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Pet Vet: Dog's not bothered by broken tooth, should caretakers be?

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Poppy is a 3-year-old golden retriever living a happy and carefree life according to caretakers Rod and Carla. She spends her days in a large back yard and especially enjoys her swimming pool. Another favorite activity is fetching. She is especially fond of tennis balls and sticks of various sizes. Recently, Rod and Carla noticed that Poppy has ...Read more

Pet Vet: Mass on cat's nose could be dire

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Frampton is a 12-year-old cat who is well taken care of by Alan and Tammie. Despite their efforts, Alan and Tammie have been unsuccessful at making Frampton an indoor cat. He has insisted on spending time outside through various signaling methods -- not the least of which was urinating on the furniture.

He does not seem to wander far from home ...Read more

Abortions easier to obtain than ever, yet nearly half worldwide are deemed unsafe, study finds

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It's never been easier to have a safe abortion. With improvements in drugs designed to end a pregnancy and the spread of telemedicine, women all over the world are gaining access to low-risk, noninvasive abortions.

But does this really mean that dangerous procedures are becoming a thing of the past? To find out, a team led by researchers at the...Read more

Pet Vet: Afraid to have your dog's teeth cleaned? That fear is what puts them at risk

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Sharie takes care of Stumpy, a 7-year-old terrier mix, a neutered male, that lives both inside and outside. Sharie has had Stumpy's teeth cleaned in the past and wonders how often it's necessary. She wants to take care of his teeth but is concerned about the anesthetic procedure when they are cleaned. She has heard that his teeth can be cleaned ...Read more

Pet Vet: Why a cat's color can make it more susceptible to skin cancer

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Snowball is a fluffy female cat 10 years of age. Can you guess what color she might be? I ask the question because it is relevant to what might be causing her problem.

According to Tamara, Snowball's house servant (Tamara's words), Snowball has a problem with her left ear. Her problem initially started with some crusting/scabbing on the tip ...Read more


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