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Companies Go Through the Motions of 'Useless' DEI Training

From the Right / John Stossel /

All big American companies now require DEI training: diversity, equity and inclusion. All big companies! Really. It sounds responsible. But it turns out DEI courses are often useless and sometimes racist. First comes groveling.

My new video about DEI shows a conference that begins with a "land acknowledgement." A Microsoft employee apologizes ...Read more

Government-Run Airlines Crash, Killing Thousands!

From the Right / John Stossel /

Your flight is delayed? Blame your government. OK, it's not always government's fault.

Sometimes it's weather or mechanical problems. But often we suffer horrible flight delays because politicians won't relinquish power. In January, flights were grounded when the government's "Notice to Air Missions" system broke down. That was just the latest...Read more

I Wish Our Politicians Would Listen to These Kids!

From the Right / John Stossel /

Government imposes a million rules. Americans seem to want more!

Leftists want new gun laws and bans on single-use plastics, gas stoves, fossil fuels, gas-powered cars, nuclear power.

Conservatives want to ban porn and books that discuss gender identity and critical race theory.

People just accept bans on recreational drugs, flavored vapes ...Read more

The Jones Act is Just Another a Special Deal That One Industry Has Scammed Out of Congress! It Should Die!

From the Right / John Stossel /

After a recent hurricane, Puerto Ricans desperately needed fuel. Fortunately, an oil tanker was right offshore. Unfortunately, the United States government forbade it to come ashore! Why? Because of a stupid law with a stupid name: The Jones Act.

The Jones Act forbids shipping anything between American ports in ships that are not U.S. built and...Read more

Government's Dirty Secret: Most Classified Documents Aren't Important!

From the Right / John Stossel /

Classified documents are found in Donald Trump's home! Democrats were outraged! Trump is guilty of "mishandling of some of our nation's most sensitive secrets" creating "a national security crisis!" said MSNBC's Chris Hayes and Nicole Wallace. Then President Joe Biden got caught. Suddenly conservatives were upset.

"Thanks to Joe Biden," said ...Read more

Ordinary Americans Are Out of Luck, Unless PredictIt Meets a Stroke of Luck!

From the Right / John Stossel /

What will happen in the future? Is there a way to know? There is, maybe. One technique that predicts the future better than any other is prediction markets. The stock market is one. It lets people bet on prospects of companies. The market often predicts wrong, but a rising stock price is a better forecaster of company success than 100 executives...Read more

Smart, Thoughtful Mike Pompeo Grew Up as a Libertarian, Thinks a Jihad Leader and Carter Leader Are the Same, and Believes the Chinese Cheat!

From the Right / John Stossel /

Former CIA Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will probably run for president. People call him a "staunch conservative." In our extended interview, I give him a hard time about that. "Conservative" once meant promoting limited government. But lately Republicans push new regulations and drive up America's debt by spending more.

...Read more

Smart, Thoughtful Mike Pompeo Acknowledges That the Constitution Puts Limits on Federal Power! And He Wants to Abolish the Department of Education!

From the Right / John Stossel /

The next presidential race is on. One probable candidate is former CIA Director and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. He just released a new book: "Never Give an Inch: Fighting for the America I Love." Pompeo must be a smart guy. He graduated first in his class at West Point. Then he went to Harvard Law School. Interviewing him makes it clear that...Read more

World Population is Irrelevant So Long as People Are Free!

From the Right / John Stossel /

Have you heard? The world is about to end! "60 Minutes" recently featured Paul Ehrlich, author of the bestseller, "The Population Bomb." "Humanity is not sustainable," he said. Why would "60 Minutes" interview Ehrlich? For years, Ehrlich said, "We are very close to a famine" and, "In the next 15 years, the end will come." He's been wrong again ...Read more

'Recycling Religion' Simply a Way for Greens and Politicians to Pretend They're Saving the Planet!

From the Right / John Stossel /

For decades, we've been told: recycle! "If we're not using recycled paper, we're cutting down more trees!" says Lynn Hoffman, co-president of Eureka Recycling. Recycling paper (or cardboard) does save trees. Recycling aluminum does save energy. But that's about it. The ugly truth is that many "recyclables" sent to recycling plants are never ...Read more

Leftist Media Got So Much Wrong About COVID!

From the Right / John Stossel /

It's now been three years since COVID hit. At the start of the pandemic, "experts" shouted: "Stay home!" "Close schools!" "Wash your hands!" "Disinfect countertops!" Clearly, disinfecting countertops and washing hands made no difference. What about closing schools and lockdowns?

The media trashed Gov. Ron DeSantis when he lifted Florida's ...Read more

The NBA vs Enes Freedom, Remains Silent on Torture in China!

From the Right / John Stossel /

Teenage basketball star Enes Kanter was shocked when his teammate criticized President Barack Obama on Facebook. "Dude, what are you doing?" he exclaimed. He feared his teammate would be jailed. Kanter is from Turkey, where, as Kanter explains in my new video, people who criticize the president do go to jail. His teammates laughed at him....Read more

The World Benefits from Elon Musk Much More Than Elizabeth Warren's Greedy Government!

From the Right / John Stossel /

It's the season for giving. I'll give! I'll donate to the Doe Fund, a charity that helps ex-cons find purpose in life through work. "Work works!" they say. It does. Doe Fund graduates are less likely to go back to jail. I'll donate to Student Sponsor Partners, which helps at-risk kids escape bad "public (government-run)" schools. SSP ...Read more



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