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A Real Email Scandal -- and Trump's Hypocrisy

From the Left / Joe Conason /

For well over a year, Donald Trump ranted constantly about the woman he smeared as "Crooked Hillary," insisting that her alleged disclosures of classified information -- although unintentional, harmless and ultimately deemed innocent by the FBI director -- were serious felonies for which she ought to be sent to prison. "Hillary Clinton's ...Read more

As Neo-Nazis Hail Him, Trump Shrugs

From the Left / Joe Conason /

In recent days, events have reignited the most disturbing speculation about the nature of the incoming Trump regime, its ideological orientation, and the political character of the president-elect himself.

Over the weekend, an organization that calls itself the National Policy Institute convened a couple hundred white nationalists and other ...Read more

Rogue FBI Agents Deface Democracy

From the Left / Joe Conason /

Whatever the outcome next Tuesday, our political system crossed a disturbing Rubicon during the days leading up to that climax: For the first time in recent memory, officials of the nation's premier law enforcement agency sought to influence a national election with illicit leaks.

Murky information about investigations of Hillary Clinton's ...Read more

Donald Trump's Clinton Blame Game

From the Left / Joe Conason /

For reasons best known to Donald Trump and his campaign, they seem to believe that the best way to deflect the ongoing deluge of sexual assault accusations against him is to keep repeating old stories about Bill Clinton. If the former president did something wrong once upon a time, according to this theory, then Hillary Clinton is also guilty ...Read more

Former Whitewater Counsel Faces the Truth

From the Left / Joe Conason /

Most Americans may no longer remember Michael Chertoff, the New Jersey Republican who once headed the Department of Homeland Security -- and who earned that position in part to reward his work on the Senate Whitewater Committee, where he served under New York's Alfonse D'Amato as chief counsel. But anyone who closely observed the antics of ...Read more

The Brazen Hypocrisy of Trump, Giuliani -- and Their Enablers

From the Left / Joe Conason /

Only in this mad election could a male presidential nominee -- a misogynist boor who has been married three times, who has boasted of adultery with his friends' wives, and who has even publicly leered at his own daughter -- seek to blame a female candidate for her husband's sexual indiscretions. And only in this election would that nominee ...Read more

A Moral Victory for Bill Clinton -- And His Foundation

From the Left / Joe Conason /

Late on the afternoon of Sept. 21 -- almost exactly eleven years after Bill Clinton inaugurated the annual Clinton Global Initiative conferences in New York City -- the former president offered closing remarks there for the very last time. Having watched this innovative organization grow from a casual idea into a formidable entity credited for...Read more

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