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Trump and Bannon are the ‘Corporatists’

From the Left / E.J. Dionne Jr. /

WASHINGTON -- Just when you despair that only chaos animates the Trump administration, along comes Steve Bannon, the White House ideologue, to offer the Rosetta Stone illuminating what this circus is all about.

And when you realize what Trump & Co. might really be up to, your despair turns to alarm.

There is no way of knowing how much ...Read more

I'm an Enemy of the People

From the Left / Marc Munroe Dion /

I'm too young to have been a big fan of what they used to call "protest music." By the time I was in high school, there was a lot more disco than there was discontent.

Of course, back then, you could still get unionized factory work, so it was pretty easy to sing, "I will survive," or even "Ring my bell." My high school graduate father had a ...Read more

Trump’s Takeover of Conservatism is Complete

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- President Trump, addressing the annual Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, reminisced about the “very exciting” moment several years ago when he had his coming out as a conservative.

I was there when Trump spoke at that 2011 CPAC gathering, at its former site in the Marriott ballroom in Washington’s Woodley ...Read more

Will Today's Town hall Crowds Turn into a Liberal Tea Party?

From the Left / Clarence Page /

I get a kick out of the Republican members of Congress who claim the angry constituents at their town hall meetings are paid agitators. I remember how Democrats tried to dismiss noisy tea party protesters the same way in 2009.

Not surprisingly, President Donald Trump doesn't see it that way.

"The so-called angry crowds in home districts of ...Read more

Five Years After his Death, a Few Words About Trayvon

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

A few words on the innocence of Trayvon Martin.

The very idea will outrage certain people. Experience says the notion of Trayvon Martin being innocent will offend them deeply.

But they can get over it. Or not.

Because it is five years now since Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin's unarmed son died, five years since he was killed in Sanford, Fla....Read more

Trump’s Preposterous Rationale for Revoking Transgender Bathroom Rights

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- The Trump administration’s move to rescind bathroom access protections for transgender students rests on the idea that school bathroom policies are “a states’ rights issue,” as White House press secretary Sean Spicer has explained, and that, in any event, it is “preposterous on its face” that the authors of the federal ...Read more

Shirts vs. Skins 2017

From the Left / Mark Shields /

Back before kids sports -- with their pricey equipment, expensive coaches and summer camps -- had become a major American industry, American boys, when playing pickup basketball on a neighborhood court, would simply separate themselves into competing teams, the Skins (without their T-shirts) and the Shirts (with their T-shirts).

American ...Read more

Is It Watergate Yet?

From the Left / Joe Conason /

As Donald Trump and his subordinates lash out wildly in their campaign to suppress discussion of his presidential campaign's alleged collusion with the Kremlin, they conjure visions of a truly monumental scandal. With their latest attempts to manipulate the Federal Bureau of Investigation and intimidate the Washington press corps, they clumsily ...Read more

The Return of the Center

From the Left / Fareed Zakaria /

NEW YORK -- By now it is settled wisdom that we are witnessing the rise of radical forces on the left and right around the globe. Populists of both varieties, who share a disdain for globalization, are energized, and certain that the future is going their way. But the center is rising again, even in the heart of the old world.

Consider Emmanuel...Read more

A Heartfelt Look at How Evangelical Gays are Finding Their Place

From the Left / Michael Gerson /

WASHINGTON -- There will be no Academy Award for young filmmaker Stephen Cone’s considerable achievement: Best Movie Depiction of the Evangelical Subculture Without Lampooning It. Cone’s small, heartfelt film , “The Wise Kids” (available on Netflix and iTunes), gives conservative Christians a largely sympathetic but sharp-eyed treatment....Read more

Enough About the Shoes

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

That the two most prominent women in the Trump administration should be caught up in a controversy about shoes tells you (if not our new leader) how far we have to go.

In a world threatened by ISIS, in a nation of immigrants wondering who will next be deported, is Kellyanne Conway's endorsement of Ivanka Trump's shoes really worthy of a ...Read more

Trump Should Try Acting a Bit More Vice Presidential

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Over the past week, we have seen two responses from the Trump administration to the spike in anti-Semitism that has accompanied Donald Trump’s rise to power.

One was presidential: moving and admirable.

The other was by the president.

The two responses tell us much about President Trump and about the man who would allow ...Read more

Can Democrats Rise to Trump’s challenge?

From the Left / E.J. Dionne Jr. /

WASHINGTON -- The most striking aspect of the vast and swiftly organized movement against Donald Trump is how little it had to do with the Democratic Party. Whoever is elected to chair the Democratic National Committee this weekend should draw two conclusions from this, and they are in tension.

First, the anti-Trump effort, while broadly ...Read more

These Are the American People Trump Calls Enemies of the American People

From the Left / Dana Milbank /

WASHINGTON -- Thomas Gibbons-Neff, a fourth-generation military man, deployed twice to Afghanistan. The second time, as a 22-year-old Marine corporal in 2010, he led an eight-man infantry team into combat. Two of his men were wounded by enemy sniper fire, and one of his best buddies later died in combat.

Now President Trump says Thomas is an ...Read more

Echoes of Internment

From the Left / Leonard Pitts Jr. /

Imagine this.

You are a boy, living in a child's blissful unaware. You are not terribly different from other kids. Maybe you play stickball in the street and pretend to be Joe DiMaggio. Maybe you listen to "The Lone Ranger" on the Philco. Maybe you're crazy for Superman.

Maybe it's a good life.

Then comes that sudden Sunday in December. All ...Read more

What's Next for Trump's War With the Media?

From the Left / Clarence Page /

Since facts tend to be very flexible things in the custody of President Donald Trump, one wonders what comes next with his self-declared "running war with the media."

His constant cries of "fake news" to any news that does not blow him a kiss ratcheted up to a more threatening tone when he sent this Friday afternoon tweet:

"The FAKE NEWS media...Read more

The Enemy of the American People

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

The president of the United States, the most powerful man in the world, on Friday declared that the news media is the "enemy of the American people."

Could someone please remind him of that pesky document that he has been having such trouble with -- the Constitution? In addition to protecting the free exercise of religion (one of the many ...Read more

Why Trumponomics is a Recipe for Failure

From the Left / Robert B. Reich /

When Donald Trump gave a speech last Friday at Boeing's factory in North Charleston, S.C., unveiling Boeing's new 787 "Dreamliner," he congratulated Boeing for building the whole...Read more

Trump’s Vilification of the Media Sounds Familiar

From the Left / Richard Cohen /

For reasons he cannot fathom, Donald Trump has been asked recently about anti-Semitism, not just the rising number of incidents both here and abroad but also -- as he oddly interpreted a question at his latest news conference -- his own attitudes. As for the latter, he is, by his own testimony and that of others, no anti-Semite. If he were, he��...Read more

The Death of a Hero

From the Left / E.J. Dionne Jr. /

NEW YORK -- We buried one of my heroes on Friday. She was my mother-in-law.

In the case of Helen Boyle, hero might be a form of understatement. Rather than begin with gushing words and bloated adjectives, permit me to recite just a few facts about her 85 years on this earth.

She lost her father at age 5, and learned of his death from a kid on ...Read more