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Trump and his lawyers think he can get away with anything. It's outlandish.

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

WASHINGTON -- "The king can do no wrong." That is the ancient legal maxim used to explain why a sovereign should not be held to account for misdeeds. President Trump and his lawyers are now making arguments that make this legal doctrine look wimpy. Their vision boils down to: The king can do whatever wrong he damn pleases, and there's nothing ...Read more

Warren had a good zinger on gay marriage. It was bad politics.

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

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WASHINGTON -- Elizabeth Warren had a good line, a zinger, deftly delivered.

How would she respond, Warren was asked at CNN's forum on LGBTQ issues, to a voter who told her, "I'm old-...Read more

Why are Republicans who voted to impeach Clinton so unmoved by Trump's actions?

From the Left / Ruth Marcus /

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WASHINGTON -- This is a column about two impeachments and the boundless human capacity for rationalization and self-delusion.

The first time I wrote about the prospect of a president being impeached was Jan. 21, 1998. The ...Read more


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