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Trump, the UAW and the Next Realignment

From the Left / Ted Rall /

Bipartisanship is dead. But job-killing trade agreements like NAFTA were promoted by politicians of both major parties alike -- until Donald Trump. "Our politicians have aggressively pursued a policy of globalization, moving our jobs, our wealth and our factories to Mexico and overseas. Globalization has made the financial elite, who donate to ...Read more

After Impeachment, Bill Clinton Paved the Way For Donald Trump

From the Left / Ted Rall /

The laws of political physics, it seemed, had been reversed.

The president had been exposed as a pathological liar and a serial cheater. The butt of relentless jokes on television comedy shows and online, his reputation and legacy in tatters, he endured the ultimate opprobrium a federal official can face under the American constitutional ...Read more

The Right to Be Wrong

From the Left / Ted Rall /

Many medical experts and journalists believe that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is wrong about vaccines. They say that Kennedy, a candidate for the 2024 Democratic nomination for president, wrongly says that COVID-19 vaccines are ineffective and incorrectly validates assertions that childhood vaccinations can cause autism.

Many people, all of whom are ...Read more

We Came, We Dithered, We Died

From the Left / Ted Rall /

"We believe that the damage done to the ocean in the last 20 years is somewhere between 30 per cent and 50 per cent, which is a frightening figure. And this damage carries on at very high speed -- to the Indian Ocean, to the Red Sea, to the Mediterranean, to the Atlantic. ... Everywhere around the world the coral reefs are disappearing at a very...Read more

Can You Vote for a Third Party? Take the Test.

From the Left / Ted Rall /

The idea that third parties are spoilers is a baseless conspiracy theory on par with the Loch Ness monster, the man on the grassy knoll, and Pizzagate. But what if you're worried, like many Democrats, that voting for a third party like the Greens' Cornel West or, if they ever get their act together, someone from the No Labels Party, might ...Read more

Hail to the Jailbird President

From the Left / Ted Rall /

Each time Donald Trump has been indicted, his poll numbers went up -- among Republican voters who closed ranks around him in response to what they decried as politically motivated "lawfare." Now he enjoys a commanding lead for the GOP nomination.

Of course, it's one thing to win the nomination of your party, an exercise that requires motivating...Read more

Democrats Are Beating Up RFK Over Vaccines. Why This Issue?

From the Left / Ted Rall /

Within the Democratic Party, a quirky single issue has become the focus of opposition to primary challenger Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: his reputation as an anti-vaxxer.

For the purpose of this discussion, let's set aside the question of whether or not the criticism is accurate. RFK Jr. denies being against vaccinations in general, says he is up-...Read more

Democrats and Republicans 'Stole' Over 35 Million Votes from the Greens and Libertarians in 2020

From the Left / Ted Rall /

Many things that everyone knows are not true. Sometimes, quite rarely, one of those widely believed falsehoods not only turns out not to be true but obscures the fact that the exact opposite is true.

Most people believe that small political parties siphon off votes from one of the two major parties. Mainstream media repeatedly declares...Read more

Biden Ghosts His Granddaughter. He's Always Been Mean.

From the Left / Ted Rall /

President Joe Biden recently told a group of children that he has "six grandchildren. And I'm crazy about them. And I speak to them every single day. Not a joke."

Sounds sweet.

It's not.

People who read and watch Republican-leaning news outlets have long known that the president has a seventh grandchild, the product of Hunter Biden and his ...Read more

Biden Plays a Progressive on TV. Will Progressives Be Fooled?

From the Left / Ted Rall /

Winning, as your parents probably told you if they were decent people, isn't everything. It's OK to lose or fail, as long as you clearly did your best.

President Joe Biden doesn't understand this truth. He's trying to attract votes from working-class people next year by marketing himself as some sort of Bernie Sanders-style warrior for ...Read more

Democrats in Denial

From the Left / Ted Rall /

Denial is neither a river in Egypt nor just a psychological defense mechanism identified by Anna Freud, Sigmund Freud's daughter. It's the guiding principle of President Joe Biden's reelection campaign.

Polls consistently show that the vast majority of Americans, including most Democrats, don't want Biden to run again because they think he's ...Read more



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