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The Establishment Has Emerged From the Shadows. They're Betting That You Won't Care

Our nation is under siege. But this siege is not the result of some domestic or foreign terrorist threat. This siege on our great republic comes from within the very institutions for which we have entrusted our nation with. The establishment, in concert with their allies within the Department of Justice, have conducted an unanticipated, ...Read more

Law-Abiding Gun Owners Will Not Harm You. But Criminals Will!

There have been innumerable debates on gun ownership. These discussions generally address two critical factors: gun violence in inner cities and mass shootings. As a result, some Americans have called for the removal of certain weapons, such as the AR-15, from civilian ownership, and the limitation of magazines to 10 rounds as a means to combat ...Read more

Bridges' Comments to Hawley Demonstrate Her Dishonesty as a Person!

On July 12, during a Senate hearing on the impact of the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.) was declared transphobic by law professor Khiara Bridges from the University of California, Berkley for his line of questioning that challenged whether men can become pregnant. It was specifically in reply to Hawley...Read more

Biden's Middle East Trip Met With Controversy, Disrespect

President Joe Biden has returned to the United States after his high-profile yet controversial trip to the Middle East. While there, he visited Israel, the Palestinian Authority and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Though there were some positive headlines, the trip seems for now to be mostly a flop.

Biden landed in Tel Aviv, Israel, to great ...Read more

When It Comes To Helping Black Kids, Our Leaders Are All Talk, No Action

I am saddened by the state of affairs in our inner cities. Recently, in Washington, D.C., the nation's capital and the place I call home, several young people, including a 15-year-old and an 18-year-old, were murdered. Their lives cut short, never providing them with the opportunity to realize their God-given potential.

The perpetuation of a ...Read more

Hillary Clinton Lied! Again! This Time, Her Lies Will Be Exposed!

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton attended Yale Law School. But they must have skipped class for the lesson in honesty related in Sir Walter Scott's epic poem, "Marmion: A Tale of Flodden Field": "Oh what a tangled web we weave /When first we practice to deceive."

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have struggled with the truth for their entire ...Read more

The Left Won the Abortion Debate. They Just Don't Realize It Yet

A decadeslong struggle for the preservation of our country's dignity and for the sanctity of life has finally come to an end. The Supreme Court has finally, and correctly, determined that the right to an abortion is not found in the Constitution. Rather, the Court ruled, it is the right of the people of the states to vote on the issue and decide...Read more

The EU, Desperate To Please Their Constituents, Is Ready To Send Them off to Battle

Ukraine's ambitious attempt to join the European Union is a decision marred with short sight and poor policy considerations that sends the wrong signals to both our adversaries and allies. This decision demonstrates that, irrespective of turbulent pasts or wrongdoings, adversaries may become allies when it suits the interests of feckless ...Read more

Have Your Children Encountered a Drag Queen at School?

The world continues to change, and as a result, so do our social standards and norms. This change has been a part of the human experience and development since the dawn of creation. However, there are certain standards that have remained untouched, such as the protection of our children and the things they should and should not have access to.

...Read more

A Victory for the Truth

Amber Heard made a social media post after the verdict of her trial against ex-husband Johnny Depp was read, peddling the notion that the outcome is a setback for women. This is shameful, to say the least. This case was not about women. This case was about nothing other than finding the truth, irrespective of gender. The world and the jury ...Read more

Only Elites Allowed at Memorial Day US Capitol Celebration

The 2022 PBS National Memorial Day Concert took place outside the United States Capitol, but you probably weren't there to witness it. While congressional VIPs and their guests were invited, the exclusive, nationally televised PBS event was closed to the public.

Hundreds of armed Capitol Police officers patrolled the perimeter to protect the ...Read more

Guns, Violence, Mental Illness and Solutions

PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox -- we all recognize these names and know the iconic brands that are behind them (Sony and Microsoft). In fact, almost every American has probably had their hands on one of their controllers at some point.

The gaming industry and game systems themselves have advanced since the days of the Atari, and as a result, ...Read more

One of the Largest Cryptocurrencies Is Dead. Where Do We Go From Here?

A catastrophic cryptocurrency crash, one that many considered to be the largest in history, occurred after UST, an algorithmic stablecoin that was designed to keep a value of $1, fell to approximately $0.10. The value of its sister currency, Luna, plummeted from approximately $90 to $0.0002. This collapse simultaneously sent the prices of ...Read more



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