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Does Trump still care about his base?

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

If you’re a white supremacist, racist, or just feeling insecure about your status as a white man in America, the president of the United States sure wants you to know, he’s got your back.

Over the past few weeks, President Trump has stoked racial divisions by making steady, clumsy and unsubtle overtures to his white nationalist supporters. ...Read more

Can Hollywood entertain us again? The coronavirus reopening test is upon us

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

As we slowly start to test the waters of reopening the country after months of pandemic shutdowns, we’re getting a much-needed taste — albeit in bite-sized portions — of life as we once knew it.

Restaurants, stores, salons and small and socially-distant gatherings are returning to our weekly routines, though once-mundane outings, like ...Read more

Trump’s salvation can only come from his playing on fear

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

There are endless reasons to believe President Trump will be unceremoniously kicked out of the White House in November after a four-year experiment in utter lunacy.

The most compelling is this administration’s flagrant incompetence in the hands of one of the worst managers in political history. From bumbling a global pandemic to exploiting ...Read more

Trump wants to ride chaos into November

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

It’s easy to forget, with the unending cavalcade of life-altering news, that we are deep in the midst of an election year. There are just 146 days until Nov. 3, and it’s shaping up to be one like no other.

Around this time in 2016, Hillary Clinton had secured President Barack Obama’s endorsement, and a meeting at Trump Tower between a ...Read more

S.E. Cupp: Let’s just listen for now: All who are white and privileged should open their ears to black pain

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

It’s only been a little over a week since the murder of an unarmed black man named George Floyd in Minneapolis, and yet it feels like a year’s worth has happened.

American cities and churches burned. Peaceful protesters tear-gassed and shot at. Stores and small businesses destroyed and looted. Journalists arrested. And on Monday, the ...Read more

How Trump haunts the dead: Our terrible president’s awful habit of attacking people who can’t defend themselves

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

“Punch up, not down.” Whether in comedy or politics, the consensus precept has provided helpful parameters in which to acceptably swing at rivals or targets. The idea is, pick on someone your own size.

I can think of no better — meaning worse — example of punching down than one of the most powerful men on the planet picking on the dead ...Read more

The deterioration of the president is undeniable

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

Every parent has warily confronted the hypothetical question: What would you do if you suspected your child was unwell?

Not physically, but emotionally unwell, or mentally unstable? Imagine learning your teenager, for example, had been yelling demeaning slurs at the girls in his class, harassing them and calling them names.

And that he'd been ...Read more

How long will the media allow Biden to avoid the topic of Tara Reade?

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

Despite an obstacle-strewn ascension similar to a "Game of Thrones" episode, former Vice President Joe Biden managed to slay every metaphorical dragon he faced in becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, from old policy specters to campaign trail gaffes to a primary opponent who was stubborn to concede.

But there are more ...Read more

De Blasio's proposed parade feels like a sick joke

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

On Tuesday night, I called to check in on my friends in San Francisco. One is a lawyer; his grandfather died last week. His partner is a doctor on the front lines of COVID-19. In short, they've been through it. I asked the doctor, "How is work?"

"Thank God we're not New York City," he said. The words hit like a ton of bricks.

Though I moved to...Read more

Donald Trump is the virus: His coronavirus response confirms how toxic he is for the country

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

We've put up with a lot as a nation over the years. But whatever your political party, the latest antics from President Trump, during a global pandemic which has killed more than 25,000 Americans, seal the deal: We need out of this mess for good.

Our threshold for the absolutely absurd and the inarguably indefensible has been fairly high, ...Read more

Will the Bernie brigade show up for Biden in November?

From the Right / S.E. Cupp /

When Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders finally announced he was suspending his campaign -- but oddly, that he will remain on the ballot and collect delegates -- the news hit his supporters understandably hard.

Despite Sanders' clear lack of viability over the past month, and a pandemic that paralyzed his and all political campaigns, his proponents ...Read more


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