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The Republican Party owns all of Trump, not just the parts they like

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

When we talk about people or a party being on the wrong side of history, it usually requires some hindsight, a position of informed advantage to see clearly missteps that were less clear at the time of events.

Not so now, with today's modern Republican Party and its utter cowardice and complacency. We will not need half a century or even a ...Read more

Don't let Epstein's victims be overshadowed

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

Politics and celebrity -- increasingly synonymous -- seem to corrupt everything these days. So it should come as no surprise that they are also infecting and trivializing one of the worst individual cases of alleged sexual abuse.

The details couldn't be more unsettling. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of photos of nude and partially nude women ...Read more

Debate prep for the viewers: What to watch for as the Democratic candidates take the stage

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

The first of the 2020 Democratic debates are upon us. With two installments over two nights, featuring some candidates many Americans likely haven't ever heard of, the performances are intended to whittle the field, but may only overwhelm and confuse voters further. Whoever emerges better off or worse, we'll leave with some important takeaways. ...Read more

The local veto over would-be presidents: What does it say when a candidate is despised on his or her home turf?

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

With 24 Democrats running for president, there's an unending inundation of polls, platforms, policies and platitudes to keep track of.

National polls tell one picture, but not the whole picture or even a useful one this early. We learn a little through national press coverage -- increasingly less about a candidate's authenticity or policy ...Read more

Trump is the enemy of the American people

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

Just put it on the towering pile of scripts even the writers of "Veep" would have rejected as too absurd. But it's shockingly, appallingly, real.

See if you can follow this.

On Tuesday morning, the president's national security adviser, John Bolton, announces North Korea is one of five countries he believes are actively spreading ...Read more

A re-education on sacrifice and service: 75 years after D-Day, we need a refresher course in the concepts

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

This year we confront and remember two very important days in our history: the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. They are connected by a common thread: service and sacrifice.

On June 6, 1944, more than 160,000 Allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy, France, with the support of more than 5,000 ships ...Read more

Politics shouldn't overtake the experience of watching sports, drinking coffee, or eating a hamburger

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

One coffee, black, hold the politics: Companies are coming to terms with how much activism customers want with their brands; it's a hard line to draw.

How would you like your coffee -- milk, sugar and a side of politics?

In an era when it seems impossible to divorce politics from everything else, Dunkin' Brands, the parent company of Dunkin' ...Read more

Elizabeth Warren, the Dems' punishment candidate: How she sounds a lot like Donald Trump

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

Punishment and revenge are big motivators for the current president of the United States. It's one of the things many of us lament the most: Donald Trump's corrosive, seemingly insatiable appetite for cruelty. That's been exhibited countless times, in, say, an indefensible policy of child separation at the border, or seemingly using the Justice ...Read more

Trump loves drones, and too few are focused on his escalation of Obama's shadow war

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

If I gave you a pop quiz on recent current events, I bet you'd do pretty well, thanks to a 24-hour cable news cycle, late night talk shows, social media and popular culture.

You undoubtedly know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had their first child this week. You can likely go into some detail about the Mueller report. You probably have an ...Read more

There are things Uncle Joe can learn from Mayor Pete

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

So far, he's hitting it out of the park.

Less than one week after Joe Biden announced he's running for president -- again -- he's in an enviable spot. He smashed all 2020 subsequent one-day fundraising records, bringing in a whopping $6.3 million on his first day. A new CNN poll of Democratic candidates shows Biden with a sizable lead at 39 ...Read more

Welcome to the race, Joe: Your party has left you, and millions of voters, behind

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

After years of speculation and false starts, it appears that Thursday is the day when Joe Biden will finally announce his third attempt at running for president.

He'll be in a good position, better than most, when he gets in.

"Pretty much 80 percent of the Democratic fundraising establishment are pretty much all on board," said former ...Read more


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