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What We Must Learn From Trump Shooting

From the Right / Star Parker /

We now have, as we would expect, a tsunami of commentary regarding the horrible assassination attempt on Donald Trump. It is not trivial to observe that at least the good news is that just about everyone agrees what happened is very bad and not an encouraging sign about the state of our nation.

After that point of agreement, we have many ...Read more

An Excellent Supreme Court Decision on Homelessness

From the Right / Star Parker /

Homelessness, unfortunately, has become a persistent and growing problem in the United States.

The Supreme Court, in City of Grants Pass v. Johnson, just dealt with one big issue associated with this problem -- the ability of cities to prohibit camping on public property.

Per the city of Grants Pass, Oregon, the answer has been that the ...Read more

From Biden, Democrats: Believe Us, Not Your Own Eyes

From the Right / Star Parker /

It appears that leadership of the Democratic Party is taking its inspiration from the famous line from the Marx Brothers film "Duck Soup," -- "Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes."

There is just so long you can hide under a rock. President Joe Biden had no choice but crawl out and stand before the nation and debate, for all to ...Read more

Tim Scott's Important Message

From the Right / Star Parker /

South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott hosted an event in Washington, D.C., marking the Juneteenth holiday, which showcased why he has been included among the candidates Donald Trump is considering as his running mate.

Juneteenth, now a national holiday, commemorates June 19, 1865, the date of the final implementation of the Emancipation ...Read more

Young Voters Leaving Democrats and Biden

From the Right / Star Parker /

A lot of attention is being given to support being picked up by Donald Trump among non-white voters.

But the change taking place among young voters is even more dramatic.

In the elections in 2016 and 2020, Donald Trump was soundly defeated among voters 18-29.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton defeated Donald Trump among voters ages 18-29, 55% to 37%...Read more

Byron Donalds Tells the Truth and the Left Hates It

From the Right / Star Parker /

Several weeks ago, Wall Street Journal columnist and former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan wrote a column with the headline "We Are Starting to Enjoy Hatred."

Her point was that, in our divided and polarized country, each side is no longer trying to "win over" those with whom they disagree. Sides are now just entrenched in hatred for each ...Read more

Why Is the United States Negotiating With Terrorists?

From the Right / Star Parker /

A Gallup poll of several months ago asked, "On the whole, would you say that you are satisfied or dissatisfied with the position of the United States in the world today?"

Only one-third, 33%, said they were satisfied. This down from 53% in February 2020 at the conclusion of Donald Trump's presidency.

It's a wonder that even a third of ...Read more

Biden's Democracy Smokescreen

From the Right / Star Parker /

President Joe Biden makes no speech without mentioning the importance of democracy in our nation.

We would like to believe this comes from deep ideals about human liberty lodged within our president.

But more accurate is that Biden, a politician all his adult life, is defined by just that -- politics. No word, no act emanates from our ...Read more

As Election Approaches, Policy and Party as Important as Personalities

From the Right / Star Parker /

Although the focus in the upcoming elections is on the presidential candidates, it's worth keeping in mind that of at least equal importance is which party has the controlling hand on policy in Washington.

Because the country is becoming increasingly polarized, which party controls will lead in dramatically different directions. This has ...Read more

Fix Social Security With Ownership, Not More Government

From the Right / Star Parker /

The trustees for Social Security have just issued their annual report. And, as we have learned annually over recent years, the system cannot meet its obligations.

According to this latest report, the Social Security system will not be able to meet its obligations to retirees by 2035. In 2035, the system will be adequate to meet just 83% of ...Read more

Add Sen. Tom Cotton to VP Shortlist

From the Right / Star Parker /

Headlines are now filled with names reported to be on Donald Trump's "shortlist" of possible VP candidates.

These individuals, some of whom I know, indeed have serious qualifications and experience and are appropriate to be considered for the No. 2 position in the executive branch of the nation's government.

This vetting process is, as they ...Read more

No, Demonstrations Today Not Like the 1960s

From the Right / Star Parker /

The current demonstrations on college campuses against Israel remind some of the unrest on college campuses during the 1960s.

But the comparison is not a good one.

The unrest of the 1960s was defined by the war in Vietnam and by the Civil Rights Movement. Both had practical, personal impact on young Americans in their own country.

American ...Read more

Mike Johnson Is a Hero

From the Right / Star Parker /

Author Herman Wouk captured well how to understand heroism.

"Heroes are not supermen; they are good men who embody -- by the cast of destiny -- the virtue of their whole people in a great hour," observed Wouk.

We have today an American hero in the name of House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Anyone with eyes open knows the world today is a very ...Read more



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