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Some Evangelical Christians Have Forgotten Their Moral Duty

From the Left / Dick Polman /

I don’t want to malign anyone’s religious faith. I really don’t.

But it’s a tad disturbing that 45 percent of the nation’s 41 million white evangelical Christians are vowing not to get vaccinated.

As one Texas nutritionist told the press the other day, “It would be God’s will if I am here or if I am not here.” Has this ...Read more

So Now Republicans Hate Coke and Baseball

From the Left / Dick Polman /

Republicans and corporate America have been conjoined for so long that any breach in the bond is almost impossible to imagine. Yet we’re seeing one now, thanks to the GOP’s decision to give free rein to its authoritarian impulses.

The way it has long worked is easy to explain. Corporate America shovels big bucks to the Republicans, who in...Read more

This Time Infrastructure Week Is For Real

From the Left / Dick Polman /

What welcome words these were, from a newly elected president: “We’re going to rebuild our infrastructure…our highways bridges, tunnels, airports…which will become second to none, and we will put millions of our people to work as we rebuild it.”

That must be Uncle Joe, right?

Think again people. That was Trump, riffing in the wee...Read more

White Republicans Who Oppose D.C. Statehood Are More Hilarious Than Ever

From the Left / Dick Polman /

It has been obvious for a very long time that Washington D.C. deserves statehood - just for starters, it has more people than Wyoming or Vermont and its residents pay more in total federal income tax than residents of 21 other states - but the foes of statehood just seem to get stupider with each passing year.

Earlier this week, during a ...Read more

Long Live Obamacare. Now It’s NoMalarkeyCare.

From the Left / Dick Polman /

Once upon a time, in a dystopia far far away, Trump decreed that Obamacare shall die. In his memorable words, “What we want to do is terminate it.”

How’d that work out?

Not only did Obamacare survive the Mar-a-Lago loser - and 10 years of attempted Republican sabotage - but today it’s more alive than ever. Because one of the most ...Read more

Biden is the Best Man for this Pivotal Moment

From the Left / Dick Polman /

How fortunate we are that Joe Biden is in the room where it happens.

As evidenced Thursday night, during his Fireside Chat-style assessment of America on the cusp of recovery, he is the manifest inverse of the fraud who preceded him.

Granted, Trump set the bar so low that even an ant could hurdle it. Nevertheless, it was refreshing to be ...Read more

Can We Please Not Talk Anymore About the Royals?

From the Left / Dick Polman /

If only we had a vaccine that would cure our sick obsession with the Royal Family, I’d be the first to sign up. I’d cut in line for that. If 100 percent efficacy required three doses, I’d raise my arm for that.

At some point in the 19th century, when some ill wind blew through the British monarchy, a fusty British commentator named ...Read more

Functionally Illiterate About Our Own Democracy

From the Left / Dick Polman /

We know - or think we know - why so many home-grown goons stormed the U.S. Capitol. Most notably, a defeated cult leader pumped his Kool-Aid down their throats.

But that’s not the whole story.

Trump was able to gin them up because they were so dumbed down. They had no idea they were doing anything wrong. They felt justified to breach the...Read more

Republicans Suddenly Clutching Their Pearls About Mean Tweets

From the Left / Dick Polman /

Republican Sen. John Cornyn is very upset about Neera Tanden, the well-qualified woman tapped by President Biden to run the Office of Management and Budget. He is shocked, shocked! that tweeting is going on in American politics, and that Tanden has done some of it.

Cornyn, speaking for virtually all Senate Republicans, says that Tanden ...Read more

Limbaugh Was Trump Long Before We Got Trump

From the Left / Dick Polman /

A guy once wrote that, for sheer perverse entertainment, “nothing beats the current spectacle of Republican supplicants quaking at the feet of their master. Nothing better illustrates the sorry state of the party than this abject ritual.”

Oh wait - I’m the guy who wrote that. In 2009. About the GOP’s genuflections to Rush Limbaugh.

