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Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

Washington -- How did the weekend that commemorated the 20th anniversary of 9/11 -- America's Pearl Harbor for the 21st century -- go for you?

There were huge American flags draping the skyscrapers of northern Virginia. The streets below, however, were relatively deserted. Across the river, there was a more traditional scene. Groups of ...Read more

Joe Biden, From Comedy to Tragedy

Washington -- How could a comic figure from the world of politics such as President Joe Biden suddenly become such a tragic figure on the American scene? One minute he is bringing all civilized observers to laughter by telling Katie Couric that former President Franklin Roosevelt dealt with the 1929 stock market crash by getting "on television" ...Read more

An Evening with Don Rumsfeld and Winston Churchill's Biographer

Washington -- Donald Rumsfeld, the two-time secretary of Defense, adviser to presidents and three-term member of Congress, was buried at Arlington National Cemetery on Aug. 23 after a stately ceremony in the cemetery's large chapel. His friends and associates filled the chapel, and I wish I could report on what luminaries were present, but I ...Read more

Joe Biden Should Resign!

Washington -- Well, we have two hellholes around the globe today: Afghanistan and Haiti. Where would you rather be? You could be in Haiti, where American aid is being flown in and where, as perilous as it is today, there will be better tomorrows. Or you could be in Afghanistan, where American rescue planes are flying in, but they are in short ...Read more

Jimmy Carter Is Redeemed

Washington -- Looking back on the contradictory pronunciamentos uttered by President Joe Biden so solemnly over the last few months on the subject of Afghanistan, what has struck me is how inane they show him to be. When he was affirming that everything in Kabul, Afghanistan, was hunky-dory or when he was sounding the alarm, he was inane. His ...Read more

Andrew Cuomo Is in a Pickle

Washington -- According to a report issued by the attorney general of the state of New York last week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo was busy issuing sweeping new protections against the sexual harassment of women around the time that Harvey Weinstein ceased to be a Hollywood mega-figure and became a widely known sexual predator. Today, Harvey is serving a ...Read more

What the Woke Folk Are in For

Washington -- "The Woke Folk" are not finished. As I said last week, they are tearing down statues of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Frederick Douglass. It is only a matter of time before they expand their attacks on other historic irritants that have gotten under their skin, say, Santa Claus or perhaps Uncle Sam -- he should have been ...Read more

The Mythological White Supremacist

Washington -- We at The American Spectator call it "Kultursmog," and it is the only kind of smog of which our friends on the left approve. Actually, they not only approve of Kultursmog, but they contribute to it. Kultursmog is that aspect of American culture that is utterly politicized, and it is politicized by the politics of the left. Its ...Read more



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