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The heart of the matter: Heartworm disease in dogs

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More than 100,000 dogs test positive for heartworm infection every year in the United States. It has been diagnosed in all 50 states and American pet owners spend approximately $75 million annually on heartworm prevention and treatment.

It’s safe to say that heartworm infection is the most important parasitic disease facing our canine ...Read more

Ask the Vet: Don't Ignore Dog's Animal Hospital Aggression

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Q: Harley, my 3-year-old bulldog mix, doesn't go to the veterinarian often because he gets aggressive whenever he does. During his most recent visit, the vet recommended we consult a veterinarian who specializes in behavior problems to help Harley feel less anxious at the animal hospital. My question is why bother, since the vet was able to give...Read more

My Pet World: It’s OK to start planning for your pet’s 4th of July

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Dear Cathy,

The 4th of July is approaching. My dog is terrified of fireworks. Last year, my veterinarian prescribed Acepromazine 25mg. This medication completely immobilized my dog. I read that it immobilizes them, but they are still afraid. I tried CBD, but it didn't work. Is there any other option to calm my dog during these fireworks?

— ...Read more

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Angie Harmon sues Instacart over fatal dog shooting, PTSD; app is 'beyond responsible,' she says

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Angie Harmon and her daughters are still processing grief from the death of their dog, with the actor filing a lawsuit against Instacart and the delivery person who she says shot her pet Oliver at her North Carolina home in late March.

The "Law & Order" and "Rizzoli & Isles" alum, who filed a civil lawsuit over the March 30 incident in ...Read more


Gadgets: Pet grooming kit, smart lock

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Ultenic has launched the P30 pet grooming and drying 6-in-1 vacuum kit.

The do-it-yourself kit is designed to avoid expensive trips to the salon for your four-legged family members. It includes a variety of attachments for all grooming needs, from full-body cuts to more exact trims.

An instant problem one would see with home pet grooming is ...Read more

WATCH: Trapped puppy rescued from inside wall of California home

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(UPI) A curious puppy crawled through a small plumbing access door in her family's home and ended up having to be rescued from inside a wall.

The Orange County Fire Authority said on social media that the puppy, named Faye, crawled through the plumbing access opening and ended up trapped underneath the bathtub in her family's Garden Grove home ...Read more

Tips on dog-friendly gardening

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As the spring season begins, many people will start tending to their gardens. While we love filling our gardens with our favorite plants and flowers, parts of them can be dangerous to our four-legged friends.

To help keep your garden dog-friendly this spring, the American Kennel Club offers the following advice.

Pick your plants carefully....Read more

WATCH: 'Pandas' at Chinese zoo are chow chow dogs in disguise

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(UPI) A Chinese zoo is being criticized online after visitors complained the animals in a "panda" exhibit aren't bears at all -- they're painted chow chow dogs.

Visitors to the Taizhou Zoo in Jiangsu Province said they were surprised to discover the so-called "panda dogs" that went on display May 1 are dogs with their fur trimmed and dyed to ...Read more

Ask The Vet: Treat Cat to Outdoor Adventure With Cat-Safe Enclosure

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Q: Monty, our indoor cat, often tries to escape from the house. We know he's safer inside, where he won't be attacked by another animal or hit by a car, but he's determined to explore outside. Is there some way we can let him venture outdoors safely?

A: One way is to take him for a stroll with you. Fit him with a cat harness and a thin leash, ...Read more

My Pet World: South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem shows a shocking lack of empathy for animals

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I want to weigh in on the recent controversy over South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem's decision to kill Cricket, a 14-month-old dog, labeling him as "untrainable."

Witnessing a public figure take such a drastic step without thoroughly exploring alternative solutions is deeply troubling.

As someone dedicated to animal welfare, I support ...Read more

Kitten rescued from New Jersey storm drain

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(UPI) Animal control officers and public works employees in New Jersey came to the rescue of a kitten found trapped in a storm drain.

The Somerset Regional Animal Shelter said in a Facebook post that Animal Control Officer Jess Ostrowski rushed into action Sunday night when a kitten was reported trapped in a storm drain on Sunny Slope Road in ...Read more

WATCH: Kitten rescued from New Jersey storm drain

Pets / Cats & Dogs News /

(UPI) Animal control officers and public works employees in New Jersey came to the rescue of a kitten found trapped in a storm drain.

The Somerset Regional Animal Shelter said in a Facebook post that Animal Control Officer Jess Ostrowski rushed into action Sunday night when a kitten was reported trapped in a storm drain on Sunny Slope Road in ...Read more

Important reminders for developing disaster plans for your pets

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National Animal Preparedness Day is coming up on May 8 and AKC Reunite wants to remind you to include your pets in your disaster preparedness plans.

Natural disasters such as storms, flooding and wildfires across the country have been heartbreaking for owners and their pets. This is why the need for emergency preparedness is evident. To ...Read more

What makes a Westminster Best in Show winner, based on a century of data

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On the second weekend of May 2024, over 2,500 dogs representing every U.S. state and 12 countries will strut across rings at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, each having spent countless hours training and preparing for the event. While leaving with any prize from one of the most competitive dog shows in the U.S. is already an ...Read more

Ask the Vet: Xylitol Artificial Sweetener Toxic to Dogs

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Q: Hercules, the dog I recently adopted, needs to take medicine that isn't available as a chewable tablet. May I hide his pills in peanut butter and give them that way?

A: Yes, provided you use peanut butter that is free of xylitol, an artificial sweetener found in many products.

Xylitol poisons dogs two ways: It induces liver failure, and it ...Read more

Firefighters rescue cat trapped in chimney for two days

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(UPI) The London Fire Brigade came to the rescue of a cat who fled from his owner's vacuum and spent two days trapped in the chimney.

The brigade said its Bexley and Greenwich Red Watch crews responded to the Erith-area home to rescue the cat, named Oreo, when his owner started to grow concerned that he wasn't coming down on his own.

"Oreo the...Read more

Ask the Vet: Hoarder Has Too Many Animals for Adequate Care

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Q: My neighbor has more cats than I can count, so I assume she's a hoarder. Should I intervene? If so, how?

A: Just having many cats doesn't make your neighbor a hoarder. What would make her a hoarder is having more cats than she can properly care for.

Hoarders fail to provide even minimal standards of shelter, sanitation, nutrition or ...Read more

My Pet World: Training is the answer for handling a dog who barks at guests

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Dear Cathy,

I adopted a year-old dog from the SPCA (a Chipoodle). He is protective, but only in the house. When we're out on walks, he's fine if I stop and talk to anyone, or if anyone approaches. But at home, when the doorbell rings or anyone enters the house, he starts barking loudly.

He doesn't growl. If I give him a bunch of treats, he ...Read more

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PetSmart contest offers to cover up bad tattoos with a pic of your pooch

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Every tattoo has a story. Some are good; others may leave a nagging sense of regret.

Those tattoos that make you cringe are at the heart of a contest that the PetSmart superstore company launched this month.

Dubbed the "Redo Tattoo" contest, PetSmart is offering five winners a chance to replace tattoos they regret with a portrait of a pet.

...Read more

Florida golden retriever gives birth to lime green puppy

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(UPI) A golden retriever puppy quickly gained fame online when she was born a color far different from the breed's golden reputation: lime green.

Carole DeBruler, owner of Florida's Golden Treasures Kennel, posted videos of the puppy, named Shamrock, to TikTok, where the cute canine quickly developed a following.

Shamrock was born lime green -...Read more