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Matthew Whitaker is a crackpot

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

EDITORS: Following this column, Ruth Marcus is taking a one-year book leave. Until the end of November, you are welcome to run ANY of our other syndicated columns, including by writers your publication does not subscribe to. Go to, where you can browse our full offerings by clicking on the Syndicate tab. Open a ...Read more

Why Matthew Whitaker is the wrong choice to replace Jeff Sessions -- at exactly the wrong time

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Matthew Whitaker, President Trump's handpicked selection to replace Jeff Sessions as attorney general, is the wrong choice for the job at exactly the wrong time.

Of course, from Trump's point of view, that is the point. He ousts Sessions, whose alleged disloyalty Trump has bemoaned for months. Under the ordinary rules of ...Read more

Trump has stoked the fears of the Bowerses among us

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

The important thing to understand about the deadliest attack on Jews in U.S. history is that the alleged killer did not merely hate us Jews for who we are. He hated us, judging by his social media postings, for what we believe -- for the highest ideals of what the Jewish religion embodies.

Begin with the name of the synagogue in Pittsburgh he ...Read more

Trump thinks calling someone a 'baby' is the ultimate insult

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Listening to President Trump recently, the question arises: What's he got against babies?

"I'm not a baby," Trump felt compelled to assure CBS News' Lesley Stahl -- twice -- during his 60 Minutes interview.

First, on the subject of Kim Jong Un, when Stahl described his "cruel kingdom of repression, gulags, starvation," asking, "...Read more

If Trump never fails to infuriate, Clinton consistently disappoints

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Between the man who is president and the woman who ran against him, there is, for me, no contest; Hillary Clinton would have been a far better president than Donald Trump. But both Trump and Clinton, in their own trademark ways, stepped in it again this week when it comes to women.

Trump's comments -- describing Stormy Daniels as ...Read more


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