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Here is the trouble I see with Biden’s VP choices

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden appears to have painted himself into a corner with his promise to select a woman — and apparently from the candidates on his short list, an African-American woman — to be his running mate. While it is just the latest example of his party’s tribalism in which externals, such as race and gender are...Read more

John Lewis funeral was a political event

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Traditionally, funerals are supposed to serve at least three purposes: honor the life of the deceased, comfort those who mourn his passing and preach a message about eternity and the brevity of life.

Tradition was discarded during John Lewis’ politics/fromtheright/calthomas/s-2393552">Read more

The Black Lives Matter movement is more harmful than helpful to African Americans

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Politicians and various social justice groups have long used labels that have nothing to do with the real intent of legislation, or an organization, to dupe the public. But, to paraphrase Shakespeare, a rose by any other name is still a rose. Numerous “civil rights” bills have been passed by Congress over the years that have nothing to do ...Read more

Rioters are seditionists, not protesters

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

The violence perpetrated in the streets of cities across America continues because state and local elected officials (all Democrats) refuse to do what is necessary to stop it. These acts no longer fit the definition of protest. Rather, sedition defines them: “incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.”

President Trump has ...Read more

The McCloskeys' brandishing of weapons was fully justified

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

For years conservative groups and especially the National Rifle Association have been warning that the government would find a way to confiscate the guns of law-abiding Americans. Many dismissed what they regarded as a scare tactic designed to raise money.

What is happening in St. Louis should awaken us to the fact that those fears are well ...Read more

Spending as if there is no tomorrow may leave us with no tomorrow

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

I am not in the habit of quoting leftist Noam Chomsky, but this line seems relevant when one considers our growing national debt: “When you trap people in a system of debt, they can’t afford the time to think.”

Perhaps now is not the time in the middle of a pandemic, job losses and threats of even higher unemployment, to mention the ...Read more

It's a fatal conceit to believe any one person has the knowledge to dictate public health behavior.

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

MIAMI – The on-again, off-again opening and closing of restaurants in Miami has angered restaurant owners in the area. Last week, 30 of them gathered to protest the latest shutdown order by ...Read more

God's scripture creates Roger Stone’s ‘cornerstone’

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

President Trump’s decision to commute the prison sentence of his longtime friend and political adviser Roger Stone just days before Stone was to begin a 40-month prison sentence – he and the president say he was falsely accused — reminded me of another man who was as loyal to his president and who did go to prison.

politics/fromtheright/calthomas/s-2384150">Read more

Pushing back against toxic leftism is not ‘divisive’

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

As near as I can tell it began in 1995, when Republicans won control of the House of Representatives for the first time in 40 years and captured a Senate majority.

By “it” I mean the accusation that Republicans and especially conservatives (not always the same) are “divisive.” One reads and hears this from every media outlet and ...Read more

Will lightning strike twice?

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

A myth says lightning never strikes twice in the same place. President Donald Trump appears to believe it can when it comes to replicating his narrow victory in 2016.

What is not a myth is that you can’t reproduce experiences, such as a sports contest. Even if you could bring back the same fans and put them in the same seats (unlikely with ...Read more

Why won't Roberts rule based on the Constitution?

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

In providing the crucial fifth vote to strike down a Louisiana law requiring doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at hospitals, Chief Justice John Roberts has re-enforced a longstanding theme: there is no guarantee a judge nominated by a Republican president will decide cases based on the text of the Constitution.

From the...Read more

DC is already a ‘state’

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

In the latest of many cynical and highly political moves, the House of Representatives last week passed a measure that would transform the District of Columbia and make it the 51st state.

“DC...Read more

Chaos was inevitable after truth, standards and self-control were ignored

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

What did we think would happen once boundaries were destroyed?

The chaos plaguing the country today was inevitable after truth, standards and self-control were all but ignored by many in our society.

That great “philosopher,” the late Marilyn Monroe, was ahead of her time when she said, “When I was five, I think, that's when I started ...Read more

Trump's Tulsa remarks were unappealing, unattractive and, unwatchable

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

President Trump’s speech Saturday night in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was a toxic stream of consciousness that ignored a great opportunity to speak words of healing and unity to a divided nation.

His remarks, which lasted nearly two hours, were full ...Read more

America needs a speech like this, Mr. President, but will you deliver it?

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

President Trump on Tuesday unveiled a plan to make reforms in police departments and acknowledged for the first time the existence of “systemic racism.” He also promised to meet with some African American families whose relatives have been killed by police officers.

That is one step toward healing our deep racial divisions.

The next ...Read more

The shame is ours

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

It is a gift, as Robert Burns wrote, to see ourselves as others see us.

One of those “others” is Caroline Glick, who writes on her webpage from Israel: “Americans ...Read more

Next time call a ‘pig’

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

The Minneapolis City Council has passed a measure to dismantle the city’s police department and replace it with what Council President Lisa Bender calls “a transformative new model of public ...Read more

Let’s get that contract with black America written and passed

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

On October 26, 2016, presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke to a mostly African American audience in Charlotte, North Carolina. He said: “Every African-American citizen in this country is entitled to a government that puts their jobs, wages and security first…I will not let you down. You watch… Here is the promise I make to you. Whether...Read more

We should speak less and listen more

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

Which of the following would you consider the most unusual and least likely to occur?

1) President Trump calls Speaker Nancy Pelosi to invite her to lunch.

2) Rioters and looters agree to pay for the damage they caused to businesses and individuals.

3) Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh politics/fromtheright/calthomas/s-2371407">Read more

Things must change or racism and its terrible consequences will endure

From the Right / Cal Thomas /

It was a night I shall never forget. The date was April 4, 1968. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had been assassinated in Memphis and I was flying home to Washington, D.C., from Atlanta. As the plane descended over National Airport, I could see flames. Part of the city of my birth and capital of the nation was on fire.

The riots and looting in ...Read more



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