at the vets, special oral sprays) nothing seemed to fix the situation and now it seems that she is in a lot of distress and is pawing at her mouth and drooling. Our vet says she needs to have ...Read more

My Pet World: How to get a cat to use the litter box

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Q: A few months ago my 4-year-old cat started pooping in my bathtub. She continued to pee in her litter box. When we blocked off the tub she continued to poop on the floor next to the tub. She still continues to pee in the box, which we keep clean. I would prefer not to change her litter brand due to asthma. We currently use feline pine, which ...Read more

My Pet World: The best way to clean up after your dog

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Q: We have four large dogs and cleaning up after they have done their business is an issue. Currently, we use place bags to clean up after them in the yard and during walks. But then we place those bags in the garbage and off to the landfill they go. We are hoping you can offer a greener solution as to what to do with all their poop. Any ...Read more

My Pet World: How to decide if you should trim your pet bird's feathers

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Q: Our sun conure is now one-year-old. When we bought him as a baby his wing feathers were trimmed so he would not fly, but now they have grown back and he is flying all over the house. He leaves a mess everywhere and I want to get his wings trimmed, but my husband and son say he will be happier and healthier if we allow him to fly. What are ...Read more

My Pet World: How do breeders control the color of quaker parrots?

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Q: In the park not far from me lives a large flock of those noisy green quaker parrots. My nephew has one as a pet for a few years and he just bought a mutation blue color quaker parrot as a friend for his green one. He says he is saving his money to buy a mutation yellow colored one next year. I was curious what the breeders of these birds have...Read more

My Pet World: Should you make your dog a vegetarian?

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Q: I am a vegan who has lots of pets but it seems like every pet I have, except for my bunny, needs to eat meat. I know you can feed a dog a vegetarian diet but my vet advised me that it was not a good idea. I feel sad when I read the ingredients on the dog food and see chicken as the first one. I know you love animals and I was wondering how ...Read more

My Pet World: Is it all right to give a dog fruit?

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Q: My dachshund loves fruit! She will beg for just about any fruit that we have in the fridge -- her favorite is apples and melon and bananas. I thought that since dogs were carnivores they did not like fruit and I was worried that giving it to her would be harmful in some manner? -- Bob Nolan, Las Vegas, NV

A: The ancestor of the dog is the ...Read more

My Pet World: Positive reinforcement can help with a dog that bites

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Q: We have a 5-year-old male cockapoo dog that bites. We do not hit him. We got him at 8 weeks from a family breeder. We can't remove anything from his mouth or groom him without concern. If we pet him he can snap. He growls and attacks at times. He also barks in an attack stance at any dogs and people walking by. I think it is the breed mixture...Read more


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