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Delegating aircraft safety assessments to Boeing is nothing new for the FAA

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In the wake of two fatal crashes of Boeing's new 737 MAX 8, the Federal Aviation Administration faces growing criticism for delegating much of the safety certification of the aircraft to the aerospace company itself.

As The Seattle Times reported Sunday, some of the agency's own engineers complained they were pressured to hand off too much ...Read more

3M realigns corporate structure, combining safety with industrial businesses

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3M's new CEO on Monday announced a company realignment that combines its safety business -- which it has beefed up in recent years with large acquisitions -- with its industrial unit and cuts down its business groups from five to four.

The change will enable the company to better serve global customers and markets, said CEO Mike Roman who took ...Read more

Some nations ground Boeing's 737 Max after crash; critics call for US to follow suit

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Boeing Co. came under growing international pressure to account for the second crash of its 737 Max aircraft, as China and other countries grounded their fleets and investors pounded the aerospace company's shares in trading Monday.

Investigators found the black boxes of the Ethiopian Airlines jetliner that crashed Sunday shortly after takeoff,...Read more

FDA announces sweeping plan to review safety of surgical staplers

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WASHINGTON -- The Food and Drug Administration announced a sweeping plan on Friday to review and address the safety of surgical staplers, including a new examination of seven years' worth of hidden reports highlighted Thursday in a Kaiser Health News investigation.

In a letter sent to health care providers Friday, the FDA said it will convene ...Read more

Tesla catches fire multiples times after fatal crash. Are the cars unsafe?

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Does the Tesla's tendency to erupt into a deadly inferno make it unsafe, or do the high-tech vehicles' futuristic features encourage drivers to operate them unsafely?

Renewed questions about the all-electric vehicles, best known for semiautonomous driver-assist technology the company calls "autopilot," follow a second fiery and fatal crash in ...Read more

An agency hid Tesla crash data for nearly two years. Is that any way to build trust in driverless cars?

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It was an extraordinary vote of confidence for autonomous driving by the nation's top vehicle safety agency. Two years ago, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced crash rates for Tesla cars dropped by almost 40 percent after installation of a self-drive technology called Autosteer.

"Forty percent. That was an eye-popper," ...Read more

'A bullet in your pocket': Lawyers target battery makers in exploding e-cigarette cases

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- What some people thought was a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes has left at numerous people across the nation disfigured and burned after their electronic cigarettes exploded.

Now, their attorneys have filed lawsuits targeting the manufacturers of e-cigarette batteries and the vape stores that sell them.

The ...Read more

Scooter madness in Austin puts safety concerns in high gear

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AUSTIN, Texas -- University of Texas star baseball shortstop David Hamilton hit a pothole riding an electric scooter, tearing his Achilles tendon and requiring surgery. He'll miss the season. Cristal Glangchai, the CEO for a nonprofit, hit a rock riding her scooter, landing her on the pavement just blocks from home.

"I lost control and ended up...Read more

Feds won't investigate most vehicle defects during government shutdown

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Federal workers must go without pay, national parks are a mess, and now vehicle safety investigations are on hold.

The agency responsible for investigating defects in the nation's cars, trucks and SUVs does not plan to do so during the government shutdown. It's the latest in a growing list of impacts caused by a political test of wills between ...Read more


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