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Gloating Dems smear Trump as 'impeached for life'

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is gloating because President Donald Trump is "impeached for life," and "there's nothing the Senate can do that can ever erase that." Like a prosecutor telling a defendant, even if acquitted, you're "indicted for life" and you'll never shake the disgrace. So much for the noble principle of innocent until proven guilty....Read more

Pelosi's sitting on the articles of impeachment is merely a stunt

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Imagine if a district attorney charged you with wrongdoing, and then let the charges hang over you indefinitely?

That's the stunt Nancy Pelosi has been pulling, sitting on the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump since Dec. 18.

Senate Judiciary Committee chair Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., accuses House Dems of "trying to hold ...Read more

Schiff should be held accountable for the devious means he used to drive impeachment

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

The truth behind House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff's role in engineering President Donald Trump's impeachment may soon come out because a nonprofit group promoting government transparency -- Judicial Watch -- is suing to get the whistleblower's emails.

No matter how the Senate proceeds with Trump's trial, Schiff should be held accountable...Read more

The witness wars excuse for prosecutors with cold feet

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Senator Chuck Schumer issued another demand Sunday for more witnesses and documents as impeachment moves to the Senate. He's undercutting House Democrats' claim of a "rock-solid case" against President Donald Trump. "The case we have, if presented to a jury, would be a guilty verdict in about three minutes flat," boasts Judiciary Committee chair...Read more

Dems' plan to drag out impeachment

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

As the impeachment battle moves to the Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., is wisely holding the line against Democratic efforts to drag it out.

Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is demanding that Democrats be able to call new witnesses. He insists an impeachment trial has to "pass the fairness test." Fairness? He must think Americans are ...Read more

Schiff resorts to an abusive prosecutor's trick to frame Trump

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

House Democrats are stampeding to impeach President Donald Trump without evidence of any crime. On Tuesday, they announced two articles of impeachment based on a new, rigged definition of an impeachable offense. They claim Congress can impeach a president who "ignored and injured the interests of the Nation" even if he hasn't violated any law.

...Read more

Nadler comes loaded with a bag of legal tricks

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

On Wednesday, House Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., takes over as ringmaster for the ongoing impeachment show. He's billing his opening act as an inquiry into the "historical and constitutional basis of impeachment" and "the framers' intent." Nadler claims he'll be looking into what the Constitution's authors meant by "high ...Read more

Don't impeach Trump. He puts America, not Ukraine, first

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

Democrats are trying to impeach President Donald Trump for holding up military aid to Ukraine after Congress voted to provide it. Trump put a hold on the aid on July 18, and it wasn't released until Sept. 11. What the Dems and the media are not telling you is that Trump also delayed aid to Pakistan, Gaza, three central American countries and 10 ...Read more

Vindman's claims don't hold up

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

For Tuesday's impeachment show, House Democrats are trotting out their star witness, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. He listened in on the July 25 call between President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy that is central to the Dems' case. They allege that Trump demanded Zelenskiy dig up dirt on the Bidens in exchange for ...Read more

Impeachment Dems have rumors, not evidence

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

On Wednesday, the curtain rises on the House's impeachment show, featuring State Department career diplomats William Taylor Jr. and George Kent as the first witnesses. Mainstream media outlets claim Taylor and Kent have "damning evidence" that President Donald Trump delayed military aid to Ukraine in a quid pro quo to pressure the Ukrainian ...Read more

House Democrats behaving like thugs to get what the Constitution does not entitle them to

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insists the impeachment procedures adopted last Thursday are "the fairest possible." Don't believe it.

In truth, a provision slyly added at the last minute is all but certain to deprive President Donald Trump of the ability to defend himself. Expect a one-sided propaganda circus with Intelligence Committee Chairman ...Read more

Trump calls Pelosi's bluff

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

President Donald Trump has repeatedly slammed the secret impeachment hearings in the Capitol basement as "a totally compromised kangaroo court." Sounds like Speaker Nancy Pelosi got the message. On Monday, she announced the full House will vote to formally launch impeachment proceedings, which will be out in the open instead of in the dark.

...Read more

State Department engaging in a deliberate and systematic effort to undermine Trump

From the Right / Betsy McCaughey /

House Democrats are grilling a stream of disgruntled career diplomats in a basement hearing room of the Capitol. The hearings are supposed to be secret, but -- no surprise -- Democrats leak snippets of the testimony daily. They're hoping it will add up to a case for impeaching President Donald Trump.

So far, all the testimony actually proves is...Read more


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