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Teacher's unions are only interested in power and money

From the Right / John Stossel /

Is your child's school open now?

Probably not -- because teachers unions say that reopening would "put their health and safety at risk."

They keep schools closed by lobbying and protesting. "If I die from catching COVID-19 from being forced back into Pinellas County Schools, you can drop my dead body right here!" shouts one demonstrator in my ...Read more

Social media is moving young Middle Eastern people away from fundamentalism

From the Right / John Stossel /

Islamic terror has been trending down for five years. Some American officials said this would never happen.

America has failed to properly fight terrorism, said former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, so it "has spread, gaining countless new adherents."

Others said fundamentalism's demand for religious obedience over individual freedom means "...Read more

A chat with Johan Norberg - 2020 was "the best year in human history... Be a little bit grateful for what we have!"

From the Right / John Stossel /

Was 2020 the worst year ever? The media keep saying that.

We did have the pandemic, a bitter election, unemployment, riots and a soaring national debt.

But wait, look at the good news, says historian Johan Norberg. His new book, "Open: The Story of Human Progress," points out how life keeps getting better, even if people just don't realize it....Read more

This year, the worst came from politicians and the mainstream media, the best from free Americans fighting for liberty!

From the Right / John Stossel /

Who should be on Santa's naughty and nice lists this Christmas?



I'd give lumps of coal to:

Federal bureaucrats, whose rigid rules delayed COVID-19 tests. The CDC wouldn't allow private companies to sell COVID-19 tests until the CDC's own test didn't work.

President Donald Trump, for talking about cutting that red tape but not...Read more

Snowden did a good thing and he deserves a pardon

From the Right / John Stossel /

President Donald Trump should pardon Edward Snowden.


I know, it's embarrassing -- Assange, Manning, Snowden... Who did what?

I got them confused before I researched this topic. National security isn't my beat. I finally educated myself this month because I got a chance to interview Snowden, the CIA/NSA employee who told the world that ...Read more

Socially responsible funds are an investment con

From the Right / John Stossel /

Want to make money and help the world, too?

Wall Street says you can!

If you invest in "socially responsible" funds, say big investment funds like BlackRock, Parnassus, TIAA-CREF, etc., then they'll do good things for the world, and your retirement funds will grow.

These funds obsess about what they call Environmental, Social and Governance ...Read more

Capitalism is better than charity

From the Right / John Stossel /

Many of us will give money to charity this month. Americans give more than any other people in the world.

Good for us.

56 years ago, because American charities hadn't ended poverty, politicians said they would end it. They declared a "war on poverty."

That "war," so far, has cost $27 trillion.

Some people were helped. But the handouts also ...Read more

This Thanksgiving, be grateful for private property, a foundation of capitalism

From the Right / John Stossel /

I'm thankful.

Yes, we've got the pandemic, lockdowns, a worsening deficit, etc.

But we still live in a relatively free country at the most prosperous time in human history.

The pandemic showed that when people are faced with crises, we adjust. Restaurants switched to takeout and outdoor dining. Grocery stores began curbside pickup. Companies ...Read more

Stopping climate change is a leftist hustle that will destroy capitalism

From the Right / John Stossel /

I hear that climate change will destroy much of the world.

"There will be irreversible damage to the planet!" warns a CNN anchor.

Joe Biden says he'll spend $500 billion a year to fight what his website calls an "existential threat to life."


I'm a consumer reporter. Over the years, alarmed scientists have passionately warned me about...Read more

Everyone pays when colleges get tax breaks, government grants, and government loans

From the Right / John Stossel /

Yale University has fancy dining halls. They pay no property tax.

Local restaurants struggle to compete, but their tax burden makes that hard.

"We basically pay one-third of our rent in taxes!" complains Matt West, manager of Koon Thai Restaurant. "Yale is a money-making machine."

It is. Many colleges are.

Yale has a $31 billion endowment. ...Read more

No matter who wins on Tuesday, life will probably get better

From the Right / John Stossel /

Worried about Tuesday?

Remember: The most important parts of life happen outside politics.

Love, friendship, family, raising children, building businesses, worship, charity work -- that is the stuff of life! Politicians get in the way of those things. But despite the efforts of power-hungry Republicans and Democrats, life gets better.

...Read more

Ignore the polls, betting sites say that Trump can still win

From the Right / John Stossel /

Donald Trump will probably lose the election.

As I write, The Economist says he has only an 8% chance of winning.

Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight, which came closest to predicting Trump's win in 2016 and has the best track record among modelers, gives Trump just a 12% chance.

But people who "put money where their mouths are" give Trump a better...Read more



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