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Drain the swamp with Trump in it

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

This is getting absolutely ridiculous. Rudy Giuliani's money grab. The utter waste of resources, all of it aimed at stopping the state from certifying election results that show Joe Biden has won. Weeks of searching that brought just two people whose ballots were rejected as inaccurate, called by the president himself, in the hopes that they ...Read more

How much is Rudy worth?

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

According to The New York Times, Rudy Giuliani has been seeking $20,000 a day -- since the day after the election -- to lead the war against reality being waged by President Donald Trump's lawyers. He denies the number but claims the president wanted to make sure he got paid.

As of Friday, with lawyers withdrawing for both ethical and financial...Read more

Who will tell the emperor?

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

This is getting serious.

I'm not talking about the nightmare scenarios being spun about by law professors, most of whom, respectfully, have never walked a precinct.

The states will finish their counts, certify them and send the electors who are pledged to the winner to the Electoral College.

Well before the election, in a lengthy parade of ...Read more

Trump cannot sue his way back to the presidency

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

In my work as a lawyer, I often find myself sitting with CEOs waiting for a verdict. So, I write statements for everybody to use if we lose. Someone once noticed that I never draft victory statements. Winning is easy: The system worked, and you smile for the camera.

It's losing that requires hard work. Losing with dignity is like aging with ...Read more

The blue wave that wasn't

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

As a product of 1980s Democratic politics, I rarely believe that the Democrat was going to win. Four years ago, I canceled my Tuesday class. Traffic, I said, as I raced out of an Annenberg Panel at 5:05 p.m., pretending that Fox might need me (even though I had gotten fired for representing Roger Ailes). No traffic this time, but COVID-19 has me...Read more

Save the Court, save the vote

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

Before a single vote was counted, President Donald Trump made clear that he expects the courts to save him from the people. He would destroy the legitimacy of the courts if he could, if that's what it takes to, in the words of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, "flip the results." He rushed through the appointment of Justice Amy Coney Barrett so he could ...Read more

It's not Halloween that's scary, but the election three days later

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

Put aside the costumes and the freaky shots intended to scare. This year, what's scary is not Halloween but the election three days later. As it approaches, everyone is exchanging their doomsday predictions. Never have there been so many, or so many reasons to fear the worst.

I don't mean the kind of fear you might have if you're worried about ...Read more

There's a man in your garage

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

I live in a nice neighborhood of single-family homes. There's a market down the block where you see a few homeless people, but the market always has rather burly guys working security, which is enough to discourage a crowd. And to get from there to me is an uphill walk, which homeless people rarely take. Or so I thought.

It was early evening, ...Read more

What are Republicans so afraid of?

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

The pandemic required every state in the nation to decide how it would revise voting procedures to allow everyone to vote safely. In every state, Democrats argued for rules that would make it easier to vote absentee and more certain that your vote would count. The fights, which are now continuing in the courts, are about how many drop boxes ...Read more

Driving while black should not be a crime

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

There are bad cops. No doubt. We have seen them on television, as well we should. If most cops were bad, it would be easier: Clean house and hire replacements. Instead, you have men and women trying to do a dangerous job and hoping to get to go home and see their families at the end of a shift. They rely on stereotypes to stay alive.

Every year...Read more

The confirmation hearings that weren't

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

There were times when I crowded in front of stores selling televisions to watch Anita Hill or Clarence Thomas, to see Robert Bork borked, to catch the latest on Brett Kavanaugh.

This time, I was sitting in my house with a television that I never turned on.

Why bother?

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said it, and it's all that matters: ...Read more

We need the truth -- the scientific truth -- even if it doesn't fit the political narrative

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

Is it too much to ask? Not a cure. Not yet. Not a vaccine. Not until it's safe.

Just the truth.

Let's fight: He knew and didn't tell us. He played politics, warm weather, cold weather. President Donald Trump is strutting around, and he's "not out of the woods.

Let's fight back: The rally was outside. It's a personal choice. Masks were there ...Read more

In other news: Why the Breonna Taylor grand jury did not indict

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

The answer is simple: Daniel Cameron, the attorney general of Kentucky.

Brief recap: Police officers used a battering ram to enter Breonna Taylor's apartment after midnight looking for drugs. Her boyfriend shot once. Police officers shot dozens of times. Six of their shots killed Taylor. No drugs were found; it was her ex-boyfriend (who didn't ...Read more

Don't blame Chris Wallace

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

It is one thing to tell the nine candidates in a primary debate not to interrupt each other and to stick to the time limits, as many moderators have done, and another thing to cut off a ranting man who listens to no one and simply won't stop, especially when that man is the president of the United States. Can you imagine what Donald Trump would ...Read more

A holiday from anxiety

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

I'm not going to write about Donald Trump today. I know, he is out there telling everyone he won't necessarily leave, even if he loses. Which may scare people into voting for him but is more likely to convince them that Joe Biden needs a landslide.

Stop. There I go again.

No news today.

No Trump.

Most mornings of my adult life, I have ...Read more

Replacing RBG ought to be a moment where the country shows its greatness, not a circus

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

Twenty years ago, five conservative Supreme Court justices picked the president.

It could happen again.

Yesterday, Sen. Mitt Romney was President Donald Trump's nemesis and a hero to everyone else. No more. Romney gave Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell the vote he needed. Fifty-one Republicans are ready to go forward.

Most Americans ...Read more

We need people who will be smarter than their president and their favorite news anchor give them credit for

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

On the afternoon of Election Day 2016, I was doing an Election Day panel with my old friend Bob Shrum, with whom I've won some and lost some, and who I have respected for decades. He was comfortable. Morley Winograd, the longtime and much-respected head of the Democratic Party of Michigan, assured me that Michigan would be fine. I emailed ...Read more

Smoke gets in your eyes

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

The only reason I know where Arcadia or Sierra Madre -- the communities closest to the Bobcat fire in Southern California -- are is because I used to do traffic reports when I was a talk radio host. Traffic and weather together. For traffic, I talked to Captain Jorge up in his helicopter. For weather, I just read the report, which tended to be ...Read more

The Tom Bradley Effect: People lie to pollsters

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

Tom Bradley, a former police officer who served as mayor of Los Angeles for 20 years, was supposed to win the 1982 governor's race. Every poll said so. He was endorsed by everybody. Going in to Election Day, those polls consistently showed him to be 10 points ahead of his opponent, George Deukmejian, a little-known Republican at the time.

...Read more

The cities may not be burning, but Trump could still win

From the Left / Susan Estrich /

Did you hear the word "Obamacare" during the Republican convention? It was once President Donald Trump's worst enemy. Then it got more popular, as people who had not been able to get insurance in the past then could. In this pandemic, it has been essential. The idea of taking health insurance away from tens of millions of Americans in the middle...Read more



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