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Suffer the Children

From the Left / Bill Press /

Today's guest column is writter by Jesse Jackson.

In January, the House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill (that in itself is something of a miracle) that would provide tax credits to help 16 million poor children. It would lift an estimated 400,000 children out of poverty in its first year.

To get support from Republicans, ...Read more

No One Owns the Future

From the Left / Bill Press /

Even the international condemnation of the Israeli devastation of Gaza often feels tepid.

Consider, for instance, the words of U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres, in the wake of Israel’s April 1 drone strike on a convoy of cars from World Central Kitchen, a disaster relief organization bringing food to starving Gazans. The strike killed ...Read more

A Bridge Collapsed, and Almost Simultaneously So Did Our Discourse

From the Left / Bill Press /

The world has now watched the stunning footage of the collapse in looping video feeds. The expansive bridge broke apart like a child’s toy. The trusses appeared to crumble like an Erector Set, crashing into the water below.

Just as quickly, the worst of America reacted. They displayed some disturbing thought patterns, ideas that are being ...Read more

Riding to the Rescue: Republicans May Save Us From Trump

From the Left / Bill Press /

You can’t make this stuff up. Donald Trump, who’s tried unsuccessfully to sell everything from steaks to sneakers … Donald Trump, who’s already been found liable of sexual abuse and will soon start trial on charges of paying hush money to a porn star to keep their sexual romp secret from voters … That same Donald Trump is now hawking ...Read more

To Debate or Not to Debate? That is the Dilemma

From the Left / Bill Press /

It’s now official. The votes are in. The delegates are assigned. It’s the rematch nobody wanted: Republican Donald Trump, again, for the Republican Party; and Joe Biden, again, for the Democratic Party. The race is on.

And Donald Trump can’t wait to debate Joe Biden. On Truth Social this week, he challenged Biden to debate him “ANYTIME,...Read more

Bill Press: Blame Robert Hur – but blame the media, too

From the Left / Bill Press /

Maybe we need a new law: Ban the Justice Department from meddling in presidential politics!

That law should have been passed in 2016, when FBI Director James Comey blew up the presidential election – twice! – with his ridiculous investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. First, on July 5, when clearing Clinton of any legal wrongdoing, ...Read more

Hello. Time to Get Real. It’s Biden vs. Trump

From the Left / Bill Press /

What a non-event! This year’s Super Tuesday was the most boring ever. Despite all the efforts of TV networks to make March 5 a night of “breaking news,” it was more exciting watching the Discovery Channel.

Forget all the hype. When it was over, Super Tuesday could be summed up in three short sentences: There were only two candidates. Both...Read more

The Supreme Surrender to Donald Trump

From the Left / Bill Press /

In case you still had any faith in the Supreme Court. In case you thought the Supreme Court, even under Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, was capable of deciding the law fairly and objectively. FUHGEDDABOUTIT!

There is no justification for the Supreme Court’s decision to consider Donald Trump’s absurd claim that, as former president, he ...Read more

Hang Vladimir Putin Around Donald Trump's Neck

From the Left / Bill Press /

Before I’m accused of plagiarism, I want to admit: I stole that line and the very last line in this column from Bill Kristol, former editor of The Weekly Standard, now editor of The Bulwark newsletter. Because they’re so good, so true, and so sum up the politics of the moment.

After all, it’s already official. The primaries aren’t over,...Read more

New York CD 3: Big Lessons for Both Parties

From the Left / Bill Press /

First, this declaimer. For years, I’ve cautioned against exaggerating the importance of any one special election. For the most part, they’re one and done, I argued. Don’t try to draw any wider lessons. And I still, generally, hold that view.

But this one is different. On Tuesday, Feb. 13, Democrat Tom Suozzi won a special election in Long...Read more

Breaking News: No Person is Above the Law!

From the Left / Bill Press /

Under the 14th Amendment, is Donald Trump, architect of the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol, eligible to run for president again? That weighty question is now before the Supreme Court.

We don’t know what the court will do. But we know what they should do: Read the Constitution, then follow the advice of conservative former federal Judge J. ...Read more

Is Taylor Coming? Save Me a Seat!

From the Left / Bill Press /

Like me, you may not be a sports fan. Like me, you’d probably rather go bowling than watch any NFL game. But believe me, there’s no way I’ll miss this year’s Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Because it promises to be a spectacle like the world’s never seen before.

Haven’t you heard? Taylor Swift...Read more

The Rematch Nobody Wanted is Here: Good for Biden!

From the Left / Bill Press /

Political campaigns are usually fun. Fun to watch, fun to talk about, fun to take part in. As a volunteer, press secretary, campaign manager, and candidate, I often found myself agreeing with H.L. Mencken’s wicked observation: “A national political campaign is better than the best circus you ever heard of, with a mass baptism and a couple of...Read more



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