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We Need a Hope Machine. Anyone Know How to Build One?

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

In a comment on a recent post, Paula OH said: “It’s a very tough time. We need a hope machine! Anyone know how to build one?

My answer to Paula is a resounding: “yes!” And in a moment I’ll give Paula and you some hammers, nails, and solar panels to build one.

First, though, I want to validate your discouragement.

We expected COVID-...Read more

The Truth About America's Second Civil War

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

The Supreme Court’s upcoming decision to reverse Roe v. Wade (an early draft of which was leaked Monday, May 2) doesn’t ban abortions; it leaves the issue to the states. As a result, it will put another large brick in the growing wall separating Blue and Red America.

Some say we’re on the verge of a civil war, but that’s not right. It ...Read more

Stopping the Bullies

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

Consider the larger pattern.

Putin invades Ukraine. Trump refuses to concede and promotes his Big Lie. Rightwing politicians in America and Europe fuel white Christian nationalism. Rightwing television pundits encourage racism and spur bigotry toward immigrants. Police kill innocent Black people with impunity. Powerful men sexually harass and ...Read more

Zelensky Patriotism, Putin Patriotism, Trump Patriotism

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

We recoil in horror as Putin and his forces wreak havoc and death on Ukraine — before our eyes and in real time. Both Putin and Ukraine President Zelensky repeatedly invoke “nationalism” and “patriotism,” but Putin’s nationalism and patriotism are manufactured to justify this brutal and unprovoked aggression while Zelensky’s words ...Read more

Inflation is Out of Control! Urgent Memo to Biden and the Democrats

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

Memo to President Biden (and the Democrats)

From: Robert Reich

Re: Inflation

Prices were 8.5% higher last month than they were a year ago, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported this morning — the highest rate of inflation since 1981. The buying power of Americans is being squeezed more and more each day. You must explain what’s ...Read more



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