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VIDEO: Leopard captured after wandering into house in India

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(UPI) Wildlife officials in India said a leopard wandered into a city and was captured about five hours after it was spotted inside a house.

The Union Territory Forest Department said officials were summoned to a home in Chandigarh's Sector 5, where the leopard was spotted on CCTV cameras Tuesday.

Officials said the leopard wandered into the ...Read more

Maryland winery employs delivery dog for curbside pick-ups

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(UPI) A Maryland winery is observing social distancing protocol in its curbside deliveries with an unusual employee -- a delivery dog.

Stone House Urban Winery in Hagerstown has been offering curbside pickup to abide by the government's orders during the COVID-19 pandemic, and to make sure employees and customers keep a safe distance the ...Read more

Busch offering three months of free beer for dog adoptions

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(UPI) The makers of Busch Beer are teaming with a Minnesota animal rescue to offer three months worth of free beer to anyone who adopts or fosters a dog from the group.

Busch announced 500 people who adopt or foster dogs from Midwest Animal Rescue will be awarded a three months supply of beer in the form of a $100 pre-paid debit card.

The "...Read more

Journaling the coronavirus pandemic: 'I'm scared.' 'Can we get a dog?' 'Everything just feels odd'

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Kelly Milligan's mind drifted back to the days after Sept. 11 and the Boston Marathon bombing. These days felt a bit like those did and, yet, completely distinct.

This moment wasn't finite -- it wasn't one day, and it won't be one week. Nobody knows exactly how long it will last.

But it already feels historic, so two weeks ago, Milligan, a 48-...Read more

My Pet World: How to make the most out of staying at home with your pet

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At the time of this writing, about 100 million people were being asked to stay home because of the coronavirus. If you live with other people and animals, you've been spending more time than usual with them.

How is that going? Is there a little stress in the home? Are you in each other's space?

Many of us are trying to adjust to being either ...Read more

Take precautions to avoid pet poisonings

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At a time when people are anxious, we may not be paying careful attention, and our pets can get into things that can be toxic. As an emergency veterinarian for more than 30 years, I've found that accidents can happen even for the best pet owners.

Many common items in your home and yard can be toxic to pets, so it is important that you ...Read more

Wild cougar wanders empty streets of Chile's capital

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(UPI) A wild cougar made its way to the Chilean capital and spent about 15 hours wandering the city's empty streets before being captured by police and veterinary specialists.

Authorities said the puma was first spotted in the city of Santiago around dawn Tuesday and investigators quickly confirmed that it was a wild animal, and not an escapee ...Read more

Ask the Vet: Celebrate Easter With Chocolate Bunny, Not Live One

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Q: I'm thinking of surprising my 6-year-old niece with a rabbit on Easter. The pet store sells bunnies of various sizes and ear styles. Is one type of rabbit healthier or friendlier than the others?

A: My first pet joined our family when I was younger than your niece, and I got my first rabbit at about your niece's age, but I don't recommend ...Read more

Pet-food delivery is a lifeline for homebound seniors and their animal companions

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PHILADELPHIA - How much do elderly pet owners love their animals? So much so that some of them, when they're financially struggling, will set aside their own needs rather than allow their beloved pets to go without the basics.

"They won't buy medications, they feed their (own) food to their pets," said Marianne Iaquinto, founder of ...Read more

Missing dog turns up two years later, 136 miles from home

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(UPI) An Australian dog who went missing when a storm damaged a fence was found two years later while wandering 136 miles from home with a pair of new puppies.

Graham Lee of Nowra, New South Wales, told Bega Valley Shire Council officials three of his four huskies went missing two years ago when a storm took down a fence at his home.

Lee said ...Read more

My Pet World: Trapping and neutering/spaying feral cats is humane solution

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Dear Cathy,

I live in a 55 and older community. Last year, we had about 20 feral cats roaming the complex. People here are boarding them up under trailers so they can't get out. Several have talked about killing them. I was threatened with major fines because I gave two kittens that stayed in my yard food and water after they came to my door ...Read more

Try these indoor activities with your dog

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There's no shortage of things that you can do with your dog when you're cooped up inside. Even indoors, you can still engage in meaningful activities that can stimulate your dog mentally and physically.

The American Kennel Club suggests the following indoor activities that you can enjoy with your pup:

- Search and sniff. Hide treats around...Read more

Dog rescued from muddy retention pond in North Carolina

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(UPI) Authorities in North Carolina came to the rescue of a dog found struggling with its body stuck up to its chest in a muddy retention pond.

Greenville Police Animal Protective Services said officers responded Thursday to the muddy pond on Orlando Way in Greenville when a report came in of a distressed canine.

They arrived to find the dog ...Read more

Senators press Jeff Bezos on Amazon's coronavirus workplace safety measures

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Four U.S. Senators pressed Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Friday for details on how the company is keeping its workers safe, after one of its U.S. warehouse employees tested positive for COVID-19 in New York.

Amazon employees across the country, rushing to fulfill a surge in online orders as the novel coronavirus pandemic spreads, have called out ...Read more

Ask the Vet: Ear-Tipped Cat Already Sterilized

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Q: A new friend invited me to her home, and I was surprised that one of her cats was missing an ear tip. What was left of the ear looked normal, except that it had been cut in a straight line. I'm wondering: Is this woman in a cult that tortures cats, and should I report her to the authorities?

A: You should start by talking with her. Ask her ...Read more

My Pet World: No evidence that pets can transmit coronavirus to owners

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As the world responds to the spread of novel coronavirus, I want to address some general animal-related questions people have had on the topic.

Can my pet get or spread coronavirus?

The answer is no. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the homeandleisure/pets/mypetworld/s-2339912">Read more

Tigers block forest officials' vehicle in India

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(UPI) An Indian Forest Service official shared video of a pair of tigers blocking the path of an official's vehicle while on patrol in a wooded area.

Susanta Nanda, an officer with the Indian Forest Service, tweeted the vehicle was patrolling a dirt road at night when the two tigers blocked its path.

"Strenuous night paroling by Forest ...Read more

Tips to help dog owners get ready for spring

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The first day of spring arrives this week, which means lots of sun and more time outside. Additionally, it's time to get ready for spring cleaning!

To help you and your dog get ready for the new season, the American Kennel Club offers the following tips:

- Brush your dog's coat. Shedding increases in the springtime as dogs lose their ...Read more

'Unicorn' puppy has one ear in the middle of her head

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(UPI) A golden retriever puppy in Michigan has been branded a "unicorn" due to an unusual facial feature: having only a single ear, positioned on the top of her head.

Rae - "ear" spelled backward - was brought to Family Friends Veterinary Hospital in Grand Rapids as a newborn because she required emergency surgery.

The now-12-week-old puppy is...Read more

Cats treated for wildfire burns offer clues for human, veterinary medicine

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Cats injured in Northern California wildfires could offer insight into the heart problems that both pets and people may experience after fire exposure, a new study found.

The study, by researchers at the University of California, Davis, Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, looked at cardiovascular problems diagnosed in 51 cats treated after ...Read more