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'America First' in Vaccinations

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

In the race to save lives, the United States and England are winning. A stunning 47% of U.K. residents and 36% of U.S. residents have received at least one dose. Compare that with the European Union, where only 15% have gotten at least one jab. The U.S. and the U.K. are way ahead thanks to the brash nationalism of U.K. Prime Minister Boris ...Read more

Ending Big Tech Tyranny

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

On Monday, Justice Clarence Thomas announced that the Supreme Court soon will have to put an end to big tech tyranny. He cited the "glaring" problem of social media platforms like Facebook and Google wielding unlimited power to censor users whose views they don't like. These tech giants, he argued, ought to be regulated like "common carriers," ...Read more

Chinese Communists' Germ Warfare Research

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

The Chinese Communist Party is good at hiding mass killings. There are no monuments in China to the millions who were starved during the Great Leap Forward under Mao in the 1960s or to the throngs mowed down at Tiananmen Square. Now, the CCP is covering up the origins of COVID-19, which has killed 2.7 million so far.

The CCP's fingerprints are ...Read more

China Must Come Clean on COVID

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

If a plane goes down, there has to be an investigation. Otherwise, no one would feel safe flying again. But a virus from China has killed 540,000 people in our country so far -- equal to two thousand jumbo jet crashes -- and the Biden administration is doing nothing to get to the bottom of it.

Scientists worldwide are divided over whether the ...Read more

The Border Crisis May Be Coming to Your Kids' School

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

The Biden administration is scrambling to shelter thousands of unaccompanied minors crossing the southern border from Central America. The media are declaring the crush at the border a "crisis."

Truth is, this crisis could be heading to your school district. If your kids are in public school or you pay school taxes, you need to know the facts. ...Read more

COVID Hypocrisy at the White House

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Biden administration health official Rochelle Walensky announced Monday that vaccinated Americans can visit with others who are vaccinated in small groups at home. But when Walensky was asked about visiting grandchildren, she said no, unless the kids are local. Even vaccinated people must avoid traveling. "Every time there's a surge in travel, ...Read more

Nancy's Election-Rigging Bill

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Nancy Pelosi's top priority is to turn America into a one-party nation ruled by Democrats. Her bill HR 1, to be voted on this week, trashes the U.S. Constitution in an attempt to rig the system and make it virtually impossible to elect a Republican president or Congress again. It's a power grab.

The bill eviscerates state voting laws and forces...Read more

It's a Racist Plan, Not a Rescue Plan

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Polls show most Americans support the COVID-19 relief bill. But this bill comes with a slap in the face for people who believe in racial equality and want everyone to benefit.

Section 1005 of the bill offers women and minority farm owners a total debt forgiveness of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per farmer. No strings or other ...Read more

Strip Governors of Their COVID Emergency Powers

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

From Pennsylvania to California, Americans are relearning what Lord Acton warned about over two centuries ago: power corrupts. Giving governors "emergency powers" to fight COVID-19 is destroying our civil liberties and endangering our lives.

The stench from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's nursing home carnage and months-long cover up is ...Read more

Small-Business Struggles

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Small-business owners are struggling to survive the pandemic and government-imposed lockdowns. But white male business owners have an added problem. While politicians are offering loans and grants to minority-owned and women-owned businesses, they could care less about helping white men.

What's next? Tax breaks for women and minorities, and ...Read more

Biden is ignoring virus mutations

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Two straight weeks of good news: COVID-19 cases are declining, hospitalizations are down and the daily pace of vaccinations is on the rise nationwide. What's not to celebrate?

Yet, the nation's leading infectious disease experts are warning us that the situation is dire because new, more dangerous strains of the virus threaten the success of ...Read more

US should vaccinate its own before sharing vaccines

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

On Thursday, Anthony Fauci informed the World Health Organization that the Biden administration will participate in WHO's vaccine-sharing project. That reverses President Donald Trump's "America First" approach. Fauci says the goal is to ensure "equitable access" to vaccines for all countries in the world, rich and poor alike.

Americans ...Read more

Biden's plan to fight COVID-19 is timid

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

As COVID-19 mutates, it's becoming more contagious than the virus that invaded the U.S. about a year ago. A trip to the grocery with a mask on, which used to be low risk, is becoming riskier.

As cases and deaths increase rapidly, people are scared and upset. They're spending hours on websites and hotlines struggling unsuccessfully to get ...Read more



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