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The Lesson for Gun Owners in James and Jennifer Crumbley Convictions

The convictions of James Crumbley and his wife, Jennifer, for their role in their son's mass school shooting in Michigan, which resulted in the tragic murders of four and injuries of seven, tells us one thing: If you are an irresponsible gun owner, you will pay the price if a crime is committed with your gun.

It is as simple as that. Lock ...Read more

South Africa's Dangerous Battle Against Israel

On Dec. 29, 2023, South Africa filed a lawsuit in the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands, accusing Israel of committing genocide, pointing to the scores of dead Palestinians that have resulted from Israel's campaign against Hamas.

While the case is still pending as of this writing, the court issued an order on Jan. 26 ...Read more

Crossroads of Destiny: Weighing Trump and Biden's Prospects in the Upcoming General Election

The upcoming general election is going to be one for the ages. Political elections are divisive by their nature, with both sides attempting to do everything they can to defeat each other. However, the United States is gearing up for the rematch no one wants, with former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden embodying distinctly ...Read more

Weaving Good News Into the Fabric of Society

When you turn on the news or take a ride in your car and listen to the radio, do you ever pause to think, "Where's all of the good news?" It seems nearly impossible today to find any good stories that lift the spirit, stories that remind you there is still good in humanity and that the human condition isn't uniquely bad. If an alien ever ...Read more

The Rise of Transgenderism

Over the past decade, the United States has seen a rise in power of the transgender movement. Once a fringe, left-wing movement premised on the idea that gender is a social construct and that it can be changed at a whim, it has now become mainstream. Today, the question "Can you provide a definition for the word 'woman'?" is now a political ...Read more

The Right and Privilege to Vote

The New York City legislature, following in the footsteps of Washington, D.C., passed a groundbreaking bill into law in 2022. The law would have allowed any lawful permanent resident or green card holder to vote in a New York City election. This law was swiftly met with legal challenges as quickly as it was passed, which is to be expected given ...Read more

Pathways to Progress: Navigating America's Educational Reform

In the realm of education, crises are not merely disruptions but illuminations of systemic failures that have festered beneath the surface for decades. The United States stands at a crossroads where the path forward demands not just acknowledgment of these failures but a steadfast commitment to rectifying them. The initiatives across states, ...Read more

Biden's Immigration Bill is Nonsensical!

A masterpiece of duplicity is President Joe Biden. You would assume that after decades in the Senate, he would have gained some knowledge of how to legislate. But no. Instead of making any attempt to actually solve the border crisis, he puts up a weak, glorified illegal invasion management bill -- not to stop illegals, just to manage them better...Read more

Dueling Cowboys at Eagle Pass

There's a standoff in Texas, and it's not between cowboys this time. It's between the Texas National Guard and federal border agents. All of this is occurring in the wake of a Supreme Court decision requiring the Texas National Guard to grant access to federal border agents deployed by the Biden administration in order to take down razor wire ...Read more

The Complex Dynamics of America's Middle East Engagement

In the shadowed corners of the Middle East, where ancient trade routes twist like serpents through the desert, lies an obscure outpost in Jordan called Tower 22 (T-22). This newly discovered outpost and the name, now a glaring testament to the convoluted and often opaque nature of modern warfare and foreign policy, became known to most ...Read more

Emerging from the Shadows: The Struggle and Progress in America's Fight Against Poverty

The United States is known for its economic and military prowess. Its diversity of cultures and ideas has made the U.S. a destination for people from all over the world in search of the American dream. Despite this fact, even the wealthiest country in the world deals with poverty.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 42.31 million people live ...Read more

Charlie Kirk's Dastardly Attack on Nobel Prize Winner Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Charlie Kirk, speaking before students and teachers at AmericaFest, a political convention organized by Turning Point, insisted, "MLK [Martin Luther King Jr.] was awful. He's not a good person. He said one good thing he actually didn't believe."

Mr. Kirk has never risked that last full measure of devotion for any principle higher than himself...Read more



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