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Can Voters Focus on the Issues, Please?

According to a recent Harvard CAPS/Harris poll, 28% of people polled are still weighing their options for president. I find this hard to believe. Joe Biden and Donald Trump are not only very familiar candidates (I mean, we've been exactly here before), but they are also completely different in political stance and ideology. Perhaps that 28% are ...Read more

Hiking the Trails and Honoring My Roots in Hocking Hills State Park

"For every park, there's a story of someone who saved it from becoming something else." Ever since I read these words in Jenny Odell's book "How to Do Nothing," I've wanted to find the stories of such people.

I love parks, and I love all that they bring to our lives. So when my Aunt Mary suggested we go hiking in one of her favorite spots ...Read more

Love, Loss and 'A Dog's Purpose Forever'

The day we got our bloodhound puppy, Maggie, I looked at my husband and said, "We're going to have to say goodbye to her one day." Everyone who has ever loved a dog has felt this kind of anticipatory grief. We know that a special bond with a dog comes with an expiration date. Or does it?

There's a new book coming out in September by Cathryn ...Read more

My DNA Analysis Helps Me Embrace the Neanderthal Within

I took the plunge and had my DNA analyzed. Turns out I'm a Neanderthal. That's how my husband likes to say it, anyway. According to my 23andMe results, Neanderthal ancestry accounts for 2% of my DNA. The cool part is the results highlighted associations between Neanderthal variants and my traits.

My husband enjoyed this little nugget of ...Read more

You Don't Have To Come Out of the Closet if You Were Never Put There To Begin With

Actress Sophia Bush posted a story on Instagram that read "Pride is important because someone tonight still believes they're better off dead than being themselves." I've seen it shared many times since, and it has me thinking about why people so painfully feel they must hide their identities. I keep coming back to the assumptions that begin in ...Read more

What Captures My Attention Versus the Decision To Train My Focus

Walking home from day camp with my son, I was on a mission. I wanted to hurry home and get dinner started. But when we took the shortcut through the grassy area near the dead-end street, my son stopped cold. "Mom, look!" He pointed to a small blue butterfly, noticing the dots under its folded wings. It sat on a clover flower and looked to be ...Read more

Setting Boundaries and Loving My People With the 'Let Them' Theory

Podcaster Mel Robbins has ignited the "Let Them" theory for the masses. The theory is simply this: When you feel yourself trying to control a person, outcome, situation or circumstance, stop and instead just "let them" go ahead and do whatever it is they are doing.

Does someone want to assign ill intent and misunderstand you? Let them. Your ...Read more

How My Son Encouraged Me to Experience More New Things

My 8-year-old son likes rocks. He wants to know how different stones form, how they get their color, where they're found and the folklore surrounding their properties. I, too, love stones. My jewelry collection spans the decades and is filled with gems such as turquoise, smokey quartz, carnelian and picture jasper. My son flipped through my ...Read more

Graduates Need To Know That Life Is Bigger Than Your GPA

"Your success in high school does not determine your success in life." My high school English teacher Chuck Keller told me this, and it was exactly what teenage me needed to hear. Chuck was right, and I'm here to pass on this little nugget to young adults today.

It's graduation season, and society has a way of making kids think that their ...Read more

It Takes Courage To Write in the Digital Age

Erma Bombeck was right when she said, "It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else." I thought of this quote when my friend Gina Barreca recently asked on social media, "Writers: Why is it hard to hit 'send' even after all these years?"

Barreca has written or edited about 20 books, has written countless columns and she's Board...Read more

Ultraprocessed Food Manufacturers Should Not Be Permitted To Market to Children

My son brought home a bookmark from school promoting the school's spring book fair -- and it doubled as a coupon to a fast-food restaurant. This isn't the first "free kid's meal" coupon my son has gotten. It's a pretty common thing, and after the book I just read, it annoys me.

"Ultra-Processed People: The Science Behind Food That Isn't Food" ...Read more

Ultraprocessed Foods Are Everywhere, and the Corporate Manufacturers Do Not Care About Your Health

In my quest to eat healthier as an adult, I've encountered a lot of meat and dairy alternatives along with low-fat and sugar-free treat options that claim to be better choices. Many of these products are also marketed as organic. Like the almond milk I buy. I choose not to eat mass-produced animal products because of the unethical and inhumane ...Read more

Happiness Is a Home To Tinker With

My husband and I have never bought a home we didn't tinker with. And by "tinker," I don't mean a coat of fresh paint and new shelving. I mean the knock out a wall, rip up the flooring and till the backyard for a new garden kind of tinkering. Real do-it-yourselfers. This is why when the kitchen cabinet recently fell off the wall -- literally ...Read more



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