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Delete Your Apps! The Government is Purchasing Their Data, Creating Records About All Of Us!

From the Right / John Stossel /

The Fourth Amendment secures our right to be secure against unreasonable searches, right? Not anymore, explains Naomi Brockwell. Tech companies spy on us and then sell our information to the government. But some of us actually find that tech companies prying can be a good thing. Neil Chilson of the Charles Koch Institute says, "It's not only ...Read more

As Usual, the Media Are Just Wrong; This Time They're Smearing Capitalism!

From the Right / John Stossel /

You must be lonely. The media say loneliness is everywhere in America. A Los Angeles Times columnist says, "There's a mass loneliness crisis going on." "Capitalism is Making You Lonely," says Jacobin Magazine. Vox claims, "Capitalism makes us feel empty inside." As usual, the media are just wrong.

In my new video, historian Johan Norberg points...Read more

Rigid Government Rules Prevent Food Producers from Informing You About Useful Foods!

From the Right / John Stossel /

My first Stossel TV Fellow, Trevor Kraus, initiated this column. Our video version is called "Freshly Cooked Censorship: Why You Can't Put 'Low FODMAP' on Food Labels." Kraus reports that rigid government rules prevent food producers from informing you about useful foods, like low-FODMAP foods. FODMAP is an acronym for sugars prevalent in garlic...Read more

Fauci, Vaccine Hesitancy, and Other Government Deceits!

From the Right / John Stossel /

"Experts" were confident that they knew what America should do about Covid. They were wrong about so much. Officials pushed masks, including useless cloth ones. Dr. Anthony Fauci said, "Don't wear masks" -- then, "Do wear them." Some states closed playgrounds and banned motorboats and Jet Skis. Towns in New York banned using leaf-blowers. ...Read more

Right-Leaning Libertarians Must Push Back Against Censorship!

From the Right / John Stossel /

"I was not genuine in my own beliefs," says 23-year-old Rikki Schlott in my new video. "I self-censored." Why? What did this college student believe that was so unacceptable that she felt she had to hide it? The fact that she's a right-leaning libertarian. "I was afraid to have Thomas Sowell and Jordan Peterson books on my bookshelf."

If her ...Read more

Encouraging Self-Sufficiency is So Much Better Than What Government Does!

From the Right / John Stossel /

President Joe Biden says 24 million Americans "suffer from food insecurity!" News anchors were shocked that there is "food insecurity in the richest country in the world!" ABC hosts turned "insecurity" into "hunger." But in my new video, Rachel Sheffield, who researches welfare policy at the Heritage Foundation, explains, "Food insecurity is not...Read more

Rand Paul Says COVID Came From a Lab! And Fauci is Bad!

From the Right / John Stossel /

Remember when Sen. Rand Paul accused Dr. Anthony Fauci of funding China's Wuhan virus lab? Fauci replied, "Sen. Paul, you do not know what you're talking about." The media loved it. Vanity Fair smirked, "Fauci Once Again Forced to Basically Call Rand Paul a Sniveling Moron." But now the magazine has changed its tune, admitting, "In Major Shift, ...Read more

My New Video: California Crushes Pennsylvania

From the Right / John Stossel /

Pennsylvania's Peter Brothers Trucking delivers goods all across America. Owner Brian Wanner says Pennsylvania bureaucrats now are driving him out of his home state. "We have no say," complains Wanner in my new video. "We can't do anything about it." "No say" because Pennsylvania's new rules don't come from Pennsylvania. They come from ...Read more

To Protect and Destroy

From the Right / John Stossel /

What happens when police, trying to catch a bad guy, destroy your house? This happens surprisingly often. In my new video, Los Angeles print shop owner Carlos Pena describes how a man running from police knocked him to the ground and then ran inside his shop.

"I didn't know what was going on until I saw the SWAT team showing up," says Pena. ...Read more

I Don't Like Government and Want it To Shut Down!

From the Right / John Stossel /

This week Republicans and Democrats got together to avert a government shutdown. Too bad. There's so much that ought to be shut down. Useless Cabinet departments, for example, like Housing and Urban Development, Labor and Agriculture. Agriculture employs almost 100,000 people. Why? Independent farmers grow our food. They don't need a ...Read more

Watch My Video This Week About The 'Don't Hire Women' Act

From the Right / John Stossel /

Having a baby? There's a new law meant for you: the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. America needs this law, say activists, because "pregnant workers, especially those in low-wage and physically demanding jobs, have been forced to choose between their health and a paycheck." In my new video, Vanessa Brown Calder, director of Family Policy at the ...Read more

Both Parties Conned Us, As My New Video Explains!

From the Right / John Stossel /

Did you survive the budget cuts from the last debt ceiling fight? President Joe Biden called them "draconian," while Republicans praised the deal's "historic reductions in spending." But both parties conned us, as my new video explains. What they call "cuts" were just a reduction in their planned spending increase. Instead of raising ...Read more

Watch My Video This Week About Philadelphia's Disastrous Soda Tax!

From the Right / John Stossel /

Want a soda? You'll pay more for one in Philadelphia, because five years ago, local politicians decided to tax it. They're "protecting" people, they said. The tax would "reduce obesity" and "lower diabetes rates." But their main goal was to bring in more money, which they said would "fund early childhood education" and "help a lot of families." ...Read more



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