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Bill Press: No matter what he does, GOP can't shake Trump

From the Left / Bill Press /

Whatever you think about Donald Trump, one thing you must admit: He has a knack for making history. He was the first president to be impeached – twice! The first president to refuse to accept the results of an election – still! And now it looks like he’ll soon become the first former president to be arrested for committing a crime.

Though...Read more

Mike Pence Lays Down the Marker for 2024

From the Left / Bill Press /

Sometimes, wisdom comes from the strangest people in the strangest places. It happened again this week – when Mike Pence, of all people, speaking at the annual Gridiron Dinner, of all places, set the bar for the defining issue of 2024.

I did not attend this year’s dinner, but I’ve been to three previous dinners, most recently in 2018, the...Read more

No How, No Way, No Labels

From the Left / Bill Press /

Twenty-twenty four is already filling a lot of Democrats with fear. They’re afraid Donald Trump will get the Republican nomination, and possibly get re-elected. Or they fear Ron DeSantis will be the GOP candidate, who’d be tougher to beat and more dangerous than Trump if, God forbid, he were ever re-elected.

But Democrats are wrong. They’...Read more

Now It's Official: Fox is Fake News

From the Left / Bill Press /

From its creation by Rupert Murdoch in 1996, Fox News has always been considered an outsider. Late-night comics mocked its initial slogan “Fair and Balanced” as “Neither.” But most people were willing to accept Fox for what it was: a right-wing television network, the conservatives’ answer to left-leaning MSNBC, with CNN somewhere in ...Read more

Kevin McCarthy Flies False Flag Over Capitol

From the Left / Bill Press /

Ever since, on the 15th ballot, Kevin McCarthy finally rounded up enough votes to become Speaker of the House, we’ve all been wondering what he promised to give away in order to get the job. Now we know.

This week, McCarthy delivered just what Marjorie Taylor Greene and other crazies demanded. Overriding security concerns of the Capitol ...Read more

Dianne Feinstein: A Sad Ending to a Remarkable Career

From the Left / Bill Press /

California’s senior U.S. senator, Dianne Feinstein, waited too long to make it, but in the end she made the right decision. Admitting “the time has come,” Feinstein finally announced this week that she will not run for reelection in 2024. It’s the right decision for California, for the country, for the Senate — and, especially, for her...Read more

Probably the Best State of the Union Ever!

From the Left / Bill Press /

When it comes to State of the Union addresses, this was hardly my first rodeo. I’ve covered dozens of them. But this week’s was my all-time favorite.

By their very nature, State of the Union speeches are designed to bore. Have you noticed? They’re all the same. Republican or Democrat, the president always starts out by declaring the state...Read more

Beware the Great White Hope from Florida

From the Left / Bill Press /

You must admit that, for all anti-Trumpers – Democrat, Republican, or Independent – it’s delicious watching the tit-for-tat between Donald Trump, the only as-yet-announced GOP candidate for 2024, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the man everybody expects to announce and, clearly, the primary opponent Trump fears the most.

There’s good...Read more

All Classified Documents Are Not the Same

From the Left / Bill Press /

After months of outrage, surprise, chagrin, despair, or glee (depending on whose ox is being gored), it’s time to settle down, take a deep breath and add up what we’ve learned from the Great Classified Documents Scandal.

First lesson. It’s obvious that there are too many government documents stamped “Classified,” a majority of which ...Read more

George Santos: Kevin McCarthy's new pet

From the Left / Bill Press /

Kevin McCarthy has no soul. He believes in nothing and stands for nothing – except, no matter what it takes, the greater glory of Kevin McCarthy.

To that end, McCarthy embraced Marjorie Taylor Greene for Congress, even though she proposed the assassination of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He was one of 147 Republicans who voted to overturn the 2020 ...Read more

Let C-SPAN Out of Its Cage!

From the Left / Bill Press /

There were a lot of losers in last week’s GOP clown show. Hardliners in the Republican caucus lost because they failed in their goal of defeating Kevin McCarthy. Moderates lost because McCarthy gave so much away in appeasing his extremist opponents. And McCarthy himself lost, even though he won, because he had to surrender so much power in ...Read more

Burning Down the House

From the Left / Bill Press /

Unlike most others, this column is not about something that happened. It’s about something that’s happening before our very eyes. A work in progress: the destruction of the House of Representatives as a serious, credible, legislative body – unraveling in the context of this week’s embarrassing attempt by House Republicans to elect a new ...Read more

Tuesdays with Mitch: Ghosts of past, present and future issue ominous warnings for Jews

From the Left / Bill Press /

Every Sunday at noon, when many are eating brunch or getting ready for a football game, a room full of chairs awaits in the Zekelman Holocaust Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Maybe a few dozen people show up, sometimes more, sometimes less. They come to listen to an old person speak.

That old person, one of a small, rotating group, is, at...Read more



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