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The Trump economic miracle is the best revenge

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

I got a kick out of a letter to the editor I saw about my last column. It was from another bitter liberal -- Is there any other kind? -- who complained that I'm a liar. The writer argued that President Donald Trump's economy is not so great and said it's actually worse than the economy under former Presidents Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter.

This...Read more

Thanksgiving blessings from the Democratic Party

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

My Thanksgiving column in the Las Vegas Review-Journal listed quite a few reasons to be thankful for President Donald J. Trump. But it's still technically Thanksgiving weekend, and the Democratic Party's presidential candidates deserve credit, too.

I'm thankful the Democratic candidates are so awful. Even former President Barack Obama is ...Read more

How Trump Clinches Reelection

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

The latest Emerson College poll is out. The Democratic impeachment witch hunt is officially a huge failure that has blown up in the Democrats' faces. Overall, 45% oppose impeachment versus 43% who support impeachment. That's a 6-point swing -- in President Donald Trump's favor -- since impeachment hearings began. Quite amazing.

But much more ...Read more

A clear choice: President Trump or Rashida Tlaib

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's Democratic impeachment hearings have been a big bust.

The impeachment of President Donald Trump is such a bomb that if it were a TV series, it would be canceled after the first episode.

Only 13 million Americans tuned in to watch the first day. I'm betting the number hits zero very soon.

But here's the amazing ...Read more

The Coup, Klutz, Klan Witch Hunt versus Trump

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

I have a new name for this witch hunt against President Donald Trump: Coup Klutz Klan, in honor of the architects, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Reps. Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler.

The case against Trump is falling apart by the minute. All the participants are being outed as Democrats, Trump haters and deep state/D.C. swamp denizens with the ...Read more

Anyone want to play poker?

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

I was going to write part two of why California is burning. But that takes a back seat to impeachment and the latest economic news.

So I'll shorten the "why California is burning" story. California is burning and blacked out because of insane liberal policies. First and foremost, as I pointed out in my last column, hundreds of billions of ...Read more

Don't trust a word the biased, liberal mainstream media tells you about the resident

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

Last week, I wrote about why you can't trust a word the biased, liberal mainstream media tells you about President Donald Trump. They distort, mislead, misrepresent, slander and muddle context.

As their Marxist hero Saul Alinsky taught them in "Rules for Radicals," the ends justify the means. In other words, anything goes -- any lie is excused ...Read more

How I am the sad victim of a George Soros funded terrible liberal media lie

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

I have to tell you a remarkable personal story, a story that proves the liberal media are, in fact, out to frame and ruin President Donald Trump and his supporters with lies, distortions and misrepresentation; a story that proves the liberal media are vicious, untrustworthy and sometimes just plain evil.

I was in Miami last weekend to speak in ...Read more

Dems lose every which way on impeachment

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

Democrats are delusional. They try to destroy President Donald Trump. They try to ruin Trump. It never works. No matter how hard they try, they can't beat Trump.

Let me give you a great example. Three Sundays ago, I was busy watching NFL football when my phone rang. "Are you watching Fox News?" my buddy Lee asked. "Turn it on. It's the most ...Read more

Trump: The Greatest Non-Ukrainian-Jobs President Ever

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

I have at least 1,000 things to write about. I could fill this column for the next 365 days. But I have to scrap them once again. President Donald Trump screws up my plans every time.

That darn Trump economy keeps interfering.

Trump did it again. How good is Trump's economy? Trump's economy is so good, and jobs are booming with such ferocity...Read more

If we're going to see Trump's transcripts, I want to see Obama's as well

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

The Trump-Ukraine phone call controversy remains at the top of the news.

First, let me start by urging all good conservatives to call House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and congratulate her on reelecting President Donald Trump. With enemies like her, who needs friends? In the words of President Trump, "Nancy -- you're the best."

Second, I'm a big ...Read more

Ready for a Trump Landslide?

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

Is President Donald Trump about to win reelection in a 35- to 40-state electoral landslide? The signs are everywhere.

Trump just raised $15 million in one day ... in California. The biggest business leaders in America are betting on Trump ... even in ultra-liberal, ultra-blue California.

By way of comparison, California's own liberal darling...Read more

Who's 'The Biggest Loser' in 2020?

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

It was another great week for President Donald Trump. And I guess it's up to me to spread the word. Why do I need to trumpet Trump? Because the president will never get credit from the liberal, Trump-hating mainstream media for anything he achieves.

First, because of Trump's tireless achievements, the generic Democrat/Republican poll is out. ...Read more


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