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Trump can't guide us through coronavirus, but conservatism can help

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

While many state governors are stepping up to meet the continuing challenges of coronavirus in unprecedented ways, our federal government continues to let us down.

At the White House, we know the president took too long to act, dismissed the seriousness of the pandemic in the earliest days, spread misleading information about test availability ...Read more

It's time for Bernie Sanders to do what's right for America

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

The headlines Wednesday were blunt and scathing.

In The New York Times: "Biden Gets Out the Broom."

New York Magazine: "Why Is Bernie Sanders Still Running for President?"

New York Post: "Biden Just Made Bernie Nothing More Than a Two-Time Loser."

And after the third Super Tuesday trouncing by Joe Biden, in which this time he handily won ...Read more

Comparing Joe to Hillary: Sexism's got (almost) nothing to do with who's won what

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

In the hours surrounding Joe Biden's convincing Michigan win Tuesday night, adding to his Mississippi and Missouri shutouts of Sen. Bernie Sanders, analysts and pundits, as we are wont to do, deluged the airwaves and social media with assessments and predictions about the state of the 2020 race.

Sometimes these are based on good data, solid ...Read more

The establishment isn't standing in Bernie Sanders' way. Voters are.

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

The socialist emperor of Vermont has no clothes.

The feverish anti-establishment antipathy that's helped fuel Bernie Sanders' presidential ambitions over the past few years has relied on a belief that the system (what system? every system) has been rigged against him.

From Wall Street to drug companies, from the Democratic Party to corporate ...Read more

On breastfeeding and Mike Bloomberg: One program nicely encapsulates his dangerous political philosophy

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

He may have hoped his billions would speak louder than his baggage, but Michael Bloomberg has experienced a cavalcade of bad press over the past two weeks that should make him a painfully hideous choice for any voters, but Democrats in particular. There's his support of stop-and-frisk, an anti-crime policy that disproportionately targeted ...Read more

A message from a Never-Trumper to the Never-Sanders crowd

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

Tuesday night's victory in New Hampshire gives Sen. Bernie Sanders unequivocal frontrunner status, and anyone trying to couch his win as less than significant is trying to sell you something likely named Buttigieg, Klobuchar or Bloomberg. This will terrify the members of the anti-Sanders wing of the Democratic Party -- and they are plentiful -- ...Read more

The America of Trump's State of the Union sounds good, but it's a deeply incomplete picture.

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

Allow me to take you back. The year is 1957 and "Leave it to Beaver" debuts in black and white on CBS.

The earnest and playful family comedy offers up solvable moral dilemmas and a heaping spoonful of unvarnished optimism in the American Dream for six years and remains for many people one of the greatest television shows of all time.

But one ...Read more

The age of haters: Our politics and culture need to break free of resentment

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of feeling sickened. Our nasty politics of revenge, our unabating obsession with hating the other side, our too-quick-to-cancel culture and our fetishization of extreme purity is not only exhausting but it's making us sick.

It's in President Trump's puerile tweets and anger-drenched rallies, where he demeans...Read more

Hunter Biden is a trap: Democrats must tread carefully in the Senate trial

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

When Republicans threatened to call Hunter Biden, the embattled son of former Vice President Joe Biden and walking political cautionary tale, as a witness for the impeachment trial of President Trump, at least some Democrats seemed open to the idea.

So long as it meant Democrats got to hear from their dream witnesses -- namely, former national ...Read more

Sanders and Warren are splitting up, and that's a good thing.

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

In the hours before Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders were set to take the final debate stage before the Iowa caucuses in February, what began as a mutual protection pact between the two progressive candidates for president devolved into a he-said, she-said war of the far-left worlds.

To which I say, it's about time. And if you're a ...Read more

The Trumpites' way: Posturing to protect our culture, destroying theirs

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

One morning, back in August of 2017, the gang on "Fox & Friends," President Trump's favorite news program, was in the midst of a feverish MAGA panic over nothing less than "the eradication of history," as Laura Ingraham called it.

It was just days after the Charlottesville, Va. protests, a violent and, in one tragic case, fatal clash between ...Read more

Politics can't heal our hate: Anger is eating at Americans from the inside

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

In the days between Christmas and New Year's, our country suffered a double tragedy: a shooting at a Texas church and, on the seventh night of Hanukkah, a stabbing at a rabbi's house.

Whether fueled by mental illness, irrational anger, pure unadulterated hate or a combination of those things, these attacks capped off a truly hideous year in ...Read more


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