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Joe Biden's Deplorable Lies May Not Even Be in His Partisan Interest

From the Right / Michael Barone /

How do you explain why an ultra-experienced politician makes a major speech on the behalf of a legislative goal that is both doomed to fail and unpopular with voters? Especially when his speech is boycotted by the bill's chief backers and consists of one big lie after another?

President Joe Biden's speech in Atlanta on Tuesday raised these ...Read more

The John Lindsay Democrats

From the Right / Michael Barone /

One way to anticipate what may be ahead in politics is to gauge the balance of power in the nation's two political parties. The Republican Party has always been centered on people regarded by themselves and others as "typical" Americans but who do not by themselves comprise a majority. The Democratic Party has always been a coalition of out-...Read more

Plague-Year Immigrants Headed to Trump Country

From the Right / Michael Barone /

I want to add a few notes to my Christmas weekend column on the Census Bureau's July 2021 state population estimates and what stories they tell about growth and decline in the first 15 months of the coronavirus pandemic.


The big news is about immigration. In the years from 2010 to 2019, the Census Bureau recorded an ...Read more

A (Statistical) Journal of the Plague Year

From the Right / Michael Barone /

As a Christmas present to statistics lovers, the Census Bureau has released its estimates of the population of the nation and the 50 states as of July 1, 2021. The Bureau admits up front that, due to COVID, its numbers are subject to more uncertainty than usual. But overall, they provide important clues as to how Americans have coped with the ...Read more

Against the Religion of 'Woke Anti-Racism'

From the Right / Michael Barone /

"If you pull the camera back and think about 1965, and think about last week, there's been massive improvement. The question is why so many people pretend that that's not true."

That bracing dose of wisdom comes from John McWhorter, Columbia University linguistics professor and author of several books on other subjects, going back to his 2000 ...Read more

Redistricting Helps Republicans but Doesn't Guarantee Control

From the Right / Michael Barone /

Here's a suggestion for those who think that partisan redistricting -- or, as is often the case with these plaints, partisan redistricting by Republicans -- threatens to destroy American democracy. Take a look at "The Long Red Thread," the recent history by Sabato's Crystal Ball analyst Kyle Kondik of House of Representatives elections from 1964...Read more

A Post-Roe Abortion Political 'Revolution' Is Unlikely

From the Right / Michael Barone /

The Supreme Court, as this is written, is hearing oral arguments in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, challenging Mississippi's law banning, with a few exceptions, abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. There's a powerful argument that the Court can't logically uphold this statute, which is less restrictive than most ...Read more

Kyle Rittenhouse's Offense: Insufficiently Respecting Rioters

From the Right / Michael Barone /

Why the hatred of Kyle Rittenhouse? Why was there such widespread dishonest news coverage of the case against him that his acquittal by the Kenosha, Wisconsin, jury came as an unwelcome surprise to so many? For example, so-called comedian Stephen Colbert's recent comment ("If he didn't break the law, we should change the law") shows he's ready ...Read more

Biden Stimulus Failures Could Produce 1920s-Style Republican Victories

From the Right / Michael Barone /

What's wrong with the economy? Nobody seems quite sure, but it's clear that the Biden administration's $1.9 trillion stimulus package passed in March, on top of the $900 billion approved in December, the last full month of the Trump administration, has not had the intended results.

Yes, the economy has grown, and so have wages. But the ...Read more

History Has Some Bad News for Biden Democrats

From the Right / Michael Barone /

As in the 1880s, we live in an era of polarized partisan parity, in which changes of opinion among independent voters can sweep election results. One year ago, Joe Biden was elected president with 51% of the popular vote. Now, with his job approval down to 42%, his party is in trouble.

That's obvious from Republican Glenn Youngkin's 51-49 ...Read more

Biden Democrats Lose Big -- And on Cultural Issues

From the Right / Michael Barone /

President Joe Biden returned the morning of Nov. 3 to a nation that no longer supports him or his party.

Virginia, which he carried 55% to 44% in 2020, has elected Republican Glenn Youngkin as governor, Republicans for lieutenant governor and attorney general, and recaptured a majority in the House of Delegates.

Even more startlingly, in New ...Read more

Health and Education Elites Forced To Confess Error

From the Right / Michael Barone /

Confessions of error are rare enough in woke America that they should be strictly construed against the speaker. Two such confessions (the legal term is "admissions against interest") suddenly appeared last week.

The first confession came in an Oct. 20 letter from Principal Deputy Director of the National Institutes of Health Lawrence Tabak. He...Read more

Republicans Gain Big in Blue-Collar Elections But Narrowly in Affluent State Legislative Elections

From the Right / Michael Barone /

State legislative special elections provide an interesting index of partisan sentiment these days. That wasn't so in the late 20th century, when clever local candidates and notables often got voters to cross party lines. But in this century of increasing partisan polarization and straight-ticket voting, local special elections are a proxy for ...Read more



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