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This is what disruption looks like

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

The global coronavirus pandemic has thrown the United States (like most of the rest of the world) into a sort of quasi-organized chaos. All across the country, businesses, health care systems, governments and schools have been disrupted. In my own field of higher education, most colleges and universities have been forced to close live, in-person...Read more

We are living in a 'loaves and fishes' moment

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

There are three accounts in the New Testament of Jesus Christ feeding a multitude of people with a handful of loaves of bread and a few small fish. In the Gospel of Matthew, the number of people is listed as 4,000. In the Gospels of Luke and Mark, the number is stated to be 5,000.

According to all three gospels, large crowds of people follow ...Read more

Biden gambit reeks of desperation

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

After Super Tuesday, all the headlines are heralding former Vice President Joe Biden's remarkable "comeback" from dead in the water to front-runner and presumptive Democratic nominee.

The New York Times' Frank Bruni called it "some kind of miracle."

Please. It was anything but. It was a calculated, collaborative, last-ditch, no-holds-barred ...Read more

American socialists don't understand American business

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

At the heart of the rapidly spreading support for "socialism" in the United States is some pretty profound ignorance about business in the country.

A recent article in Salon is a good example. Last weekend, the online mag published an excerpt from a new book by Micah Uetricht and Meagan Day titled "Bigger Than Bernie: How We Go From the Sanders...Read more

Medicare for some ... depending on their politics?

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Twenty-three years ago, I was asked to give a talk to the New York City Bar Association as part of a symposium titled "Executioners, Jailers, Slave Trappers and the Law: What Role Should Morality Play in Judging?" I was charged with addressing what judges should do when faced with moral quandaries over issues like partial-birth abortion (also ...Read more

James Carville is right: Democrats should be panicking

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Legendary Democratic strategist James Carville was interviewed by Vox's Sean Illing last week after Carville's doom-and-gloom jeremiad on MSNBC got a lot of people's attention. In his inimitable fashion, Carville warned that Democrats' love affair with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is sending the party hurtling toward resounding defeat in November...Read more

State of Disunion

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Anyone who has watched the English Parliament debate knows that -- ceremonial forms of address notwithstanding -- they can be a fairly raucous bunch, routinely shouting down opposing speakers, yelling out, "Hear, hear!" and even booing with some regularity. This includes events at which the prime minister speaks before Parliament.

By contrast...Read more

Democrats take increasingly extreme positions on abortion while the country moves oppositely

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Even in our era of politics without precedent, few things are as inexplicable as the Democratic Party's decision to take increasingly extreme positions on abortion while so much of the country moves in a different direction.

The March for Life, held annually in Washington, D.C., around the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, is one visible example of ...Read more

We have miseducated boys and girls alike

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Last month, The Atlantic magazine ran a powerful article by Peggy Orenstein about young men in America. Titled "The Miseducation of the American Boy," the article is poignant and deeply troubling. And yet I was struck by the fact that Orenstein misses some obvious causes and connections.

She mentions, for example, that the interviews she ...Read more

Why Is Democratic Political Leadership So Poor?

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

There was another Democratic debate last night. Does anyone watch these anymore? What a snoozefest. The best part was a Daily Caller tweet that had a promotional photo of the six Democratic debate participants and asked: "What's the name of this album? Wrong answers only." (Find it. The boundless creativity of commenters will keep you laughing...Read more

Hanson, Prager, and Gervais show how falsehood Is the infection

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Here's a riddle: What do Victor Davis Hanson, Dennis Prager and Ricky Gervais have in common?

Hanson published an excellent piece at National Review online on Jan. 7. Titled "The Steele Dossier Bacillus," Hanson summarizes the evident defects in the substance of the dossier compiled by British former spy Christopher Steele as well as defects in...Read more


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