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The One Where Matthew Perry is Sober

I waited 14 weeks on the library waiting list to listen to the audiobook version of Matthew Perry's much-anticipated memoir, "Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing." The first thing I loved about the book was learning that Chandler Bing and Perry have a lot of personality similarities. Chandler Bing has always been my favorite "Friend." ...Read more

My Day in Family Court: Our Lawmakers Are Focused on the Wrong Things

I spent a day in family court earlier this month to observe and learn about what families and children in crisis face in my community. I watched as an eldest sister accepted custody of her six younger siblings, a foster family moved forward with adoption proceedings and one father got custody of his infant following the tragic death of the baby'...Read more

On Parenting: These 7 Things I Know for Sure

I am by no means a perfect parent, but I have three kids ages 27, 22 and 7 years old. I swear the youngest gives me side-eye that says, "Get it right this time." I've made a lot of mistakes and I'm sure I'll make many more. But I've also learned a lot along the way, and some things I know for sure.

No. 1: Pants Will Get Wet and Shoes Will Get ...Read more

Women's History Month: Love, Loss and the Everyday Women who Raised Me

Last week marked 40 years since my mom died. Grief works in curious ways and comes in waves long after a loved one has passed. It shows up in unexpected ways. This year, for me, it showed up in my son's face.

My son is seven years old, the same age I was when my mother died. It's common for people to struggle when they reach the same age their ...Read more

Did We Really Elect Legislators to Police Love and Belonging?

When my son was in preschool, he had two best buddies who were siblings. One boy. One girl. One day my son told me, "When I grow up, I'm going to marry either Charlotte or Tucker." My response? "Well, you have a while to figure that out, but I'm glad you love both of your friends so much."

Recent arguments over LGBTQ+ rights make me wonder: ...Read more

Marie Kondo, Welcome to the World of Go With the Flow

Marie Kondo recently said that she's "kind of given up," and I'm so thrilled for her. Welcome to the world of go with the flow. If the glass is half full, then my house is half clean.

Kondo told The Washington Post that the huge change happened after she had her third child. "My home is messy, but the way I am spending my time is the right way ...Read more

Why Hard Days Don't Always Need to Be Fixed

We try not to sit with our pain for too long. We want to fix what hurts.

I made a mistake at work last week. I owned it, listened, apologized and learned. I know I'll do better next time. Accountability is important, but when it first happened, all I could muster in the kitchen when retelling it to my husband was, "I messed up and it's hard." ...Read more

What's More Dangerous, a Gang Member or an Activist? Documentary 'The Holly' Shows How Police Punish Both.

Julian Rubinstein and Terrance Roberts are an unlikely pair. Both grew up in Denver, but Rubinstein is a journalist and Roberts is an ex-gang-member-turned-activist who is now running for mayor. The two met after Roberts, at his own peace rally in Denver's Holly Square, shot active gang member Hasan Jones.

Rubinstein was living in New York at ...Read more

To Foster a Love of Reading, We Have to Give Children the Freedom of Choice

It was during my son's kindergarten readiness screening that his teacher discovered his love of reading. He left her classroom that summer day with the first book of "The Magic Treehouse" series in hand. It was from her classroom library, and she said he could return it when school started. This, dear reader, is the function of a classroom ...Read more

Why Your Child's Personality Should Determine How You Parent

I got a note from my son's teacher saying he was not "meeting classroom expectations." He's in the first grade. The offense? Talking out of turn. My husband gave me that all-too-familiar look when I told him. You know, the look that means, "He gets it from you."

Personality traits like talkativeness and adaptability are hard-wired, so my ...Read more

What Happens When Your Phone Seems More Important Than Your Child?

I listen to audiobooks and podcasts with headphones on while I clean. My son taps me on the shoulder to interrupt if he needs something. It's as simple as a pause button for my full attention. I reason that this is better than blaring whatever I want to listen to through the Echo.

However, a lawsuit out of Seattle has me wondering about how ...Read more

Why I Need 2023 to Pull Me From Last Year's Wreckage

I was hit by a hearse on my way home from a routine doctor appointment. It was a minor fender bender at a stoplight. While waiting for the light to turn green a hearse backed out of its parking space at the bakery to my right and crunched into my passenger side door.

My social media friends had a blast with it. "A hearse? Really?" They asked. ...Read more

My Hope for More Healing in 2023

I got an unexpected Facebook message from someone I had unfriended a couple of years back. We disagree on politics, and I just could not handle all the hateful rhetoric in their feed. So, I clicked the unfriend button. This person hopes we can be friends again. "I am more for human beings than for politicians. I've had enough of them," they ...Read more



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