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Famed lawyer warns of conservative Supreme Court

From the Left / John Micek /

For Kathryn Kolbert, the current threat to women’s health care could not be more clear: A strengthened conservative majority on the Supreme Court will result in both the Affordable Care Act and Roe v. Wade being overturned.

In the case of the former, that would mean the end of protections for people with preexisting conditions, and the ban ...Read more

So Pat Toomey cravenly pivoted on Trump’s SCotUS pick? Shocking.

From the Left / John Micek /

It was never really a matter of whether Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) was going to fall into line and support President Donald Trump’s Banana Republican power grab for the Supreme Court.

It was only a matter of when.

And right on schedule, on Tuesday afternoon, Toomey speedily ditched the slender rationale that allowed him to oppose Judge Merrick ...Read more

Biden’s Grace and Empathy Reminds Us of America’s Better Angels

From the Left / John Micek /

Joe Vadala’s question was heartbreaking in every way imaginable.

Vadala, a high school teacher whose fight against multiple sclerosis has left him immunocompromised, looked Joe Biden in the eye last week during CNN town hall in Scranton, Pa., told him he wanted to teach, but “I don’t want to die,” and leave his wife, who’d lost her ...Read more

Losers? Suckers? Terrorists? Anarchists? Meet the Real Folks Behind Trump’s Insults

From the Left / John Micek /

Ty Rewolinski doesn’t look like a loser. Or a sucker.

Standing on a Harrisburg street corner outside the headquarters of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO, Rewolinski looks like what he once was: A U.S. Marine Corps sergeant who served his country in Iraq. He’s tall and broad and self-contained. His eyes are alert. A silver cross dangles from his ...Read more

Donald Trump and Republicans, In Their Own Words

From the Left / John Micek /

If you’re looking for the biggest difference between Donald Trump’s acceptance speeches in 2016 and last week, it helps to channel your inner real estate developer.

It’s all about location, location, location.

In 2016, Trump delivered a darkly tedious and overlong speech from the frigidly air-conditioned Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland....Read more

Kamala Harris Is America As It Is Now

From the Left / John Micek /

If there’s a more authentically American story than the one of Sen. Kamala Harris, you’d have to make it up.

On Tuesday, the California Democrat, the daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants, became the first woman of color in American history to be named to a presidential ticket. And across the United States, Black women, who saw ...Read more

Why Some Urban Planners Think We Should Defund Police

From the Left / John Micek /

The tragically unnecessary death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, has forced us to come to a long-delayed reckoning of inequities in almost every sector of American life. From schools and healthcare to policing and criminal justice outcomes, no quadrant of our public debate has been off limits.

So it ...Read more

Offering Some Praise For The Pentagon On Flags

From the Left / John Micek /

I’ve gotten a few letters from readers over the past couple of weeks who have asked me - some more politely and in publishable terms than others - if I have anything nice to say about the Trump administration at all.

So, critics, write down the day. I am about to say something nice. Treasure this moment. Clip this column. Put it on your ...Read more

Trump Using Students As Coronavirus Pawns

From the Left / John Micek /

Here’s how far Donald Trump is willing to go to ensure his re-election: After trying to normalize COVID-19 deaths among senior citizens and asking us to just get used to the fact that more people will die, he’s now willing to use America’s schoolchildren as pawns in a proxy fight with Democrats.

That is the only reasonable way to read the...Read more

Trump’s Lawsuit Building The Case For Discrediting The Election

From the Left / John Micek /

Credit Donald Trump with this much: When he finds a riff, he sticks with it.

For the better part of four years now, despite an utter paucity of evidence, the nation’s 45th president has claimed that our electoral system is so rife with voter fraud results cannot be trusted.

The opening salvo came in 2016 when Trump claimed that between 3 ...Read more



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