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Stop Lying About the Derek Chauvin Trial!

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

Stop lying. Stop insulting our intelligence. I may have been born yesterday, but I wasn't born in the past 15 minutes. I'm an adult. I know when I'm being conned. Here's what really happened at the Derek Chauvin trial: A guilty man was railroaded.

I'm no fan of that former police officer. He's clearly a bad guy, a bully. When he had his knee on...Read more

Why Are Biden and Democrats Carrying Out the Murder of the Middle Class?

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

Back in 2014, I wrote a book titled "The Murder of the Middle Class." Don't look now, but it's happening.

Back then, I was referring only to the murder of middle-class jobs and the American Dream. Today, Democrats appear to want the middle class eliminated altogether. They're not just after our jobs; they're playing Russian roulette with our ...Read more

What If the Next 9/11 Terrorist Attack Is Just Days Away?

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

I just watched a documentary about the horrors of 9/11. You remember that day, don't you? This year will mark the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

Sept. 11, 2001. The day the twin towers of the World Trade Center collapsed in New York City. The day about 3,000 of our fellow Americans died. Most of their bodies were never found. They literally melted ...Read more

An Important Easter Sunday Message for the Catholic Church, Major League Baseball and Delta Airlines

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

Whether you realize it or not, we are at war (and I'm not referring to my initials). American institutions, corporations, sports leagues and even the Catholic Church are at war with the American people.

But they're about to learn a priceless lesson. The ignorant, politically correct, woke dunces who run these institutions are all committing ...Read more

Biden & Democrats: 'American Lives Don't Matter'

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

We know Democrats support "Black Lives Matter." It's all they talk about. While I'm no fan of the Marxist BLM organization, I think all of us can agree that black lives matter. No one wants a single law-abiding, innocent black American to die needlessly.

But someone needs to ask puppet President Joe Biden and every Democratic politician in ...Read more

Why Isn't Everyone in Florida Dead or in the Hospital?

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

I hate to say I told you so. But I told you so.

I'm one of the few brave souls in the American media who warned and advised from day one (back in early March 2020) not to lock down the American people or the economy.

I argued the following:

-- That lockdowns wouldn't stop COVID-19, because you can't stop a virus.

-- That there was never a ...Read more

Has Joe Biden Sold America out to the Mexican Drug Cartels?

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

I told you so. It's become crystal clear I was right on the money. I've said for two years now on my national radio show that the best thing that could ever happen for the Mexican drug cartels would be a Democratic presidential victory.

Mexican drug kingpins have waited their entire lives for this fantasy. They must be singing, dancing and ...Read more

An Open Letter to Sen. Joe Manchin: How One Brave Man Can Save America and Change the Course of History

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

This is not your father's Democratic Party. These people are certified insane. Either that or they're hardcore, radical socialists and communists hellbent on turning America into Cuba, Greece or Venezuela. I believe it's a combination of both.

Every move President Joe Biden and his socialist/communist cabal makes takes us one step closer to the...Read more

The Communist Takeover of the United States

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

This is part deux of my series on the communist takeover of the United States. Part one, last week's column, centered on the real new president: Barack Obama. I do believe the new president is, in fact, the old president. This is the third term of Obama.

The first time around, Obama tried his best to destroy America, American ...Read more

This Isn't Biden. This Is the Third Term of Obama

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

I've written thousands of columns and commentaries. This is the most important I've ever written.

This is my chance to play the modern-day Paul Revere. "The commies are coming. The commies are coming." Yes, I am reporting a communist takeover. But the leader of this attack is not who it appears to be.

Republicans, conservatives and capitalists...Read more

I'm a Conservative Who's Been Banned By Twitter. You're Next!

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

I was banned by Twitter this week. Trust me, if you're a conservative or a patriot, read this story carefully. Because you're next.

I've argued for quite some time that this was coming. I warned that if Joe Biden were elected, Democrats would overplay their hand. They would open the borders and let the whole world in. They'd legalize millions ...Read more

The GOP needs a miracle to win elections in 2022 and 2024. Here it is.

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

Until now, I had no idea how dumb the GOP really was. Man, is our party dumb. The people who run the GOP are so dumb they couldn't spell "win" if I were to spot them the W and the I.

First, the presidential election was clearly rigged and stolen, and they just let it happen. Now the leaders of the GOP won't even admit it happened. They're ...Read more



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