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Republicans skirmish aboard their sinking ship

From the Left / Joe Conason /

Even if November's electoral tsunami is still just a rumor on the horizon, that big blue wave already is rocking Republican boats. We can sense something different in the distance, not only because the polls say so but because political journalism has departed from its banal narrative.

Instead of the repetitious dullness of "Democrats in ...Read more

Biden seizes our last chance

From the Left / Joe Conason /

One of the worst failings of political journalism in our time was just illustrated again. When Joe Biden delivered a path-breaking address on climate change, he drew less media coverage than a rumored shakeup in the Trump campaign. Do you care more about the fate of Republican grifters -- or the fate of the Earth?

Even reporters who prefer ...Read more

Let's not kill the heroes running our classrooms

From the Left / Joe Conason /

Among the lessons taught by the pandemic is to value the people who make life possible in this country. They are hospital employees, ambulance drivers, cops and firefighters, of course, but also delivery workers, grocery clerks, utility workers, mail carriers and a panoply of others who confronted danger every day for months and still do. Most ...Read more

What no patriot would ever do

From the Left / Joe Conason /

"Performative patriotism" is a fancy way of describing what my father -- a veteran of World War II who rarely spoke about his service -- called "jelly-bellied flag flappers." Dad always laughed at those phonies, but we now suffer a president who is exactly that type, only worse. And Donald Trump's flag-flapping fakery is no joke.

A performative...Read more

What Bolton's memoir tells us

From the Left / Joe Conason /

What can we learn from John Bolton's new memoir? History will not absolve him, his execrable ex-boss Donald Trump or the Republican political apparatus that has enabled the toxic Trump regime.

Well before Bolton's book arrived, we already knew the single most important fact about the Trump presidency and Trump himself: He and the Republicans ...Read more

A timely warning from the generals

From the Left / Joe Conason /

Under ordinary circumstances, open dissent from high-ranking military officials, retired and active, against the actions of civilian political leaders would signal a danger familiar to other countries. Such rumblings from the military often indicate that constitutional freedoms are in jeopardy and that martial law, or even a coup d'etat, may be ...Read more

The travel ban that wasn't

From the Left / Joe Conason /

Now that President Donald Trump has surrendered the United States to the coronavirus -- without much available testing, except for himself and his White House cronies -- the toll of illness and death is sure to explode. As America counts the cost of their horrific incompetence, in the midst of his reelection campaign, the president will trumpet ...Read more



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