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A Message From East Germany

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Three years ago, we had the great pleasure of hosting Emma, a 16-year-old young woman from Magdeburg, Germany, who decided to attend a year of high school here in the United States. Emma was in the same class and on the school swim team with our daughter Celeste, and when Emma's initial family placement did not work out for logistical reasons ...Read more

Declare Your Independence From Propaganda and Lies

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

In the aftermath of the disastrous "debate" between President Joe Biden and his Republican opponent, former President Donald Trump, the media maelstrom rivals Hurricane Beryl in intensity -- and possible destructive impact. Will Biden step down or be forced out? Will Vice President Kamala Harris be tapped to take his place? Will it be ...Read more

Catholics and Politics in 2024

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Catholics are getting a lot of attention among political writers these days. And as with other demographics that once consistently voted Democrat (Blacks, Hispanics, young people), candidates from all parties are actively vying for Catholics' attention -- meaning their votes -- this year, while analysts and pundits express bafflement ...Read more

What Europeans and Americans Really Want

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

In last week's European Parliamentary elections, citizens in country after country rejected left-wing policies. Predictably, left-leaning major media outlets across the globe -- the Associated Press, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Vox, Politico, the Guardian -- decried these results as Europe "lurching" to the "far right." Vox ...Read more

It Isn't Fashion -- It's Filth

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Like a lot of other women my age, I grew up reading fashion magazines like Seventeen, Glamour, Mademoiselle and Vogue. I loved looking at designer clothing and reading about the newest styles and the latest makeup, health and beauty tips.

But in the late 1980s and early '90s, things began to change. Models -- always thin -- became emaciated ...Read more

Pandering vs. Patriotism

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Former President Donald Trump's rally in the Bronx borough of New York City on May 23 and his willingness to speak at the Libertarian convention on May 25 despite the hostility of some of the attendees highlight two notable differences between him and the establishment politicians in both the Republican and Democratic parties.

The first is ...Read more

'Diversity' Without Virtue and Shared Values Is Chaos

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker gave a commencement address this month at Benedictine University in Kansas. Butker is a devout Catholic and was speaking at a Catholic institution. As such, many of his observations, such as his expressed preference for the traditional Latin Mass, were intended for a Catholic audience.

But other ...Read more

Why Communism and Socialism Fail

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

The protests roiling our college campuses have provided yet another opportunity for the perennially disgruntled to call for the end of America's democratic form of government and system of free market capitalism, and to replace both with some collectivist pipe dream.

It is a searing indictment of American higher education that our students ...Read more

Protests and Policy as Porn

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

The pro-Palestinian, pro-Hamas, anti-Israel protests have spread to university campuses across the country, just as the agitators hoped (and planned) for them to do. As was also expected, some of these protests have turned violent. A Jewish student was poked in the face with a flagpole at Yale University and hospitalized; another Jewish ...Read more

The Problem Is Academia

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

The explosion of violent and shockingly antisemitic protests on college campuses is just the latest in a series of self-inflicted black eyes for higher education in the United States. In March last year, a group of students at Stanford Law School shut down a talk by federal Judge Kyle Duncan, screaming vulgar epithets and refusing to allow him...Read more

Eroding the Electoral College Erodes Americans' Voting Rights

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

The structure of the American government was designed by the Founders to prevent raw majoritarianism: the three branches of government and their checks and balances, the allocation of power between the state and federal governments, constitutional limits on the federal government's power, the differing composition of the U.S. House of ...Read more



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