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James Carville has one more campaign left in him

Washington -- Poor old James Carville is in the dumps. He doubts that Crazy Bernie can beat President Donald Trump in November. He appeared on MSNBC last week and said that anyone who thought Sen. Bernie Sanders would turn out more voters in sufficient numbers to beat Trump was "a fool." Well, on that point, he might be right. Carville has been ...Read more

Thatcher and Reagan are hated for their dismantling of government

Washington -- I am rounding the last turn of Charles Moore's magisterial biography of Margaret Thatcher. It is no sprint. It is not even a long-distance race. It is a marathon of a literary work, three volumes. Three thick volumes. Yet, as I have said, it is a masterpiece. Charles loves Ms. Thatcher. That is not to say he lets her off ...Read more

Joe Biden's my guy

Washington -- What political party does the Democratic Party remind you of? Their leader, until they settle on a presidential candidate, is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. She is almost 80 years of age and consults a plastic surgeon as frequently as she consults her hairdresser, according to my sources. Critics ...Read more

What prize do we give Mitt Romney?

Washington -- Regarding the failed impeachment of our president, I have a few observations.

The Democrats, led by Rep. Adam B. Schiff, charged President Donald Trump with "abuse of power" and the risible charge of "obstruction of Congress." The historically minded reader will remember these charges as being what Republicans in the 1930s and in ...Read more

Time to get on with the Trump Revolution

Washington -- Dare we call it the Trump Revolution? We call the presidency of Ronald Reagan the Reagan Revolution. Well, consider what President Donald Trump has achieved in but three years. He has revived the economy with ample growth, historically low levels of unemployment and efficiencies in the economy thanks to the removal of unnecessary ...Read more

Let's hear It for the Queen

Washington -- Last week was a good week for Queen Elizabeth II. At 93 years of age, she once again asserted her authority and looked, by the way, terrific. Good show, Your Highness.

However, last week was a bad week for Harvey Weinstein, the disgraced Hollywood producer, friend of the Clintons, major Democratic donor and defendant accused of ...Read more

Even Biden's and Sanders' household pets are weird

Washington -- I see that the mainstream media is promoting the candidacies of Sen. Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden at the expense of the 10 other admitted Democratic candidates and the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Democrats who feel in their heart of hearts that they should be president. They would become president after ...Read more

Stassel confers 'Adult of the Year' award on AG Barr

Washington -- Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley A. Strassel has just conferred her "Adult of the Year Award" on a man who deserves it, Attorney General William Barr. And Strassel writes with sufficient distance from the swamp to be taken seriously. Her column, titled "Potomac Watch," is, I am told, composed from her lair in Alaska. That ...Read more

Imus' dismal view of the world led to his bleak humor

Washington -- This past Sunday brought the news to the front pages of our leading newspapers of the passing of shock jock Don Imus. Comparatively speaking, it was happy news. At least, it was happy news compared with the news that otherwise adorns the front pages of The Washington Post and The New York Times and is then repeated and repeated in ...Read more

Merry Christmas to those long-in-the-face lefties

Washington -- What do you make of it? Merry Christmas greetings have been assaulting me from every corner. The assaults began about two weeks ago. I think I was in a CVS store buying aspirin for a splitting headache. No, possibly it was at the dry cleaners, and I was picking up a sweater. The person at the counter let fall a "Merry Christmas." I...Read more

The election of Boris Johnson is a harbinger of Trump's 2020

Washington -- The British election last Thursday was a stupendous victory for Boris Johnson and the good sense of the British people. He will be the Brits' prime minister for the next five years, and they will prosper in freedom.

Moreover, Boris is a Spectatorian, and thus it was a stupendous victory for Spectatorians everywhere. By ...Read more

The Democrats are the party of toughs

Washington -- Watch out, Mr. President! You are about to be confronted in the next election by the party of tough guys and, I would assume, tough gals, too. Remember, Hillary, too, is in the Party of the Jackass, and she throws a mean lamp -- particularly if she is aiming it at her husband's head. You are also facing the party of foul-mouthed ...Read more

Grim findings from the Journal of the American Medical Association

Washington -- Do you spend much time reading the Journal of the American Medical Association? I must say I do not. Perhaps that is because I exercise regularly, eat nutritious meals, avoid drinking to excess and put in a 40-hour workweek -- well, actually, a bit more than that, but I enjoy my work. At times, my work would more properly be ...Read more


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