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Taking Sides in the Face of Tragedy: The Moral Imperative of Engagement

In times of great tragedy and moral turmoil, there has always been a peculiar strain of moral equivocation that can be as troubling as the events themselves. It's a sentiment that suggests an evasion of responsibility, an attempt to retreat to the comfort of neutrality and a refusal to acknowledge the stark realities of history. Today, as we ...Read more

New York's Adult Survivors Act Combats Sexual Offenses by Offending the Principles of Justice

Beneath the surface of many legislative acts with good intentions, there often lurks a sinister reality. This is frequently the consequence of lawmakers' failure to courageously confront and consider the potential adverse effects of their policies. This can manifest in many different ways: For instance, a legislator might overlook the few ...Read more

Ordinary Americans Are the Nation's Unshakable Greatness

Thanksgiving is a time for both festivities and reflection.

The United States has had the best of times and the worst of times, prosperity and depressions, joys of peace and privations and cruelties of war. But throughout these vicissitudes, there has been one bright constant: the decency of ordinary Americans unhesitating in risking that last ...Read more

Jews Around the World Fear Another Holocaust

I have been following the news from Israel very closely since first learning of the horrifying attacks of Oct. 7. As someone who has traveled to the Holy Land on nearly two dozen occasions and seen the country from north to south, I was affected. But nothing has prepared me for what has come after the fateful day of that horrifying pogrom ...Read more

A Path Forward for Trump: Rising Above the Fray

In these tumultuous times, our beloved United States finds itself at a crossroads of division, rife with political strife, cultural clashes and social discord. It's a challenging moment in history, one that begs for leadership that transcends the partisan bickering and personal animosities that have marred our recent political landscape. ...Read more

A New American Gaza Awaits Us

If you assumed that the oceans separating the United States and the war between Israel and Hamas would make you safe, think again. Terrorists are not simply at America's doorstep; they're in the house, and our leaders are too unprepared and afraid to stop it. Hezbollah, one of the largest terror organizations, boasting over 100,000 members, is...Read more

Guardians or Gangsters?: The Dark Side of Civil Asset Forfeiture

There are fundamental laws, deeply entrenched not just in culture and society but also in religious tenets, that are universally repudiated. Crimes such as murder, adultery and theft top this list. Yet, as countless unsuspecting citizens have discovered, there's a sinister form of theft lurking in the shadows, sanctified by the very government...Read more

President Biden Shows Remarkable Moral Clarity on Israel

President Joe Biden and the United States have been forceful in their support for Israel in the aftermath of the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks. Biden's remarks on Oct. 10 were powerful and unequivocal. His condemnation of Hamas was clear-sighted and forthright. There was no moral equivalence between Israel and Hamas. His message was spot-on.

Biden...Read more

They Chanted 'By Any Means Necessary' -- Is This What They Wanted?

Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel, ruthlessly killing over 1,000 Israelis in the name of their god and in furtherance of their desire for Israel's land. These savages -- as they may aptly be called -- in concert with Iran and their disjointed Palestinian allies have a single-minded goal: to obliterate Israel and its people. The good ...Read more

Justice Thomas and the Uneven Scales of Scrutiny

There is no worse example of a biased, tendentious mainstream media with ulterior motives than the castigation of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during the past half-year.

The latest example stems from flyspecking Thomas' amended financial disclosure reports, repeating what has never been disputed and attempting to cast a dark shadow ...Read more

Maryland's New Criminal Enterprise

In our criminal justice system, we frequently confront the question of how severely we should punish children for criminal acts. Whenever any person advocates for leniency, they often point out that children's minds aren't fully developed, preventing them from fully understanding the consequences of their actions. Yet, as we've seen in Maryland,...Read more

The Rising Cost of Living: An Underreported Story Impacting Everyday Americans

As the cost of living continues to rise in America, many families are struggling to make ends meet. Inflation and wage stagnation have made it increasingly difficult for everyday Americans to keep up with the rising costs of necessities such as housing, gas, health care and food. The severity of this issue is impacting millions of hardworking ...Read more

Unraveling Morality, Rising Anger: A Disturbing Trend Among Young People

If you go to Google and type "heinous crimes up with young people," you'll see over 2 billion results. It's a stark reminder that the alarming trend of young people committing gruesome acts isn't a new phenomenon, but the sheer proliferation and frequency of these acts most certainly is. Our society is grappling with a disconcerting reality -- a...Read more



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