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Schiff resorts to an abusive prosecutor's trick to frame Trump

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

House Democrats are stampeding to impeach President Donald Trump without evidence of any crime. On Tuesday, they announced two articles of impeachment based on a new, rigged definition of an impeachable offense. They claim Congress can impeach a president who "ignored and injured the interests of the Nation" even if he hasn't violated any law.

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Nadler comes loaded with a bag of legal tricks

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

On Wednesday, House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., takes over as ringmaster for the ongoing impeachment show. He's billing his opening act as an inquiry into the "historical and constitutional basis of impeachment" and "the framers' intent." Nadler claims he'll be looking into what the Constitution's authors meant by "high ...Read more

Don't impeach Trump. He puts America, not Ukraine, first

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Democrats are trying to impeach President Donald Trump for holding up military aid to Ukraine after Congress voted to provide it. Trump put a hold on the aid on July 18, and it wasn't released until Sept. 11. What the Dems and the media are not telling you is that Trump also delayed aid to Pakistan, Gaza, three central American countries and 10 ...Read more

Vindman's claims don't hold up

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

For Tuesday's impeachment show, House Democrats are trotting out their star witness, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. He listened in on the July 25 call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy that is central to the Dems' case. They allege that Trump demanded Zelenskiy dig up dirt on the Bidens in exchange for ...Read more

Impeachment Dems have rumors, not evidence

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

On Wednesday, the curtain rises on the House's impeachment show, featuring State Department career diplomats William Taylor Jr. and George Kent as the first witnesses. Mainstream media outlets claim Taylor and Kent have "damning evidence" that President Donald Trump delayed military aid to Ukraine in a quid pro quo to pressure the Ukrainian ...Read more

House Democrats behaving like thugs to get what the Constitution does not entitle them to

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insists the impeachment procedures adopted last Thursday are "the fairest possible." Don't believe it.

In truth, a provision slyly added at the last minute is all but certain to deprive President Donald Trump of the ability to defend himself. Expect a one-sided propaganda circus with Intelligence Committee Chairman ...Read more

Trump calls Pelosi's bluff

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

President Donald Trump has repeatedly slammed the secret impeachment hearings in the Capitol basement as "a totally compromised kangaroo court." Sounds like Speaker Nancy Pelosi got the message. On Monday, she announced the full House will vote to formally launch impeachment proceedings, which will be out in the open instead of in the dark.

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State Department engaging in a deliberate and systematic effort to undermine Trump

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

House Democrats are grilling a stream of disgruntled career diplomats in a basement hearing room of the Capitol. The hearings are supposed to be secret, but -- no surprise -- Democrats leak snippets of the testimony daily. They're hoping it will add up to a case for impeaching President Donald Trump.

So far, all the testimony actually proves is...Read more

Democrats name-calling over immigration divides the nation

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

President Donald Trump's key immigration rule change, to discourage immigrants from relying on public health programs, food stamps, housing assistance and other welfare, got derailed on Friday by three federal judges. Their decisions, blocking Trump's rule from going into effect, are wins for Democrats and immigration lobbyists. America's poor ...Read more

Politicians Sell Out Patients

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Whether you live in New York, California or the heartland in between, you depend on state government to ensure your hospital is safe. After all, when you're a patient, your life is on the line. But state health departments have become captives of the health care industry because of huge campaign contributions and lobbying. What's happening in ...Read more

Charging everyone the same for health care coverage is a rip-off for the healthy

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Employer-provided health plans now cost a gigantic $20,576 a year for family coverage, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Technically, the employer pays most of it, but labor costs are labor costs. The more that's spent on benefits the less can go to wages.

In reality, it's $20,000 out of every worker's pocket -- money that could have ...Read more

Dems Will Make Homelessness Worse

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

If Democrats capture the White House in 2020, your own neighborhood is likely to look like the disease-ridden tent slums taking over Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren insists it's wrong to ban living on the streets and in public parks. Bernie Sanders is calling for a 3% cap on annual rent hikes, the kind of ...Read more

Dems' Health Care Whoppers

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

When it comes to health care, Democrats are selling snake oil. Americans are grappling with rising medical costs. But if they fall for the phony solutions the left is offering, they'll pay with exorbitant taxes and shorter lives.

Whopper 1: Obamacare is affordable. Joe Biden's running a television ad in Iowa pledging to stand by Obamacare ...Read more


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