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A devilish deal between the White House and Wall Street

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

It began with Donald Trump's racist tweets demanding that four Democratic congresswomen - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley and Ilhan Omar -- "go back" to the "crime-infested places from which they came."

All four women are American citizens, and only one, Omar, was born overseas.

Last week, at a rally in North Carolina,...Read more

The old 'left' and 'right' labels have become obsolete

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

I keep hearing that the Democratic Party has moved "left" and that some Democratic candidates may be "too far left."

But in this era of unprecedented concentration of wealth and political power at the top, I can't help wondering what it means to be "left."

A half-century ago, when America had a large and growing middle class, those on the "...Read more

Are Democrats up to the task of ousting Trump?

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

Imagine an opposition political party in a land being taken over by an oligarchy, headed by a would-be tyrant.

The tyrant and the oligarchy behind him have convinced many voters that the reason they feel powerless and economically insecure isn't because the oligarchy has taken most of the economic gains and overwhelmed the government with their...Read more

It's America's economic system that's broken, not China's

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

Chinese President Xi Jinping might possibly agree in the coming days on further steps to bring down China's trade imbalance with the U.S., giving Donald Trump a face-saving way of ending his trade war.

But Xi won't agree to change China's economic system. Why should he?

The American economic system is focused on maximizing shareholder returns....Read more

Corrupt State a greater concern than the Deep State

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

Donald Trump has been ramping up his "Deep State" rhetoric again. He's back to blaming a cabal of bureaucrats, FBI and CIA agents, Democrats and "enemies of the people" in the mainstream media for conspiring to remove him from office in order to allow the denizens of foreign "s***holes" to overrun America.

But with each passing day it's ...Read more

Warren's plan is a better form of economic nationalism

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

Trumpian economic nationalism is a zero-sum game in which the industries of the future are dominated either by China or by the United States. We win or they win.

The loudest opposition so far has come from multinational American corporations and their Republican shills in Congress who don't want tariffs stopping them from making bundles of ...Read more

The gig is up

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

Uber just filed its first quarterly report as a publicly traded company. Although the company lost $1 billion, investors may still do well because the losses appear to be declining.

Uber drivers, on the other hand, aren't doing well. According to a recent study, about half of New York's Uber drivers are supporting families with children, yet 40...Read more

How to deal with the American dictator

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

Americans have sharply different views about what government should do, whether on abortion, guns, immigration or any number of hot-button issues. But we broadly agree about how government should go about resolving our differences.

This distinction -- between what we disagree about and how we settle those disagreements -- is crucial. As long as...Read more

Trump administration is willing to ignore corporate wrongdoing

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

Why didn't Boeing do it right? Why isn't Facebook protecting user passwords? Why is Phillip Morris allowed to promote vaping? Why hasn't Wells Fargo reformed itself? Why hasn't Monsanto (now owned by Bayer) recalled its Roundup weed killer?

Answer: corporate greed coupled with inept and corrupt regulators.

These are just a few of the examples ...Read more


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