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Time to Turn the Page: Kamala Harris for President

From the Left / Bill Press /

President Biden said something hugely significant this week. Speaking at an NAACP event, Biden slammed Donald Trump for claiming that immigrants were “taking Black jobs.” “I know what a Black job is,” Biden told the crowd. “It’s the vice president of the United States.”

But he didn’t stop there. “Folks, because of you, I am ...Read more

Time for Democratic Leaders to Deliver Message to Biden

From the Left / Bill Press /

There was a time, not so long ago, when Congress was full of heroes. John F. Kennedy even wrote a book about a few of them, which he unapologetically called “Profiles in Courage.”

But that was then, and this is now. Even Diogenes with his proverbial lamp would have a hard time finding profiles of courage in today’s Congress. It’s filled...Read more

‘Project 2025’ – A fair warning of a Trump presidency

From the Left / Bill Press /

This is how bad ideas, fueled by politicians desperate to curry favor with Donald Trump, can turn draconian.

Behold “Project 2025.”

Immigration attorneys have long been sounding the alarm about a 900-page policy draft written by the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.

Our nation’s system of laws and policies governing ...Read more

It’s Time for Biden to Do the Right Thing

From the Left / Bill Press /

This is the column I never wanted to write.

Let me start by admitting that I was one of those who complained most loudly when CNN scheduled this year’s first presidential debate at the end of June. It didn’t make any sense to put Donald Trump and Joe Biden on stage that early in the season, I insisted. By June 27, neither would have been ...Read more

If Character Really Counts, Count Trump Out

From the Left / Bill Press /

It’s a good rule to think twice before using the word “never,” because you never know when an exception you hadn’t thought about will pop up. But I still think it’s safe to say that never – never, never, never!– have we seen a presidential election with such a stark difference between the two candidates. It’s like they don’t ...Read more

Mexico Elected its First Female President. But Has it Marched Past its Own Machismo?

From the Left / Bill Press /

In Mexico, congratulations can quickly turn into criticisms and even condolences.

The women of Mexico received both recently, in rapid succession, facts that only underscore the implied sexism of critics in recent days.

Is Mexico moving forward or backward with a woman now leading the nation? They ask.

More pointedly, will more Mexican women ...Read more

Oval Office: Convicted Felons Need Not Apply

From the Left / Bill Press /

“My fellow Americans.” I’ve always been impressed when the President of the United States, began a speech from the Oval Office with that phrase. Because it meant that he was talking to all of us, regardless of party, about an issue that was so important all of us needed to take it seriously.

Think of John F. Kennedy, warning the nation ...Read more

The Media: Donald Trump's Best Friend

From the Left / Bill Press /

Breaking News! Last week, Donald Trump urged Vladimir Putin not to free Wall Street reporter and American citizen Evan Gershkovich, who was arrested by Russia on bogus charges of espionage in March 2023 and has been held in prison ever since.

I repeat. An American reporter, just doing his job in Moscow, has been in prison for over a year, ...Read more

Disorder in the Court!

From the Left / Bill Press /

Everybody knows the government’s a total mess today: hopelessly divided and unable to get anything done. At least, that’s what they believe, because that’s all they read and hear about in the news. But that’s actually not the case.

Granted, political rhetoric is uglier than it’s ever been. Democrats and Republicans are in open warfare...Read more

Live from New York! Trump Bootlickers on Parade

From the Left / Bill Press /

Let’s say you’re a producer for“ Saturday Night Live” and you want to put together a skit lampooning the parade of shameless sycophants showing up at Donald Trump’s trial. You couldn’t come up with a better – or worse – display of buffoonery than we saw this week.

To qualify as a true Trumper – or to make the list of potential...Read more

Clarence Page: Campus protests carry echoes of five decades ago

From the Left / Bill Press /

As pro-Palestinian protests, along with some arrests, have spread to colleges across the country in recent days, I have a feeling akin to what Yogi Berra is said to have called “deja vu all over again.”

I’ve seen this rodeo before. We’re a long way from Vietnam and more than a half-century from the military draft that probably ...Read more



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