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Agreement with AT&T for carriage of WEYI and WWMB

After a nearly six-month blackout, viewers in Flint-Saginaw, Michigan, and Myrtle Beach - Florence, South Carolina, will once again be able to view their local television stations. Following many months of tough negotiations, my broadcast team at Howard Stirk Holdings was able to successfully conclude carriage agreements with pay TV giant AT&T ...Read more

The president's abuse of pardon power degrades national security

The presidential tradition of pardoning a pair of turkeys during the Thanksgiving holiday is a form of nationally accepted dark humor. Legend has it that despite the grand show of mercy for two randomly selected beauties, the president's table is nonetheless always furnished with a cooked cousin. The dark joke is that despite the pardon, at ...Read more

Praise, shade and the politics of public funerals

Public funerals have become somewhat of a unique tradition in American politics. While in times past, deceased politicians, and even famous entertainers, have laid in state -- whether it was Abraham Lincoln or John F. Kennedy -- they were mostly honorific, stately affairs dedicated to honoring the dead and dutifully noting their lifetimes of ...Read more

Trump is the new king of debt

When President Barack Obama nearly doubled the national debt, raising it by almost $9 trillion during his two terms in office, Republicans howled in alarm. Although interest rates were being kept artificially low by the U.S. Fed and global central banks in the aftermath of the Great Recession, there would certainly be a reckoning down the road ...Read more

We need steady leadership, not fire-starters, to guide a divided nation

The current state of American politics is eerily reminiscent of the wildfires that recently engulfed the state of California. The conditions are right, the tinder is dry, the crosswinds are high, and the landscape is ripe for conflagration. This is why it's incumbent upon our political leadership to refrain from lighting a match at this critical...Read more

Pelosi's House running an un-American impeachment

We are now knee-deep in the throes of the constitutionally directed authority of the U.S. House of Representatives, the people's chamber, to call into question the behavior of the most well known sitting public official, the president of the United States. In the history of our great republic, the House has completely executed this power and ...Read more

Putting America first means fiscal responsibility

The two stories that have dominated the news cycle over the past two weeks -- the impending Congressional impeachment inquiry and President Donald Trump's decision to pull American forces from Syria -- barely register among previous and prospective Trump voters and middle America. Most Americans are more concerned with putting food on the table,...Read more

It's time to leave!

The president's call to begin the withdrawal of American troops from Syria and "green light" the Turkish invasion (a term invented by the press) will effectively turn the now two-plus-year deployment in Syria over to Turkey, a NATO ally. While Turkey is an imperfect ally, it is a powerful regional actor best suited to deal with the Syrian ...Read more

The Emerging Supremacy of the Judicial Branch

As the Supreme Court begins its new term this week, its docket is filled with a number of controversial cases that could shape the political landscape for the next half-century or more. The framers of the Constitution wanted a government divided into three coequal branches in order to provide checks and balances that could hold each branch ...Read more

The President is right that we must clean up America

The liberal media is once again taking off at breakneck pace to condemn President Donald Trump. The fake issue for their bogus outrage? Speaking the truth about how Los Angeles and San Francisco are harmed by their deterioration into squalor caused by rampant homelessness.

As the mainstream media is much more interested in hyperbole than fact, ...Read more

A president who can't trust his people can't govern

In recent days, we have seen the latest evidence of just how difficult it's become for President Donald Trump to operate in this present-day hyperpartisan environment. Our commander in chief simply cannot fulfill the duties of his job to the maximum benefit of us all when he cannot trust the people in sensitive positions around him.

What sad ...Read more

What We Can Learn From Storms

As Hurricane Dorian tore through the Bahamas, wreaking havoc and causing loss of human life and destruction of property in the billions of dollars, many of us sat transfixed before the spectacle unfolding on our television screens, wondering how nature could have dealt our beloved neighbor such a cruel hand. But the reality is we should not ...Read more


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