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VIDEO: Escaped pigs cause traffic chaos on Virginia highway

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(UPI) Authorities in Virginia said a group of large pigs caused lane closures and long traffic backups when they escaped from a trailer and went running loose on the interstate.

Kelly Hannon, Virginia Department of Transportation spokeswoman, said the first reports came in about 1 p.m. Wednesday of loose hogs running through traffic on ...Read more

Owner searching for escaped exotic cat in Oklahoma

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(UPI) An Oklahoma woman is asking members of the public to keep an eye out for an exotic feline after her Savannah cat, a hybrid between an African serval and a domestic cat, escaped from her yard.

Samantha Lawler said the large cat, named Dayo, broke free from her harness and escaped from Lawler's yard in Muskogee on Tuesday.

"This has ...Read more

Ask the Vet: Prepare Dogs Now for Post-Pandemic Lifestyle

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Q: I have been working at home during the pandemic, and I expect to return to my regular workplace soon. My two dogs have become accustomed to having me home, and I'm concerned that their stress will increase when I'm again away 40 hours every week. What can I do to make the transition easier for them?

A: Your concern for your dogs' emotional ...Read more

My Pet World: Man’s kindness creates a dilemma for future care of cats

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Dear Cathy,

I started feeding two feral kittens when they were about six-months-old. Over the next year they began acting more like domestic cats. They would come when called, often were waiting for me, lived mostly in my yard, meowed, looked directly at me, and let me sit with them. The male liked being petted. He purrs, curls up beside me, ...Read more

Police chase zoo's escaped peacock through New York neighborhood

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(UPI) Police in New York ended up in an unusual chase when a peacock escaped from the Prospect Park Zoo and went for a run through Brooklyn.

The New York Police Department said it received a 911 call just before 6 a.m. Monday from a witness who reported a peacock running loose near Flatbush Avenue and Empire Boulevard.

Witnesses said the bird ...Read more

VIDEO: Family rescues swimming bear with plastic jug stuck over its head

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(UPI) A family out fishing in a boat on a Wisconsin lake ended up coming to the rescue of a bear swimming with a plastic jug stuck over its head.

Brian Hurt said he was fishing with his wife, Tricia, and son, Brady, on Marshmiller Lake, near Bloomer, when they noticed what they had initially thought to be a floating log was a swimming animal.

...Read more

Tips for a dog-friendly Fourth of July

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Fireworks, barbecues and outdoor fun go hand in hand with Independence Day, but the loud noises and change in routine can upset our four-legged friends. According to AKC Reunite, American Kennel Club's pet ID and recovery service, the Fourth of July is among the most active times of year for pet recovery. The sound of fireworks commonly causes...Read more

Endangered monkey found in center console of truck entering U.S.

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(UPI) Customs officers in Texas made an unusual discovery in a pickup truck attempting to cross the border from Mexico -- an endangered spider monkey.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection's Office of Field Operations said officers at the Hidalgo International Bridge referred a Ford F-150 pickup truck attempting to enter the country from Mexico ...Read more

Escaped bull lassoed after wandering onto Illinois highway

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(UPI) Drivers on an Illinois highway had to dodge an unusual traffic hazard when an escaped bull wandered onto the interstate and was eventually lassoed.

The Columbia Police Department said officers responded to Interstate 255 on Wednesday after drivers reported the large animal wandering into the roadway.

At least one driver captured video of...Read more

Mountain lion removed from crawl space under California home

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(UPI) A mountain lion spotted wandering a California city for four days was captured Thursday morning when it took shelter in a home's crawl space.

Monrovia police and California Department of Fish and Wildlife agents said the mountain lion, which had been spotted in various locations around the city over the course of four days, was spotted ...Read more

Ask the Vet: Feed Commercial Cat Food, Not Just Tuna

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Q: My elderly cat Tater Tot is losing his appetite for dry cat food, but he loves the tuna I eat. Now that he's eating only tuna, I guess I should ask if that's OK for him.

A: It seems you have two concerns: Tater Tot's recent disinterest in dry food and his all-tuna diet.

I'm suspicious that Tater Tot may be experiencing mouth pain that makes...Read more

My Pet World: Don’t discipline dogs; train them to change behaviors and Fourth of July tips

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Dear Cathy,

We inherited a rescue dog. We have no other dogs right now, so we agreed to take her. She’s a good dog but very skittish and barks constantly when she's outside. I’m hesitant to discipline her, like our other dogs, because she's so leery. So far, she’s way more agreeable to my wife, but even my wife can't get her to stop ...Read more

Cat stranded 50 feet up New Jersey tree rescued after three days

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(UPI) A New Jersey town enlisted the help of a professional tree climber to rescue a cat that was stranded for three days on a high branch of a tall tree.

The Town of Smithtown said the domestic shorthair tabby cat, named Tiger, went missing from his home in the Nesconset area last week and was spotted by a neighbor a few days later in a tree ...Read more

20-year-old Tennessee dog believed to be oldest-ever golden retriever

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(UPI) A 20-year-old golden retriever in Tennessee is being hailed as the longest-living dog of her breed after becoming the first on record to surpass the milestone age.

The GoldenHeart Golden Retrievers Rescue said August, known affectionately as Augie, is believed to be the oldest-ever golden retriever at an age of 20 years and 61 days -- and...Read more

Escaped 45-pound tortoise wrangled in Illinois neighborhood

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(UPI) An animal control officer in a suburb of Chicago responded to an unusual call that involved her having to wrangle a 45-pound African tortoise.

Morton Grove Animal Control Officer Megan Glawocz said she responded Friday to a report of a large reptile eating parkway grass on a residential road near the Walgreens on Waukegan Road.

"I ...Read more

Preparing your pet for life after the shelter-in-place

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Whether it's a good idea or not, a lot of people are venturing out of COVID-19 cocoons, heading back to work and spending more time outside the home. I have to admit that while it's scary, it also feels good to have some normalcy back in our lives, even if it still requires being masked and not getting ahead of ourselves.

But what will our ...Read more

How to make sure your pet stays safe in a disaster

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Hurricane season has begun and the unexpected can always happen. Being prepared ahead of time is essential during an emergency to be sure everyone - including your pets - is cared for. The American Kennel Club shares the following tips to keep your dog safe if disaster strikes.

- Gather emergency supplies. Put together an easily portable and...Read more

Ask the Vet: Many Ways to Help Calm Dog With Noise Phobia

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Q: Our dog Hunter is terrified of loud noises, so I'm concerned he'll panic during Fourth of July fireworks and summer thunderstorms. How can we help Hunter remain calm?

A: I'm sorry Hunter has a noise phobia. It's understandable, considering a dog's acute hearing.

When fireworks are expected or a thunderstorm is predicted, modify Hunter's ...Read more

My Pet World: Dog shadows owner everywhere she goes

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Dear Cathy,

I have two Coton du Tulear’s, a 12-year-old brother and sister from the same litter. They are such great pets and I love that they have hugely different personalities. Over the past year, way before the pandemic, Desi, the male, had been shadowing me wherever I go. When I leave the room, he follows. If he’s sleeping and I walk ...Read more

Tips for enjoying a beach day with your dog

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Summer is right around the corner, and as the weather heats up, many people will be headed to the beach to cool off. You can have a fun-filled day with your pup as long as you do a little extra planning. To help owners have the best beach experience possible with their dogs, the American Kennel Club offers the following safety tips:

- Bring ...Read more