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If Trump wins a second term, Biden supporters will be rioting in the streets

From the Right / Michael Reagan /

It doesn’t matter who wins on Tuesday, America is in for big trouble.

If it’s Joe Biden, the Democrat Party’s street gangs will celebrate by rioting in the streets.

If Donald Trump wins re-election, Biden’s supporters will be so enraged they’ll riot, loot and burn everything they can – and the liberal media will say they had every ...Read more

Trump tamed is Trump triumphant

From the Right / Michael Reagan /

Listen before you speak.

My mother Jane Wyman taught me that sensible lesson a long, long time ago.

And based on his fine performance at the second presidential debate on Thursday night, it looks like Donald Trump has finally learned that important lesson, too.

The president proved he could listen to what Joe Biden said and then carefully ...Read more

How Maureen Reagan ‘packed’ the Supreme Court

From the Right / Michael Reagan /

Watching the Senate confirmation hearing of Amy Coney Barrett reminded me of the promise my father made to my sister Maureen to put the first woman on the U.S. Supreme Court.

It’s a great piece of POTUS-SCOTUS history I haven’t told in many years.

Democrats and the media said a lot of nice things this week about the late Justice Ruth Bader...Read more

Looking at the VP debate

From the Right / Michael Reagan /

The Kamala Harris-Mike Pence death match will go down in history as another forgettable vice presidential debate, but it had its pluses.

It showed us two important things we already knew.

It showed us that Vice President Pence is a smart, sober and able defender of Donald Trump and his record at home and overseas.

And it showed us that Sen. ...Read more

Shut up and debate Mr. President

From the Right / Michael Reagan /

President Trump was his own worst enemy at Tuesday night’s big debate.

As we’ve said here a dozen times, he still hasn’t learned when to shut up.

He stepped on his own message dozens of times and interrupted Joe Biden so often and so quickly that Old Joe never had the chance to hang himself with his damning or garbled answers.

We didn��...Read more

The High Price of Police Protests

From the Right / Michael Reagan /

It didn’t matter what the findings of the Breonna Taylor grand jury were going to be.

Black Lives Matters and their sympathizers were well prepared to riot on Wednesday night in Louisville and other cities, like New York and Washington.

The video of that rented U-Haul filled with big signs and who-knows-what-else is all the proof you need ...Read more

Don’t Blame Global Warming For Killer Wildfires

From the Right / Michael Reagan /

Lots of people in politics and the media out here in California are blaming global warming for the 26 major wildfires that have killed at least 24, burned more than 3 million acres and destroyed thousands of homes.

But let’s get real.

This state has been plagued by wildfires long before baby left-wingers like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ...Read more

To Spook or Not to Spook the Public

From the Right / Michael Reagan /

Am I in Hell, or just L.A.?

The other day it was 121 degrees here.

There’s so much smoke in the air from all the wildfires the sun looks like the moon.

Everything’s closed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

People can’t go to work. School kids are struggling to learn on Zoom.

Parents are going nuts. Some are hiring teachers, ...Read more

America is Not a Land of Racists

From the Right / Michael Reagan /

At least the media haven’t politicized the weather reports – yet.

Watching the next Category 4 hurricane hit Florida is about all I can stand to see on TV these days.

The news and cable talk shows are brutal – all-partisan-politics-all-the time.

Sports programs are almost as bad, thanks to their blind worship of the Black Lives Matter...Read more

A Tale of Two Conventions

From the Right / Michael Reagan /

This week’s Republican National Convention was the best I’ve ever watched.

The locations and settings were great.

Melania did a fine job in the White House Rose Garden.

Vice President Mike Pence praised President Trump remotely from Baltimore’s Fort McHenry.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke from somewhere in Israel.

In addition,...Read more

California Dems Seek Death Penalty for Uber and Lyft

From the Right / Michael Reagan /

I know you’ve been busy binging the exciting coverage of the Democrat National Convention.

But have you heard the latest bit of horrible news from the once golden state of California?

I don’t mean the 367 wildfires that are out of control and charring the hills of Northern California.

Or the heat wave and the rolling blackouts caused by...Read more

California Burns While Newsom Fiddles

From the Right / Michael Reagan /

It’s the opening of fire season in California.

But the biggest threat to the people of the state right now is Gov. Gavin Newsom and his shifting rules about closing businesses and schools to fight the coronavirus.

Until last week, things were starting to look up out here, pandemic-wise.

Los Angeles County, where I live, has been the worst...Read more

No News is Relaxing News

From the Right / Michael Reagan /

I’m happy to report I haven’t heard Nancy Pelosi’s name in five days.

I haven’t heard President Trump accused of being responsible for 159,000 COVID-19 deaths since last week.

And I don’t even know if Portland was burned to the sidewalks last weekend by its permanent mob of “peaceful protestors.”

I’m not in Heaven.

I’m in...Read more

The Virus Of Anarchy

From the Right / Michael Reagan /

I have very good reasons to be worried about catching the coronavirus.

I fit the demographic profile for the most typical victim – I’m 75 and I have a serious medical precondition.

And here in Los Angeles, where about 4,500 of the state’s 9,000 coronavirus deaths already have occurred, the pandemic is still hanging around.

My ...Read more

God Save America – From Joe Biden

From the Right / Michael Reagan /

Build Back Better.

Build Back Better.

Build Back Better.

Try saying Joe Biden’s clunky campaign slogan three times fast without gagging – or laughing.

Biden is obviously cognitively impaired, he’s morphed into a Bernie Sanders lefty and he’s been making wrong decisions about race and foreign policy for half a century in Washington....Read more

The Kids Won’t Be All Right

From the Right / Michael Reagan /

Can we all agree that the kids living in our biggest cities don’t get a good education?

Can we all agree that it’s a travesty that upwards of 75 percent of the kids in our inner-city schools aren’t able to read, write and count at grade level?

Can we all agree that if we don’t open our schools this fall the group that will be hurt ...Read more

A Timely Family History Lesson

From the Right / Michael Reagan /

The other day I mentioned to my son Cameron something I heard the great economist Thomas Sowell say.

Sowell had reminded the Black Lives Matter protestors who were indiscriminately toppling statues and defacing monuments around the country that a lot of white people were instrumental in ending slavery.

Not just Ulysses Grant, Abraham Lincoln...Read more



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