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Corey Comperatore Embodied Heroic Masculinity

From the Right / Victor Joecks /

Popular culture denigrates masculinity. In one moment, Corey Comperatore showed why it's so important.

On Saturday, a would-be assassin took aim at former President Donald Trump. A bullet hit Trump's ear, missing his brain by inches. It's sobering to think about how close our country came to a much darker outcome. If Trump didn't move his ...Read more

Caitlin Clark's Popularity Dispels This Myth About Sexism

From the Right / Victor Joecks /

Caitlin Clark's popularity shows sexism isn't holding back the WNBA.

Earlier this month, the Las Vegas Aces thumped the Indiana Fever, 88-69. But the score wasn't the big story. The massive crowd was. It was a sellout crowd of 20,366. It was the most people to watch a WNBA regular season game since 1999.

The biggest draw was Clark, the ...Read more

Emergency Exposes Folly of DEI in Medicine

From the Right / Victor Joecks /

If you want to know why prioritizing DEI in medical schools is a bad idea, consider your priorities in a medical emergency.

Early this month, my youngest son came howling and holding his left arm. My wife thought it was broken. When he turned it, his forearm flopped and rolled like it was made of rubber. Not great.

My wife used a spatula to ...Read more

The Government Failed at Fatherhood

From the Right / Victor Joecks /

The government spent decades trying to make fathers unnecessary. The failure of that experiment put society on the long-term path to collapse.

Sunday was Father's Day. It's much less popular than Mother's Day for a sad reason. Fewer fathers are involved in their children's lives. That's caused by two main factors. The first is children born ...Read more

Conservative Conspiracy Theories Keep Coming True

From the Right / Victor Joecks /

Yesterday's right-wing conspiracy theories are today's conventional wisdom. That's long been true, but recent events provide a plethora of examples.

Hunter Biden is currently on trial for a federal firearm infraction. Last week, prosecutors presented a key part of their case, a laptop that the younger Biden left at a computer repair shop. FBI ...Read more



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