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First thing, let's fire all the cops

From the Left / Ted Rall /

In the latest shooting of an innocent civilian by a trigger-happy police officer, a white Fort Worth cop blew away a 28-year-old African American woman through her bedroom window as she played a video game with her 8-year-old nephew. Atatiana Jefferson's neighbor had called a nonemergency police number to request that they check on her because ...Read more

Trump's impeachment is a deep-Democratic coup against Warren

From the Left / Ted Rall /

Some Republicans see the Ukraine/Biden impeachment inquiry as a deep-state coup attempt against President Donald Trump. Some progressives are beginning to scratch the surface of an alternative -- but equally cynical -- analysis that I think leftists ought to consider:

Trump's impeachment is a DNC/centrist coup attempt against progressives ...Read more

The New York Times Repeatedly Called a Famous Cartoonist an Anti-Semite -- and Didn't Ask Him for Comment

From the Left / Ted Rall /

Earlier this year, Portuguese cartoonist Antonio Moreira Antunes drew one of the most controversial political cartoons in history. His cartoon about U.S.-Israeli relations sparked so much controversy that The New York Times, whose international edition published it in April, decided to fire its two staff cartoonists, neither of whom had ...Read more

Left, center and right, we're all in denial about climate change

From the Left / Ted Rall /

The political left, center and right do share something in common in today's polarized America: We're all in denial.

The first step in 12-step programs is to admit that you have a problem; you can't tackle a challenge whose existence you refuse to acknowledge. "From a psychoanalytical viewpoint, denial is a pathological, ineffective defense ...Read more

Will Clinton Democrats Vote for a Progressive Against Trump?

From the Left / Ted Rall /

History, they say, doesn't so much repeat. It rhymes.

The campaign for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination appears to be an exception. Once again, the contest appears to be coming down to a choice between a "centrist" establishmentarian corporatist with institutional backing (Joe Biden) and a left-leaning populist progressive (...Read more

Once Again, in Afghanistan, the U.S. Proves It Can't Be Trusted

From the Left / Ted Rall /

The first draft of this column came not to bury but to praise Donald Trump. I planned to applaud the president's peace initiative with the Taliban, his strategy of ignoring the corrupt and discredited puppet regime Bush installed in Kabul and his desire to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan. This was a move I have been almost alone in ...Read more


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