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There Is Good in This Divided Country

Politics is a polarizing sport that pits one side against the other, and there is a lot of mudslinging going on, which is tragically amplified by the mainstream media. The current state of the United States is accompanied by a series of negative feelings, including anger, distrust and resentment; yet, as the Thanksgiving holiday season draws ...Read more

Despite America's Trials, The Midterms Demonstrate That America Is Stronger Than Ever

The midterm elections of 2022 have concluded. Democracy has prevailed, and despite our optimism for the future of our country, we are still a nation divided. In spite of the setbacks each person's party suffered, everyone has cause to be grateful for and to celebrate the fact that democracy emerged triumphant; everyone, regardless of race, color...Read more

Party Loyalty Will Be Our End

Once a tiny segment of our existence -- a mere association with a group whose ideas align with ours on average -- political parties have evolved from simple associations into our primary identities. They have absorbed our perspectives, entered our daily conversation and permeated all forms of media. As more and more individuals become ...Read more

Violent Rhetoric Is Transforming Our Country Into a Very Dangerous Place

Pay attention -- political divisiveness in our country is destroying our way of life. No one is safe in an America, where violent political rhetoric is transformed into real-life attacks.

To verbally spew hate is repugnant, but to convert that hate into vicious acts of violence is a horrific sign of just how badly our society has eroded. Our ...Read more

Something Big Is Happening in New York! And Democrats Should Be Scared!

New York is often considered a beacon of democratic principles, a home for those who believe that equity and social justice trump all. New York City, for example, is home to some of the most radical members of the Democratic Party who pass legislation based on race and equity, rather than fundamental fairness. Nevertheless, contrary to what we ...Read more

Why Do We Accept Deception?

Truth is often difficult to express. To tell the truth is to acknowledge both successes and shortcomings. Tragically, failure has overtaken the truth, compelling politicians to spread lies and mislead the public in an effort to solidify their positions of power and garner support for their administrations.

Is the incessant onslaught of lies ...Read more

PayPal's Non-Changes to Its ToS Could Be a Major Blow to Liberty

Our right to free expression is unquestionably the most significant of all of the liberties that we hold most dear. It is the foundation of every right that we enjoy as Americans and is the reason why society exists in its current form, as well as the reason why it will continue to evolve each year so long as this right exists.

As we are well ...Read more

Harris' Suggestion To Distribute Disaster Relief Based on 'Equity' Isn't Just Wrong -- It's Dangerous

Fresh off an embarrassing gaffe in South Korea, in which Vice President Kamala Harris praised the United States' strong alliance with North Korea, she is at it again -- albeit without gaffes but with a striking comment emblematic of our country's divide over racial issues.

At a Sept. 30 event organized by actress Priyanka Chopra, during which ...Read more

The Second Amendment Puts Safety First

The Second Amendment addressing the right of American citizens to bear arms is a touchy subject these days, but its effect on our daily lives cannot be overstated. Being able to protect ourselves in a world that is becoming more dangerous by the day is essential to survival. The right to arm oneself, whether the weapon is concealed or not, has ...Read more

Biden and the West Need a True Strategy for Confronting Persistent Islamist Threat

The Biden administration finally got a long-overdue win. A drone eliminated al-Qaeda's leader Ayman al-Zawahiri, but no doubt that successful feeling will not last long. In fact, we already know his likely replacement will be Saif al-Adel, an Egyptian national and longtime al-Qaeda emir.

Elsewhere in the Middle East, America's devoted ally ...Read more

Government: The Issue Creator, The Issue Solver

What has the government done for you lately?

In spite of the many billions of dollars that our government has in its coffers and the outsized influence that it has over our nation and the world, it appears that the majority of us scratch our heads when this question is posed to us. In addition to police, fire and other emergency services, there...Read more

China Threat

Without a doubt, China has become the greatest adversarial threat to the United States' global dominance. While China's resurgence may surprise those in the West, it comes as no surprise to the rest of Asia. China's rich history dates back to the Shang Dynasty over 3,000 years ago, making it one of the world's four oldest civilizations along ...Read more



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