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Why Is Democratic Political Leadership So Poor?

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

There was another Democratic debate last night. Does anyone watch these anymore? What a snoozefest. The best part was a Daily Caller tweet that had a promotional photo of the six Democratic debate participants and asked: "What's the name of this album? Wrong answers only." (Find it. The boundless creativity of commenters will keep you laughing...Read more

Hanson, Prager, and Gervais show how falsehood Is the infection

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Here's a riddle: What do Victor Davis Hanson, Dennis Prager and Ricky Gervais have in common?

Hanson published an excellent piece at National Review online on Jan. 7. Titled "The Steele Dossier Bacillus," Hanson summarizes the evident defects in the substance of the dossier compiled by British former spy Christopher Steele as well as defects in...Read more

Take a stand against nutcase voices on the left in 2020

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Happy new year. Our rights are under siege.

I wish that statement were hyperbole. But the events of 2019 make clear that Americans cannot sit back, go about their business and assume that things will be fine.

Economically speaking, yes, things are very good. But law-abiding Americans are experiencing unprecedented attacks, physical and ...Read more

The capitalist entrepreneur is a revolutionary

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Noah Rothman wrote an opinion piece this week in which he warned about the new generation of young Americans who are opposed to the free market. He quoted the inimitable (and reliably ignorant) Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who announced at the annual (and glitzy and high-tech) South by Southwest conference this past spring, "To me, capitalism ...Read more

Why would anyone vote for a Democrat?

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

It's a serious question. Other than hating Donald Trump, why would anyone vote for any of the Democratic candidates for president of the United States? They've given us precious few reasons to support them and plenty of reasons to conclude that they shouldn't be given any political power -- much less the presidency.

Here are just a few...Read more

Our principles, not our technology, keep us prosperous and free

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

We live in an age when technology is worshipped. Entrepreneurs who create technologies that transform our lives become billionaires, seemingly overnight. Companies that do not adopt new technologies or adapt to their use quickly enough are put out of business. The term "disruptive innovation" has been added to the lexicon of business CEOs ...Read more

Giving thanks for a system that creates prosperity -- and leftovers

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Pope Francis has made a number of public statements decrying the waste of food around the globe. Most recently, he voiced his support for the objectives of the World Food Programme. He echoed the words of his predecessor, St. John Paul II, who called food waste "a paradox of abundance." Francis criticized a "culture of waste" that is caused, he ...Read more

Abortion advocates set themselves up as God

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

A new documentary titled "One Child Nation" is one of the most recent takes on China's one-child policy imposed between 1980 and 2016 that was supposed to lift the nation out of poverty but ended up turning a cultural preference for boys into the widespread "gendercide" of millions of baby girls.

Others have explored the horrific implications ...Read more

There IS a war on men. Fight back

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Andrea Long Chu is a writer who has thrown the world of homosexual and transgender activism into disarray with her 2018 essays in n+1 and The New York Times, and now in her new book, "Females," in which she argues that gender is not who one is but what one wants. Chu is a biological male who identifies as female and has undergone sex ...Read more

It's time to fight the real corruption

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

The Democratic Party, the press and the high-powered lawyers who protect both have been working for years to try to convince the American public that President Donald Trump is a traitor, and that his election was a scam procured by corruption and international intrigue.

That is the biggest lie told in the history of the United States. ...Read more

Remembering -- and talking about -- lynching in America

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

Michele Norris is an award-winning journalist and founder of The Race Card Project. Last week, Norris wrote a poignant opinion piece for The Washington Post in which she calls for Americans to know the history of lynching before they cavalierly throw the word around.

She's right.

Public murders by lynching in America and related private ...Read more

We don't want globalist government

From the Right / Laura Hollis /

And when I say "we," I don't just mean conservatives, or even Americans.

I mean most people around the world.

It's arguable that much of the conflict we see across the planet is attributable to the efforts of a handful of people to foist their worldview on everyone else, and the "everyone elses" starting to push back.

Hong Kong's citizens are...Read more


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