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Reconsider the Gen. Milley Scandal

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was so worried then-President Donald Trump might launch a surprise attack against China that he reached out to his Chinese counterpart and assured General Li Zuocheng that Milley would preemptively warn China. That, at least, is the salacious allegation in the new book, "Peril," co-...Read more

The Progressives Freak Out!

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

Recent data from the Cooperative Election Study shows 20% of atheists have participated in a march or protest, compared with 6% of white evangelicals. Forty percent of atheists have contacted a public official, compared with 24% of white evangelicals. Fifty-two percent of atheists have donated to political candidates, compared with just 26% of ...Read more

Apocalypse Not

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

The American media tends to consist of highly educated individuals, many of whom went to elite academic institutions. They tend to congregate in large urban environments surrounded by like-minded people who have similar interests and worldviews. The result is a media that is urban, coastal, secular and progressive.

Good reporters tend to be ...Read more

The Crisis of Our Third Century

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

As a global pandemic raged and governments began locking down and sheltering citizens in place, the United States Congress allocated $46.5 billion in rental assistance. With a moratorium in place to prevent evictions, Congress was mindful landlords would need help paying the mortgages on their rental properties. Renters would need help paying ...Read more

Why Are Democrats Not Calling On President Biden To Resign?

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

For four years, Democrats and much of the media demanded former President Donald Trump resign or the 25th Amendment be deployed to remove him from office. The complaints largely stemmed from grievance over the 2016 election but magnified as Trump's behavior got more combative and mean while in office. Now, having defeated Trump, President Joe ...Read more

The United States of Contrarianism

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

Contrarianism has run amok in the United States. It is a byproduct of moving into postmodernism. Instead of focusing on what is true, we now all focus on our personal truths with no regard to actual truth. If we believe it is true, then by God in heaven it is true!

Combine that with our increasing divisions as a society, and many people's truth...Read more

Electile Dysfunction

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

The delta variant is here. The delta plus variant is spreading. The lambda variant has been detected. In a few years, my kid will be pledging the omicron variant in college. Some people want masks back. Some people want lockdowns. Others want vaccine passports.

Many conservatives are convinced the resurgence of COVID-19 is all about expanding ...Read more

The Olympics Monopoly

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

This is the first time I can remember an Olympic Games with so little media conversation around it. With the exception of the Simone Biles incident, people seem less inclined to pay attention. Advertisers are fretting as well that attention has declined and viewership is down.

One of the natures of a monopoly is there is very little incentive ...Read more

In the Land of the Boy Who Cried Wolf

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

Tucker Carlson has an audience of around 3 million viewers, which is more than any other news program and most other programs generally. It is still only 3 million people out of a nation of 330 million people. In the grand scheme of things, Tucker Carlson is influential in the way many others are -- he has a core fan base that listens to him, ...Read more

Mainstream Media Must Free Itself From Left-Wing Groupthink and Actually Be Fair and Impartial

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

Six months ago, former President Donald Trump's supporters went to Washington to protest his defeat. Some of those who went to Washington stormed the United States Capitol. Others, having seen people headed into the Capitol, wandered in, assuming they could be there. Someone planted pipe bombs at both the Republican and Democratic headquarters. ...Read more

Star-Spangled Facts

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

On September 14, 1814, Francis Scott Key penned "The Star-Spangled Banner." Set to the British tune "To Anacreon in Heaven," "The Star-Spangled Banner" is inarguably one of the most difficult national anthems to sing.

The backdrop of the song was the British attack on Baltimore during the War of 1812. Key had been sent to negotiate a prisoner ...Read more

Twitter Is Not Reality

From the Right / Erick Erickson /

H.R. 1, the For the People Act, was a messaging piece of legislation that was never meant to be passed. But Democrats are increasingly held hostage by the wing of the party that believes Twitter is real life. Now, the same forces seem intent on dismantling the Biden Administration.

First, the Twitter activists of the left bought into the For ...Read more



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