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Congressman Matt Gaetz

WASHINGTON -- I am very surprised that so many adults are having such a difficult time of it in dealing with the Hon. Matt Gaetz, Florida's boy congressman. The American Spectator had Gaetz as a guest at one of our Saturday Evening Club meetings several months ago, and I, as the host of the affair, had very little difficulty in handling him. ...Read more

Bob Kennedy Needs Help

WASHINGTON -- What is happening with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s campaign for the presidency? Well, he is running second behind President Joe Biden, but I am counting on Bobby to make a race of it with the old boy. Joe has plenty of name recognition thanks to his son Hunter and other unsavory members of his family, though he is not yet doing much ...Read more

Vladimir Putin Makes Us Laugh

WASHINGTON -- Well, we finally got to see the funny side of Vladimir Putin, the usually dour president of Russia. Vladi is not known for joking around a lot. Ask Yevgeny Prigozhin, if you can find him. But seriously, Vladimir Putin -- when the spirit moves him -- can be as funny as any American president, except perhaps Calvin Coolidge. If you...Read more

Is the Pope Catholic?

WASHINGTON -- There is still more gibberish emitting from the pope as he travels to and from the Far East. Now he is safely home in the Vatican, so only his close advisers will hear the claptrap that comes from him as he tries to placate the Red Chinese and the Russians and, who knows, maybe he is even aiming his rhetoric toward North Korea ...Read more

The Russian Syndrome

WASHINGTON -- While verifying the authenticity of quotes in my new book, "How Do We Get Out of Here? Half a Century of Laughter and Mayhem at The American Spectator -- from Bobby Kennedy to Donald J. Trump," I was brought to a standstill by one quote in particular. It is the work of a very fine historian done some 20 years ago, Helene Carrere ...Read more



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