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A vaccine is on the way

Washington -- As readers of this column have noted, I am a reluctant advocate of masks to deal with the pandemic. Dr. Robert Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has now spoken out favorably and cogently about wearing masks. Thus, I, having considered all the alternatives, have come to agree with him. We ...Read more

Listening to Ward Connerly -- there is no such thing as institutional racism in America

Washington -- Ward Connerly, a civil rights leader who is older and wiser than I, writing in The Wall Street Journal over the weekend, asserts that there is no such thing as institutional racism in America. Frankly, I am relieved, because I have lived in this country for decades, and it has been some 40 years since I encountered a racist, a ...Read more

I am wearing a mask henceforth

Washington -- I have, for most of my adult life, been a practicing hypochondriac. So, it will come as no surprise to you to hear that I am a zealous reader of the Journal of the American Medical Association, or JAMA. I find something of interest in practically every issue. Recently, I found myself engrossed in the thoughts of Dr. Robert Redfield...Read more

Keep Joe Biden in the basement

Washington -- Over the weekend, a flurry of articles appeared, enthusing about the awesome machinery being put together across the country to defeat President Donald Trump in this fall's presidential election. The machinery is being put together not by Democrats but by the most curious of political animals, the Never Trumpers. I have pored over ...Read more

Trump stands alone in defending American values and beliefs

Washington -- Many Americans, after they have been in Washington, D.C., for a few years, become less fervent about their beliefs. President Donald Trump has become more fervent about the things he believes. After this past weekend and Donald's solemnly expressed indignation about the shredding of our shared values and beliefs, he is being...Read more

The professor's war against truth

Washington -- Here we are, halfway through 2020, and what is the latest finding on the achievements of President Ronald Reagan in office? Well, they come from an Oxford University professor emeritus of politics, so they have a great deal of heft behind them. The professor is one Archie Brown, and he says ... Well, he says the same thing that ...Read more

America is welcoming in a new facist regime

Washington -- Now the mob is planning to tear down the statue of Theodore Roosevelt, who, may I add, was one of the original progressives. Take a look in an American history book, if you can find one. The mayor of the fated city of New York, Bill de Blasio, has already approved Teddy's removal. Au revoir, Teddy, you will soon rest in the dustbin...Read more

The mainstream media continues to cook up designer fake news

Washington -- I see the media is still banging on about President Donald Trump's June 1 visit to the boarded-up and burned-out St. John's Episcopal Church across from the White House. By the way, did you ever wonder what provoked the "peaceful" demonstrators to start a fire in the church's basement? Was it a theological dispute? Was it meant in ...Read more

There's more than one mad dog in Washington

Washington -- One of the most alarming aspects of the present fevers is the utterance of total untruths by notables in high places. Do they not know what the truth is? Or do they not care about the truth? Do they believe their notoriety will overcome a totally erroneous statement?

For instance, consider Gen. James Mattis' statement in The ...Read more

It will take more than just money to fix society

Washington -- Dan Flynn, a writer in his fifties, called me the other day and asked how the violence of the past week in all major cities across America, with its attendant death, destruction and riot, had compared with the 1968 death, destruction and riot occasioned by the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. I thought for a second and ...Read more

Avoid the war of the masks by staying home

Washington -- I see a war has broken out even as we talk of opening up our states' economies. Perhaps I am overly sensitive, but I get the feeling there is serious disagreement between those who insist on covering their bodies to prevent the spread of the Wuhan virus and those who are taking their chances. The chance-takers wear no masks, no ...Read more

Who should be indicted for leaking the Flynn-Kislyac call?

Washington -- Let us turn to the controversy surrounding Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump's first choice for national security advisor. Flynn was prosecuted and found guilty of lying to the FBI years ago, and, as the wheels of justice grind slowly in the United States, after much expense to both the government and to Flynn, he was about to ...Read more

Biden carrying out America's first basement campaign

Washington -- Americans know less and less history these days, which is a good thing for our candidates running for office, either high office or low office. One of the reasons Americans, when polled, say Barack Obama was a great president is that few Americans can remember any president other than Obama. Some remember President George W. Bush, ...Read more



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