...Read more

Texas Needed Help From an ‘Illegitimate’ President

From the Left / Dick Polman /

Once upon a time - just a few weeks ago - Republicans in the great state of Texas were talking about seceding from the union. If memory serves, their state attorney general concocted a crackpot lawsuit that sought to overturn the free and fair presidential election, arguing that Joe Biden’s win was illegitimate.

Yep, it looked like Texas ...Read more

Trump’s Impeachment Lawyer Was Not Philly’s finest

From the Left / Dick Polman /

Remember back when you were a kid and you were up against a term paper deadline, so you just decided to wing it with swollen prose like “The Civil War has been a big important issue for years and years all across the many states of America”?

On day one of the impeachment trial, that was Bruce Castor - the latest entry in the MAGA annals ...Read more

Starved for some good news? Listen to the new Secretary of State

From the Left / Dick Polman /

It’s so lamentably easy to stew with the ongoing gush of bad news.

Punxsutawney Phil has fled to his hidey hole after glimpsing six more weeks of vaccine chaos. The insurrectionist in exile has hired two new lawyers - one of whom refused to prosecute Bill Cosby, the other was slated to defend Jeffrey Epstein. “Moderate” Senate ...Read more

Show Me the Money: Put Tubman on the Twenty

From the Left / Dick Polman /

I’ll readily admit that the face gracing the $20 bill is not our most urgent issue - not with 420,000 people needlessly dead and 45 Republican senators saying that their insurrectionist in exile should get a pass.

But we can all agree that symbols are important, define who we are as a people and help us craft our national narrative.

So, ...Read more

Show me the money: put Tubman on the twenty

From the Left / Dick Polman /

I’ll readily admit that the face gracing the $20 bill is not our most urgent issue - not with 420,000 people needlessly dead and 45 Republican senators saying that their insurrectionist in exile should get a pass.

But we can all agree that symbols are important, define who we are as a people and help us craft our national narrative.

So, ...Read more

Goodbye MAGA, Hello MGWA (Make Government Work Again)

From the Left / Dick Polman /

Wednesday, the adults finally got back the car keys. What a relief. You’re probably more exhausted than elated, but I bet you’ve salvaged a smidgen of that residual optimism that has always powered Americans forward.

President Joe Biden will make mistakes, like all human White House inhabitants. But at least he’ll be buttressed by ...Read more

Mike Pence Feels Very Aggrieved. Where’s My Violin?

From the Left / Dick Polman /

Mike Pence has long believed that his ascent to the vice presidency was the result of divine intervention, that it was all part of God’s plan. If that’s true, then boy oh boy, God is sure messing with his head.

What a divine disaster! For four long years he affixed his lips to the capacious tush of a tyrannical demagogue, but in return, ...Read more

Trump’s Mob Runs Wild. Why is Anyone Shocked?

From the Left / Dick Polman /

The domestic terrorism that we witnessed Wednesday was always bound to happen. The feral creature who nurtured it had long signaled us that it was coming.

I watched in horror and fury, as did you, but I was not shocked to see the MAGA rabble running wild. What’s really shocking is that anyone could possibly have been shocked.

Trump’s ...Read more

Another Perfect Beautiful Trump Call

From the Left / Dick Polman /

Leave it to Trump to cap off his catastrophic tenure by tripling down on the criminal behavior that got him impeached in the first place. It’s safe to assume that Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Republican secretary of state, never imagined he’d be muscled like Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky.

Spineless Senate Republicans exonerated Trump ...Read more

A Young, Healthy Republican Spoke at a Maskless Rally. Now He’s Dead.

From the Left / Dick Polman /

Nobody deserves to die in a pandemic. But even now - after so much suffering, with so much more to come - millions of Americans still don’t seem to understand that brainless stupidity can put them six feet under.

Case in point: Earlier this month in Louisiana, House Republican candidate Luke Letlow won his runoff race after parroting ...Read more



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