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TikTok Delenda Est

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

On May 2, 2011, American soldiers raided Osama bin Laden's compound in Pakistan and recovered an undated letter to the United States. It was a propagandistic letter calling for endless wars against American imperialism. It circulated on several news sites including The Guardian. On the day Chinese dictator Xi Jinping met with American ...Read more

The 15-Week Sweet Spot

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

The conventional wisdom after Tuesday's elections is that abortion is a killer for the GOP. Republicans had high hopes of winning the Virginia legislature but lost the Virginia House and did not gain the Virginia Senate. In Ohio, an abortion constitutional amendment passed. But a review of the Virginia data suggests a 15-week abortion ...Read more

The Tiger by the Tail

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

Antisemitic attacks in the United States have increased over 100% since Oct. 7, 2023, according to a Reuters report. Globally attacks against Jews have surged after Hamas attacked innocent Israelis. As a result, President Biden announced a new "U.S. National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia in the United States." Islamophobia? It is because ...Read more

We Must look Past the Elites to the Americans!

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

Marc Rowan is the chairman of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He is also my boss' boss' boss' boss' boss or something like that. The radio company I work for is owned by Apollo Global Management, and Rowan is the CEO of that parent company.

The University of Pennsylvania has pushed Rowan to resign his ...Read more

There Are No Sidelines Between Good and Evil

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

The world is witnessing horror in the Middle East. For many, truth is far less important than narrative. That narrative, too often, is that the Israelis are white European colonizers, and they are bad. Critical theory has rotted the minds of many and postmodern Marxist ideas, embraced by left-wing groups globally, have led many to evil's side....Read more

Dear Conservative Movement

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

Black Lives Matter Chicago is sending out graphics of Hamas paratroopers with Palestinian flags claiming to support them. Hamas parachuted into a music festival in Israel and killed over 200.

Progressive reporters at mainstream institutions like The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times are circulating Hamas propaganda while questioning ...Read more

A Leadership Failure

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

President Joe Biden's administration is announcing the waiver of dozens of federal laws, including the Endangered Species Act, to build part of the border wall between the United States and Mexico. The president's Homeland Security Secretary says it is necessary due to a massive influx of illegal immigrants. The president personally says the ...Read more

There Has to Be a Better Way

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

The 2024 presidential season involves the senior citizens of both parties doing everything they can to prop up two venal, corrupt, narcissistic octogenarians against a crowd of more youthful, energetic and principled alternatives. Right now, the two old oligarchs running up against God's own term limits are leading and nothing seems able to ...Read more

There Probably Needs to Be a Law

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

In 2020, two professors and a group of students at Cornell University sent 32,398 emails and handwritten letters to 7,132 state legislators across the nation. The letters and emails took conservative and progressive positions on issues ranging from abortion to gun control. They seemingly claimed to be from the legislators' districts. But the ...Read more

Politics and Faith at a Crossroads

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

A growing number of Christians in the United States are convinced the nation is in a spiritual crisis. Crime is on the rise. Singleness and isolation are on the rise. Mental health issues, suicide, depression and despair have set in. Secular society has rushed toward unbridled hedonism, pouring pornographic literature into elementary schools ...Read more

Sen. Tuberville's Stand

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., refuses to give his consent for the United States Senate to advance hundreds of military promotions. His objection stems from the Biden administration changing military policy to pay for abortion-related travel. Prior to the end of Roe v. Wade, the government would not cover those costs. Now, President Joe Biden ...Read more

New Guys Are Like the Old Guys

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

Back before former President Donald Trump's wing of the party took over the establishment, one of the issues that provoked the anti-establishment conservatives to back Trump's coup of the party was the nonstop promise-making of the establishment that the establishment never intended to keep.

They promised to repeal Obamacare. They did not. ...Read more



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