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America is More United Against COVID Than You're Being Told

From the Left / Bill Press /

Editor's note: While Mr. Press is away, Mary Sanchez is filling in.

Most Americans are turning toward the vaccine, not away from it. President Joe Biden has the wind of facts at his back. This, despite boastful voices claiming otherwise.

"To the gates of hell," was the fire-breathing promise of Gov. Henry McMaster of South Carolina. His...Read more

Bill Press Advisory

From the Left / Bill Press /

Bill Press is on vacation. He will not file columns for 9/16, 9/23 or 9/30. We will send out a suitable substitution. The Press column resumes on Oct. 7.

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Texas Abortion Law: A Gift to Democrats

From the Left / Bill Press /

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who is so eager to run for president in 2024 that he can taste it, last week signed into law the nation’s most restrictive anti-abortion law, which, in effect, means that Roe v. Wade no longer applies in Texas. It is both bad public policy and, for Republicans nationwide, bad politics.

According to the new Texas ...Read more

Anti-Vaxxers Get COVID-19: Serves Them Right

From the Left / Bill Press /

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. I entertained bad thoughts about other people. Not only that, I wished bad things would happen to them, and rejoiced when it did. I know it’s wrong, but I can’t help myself.

No doubt, you’ve heard about some of the people I’m talking about. They’re all anti-vaxxers. I never met any of them in ...Read more

If You Can’t Win Fair and Square, Cheat

From the Left / Bill Press /

On Sept. 14, millions of Californians will march to the polls — if they haven’t already mailed in their ballots — to vote in one of the most ridiculous and unnecessary elections in the state’s history: whether or not to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Here’s how insane this is. One, under terms of the recall, a governor elected by a margin ...Read more

Afghanistan: Biden Got It Wrong – and Right!

From the Left / Bill Press /

When it comes to Afghanistan, it’s hard to believe how President Biden could get it so right and so wrong at the same time. I’m talking about two issues: the war in Afghanistan, and how it ended. Most of the media has been – wrongly, I believe – focused on the second.

On that point, no doubt about it. Biden ended this war in the worst ...Read more

Bill Press: Breaking news: Senate gets something done

From the Left / Bill Press /

You’d never know it from the flood of media coverage, but the resignation of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo wasn’t the only big news this week. YES, Cuomo got all the headlines. But something else even more important happened: For the first time in years, the Senate actually did its job and passed a bill. Cuomo deserved less attention; the ...Read more

Sexual Assault: Only Democrats Take It Seriously

From the Left / Bill Press /

Nobody feels sorry for Andrew Cuomo, and nobody defends him. We knew the final report into allegations of sexual assault against him would be bad. We didn’t know it’d be such a disaster: explicit details of sexual harassment and assault against 11 women over several years. Given that documented barrage of unacceptable and, most likely, ...Read more

On Team USA: Give Nancy Pelosi a Gold Medal!

From the Left / Bill Press /

Even without crowds in the stands, it’s still exciting to watch the Summer Olympics. Despite disappointments like in women’s gymnastics, at least we’ve seen intense competition. Unlike Washington, D.C.

Take the House of Representatives. In the Summer Games between House Republicans and Democrats, there’s zero competition. And it all ...Read more

The Earth Burns While Billionaires Take a Joy Ride

From the Left / Bill Press /

Watching two billionaires blast off into space this month was both impressive and maddening. Impressive to see the perfect execution of Virgin Galactic’s mission to near-space, with founder Richard Branson on board. And even more impressive, just a few days later, to witness Blue Origin’s flawless leap into space, with founder Jeff Bezos, ...Read more

America Loses Another War

From the Left / Bill Press /

When it comes to war, we Americans can’t seem to make up our minds. We say we don’t like war yet cheer our troops in battle like a high school football team. We vote for presidents who vow to end wars, yet still re-elect them when they don’t and rally behind them when they start another one. We don’t like starting wars, but we never want...Read more

Latest GOP Scare Tactic: Critical Race Theory

From the Left / Bill Press /

It’s one of the oldest, most cynical games in politics: When you’re falling behind, make up some phony threat to change the subject and scare the bejesus out of people. Republicans are good at that.

A few years ago, to justify the outright racism of Trump’s Muslim ban, Republicans raised the alarm of “sharia law.” This extreme form of...Read more

GOP Senators Make Case for Killing Filibuster

From the Left / Bill Press /

Once again this week, the media got it wrong. After Republicans invoked the filibuster to block consideration of S.1, the “For The People Act,” most news outlets reported it as a major loss for Democrats and a huge setback for voting rights.

Now, I admit, they were not totally wrong. To protect every American’s right to vote, it would ...Read more



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