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Yes, Trump-DeSantis Would Be a Great GOP Ticket in 2024, But It's Not Possible... Unless This Happens.

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

Before I get to Trump-DeSantis, first a few observations about recent GOP primaries.

Congratulations to Kari Lake and to the people of Arizona. Kari may very well be the best GOP candidate in America, and she will make the best governor Arizona ever had. If she is elected in November, I guarantee you we'll have fair and honest elections moving ...Read more

My List of Studies and Government Data from Around the World That Show the COVID-19 Vaccine is Dangerous, Deadly and the Worst Health Care Disaster in World History!

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

Two remarkable things happened last week. First, I wrote a column about my own personal COVID-19 vaccine death and disease cluster. I wrote about my wedding on Nov. 21, 2021, to the beautiful Cindy Parker Root. We're still in our honeymoon year as that was only eight months ago. But a strange and tragic thing has happened since that date. Thirty...Read more

It's Clear the COVID-19 Vaccine is Dangerous and Deadly!

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

Yes, you read correctly. There are (so far) 33 friends and relatives dead or sick since our wedding eight months ago. I've done the research. All 33 were vaxxed. Every one of them.

This is a "vaccine death and disease cluster."

This is like the Love Canal, New York, cancer cluster of the 1970s. It can't be ignored when you see so many people ...Read more

The Democrats Are Planning to Steal The Midterms!

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

Do you think the GOP will win a landslide victory in the November midterms? Do you think it will be a cakewalk? Boy, are you naive.

I've been warning about what's coming for many months on my nationally syndicated radio show, "Wayne Allyn Root: Raw and Unfiltered" on USA Radio Network. It's all starting to happen just as my crystal ball ...Read more

Biden is a Traitor! He Must be Impeached! Then Indicted for Treason!

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

It's all out in the open now. We have a traitor and figurative suicide bomber in the White House.

No one is even bothering to hide it. President Joe Biden is clearly a suicide bomber, owned by the Chinese Communist Party and the Mexican drug cartel, and put in place to destroy America, American exceptionalism, capitalism and most importantly, ...Read more

Donald J. Trump Must Become House Speaker!

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

The Supreme Court just stuck a dagger in America. They made five great rulings. They enraged Democrats from coast to coast. Overturning Roe v. Wade was the first blow. They supported guns. They supported prayer. They supported voter ID. They stopped the Environmental Protection Agency's climate-change overreach. Republicans rejoiced.

But sadly,...Read more

Perfect SCotUS Ruling Will Lead to Perfect Solution for America's Divide: DIVORCE!

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

The Supremes finally got one right! God bless the U.S. Constitution. This Roe v. Wade abortion rights ruling is literally the perfect decision. Although I am pro-life, abortion is (and always has been) a states' rights issue. Now red states and blue states can go their separate ways -- just as the Founding Fathers envisioned. This was my exact ...Read more

My Latest Exclusive Interview With President Trump

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

I just interviewed former President Donald Trump -- again. It was our fourth interview in the past few months. I believe you'll enjoy watching and listening. It's not your typical formal media interview of a president. It's more like two old friends talking, without filters, and you get to listen in.

You can watch the whole interview on video (...Read more

Our Nation Is Being Run by a Secret Obama Government! This is Treason!

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

Stop trying to pretend this isn't treason. It is. Stop trying to pretend this isn't the purposeful, intentional destruction of America. It is.

Stop trying to pretend this is "politics as usual" or a "political disagreement." It's not. Stop trying to pretend everything is going to be all right. It's not.

America is in a dire situation. I ...Read more

'The Biden Blitzkrieg' is Destroying America as Fast as Nazis on Methamphetamine!

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

I'm a Jewish American and I understand my history. The speed with which President Joe Biden and his Marxist handlers are destroying America and the U.S. economy has never been seen in world history -- except for Nazi Germany.

I call this "The Biden Blitzkrieg."

I compare what's happening to America today to the Nazi blitzkrieg. The Nazi Army ...Read more

Republicans Are From Mars and Democrats Are From Uranus

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

Everyone has heard about the terrible, tragic Texas school shooting. As usual, Democrats see this as an opportunity to blame guns... and Republicans. They will demand gun bans, strict gun control and gun confiscation. So, what else is new?

This tragic shooting is just more proof that we live in a country that is bitterly divided. So divided ...Read more

I'm Proud to Be 'ULTRA MEGA MAGA'!

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

President Joe Biden had his radical Marxist cabal working 24/7 for six months to come up with a derogatory name to brand and insult Trump supporters. These clueless brain surgeons came up with "ultra-MAGA."

Horror. What a terrible name. Shocking. Humiliating. I don't think I'll ever recover.

Actually, the Trump Nation is smiling. We love the ...Read more

'Babies' Lives Matter!' Democrats Don't Give a Darn About This BLM

From the Right / Wayne Allyn Root /

Insanity. Everything President Joe Biden and his radical, treasonous, communist cabal does is pure insanity. But nothing is stranger than the Democrats' obsession with and hatred for children -- whether it be murder in the womb, or much later.

I'm not just talking about their obsession with allowing abortion up until birth. This is a clear ...Read more



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