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Biden's First Victory and Our Nation's Spending Problem

President Joe Biden scored the first legislative victory of his presidency with his signing of the much-anticipated and hotly contested infrastructure bill. The bill, which was stalled in the Senate for months, was a subject matter that was bipartisan in nature, but with significant differences in the details between political parties. Through ...Read more

What Biden's Dismal Polling Teaches Us About Our Leadership and Ourselves

Recent polls show President Joe Biden sitting at a dismal 38% approval rating and Vice President Kamala Harris at an equally, but unsurprisingly, depressing 28% approval rating just nine months into their terms. Even with the army of political propaganda outlets -- or, dare I say, "journalists" -- vehemently opposing former President Donald ...Read more

$450,000 Is Apparently Not a Lot of Money to President Biden and His Minions

It is not often that I read news that leaves even me so dumbfounded that I need to fact-check it. Even after my thorough fact check, I had to send the article to my production team to make sure I was not going crazy. Yes, the story in question was, in fact, true. What was the story? A Wall Street Journal report titled, "U.S. in Talks to Pay ...Read more

We Must Stop America's Moral Depravity!

It pains me to see the sinfulness and moral treachery of our youth in America today. A notable example of this was during the Astroworld concert in Houston, Texas, which brought to light just how low our nation has fallen. At least eight lives were tragically lost, with over 100 injured. All in the name of worshipping celebrities as if they are ...Read more

Biden Is Correct About Our Failing Education System. Now, It's Time to Act

President Joe Biden delivered a message and a warning to our country in a speech that I, along with many others, wholeheartedly agree with: "Any country that out-educates us will out-compete us." He is entirely correct. However, while his words are vital and motivating, they must be accompanied by actions.

Biden delivered this speech in a city ...Read more

There's a Little Henrietta Lacks in All of Us

On a hot summer day, Aug. 1, 1920, a woman named Henrietta Lacks was born in Roanoke, Virginia. Though blessed with the gift of life, she was not blessed with the fruits of good fortune. At the tender age of 4, her mother died while giving birth to her 10th child. Not too long after, her father moved the family to Clover, Virginia, only to ...Read more

Mass Killings Avoided, US Government Silent

We have all watched as the seemingly never-ending debacle of America's 20-year failed experiment in Afghanistan comes to a new chapter of policy failure and stupidity with no accountability from the United States government.

The core lesson? Competence and integrity in government matters; we have neither.

Recently, it was discovered that as ...Read more

Eroding Congressional Support for Israel Is Cause for Alarm

With instability and political unrest roiling the world stage, it is more important than ever for America to have solid allies in the Middle East, a dangerous region historically rife with conflict and dysfunction.

Americans know and understand almost innately that Israel's values are a mirror of our own: Israel champions democracy and the rule...Read more

Our Disheartening Youth

Parents, wake up! Your children are being taken from you without you realizing.

Think for a second about the last family dinner you had with your son or daughter. What were they doing? Were they present in the conversation, enjoying the meal with you? Or were their heads stuck in their phones, giggling every now and then? My guess is that it is...Read more

China's Dangerous Emerging Supremacy

Are we witnessing the end of United States global supremacy?

This is a question that many academics and policy and foreign relations experts have asked for some time now. While the answer to the question may not be an immediate one, there are certainly enough indications that China is not only willing to challenge the U.S. as the world's ...Read more

Biden's Promise To Unite the US Is a Dismal Failure

President Joe Biden's administration is now defined by soaring COVID-19 numbers, a botched Afghanistan retreat and millions of Americans who are not simply unemployed but are unwilling to work.

Biden campaigned on the promise of increasing America's morale, enhancing our international standing and doing a better job controlling COVID-19 than ...Read more

Free Speech Is the Ultimate Truth

Words have no meaning; they are malleable and subject to change at the whim of the powerful. Today, Black people could be called "white supremacists," Jews could be called "Nazis" and scientists could be called "anti-science." The reason is obvious. It is because these people, and many others, dare to deviate from the worldviews of the ...Read more

What Signals Economic Recovery

One thing we know for sure from the COVID-19 pandemic is that it has had and continues to have a lasting impact globally, as well as on the U.S. economy and job market. Despite over 18 months of hardship, the stock markets have miraculously continued to move upward, indicating a renewed confidence in our economic recovery by investors both ...Read more



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