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Cal Thomas: What the ‘New Nixon’ could teach Donald Trump

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Fifty-six years ago in August 1968, Richard Nixon achieved what The New York Times called “the greatest reversal of fortune in American political history.” Times columnist James Reston went further, calling it “the greatest comeback since Lazarus.” This ...Read more

President Biden’s Disappointing Morehouse Speech

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

The academic year is coming to an end, thankfully. It has been characterized by some of the worst antisemitism since the Nazi regime and demonstrations by campus (and non-campus) radicals, many of whom appear to have been indoctrinated by professors whose anti-American, anti-capitalism and anti-Jewish ideas were formed in the corrupt ...Read more

Cal Thomas: Two contrasting congressional days

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Last Friday in Washington there was evidence of why only 16 percent of the public approve of the job Congress is doing, according to a Gallup poll.

During a House Oversight Committee hearing on whether to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress for ...Read more

Warren Buffet is Wrong on Taxes

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Many people have made money by following the advice of Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett. His recommendations about which stocks to buy, which to sell and where to invest (or not) have earned him the “Oracle of Omaha” title. I prefer a modern cultural version: �...Read more

Cal Thomas: Trump outdoes himself with crude language

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

If you are the parent of young children, are you OK with your kids hearing former President Donald Trump’s language and putdowns, like the ones at his rally last Saturday in Wildwood, New Jersey?

One can hear a kid justifying his or her own swearing: “If Trump can talk like that, why can’t I?” Is this the way we want our children to be ...Read more

Cal Thomas: Bibi ignores Biden

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

What do you think President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s response might have been if another nation had called on him to stop U.S. and Allied forces from taking Berlin and squashing the Nazi regime in 1945? Same question about President Harry Truman when it came to dropping nuclear bombs on Japan, prompting its swift surrender?

In the case of ...Read more

Lessons From Other Campus Protests

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

The year was 1966 and Ronald Reagan was running for governor of California. A major part of his platform was to “clean up the mess at Berkeley” and other college campuses throughout the state that were experiencing protests and strikes over issues that included the military draft, civil rights and “women’s issues.” While not on a scale...Read more

Adding to the Title IX Law

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

What the Biden administration is doing to the Title IX civil rights law, the purpose of which is, among other things, to ensure equality between men’s and women’s sports, reminds me of a childhood game. We kids would sit in a circle and one would whisper something to the one next to them, ...Read more

The Empires Begin to Strike Back

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

By Cal Thomas

With all that is occurring in our political and cultural life, there are signs some Americans have had enough.

Google recently fired 28 employees from its New York and Sunnyvale, California...Read more

Needed: Regime Change in Iran

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Every approach to curtailing Iran from its threats and behavior toward Israel and other countries has failed.

In 2023, the Biden administration ...Read more

A Taxing Time

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Was it as bad for you as it was for me? Sending Washington money we earn, but Washington doesn’t, I mean?

It’s not just being part of half the nation that pays taxes while the other half doesn’t that bothers me. It’s the waste and unnecessary programs and agencies that have long outlived whatever usefulness they once had (if they were ...Read more

Trump’s Abortion Statement

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Donald Trump issued a lengthy statement on abortion this past Monday. It is the latest of several positions he has taken on an issue that continues to be hotly debated. Each statement is supposedly a matter of Trump’s “conviction,” though some...Read more

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Repetition while teaching children is a necessary tool that allows them to absorb information and to build on it for future understanding. It is why my teachers required repeating times tables and words in language class.

When it comes to the Middle East, repetition has been unsuccessful in causing Europeans and many in America to accept ...Read more

When Will It End?

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Another day, another dead New York City police officer, another grieving widow.

The familiarity of these incidents should breed more than contempt. Instead, we get meaningless condemnations from politicians who are responsible for putting district attorneys in office that do not protect the public. Too many of them release career criminals, ...Read more

Cal Thomas: One more try at reducing the debt

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be.”– Polonius to his son Laertes in “Hamlet”

It may be too late given the number of Americans who have willingly allowed themselves to become dependent on government more than themselves, but it’s worth trying.

Our $34 trillion debt is ...Read more

Checking the Black Box

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Two men with decidedly different political outlooks have been my go-to sources on race in America. They are Dr. Thomas Sowell of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University and Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr., professor and director of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University.

Dr. Gates has just published ...Read more

Moscow Massacre: Could It Happen Here?

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

A mass shooting at a concert hall in Moscow killed more than 130 people. With many others seriously or gravely wounded the number of dead is likely to rise.

The Islamic state released a statement claiming “credit” for the incident. Eleven politics/fromtheright/calthomas/s-3176825">Read more

Abortion and the GOP

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

The Biden administration and Democrats generally are under water in polling that has consistently shown voters are displeased with their performance on the economy, foreign policy and virtually everything else except one issue: abortion.

The president and Democrats up for re-election in Congress believe they can ride this single issue to ...Read more

Cal Thomas: The smell of mendacity

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

“What's that smell in this room? Didn’t you notice it, B rick? Didn't you notice a powerful and obnoxious odor of mendacity in this room? There ain't nothin' more powerful than the odor of mendacity. You can smell it. It smells like death.”– (Big Daddy inpolitics/fromtheright/calthomas/s-3165803">Read more

Cal Thomas: Red lines or victory?

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

A recent headline in the Wall Street Journal expressed Hamas’ last chance in its terrorist war against Israel: “Hamas Pins Survival Hopes on Ramadan.” The sub headline reveals its strategy: “Group’s leader in Gaza counts on holy month to pressure Israel to end the war.”

In a softball interview on politics/fromtheright/calthomas/s-3158343">Read more



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