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Fifty-three Republican cowards: Hold them responsible

From the Left / Bill Press /

Great country that we are, there are still shameful moments in our history. Among them: 1857, the Dred Scott case, when the Supreme Court upheld the institution of slavery; 1942, FDR’s Executive Order, which forced the relocation and incarceration of Japanese-Americans; 1950-54, the failure of President Eisenhower and other leading Republicans...Read more

Is it time for Joe Biden to come out of his basement?

From the Left / Bill Press /

This is turning out to be the weirdest presidential campaign ever. It’s the inside strategy vs. the outside, the visible vs. the invisible, the everywhere vs. the nowhere. Donald Trump’s everywhere, frenetically running around the country, defying all CDC guidelines about COVID-19 – no mask, no social distancing - holding phony photo ops ...Read more

Bolton's no patriot, just another money-grubber

From the Left / Bill Press /

Sometimes the media bounces from the commendable to the despicable. Like now. After doing an admirable job covering the coronavirus pandemic, the economic collapse, and the Black Lives Matter movement reignited by the murder of George Floyd, print, TV, and social media outlets are now all a flutter over sensational details released from John ...Read more

One day the whole nation will take to its knee

From the Left / Bill Press /

Is George Floyd today's Emmett Till?

Is the nation moving beyond, oh God, its third manifestation of "legal" racism? The first manifestation was, of course, slavery, which was eliminated via the Civil War. The second manifestation was the Jim Crow/KKK era, with its lynchings, black vote suppression, unending segregation and unquestioned white ...Read more

Bill Press: For Trump, not even the Bible is sacred

From the Left / Bill Press /

We should know better. Just when we think Trump could sink no lower, he fools us again. We should have realized by now, as senior conservative columnist George Will warned about Trump in a recent Washington Post column: “There is no such thing as rock bottom. So, assume that the worst is yet to come.”

Good advice, but even so: It’s hard ...Read more

Bill Press: On Twitter, anything goes — even murder accusations

From the Left / Bill Press /

Given two disgusting options, it’s hard to tell which is worse: Donald Trump’s accusing Joe Scarborough of murder, or Twitter’s giving him an unfettered platform to do so.

Trump has long used Twitter to spew his hatred of everything and everybody who doesn’t worship the ground he walks on. His ugly tweets — more than 50,000 so far, ...Read more

Should Trump step aside and put Anthony Fauci in charge?

From the Left / Bill Press /

We Americans face a monumental choice in 2020. Every four years, we're told this is the most important presidential election in our lifetime. But this time, it's true. We've never faced a clearer choice: between the most ignorant, incompetent, ineffective, gross, disgusting, repulsive president ever and, most likely, the most qualified person ...Read more

Donald Trump doesn't care if you die

From the Left / Bill Press /

Over the years, we have heard many examples of bizarre conspiracy theories, including: The Holocaust never happened; American astronauts never landed on the moon; and September 11 was an inside job engineered by the CIA.

Now we can add one more: The coronavirus is nothing but a scam and a hoax, engineered by the "deep state" and the Democratic ...Read more

Will the next vice president please step forward?

From the Left / Bill Press /

What do you do when you're locked in your home for seven weeks? You plow through every recipe by the Barefoot Contessa. You tackle that 1,500-piece jigsaw puzzle. You binge-watch TV until there's nothing left on Netflix you haven't seen. Or you indulge in the latest parlor game sweeping the nation: speculation about who's going to be Joe Biden's...Read more

Earth Day 2020: Postponed until November 3

From the Left / Bill Press /

Among countless major events canceled worldwide due to the coronavirus are the Oktoberfest, Running of the Bulls, Burning Man, South by Southwest, Summer Olympics, Cannes International Film Festival, Boston Marathon, Kentucky Derby, and St. Patrick's Day Parades. But none will be missed as much as the worldwide celebration of the 50th ...Read more

Time for everybody to vote by mail

From the Left / Bill Press /

If you dared suggest, just a month ago, that the coronavirus would result in such a massive dislocation -- no restaurants or stores open, except for grocery stores; schools and colleges shut down; no Broadway plays; no concerts; no opera; no ballet; no Major League baseball season; no March Madness; no NBA playoffs; maybe no NFL season; no ...Read more


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