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Blood on Many Memphis Hands: To Be Black at a Traffic Stop

From the Left / Jamie Stiehm /

A 21st-century policing pattern has emerged from Freddie Gray in Baltimore, George Floyd in Minneapolis and now the death of a young man, Tyre Nichols in Memphis, Tennessee, who ran for his life toward home.

Plainly, we see police travel in packs to minor incidents that get violent very quickly. Their prey is a Black man, almost always.

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McCarthy's House: Shame in Short Supply

From the Left / Jamie Stiehm /

In new House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's, R-Calif., own words: "She reminds me of my friends from high school, that we're going to stick together all the way through."

That's an operative quote from the man of small-town Bakersfield, California. He refers to despicable Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., a Donald Trump loyalist whom he embraced --...Read more

The Three Women of San Francisco

From the Left / Jamie Stiehm /

WASHINGTON -- So, what city gave America the only woman House speaker, the most senior senator and the first woman vice president?

San Francisco, of course, that fair city.

But here in Washington, nobody knows this.

Few give props to San Francisco for making -- or breaking -- American history. But a trifecta of Democratic women in high places...Read more

Full House Theater: An American Tragedy

From the Left / Jamie Stiehm /

WASHINGTON -- A full House for four days and four nights felt like 40 in the political wilderness.

Pumping his fist like a frat bro, California Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy eked out a victory for House speaker.

Even then, the man from Bakersfield showed no gravitas.

Look it up, Kevin.

Brooklyn's Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, the new Democratic ...Read more

New Year's Light on Lies Clears the Air

From the Left / Jamie Stiehm /

WASHINGTON -- They thought they'd fool the grown-ups and get away with it all.

George Santos and Sam Bankman-Fried are arrivistes in their 30s. A coincidence? I think not. Yet it's not only that they witnessed Donald Trump's "lie, boast and insult" presidency, with few consequences until this moment in time.

These fellas were also formed by ...Read more

The House Showed the Senate the Way, Time After Time

From the Left / Jamie Stiehm /

The People's House to Senate: hello, we are what American democracy -- and demographics -- look like. The upper Capitol chamber is more country, while the House is more city.

The Senate, the "world's greatest deliberative body," is growing old -- literally. It does not deserve all the credit when the House does all the work.

Diverse House ...Read more

The Mob Came for Me, Thee and Democracy: A Vindication

From the Left / Jamie Stiehm /

Light sweet justice cascaded over me when the Jan. 6 House committee found former President Donald J. Trump the "central cause" and instigator of the deadly mob attack on the Capitol.

This was personal for me and hundreds trapped inside the stone wall siege. Suddenly, we saw a surreal gun standoff in the House chamber and fog in the hallowed ...Read more

The Extreme Court Knows No Bounds

From the Left / Jamie Stiehm /

The noise of democracy fills the Capitol, while across First Street, the sound of silence rules at the Supreme Court. "The Nine" members are cloistered from all that.

Excuse me, I mean the Extreme Court, with no checks on power and no code of ethics.

Six of nine members are Republicans. In June, they sold reproductive rights down the river. ...Read more

Washington Wakes up for the Holidays

From the Left / Jamie Stiehm /

WASHINGTON -- It's beginning to look a lot like...Washington. After years of trauma, the capital feels back to itself for Christmas.

The holiday ball for Congress just happened at the White House. The storied Willard Hotel, where Abraham Lincoln stayed days before he was inaugurated, revived the tradition of Christmas carols in the evening.

In...Read more

Giving Thanks to Madam Speaker

From the Left / Jamie Stiehm /

WASHINGTON -- Journalists don't cry. It's in the code of conduct. Yet tears welled in my eyes in the House press gallery when Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave her farewell speech as Speaker, though she will stay on in Congress.

Reader, the stem-winder at high noon brought down the house. Clad in gleaming white, like a modern suffragette, Pelosi ...Read more

Voters Verdict: End of The Trump Era

From the Left / Jamie Stiehm /

The country came to its senses last Tuesday, after a seven-year famine in our politics. The worst in our nature showed up in vulgar, violent and virulent former President Donald Trump.

The hard-fought congressional midterms are a turning point in our civil strife. Election Day delivered a crystal-clear verdict from the American people: ...Read more

Democracy Gets a Stress Test: Three Closers

From the Left / Jamie Stiehm /

WASHINGTON -- Amazingly, I slept well on Election eve and missed the eerie lunar eclipse. I awoke to the sound of schoolboys playing on a bright beautiful fall day. The capital city was tied in knots over the national divide.

Still, I took the sound night's sleep as a good sign, women's intuition. Perhaps the day would pass in peace with no ex-...Read more



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