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Trump Makes It Tough to be Sympathetic

From the Left / Dick Polman /

We can probably agree that falling ill with a dire disease is the one thing that could’ve made Donald Trump a human being worthy of universal sympathy.

“Nobody should have to suffer,” “thoughts and prayers,” the whole nine yards. We teach our kids to be compassionate toward others, so the least we can do is practice what we preach. ...Read more

The ultimate October surprise is not a surprise at all

From the Left / Dick Polman /

Karma (noun): The sum of a person’s actions decide that person’s fate…The intent and actions of an individual influence the future of that individual.

And so it has happened. Trump testing positive for the coronavirus - four weeks before the election, no less - certainly looks like the ultimate October surprise. But when we consider his...Read more

Biden spoke for all of us when he told Trump to ‘shut up’

From the Left / Dick Polman /

When I was a kid, I went to the zoo and saw a gorilla eat his own feces. I didn’t see that again until Tuesday night.

In truth, this “presidential” “debate” was worse than the zoo. Donald Trump came not to debate, but to desecrate. Whether his behavior will save his job and keep him out of jail is highly debatable.

It’s ...Read more

Dr. Trump Can’t Resist Looking Foolish on Coronavirus

From the Left / Dick Polman /

In case you feared that the looming Supreme Court fight would distract everyone from Donald Trump’s culpability in the deaths of 200,000 Americans, fear not. Trump can’t resist making a fool of himself.

Monday in Ohio, addressing another sea of credulous saps, he actually babbled this about the virus: “It affects elderly people, elderly ...Read more



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