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Liar and losers: The president deceives, and Americans take the hit

From the Left / Jeff Robbins /

"Once a country is habituated to liars," Gore Vidal once observed, "it takes generations to bring back the truth." Many of us don't have generations left. After four years during which President Donald Trump has waged thermonuclear war on the truth, we face the depressing reality of living out our days in a country in which, thanks to Trump and ...Read more

Congress has a crucial role to play in health care

From the Left / Jeff Robbins /

After the 2008 economic collapse, the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations launched a series of inquiries aimed at exposing the rot underlying the financial services industry. During one memorable hearing, then-Sen. Carl Levin grilled Goldman Sachs executives on their sale of investment products they knew to be dubious in order ...Read more

Nuts: The president who was unfit for service

From the Left / Jeff Robbins /

On the morning of Dec. 22, 1944, German soldiers waving white flags approached American troops defending the Belgian city of Bastogne against the Nazi counterattack known as the Battle of the Bulge. The German army had the American defenders completely surrounded and outnumbered, and the Americans were rapidly running out of supplies by five to ...Read more

Unending shootings of blacks show America is not what we thought it is

From the Left / Jeff Robbins /

Sixty-five years ago on Aug. 28, 14-year-old Emmett Till, while visiting his Mississippi relatives, was kidnapped, tortured, mutilated, murdered and dumped into the Tallahatchie River by white men after a complaint that the Black youngster had whistled in the proximity of a white woman. Till, who stuttered, had been taught by his mother to ...Read more

GOP-led Senate panel confirms Trump colluded with Russia for election interference

From the Left / Jeff Robbins /

"Dear President Putin," wrote Donald Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Dec. 19, 2007, to congratulate the former KGB officer on being named Time magazine's man of the year. "You definitely deserve it. As you probably have heard, I am a big fan of yours." And as the Republican-led United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence ...Read more

Rattled by Kamala Harris, Trump & friends go full white power

From the Left / Jeff Robbins /

Joe Biden's selection of Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate last week placed two facts on graphic display. The first is that President Donald Trump, who is rattled by accomplished women generally, is deeply rattled by Harris, a former prosecutor who, as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, drilled holes in experienced dissemblers like...Read more

Yo, Semites! No doubt about it: Biden's the one

From the Left / Jeff Robbins /

No one has ever accused Abe Foxman of being derelict in defending Israel or soft when it comes to protecting the Jewish people. A Holocaust survivor who only narrowly escaped the fate suffered by 6 million Jews, Foxman served the Anti-Defamation League for a half-century, including 28 years as its national director. A force of nature, he became ...Read more

Perjury troop: A chuckling attorney general lies to Congress

From the Left / Jeff Robbins /

Steven Calabresi is not what you'd call a "leftist." The co-founder of conservative legal group the Federalist Society worked for former Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush and has only voted for Republican presidential candidates, including Donald Trump. Now a law professor, Calabresi adamantly opposed last year's impeachment of ...Read more

As November nears, Americans contemplate their Disaster in Chief

From the Left / Jeff Robbins /

Historians may mark the moment that best captured the America that now dangles from a cliff as the day when the president of the United States bragged that he had "aced" a dementia screening exam requiring him to name the current month and identify an elephant -- and then refused to disclose the test results. If nothing else, President Donald ...Read more

Weisswash: Out of line, out of place, out of work at the New York Times

From the Left / Jeff Robbins /

Not long ago, the student newspaper at an elite Northeast college reported that 93% of all outside speakers were from "the Left" and only 7% from "the Right." Asked whether this seemed consistent with their professed belief that academia should provide pluralistic venues for open marketplaces of ideas, the majority of students in one class were ...Read more

Powerful Dissent: Conservative patriots take on a dirty president

From the Left / Jeff Robbins /

When the late film producer Julia Phillips published her 1991 expose of Hollywood's depravity in the 1970s and 1980s, she chose a title that correctly forecasted the movie establishment's retributive response. The fury triggered by "You'll Never Eat Lunch in This Town Again" was summed up by one Hollywood power broker as "the longest suicide ...Read more

The Silencer: With the stakes getting high, the president tightens the muzzle

From the Left / Jeff Robbins /

It isn't easy being Donald Trump these days: so many people to silence and so little time. Muzzling those who have damaging evidence on you can be exhausting in the best of circumstances, and keeping a lid on so much incriminating information springing from so many different sources would make anyone cranky. The president has had to block the ...Read more



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