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A Wonderful Soul-Stirring Fall Revival

Toward the end of September, I was especially looking forward to the appreciation services for my pastor, Overseer S.D. Carter, of Vision of Breath with Life Ministries in Columbus, Ohio. September is always a busy time of the year for me due to the fall semester at Ohio State University's Lima campus when incoming freshmen are bursting with ...Read more

On Impeachment, Kevin McCarthy Misses the Big Picture

Politics, Moderate / Joe Guzzardi /

For all of Kevin McCarthy’s bluster about his impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden’s corrupt finances, skeptics have deep doubts about the House Speaker’s priorities.

The Biden family’s financial double-dealing is small potatoes compared to the nation’s lost sovereignty that the administration’s open border agenda promotes...Read more

Oregon's Drug Problems Were Not Caused by Decriminalization: Prohibition Is at the Root of the Hazards That Have Led to Record Numbers of Opioid-Related Deaths

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

Three years ago, 58% of Oregon voters approved Measure 110, a groundbreaking ballot initiative that eliminated criminal penalties for low-level possession of illegal drugs. Last week, a group called the Coalition to Fix and Improve Ballot Measure 110 proposed two versions of an initiative aimed at reversing that reform, and recent polling ...Read more

Sharp Rise in Poverty Requires a Call to Action

Census Bureau data released earlier this month showed an increase in the number of Americans who are living in poverty, and one of the most disturbing findings is that the percentage of children living in households that struggle to provide their essential needs doubled. Using the Supplemental Poverty Measure, which calculates the economic ...Read more

Republicans have rare opportunity to secure U.S. border

Politics, Moderate / Joe Guzzardi /

Congress is back from its August recess, the weeks-long period away from its always-contentious, mostly unproductive business.

The House and the Senate have about a week until the Sep. 30 deadline to pass a federal budget. On Oct. 1, a new fiscal year begins. If lawmakers cannot push through their spending bills, the nation will face a ...Read more

Trump's Preposterous Defense in the Purloined Documents Case: The Former President Suggests He Was Not Obliged to Obey a Subpoena Seeking Classified Records

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

In May 2022, Donald Trump received a federal subpoena demanding all the documents with classification markings that remained in his possession at Mar-a-Lago. At that point, SiriusXM talk show host Megyn Kelly suggested in an interview with the former president last week, he was legally obligated to surrender those records.

"I know this," ...Read more

Fresh off Her US Open Win, Coco Gauff Exhibits True Humbleness as a Champion

When Coco Gauff won this year's U.S. Open women's singles title at just 19 years of age, there were immediate comparisons to Serena Williams, who took home her first U.S. Open trophy when she 17 in 1999. With Gauff's star soaring in women's tennis, we can view her triumph as a passing of the mantle since Williams retired last year. Also, looking...Read more

On Rosh Hashanah, remembering baseball’s winningest Jewish pitcher

Politics, Moderate / Joe Guzzardi /

When the Chicago Cubs called up Ken Holtzman from the Rookie Pioneer League in 1965, some within the organization predicted that the lefty would be the next Sandy Koufax. Both were tall, lean, and Jewish flamethrowers.

Holtzman had an outstanding 17-year-long career that included two stints with the Cubs, and one go-around each with the ...Read more

Are free refills the arch-nemesis of the Golden Arches?

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

Tyrades! by Danny Tyree

So, now the fuzzy purple critter isn’t the only “grimace” I’ll associate with the McDonald’s chain.

“I’m lovin’ it” was assuredly not my gut-level reaction when I read of a 10-year corporate plan to phase out self-serving soda machines in all the restaurants and require customers to request (grovel...Read more

A Blatantly Unconstitutional Gun Edict Highlights the Hazards of Emergency Powers: New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham Thinks Violent Crime Gives Her a License to Rule by Decree

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

When New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham issued "a public health emergency order" that purportedly suspended the right to bear arms in Albuquerque and surrounding Bernalillo County last week, her justification was seemingly straightforward. "I have emergency powers," she told The New York Times. "Gun violence is an epidemic. Therefore, it's...Read more

NFL bets on greed

Politics, Moderate / Tom Purcell /

“Only bet what you can afford to lose.”

