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Unasked questions on '60 Minutes' demonstrate more of the mainstream media's double-standard

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

The “60 Minutes” interviews of the presidential and vice-presidential candidates last Sunday were more revealing for questions not asked and for sidestepping than for what inquiring minds really want to know prior to Election...Read more

Biden's oil plans will wreak havoc on our formerly booming economy, which is about to recover

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

During last Thursday’s debate, Joe Biden said his goal as president would be to “transition away from the oil industry.” He has also said the future is in cars powered by electricity. Biden would build 500,000 ...Read more

Debate topics don't reflect American's priorities

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

The supposedly nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates has selected the following topics for Thursday night’s final encounter between President Trump and Joe Biden: “Fighting COVID-19,” “American ...Read more

Biden should be pressed to explain his son Hunter’s financial dealings in Ukraine and Beijing

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Can Joe Biden be trusted?

It was President Richard Nixon who said in the midst of the enveloping Watergate scandal: “People have got to know whether or not their president is a crook. Well, I'm not a crook. I earned everything I've got.”

That ...Read more

Debt is the unmentioned issue in this campaign

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

“Debt is the worst poverty.” — Thomas Fuller, 17th-century English churchman and historian

No reporter asks about it. The candidates don’t talk about it. Are voters even concerned about it?

The unmentioned “it” is the national debt, which days ago reached politics/fromtheright/calthomas/s-2425544">Read more

Biden's secret agenda is to create a one-party system in America

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Halloween, like so much else, will be different this year from previous years, but it also offers an analogy that can be applied to the current presidential campaign.

The purpose of Halloween masks is to hide the identity of the person wearing them. They are also supposed to be scary. Inversely, as I see it, the purpose of the “masks” being...Read more

I have a conversation with Esteban “Steve” Bovo, the Republican candidate for mayor of Miami

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

MIAMI — Hispanics are 60 percent of the population of Miami-Dade County, according to the U.S. Census. In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton won Hispanic votes here by a margin of about 290,000, which was not enough to win the state for her. An politics/fromtheright/calthomas/s-2422907">Read more

Seeing a new Trump emerge triumphantly from his COVID 19 challenge would be the ultimate October surprise

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

President Trump’s infection with COVID-19 adds to a year no fiction writer could have contrived. The image of Trump last Friday walking out of the White House wearing a mask and traveling by helicopter to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center was an optic we have not seen with this president, and it was sobering.

Trump usually makes ...Read more

Debate #1: Advantage None

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

I had initially thought of Tuesday night’s first presidential debate as the equivalent of a heavyweight boxing match, something like the classic fights between Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali in the 1970s.

Instead it was less a “thrilla in Manila” or a “rumble in the jungle” and more like a phony professional wrestling match. Let’s ...Read more

My questions for Joe Biden, for which I don't expect answers

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has made himself largely unavailable to questions from reporters since before his nomination. In contrast, President Trump has made himself available numerous times per day to reporters and their often hostile and confrontational questions.

This is why the moderator of the first debate, Chris Wallace ...Read more

An interview with Mike Dunleavy, Alaska's Republican governor, who is a huge fan of the president

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

ANCHORAGE — From the moment Gov. Mike Dunleavy, a Republican, was made aware of the threat of COVID-19, he acted faster than most other states and the federal government. In an interview, I asked him why he moved so quickly when others did not?

“We got a call from the (U.S.) State Department in January asking for assistance with a charter (...Read more

Returning the Court to its constitutional boundaries would be a win for the ages

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

The passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gives conservatives and Republicans what they claim to have wanted since judicial activism became the norm in the 1960s.

From outlawing prayer and Bible reading in public schools, to the infamous Roe v. Wade decision, which legalized abortion, conservative Republicans have yearned for a ...Read more

Why so much anger?

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

There was a time in America, unknown or not experienced by people under the age of 50, when politics was a contact sport played with mostly accepted rules and the equivalent of “sportsmanship.” Losers would graciously concede and wish the victor well, in most cases vowing to work with him or her for the good of the country. The public ...Read more

Woodward says Trump mismanaged COVID 19 crisis; well, others did as well

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

On hearing that President Trump sat for 18 interviews with Bob Woodward of The Washington Post my first reaction was “what the…” Why Woodward?

There can only be two reasons. The first must have been that the president thought he could persuade the man to like him. The evidence that Woodward, along with his Watergate partner Carl Bernstein...Read more

There is an anti-Trump conspiracy to keep the president from getting re-elected

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

The cable networks, including Fox News, could talk of little else Labor Day weekend but the Atlantic magazine piece by Jeffrey Goldberg alleging President Trump had said Americans who have died in wars are “losers��...Read more

Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reports the American government will soon reach a debt level equaling its entire gross domestic product. It will be the largest since 1945, the year World War II ended.

The pandemic is partially responsible, but it is too ...Read more

Look to God for the lesson behind Falwell’s fall

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

The ouster of Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr. over allegations of sexual misconduct and other behavior that falls short of the university’s code of conduct — not to mention Scripture — is another in a long list of object lessons each generation of Christians seems to have to learn anew.

In our 1999 book, “Blinded by Might...Read more

Which tale of two conventions will prevail?

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

The two political conventions are finally over. To paraphrase Charles Dickens, one convention promoted the best of times, the other the worst of times.

If you are a Democrat, or a virulent anti-Trumper (not necessarily the same), you saw their virtual convention paint a picture of America that was depressing to the core. Nothing is working. We ...Read more

Republican outreach to African Americans at an all time high

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Labeling another person has become a popular political pastime. The intent is to use a label that is impossible to disprove no matter the amount of contrary evidence.

Perhaps the worst label one can attach to another person is “racist.” How does one disprove that? The left has shamefully and inaccurately used the label against Republicans ...Read more

If Democrats win their pessimistic rhetoric will become all too real

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

If you watched last week’s virtual Democratic convention, you heard about an America with which you might not be familiar. Speaker after speaker portrayed America as a failing nation full of misery, poverty and angst that only they can make better.

On his radio program last week, Rush Limbaugh reminded listeners what the fight for the future ...Read more



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