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Free Speech Is the Ultimate Truth

Words have no meaning; they are malleable and subject to change at the whim of the powerful. Today, Black people could be called "white supremacists," Jews could be called "Nazis" and scientists could be called "anti-science." The reason is obvious. It is because these people, and many others, dare to deviate from the worldviews of the ...Read more

What Signals Economic Recovery

One thing we know for sure from the COVID-19 pandemic is that it has had and continues to have a lasting impact globally, as well as on the U.S. economy and job market. Despite over 18 months of hardship, the stock markets have miraculously continued to move upward, indicating a renewed confidence in our economic recovery by investors both ...Read more

We Must Understand That All Success and Praise Comes From God

Why is it that people in this nation lack faith and fear in something greater than themselves? Why is it that rates of religious observance have dropped drastically over the last 50 years, despite the enormous success our country and citizens have obtained? Does success not come from God?

Lacking belief means lacking a basic requirement to feel...Read more

Our Global Leadership Is Declining

Where is American leadership in the world today? My sources on the ground in Afghanistan told me a grim story. The British and U.S. commanders got into a screaming match on the runway about the anticipated U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan on Aug. 31. This led to an unprecedented rebuke by the British government and former Prime Minister Tony ...Read more

Why Is American Culture Being Rejected Around the World?

Is there something wrong with American culture? Why is it that countries around the world continue to reject our American way of living? We saw this most recently in the Taliban's wholesale takeover of Afghanistan just a few days after American troops left the ground. Think about it for a second: After 20 years of American "nation-building" and ...Read more

The War in Afghanistan Will Forever Stain the US

Nearly 20 years to the day that foreign terrorists took down the twin towers in New York City -- when thousands of lives were lost and trillions of dollars were spent -- the Afghanistan War has ended in utter and complete misery. Now, the White House is trying to spin this epic collapse as business as usual. This is an incredible defeat and a ...Read more

An Explorer Seeking New Experiences and Knowledge

I've had the great fortune of traveling the world for business and with my beloved family and close friends for over 25 years. These travels have taken us to multiple continents and cities; some similar to our Western traditions and some so old they far supersede our cultural norms. I have learned that being well-traveled leads to a more well-...Read more

When Chickens Come Home to Roost

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is now reaping what he sowed. He and his Democratic colleagues created a high standard -- a litmus test that can only be passed through a person being totally infallible. People make mistakes and do bad things, but that doesn't make them evil -- and certainly not even bad. But every person deserves to be held to the standard ...Read more

A Time and Place for 'Lift Every Voice and Sing'

It is a long-standing tradition to air the national anthem prior to kickoff at football games. Now, the NFL has decided to follow this tradition by playing "Lift Every Voice and Sing," which is known traditionally to many Black Americans as the Black national anthem.

The song was originally written as a poem in 1900 by author and civil rights ...Read more

Sorting Through Moise's Assassination and the Darkest International Corruption

As more information trickles out on the assassination of Haiti President Jovenel Moise, there are details that point to the issue of narcotics trafficking in South Florida and issues surrounding how the cartels use Haiti as a shipping and transportation transfer hub. That old investigative phrase of "follow the money," and who benefits from the ...Read more

Is This Normal?

Philosopher David Hume believed that man is a "habit-forming animal," and "all politics and history take place within a history of custom and habit," according to an analysis by professor John Christian Laursen of the University of California, Riverside. He concluded that life without custom and habit would be a nightmare.

Habits and customs ...Read more

Both Political Parties Must Improve the Integrity and Accessibility of Voting

We have a voting crisis in the United States right now, and it's not the story we're being told by Democrats, the media or even Republicans. It's a crisis of poor and inconsistent voter involvement and engagement. It's a crisis of finding compromise over voter integrity, which clearly does not exist by virtue of Russia's ability to interfere ...Read more

Independence from Death, Uncertainty and Division

As the Fourth of July approaches, we find ourselves in a unique position to contemporaneously celebrate our triumph throughout this year in persevering through COVID-19, just as we did against the British in 1776. This Fourth of July celebration allows us to see the world through the eyes of the Founding Fathers, who undertook the monumental ...Read more

Nickelodeon Promotes Transgender Programming to Kids

The halcyon days of the past seem much calmer, peaceful and within reach compared to the never-ending and unpleasant culture changes of today. My generation of Americans was raised in the church and taught to live and act according to the moral and ethical prescriptions written in the Holy Bible. It was a life guide for business, relationships ...Read more



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