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Pet Vet: Cat's age complicates surgical removal of mass

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Angel is a 14-plus-year-old feline sharing her life with her caretaker Stefanie. Some time ago Stefanie found a small dark and soft mass on the top of Angel's head and about six months ago it grew quite visibly to about the size of a quarter at its base and three quarters of an inch high. It is now pink in color, soft and as Stefanie puts it, ...Read more

Pet Vet: His bearded dragon lizard no longer wants to eat

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I think a lot of people realize that veterinary medicine can present challenges different from those in human medicine. Certainly, our companions have some similar physiology and structures to our own, however the main challenge is that veterinary medicine patients are not as communicative as humans are with their physicians. I have seldom had a...Read more

Pet Vet: Diabetes complicates Schnauzer's need for surgery

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Macintosh is a 10-year-old Schnauzer that has diabetes. His caretaker Paula has been treating him with an injection of insulin twice daily for the past 16 months and he has been doing quite well. Paula checks Mac's blood sugar level three to four times weekly and he appears to be well regulated. Recently, Mac has developed a mass along the top ...Read more

Lawmakers' safety exemption for old steamboat alarms Coast Guard

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WASHINGTON--The Senate voted overwhelmingly last month to permit a 90-year-old stern-wheel steamboat named the Delta Queen to travel the Mississippi River as an overnight cruise ship for up to 174 passengers.

Relaunching the now-idle boat would rekindle a connection to the region's history and inject millions of tourist dollars and hundreds of ...Read more

Tips to stay safe on the water

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Experts offer several tips for staying safe on the water this summer:

-- Don't drink alcohol and don't smoke marijuana while boating.

-- Don't overload boats with more people than a vessel has capacity to accommodate, and ensure there is a life jacket for every person on board.

-- Wear a Coast Guard-approved life jacket appropriate for your ...Read more

Pet Vet: Changes in pet cockatoo suggest dietary danger

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We have discussed in the past how important it is to catch changes in our companions' behaviors and habits as early as possible to address any potential disease before it becomes untreatable. But it's more difficult to spot problems in some species and birds are among the most difficult.

Birds are essentially wild creatures that have been ...Read more

Pet Vet: A dog's breed matters in the aging process

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The process of aging is an unfortunate side effect of life. This holds true for all living creatures, but there are mysteries associated with aging -- including how fast it all takes place. Why for instance does a Galapagos tortoise live for 200 years while a field mouse only lives for 3? Even within the same species of animals, there can be ...Read more


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