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Connecting the Dots

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

The Supreme Court on Wednesday heard oral arguments for and against a Mississippi law that would ban abortions after 15 weeks. The arguments — pro and con — are familiar, but there is a greater argument to be made for upholding the law ...Read more

Isn’t It Rich?

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

The death of composer Stephen Sondheim at 91 is more than the end of an era. It is the end of a chain of great Broadway musicals dating back to the 1920s when Jerome Kern’s “Showboat” first dazzled theater audiences.

I met him only once. It was at Barbara Cook’s apartment in New York where she had invited a few friends following her ...Read more

Thanks for Giving

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

For some, this Thanksgiving – like last year — is a more difficult occasion than previous ones. Perhaps a loved one has died from COVID-19, or you feel isolated from relatives and friends due to lockdowns, quarantines, travel restrictions, vaccinations (or not), masks and “distancing” and might think you have little to celebrate or be ...Read more

Be Happy That a Kyle Rittenhouse is Patrolling Your Streets Like a Neighborhood Watchman

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Before the right to keep and bear arms is stated in the Second Amendment, the Founders wrote why they believed it necessary for people to arm themselves as part of a “militia.” They said...Read more

Swindled Again

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Remember those “shovel-ready jobs” promised by the Obama-Biden administration in 2011? When many failed to appear after passage of this spending boondoggle, President Obama ...Read more

Threats of More Lawlessness in New York

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

“Lawlessness is lawlessness. Anarchy is anarchy is anarchy. Neither race nor color nor frustration is an excuse for either lawlessness or anarchy.” – Thurgood Marshall

Eric Adams, the incoming mayor of New York City, met last week with Hawk Newsome, a co-founder of ...Read more

An American (Vice President) in Paris

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

When past presidents have seen their approval numbers take a dive, they went on foreign trips. Sometimes this works, but more often it doesn’t, because failure at home often follows them abroad. World leaders can sense failure and its twin, weakness.

Vice President Kamala Harris, whose politics/fromtheright/calthomas/s-2593284">Read more

Winsome Sears: It’s not 1963

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

The significance of Virginia Lt. Governor-elect Winsome Sears’ victory cannot be overstated. But her victory is significant not only because she is a Black woman and the “first” of her race and gender to hold the office of lieutenant governor in Virginia, but also because she has been described as an anti-racist. Sears does not buy into a ...Read more

Youngkin’s Victory Goes Beyond Virginia

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

My how quickly things can change with the right message and the right messenger.

Glen Youngkin’s impressive victory over Democrat re-tread Terry McAuliffe in the race for Virginia governor ought to be a reminder that kindness wins over name-calling and that issues are more important than personality.

Parents in Virginia saw the curtain ...Read more

Trick Spending Bills Are Voodoo Economics II

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

The annual “trick-or-treat” ritual is over. Not so the “tricks” perpetuated by congressional Democrats about their tax-and-spend ritual, and their phony numbers.

Consider the latest spending measure cobbled together by the House Democratic leadership, or more accurately their staffs. It is 2,400 pages long, much longer than the longest ...Read more

Free Stuff Isn’t Free

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

It’s open enrollment season for Medicare. Local TV stations and cable networks are flooded with ads for various insurance supplements. They promise “free” dental care, free transportation to doctors, free drugs, free dentures, and lots of other free stuff. Paid spokespersons speak of “benefits” and “entitlements.” They say ...Read more

Cal Thomas: How many more?

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

They’re Coming to America” – Neil Diamond

The numbers are staggering. Should we call them invaders instead of migrants, since that word better describes the hordes of humanity coming across what used to be our southern border, a border that has been effectively erased? In March, the COVID positivity rate for those breaching ...Read more

Harris and the Hatch Act

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Vice President Kamala Harris, who appears to be in the witness protection program when it comes to her assigned role of restoring our southern border, has re-surfaced in a video she sent to 300 Black churches in Virginia. In it, she calls on congregants to vote for Democratic candidate ...Read more

Elites and Their Elitism

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

“They said you were high class, but that was just a lie.” – Elvis Presley, “Hound Dog”

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain brought criticism on himself last week when he retweeted a post from Harvard ...Read more

Words and Pictures

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Britain’s Home Office says more than 12,500 migrants have broken the law to get into the UK so far this year. Compare this to the nearly 200,000 ...Read more

Defining Education Down

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

What is the greatest threat to educating children today? Is it COVID-19, or ignorance? I’m going for number two. There is growing evidence to back me up.

In August, Oregon Governor Kate Brown privately signed a bill ending a requirement that high school ...Read more

The Pandora Papers

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

“The rich put cream on their berries; the rich drive shiny black cars.” – (from the Broadway musical “Carnival!”)

The Pandora Papers, “an exposé of the financial ...Read more

Stamp Out the U.S. Postal Service

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

It is a metaphor for what is occurring at seemingly all levels of our country and culture. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has announced it will slow service for first-class mail and periodicals while “...Read more

The Death, Debt and Debauched Democrats

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

After last week’s House vote that saw all but one Democrat, Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX), and no Republicans vote for the Women’s Health and Protection Act, a bill that would establish a federal right to an abortion, the party that once claimed to stand for “the little guy” — the littlest being the unborn baby — has now hit the trifecta...Read more

The Liberal Media is Destroying America!

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

There are forces that wish to destroy America. Some of them are visible and some are stealth.

The visible forces include terrorists and certain nation states like Iran. Radical Islamic preachers cry “death to America” in their sermons, encouraging martyrdom through suicide bombings. Sept. 11 was their crowning achievement, so far. There ...Read more



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