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Biden's Senility Obscures Questions About Trump's Mental Acuity

From the Left / Ted Rall /

Why, frustrated Democrats are asking, is the news media ignoring signs that former President Donald Trump is (also) suffering cognitive impairment? Why are they focusing on President Joe Biden's debate performance and calling on him, but not Trump, following his conviction on 34 felony counts, to drop out of the campaign?

You have reasonable ...Read more

How Biden Could Salvage His Candidacy

From the Left / Ted Rall /

President Joe Biden's unsteady performance in last week's presidential debate has sparked a debate of its own between Democrats: between those who believe the president's chances of reelection have dropped so dramatically that he should be replaced as their nominee, and loyalists determined to stay the course lest the fragile coalition between...Read more

Our Weirdly Random Employment System

From the Left / Ted Rall /

Serendipity plays such a starring role in our lives that we never stop to ask ourselves whether we ought to accept it. A random event, especially one that turns out to be your "big break," becomes a charming story -- even though, really, such happenstance is an indictment of a system that is no system at all.

Donald Sutherland, The New York ...Read more

Men Are Not Disposable

From the Left / Ted Rall /

The American packet ship Poland was traveling from New York to Normandy when, in May 1840, it was struck by lightning. A fire broke out. A Bostonian later recalled that one fellow passenger, a Frenchman, responded to the captain's call to abandon ship with the suggestion that seats on the lifeboats go to "women and children first." Everyone ...Read more

How Hamas Defeated Israel

From the Left / Ted Rall /

When residents of the Middle East woke up on the morning of Oct. 7, the Palestinian cause was in a sorry state.

Seven hundred thousand radical Israeli settler-colonists and sealed-off "military zones" occupied 60% of the occupied West Bank, which was blockaded by a Berlin-style border wall, so much that the United Nations human rights chief no ...Read more

In Court, We're All Abused Like Donald Trump

From the Left / Ted Rall /

At any given time, millions of Americans are involved in either a criminal case or civil lawsuit at some level of the local, state or federal court system. Very few people reach the end of their lives without encountering judges and juries charged with determining the fate of their freedom and savings accounts.

For most people, the legal system...Read more

If Trump Were the Same but Left, Democrats Would Love Him, Too

From the Left / Ted Rall /

If you don't understand your enemies and their motivations, Sun Tzu counseled, victory will elude you. Part of the reason President Joe Biden's polls are so awful is that Democrats and their supporters don't have a clue what is driving former President Donald Trump and his MAGA movement.

The answer would shock many of them. Republican voters ...Read more

My Stolen Rent Check Shows Why America Is Broken

From the Left / Ted Rall /

When my landlord's management company informed me that they hadn't received my rent check, I was surprised. As is true of most Americans, housing is by far my biggest expense, so of course I noticed when the money vanished from my account. The mystery deepened when I conjured up an image of the canceled check on my bank's website. There was my ...Read more

Age. Race. Sexual Orientation. Should Political Expression Be a Protected Class, Too?

From the Left / Ted Rall /

Your boss can't fire you because of the color of your skin. He can't get rid of you because he doesn't like your religion. Federal law protects you against employment discrimination based on your sex, race, pregnancy status, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, genetic information or (if you are over 40) age.

Should...Read more

Criticize Hamas. Criticize Israel 30 Times More.

From the Left / Ted Rall /

It is a truism bordering on a cliche that the Israeli state and Palestinian resistance organizations have inflicted violence upon each other, claiming the lives of thousands of innocent people on both sides. Media coverage of the carnage has been anything but evenhanded, however.

Since the founding of the State of Israel in 1948, Western media ...Read more

Pro-Palestiners Should Fight Back Against Right-Wing Bullies

From the Left / Ted Rall /

There are more Democrats than Republicans, more liberals than conservatives, more progressives than MAGAs. But you'd never know that from looking at our politics. From abortion to the minimum wage to war, the Right wins the important arguments.

How do they do it? Verbal abuse. Right-wing bullies name-call, they hector, they doxx, they blacklist...Read more

This Is a Golden Age of Censorship

From the Left / Ted Rall /

It's too bad we can't monetize censorship, because we truly live in a golden age of speech suppression. In this deeply polarized society, the one thing we can all agree upon is that people we disagree with need to shut up.

Officially, freedom of speech is a key commandment in our national civic religion. We love free speech -- in the abstract. ...Read more

What's Left 10: Police Who Help People

From the Left / Ted Rall /

It may come as a surprise, especially to conservatives, that the Left believes in law and order. Of course we do. Without it, you can't have much else.

In November 2001, I went to Afghanistan as a reporter. It felt like the 14th century, if the late Middle Ages took place in an Islamist dystopia and everyone carried an AK-47. To call it a ...Read more



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