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Use the other political process

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

We should be able to objectively acknowledge the Democrats are rushing impeachment. They are. The impeachment of Richard Nixon took months just to investigate. The impeachment of Bill Clinton was based on a multiyear independent counsel investigation. This is a few weeks of Rep. Adam Schiff coordinating with a whistleblower behind closed doors, ...Read more

The coming civil war will be over algorithms

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

Last week, Katherine Miller at BuzzFeed published an essay on how the 2010s "broke our sense of time." On the same day, Georgetown University released a survey showing the average voter thinks we are "two-thirds of the way to the edge of a civil war."

I have no idea what the "edge" of a civil war is, but I do think we are at a moment of serious...Read more

Two Extraordinary Moments in Congress

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

This past week, the House of Representatives descended into parody, which is hard for it to do. Most members of Congress long ago decided to become parodies of politicians. Now the entire institution is a parody of itself.

The first extraordinary moment was the least noticed. On Oct. 23, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified before the House...Read more

Rumors of a Christmastime impeachment are slightly off

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

A rumor circulating around Washington is that Democrats intend to impeach President Donald Trump by Thanksgiving, with a trial in the Senate before Christmas. Based on conversations I have had with Democrats and Republicans, I suspect the timeline is slightly off.

To understand the timeline, we should understand the process. When Bill Clinton ...Read more

American corporations like communist money more than freedom

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

The general manager of the NBA's Houston Rockets, Daryl Morey, tweeted support for Hong Kong's protestors. The protestors are marching against increasing governmental incursions by mainland China into Hong Kong's affairs. When Great Britain handed Hong Kong over to China, China agreed to maintain autonomy for Hong Kong but now appears ...Read more

This president is more honest than a press that cannot admit its biases

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

There are days I wish someone else were president. It is not easy to support the President. Many of my friends detest him. Many of his supporters are more uncivil toward a person like me than his opponents are. I support the President, but I have a hard time cheering. There is much not to like. But there is even more not to like on the left. To ...Read more

Let the games begin

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

For most of 2018, Republicans claimed Democrats would impeach the President if the Democrats took back the House. Democrats denied it. But it was always true. Democrats have relentlessly tried to discredit President Donald Trump. They have never viewed him as a legitimate president.

Democrats claimed James Comey stole the election for Trump. ...Read more

The Passion of Zealots

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

A young person concerned about climate change joined 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg at a congressional hearing this past week. Jamie Margolin is 17 and part of a lawsuit filed by children against the federal government over climate change. Not content to work their way through democratic processes, they hope federal courts will ...Read more

Free Market Wokeness

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

Writing recently in The Wall Street Journal, Iain Murray of the Competitive Enterprise Institute declared that free-marketeers have taken social conservatives for granted. "The free-market coalition is in urgent need of repair. If enough conservatives join progressives in seeing free trade as a threat to their values, America could end up with...Read more


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