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In California, hundreds of Inland Empire buildings face collapse in major earthquake

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As California's fast-growing Inland Empire churn out new housing tracts, the city of Redlands is a throwback to an older, more regal era.

The college town is graced by historic mansions, old orange groves and a vintage downtown that stands in deep contrast to the region's big-box shopping centers and drive-thru restaurants. The town center is ...Read more

Workers at Apple supplier complain of unsafe conditions

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For the second time in three months, Apple is facing questions about working conditions at its Chinese suppliers.

A report by China Labor Watch claims there are continuing violations at Catcher Technology, a light-metal manufacturing plant in the Chinese industrial city Suqian that makes products for Apple, and other technology companies.

In ...Read more

Have a cell phone against your ear? You should consider putting it down

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Put your cellphone down -- and keep it away from your pillow, the California Department of Public Health is advising.

Smartphone use continues to increase in the U.S., especially among children, and the health department said some people and health professionals have concerns about the radio frequency energy emitted from cell phones. The ...Read more

Can cruise lines ensure shore excursions they offer are safe?

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How safe are shore excursions for cruise line passengers?

That's a question that resurfaces after highly publicized accidents such as last month's fatal bus crash in eastern Mexico that killed passengers of two ships owned by Royal Caribbean Cruises. Eleven foreign tourists and a Mexican tour guide died.

Cruise lines say they work as hard as ...Read more

Nobody died in a U.S. commercial jet crash last year β€” a trend that predates Trump

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The United States racked up another sterling year for airline safety: Zero people died in crashes of commercial jets in 2017, for the eighth year in a row.

Worldwide, there were 10 fatal airliner accidents and 44 fatalities -- 25 passengers and 19 crew members, according to the Aviation Safety Network, a group that tracks accidents involving ...Read more

Testing for tainted marijuana challenges states

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WASHINGTON -- People don't just smoke marijuana. They vaporize it, bake it into brownies, use it in eye drops, and rub extracts of it onto their skin. Some people use the drug as medicine, others for the fun of getting high.

In states that have legalized pot, regulators have struggled to make sure the bewildering array of products on dispensary...Read more

Fed report: Safety problems persist at immigration detention center in South Georgia

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ATLANTA--An immigration detention center in South Georgia has struggled with serious safety problems undermining the "humane treatment" of its detainees, according to a stinging new report by the U.S. Homeland Security Department's Office of Inspector General.

At Stewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, some detainees with high-risk criminal ...Read more

5 years after Sandy Hook shooting, Connecticut school districts violating safety laws

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HARTFORD, Conn. -- Five years ago, the world was stunned by a crime unprecedented in its horror -- the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School that took the lives of 20 first-graders and six adults.

State legislators reacted to the massacre not only by enacting tougher gun laws but also by earmarking millions to make Connecticut schools safer...Read more

Korean, Japanese and German cars edge out Americans in insurance group's safety lists

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Korean, Japanese and German car companies came out on top, and very few American vehicles made the cut in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's recommendations for the safest 2018 cars.

Cars and sport utility vehicles from Hyundai Motor Co.'s Hyundai, Kia and Genesis brands scored the highest points overall, with six of the 15 choices ...Read more

Real estate agents face danger on the job

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CHICAGO -- Sonia Figueroa was spooked. So she decided to get a gun.

The Century 21-affiliated real estate broker has been working in Chicago for more than a decade. She knows the basics of staying safe, tactics many in the field said they follow: Let someone know where you are, don't post too many personal details online.

But this year, three ...Read more

Amid attacks, teachers weigh their safety against student privacy

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WASHINGTON -- The cellphone video is shocking: A high school student shoves a teacher, then hits him face-on and is still hurling punches, his peers giggling along, as the man tumbles backward onto the floor.

The August attack at a Milwaukee high school went viral and had officials in Wisconsin wondering how they could protect teachers against ...Read more


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