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For Father's Day, I Wish I Could Tell Grandpa He Was Right

My Grandpa Lou was my dad's stepdad and the only grandpa on my father's side I ever knew. Once, on a visit with him, I lamented that I would have to take a typing class in the fall. I was 15 and entering my sophomore year of high school. We sat at a picnic table in a park and watched my younger cousins run and play. Grandpa assured me that ...Read more

Every Path Is Valid

I did not attend my high school graduation. My family had a lot on its shoulders. My dad and stepmom were going through a divorce. I was told the Friday before my senior prom that it was over.

Graduation photos are all over my social media feed, and even The New York Times featured prom photos on their front page. High school graduation is no ...Read more

Fostering Mindfulness and Relationships in the Garden

When I was 8, my stepmother bought me a packet of seeds, bachelor's buttons, and we planted them in the backyard. We hadn't known each other long, and this is one of my first memories of us together. The flowers grew leggy and sparse, but I was thrilled. Our new relationship budded, too. When I was a teen and we moved to a new house with more ...Read more

The Privilege to Push Against Progress

I recently moved back to my hometown of Fort Thomas, Kentucky, located just across the river from Cincinnati, Ohio. I promised my husband, who's Hispanic, that it is more progressive and more diverse than when I was growing up. I also sold him on the fact that it is one of the top school districts in the state. But, as I sat in a community ...Read more

Paying for Roads in an Electric World

Orange barrels in a construction zone or a pothole in the street are my only road maintenance reminders. I usually curse the bump in the road and go about my day. My car gets more brain space. I'm directly responsible for its insurance and maintenance, and I buy gas to make it go. Maybe my next car will be plugged in to get charged.

President...Read more

Mother's Day. It's Not for Everyone

Moms rock, but Mother's Day? Not so much. The commercials, consumerism and social expectations would like me to believe differently. You'd think that being a mom myself would change how I feel, but it doesn't.

My mom died when I was 7 years old, and I've hated Mother's Day ever since. I met my stepmother when I was 8 years old. I love her, ...Read more



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