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DeSantis Campaign Over Before it Began

From the Left / Bill Press /

A few years ago, a producer friend of mine raised the funds to bring a play she’d developed and first staged in Los Angeles all the way to Broadway. It was a big deal. A Broadway opening. I flew to New York for the festivities, but the celebration didn’t last long. The reviews were so bad that the producer was forced to pull the plug. The ...Read more

Whatever Happened to Lindsey Graham?

From the Left / Bill Press /

It never fails. Wherever I travel in this country, I’m inevitably asked two questions: Whatever happened to Tucker Carlson? And whatever happened to Lindsey Graham? To which I admit: I have no idea.

Well, now we have the answer to one of those questions. In his new book, “The Corruption of Lindsey Graham,” available only on Kindle, the ...Read more

Bill Press: The worst television show in history

From the Left / Bill Press /

You may remember. In last week’s column, I asked the question: Why would CNN give its “avowed enemy, twice-impeached, once-indicted, election-denying, conspiracy-inspiring, serial adulterer, pathological liar, and accused rapist ex-president who’s still the subject of four separate criminal investigations” an hour of prime time, largely ...Read more

CNN Chooses Ratings Over Democracy – AGAIN!

From the Left / Bill Press /

If you want to know why the media’s held in such contempt these days, look no further than the latest move by CNN.

Donald Trump’s been indicted in New York City on 34 felony accounts for making hush money payments to a porn star. He’s now on trial in New York for allegedly raping columnist E. Jean Carroll. He’s under investigation in ...Read more

GOP, Beware. Abortion Politics Are Firing Up Both Sides

From the Left / Bill Press /

Remember how conservatives used to decry “judicial activism?”? As I recall, that was before they began to see an advantage in some judicial activism of their own.

In its simplest definition, judicial activism describes how a justice approaches judicial review. It refers to judges who overreach beyond their sworn responsibility to interpret ...Read more

Mass Murder: Our Wounded Humanity

From the Left / Bill Press /

Once again . . . once again . . . once again . . .

I’m sure you know what I’m referring to. Yeah, another —the latest (?) —mass shooting in the United States, this one at Old National Bank in Louisville, Kentucky, on April 10, two days ago as I write. Five killed, eight injured. The shooter, an employee of the bank, was killed in a ...Read more

Justice Clarence Thomas’ Appearance of Impropriety? We’ll Be the Judge

From the Left / Bill Press /

It must be more than a little embarrassing for a Supreme Court justice to lament that he took some bad legal advice.

But the embarrassment will be worth it for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas if it helps him to get out from under the bigger embarrassments reported by the investigative news service ProPublica.

I’m referring to his ...Read more

Elections Matter

From the Left / Bill Press /

Elections matter. Today’s Chicago mayoral run-off matters. The two candidates in the run-off – Brandon Johnson and Paul Vallas – offer starkly different visions and agendas for the city. And today, the people will decide – but only those who show up and vote.

Happily, all can vote in Chicago. Even if you aren’t registered, or haven’...Read more

Rolling Fork Needs to be Built Back Better – Not Simply Rebuilt

From the Left / Bill Press /

Editor's note: The following is a guest column by Jesse Jackson

This week, Rolling Fork, Mississippi, was virtually erased by a tornado hurling winds of up to 200 miles per hour. “It’s bad out here,” Jourdan Hartshorn told ABC News, “It’s literally devastation, Ground Zero.” Twenty-five people are dead in Mississippi and one ...Read more

No Matter What He Does, GOP Can't Shake Trump

From the Left / Bill Press /

Whatever you think about Donald Trump, one thing you must admit: He has a knack for making history. He was the first president to be impeached – twice! The first president to refuse to accept the results of an election – still! And now it looks like he’ll soon become the first former president to be arrested for committing a crime.

Though...Read more

Mike Pence Lays Down the Marker for 2024

From the Left / Bill Press /

Sometimes, wisdom comes from the strangest people in the strangest places. It happened again this week – when Mike Pence, of all people, speaking at the annual Gridiron Dinner, of all places, set the bar for the defining issue of 2024.

I did not attend this year’s dinner, but I’ve been to three previous dinners, most recently in 2018, the...Read more

No How, No Way, No Labels

From the Left / Bill Press /

Twenty-twenty four is already filling a lot of Democrats with fear. They’re afraid Donald Trump will get the Republican nomination, and possibly get re-elected. Or they fear Ron DeSantis will be the GOP candidate, who’d be tougher to beat and more dangerous than Trump if, God forbid, he were ever re-elected.

But Democrats are wrong. They’...Read more



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