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Prepare for War to Avoid Having to Fight One

Last week's column noted: "Our armed forces are woefully unprepared to deter war and therefore make war more likely." It concluded the mission for the 222 Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives is to enhance national security. This week, we have evidence why both statements are correct.

By words and actions, the Biden administration...Read more

Strength in Truth

Last week's column posited the No. 1 mission of the 118th Congress must be protecting U.S. national security and suggested five areas requiring urgent attention:

-- An existential threat posed by tyrannical despots with nuclear weapons.

-- The multimillion-person invasion across our nonexistent southern border and the deadly Communist Chinese ...Read more

Mission No. 1 for the US House of Representatives: US National Security

Last week, we learned classified documents have been found in various places where President Joe Biden "inadvertently," "unintentionally" or "mistakenly" "stored" or "misplaced" them. All those verbs and adverbs have been used in the ensuing media circus.

Though the quantity, contents, subjects, titles or actual classification levels of these ...Read more

To the 118th Congress: Welcome Aboard. Now Get to Work! -- Part II

My thanks to faithful readers -- pro and con -- for reminding me I am not a prophet. In last week's column, I predicted our new Congress would have a new speaker of the House and a "sworn-in" Republican majority in the House of Representatives by Jan. 3. Oops!

It took an unprecedented 15 ballots to elect Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House ...Read more

To the 118th Congress: Welcome Aboard. Now Get to Work! -- Part I

Today, the new U.S. Congress is sworn in. Welcome, especially to those new to Washington. As a reminder to my readers and charge to our elected representatives, here is the oath you will take:

"I, (name here), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and ...Read more

All That Stands Against the Complete Destruction of Our Republic is the Body of Christ!

The title for this column may seem counterintuitive to my faithful readers considering the disappointments we've endured through 2022. Despite efforts to diligently chronicle events and proffer advice to America's civil and national security leadership, few glimmers of goodness emerged.

However, let us never forget we serve the Sovereign of all...Read more

Pray for Those Who Can't Be Home Because They Selflessly Serve!

We look forward to Christmas because it means a break from the normal routine of life that can be stressful. It's a time for families, friends and fellowship. It's festive and, when in the right perspective, joyous.

However, tens of thousands of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Guardsmen and Marines won't be home for Christmas celebrations. ...Read more

Bad Decisions from a Floundering President

At a time when it's hard to imagine how things in America can get worse, it seems President Joe Biden is on a crusade to drive our nation into the abyss.

We learned Thursday Women's National Basketball Association player Brittney Griner was released from a Russian prison after being arrested 10 months ago on drug charges. It's become almost ...Read more

Ignoring Lessons Learned at Pearl Harbor

Washington, D.C., Dec. 6, 2022 -- Eighty-one years ago today, Commander Mitsuo Fuchida was preparing to lead an airborne strike force of 49 "Kate" bombers, 40 torpedo bombers, 51 "Val" dive-bombers and 43 "Zeke" fighters on the first wave of an assault on Pearl Harbor. At 0854 that terrible Sunday morning, a second wave of 167 aircraft added to ...Read more

I Know Best What the 118th Republican Congress Should Do!

The Republican Party, such as it is, will run the U.S. House of Representatives until, at least, 2024. Since the GOP is a "coalition" of disparate "hearts and minds," we proffer advice on how the 118th Congress can hit the ground running on Jan. 3, 2023. Despite "lib-Dem," "progressive" and RINO advice to the contrary, here are more proposals ...Read more

Thank Almighty God for All Our Blessings on Thanksgiving 2022 (and for Kicking Out Nancy Pelosi!)

Cair Paravel, SC -- Unbelievable as it may seem in the most technologically advanced country on Earth, final results of the Nov. 8, 2022, midterm elections are not yet known. But one consequence is now certain: Republicans now hold a majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, and in January Nancy Pelosi will no longer be in succession to the...Read more

Now What, Mr. Biden?

On Nov. 9, while flummoxed Republicans were trying to figure out why their "Red Tsunami" didn't happen in this year's midterm elections, a buoyant Joe Biden held a White House news conference. His goal: change the subject. After meandering about looking forward to working constructively with Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Old Joe blamed a grueling ...Read more

Missions for the New Congress

The 118th Congress won't be sworn in and seated until January. But it's not too soon to start planning what needs to be done and when. In the Marines, we used to call this process "mission planning," and it was best to do sequentially -- the chronological order in which various tasks needed to be accomplished.

Let's begin with what a newly ...Read more



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