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Ron DeSantis, Real Presidential Firepower

From the Right / Star Parker /

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has announced he's in.

He's running for president.

I caught DeSantis' remarks in Orlando at the annual meeting of the National Religious Broadcasters the day before he formally announced.

It was immediately clear that this is no ordinary politician.

It has been said that there are two types of people. Those who ...Read more

Welfare Work Requirements Make Everyone Better Off

From the Right / Star Parker /

The Congressional Budget Office has just released its latest projection for the next ten years.

"In the agency's updated projections, annual deficits nearly double over the next decade, reaching $2.7 trillion in 2033 ... As a result of those deficits, debt held by the public also increases in CBO's projections, from 98% of GDP at the end of ...Read more

How To Honor Our Officers During National Police Week

From the Right / Star Parker /

I was proud and moved to participate in opening ceremonies, at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C., commemorating National Police Week.

President John F. Kennedy signed the proclamation, in 1962, designating May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day, and establishing the week in which this occurs as National Police ...Read more

Why Doesn't Drowning in Debt Bother Biden?

From the Right / Star Parker /

The most perplexing thing about President Joe Biden's stance on the debt ceiling issue is that the staggering national debt does not seem to bother him.

In remarks Biden made the other day, he noted that the national debt has "accumulated over 200 years." And he also noted the debt increased under President Donald Trump.

But the president's ...Read more

A History Lesson for 2024

From the Right / Star Parker /

President Joe Biden has made his bid for a second term official, and the first big news following the announcement is his latest approval rating released by Gallup. It shows Biden's approval reaching a new low in his presidency -- 37%.

But let's take a quick look at history before Republicans start celebrating.

Gallup shows Biden's approval ...Read more

Tim Scott and American Exceptionalism

From the Right / Star Parker /

Republican Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina has announced the formation of an exploratory committee for his candidacy for president.

You may have noticed that Scott is Black. We may ask, in this woke age of ours, the extent to which this matters in his candidacy.

I think it does matter, which requires some explanation given that I am ...Read more

The Source of Our Freedom Is Our Creator, Not Government

From the Right / Star Parker /

It is a unique and special time now because Christians, Jews and Muslims all are engaged in major holidays of religious contemplation and renewal. Christians with Holy Week and Easter, Jews with Passover, and Muslims with Ramadan.

We're talking billions around the world. So, although in our time there has been a retreat in various circles from ...Read more

A Nation Committing Suicide

From the Right / Star Parker /

Historian Arnold Toynbee observed "an autopsy of history would show that all great nations commit suicide."

It's hard not to think about this reading the results of the latest Wall Street Journal-NORC poll, appearing under the headline "America Pulls Back From Values That Once Defined It."

Only 38% of Americans now say patriotism is "very ...Read more

Biden's Job Is Running US, Not Israel

From the Right / Star Parker /

Widely reported in the press is that President Joe Biden called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to express his concern about judicial reforms that are currently being considered in Israel.

We must wonder why Biden, who demonstrably cannot run our own country, feels behooved to tell others, particularly one as successful as Israel, how...Read more

Silicon Valley Bank -- More Government, Less Reality

From the Right / Star Parker /

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are 'I'm from the government, and I'm here to help.'" - President Ronald Reagan

Shock waves are rippling through the country after the announcement of the second largest bank failure in the country's history last week -- Silicon Valley Bank.

This just 15 years after the largest ...Read more

Biden Supports Republicans in Blocking D.C. Crime Bill

From the Right / Star Parker /

President Joe Biden announced he will not veto a resolution passed by the Republican-controlled House which overturns a new District of Columbia crime reform law, assuming the resolution passes in the Senate.

The district is under federal jurisdiction, so Congress can overturn D.C. legislation. But this is the first time in 30 years that it has...Read more



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