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Oliver North and David L. Goetsch

Lt. Col. Oliver North is a combat-decorated U.S. Marine, No. 1 bestselling author, founder of a small business and holder of three U.S. patents. For 17 years, he was a syndicated columnist and host of “War Stories” on FOX News Channel. In May 2018, he retired from FOX News to serve as the 66th president of the National Rifle Association of America. He is now the founding CEO of Fidelis Publishing LLC and Fidelis Media LLC.

Dr. David Goetsch is a Marine veteran and bestselling author of 76 books. Six of his books have been translated into foreign languages, including Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian, Spanish, Hindi and Turkish. Goetsch is a longtime college professor with dual credentials in business and political science/history. He is also a nationally recognized speaker on the subject of leadership and economic development.


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