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Saudi sympathies ring hollow after Pensacola shooting

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

If it walks like a duck ... you know the rest.

Following a shooting attack at Naval Air Station Pensacola by a Saudi national identified as 21-year-old Mohammed Alshamrani, the FBI issued a statement saying it presumes the incident was a terrorist attack.

What might have given them that idea?

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We live in an era of ill will to men (and women)

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Apologies to Elton John, but in Washington and throughout so much of the country, can you feel the hate tonight?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was asked by reporter James Rosen if she hates President Trump. She responded with an "if looks could kill" fire in her eyes and denounced Rosen for his question while claiming she doesn't hate Trump.

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Candidates intent on soaking the rich fail to understand basic economic principles

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Not many people think of the Ten Commandments these days, unless some group is trying to fight a legal battle to place them on public property.

Still, these laws of God, which may be familiar to some only through the Cecil B. De Mille classic film starring Charlton Heston as Moses, contain worthy guidelines that are applicable to today.

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Chick-fil-A will learn that blackmailers are never satisfied

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

It is a truism that a blackmailer is rarely satisfied. Once the payoffs start, there often is no end to them.

The Chick-fil-A fast-food chain is about to learn this hard lesson, far too late, as many victims of blackmail and extortion generally do.

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Gifts that keep on giving

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Thanksgiving and Christmas seem to come earlier each year. Though the dates remain the same, the promotions from advertisers don't.

Christmas decorations are appearing before Halloween. Merchants can't wait for Thanksgiving to end so they can promote "Black Friday," itself beginning days and even ...Read more

A lesson from 'The Crown': Impeachement may as well be a coup

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

There is a telling scene in Season 3 of the Netflix drama "The Crown" about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II that can instruct contemporary America about Democrats' attempt to impeach President Trump.

The episode is titled "Coup." Harold Wilson is prime ...Read more

Israel has a right to its ancient land

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced U.S policy toward Israel's "settlements" is reverting to one held by the Reagan administration; that is the right of Israelis to settle in the ancient lands of Judea and Samaria "is not, per se, inconsistent with international law."

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If impeachment is all Democrats have, it won't be enough

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

If you are in need of more evidence as to why so many Americans are cynical about politics in general and Washington in particular (and isn't current evidence sufficient?), you need look no further than the etymological shift taken by Democrats during the House impeachment hearings.

As politics/fromtheright/calthomas/s-2296661">Read more

Whatever happened to teaching history?

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

According to a report by the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP), the teaching of U.S. history to American students lags behind all other subject matters.

The latest NAEP survey finds that proficiency levels for fourth-, eighth- and 12th-grade students are in the 20, 18 and 12th ...Read more

The real collusion is between Democrats and the liberal media

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

If you are paying attention to the Washington circus that is the impeachment inquiry into President Trump's handling of the much maligned Ukraine call, this is what real collusion looks like: a media largely committed to advancing the goal of Democrats to severely damage or remove him from office, a series of at first private testimonies by ...Read more

Who needs spiritual advisers?

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

As far as I can tell from a reading of history, while some presidents were friends of clergy, who sometimes advised them, to my knowledge, none hired them as staff members. Until the presidency of Richard Nixon. It was during Nixon's administration that Charles Colson began mobilizing the evangelical community to support the president's policies...Read more

It's important to have 'no' men, to counter 'yes' men.

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Shortly after Jim Bakker's release from prison in July 1994, I invited the disgraced TV evangelist to my home. There was an important question I wanted to ask him.

Some background: Bakker and his "Praise the Lord" (PTL) associates sold $1,000 "lifetime memberships" to people who were promised annual three-night stays at his ...Read more

Democrats are hiding the real Russian fraud by the Clinton campaign

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

In those monster movies so popular at Halloween, it usually takes a while for the killer to be revealed, but when he is, the terror he inspired among his targets often comes to a frightening conclusion for viewers.

This analogy perfectly fits the impeachment scenario now playing out in Washington. The nation is beginning to see ...Read more

Another one bites the dust

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Only extreme partisans intent on denying President Trump any credit for any success would be critical of the operation he ordered that resulted in the death of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. These extreme partisans include Speaker Nancy...Read more

No more billionaires?

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

He was the Bernie Sanders of his day.

Charlie Chaplin, the iconic actor and at the time a well-known political leftist (some said communist), delivered a speech in San Francisco in 1941 prior to America's entry into World War II. As recounted in the biography of her parents, actress Fay Wray and screenwriter Robert Riskin, Victoria Riskin ...Read more

Hillary's crazy accusations show her true colors

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

A new wrestling league is being promoted during TV coverage of Major League Baseball's post-season. The ad promises more action, more spectacle and includes women as well as men grappling with each other.

I have two candidates for their consideration: Hillary Clinton and presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii).

Last week Clinton ...Read more

The president's needs to tone down his invective

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Depending on the polls you read and how you read them, nearly half of those surveyed want the House impeachment inquiry of President Trump to continue. That is not the same as wanting him impeached, much less convicted by the Senate and removed from office, but it represents a momentum the president needs to address and soon.

The president is ...Read more

Non-faith of secular progressives shapes media bias

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Since America's colonial days the press has been a target of those who believe journalists have a point of view that shapes their reporting.

There have been numerous articles and studies revealing a journalistic predisposition to opinions and subjects that reinforce liberal points of view.

Now comes an excellent critique from World Magazine ...Read more

Trump channels George McGovern

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

The year was 1972 and Americans wanted out of the Vietnam War; the right because it was not being won and the left because of the increasing body count and lies from generals and politicians about "progress" toward defeating the communists.

Democratic presidential candidate George McGovern's politics/fromtheright/calthomas/s-2283561">Read more

Anti-Trumpers live in the Twilight Zone

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

A 1961 "Twilight Zone" episode starred Peter Falk as a Central American revolutionary whose paranoia eventually leads to his destruction. The dictator he has deposed tells him about a mirror given to him by "an old woman," a mirror that will show him who's plotting to assassinate him. The revolutionary soon sees enemies everywhere and begins to ...Read more


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