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Campuses need fairer system for policing sexual assaults

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- There is no reason to trust the Trump administration and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos when it comes to policing sexual assault on college campuses. Actually, make that stronger: There is every reason not to trust.

Not only because of the president's own words and behavior, but because of the dismissive comments of the ...Read more

Trump has disingenuously downplayed his financial interests in Russia

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- There comes a point in the unspooling of every complex political-financial-legal scandal when the story becomes so complicated that it's easy to lose the thread of what matters. The facts dribble out, in ever more confusing increments. The lengthy cast of characters resembles a Russian novel. Competing news demands our attention.

...Read more

Let Trump be Trump, except on foreign policy

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- White House chief of staff John Kelly needs to draw a red line. Not with North Korea, but with President Trump. For the sake of Kelly's own reputation but even more for the sake of the country, there can be no more presidential improv on the subject of North Korea or military threats in general.

This red line should be both ...Read more

A one-man assault on the rule of law

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Scary question of the day: If this is how President Trump reacts to news of a federal grand jury being employed in the Russia investigation, what happens if things turn really serious?

Reports that special counsel Robert Mueller is using a grand jury to collect evidence reaffirmed what was already obvious to legal observers: This ...Read more

Parents should be repulsed by Trump's playing of the father card

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- "The president weighed in just as any father would, based on the limited information that he had," said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, effectively confirming The Washington Post's report that President Trump personally drafted Donald Trump Jr.'s misleading statement about his meeting with a Russian lawyer ...Read more

White House down

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- The Trump White House is imploding. The only real thing to debate in that sentence is the tense. "Has imploded" is certainly arguable. Still, as the events of the last few days have shown, implosion, in politics as in physics, is not a moment but a process. The damage continues. It builds on itself as the edifice collapses.

The ...Read more

Attorney General Sessions: Please don't resign

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Words I never imagined typing: Attorney General Jeff Sessions, please stay.

It's obvious that President Trump wants you to go. He and his aides have made that blindingly, humiliatingly clear. But it's also obvious that Trump does not want to do the deed himself.

You may be a dead attorney general walking. Still, don't make the ...Read more

On Sessions, Trump ignores the facts and the law

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- It is no surprise, but it is still a shock, to see how little President Trump understands about the independence of the Justice Department and the importance of the rule of law.

Trump's jaw-dropping interview with The New York Times featured an unprecedented and unvarnished invitation to Attorney General Jeff Sessions to quit, an ...Read more

Behind the Trump team's bluster, a dark legal strategy

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- President Trump's attorney, Jay Sekulow, seems to be an adherent of the just-yell-louder-school of legal argumentation. That tactic was on vivid display again Sunday, as the blustering lawyer made the full round of talk shows. It might have been the most striking part of Sekulow's performance, but it wasn't the most ominous.

He ...Read more

Trump's defense of his son's meetings marks a revolting new low

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Every week -- nearly every day -- brings fresh, stomach-churning evidence of President Trump's unfitness for office. The latest may be the most revolting.

Confronted with incontrovertible proof that his son leapt at the prospect of meeting with a "Russian government attorney" offering to dish dirt on Hillary Clinton as "part of ...Read more

Hannity ran out of questions to ask Trump Jr. I can think of a few more.

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Fox News host Sean Hannity told Donald Trump Jr. Tuesday night that he had run out of questions about the president's son and a Russian government effort to help his father win the election. "I wanted to ask every question I could think of regarding this issue," Hannity confided. "I can't think of any more in all honesty."

I can. ...Read more

The Donald Trump Jr. emails could hardly be more incriminating

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- The email chain between Donald Trump Jr. and Rob Goldstone, the publicist brokering a meeting between the Trump campaign and a Kremlin-linked lawyer, could hardly be more incriminating.

By explicitly linking the source of the information to the Russian government and by describing it as "part of Russia and its government's support...Read more

Why in the world would Donald Trump Jr. take this meeting?

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Imagine that you are Donald Trump Jr. Your father has just clinched the Republican nomination for president. An acquaintance, someone you know from the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow, calls asking to set up a meeting with a Russian who, he says, has information helpful to the campaign -- i.e., dirt on Hillary Clinton. Do you:

(a)...Read more

An ideological battle over a dying child

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Every human heart breaks at the story of Charlie Gard, the terminally ill British infant whose parents are battling to bring him to the United States for treatment that is sure to prove futile.

But as tends to happen in these circumstances, individual tragedy is susceptible to being hijacked in service of a larger, sometimes ...Read more

Publicity without accountability is the antithesis of democracy

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- "Some of the Fake News Media likes to say that I am not totally engaged in healthcare," President Trump tweeted on Wednesday. "Wrong, I know the subject well & want victory for U.S."

Fine, Mr. President, there's an easy way to prove your asserted knowledge: Have a news conference. Answer questions that aren't softballs tossed by ...Read more

This would be the worst time for Justice Kennedy to step down

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- The end of the Supreme Court term looms, and with it the prospect -- the terrifying prospect -- of a retirement. Specifically, the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who will turn 81 next month and is the longest-serving current justice, named to the high court almost 30 years ago.

So if Kennedy is inclined to retire, it is ...Read more

Trump's tantrums speak volumes

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- It's come to this, on his 146th day in office: The president, under investigation for obstruction of justice, attacked his own deputy attorney general for orchestrating a "witch hunt" against him.

Sometimes my role as a columnist is to advise readers not to overreact, to maintain perspective. Today my advice is to buckle up. Brace...Read more

A tale of two Comeys

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- In life, as in literature, the more complex character is the more compelling and the more realistic. We may crave heroes but we end up with humans. The cardboard figure of unblemished rectitude, who performs impeccably under pressure and is impelled only by the purest motives, gives way to a real person, with all the inevitable ...Read more

Vindication for Trump? Comey's testimony was anything but.

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Ignore all the extraneous, intentionally distracting noise about illegal leaks and Obama-era foibles. James Comey's account of his dealings with President Trump was devastating, both legally and politically. And as congressional investigators and, more ominously, special counsel Robert Mueller proceed, the facts may become far ...Read more

Hillary Unbound

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- Well, Hillary Clinton isn't going gently. That may be understandable, but it's not smart -- not for Clinton, not for her party, and not for other female candidates.

Clinton has emerged in recent weeks, and this version is Hillary Unbound, no words minced, no target spared -- except, for the most part, herself. So there was Clinton...Read more

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