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H5N1 Pandemic Test Case -- Biden Administration Not Ready

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

The H5N1 virus, which for 30 years affected mostly birds, is rapidly evolving and spreading globally. The Biden administration is dangerously unready.

Over the last two years, H5N1 has jumped from birds to mammals, infecting at least 26 species.

South American scientists publishing in the prestigious journal Nature Communications report ...Read more

Teach Migrant Children English -- Bilingual Ed Is a Scam

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

New York City, Denver, Chicago and other cities are urgently recruiting bilingual education teachers as the children of migrants enroll in school. Bilingual ed will doom most of these kids to failure. All too often it's an educational ghetto, producing dropouts who can't speak English and face a lifetime of poverty.

Non-English-speaking ...Read more

Beware of Squatters

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

If you own a home and don't want to lose it, keep reading.

Homeowners who go on vacation or a business trip, even for just a week, are returning to find their house overtaken by trespassers who fraudulently claim a right to be there. It's happening to tens of thousands of homeowners from New York City to Atlanta and Los Angeles.

When owners ...Read more

New York Doomed to Be Migrant Central -- Other Cities Take Note

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Mayor Eric Adams' agreement, announced Friday, to limit the time migrants can stay in shelters at taxpayers' expense, is smoke and mirrors. It's designed to fool you into thinking he's solving a problem when he's actually caving to the migrant industrial complex.

Adams claims the agreement, with the Legal Aid Society and the Coalition for the...Read more

Is Laken Riley's Life Worth Less Than George Floyd's?

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

George Floyd's death during a police chokehold on May 25, 2020, ignited nationwide protests to reform police procedures. Referring to Floyd's ordeal, former President Donald Trump said, "It doesn't get any worse than that," and within three weeks Trump signed an executive order establishing an abuse of force database and calling for improved ...Read more

The Left's Beef With Beef

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

New York State Attorney General Letitia James has a beef with beef.

This week James sued the JBS USA Food Company, the U.S. subsidiary of the world's largest beef producer, accusing it of "fraudulent and illegal business activities" and demanding "disgorgement of all profits and ill-gotten gains."

Disregard the inflammatory language. James' ...Read more

Migrant Surge Brings Killers and Criminal Gangs

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Former New York City Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly, the department's longest-serving commissioner, cautioned on Sunday that New York City's quality of life "has really deteriorated." Migrant crime is a major reason.

Venezuela's notorious Tren de Aragua gang and El Salvador's feared MS-13 -- what former FBI Assistant Director Chris ...Read more

Dems' Open Border Trickery -- Gaming the Census

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

New York is Migrant Central -- the No. 1 destination in the country for illegal border crossers -- and it's no accident. New York's Democratic politicians benefit from the deluge. The more migrants come here, the more congressional seats and clout in the electoral college New York is able to maintain.

Elon Musk spelled it out on X on Feb. 3: ...Read more

Migrant Crime Turning Cities Into War Zones

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Criminals posing as asylum seekers are turning American cities into war zones.

The Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua, feared for how it tortures its victims, is setting up business in New York City, police sources reveal.

Gang members recruit migrants from shelters and as they come off buses from Texas, putting then to work in retail theft ...Read more

Dems Roll Out Welcome Mat for World's Criminals

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Maria Manaura, who's been arrested at least eight times in the six months since she arrived in New York City from Venezuela, is living at the Row NYC hotel, once hailed for its unbeatable Times Square location and front-row view of the theater district. Now it's drug-infested and violent, but still costs taxpayers $500 a night for each of the ...Read more

Yes, America Is Being Invaded

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Across the globe, hostile nations like Russia are using migration as a weapon of war. War is being waged with migrants, instead of tanks, to destabilize and even bankrupt a country and facilitate terrorists attacks from within.

Migration is being used to attack Finland, Italy, France, Poland and -- no surprise -- America. But the Biden ...Read more

Pro-migrant Dems Playing Russian Roulette With Our Safety

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

If you're rushing to the airport and forget your photo ID, good luck being allowed on the plane.

But many migrants without "an acceptable form of identification," according to airport signs, don't need a photo. They get special treatment.

Migrants who have entered the country using President Joe Biden's new CBP (Customs and Border Protection...Read more

Homeless People Do Not Have a 'Right' to Camp in Squalor and Invade Our Neighborhoods

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Tired of stepping over needles and human waste, and navigating around half-conscious addicts and homeless encampments? You're not alone. Most decent, hardworking people want clean sidewalks for getting to work and walking their kids to school.

But cities are legally barred from cleaning up homeless encampments. Advocates went to court and won...Read more



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