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Canada's Trudeau will have to choose between populism and socialism

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

PARIS -- Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Canadian Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer now have something in common. They can both spend the rest of their lives complaining that they won the popular vote but still lost a national election.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau kept his job but lost the popular vote in ...Read more

Why Mark Zuckerberg wants to recruit outside the Ivy League liberal bubble

From the Right / Salena Zito /

Mark Zuckerberg wants you to know that Facebook strives for diversity in its workforce -- and not just on the basis of race or gender. The CEO says he works hard to recruit people who attended a state school, are rooted to their local communities and come from traditional backgrounds.

"We certainly do," Zuckerberg said of his 40,000 mostly U.S....Read more

The Young, the Restless and Bernie

A New York Times opinion column acquaints humanity with the injustice of forbidding the vote to 16- and 17-year-olds -- who, nevertheless, would gain the franchise once a budding movement to that end came to fruition and then would impose the superior wisdom of the young by handing the presidency, so we are entitled to infer, to Sen. Bernie ...Read more

America's moral decline will continue until we regain our religious footing

From the Right / Walter Williams /

Last week, U.S. Attorney General William Barr told a University of Notre Dame Law School audience that attacks on religious liberty have contributed to a moral decline that's in part manifested by increases in suicides, mental illness and drug addiction. Barr said that our moral decline is not random but "organized destruction." Namely that "...Read more

The left's stranglehold on big business, journalism, and schools could mean the end of western civilization

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

Air Canada announced last week that it will no longer use the phrase "ladies and gentlemen" on board its flights. The policy is part of a "commitment to respect sexual identity, diversity, and inclusion," the company said in an internal memo.

Instead of the gender-specific "ladies and gentlemen" (and "mesdames et messieurs" -- all announcements...Read more

Hillary's crazy accusations show her true colors

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

A new wrestling league is being promoted during TV coverage of Major League Baseball's post-season. The ad promises more action, more spectacle and includes women as well as men grappling with each other.

I have two candidates for their consideration: Hillary Clinton and presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii).

Last week Clinton ...Read more

Washington subsidies need a cold turkey cutoff

From the Right / Stephen Moore /

Last week, the lobbying arm of the wind energy industry made an unsurprising, though somewhat embarrassing, announcement. It wants a longer lifeline with federal subsidies. So much for wind being the low-cost energy source of the future.

Less than a year ago, the American Wind Energy Association with great fanfare issued a press statement that,...Read more

Is Democracy a dying species?

From the Right / Patrick Buchanan /

What happens when democracy fails to deliver? What happens when people give up on democracy?

What happens when a majority or militant minority decide that the constitutional rights of free speech, free elections, peaceful assembly and petition are inadequate and take to the streets to force democracy to submit to their demands?

Our world may ...Read more

Trump should want a rapid impeachment

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

The Ukraine story hasn't been good for President Donald Trump, and there's only one way out -- to get impeached, and the sooner, the better.

Trump obviously hates the idea of being impeached. He thinks it's unfair, and is raging against the process with every political and legal argument his team can muster and every insult and countercharge he...Read more

The danger in Trump's Syria policy

From the Right / Debra Saunders /

I think it was last Thanksgiving that a bright young family member told me about his fear that President Donald Trump would start World War III.

He had watched Trump, the infamous counterpuncher, retaliate during political debates and tiffs with celebrities who had the cheek to challenge him, and he saw a man who always gave harder than he got....Read more

Trump's record with Hispanics: What's love got to do with it?

SAN DIEGO -- I feel better. As a Mexican American journalist who has written about the immigration debate from ground zero -- i.e. the Southwest -- for three decades, and who has watched closely as Donald Trump turned that conversation into a dumpster fire, I was so relieved to have journalists in New York and Washington "white 'splain" to me ...Read more

'Texodus' bodes badly for Republicans

From the Right / George Will /

WASHINGTON -- "I am a classically trained engineer," says Rep. Will Hurd, a Texas Republican, "and I firmly believe in regression to the mean." Applying a concept from statistics to the randomness of today's politics is problematic. In any case, Hurd, 42, is not waiting for the regression of our politics from the extreme ends of the ideological ...Read more

How I am the sad victim of a George Soros funded terrible liberal media lie

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

I have to tell you a remarkable personal story, a story that proves the liberal media are, in fact, out to frame and ruin President Donald Trump and his supporters with lies, distortions and misrepresentation; a story that proves the liberal media are vicious, untrustworthy and sometimes just plain evil.

I was in Miami last weekend to speak in ...Read more

Climate alarmists want to control your lives

From the Right / Adriana Cohen /

Don't let Democrats fool you. The next presidential election isn't about Donald Trump. That's a Trojan horse distracting voters from what Election 2020 is really about -- power -- and the left's insatiable hunger to expand government control into virtually every aspect of our lives.

This includes what car we drive, every doctor we see, what ...Read more

LeBron James is a coward

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

NBA superstar LeBron James says Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey was "misinformed" and "wasn't educated on the situation at hand" when he tweeted in support of Hong Kong's freedom demonstrations. Morey's sin was sharing an image of a slogan that read: "Fight for freedom. Stand with Hong Kong." Even though the GM, regrettably, deleted ...Read more

Rumors of a Christmastime impeachment are slightly off

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

A rumor circulating around Washington is that Democrats intend to impeach President Donald Trump by Thanksgiving, with a trial in the Senate before Christmas. Based on conversations I have had with Democrats and Republicans, I suspect the timeline is slightly off.

To understand the timeline, we should understand the process. When Bill Clinton ...Read more

The totalitarian left should alarm freedom-loving Americans

From the Right / David Limbaugh /

The left is becoming more unapologetically totalitarian every day. Every freedom-loving American should be alarmed.

From hounding conservatives out of restaurants to spitting on Trump supporters at rallies, from firing employees for politically incorrect statements to fining people for "misgendering" a person, the left is on a path toward ...Read more

Time for the press to stop caving to Biden

The press hates Donald Trump. That's not a newsflash. The bias the press shows toward most Republicans turns to outright hostility when it comes to Trump. Once you've convinced yourself your opponent is an evil racist, it's not hard to justify doing anything you can to stop him. Many in the press corps have admitted this. Most haven't, but it's ...Read more

There's no truth in the Washington Post's advertising

One of the most interesting parts of the CNN Democratic debate this week had nothing to do with the debates. It came during a commercial break. The Washington Post bought commercial time -- which isn't shocking, since the Democrats are the paper's natural subscriber base. It's how The Post promoted itself that was truly jaw-dropping.

The ad ...Read more

Elizabeth Warren is not honest

From the Right / Mona Charen /

If you want to run for office, political consultants will hammer away at one point: Tell stories. People respond to stories. We've been a storytelling species since our fur-clad ancestors gathered around campfires. Don't cite statistics. No one can remember statistics. Make it human. Make it relatable. Lincoln told stories. FDR told stories. ...Read more