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The amazing fall of Donald Trump's wall

From the Left / Jim Hightower /

Big, high walls can be troublesome. Ask Humpty Dumpty. Or consider the Canaanite city of Jericho: According to a Biblical tale, its walls came tumbling down when Joshua and the Israelites encircled it and blew their horns.

However, for a real-life, epic story about wall troubles, ponder the trials and tribulations of our very own president. He ...Read more

Health care for people ... or for corporate profits?

From the Left / Jim Hightower /

When grassroots groups rise up against the corporate establishment trying to win some specific progressive change for the common good, the odds against them can seem daunting. As an old saying puts it: Where there's a will ... there are 1,000 won'ts.

Those won'ts tend to be moneyed powers making a killing from the status quo, so they're dead ...Read more

Democrats need to choose between the progressives and the centrists

From the Left / Jim Hightower /

With dozens of Democratic candidates having entered the presidential race (some dropping out before you were aware they'd dropped in), with the main contenders herded into seven (and counting) televised debates stretching back to June, and with swarms of reporters and pundits descending on the tiniest blip in polls and on every candidate's minor...Read more

Change Is Coming

From the Left / Jim Hightower /

As we hurtle into the 2020s, the future of our food economy (and food itself) remains a fiercely contested competition between diametrically opposed visions: a negative pole consisting of the concentrated forces of corporate agriBusiness, which view the dinner plate strictly in terms of their own profit margins, and a positive polarity of ...Read more

Don't tax you, don't tax me, tax that man behind the tree

From the Left / Jim Hightower /

Sen. Russell Long, the powerful Senate Finance Committee chair from 1966 to 1981 from the great state of Louisiana, liked to recite a little jingle highlighting the thorny political process of tax reform: "Don't tax you. Don't tax me. Tax that man behind the tree."

Yes, let's do just that! Today, our nominee for "that man behind the tree" is ...Read more

Trump has more meanness in store for the poor

From the Left / Jim Hightower /

Our society has coined expressions like "philanthropist" and "season of giving" to encourage and hail people's charitable spirit.

Look on the flip side of those shiny coins of generosity, however, and you'll find that they're made of a base substance of societal selfishness. After all, the need for charity only exists because we're tolerating ...Read more

What if you were to own your own power company?

From the Left / Jim Hightower /

About 40 years ago, a right-wing codger named Eddie Chiles became a momentary political celebrity in my state by buying airtime on hundreds of radio stations to broadcast his daily political rants. Having made a fortune in the Texas oil fields, he pitched himself as a rags-to-riches, self-made success story. "I'm Mad Eddie," as he was known, ...Read more

Special gifts for special people...

From the Left / Jim Hightower /

Ho-ho-ho. Wait till you hear about the gifts I gave to some of America's power elites for Christmas.

To each of our Congress critters I sent my fondest wish that from now on, they receive the exact same income, health care and pension that we average citizens get. If they receive only the American average, it might make them a bit more humble -...Read more

Can 'powerless nobodies' fight the corporate powers?

From the Left / Jim Hightower /

The many sparkling bays along the Texas coastline of the Gulf of Mexico have long provided both a working-class living and a valued lifestyle for generations of shrimpers, oysterers and other fishing families. People and seafood, however, are not the only creatures here, for such wildlife as alligators and snakes also call many of these ...Read more

'Tax the rich' is no longer just a political slogan

From the Left / Jim Hightower /

There's nothing inevitable about inequality. It's an injustice that the moneyed powers and their political hirelings have chosen. We the People can choose a brighter path, one that bends toward justice, starting with a wealth tax such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren's plan to apply a 2% per annum wealth tax only to net worth over $50 million and ...Read more

What's scaring the bejeezus out of billionaires?

From the Left / Jim Hightower /

There's a new political army on the march in America, moving forcibly into the 2020 presidential campaign. Tromp, tromp, tromp they come -- it's the Billionaire Brigade!

It's actually a very small army -- only 749 Americans rank as billionaires -- but they have lots of firepower. Collectively, they've amassed some $4 trillion in personal wealth...Read more

Which food future will you choose?

From the Left / Jim Hightower /

It's time to talk turkey!

No, not the Butterball sitting in the Oval Office. I'm talking about the real thing, the big bird, 46 million of which we Americans will devour on this Thanksgiving Day.

It was the Aztecs who first domesticated the gallopavo , but leave it to the Spanish explorers to "foul up" the bird's origins. They declared...Read more


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