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The Elephant in the Room

Americans should pause to talk about the gigantic elephant in the room: the continued political relevance of Donald Trump despite the fact that he no longer holds an elected office. Furthermore, he's no longer viewed as the head of the Republican Party, a distinction that I would argue is up for grabs. He continues to be banned on social media, ...Read more

President Joe Biden's Assault on Gun Owners

For the duration of his 2020 presidential campaign -- which at first appeared to be a long shot, especially given the far left's vocal disdain for "old, white men" -- Joe Biden ran on the promise that he would unite the country. He repeatedly spoke about the importance of America's institutions and norms, and to the many who ultimately voted for...Read more

The Enemy Within

"The enemy within" is the phrase that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi used to describe the chaos brewing just beneath the surface of the Republican Party. She was referring to how the fencing at the Capitol complex may physically keep protesters out, but there are far more sinister views and schisms within, and she would do well to acknowledge this ...Read more

A Tribute to the Supreme Mary Wilson

A couple days ago, I found myself humming along to a Supremes song. Then I did what everyone does today, in the age of the internet: I logged onto YouTube, found a music video and lost myself in some vintage footage of the 1960s supergroup performing some of their greatest hits.

It was a soulful trip down memory lane, and I lingered online for ...Read more

Impeaching Trump is petty and useless

The election is over; Joe Biden is in the White House; and Donald Trump has returned to his home in Florida. While vocally unhappy with the outcome, Trump didn't refuse to leave Washington, which was suggested as a remote possibility by Forbes senior contributor Jack Kelly. In the wake of the election, Trump has been banned from every major ...Read more

We must remember the Scripture as we consider the dissemination of the two COVID-19 vaccines

We remember reading in the Scripture that the Father has his sun rise on the just and the unjust. The light and warmth emanate immediately and without hesitation over the whole of Creation. This is the model that we need to bear in mind as we consider the dissemination of the two COVID-19 vaccines, even as this pestilence gathers momentum, ...Read more

We should agree that rioting, looting and inciting violence for the sake of ANY political cause is unacceptable

I was at the Capitol as a broadcast journalist on Jan. 6, 2021, to cover the protest of the 2020 presidential elections. This protest drew Americans from around the country, some even driving in caravans from the West Coast to attend and to have their voices heard. Unfortunately, my experience was unsettling. As a result, I have some very ...Read more

Is this the moment when the GOP will stand up to Trump?

On Jan. 6, 2021, I saw with my own eyes the breakdown of our society and our democracy. It was sickening, outrageous and 100% unacceptable, illegal, immoral and unpatriotic. And it will be the moment that defines the Trump presidency and finally spurs the Republican Party to stand up to him.

The Capitol building is the physical representation ...Read more

Amen or Awoman; is this where we're headed?

Is it "amen" or "awoman"? According to Democratic Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, it's both. In a recent prayer before the United States House of Representatives, Cleaver, an ordained minister with a master's degree in divinity from Saint Paul School of Theology, was reading a prepared prayer, and ended the prayer by saying "amen and awoman."

From my ...Read more

Another stimulus: Better late than never

According to a recent study by the Aspen Institute, up to 40 million Americans faced eviction towards the end of this year, no doubt due to the financial impact of COVID-19. As federal resources for unemployment and additional stimulus came to a complete halt, millions of Americans and small businesses are fighting to survive amid this ...Read more

Support democracy by giving Joe Biden a chance

The election is over, the votes have been tallied, and, like it or not, the Electoral College has certified Joe Biden as our new president-elect. Whether or not he was the candidate you supported, it is time to move forward with the business of democracy and accept the final results of the Electoral College.

Come Jan. 20, 2021, Joe Biden and ...Read more

A time to reflect on health, wealth and happiness

It is often said that health is wealth, and at no time in our lives has this proven more true than during the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting political, economic and social upheaval.

This has been a year unlike any other. At this point, nearly a year into the pandemic, each of us probably knows someone who has contracted COVID-19. We have ...Read more

The COVID-19 threat is real

Winter is coming and, like many of you, I'm deeply worried about how America is going to weather these upcoming months. You could say that many are scared to death with the specter of COVID-19 continuing to loom as the death toll reaches a stunning 284,000 souls in America alone. What's worse? There is no sign of COVID-19 is letting up, and ...Read more



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