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Watching Donald's 'Long Goodbye'

Washington -- Regarding the current riotous behavior here in Washington, I have given it what I would call bold thought. That often happens with me. For instance, many years ago, I received a lewd proposal in the mail from Madonna. She obviously was a woman with rampant literary ambitions. Well, I entertained her proposal for about a split ...Read more

The mainstream media's subservience to Joe will be put to good use

Washington -- Linda Greenhouse was once The New York Times' reporter for the Supreme Court. Now, I take it, she is in retirement, though she apparently comes out of retirement from time to time to heave bouquets to President-elect Joe Biden. Last weekend, she heaved several of her floral encomiums his way when she told "My Joe Biden Story" to ...Read more

The history of America is a messy product

Washington -- Over the weekend, I came across an article in The Washington Post that, by and large, I actually agreed with. I know you are not going to believe it, but hear me out. It had the unwelcoming title "History Isn't Just for Patriots." Yes, I know what you are thinking. Who ever thought history was solely for patriots? Yet the piece was...Read more

Let's pray that fashion's pope falls out of favor and a real one can come in

Washington -- It is Christmastime. The citizenry goes out to churches and, if they are lucky, public places to be inspired by Nativity scenes. I spent Saturday in the countryside of northern Virginia and saw Nativity scenes not only in front of churches and public places but also in front of private homes -- many, many private homes. There were ...Read more

Who's attacking the democratic process?

Washington -- The Washington Post has steadily evolved from being a newspaper edited and written by journalists to being something else. Sean Hannity has said that journalism is dead in America, and so I would think he would say that it is written by dead journalists. I would agree with that, except that dead journalists cannot write. So, what ...Read more

How Joe Biden can revive liberalism

Washington -- Can Sleepy Joe Biden save liberalism? As I have said repeatedly since 2011, when I released my prize-winning book, "The Death of Liberalism," liberalism is no more. Others seem to agree. So, perhaps the question should be, can Sleepy Joe Biden revive liberalism?

At first glance, it seems like an enormous undertaking for a ...Read more

Biden is the one to revive liberalism in the Democratic Party

Washington -- You might recall that, nine years ago, I wrote a book entitled "The Death of Liberalism." It was an answer to Sam Tanenhaus' suicidal 2009 book "The Death of Conservatism." Sam's book came out mere months before the conservative wave election of 2010. The liberals still have not gotten over the 2010 election. It pretty much ...Read more

Biden's Nov. 7 "Declaration" shows him at his most serious

Washington -- On Nov. 7, Joe Biden stepped up to the mic somewhere beyond the confines of his basement and solemnly declared, "Let this grim era of demonization in America begin to end here and now." He was not talking about President Donald Trump's referring to him as "Sleepy Joe." Nor was he rebuking the president for joking about his repeated...Read more

I called the election right once again, but the Democrats blatant fraud defeated me

Washington -- Well, I won again! For the second presidential election in a row, I beat out the mainstream media and the pollsters. They all said President Donald Trump would be beaten by staggering margins in battleground state after battleground state. They predicted a blue wave, which would sweep into office a filibuster-proof Senate. Sen. ...Read more

Let's hear It for the police!

Washington -- My deadline for this column is Tuesday afternoon, so obviously I could not report on Tuesday's elections. I know, I know. The mainstream media already had their stories about Tuesday's presidential elections written weeks ago. It was a Biden landslide. Donald Trump is already packing his bags and leaving town, but where will he ...Read more

Donald Trump is again going to win, unless there is massive fraud

Washington -- I do not like being wrong. Looking back on the journalism of the last few years, I have concluded this makes me one weird journalist. Most journalists -- in fact, most commentators -- seem to prefer to be wrong. Spectacularly, melodramatically wrong.

In 2013, when I met Donald Trump for the first time, I concluded that he could be...Read more

Two Weeks to Go

Washington -- Two weeks from today, we shall know who is to be our next president. Or perhaps we will not know who is to be our next president two weeks from today. It might take three or four weeks. It might take the laborious workings of the courts all the way up to the Supreme Court. Actually, we may never know who won the 2020 election. We...Read more



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