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Everything About the Congressional Jan. 6 Committee is a Clown Show!

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Everything about the congressional Jan. 6 Committee is political theater. The committee itself, per Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's insistence, could not include any members not already predisposed to find Donald Trump guilty of something. The accusations are outlandish and unsubstantiated. Witnesses' testimony and other "evidence" often ...Read more

The Failed Legacy of Johnson's 'Great Society'

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

When I was in Austin, Texas, last week, I took the opportunity to visit the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library on the University of Texas campus. The library is housed in a beautiful building with impressive resources. Its employees and volunteers are gracious and welcoming. I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibits (especially those devoted to ...Read more

Biden Continues Obama's 'Fundamental Transformation' of America

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

There is a quote attributed to poet Maya Angelou: "When people show you who they are, believe them the first time." As we watch the Democrats in power destroy the American economy, it's worth paying attention to the things they've said.

First and foremost is former President Barack Obama. On Oct. 30, 2008, just before the presidential election,...Read more

The Lack of Traditional American Values is the Real Crises

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

On the heels of yet another mass shooting, we are once again hearing renewed calls to repeal the Second Amendment or make ownership of some (or all) weapons illegal. But is the ability to own firearms the problem? Particularly in issues involving strong opinions and heated political rhetoric, facts are critical. Here are some important and ...Read more

Today's 'Monarchs' Risk Sparking Their Own Revolutions

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

The period of history from the mid-18th century to the late 19th century is sometimes referred to as the Age of Revolution. According to a Wikipedia entry (citing the work of historian Eric Hobsbawm), this era began with the American Revolution of 1776, followed by the French Revolution of 1789. The push for representative governments, ...Read more

Jordan Peterson's Critique of Voluptuous Women Is Misplaced

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Sports Illustrated is making headlines for its annual swimsuit edition again. This year, the magazine featured Yumi Nu, described as "the first plus-sized Asian American model" to make the cover of the swimsuit edition. The decision has garnered a great deal of positive press both for Nu and Sports Illustrated.

Not everyone was impressed, ...Read more

Economic Ignorance Causes Economic Collapse

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

John Hinderaker has been writing at PowerLine about the economic catastrophe taking place in Sri Lanka. Until very recently, that country was "not only food-secure, but a major agricultural exporter" of products like rice, tea and rubber.

One would think that creating prosperity and lifting millions out of poverty would be welcomed by ...Read more

Good Riddance to Roe v. Wade and Its Culture of Coercion

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

As pretty much everyone knows by now unless they're living on a deserted island with no Wi-Fi, someone within the U.S. Supreme Court breached professional protocol and leaked a copy of a draft opinion. The draft, written by Justice Samuel Alito, purports to show a 5-4 majority of the Court ready to overrule the 1973 case of Roe v. Wade and ...Read more

The Campaign Against Misinformation Is Disinformation

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

For years we've been hearing nonstop warnings about "misinformation" and "disinformation." What's the difference? According to Business Insider, "misinformation" is false or (important distinction) "out-of-context" information, presented as fact but without the intention to deceive others. "Disinformation," on the other hand, is factually false ...Read more

It's Not Trump's Power. It's His Voters'

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

A few days ago, the New York Times ran yet another article questioning former President Donald Trump's status as a kingmaker within the Republican Party. Author Shane Goldmacher offers some interesting data points: for example, the fact that Trump's political action committee has a war chest of $120 million-plus. (If a March article in Politico ...Read more

What is it With Leftists and Their Obsession with Children and Sexuality?

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

What is it with Leftists and their obsession with children and sexuality?

Seriously, on just about every aspect of sexuality, the Left has it wrong. Their preferred policies have already done incredible amounts of individual, familial and societal damage, and yet they keep pushing for more -- and getting away with it. It's bad enough when those...Read more

Importing Voters Through Illegal Immigration

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey just signed into law House Bill 2492, which requires all people opting to vote only in federal elections in that state to provide proof of United States citizenship and state residency. HB 2492's amendments to Arizona's existing election law are brief, unremarkable and reasonable, but they close a loophole in Arizona law ...Read more



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