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I Cherish the Ring I Found at a Charity Yard Sale

It was the Saturday of the first weekend I had ever spent with Felipe. Our relationship was in that place and time when I knew my heart was approaching the point of no return.

He had already met my best friends and my family. He showed up to my Tuesday night guitar gig and even read an essay of mine I hadn't yet published. Felipe seemed ...Read more

Mother's Day is for Planting

Mother's Day means I can put flowers in the ground without fear of frost. It's the commercial name given to my annual OK-to-plant day. It's time for warmth and new growth in my planting zone. Any other reason to honor the day has been determined by someone else. Consumers are expected to spend roughly $31.7 billion in honor of Mother's Day this ...Read more

How Journalism Is in Search of Its iPod Solution

It's no secret that journalism is struggling. News deserts exist where local publications have folded, and in other places corporate ownership has replaced hometown family-owned newspapers. Policy that reaches back to the Nixon administration and beyond played its part.

Make no mistake, it's not a partisan thing: Every U.S. president has had ...Read more

How Building Trust in Everyday Moments Dismantles the Proverbial Closet

Last week, Missouri Rep. Ian Mackey challenged fellow Rep. Chuck Basye about legislation being put forth regarding transgender rights. It made me think about how we learn to trust one another in our relationships.

In the exchange, Mackey asks Basye, "Your brother wanted to tell you that he was gay, didn't he?"

Basye responded, "He was ...Read more

Generosity of Spirit Starts at Home and Supports Us Through Hard Times

All relationships have their "Cell Block Tango" moments. You know, the song from the Broadway musical "Chicago." The song opens with poor Ernie, who likes to chew gum. No, not chew -- pop! "He had it coming..." so the song goes.

The pandemic has tested our close relationships. We have weathered financial strain, grief, loss and extreme ...Read more

Spring Storms Are Hard on Trees; Here's How To Take Care of Them

A strong spring wind blew as I walked to the bus stop to meet my son. I congratulated myself for making sure we had our trees pruned of deadwood last year. I've learned the hard way that dead limbs will fall. Where we used to live, a huge elm tree dropped a limb on my car ... twice. (Note to self: Stop parking beneath questionable trees.)

When ...Read more

How COVID-19 Finally Hit Home for My Family

After two years of caution, groceries being delivered, mask-wearing and vaccinations, COVID-19 finally caught up with me. I've been dreading this. Prior to vaccine availability I was terrified of it, even. I have an autoimmune disease and am on immunosuppressant medication. I had cause for excessive concern. But as this last wave of the omicron ...Read more

Putting Profanity in Its Place: Can We Stop Pretending We're Shocked?

The truth, as we all know, is that profanity is part of the grown-up world. It's in our movies, music, video games and television. Our children will hear it and, yes, they will use it. If you've never heard an adolescent use the acronym "AF," then you're not listening. Don't know what the acronym stands for? Ask a teen. Or Google it.

I don't ...Read more

Prior Authorization Is Part of What's Wrong With Our Health Care System

If you've ever undergone a medical procedure, you've probably encountered prior authorization. It is the process your doctor must go through to determine what portion (if any) your insurance will pay. Prior authorization is defined according to as a decision by your health insurer that determines if certain treatment plans, ...Read more

Breonna Taylor Two Years Later: Reform Should Not Happen One Death at a Time

On March 3, a jury found former Louisville Metro Police Department officer Brett Hankison not guilty of wanton endangerment. Breonna Taylor was not the victim in this trial -- her neighbors were, though it all stems from the same fatal no-knock warrant implemented at her apartment two years ago.

Make no mistake: For the Louisville, Kentucky, ...Read more

How I 'Zoom' Through Deadlines Every Week With Friends

On Sunday afternoons, I log in to my Zoom account, join a meeting, mute myself and ignore everyone else on the call. I'm not being rude; everyone else does the same. All of our faces are on the screen, and we say a quick hello. But when the clock strikes 4:00 p.m. everyone mutes and gets to work.

We are all writers and all working on different ...Read more

Why Your Child's Personality Should Determine How You Parent

"He gets that from you." How many times have you said that to your partner about one of your children? My son talks nonstop and when he's upset, he's loud about it, which I know is 100% my DNA.

Personality traits like talkativeness and adaptability are hard-wired, so those teasing comments we all make to the other parent are rooted in truth. ...Read more

Arrested? How Making Bail Determines Your Experience With Our Justice System

I was 19 years old when a car turned left in front of me without looking and I plowed into it. First responders placed me on a stretcher and loaded me into an ambulance. The police officer on the scene asked me for my license and registration. The contents of my purse had spilled in the backseat of my beat-up Buick Somerset on impact. I couldn't...Read more



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