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The CIA's Long and Dangerous History of Refusing To Answer Absurdly Obvious Questions

From the Left / ACLU /

The CIA is so known for its unabashed secrecy that, when it joined Twitter in 2014, its first tweet was: "We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet." This nonresponse response is known as a "Glomar," and while the intelligence community likes to poke fun at how often they invoke it, this inane phrase has allowed the CIA to ...Read more

Supreme Court Signals That Institutions Can Keep Designing Programs To Foster Diversity, After Affirmative Action Ruling

From the Left / ACLU /

Since the Supreme Court struck down longstanding affirmative action admissions policies this past summer in SFFA v. Harvard/UNC, institutions from a variety of sectors have grappled with how to stay true to their commitments to equal opportunity in light of the court's ruling. But this year, the Supreme Court did something noteworthy: It ...Read more

Breaking the Mold: Gender Discrimination in the Airline Industry

From the Left / ACLU /

As a child in New Jersey, I grew up hearing stories of my mother's flight attendant days in South Korea. A few stuck out to me even at a young age -- such as hearing she needed to maintain a certain weight to get into the flight attendant program and that she had to quit her job once she got married. I couldn't understand why my mother had to ...Read more

Communities Should Reject Surveillance Products Whose Makers Won't Allow Them To Be Independently Evaluated

From the Left / ACLU /

American communities are being confronted by a lot of new police technology these days, a lot of which involves surveillance or otherwise raises the question: "Are we as a community comfortable with our police deploying this new technology?" A critical question when addressing such concerns is: "Does it even work, and if so, how well?" It's ...Read more

Why Allowing Chaplains in Public Schools Harms Students

From the Left / ACLU /

A 2023 Texas law allowing public schools to hire chaplains, or accept them as volunteers, to provide student support services has inspired more states to consider copycat legislation. In March 2024, the Florida Legislature passed a school chaplain bill, which now awaits the governor's signature. Similar bills have been introduced in 13 other ...Read more

Despair and Resignation Are Not a Strategy: How To Fight Back in a Second Trump Term

From the Left / ACLU /

Many polls suggest if the presidential election were held today, Donald Trump could return to the White House. Fears of irreparable threats to our democracy and freedoms are neither abstract nor hyperbolic.

We must believe Trump when he reveals his authoritarian plans for a second term and take these threats seriously. He has made clear he ...Read more

President Biden's Order To Ban Private Prisons Faces a Persistent Internal Challenge: The U.S. Marshals Service

From the Left / ACLU /

At the onset of President Joe Biden's term, in January 2021, he issued an executive order to phase out the federal criminal system's use of for-profit prisons. This was an important step toward stemming the flow of federal money to corporations that lock people up for profit. The executive order covered both the Federal Bureau of Prisons, ...Read more

More than 20 Million People Are About To Lose Internet Access

From the Left / ACLU /

For people across the country, reliable internet access allows them to engage with the world. Think about your day -- how many times did you go online, and what were you able to accomplish? This April, however, 23 million households are likely to lose access to affordable internet unless Congress acts now to fund the Affordable Connectivity ...Read more

Anti-DEI Efforts Are the Latest Attack on Racial Equity and Free Speech

From the Left / ACLU /

First, Donald Trump and right-wing extremists attacked government trainings on racism and sexism. Then the far right tried to censor classroom instruction on racism and sexism. Next, they banned books about BIPOC and LGBTQ lives. Today, the extreme right's latest attack is aimed at dismantling diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs.

...Read more

Senate Rejects Deal Threatening Protections for Asylum Seekers

From the Left / ACLU /

The Senate voted against a bill that would have been the first major overhaul of asylum and immigration law in a generation -- and would have been a disastrous retreat from basic principles of fairness. As our elected leaders continue to debate immigration reforms, they must instead advance humane and sensible solutions that help manage the ...Read more

Celebrating an Important Victory in the Ongoing Fight Against Reverse Warrants

From the Left / ACLU /

For years, the ACLU and other privacy advocates have been challenging law enforcement's growing use of reverse warrants. These problematic warrants include, most prominently, reverse location warrants (also known as geofence warrants), which seek location data to identify anyone who was within a defined area during a specific time period. A ...Read more

The Importance of Defending the Free Speech Rights of Pro-Palestinian Students in Florida

From the Left / ACLU /

Like everyone else, college students have a First Amendment right to express their political opinions and advocate for the causes they believe in. Universities have long served as hotbeds for students to exercise these rights, providing opportunities for them to encounter diverse perspectives and broaden their understanding of themselves and ...Read more

Unaccountable Police Units Are Wrong for Safety

From the Left / ACLU /

Last week, the National Policing Institute, in cooperation with the Department of Justice office of Community Oriented Policing Services, issued guidance to state and local law enforcement agencies on specialized units. NPI's first recommendation is for law enforcement agencies to question whether they should create specialized units, and ...Read more

Government Agencies Shouldn't Be Allowed To Destroy Their Paper Trail of Medical Abuse and Neglect

From the Left / ACLU /

Last year, Anadith Reyes Alvarez, a medically vulnerable 8-year-old girl, died in Customs and Border Protection detention after contract medical staff failed to review her medical records or consult with a physician and refused her emergency medical transport and care. As a court monitor concluded, Anadith's death was a "preventable tragedy" ...Read more

The Supreme Court Must Allow U.S. Citizens To Challenge Placement on No-Fly List

From the Left / ACLU /

In case after case, we've seen the government remove people from the no-fly list and prevent their legal challenges from being heard. Now, the Supreme Court has the chance to ensure Americans wrongly placed on this list are actually given their day in court.

Today, the Supreme Court will hear FBI v. Fikre, a case that will determine whether a...Read more

Federal Trade Commission Must Investigate Meta and X for Complicity With Government Surveillance

From the Left / ACLU /

When you created your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, did you think you were signing up to have the government spy on you? That your personal information -- who you are, what you say, what you do, your friends and your political views -- could be tapped by surveillance companies and sold to police, deportation agencies and other local, ...Read more



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