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Bush showed us that brutish masculinity wasn't 'prudent'

From the Left / Clarence Page /

When former President George W. Bush broke down and briefly cried near the end of his eulogy to his father, former President George H. W. Bush, I felt more than sorrow for him. I felt connected.

I was reminded of when I got up to deliver a eulogy at my own father's funeral. "Keep it together, keep it together, keep it together ...," I silently ...Read more

Bush 41 was 'an American closer,' says GOP rival Buchanan

From the Left / Clarence Page /

Could former President George H. W. Bush have defeated current President Donald Trump? In a way, it already happened -- in 1992 -- although nobody would have known it at the time.

Trump did not run in that year's Republican primaries, but his ideas did. You can hear them in the fiery speeches of Patrick J. Buchanan, the conservative author, ...Read more

How the U.S. can help caravan migrants stay home

From the Left / Clarence Page /

When a caravan of Central American families seeking asylum in the United States was almost a thousand miles away, President Donald Trump called it a "national emergency" on Twitter and ordered more than 5,000 troops to protect the border.

But by the time the first group of migrants arrived at the port of entry in Tijuana, Mexico, near San Diego...Read more

Help us to thank you for prison reform, Mr. President

From the Left / Clarence Page /

Thank you, Mr. President.

In this season of giving thanks, I want to express my gratitude to President Donald Trump for softening his longstanding knee-jerk lock-'em-up attitude toward criminal justice, whether he admits to softening or not.

The president has vigorously endorsed a proposed criminal justice bill that doesn't stink. That's ...Read more

Is President Trump racist? He doesn't mind sounding like one

From the Left / Clarence Page /

To those who complain that I never seem to have anything positive to say about President Donald Trump, now hear this: I appreciate his lack of ability to hide his sexism and racism, among other odious -isms. Or maybe it's simply a lack of interest.

I try to use the S-word and the R-word sparingly. The words spark so many different reactions ...Read more

President Trump 2.0: No more 'Crazy Maxine'?

From the Left / Clarence Page /

Did anyone expect at least a hint of humility from President Donald Trump after Democrats lost control of the House of Representatives? If so, they don't know our transactional president.

Almost lost in his occasionally hostile exchanges with reporters Wednesday at his first news conference after the midterms was the olive branch he offered to ...Read more

Incels threaten when refusing to hear 'no' turns lethal

From the Left / Clarence Page /

Like other so-called "incels," Scott P. Beierle's complaint about women who failed to see how wonderful he was, might have been simply funny, were it not so pathetic and, in the end, tragic.

Beierle, 40, was identified as the gunman who posed as a customer to go on a killing spree in a Tallahassee, Fla., yoga studio Friday. He shot two women to...Read more

Remembering black America's Jewish 'silent partner'

From the Left / Clarence Page /

Blacks and Jews need to get along, my father used to say, or we bring joy to those who have neither group's interests in mind.

That useful bit of wisdom came to mind as synagogues across the country invited guests to join them this weekend. Some would light 13 candles in memory of two tragedies: The politics/fromtheleft/clarencepage/s-2142297">Read more

Consoler in chief? Not this president

From the Left / Clarence Page /

In her first formal press briefing after a mail bomb plot against more than a dozen prominent Democrats and a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders responded in a fashion characteristic to her boss: she went on the offense.

After delivering a prepared statement denouncing anti-Semitism, she denounced...Read more

Sorry, Megyn Kelly, free speech isn't quite that free

From the Left / Clarence Page /

When will they ever learn? Megyn Kelly is by no means the first white person to get into trouble over blackface imitations of black people. But she's the first I can recall who may be punished not for doing it but just for talking about it.

NBC confirmed Friday morning that Kelly was negotiating her exit from the network. She went on hiatus ...Read more

Trump wants to be called a 'nationalist,' but by which meaning?

From the Left / Clarence Page /

Knowing President Donald Trump's fondness for needless provocations, I actually felt somewhat relieved when he made news by declaring that he wants to be called a "nationalist."

At least he didn't insert a troubling adjective to call himself something like "ethno-nationalist," "economic nationalist," "cultural nationalist" or -- heaven help us ...Read more

Trump's 'scare-avan' strategy: Fear, falsehoods and a fake 'invasion'

From the Left / Clarence Page /

As midterm elections approach, which frightens you most: Fear of Latin American refugees marching in a "caravan" toward our southern border? Or loss of your medical coverage for preexisting conditions?

Such are the dominant themes that have boiled up for Republicans and Democrats, respectively, in their national contest to win control of ...Read more

President Trump cheers press freedom -- and a press basher

From the Left / Clarence Page /

Two weeks after Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi disappeared, President Trump said he believes the Saudi-born journalist is dead, that high-level Saudis played a role and the consequences will "have to be very severe" for such "bad, bad stuff."

Then the president flew to Montana where he praised Republican Rep. Greg Gianforte, calling ...Read more

Sen. Warren tries to reclaim Indian roots, but Trump's isn't done with them yet

From the Left / Clarence Page /

Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to reclaim her Native American heritage, but President Donald Trump doesn't appear to be done with it yet.

Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat who has been behaving like someone who is seriously considering a presidential run, surprised the political world on Monday by releasing DNA test results to back up her long-held...Read more

President Trump offers Medi-scare for all

From the Left / Clarence Page /

Maybe Donald Trump really believes his hype about the "lying media." That might explain why his effort to produce a commentary longer than a tweet contains enough falsehoods to have fact checkers working overtime.

His op-ed published Wednesday by USA Today mostly recycles old conservative attacks against government-run health care, spiced with ...Read more

Trump says it's a "scary time for young men in America." He doesn't know the half of it

From the Left / Clarence Page /

"Are you scared?"

I asked my unmarried and almost-30 son that question as we had a sushi lunch.

"Working on a column?" he responded.

Guilty. My son plays hard to get. In the fashion of his fellow millennials, he doesn't want to be quoted unless the interview is being podcast.

I assured him that I was only seeking a grassroots response to ...Read more

A good rap for Kanye West: mental health awareness. No joke!

From the Left / Clarence Page /

It must be terribly frustrating for Kanye West to see a Supreme Court confirmation fight in Washington elbow his new album out of the national spotlight. But that's show biz.

His latest wave of newsmaking appearances and tweets makes me wonder whether, at best, we're watching a genius at work or,...Read more

Cosby, Kavanaugh and #MeToo make a teachable week

From the Left / Clarence Page /

In a darkly amusing irony, Bill Cosby's menu for his first week in prison includes pudding.

No, it's not the pudding of the Jell-O Pudding Pops that Cosby memorably hawked in television commercials back in his 1980s heyday.

Locked up last week for three to 10 years as a convicted sex offender, Cosby is receiving plain off-brand prison-style ...Read more

In Supreme Court hearings, years of grudge politics boil over

From the Left / Clarence Page /

This is not a trial. We constantly were reminded of that as the Senate Judiciary Committee's confirmation hearing for Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh escalated into a bitter partisan brawl.

But the reality amounted to two trials. The credibility of California university professor ...Read more

In tribal times, don't forget what unites us

From the Left / Clarence Page /

As the heated debate over Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court boils down to a simple question of which tribe will win, it's an excellent time to revisit Abraham Lincoln's reaction to signs that his nation was coming apart.

It would not be "some trans-Atlantic military giant" that threatens our political institutions, he said in a ...Read more

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