That’s the message from the National Football League as its betting-company partners aggressively promote legal betting on pro football games.

For years the NFL was adamantly against betting in sports.

In 2012, reports the New York Post, the league’s commissioner Roger Goodell said: “If ...Read more

More Focus on Suicide Awareness for African Americans

National Suicide Prevention Week will be observed from Sept. 10 to 16, and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention designates September as National Suicide Prevention Month. In August, many news reports highlighted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's findings that close to 50,000 Americans died by suicide in 2022, which ...Read more

Thurber’s Tail: How to survive your sharp-toothed puppy

Politics, Moderate / Tom Purcell /

The bloodshed was everywhere.

It was all over my house, my parent’s house, my neighbors’ houses and splattered at any location in which anyone dared to pet my 9-week-old bundle of joy, Thurber the yellow Labrador.

I was desperate to stop Thurber's reign of puppy-toothed terror, but how?

Why Are a Puppy’s Teeth So Sharp?

Puppies...Read more

How are you in the best friend department?

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

Tyrades! by Danny Tyree

“So, Dan – what are you doing tonight?”

After 40-plus years, I can still hear one of my best friends from college asking that dreaded question.

No matter how many homework assignments, romantic entanglements and writing deadlines occupied my plate, Jack would invariably cajole me into some series of nerdy ...Read more

Rescheduling Marijuana Would Leave Federal Prohibition Essentially Untouched: Although the HHS-Recommended Change Would Benefit Researchers and the Cannabis Industry, It Would Not Resolve the Conflict Between State and Federal Marijuana Laws

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

For half a century, reformers have been urging the Drug Enforcement Administration to reclassify marijuana, which since 1970 has been assigned to Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, the law's most restrictive category. Although the DEA has always rejected that proposal, it could change course in light of a recent recommendation from ...Read more

Jimmy Buffett was a super-spreader of happiness

Politics, Moderate / Tom Purcell /

There’s a reason the name “Jimmy Buffett” elicits immediate joy in the hearts of millions: happiness contagion.

A study conducted by Harvard University and the University of California followed 5,000 people for 20 years to determine if happiness was contagious.

The study’s finding: it most certainly is.

If you smile at a ...Read more

Racial Hatred Is Attacking the Soul of America

The recent tragic shooting at a Jacksonville, Florida Dollar General store that left three Black people dead brought back harrowing memories of the Tops Friendly Market slayings last year in Buffalo, New York. I remember Erie County Sheriff John Garcia calling the deadly Tops shooting "pure evil," and there really isn't a better way to describe ...Read more

DOJ sues SpaceX for hiring U.S. citizens

Politics, Moderate / Joe Guzzardi /

President Biden’s Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against SpaceX, the Elon Musk-founded company. In its 13-page complaint, the Justice Department alleges that SpaceX “discriminated against asylees and refugees throughout its hiring process, including during recruiting, screening, and selection, in violation of the Immigration and ...Read more

Is your house too large?

Politics, Moderate / Danny Tyree /

Tyrades! by Danny Tyree

When I was five years old and my father worked for a subdivision developer, the Tyree family was giddily comparing floorplans for constructing a new house on a wooded lot next to our crowded domicile.

My mother still owns the wooded lot, but twists and turns of fate (involving two relocations) saw to it that we ...Read more

A Ruling Against a Man Arrested for a COVID-19 Joke Highlights the Influence of a Pernicious Analogy: A Federal Judge Compared Waylon Bailey's Facebook Jest to 'Falsely Shouting Fire in a Theatre'

Politics, Moderate / Jacob Sullum /

Back in March 2020, a dozen or so sheriff's deputies wearing bulletproof vests descended upon Waylon Bailey's home in Rapides Parish, Louisiana, with their guns drawn, ordered him onto his knees with his hands on his head, and arrested him for a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison. The SWAT-style raid was provoked by a Facebook post ...Read more