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President Xi makes our homeless disappear

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Making Sense by Michael Reagan

Here in sunny Los Angeles, it’s raining.

It’s too bad it didn’t rain real hard last Saturday.

It might have helped firefighters put out the enormous fire under the 10 Freeway near downtown before the heat weakened the pillars and forced the highway to be closed.

The fire – which officials now say was arson – erupted near a village of homeless people living in their colorful tents, trailers and sleeping bags.

It was fed by huge stacks of wood pallets that were illegally stored in the underpass.


Gov. Gavin Newsom promised the freeway will only be closed for the next month or so while repairs are made 24/7.

I’m sure that’s good news for the 300,000 drivers who were using the highway each day.

Gov. Newsom would never dare say that “houseless” persons might have had anything to do with last Saturday’s inferno. He acted like the fire was an act of nature. A lightning strike, or maybe climate change.

He didn’t seem worried about the fate of the homeless people displaced by the freeway fire.


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