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Trump supporters have good reason to take criticism personally

SAN DIEGO -- The saying goes, "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you."

Likewise, just because President Trump's supporters take criticism of their guy personally doesn't mean they aren't actually being attacked.

A CBS News/ poll finds that 85 percent of Trump's strongest supporters interpret criticism of him...Read more

Trump could use a history lesson on NAFTA

SAN DIEGO -- President Trump is an expert on some things. The North American Free Trade Agreement is not one of them.

He understands human nature better than most. He knows how we like to blame our problems on external forces, how indifferent the elites can be to working-class struggles, and the strain that immigration and trade can place on ...Read more

Welcome to the information crisis

SAN DIEGO -- These days, when friends ask how I'm doing, I give them an honest answer. I say, "I'm struggling."

You see, my profession is driving me crazy. I have a job that requires me to stay on top of current events and follow every bounce of the daily news cycle. Switching between CNN and Fox News is like visiting different planets. Between...Read more

On immigration, conservatives premiere a new office of political theater

SAN DIEGO -- When they criticize laws against hate crimes, conservatives claim we shouldn't create special classes of victims.

Well, forget all that. It turns out that they feel differently when they can get political mileage from exploiting the public's fear of illegal immigrants. Then they're all in.

Recently, the Department of Homeland ...Read more

This Democrat shows how out of practice his party is at defending immigrants

SAN DIEGO -- Politicians speak for a living. So they should be especially careful with their words.

When elected officials make inflammatory statements that exploit fears and drive people apart, they need to be called out and told to pipe down.

Over the years, I have often pummeled Rep. Steve King. The Iowa Republican recently said that whites...Read more

The elite media -- self-absorbed but not self-aware

SAN DIEGO -- Riddle me this: How can the so-called elite media be so self-absorbed and still have so little self-awareness?

Today's journalists too often make themselves the story. If a reporter gets arrested at a protest, he'll be on the Sunday shows doing what he is not supposed to be doing: expressing his opinion.

Yet these same journalists...Read more

On the eve of a milestone birthday, a reminder that life changes everything

SAN DIEGO -- My birthday is coming up. And, to borrow a line, the number is "yuuuge."

When you turn 50, and realize that you likely have more yesterdays than tomorrows, you want to take stock of your life. So you create separate ledgers, one for your personal life and the other for your professional one.

Like many Americans, I spent years ...Read more

We're talking about the border wall in the wrong way

SAN DIEGO -- It seems everyone has a strong opinion about Donald Trump's border wall. But we should at least talk about it in the right way. That is, with clarity, pragmatism and common sense.

Not just in terms of how much this project would cost, with estimates soaring beyond $50 billion. Or whether Mexico is going to pick up the tab, as ...Read more


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