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People have the right to worship even in a pandemic

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

New York's dictatorial governor, Andrew Cuomo, may have met his match. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn is asking the Supreme Court of the United States to strike down Cuomo's Oct. 6 executive order shutting down "houses of worship " in areas of Brooklyn and Queens, while allowing "essential" businesses, like pet stores, groceries and big-...Read more

No matter your politics, the vaccine breakthrough is a relief, and Trump deserves credit

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Monday's news that a COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer will be ready for FDA approval this month sent stock markets soaring and everyone celebrating. It is wonderful news for humanity.

A vaccine will slow the deaths, end the lockdowns, allow businesses to reopen, free children to return to school and return life to normal within half a year.

...Read more

Biden's campaign has been one of lie piled upon lie

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

The lie driving this election is that President Donald Trump is to blame for the nation's COVID-19 deaths. Democrats are blanketing the country with ads claiming Trump bungled the virus response. Biden blames Trump for 230,000 deaths. Even Andrew Cuomo is parroting the lie. It's Cuomo who has blood on his hands, for forcing nursing homes to take...Read more

Court must preserve the finality of Election Day

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Democrats and media allies falsely claim that newly confirmed Justice Amy Coney Barrett is poised to steal the election for Donald Trump. Democrats are demanding she recuses herself from election cases coming before the Supreme Court. Otherwise, warns The Washington Post, "the court's reputation will be shattered" and "the public's faith in ...Read more

Barrett will serve the nation well

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Senate Democrats are trying to turn the confirmation hearing on Amy Coney Barrett into a political victory for their party, but so far they've failed miserably. Barrett is the poster woman the Republican Party needs to attract college-educated female voters and help close the gender gap.

Though Democrats don't have the votes to block Barrett's ...Read more

Pelosi's makes devilish demands

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump called off negotiations over a stimulus bill until after Election Day. Blame House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's outlandish demands for the delay.

Pelosi has been urging Republicans to pass her $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief bill to "crush the virus so that we can open the economy and open our schools safely." The ...Read more

With Barrett on the bench, expect more insurance options

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Democrats and their media allies are warning that putting Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court will doom the Affordable Care Act. They predict tens of millions will be thrown off Medicaid and the sick will lose their preexisting conditions protections.

Don't fall for this fear-mongering. Here's a rundown of the false claims, with the facts ...Read more

Don't muzzle scientists investigating COVID-19

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Though the death toll from COVID-19 just hit a staggering 200,000 in the U.S., we still don't know the origins of this killer virus. China, which has been praised by the World Health Organization, has blocked independent investigation. Worse, social media platforms are accomplices to the cover-up. Last week, Facebook and Twitter did their best ...Read more

Biden's COVID-19 advisers are all foolish

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

The leftist media are claiming Joe Biden has an all-star team of experts ready to take over and vanquish the virus. In truth, they're undermining the single thing this nation needs to resume normal life -- a vaccine. They'd also bring back the dangerous Obama-era idea of making people 65 and over a lesser priority for medical care. If you're in ...Read more

The Democrats have plot to abolish election night

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

The left and its media allies are warning Americans not to expect a winner on election night. If Donald Trump leads on Nov. 3, the victory will be nothing more than a "red mirage," says Josh Mendelsohn, whose firm consults for the Democratic National Committee. In the days or weeks afterward, a Trump victory will be beaten back and undone as ...Read more

The Anti-Trumpers are trying to block a vaccine

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Trump-haters are so determined to defeat the president that they're opposing emergency authorization of a COVID-19 vaccine. What a callous disregard for human life. Without a vaccine, another 100,000 fatalities are expected by year's end, according to Washington University epidemiologists. On Friday, Food and Drug Commissioner Stephen Hahn ...Read more



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