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Democrats: Don’t get mad, get even!

From the Left / Bill Press /

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg participates in a discussion at the Georgetown University Law Center on February 10, 2020 in Washington, DC.

Last week, I advised saving up some outrage for Donald Trump’s latest. Glad I did, because this week we saw on the part of Trump and his Republican Senate boot-lickers perhaps the most ...Read more

Are you running out of outrage?

From the Left / Bill Press /

Attention Deficit Disorder. If you don’t have it, consider yourself lucky. According to the American Psychiatric Association, one out of 25 Americans, and one out of 10 children, have some level of A.D.D., loosely described as the inability to remain focused for a reasonable amount of time on any given task, activity, subject, or conversation....Read more

White voters: It’s up to you!

From the Left / Bill Press /

Labor Day’s behind us. With fewer than 55 days until November 3, the presidential election is in full swing, and the differences between the two parties could not be clearer.

For Joe Biden, the issue is: Donald Trump has sunk this country into a four-fold catastrophe: the worst public health crisis in our lifetime, a pandemic that’s killed ...Read more

Message to Democrats: don’t fret, fight!

From the Left / Bill Press /

Full confession. I’m a proud Democrat. I’m a lifelong Democrat. But, I must admit, sometimes my fellow Democrats drive me crazy. They always fear the worst. They’re such worry-warts. They’re such bed-wetters. Like now.

No exaggeration. I must get half a dozen emails, texts, or phone calls every day from Democratic friends (you know who ...Read more

Postscript to RNC: need to tell the truth

From the Left / Bill Press /

Donald Trump’s not wrong about everything. He’s telling the truth when he says he’s created a lot of new jobs. In fact, he can take credit for vastly expanding one particular industry: fact-checkers. Newsrooms have hired hundreds of them.

Fact-checkers have been in great demand since the beginning of the Trump presidency, but never more ...Read more

Barack and Michelle unchained

From the Left / Bill Press /

It’s been a frustrating four years. Ever since Donald Trump took office, every time he did something outrageous, we yearned for some reaction from our former commander in chief. When Trump dropped out of the Paris Accords, trashed the Iran Nuclear Deal, locked up kids in cages, praised white supremacists in Charleston, or sicced the military ...Read more

Protesters? Sorry, they look like thieves to me

From the Left / Bill Press /

As shopkeepers and volunteers were sweeping up Monday after an overnight looting rampage through downtown Chicago’s ritziest addresses, I already was hearing from taunting emailers like this passive-aggressive troll:

“Can’t wait to see how you spin the blame for this on Trump, the police or white privilege,” wrote a gentleman from ...Read more

Leading psychiatrists speak up about Trump

From the Left / Bill Press /

In July 2016, when Donald Trump first appeared on the national political scene, commentators drained their thesaurus for colorful adjectives to describe him: outrageous, unique, unchained, reckless, controversial, free-wheeling, bombastic, unlike anything American politics had ever seen before. But by the time November rolled around, many were ...Read more

Honor John Lewis: Make good trouble

From the Left / Bill Press /

For a kid from a small town in Delaware, I’ve been lucky. I’ve had some wonderful experiences, held some fun jobs, and met a lot of famous people: presidents, governors, cabinet secretaries, members of Congress, TV anchors, and movie stars. But, in all my life, there’s only one time I felt I was in the presence of true greatness: And that�...Read more

America is under siege by goon squads of unauthorized, unneeded, and unwanted federal forces

From the Left / Bill Press /

America is under siege. Coast to coast, America is under attack. Not by foreign enemies. Not by terrorists. America’s under attack by goon squads of unauthorized, unneeded, and unwanted federal forces untrained in riot control and unleashed by President Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr on American cities.

Beware! Among all the ...Read more

Free Dr. Anthony Fauci!

From the Left / Bill Press /

In his personal attacks, is there any limit to how low Donald Trump will go? No. When will he go even lower than he went today? Tomorrow.

By this time, we’re no longer shocked by any insult that comes out of this man’s ugly mouth. He called John McCain a “coward” and a “loser.” He called Carly Fiorina “horseface.” He’s called ...Read more

Don’t mince words: He’s a racist

From the Left / Bill Press /

Donald Trump’s half-right when he says there’s a dangerous movement underway in the country.

There’s a dangerous movement underway, all right. It’s just not the one he claims. It’s not, as he claims, the “Black Lives Matter Movement” and, in the wake of George Floyd’s murder, urgent efforts to expose, tackle and end systemic ...Read more

Fifty-three Republican cowards: Hold them responsible

From the Left / Bill Press /

Great country that we are, there are still shameful moments in our history. Among them: 1857, the Dred Scott case, when the Supreme Court upheld the institution of slavery; 1942, FDR’s Executive Order, which forced the relocation and incarceration of Japanese-Americans; 1950-54, the failure of President Eisenhower and other leading Republicans...Read more



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