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As fatal truck crashes surge, U.S. government won't make an easy fix

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Trucker Jeff Kolkman was an ace within Green Transportation's squadron of "road pilots."

Kolkman was, his dispatcher said, "a very safe driver who followed the rules. He always put safety first."

Until one spring afternoon when he didn't.

In a dashcam recording from inside the cab of a 2016 Volvo semi, Kolkman stares down ...Read more

Safety concerns about duck boats have been sounded for years

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Safety concerns about duck boats similar to the Ride the Ducks tourist vessel that sank Thursday on Table Rock Lake, Mo., killing 17 people, have been sounded for years.

A scathing report by the National Transportation Safety Board after a deadly wreck involving a duck boat in Arkansas in 1999 recommended requiring the vessels to improve ...Read more

Are there ways to protect my pets and family from coyotes?

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Coyotes are generally reclusive animals that keep their distance from humans and their dwellings, but there is a real risk from coyotes that have lost some of their fear of people and discovered our pets are easy prey.

We must always be vigilant when it comes to our pets and the wild animals that also live in the area, but there are some ...Read more


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