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Mass Shootings Are the Predictible Consequence of Godlessness

As President Joe Biden returns from a nearly meaningless trip to Korea and Japan, it's apparent everyone he addressed on his trip opposed the vicious genocide Vladimir Putin's Russian troops are perpetrating in Ukraine. If "mainstream media" reports are true, there were no questions about genocidal violence here in the United States.

But Roe v....Read more

Does Inconvenience Justify the Mass Murder of Babies?

For nearly two weeks, thousands of pro-abortion activists have been protesting at the Supreme Court -- and at the homes of several justices -- hoping to prevent the court from reversing the Jan. 22, 1973, Roe v. Wade decision granting women the right to choose death for their unborn babies without government restrictions. Since then, more than ...Read more

America Is Paying a Price for Rejecting God!

Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi claim to be practicing Catholics, yet they and their fellow leftists have worked unrelentingly to drive God out of America's schools, government and public square. When Pelosi stands at the speaker's rostrum, a sign above her reads, "In God We Trust." With Biden as president, Pelosi as speaker and Democrats in control ...Read more

Hitler, Stalin, Putin and Biden All Share Orwellian Common Ground!

Autocratic and authoritarian governments have long employed censorship, deception and propaganda to control the people they rule and influence their adversaries. As U.S. Marines, we were "urged" to read Sun Tzu's fifth century B.C. work, "The Art of War." In it, the Chinese political-military strategist emphasized: "All warfare is based on ...Read more

The Biden "Regime" Is Wrecking America!

In a recent column, we charged President Joe Biden's leftist energy policies and pathetically weak leadership with undermining America's economy and financing Russia's genocide in Ukraine. But the damage wrought by this president is not limited to Ukraine, pain at the pump or flaccid foreign affairs. All the policies of this hapless tool of the ...Read more

Hunter Biden Coverup: Never Underestimate the Power of Blackmail!

The Hunter Biden coverup continues to unravel and, as it does, questions about the president's involvement become harder to dodge. Hunter's nefarious dealings with what at the time was China's largest energy company, CEFC, are well-documented, as are his questionable activities in Russia and Ukraine. The concept is known as influence peddling, a...Read more

Biden's Energy Policy is Deadly!

President Joe Biden's feckless, weak leadership in foreign affairs and his misguided "green" energy policies are killing innocent women and children by financing Vladimir Putin's genocidal invasion of Ukraine. Biden's ideologically driven energy policies are also wrecking the U.S. economy, but that's for another column -- as is our analysis of ...Read more

Conservative Patriots Must Retake the House!

On March 21, shortly before leaving for his NATO summit in Europe, President Joe Biden told the Business Roundtable about "a new world order out there, and we've got to lead it." Unlike so many of Biden's other jaw-dropping comments made before, during and after the summit, nobody raced to "clean up" or "correct" this one. White House, State ...Read more

Biden's Message to NATO: Don't Make Vlad Mad

President Joe Biden's trip to Europe last week was intended to show him as the leader of the free world. According to the White House, he was supposed to bolster NATO's resolve to provide essential military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine in repelling Russia's unprovoked invasion. Biden needn't have bothered. Vladimir Putin's vicious war crimes ...Read more

Valiant American Patriots Will Save Us from a Timorous, Befuddled Bided and Turn-Tail Democrats!

What would you do if you were a Ukrainian right now: stay and fight or flee the country? This question was the basis of a recent Quinnipiac poll, and the results were shocking. Over 50% of Democrats admitted they would run rather than fight. Republicans fared better: Only 25% of them would put their tails between their legs and bug out. This ...Read more

Ukraine's Plan B -- As in 'Berlin'

The situation in Ukraine is dire and worsening by the hour. Russia's vicious dictator, Vladimir Putin, is determined to eliminate Ukraine as a free and independent country no matter how many innocent women and children die in the process. His strategy: civilian slaughter. Putin intends to turn every Ukrainian city into rubble and declare victory...Read more

Biden's SOTU Strategy was to Ignore, Distort and Co-opt!

In his first State of the Union address, President Joe Biden spoke for more than an hour. Were he an honest man, the entire address could have been delivered in less than a minute. All he needed to say was this: "My fellow Americans, because the policies of my administration are abject failures and my leadership is so embarrassingly feeble, the ...Read more

We Must Stop Biden's Rejection of Reality!

As Russia invades Ukraine, amasses troops on the Polish border and threatens to use nuclear weapons, some reflections on President Joe Biden's rejection of the Army's findings on the bug out in Afghanistan are in order.

One of the most important characteristics of effective leaders, whether in government, business or the military, is a firm ...Read more



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