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The Great Chicken Egg Conspiracy

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

Poultry houses have slaughtered millions of chickens in the United States to stop the spread of avian flu. The disease spreads quickly and can contaminate egg production. Along with other factors, this has caused a shortage of eggs and a spike in prices. But even some healthy populations have stopped laying eggs, and that has led to the great ...Read more

A Quiet Existence

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

Last week, I wrote about the "He Gets Us" campaign. Unfortunately, I realized too late that I had identified the wrong Servant Foundation that funded the campaign. It was not the one controlled by Methodists in Oklahoma tied to a church, but rather a donor fund operated out of Kansas.

Subsequently, I have been informed a single family has ...Read more

A Waste of Money

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

Jesus was a refugee, at least in a sense. This was not a controversial statement until the last few decades when illegal immigrants began pouring across the American border with a growing number taking advantage of amnesty laws to extend their stay. The Left, seeking to allow the illegal immigrants to stay, claimed not only that they were ...Read more

Kevin McCarthy Has Weakened the Power of the Speaker to Levels Unseen in American History

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

I am not a Rep. Kevin McCarthy fan. I think he is both rudderless and unprincipled. He is an opportunist who has not sold anyone on a reason for him to be speaker of the House of Representatives except that it is his time. We should not reward ladder-climbers who, having gotten to the top rung, just expect to climb it. But his lack of principles...Read more

The Creator of All Things Descended to Our Earth to Live as One of Us!

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

Two thousand years ago in Bethlehem, a baby was born in a manger. That baby would grow up to be the most consequential person in history. Wars would be started in his name. Civilizations would fall and rise in his name. Many would co-opt him for their own purposes and ignore what he actually said. "Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the...Read more

Death Postponed

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

Sixteen years ago, right around today, I looked into my wife's eyes and told her she was going to die.

A week before Christmas in 2006, I lost my job. My friends who'd been running with me told me we were out of money. It was time to go find a new job. My wife had gone to a doctor's appointment. I heard her pull up and was heading ...Read more

Cleaning Up the Right

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

Several years ago, I noted a connection between various Republican consultants and the incestuous ties within political campaigns. The GOP has a problem with a lot of consultants. They get paid commissions whether a candidate wins or loses. They get commissions from most parts of a campaign business and, interestingly, do not invest in parts ...Read more

It Is 1998 All Over Again

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

In 1998, then-Gov. George W. Bush faced reelection in Texas. The Democrats controlled the U.S. House delegation and most statewide offices. The GOP had been making inroads but had not taken over statewide. Bush, elected in 1994 against Anne Richards, was running with a Democrat-turned-Republican named Rick Perry. Perry, the commissioner of ...Read more



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