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Time for a Commitment to America

From the Right / Star Parker /

Republicans are gearing up for elections in November by drawing a clear line in the sand between their party and Democrats.

Republicans have rolled out what they call Commitment to America. And this is exactly what it's about.

Our country embodies a worldview, and it is that worldview, and the principles that capture that worldview, that made ...Read more

Religious Freedom Means Nothing If Religion Means Nothing!

From the Right / Star Parker /

In August of 1790, President George Washington visited Rhode Island, which a few months earlier had ratified the U.S. Constitution.

Among those who welcomed the new president was the Hebrew Congregation of Rhode Island, founded in 1763. Now known as the Touro Synagogue, it is the oldest standing synagogue in the nation.

The synagogue's ...Read more

When Will Low-Income Americans Stop Looking to Government?

From the Right / Star Parker /

New polling data from Gallup show Americans are not having an easy time through this period of rising prices.

According to Gallup, 56% of Americans say now that rising prices are causing severe or moderate hardship.

Drilling down, we see that the hardship is not shared equally.

Among low-income households, those with income less than $48,000,...Read more

Under Biden We Are Struggling for Our Nation's Soul!

From the Right / Star Parker /

President Joe Biden travelled to Philadelphia, to Independence Hall, the place where the nation's founders signed the Declaration of Independence, to make his case for "The Continued Battle for the Soul of the Nation."

Indeed, the president, in his remarks, said we are at an "inflection point" regarding where we stand and the path we'll take ...Read more

Government the Problem, Not Solution, on College Costs

From the Right / Star Parker /

No sooner had President Joe Biden announced his plan for student loan debt forgiveness -- $10,000 for non-Pell grant recipients and $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients -- the president of the NAACP was complaining that it should be more than twice as much. At least $50,000.

Brookings Institution scholar Andre M. Perry echoed the sentiment.

The ...Read more

Are We Headed for a Civil War?

From the Right / Star Parker /

I wrote a column in 2011, as the presidential politics of the upcoming year were starting to unfold, with the headline "Why 2012 looks a lot like 1860."

The deep fracturing of the American electorate -- remember the Tea Party? -- leading up to the 2012 presidential election was starting to look like what happened in the presidential election in...Read more

Inflation Reduction Act Is the Problem, Not the Solution

From the Right / Star Parker /

A central pillar of the just-passed Inflation Reduction Act is $80 billion going to the IRS to hire some 87,000 new agents, doubling the current force, to chase down U.S. taxpayers who allegedly are not meeting their tax obligations.

The rationale is we have a large national budget deficit -- that is, government is bringing in less money than ...Read more

T.W. Shannon, a Leader We Need in Washington

From the Right / Star Parker /

A runoff election will take place in Oklahoma Aug. 23, which will decide who the Republican candidate will be to run for the Senate seat held by James Inhofe since 1994.

Thirteen candidates ran in the primary. But no one got 50% of the vote, hence the Aug. 23 runoff.

Leading the field is Rep. Markwayne Mullin, who received the endorsement of ...Read more

In Washington, Honesty Is Such a Lonely Word

From the Right / Star Parker /

A favorite game of politicians, when reality does not conform to the facts they want, is to simply redefine reality.

Democrats want big government, a lot of spending and taxation, the former of which we are now paying for in inflation, so the new strategy of Democrats is to now claim that spending and taxes reduce inflation.

We now have the ...Read more

Abortion, Democracy and History

From the Right / Star Parker /

When Sen. Stephen Douglas and Abraham Lincoln faced off in a debate in Peoria, Illinois, in 1854, the issue tearing apart the nation was slavery.

A central issue was whether slavery would be permitted in new territories entering the union.

Douglas' answer to the question was politics. Lincoln's answer was morality and the Bible.

Douglas' ...Read more

Blacks Still on Board With Biden! Why?

From the Right / Star Parker /

New polling from Pew Research and from NY Times/Siena College, released a few days apart, cast similarly dismal pictures regarding the popularity of President Joe Biden.

Overall approval for Biden from NY Times/Siena College stands at 33% and from Pew 37%.

However, both polls show approval for the president much stronger than the national ...Read more

'Agency': An Important New Book About America

From the Right / Star Parker /

The Gallup polling organization seems to serve up endlessly bleak news about how Americans feel about God and country.

I wrote recently about their report of the historically low percentage of Americans that say they believe in God.

Now Gallup reports that a historically low number of Americans believe in ourselves and our country.

The ...Read more

SCOTUS Decisions Will Change Political Landscape

From the Right / Star Parker /

With the Supreme Court concluding one of the most historic and consequential terms in its history, it leaves in its wake consequences and implications for the direction of our country.

One very important result may well be a movement of Black and Hispanic voters to the right.

It is reasonable to conclude that conservatives are happy with where...Read more



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