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With 2024 Already a Hot Topic, Joe Biden Says He's a 'Respecter of Fate.' We All Should Be

From the Left / Bill Press /

What will you be doing in 2024?

If you think you know for sure, you're either clairvoyant or deluded.

I've been thinking about this question since President Joe Biden's news conference in which he was asked whether he plans to run again in 2024. This was the same news conference in which not a single reporter asked about the pandemic or the ...Read more

George Floyd Trial: We Are All Jurors Now

From the Left / Bill Press /

In this age of Facebook and around-the-clock social media, we’ve been pummeled with video of every possible form of human misery: from tornadoes, to mass shootings, to COVID-19 victims dying alone with no family members allowed at their bedside. But never have we experienced such gut-wrenching video as we’ve seen so far in the George Floyd ...Read more

It’s Time for D.C. Statehood

From the Left / Bill Press /

Who says Republicans don’t have a sense of humor? If you still think so, you missed this week’s hearing of the House Oversight and Reform Committee — where Members of Congress made the most ridiculous arguments for opposing statehood for the District of Columbia. It was better than “Saturday Night Live.”

First, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC...Read more

Crisis at the Border: Deja Vu

From the Left / Bill Press /

If you believe Kevin McCarthy, Lindsey Graham, or Fox News (and why should you?), there’s a crisis at the Southern border like America’s never seen before: a daily flood of immigrants from Central America flocking to border crossings – and it’s all Joe Biden’s fault for promising to reverse Donald Trump’s cruel immigration policies. ...Read more

Save the Senate: Kill the Filibuster!

From the Left / Bill Press /

Good news. The days of Congress doing nothing may be over. Congress this week passed one of the most substantive and far-reaching pieces of legislation since the days of FDR.

Most Americans, including most members of Congress, don’t realize how truly revolutionary President Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus, the so-called “American Rescue ...Read more

Beware: Republicans Want to Cancel Your Vote

From the Left / Bill Press /

Republicans are desperate. Their chances of winning keep getting slimmer and slimmer. They haven’t won the popular vote for president in 33 years. In 2020, even with the Orange Man at the top of the ticket, they lost the House, the Senate, and the White House.

Republicans are in a panic. So what’s their plan for bouncing back in 2022 and ...Read more

The GOP Civil War is Over

From the Left / Bill Press /

Speaking to a town hall in Berlin in April 2019, former President Barack Obama issued a warning to Democrats back home. “One of the things I do worry about sometimes among progressives in the United States … we start sometimes creating what’s called a circular firing squad.”

Obama was right about the political danger, but he was wrong ...Read more

The Mighty Rush Limbaugh: America at its Worst

From the Left / Bill Press /

For someone who has made a career in talk radio, once news broke of Rush Limbaugh’s death this week from lung cancer, it was hard for me to hear so many in the media gush about Rush. Count me out.

Yes, I know. Growing up a Catholic, I was taught “De mortuis nil nisi bonum” – don’t say anything about the dead, unless it’s good. But ...Read more



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