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National Debt Reflects a Nation That Has Lost Its Way!

From the Right / Star Parker /

As tensions about raising the nation's $31.4 trillion debt ceiling build, the headline that should be flashing in front of every American is that our country is not working.

Nothing is going to get fixed -- really fixed -- until we come clean about this basic, sad and distressing fact.

How can it be that we have national debt equal to size of ...Read more

Our Nation's Problems Begin with Absence of Awe for the Miracle of Life!

From the Right / Star Parker /

Friday, Jan. 20, 2023, pro-life Americans will March for Life in Washington, D.C. Hundreds of thousands will march, as they have marched since 1973. But this year, it is different. This year, the march will take place, for the first time, in an America where Roe v. Wade is no longer the law of the land.

This is what pro-life Americans have been...Read more

Kevin McCarthy, is Really a Republican Leader for Complex Times!

From the Right / Star Parker /

Amid the post-mortems of the four-day, 15-vote marathon to elect Kevin McCarthy House speaker, I remind readers of the headline of my Nov. 30 column, "Kevin McCarthy, a Republican Leader for Complex Times."

I thought then that that captured our reality, and I think the process that followed confirmed it.

It is human nature to want things neat ...Read more

There is No Shame in a Culture Where We Make Everything Up!

From the Right / Star Parker /

By now, just about everyone has heard about the massive campaign of lies that Republican George Santos fabricated that just got him elected to a congressional seat from New York.

In his various appearances and interviews to explain himself, the lack of shame he seems to feel is almost as uncanny as the lies themselves.

Sadly, Santos is a child...Read more

For Teachers Unions, Parents and Children Come Last

From the Right / Star Parker /

Schools in the Rochester school district in Michigan include in their curriculum a course called "History of Ethnic and Gender Studies."

If my child were attending school there, I would wonder why this is in the curriculum as part of K-12 education and what is taught.

One mother, Carol Beth Litkouhi, wondered enough that she went to the school...Read more

We Must Pray to Get Our Nation Back on Track!

From the Right / Star Parker /

Some thoughts about our country as Christmas and the new year approach.

In his Farewell Address to the nation in 1796, America's departing first president, George Washington, observed: "It is substantially true that virtue or morality is a necessary spring to popular government."

And what is the basis upon which we define morality?

Washington...Read more

Why Did Black Georgians Vote for Raphael Warnock?

From the Right / Star Parker /

There are plenty of post-mortems about Raphael Warnock's defeat of Republican candidate Herschel Walker in the runoff for the Senate seat in Georgia.

Yes, in the same state, Republican Brian Kemp won a decisive victory in the race for governor.

And, yes, to be kind, Walker was not a great flagbearer to draw voters, particularly Black voters, ...Read more

Marriage Is a Truth That Cannot Be Redefined

From the Right / Star Parker /

The Respect for Marriage Act, codifying same-sex marriage as federal law, already decided as such by the Supreme Court in the Obergefell decision in 2015, has now passed the Senate. If it passes in the House, President Joe Biden will sign it into law.

Let's take a moment and consider what is going on.

Some view acceptance of same sex marriage ...Read more

Black Youth Want Freedom

From the Right / Star Parker /

Among the key headlines from the 2022 election were gains by Republicans among minority voters.

According to the AP VoteCast survey, Republican House candidates got 14% of the Black vote, almost twice the 8% of the Black vote that Republicans captured in 2020 and 2018.

The difference between the percentage of Black votes that Democrats got ...Read more

Student Loan Forgiveness Meets the Rule of Law

From the Right / Star Parker /

President Joe Biden's $400 billion 2022 election bribe -- also known as student loan forgiveness -- has been now stopped in its tracks on two fronts.

First, in Texas, federal district court Judge Mark Pittman, one of nearly 300 federal judges appointed by former President Donald Trump, ruled the initiative unconstitutional. The judge rejected ...Read more

Goodbye Affirmative Action! Hello Individual Freedom and Dignity!

From the Right / Star Parker /

The Supreme Court just heard arguments in the case Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard and Students for Fair Admissions v. University of North Carolina.

It's about affirmative action -- universities using race and ethnicity in their admissions policies.

Students for Fair Admissions argues that both universities violate the U.S. ...Read more

Democrats Must Stop Dividing Our Country!

From the Right / Star Parker /

As Democrats see the likelihood of the House and the Senate shifting to Republican control, they have rolled out their biggest gun to try to minimize the damage.

Former President Barack Obama, the most popular Democrat in the country, has hit the campaign trail to try to salvage victories in close and critical races.

Obama's headline message ...Read more



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