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Pet Vet: Cat scratch fever or why Beemer is losing his hair

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Terry from Modesto takes care of Beemer, a 6-year-old cat that spends most of his time in the house. Terry works from home, spending a lot of time with Beemer, and has noticed over the past couple of weeks that he has developed some hair loss along his back. His skin in the area also feels bumpy when Terry pets Beemer. He is apparently healthy ...Read more

Factoring in the price of safety on the bullet train

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LOS ANGELES -- Engineers on California's high-speed rail project have worried for nine years about the sort of train wreck that occurred in New York last October.

Six hundred rail passengers were rolling across Long Island at 50 mph on a Saturday night when a maintenance train on a parallel track derailed and sideswiped their commuter train, ...Read more

Pet Vet: Hop to the vet to get bunny's eyes checked

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Bubbles is a 3-year-old female Netherlands dwarf rabbit with an eye problem. It is her left eye and it has been draining, according her caretaker Cory, for at least three weeks. The material draining from Bubbles' eye is sometimes milky and sometimes clear like tears.

Stating the obvious, take Bubbles to her veterinarian. Perhaps Cory has ...Read more

3M becoming major player in worker safety sector

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MINNEAPOLIS -- 3M workers around the world are wowing companies and crowds at conventions by rappelling down buildings, oil rigs and ceilings.

It's all part of the company's safety-education efforts that have caught the eye of regulators as well as customers.

"We don't want to drop off our equipment with (customers) and just say, 'Well, good ...Read more

Experts' tips for staying safe online

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The online world is a scary place -- viruses and malware that steal information make their way onto computers, and hackers hijack devices and demand a ransom to get back stored information.

There are safe ways to be online, and security experts say a combination of safe behavior and products helps keep users protected.

A good defense is as ...Read more

Top travel agents on how to stay safe while traveling

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No matter where you are traveling, you need to be safe. Things can happen -- injuries, theft, losses and more.

You need to learn how to protect yourself when on the road and especially when you're in another country. Here are eight tips from travel professionals to help you stay safe and secure while on your vacation:


"...Read more

Bill to limit regulation poses risks for health and safety, critics say

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WASHINGTON -- Amid the Republican backlash against federal scientists who write rules governing everything from movie theater popcorn to offshore oil drilling, stories abound of overburdened businesses, heavy-handed civil servants and crushing paperwork.

But another story, one involving a deadly household material, offers a lesson in what can ...Read more

Pet Vet: Canary needs to visit vet to start singing again

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There are so many blessings to be had when we share our lives with animals.

Our interactions with our companions often depend on what type of creature we care for, and so, too, do the joys we receive from them. With a dog, it may be the time spent interacting with them on walks or simply playing in the yard -- even the simple act of petting ...Read more

Are you carrying your cellphone too close to your body?

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In the movie "La La Land," the heroine fields calls in the current style, with her cellphone pressed close to her ear.

When President Barack Obama gave his farewell address, he equated innovation with "a computer in every pocket."

Some users sleep with their cellphones on the nightstand -- or even tucked under the pillow.

But how close should...Read more

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