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You can't say that on Twitter

From the Right / Mona Charen /

She tweeted that "men are not women," and for that, Meghan Murphy, feminist journalist, was banned from Twitter. An anodyne statement of biological reality qualifies as "hate speech" for some of the gnomes at Twitter HQ. Murphy received a rote notification that "you may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis ...Read more

The hubris of the left is overwhelming, and it is shameless

NBC late-night comedian Seth Meyers recently dedicated one of his "comedy" diatribes to denouncing "scaremongering about socialism."

Liberals have a right to lecture us on some things, but scaremongering ain't one of them. These are the same people who relentlessly scaremonger the American people about "climate change."

In a recent video to ...Read more

Will diversity be the death of the Democrats?

From the Right / Patrick Buchanan /

Both of America's great national parties are coalitions.

But it is the Democratic Party that never ceases to celebrate diversity -- racial, religious, ethnic, cultural -- as its own and as America's "greatest strength."

Understandably so, for the party is home to a multitude of minorities.

It is the domain of the LGBTQ movement. In ...Read more

Why are leading Democratic presidential candidates endorsing 'the green dream, or whatever they call it'?

From the Right / Michael Barone /

There's an old joke about an egotistical politician whose disgruntled speechwriter, just before quitting, prepares a draft that promises the moon, and specifics for how to pay for it, on the first two pages, and leaves the third page blank except for the words "You're on your own now."

That's the position that freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-...Read more

How could those Southern Baptist church leaders have sexually abused so many?

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

My first reaction upon hearing that hundreds of leaders in the Southern Baptist church had sexually abused as many as 700 people in 400 churches, including victims as young as 3, was "how could they?" It was the same reaction I had when news of predatory priests in the Roman Catholic Church, and the cover-up that followed the sexual abuse ...Read more

Reality continues to leak from American life

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- In 1994, the Clinton administration decreed a bright shining future for education. Its Goals 2000 legislation proclaimed that by that year America's high school graduation rate would be 90 percent and American students would lead the world in math and science achievements. Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, D-N.Y., was unimpressed: "...Read more

Omar should be held accountable for spreading anti-Semitic claims

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

The past few weeks have been painful and eye-opening for many Americans.

The image of a white politician (apparently) donning blackface in an old yearbook, a deeply offensive and racist mockery of African-Americans, opened fresh wounds for many -- and during Black History Month. Virginia's governor, Ralph Northam, has apologized, as has the ...Read more

Lost, Buried, Burned: Rape kit scandal not just Oklahoma's problem

From the Right / Michelle Malkin /

If you are puzzled by the nationwide rape kit testing backlog, Oklahoma provides maddening insight on the bureaucratic forces that create intolerable inertia -- and injustice.

An estimated 225,000 rape kits have gone unprocessed across the country; more than 7,200 have been neglected in Oklahoma. Last month, a woman who reported an Oklahoma ...Read more

Radical socialists at the DNC are pushing their idiotic 'Green New Deal'

A bold new crew of radicals swept into Congress to remake environmental policies, and the news media immediately called out their poisonous and extreme proposals.

If you're thinking about this freshman class of knuckleheads who has given us the 2019 "Green New Deal," the answer is no. We're not talking about them.

We're talking 1995, when Newt...Read more

Border deal falls short -- by design

SAN DIEGO -- What if Republicans played "Let's Make a Deal" on border security, and all they walked away with was a lousy consolation prize?

Maybe a set of steak knives.

That's essentially what happened this week when congressional negotiators announced a compromise that would stave off another government shutdown while also funding increased ...Read more

Fear of leftism and getting women out of the workplace and back into the home

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

In his State of the Union address, President Trump announced, "All Americans can be proud that we have more women in the workforce than ever before." It was one of the few times he received a standing ovation from both Democrats and Republicans.

I would not have stood and cheered.

Either the president or whoever wrote that line honestly ...Read more

Communist 'Green New Deal' needs to be stopped lest we become another Venezuela

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Kermit the Frog was wrong. It is now easy to be "green." The evidence is the "Green New Deal," which CNN describes as a "...10-year 'economic mobilization' that would ...Read more

Are the Democrats bent on suicide?

From the Right / Patrick Buchanan /

After reading an especially radical platform agreed upon by the British Labor Party, one Tory wag described it as "the longest suicide note in history."

The phrase comes to mind on reading of the resolution calling for a Green New Deal, advanced by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and endorsed by at least five of the major Democratic candidates for ...Read more

Mitch Landrieu's moment

From the Right / Michael Gerson /

WASHINGTON -- It is the tragedy of America that a story of freedom, self-government, religious liberty, entrepreneurship and inclusion is also a story of forced migration, stolen labor, routine rape and murder, lynching, vote stealing, racist piety, segregation, red-lining and mass incarceration.

Both these versions are true; but I hope they ...Read more

Trump's SOTU speech showed he flunked immigration

SAN DIEGO -- President Trump is perfectly suited to be driving this chapter of the immigration debate. That's because he very ably represents the millions of Americans who love most talking about a subject they don't understand in the least.

Knowledge, experience and common sense are overrated. Anger, fear and racism work just as well.

Trump ...Read more

Limited government requires a limited president

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- Soon, in a federal court that few Americans know exists, there will come a ruling on a constitutional principle that today barely exists but that could, if the judicial branch will resuscitate it, begin to rectify the imbalance between the legislative and executive branches. It is the "nondelegation doctrine," which expresses John ...Read more

Late-night so-called comedians loaded with passionate fear and loathing

The liberal desire to rebut President Trump is so overwhelming that they're now "fact-checking" him live or the moment he utters his last sentence. There is an Official Democratic Politician Rebuttal of the State of the Union, but why bother? They need only give links to national "news" sites, since the "news" anchors will offer their "context" ...Read more

Overwhelmed by a 'great hush'

From the Right / Michael Gerson /

WASHINGTON -- There is a whole movement dedicated to unplugging from digital devices on the theory that they are turning us all into slackjawed, empty-eyed, pasty-faced zombies. Having explored that option fully, I recently experienced an extended break from digital connection. This was not due to any virtue on my part. It was in a medical ...Read more

Has Trump found the formula for 2020?

From the Right / Patrick Buchanan /

If the pollsters at CNN and CBS are correct, Donald Trump may have found the formula for winning a second term in 2020.

His State of the Union address, say the two networks, met with the approval of 76 percent of all viewers -- 97 percent of Republicans, 82 percent of independents and 30 percent of Democrats. Seventy-two percent agreed with the...Read more

Trump's surprisingly reflective and disciplined State of the Union

From the Right / Michael Barone /

"This year," President Trump stated in his widely viewed and positively rated State of the Union address, "America will recognize two important anniversaries that show us the majesty of America's mission and the power of American pride."

"On D-Day, June 6, 1944, 15,000 young American men jumped from the sky, and 60,000 more stormed in from the ...Read more


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