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Avoid the war of the masks by staying home

Washington -- I see a war has broken out even as we talk of opening up our states' economies. Perhaps I am overly sensitive, but I get the feeling there is serious disagreement between those who insist on covering their bodies to prevent the spread of the Wuhan virus and those who are taking their chances. The chance-takers wear no masks, no ...Read more

Who should be indicted for leaking the Flynn-Kislyac call?

Washington -- Let us turn to the controversy surrounding Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump's first choice for national security advisor. Flynn was prosecuted and found guilty of lying to the FBI years ago, and, as the wheels of justice grind slowly in the United States, after much expense to both the government and to Flynn, he was about to ...Read more

Biden carrying out America's first basement campaign

Washington -- Americans know less and less history these days, which is a good thing for our candidates running for office, either high office or low office. One of the reasons Americans, when polled, say Barack Obama was a great president is that few Americans can remember any president other than Obama. Some remember President George W. Bush, ...Read more

In defense of Joe (except not really)

Washington -- Where did Sleepy Joe go wrong? Remember what a champion of women, or at least of Democratic women, he was? Remember the role he played in the Violence Against Women Act? Recall, if you will, how he kissed the Democratic ladies affectionately and smelled their hair, at least until a group of indignant Democratic women publicly ...Read more

To win, Trump needs to maul the Chinese, the Democrats, and Biden

Washington -- What tack will President Donald Trump have to take to ensure that he will not have to employ moving vans after Election Day this autumn? He has to win a majority among the Republicans and the independents, and it would be nice if he picked up a few Democratic voters. You know, the Democrats who luxuriated in the Trump economy until...Read more

A call for freedom, a fear of unemployment

Washington -- There is a growing revolt against the imposition of police state government on the Land of the Free. In Michigan, the cry for freedom has been heard as automobiles and pickup trucks flying the Stars and Stripes circle the state capitol. One intrepid reporter even spotted the Stars and Bars of the Confederacy -- though I have ...Read more

Time wasted on business as usual

Washington -- I see from my private incarceration at home, where I have languished for weeks, that The New York Times is accusing President Donald Trump of wasting as much a six weeks before taking action against the coronavirus. For weeks, I have been dutifully washing my hands and even taken the extra care to wash my feet while Trump and most ...Read more

Durham's on the way

Washington -- If you were reading The Wall Street Journal late last week, you might have noticed a story about federal prosecutor John Durham from Connecticut. He is the man that Attorney General William Barr tapped a year ago to look into irregularities allegedly committed surrounding the 2016 election, possibly by high-ranking officials in our...Read more

Fox News' 'The Five' have an off day

Washington -- Conscientious conservative that I am, every afternoon I attempt to clear my mind of the day's claptrap and sprinkle it with a little levity by tuning in to Fox News' "The Five." It rarely lets me down. Sometimes I guffaw. Sometimes I merely snicker. All five of the participants have something to say that is refreshingly original, ...Read more

We need not destroy our economy over this pandemic

Washington -- Conservatives and libertarians around the country are becoming increasingly uneasy about what Washington is doing to our economy. Before the coronavirus struck, many were anxious about the swamp packing another $1 trillion of debt into our deficit. Now Washington is talking about spending close to $2 trillion to treat the ...Read more

Another bad mark for the elites

Washington -- There is a new book out that bids fair to win this year's J. Gordon Coogler Award for The Worst Book of the Year, and remember, the year has just begun. The dreadful effort is "The Ones We've Been Waiting For: How a New Generation of Leaders Will Transform America." Its author is Charlotte Alter. The book takes its dreadful title ...Read more

Moron voters courted by Crazie Bernie, former bartendress AOC, and their ilk

Washington -- The forces of militant ignorance are in motion again. They are marching with Crazy Bernie Sanders and his spendthrift wife. They are marching with Congressgirl Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the former bartendress. They are rousing the drowsy forces of the Occupy Wall Street movement and the drowsy forces of the Occupy D.C. movement, ...Read more

White men and conservatives are tired of being mocked by progressives and women

Washington -- Last week, the Washington Times had an inspirational moment. On Thursday, the editors wrapped this venerable newspaper in a red-inked wrapper and presented readers with an evocative question. In the top half of the wrapper, they asked boldly:

"Tired of being ...



Lied to?"

Now, whom do you think the Times -- ...Read more


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