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Mainstream media media ignores hypocrisy while pouncing on Trump because it suits their agenda

One of the things that people across the board find pathetic, misleading and downright disgusting is hypocrisy. Especially when it comes from a person in a position of power, at a lectern with a mic, who is pretending to be holier than thou. Yet, when they are not at the lectern, their actions are something entirely different: "Do as I say, not ...Read more

History starts with people

This week, I had the great honor and privilege of observing history. I was blessed to be a guest of the White House and witness the signing of the momentous peace agreement between Israel and two Arab nations: Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

Watching as President Donald Trump hosted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the ...Read more

BLM Global Network Foundation wants to replace our core principles with pseudo-Marxism

With protestors taking to the streets all over the United States to protest police brutality after the killings of unarmed Black men, the phrase "Black Lives Matter" has become synonymous with the movement. Regardless of where you find yourself on the ideological spectrum, a significant percentage of those protesting have done so peacefully, but...Read more

In the aftermath of the RNC, Trump's plan stands out

With the conclusion of both the Democratic and Republican conventions, there was one aspect of the RNC convention that truly stood out, and that was the diversity of the speakers. With the media continually painting President Donald Trump as racist or racially insensitive, the first night of the RNC convention showcased something else, and so ...Read more

Trump & his convention need to demonstratate opportunity for all Americans

This week is the launch of the Republican National Convention, and it's a pivotal moment for President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. It's Trump's opportunity to highlight his forward vision for the country and to tell the American people how he'll lead us through the coronavirus pandemic.

Republicans need to put forth solutions for ...Read more

Rather than becoming "woke' we should revisit America's core values

American society is experiencing unprecedented social upheaval and division along the lines of race, religion, class and political affiliation. We hear a cacophony of voices, advocating for or against different types of speech and action, allegedly speaking on behalf of white Americans who seem focused on vehemently proving that they are not ...Read more

Trump and the Military: Part 2

Under President Barack Obama, and President Bush before him, America's admirals and generals have utterly failed to prepare us to fight adversaries such as Russia and China.

The worst kept secret in the Pentagon is that the U.S. military may well lose a war to China. In scenario after scenario, war game after war game, our military keeps ...Read more

Trump and the Military

President Donald Trump's frayed relations with the U.S. military could imperil some of his most notable achievements.

The relationship between Trump and America's admirals and generals has reached a low point. This is a shame because it may imperil the Trump presidency and is terrible for the republic.

Moreover, it is a real shame because the ...Read more

Mainstream media's reporting on 'soaring' COVID-19 numbers is highly suspect

For weeks, medical experts and the news media have told us that if we begin to reopen various aspects of the economy, there would be a resulting spike in COVID-19 cases. It appears that they were correct. They warned against the hasty reopening of restaurants and other industries, arguing that if we did so too quickly, then we would undo the ...Read more

Kanye's run makes options for many young Americans (especially African Americans) stronger

Kanye West held his first campaign rally this week in South Carolina. The clickbait headlines splashed across the internet are characterizing the event as "bizarre," "chaotic" and "rambling." But Americans might want to take the campaign seriously, even if they shouldn't take the man himself seriously.

Since West announced on July 4 that he was...Read more

Support for BLM should be a private matter that occurs only in private time

I have always believed that bureaucrats working on behalf of the American people should be visibly neutral politically. We shouldn't know what their political ideologies are or what political parties they belong to or the causes they support.

This is not a partisan issue but an issue of public trust and the importance of neutrality among our ...Read more

The sentiment of "Americans first and foremost" has become a foreign concept

It certainly doesn't seem like we can put faith in the media or political parties, and, unfortunately, a growing number of Americans say that they no longer trust each other either. In a world that is as divided and self-righteous as ours is currently, this should come as no surprise.

This level of division offers opportunities for our ...Read more

Early rising is part of my daily litany

The sun rose yesterday in Washington, D.C., at 6:02 a.m. I made my routine morning run in the silence of dawn, passing the Lincoln Memorial and running along the still water of the Reflecting Pool. Like the giant sculpture of President Lincoln, I faced due east and watched as the sun rose over the horizon, melting the pockets of nighttime ...Read more



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