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How My Husband Taught Me to Be Grateful for the Moment

When I met my husband, Felipe, he seemed to sum up my biggest life lesson with his mere existence. The circumstances surrounding his position in my path forced me to come to terms with abandonment issues I'd been avoiding for a long time.

Before Felipe, I thought that if I left myself subject to vulnerability, I would not survive the infliction...Read more

It's Up To You to See the Good Happening Around You

In traffic downtown, the man next to me wanted to get over in my lane. I slowed up a little and let him in. His hand went out the window, and I lifted mine to return what I anticipated was an incoming obligatory thank-you wave. Instead, he extended his middle finger. This threw me off until I saw the car in front of him return the gesture. The ...Read more

How My Sister Inspired Me to Get Back to Music

I had contemplated giving them away. So, when I started unpacking at our new place and hadn't seen them yet, I worried that I really had and just forgot.

Marie Kondo writes of only keeping things that spark joy, but what about those things that cause dread when you imagine that they are gone? I'm talking about my music books. These are the ...Read more

Elections: How Do You Judge a Local Judge?

United States Supreme Court decisions have understandably been at the top of everyone's mind in recent months. Decisions made in our nation's highest court do trickle down to touch every American, not only with its current decisions but how those decisions will set precedent for future ones. All eyes should be on our courts.

However, when you ...Read more

Keep Contempt Out of Your Conversations: Our Children Are Watching

Midterm elections are upon us, and what I dread the most is the amped-up online vitriol in my newsfeed. It's everywhere, on both sides of the political aisle, fed to us through television, radio and social media.

I teach my kids about the destructiveness of name-calling and contempt in relationships. I don't mind a teenager cursing in my house....Read more

Our Free Press Is on Fire, and No One Can Spare the Water

Gannett, publisher of USA Today and more than 200 newspapers including the one I work for, just announced more cost-cutting measures. I get that it's a simple business equation. It's hard to work in the Gannett Machine without some mixed feelings. I'm trying to sit with my emotions and understand how I feel.

I'm grateful I have a job in a local...Read more

How Nashville Connected Me to Loretta Lynn

Yes, both Loretta Lynn and I are from Kentucky, but this goes deeper. The year was 2008 and I was headed to Nashville for corporate training. I had convinced my employer to let me fly in early so I could enjoy Nashville for the weekend first.

I wanted to spend some time with my guitar in singer-songwriter-ville. I had already decided to head to...Read more

How Remote Work Expanded My Professional Options With Chronic Illness

One year ago, I accepted the opinion editor position at The Courier Journal in Louisville, Kentucky. This is my first "real job" since 2010 when I worked as the executive director of a small community center in Michigan while freelance writing for magazines on the side.

I was 35 when my joints began swelling. Then the pain set in and fatigue ...Read more

What Cannot Be Duplicated in a Digital Space

The pandemic taught us that a lot of things can happen efficiently from a distance. It helped normalize working remotely, delivering groceries and even contactless delivery. I'm grateful for all of these things in my busy life even when I'm not trying to "flatten the curve."

However, last week I was reminded of what cannot be duplicated in a ...Read more

How Our Dream House Fell Apart When Faced With a Pandemic

We're closing on our house and this move feels like a failure.

We purchased the house six months before the pandemic hit. We'd moved from Louisville back to the small Northern Kentucky community where I grew up. I have friends remaining in the community and I looked forward to being a part of it once again.

The house we bought is old and ...Read more

Why Music Will Always Be My Hype Man

The other day, while listening to '90s radio on Pandora, I was transported back to a high school assembly, one meant to deliver doses of optimism and confidence to teens. The assembly was packed with stories of perseverance. I don't recall a single narrative, but what I do remember is the video montage set to the song "Hold On" by Wilson ...Read more



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