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'Love is in the air' as at-risk shelter dogs take flight from Fresno for new homes

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More than 100 dogs took flight from Fresno on Valentine's Day for new homes.

Many of the dogs were at risk of being euthanized.

The "Love is in the Air" event was organized by Wings of Rescue in partnership with to fly the small-breed dogs to Michigan where there is more need than in Central California, where they are at risk ...Read more

An agency hid Tesla crash data for nearly two years. Is that any way to build trust in driverless cars?

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It was an extraordinary vote of confidence for autonomous driving by the nation's top vehicle safety agency. Two years ago, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced crash rates for Tesla cars dropped by almost 40 percent after installation of a self-drive technology called Autosteer.

"Forty percent. That was an eye-popper," ...Read more

My Pet World: Products that entertain your cat and make dog walking easier

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Dear Cathy,

Why is it when you go into a pet store, you can find lots of items relating to dogs, but very little relating to cats? I'm not talking about food, but items that keep them active. My cats find most cat toys boring. They love a small ball that really bounces, but usually lose them. The more I throw them though, the faster they wear ...Read more

California family finds mountain lion lurking in garage

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(UPI) A California man said he and his family were doing laundry in their garage when their dogs alerted them to a mountain lion next to the dryer.

Sean Ishol said he initially thought his dogs were whimpering at a stuffed animal next to the dryer in the garage of his family's Lucerne Valley home, but he quickly noticed the cougar was looking ...Read more

Marijuana smokers find tiger in vacant Houston home

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(UPI) Police said a group of people broke into an abandoned Houston home to smoke marijuana and quickly discovered they weren't alone -- there was a tiger in the house.

The Houston Police Department said the people called the 311 non-emergency line Monday when they broke into the southeast Houston home, which was believed to be unoccupied, and ...Read more

Bobcat chases squirrel atop Florida screen porch

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(UPI) A Florida woman captured video when she discovered an unusual scene in her backyard -- a bobcat chasing a squirrel atop her screen porch.

Michelle Kloese posted a video to Facebook showing the chase that played out Sunday atop the lanai pool cage behind her Punta Gorda home.

"So, this morning I woke up, and I opened up the sliders," ...Read more

'Hero' dog escapes home, leads police to gas leak

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(UPI) A New York state family's dog is being hailed as a hero after escaping her home and leading police to a gas leak inside the house.

The Tuckahoe Police Department said in a Facebook post that officers responded Wednesday afternoon to a report of a pit bull running loose through the streets of a neighborhood and barking.

"The dog then ran ...Read more

Veterinarian saves cat found caked with snow

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(UPI) Veterinarians in Montana said they were able to save a cat found frozen in the snow with a temperature too low for thermometers to read.

Dr. Jevon Clark, veterinarian at Animal Clinic of Kalispell, said Fluffy the cat was brought in by her owners after she was found unresponsive and buried in the snow amid 10-degree weather Thursday ...Read more

Cat rescued from inside of bathroom wall

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(UPI) Animal rescuers responded to a home in Wales where a cat somehow managed to become trapped inside a bathroom wall.

The RSPCA said the 8-year-old cat, Arthur, became trapped in a cavity wall behind the bathtub in the bathroom of his owner's Conwy home, and the owner attempted removing some bricks but couldn't reach the feline.

RSPCA ...Read more

'A bullet in your pocket': Lawyers target battery makers in exploding e-cigarette cases

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- What some people thought was a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes has left at numerous people across the nation disfigured and burned after their electronic cigarettes exploded.

Now, their attorneys have filed lawsuits targeting the manufacturers of e-cigarette batteries and the vape stores that sell them.

The ...Read more

Wildlife reserve offers reward for return of stolen foxes

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(UPI) A British wildlife reserve is offering a $3,880 reward for the return of two tame foxes believed to have been stolen in a break-in.

The Lower Moss Wood Educational Nature Reserve said in a Facebook post it is offering a $3,880 reward for the return of Alice and Rift, two foxes found to be missing after a break-in at the facility late ...Read more

Dog rescues elderly neighbor after fall in the snow

Pets / Cats & Dogs News /

(UPI) A Minnesota man's dog is being credited with rescuing an elderly neighbor who took a fall outside amid dangerously cold temperatures.

Tim Curfman of Alexandria said he was taking the garbage out last week when his 4-year-old black lab mix, Midnight, started behaving unusually.

"She had her ears perked up looking at me. She doesn't ...Read more

Museum of dog-themed fine art opening in New York

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(UPI) The American Kennel Club is hailing the return of New York's Museum of the Dog, a museum dedicated exclusively to canine-themed fine art.

The AKC said the museum, which is officially returning to New York on Friday after moving to St. Louis in 1986, will feature works by artists including Sir Edwin Landseer, Maud Earl and Arthur Wardle.

...Read more

Scooter madness in Austin puts safety concerns in high gear

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AUSTIN, Texas -- University of Texas star baseball shortstop David Hamilton hit a pothole riding an electric scooter, tearing his Achilles tendon and requiring surgery. He'll miss the season. Cristal Glangchai, the CEO for a nonprofit, hit a rock riding her scooter, landing her on the pavement just blocks from home.

"I lost control and ended up...Read more

My Pet World: If you are patient, you can train your dog to not jump

Pets / My Pet World /

Dear Cathy,

My 3-year-old medium size Sheepadoodle (Old English sheepdog/poodle mix) gets excited when anybody comes in the door, even me and my husband when we try to put a leash on her. It takes five or 10 minutes before she calms down. When she's in this hyper-state, she won't stay in a "sit" (position). When we picked her up from the ...Read more

Tinder-inspired app connects humans with dogs

Pets / Cats & Dogs News /

(UPI) A Lithuanian developer's Tinder-inspired app uses a similar swiping-based method to foster connections -- between people and dogs.

GetPet, from developer Vaidas Gecevicius, uses a Tinder-like interface to allow users to swipe past photos of adoptable dogs.

The app also includes some basic information about each dog, such as temperament ...Read more

Puppy born with upside-down paws learning to walk

Pets / Cats & Dogs News /

(UPI) An Oklahoma puppy is learning to walk after undergoing a complicated surgical procedure to correct his upside-down paws.

Milo, a hound puppy surrendered to Oliver and Friends Farm Rescue and Sanctuary when he was just five weeks old, was initially unable to walk due to being born with a condition that turned his front paws upside down.

...Read more

German authorities seize puma cub from apartment bathroom

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(UPI) Authorities in Germany seized a puma cub that was being illegally kept in the bathroom of an apartment, animal rescuers said.

Animal welfare charity Four Paws International said German authorities seized the 4-month-old male cub from an apartment in Lahr, where the animal was being kept in a bathroom.

The cub, named Tikim, was purchased ...Read more

My Pet World: Heed dangerous weather warnings and bring pets inside

Pets / My Pet World /

It's been all over the news. A dangerous cold weather system will affect parts of the U.S this week, and there are dire warnings for people, from not breathing the cold air or going outside for more than five minutes, if at all, to keeping your skin completely covered to avoid frostbite.

These same dire warnings apply to our pets too.

Most pet...Read more

Tennessee family searching for escaped rabbit the size of a dog

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(UPI) A Tennessee family is asking the public to be on the lookout for their unusual escaped pet -- a giant rabbit the size of a dog.

D.J. Corcoran said Barley the bunny escaped from the home of his son, Connor, in North Knoxville.

The rabbit, who is just under a year old, is a Flemish giant, the world's largest rabbit breed. Corcoran said ...Read more


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