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The present moment has set Blacks back a half-century

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

According to the make-believe world of the left, we are experiencing a great moment in American racial history. For the first time, the story goes, more whites than ever are coming to realize how racist America is, how racist cops are and how systemically racist everything in America is. Only now do many Americans understand just how racist ...Read more

America's Jews and Christians are failing, losing their freedom and souls in their fear of the left

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

If you are a Jew or Christian in America, the seriousness of your Judaism or Christianity is now being tested.

People look back in time and wonder how religious people, especially religious leaders -- specifically, the clergy -- could have failed in times of moral crisis. The failure of most rabbis, priests and pastors to speak out today -- ...Read more

Jewish and Christian schools should teach the only truth about race; that Adam had no race

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

"Do not follow the majority to do evil." -- Exodus 23:2.

When I went to yeshiva day schools, America was celebrated. America was regarded, in the description of Menachem Schneerson (the Lubavitcher rebbe), the most influential rabbi of the 20th century, as a "medina shel chesed" -- "a country of kindness."

He knew, as all American Jews knew, ...Read more

Victimhood, demonization, atheism, and lies are the four horsemen of America's apocalypse

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

It takes a lot to build a civilization, and though it is much easier to destroy a civilization, it takes a lot to do that, too.

But now we have four roots of evil that are guaranteed to do so.

No. 1: Victimhood.

The first is victimhood. The more people who regard themselves as victims -- as individuals or as a group -- the more likely they ...Read more

For leftists, George Floyd is a weapon to be used in their rage against America

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

Virtually every conservative in America knows the title of this column is true. Virtually every leftist knows it, too, but lying for the cause is what the left does (think "Russian collusion"). And those liberals who have become increasingly indistinguishable from leftists know it's probably true but won't say so -- lest they side with ...Read more

A response to Steven Pinker's ignorant tweet: Evangelicals oppose the lockdown because they believe in freedom

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

Harvard professor of psychology Steven Pinker tweeted last week:

"Belief in an afterlife is a malignant delusion, since it devalues actual lives and discourages action that would make them longer, safer, and happier. Exhibit A: What's really behind Republicans wanting a swift reopening? Evangelicals."

Before responding to Pinker's remarkably ...Read more

Being "safe" is going to suppress your joy of life

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

In a recent "Fireside Chat," my weekly talk show on the PragerU platform, I commented on society's increasing fixation on being "safe." The following is a condensed version of what I said:

We have a meme up at PragerU: "'Until it's safe' means 'never.'"

The pursuit of "safe" over virtually all other considerations is life-suppressing. ...Read more

The truth is not a left-wing value, wheras the right holds it sacred

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

Three years ago, I wrote a column explaining left-right differences on 35 different subjects. Any one or two of them would make for a major political/cultural divide. Thirty-five make the divide unbridgeable.

As the thesis itself is not really debatable, what is more difficult to explain are the roots of this divide.

I believe it is commitment...Read more

Liberal elites laugh while the less fortunate cry

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

The idea that the worldwide lockdown of virtually every country other than Sweden may have been an enormous mistake strikes many -- including world leaders; most scientists, especially health officials, doctors and epidemiologists; those who work in major news media; opinion writers in those media; and the hundreds of millions, if not billions, ...Read more

The left has us living in a dress rehearsal for a police state

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

All my life, I have dismissed paranoids on the right ("America is headed to communism") and the left ("It can happen here" -- referring to fascism). It's not that I've ever believed liberty was guaranteed. Being familiar with history and a pessimist regarding the human condition, I never believed that.

But the ease with which police state ...Read more

If half the country's deaths were in Montana, would New York shut down?

From the Right / Dennis Prager /

According to The New York Times coronavirus report, as of Sunday, April 19, 2:48 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, there were 35,676 COVID-19 deaths in the United States. Of those deaths, 18,690 were in the New York metropolitan area.

(The New York metropolitan area is generally regarded as consisting of the five boroughs of New York City, the five ...Read more


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