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Trump's epic budget swindle

From the Left / Joe Conason /

Elect a fraudster to the presidency -- remember Trump University and the Trump Foundation? -- and he will soon deliver a fraudulent budget. What makes this presidential fraudster's first budget so special is the simultaneous perpetration of multiple levels of fraud.

Aside from defense spending, the Trump budget violates nearly every ...Read more

Congress: Demand White House transcript

From the Left / Joe Conason /

If Donald Trump disclosed highly classified state secrets to the Russian ambassador and foreign minister, he may be vulnerable to impeachment -- not because he broke the law, which evidently he did not, but because he committed an act that would be considered criminal and perhaps treasonous if perpetrated willfully by any other government ...Read more

Donald Trump's death panels

From the Left / Joe Conason /

The real death panels are coming.

Back in 2009, during the shrill hours of debate over the Affordable Care Act, Sarah Palin warned us solemnly that defenseless Americans "will have to stand in front of Obama's 'death panel' so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their 'level of productivity in society,' whether they ...Read more

The Grifters Do 'Tax Reform'

From the Left / Joe Conason /

If you were paying attention to what we learned about Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign, then you know that the president of the United States was once the impresario of a student-swindling Trump University, the founder of a Trump Foundation designed for tax evasion and illegal self-dealing, and the chief executive of a The Trump ...Read more

Trump (and Putin) still pushing fascist 'nationalism'

From the Left / Joe Conason /

Hold the exhalations of relief about the supposed moderation of Donald Trump and the apparent demotion of Steve Bannon, his official strategist. With Trump's all-but-explicit endorsement of Marine Le Pen, the French neo-fascist presidential candidate, it is now clear that he remains enthusiastic about the fascists who have rebranded themselves ...Read more

First Step Down a Dangerous Path

From the Left / Joe Conason /

For the moment, Donald Trump's bombing of a military airfield in Syria has earned him a measure of success that has eluded his bumbling and malevolent administration during its first three months in office. No doubt he is thrilled by admiring coverage on cable television; by endorsements from voices on the left and right, outraged by Bashar ...Read more

Don't Be Distracted By 'Leaks' or 'Wiretaps'

From the Left / Joe Conason /

From his first tweeted accusation of "wiretapping," Donald Trump has thrown up a screen of chaff to obscure what he and his cronies seem to fear most: a thorough, transparent investigation of the multiple connections between the Kremlin and his presidential campaign. Self-destructive as his ploy was, he succeeded in distracting attention from ...Read more

Why Trump (and Bannon) Mirror ISIS

From the Left / Joe Conason /

What if the purpose of the Trump administration's travel ban is not to protect America from terrorist infiltration, as the president and his top advisers insist? What if the true aim of their anti-Muslim rhetoric, articulated over and over again, is actually to offend Muslims -- and intensify their alienation from the West?

Those questions ...Read more


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