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Burrito Economics: Republican Claims About Price Increases Don’t Hold Up

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

House Republicans are blaming Democrats for the rise in Chipotle burrito prices.

You heard me right. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) issued a statement Wednesday claiming that Chipotle’s recent decision to raise prices on its burritos and other menu products by about 4% was caused by Democrats.

“Democrats’ ...Read more

Is this the beginning of the end of American democracy?

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

On Sunday, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin announced in an op-ed in the Charleston Gazette-Mail that he opposes the For the People Act. He also opposes ending the filibuster.

An op-ed in the most prominent state newspaper is as non-negotiable a position as a politician can assert.

It was a direct thumb-in-your-eye response to President Biden’...Read more

Workers Matter and Government Works: Eight Lessons From the Pandemic

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

Maybe it’s wishful thinking to declare the pandemic over in the U.S., and presumptuous to conclude what lessons we’ve learned from it. So consider this list a first draft.

1. Workers are always essential.

We couldn’t have survived without millions of warehouse, delivery, grocery and hospital workers literally risking their lives. Yet ...Read more

Strongmen Are Losing the Fight Against COVID-19

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

A hospital in Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, is being charged under the country’s National Security Act for sounding the alarm over a lack of oxygen that resulted in COVID-19 deaths. The hospital’s owner and manager says the police accused him of “false scare-mongering” after he stated publicly that four of his patients ...Read more

We Must Not Forget That Republicans Tried to Overturn the Election

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

America prefers to look forward rather than back. We’re a land of second acts. We move on.

This can be a strength. We don’t get bogged down in outmoded traditions, old grudges, obsolete ways of thinking. We constantly reinvent. We love innovation and disruption.

The downside is a collective amnesia about what we’ve been though, and a ...Read more

Biden’s First 100 Days Make the Contrast with Trump Abundantly Clear

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

By almost any measure, Joe Biden’s first 100 days as president have been hugely successful. Getting millions of Americans inoculated against COVID-19 and beginning to revive the economy are central to that success.

Some two-thirds of Americans support Biden’s $1.9 stimulus plan, already enacted. His infrastructure and family plans, which he...Read more

Musk, Bezos Have Celestial Plans But Should Do More for Workers Here on Earth

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos want to colonize outer space to save humanity, but they couldn’t care less about protecting the rights of workers here on earth.

Musk’s SpaceX just won a $2.9 billion NASA contract to land astronauts on the moon, beating out Bezos.

The money isn’t a big deal for either of them. Musk is worth $179.7 billion, Bezos...Read more

Biden’s Industrial Policy is the Key to His Economic Restructuring

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

America is about to revive an idea that was left for dead decades ago. It’s called industrial policy, and it’s at the heart of Joe Biden’s plans to restructure the U.S. economy.

When industrial policy was last debated in the 1980s, critics recoiled from government “picking winners.” But times have changed. Devastating climate change, ...Read more

The basic deal between corporate America and the GOP is still alive

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

For four decades, the basic deal between big American corporations and politicians has been simple. Corporations provide campaign funds. Politicians reciprocate by lowering corporate taxes and doing whatever else corporations need to boost profits.

The deal has proven beneficial to both sides, although not to the American public. Campaign ...Read more

The Political Benefits of Building Back Boring

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

Joe Biden is embarking on the biggest government initiative in more than a half-century, “unlike anything we have seen or done since we built the interstate highway system and the space race decades go,” he says.

But when it comes to details, it sounds as boring as fixing the plumbing.

“Under the American Jobs Plan, 100% of our nation’...Read more

The Politics of Bigotry

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

Republicans are outraged — outraged! — at the surge of migrants on the southern border. The House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, declares it a “crisis ... created by the presidential policies of this new administration.” Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs claims “we go through some periods where we have these surges, but right now is probably ...Read more

We Need a Power Shift in American Capitalism

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

The most dramatic change in American capitalism over the last half-century has been the emergence of corporate behemoths like Amazon and the simultaneous shrinkage of organized labor. The resulting imbalance has spawned near-record inequalities of income and wealth, corruption of democracy by big money, and the abandonment of the working class. ...Read more



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