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The DeGeneres-Bush photo received unnecessary roughness

SAN DIEGO -- Who would have thought that we would get to the point where Ellen DeGeneres would be free to marry someone of the same sex -- but not free to sit and watch a football game with someone who has different political beliefs?

We all know that the NFL can be rough. But it turns out the bruises can extend to those in the stands.

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'High-spanics' sell out to Trump at White House reception

SAN DIEGO -- Not widely known for their math skills, Hispanics have nonetheless mastered division.

And President Trump -- like President Obama before him -- is taking full advantage of the eagerness of Hispanics to divide themselves into factions.

Obama deported 3 million people, most of them Hispanic. Trump seems determined to make life for ...Read more

Harvard teaches America a lesson in diversity -- without discriminating

SAN DIEGO -- When all is right with the universe, Harvard beats Yale. And now my alma mater has beaten the rap.

As you may have noticed, the merit system is constantly on trial these days. Whether it is wealthy parents cheating the college admissions process with bribes and fraud to get their kids a spot, or the children of politicians trading ...Read more

Julian Castro's 'teaching' moment isn't over yet

SAN DIEGO -- Julian Castro is the Rodney Dangerfield of Democratic presidential candidates. He gets no respect.

Now a recent email from his campaign appeared to say he'll get out of the race if he can't meet the polling and fundraising thresholds for the fifth debate in November.

Que? White House bids like this don't come along every ...Read more

In Ukraine story, media should stick to reporting the 'what' and not speculate as to the 'why'

SAN DIEGO -- Politicians and the media are two of a kind. In both camps, you'll find plenty who lie, flip-flop, manipulate, accuse others of doing what they've already done, and morph from one thing to another.

The media are trained to demand or dig up information. Yet, when they get it, they can't wait to distort it to fit their narrative. ...Read more

Hispanics are fawned over for one month -- and ignored the rest of the year

SAN DIEGO -- How does America disrespect Hispanics? Let me count the ways.

The reckoning comes in the midst of Hispanic Heritage Month, which lasts from Sept. 15 to Oct 15. This is the fifth commemoration since Donald Trump entered the political sandbox in 2015 and ushered in the modern rendition of the Dark Ages.

Over the next few weeks, ...Read more

Sanctimony is just another form of insult

SAN DIEGO -- Allies can sometimes be more insufferable than adversaries.

I'd almost forgotten how condescending, sanctimonious and judgmental the Latino left can be. Then, recently, I got a reminder.

You may not be familiar with the term, but you probably know the cohort. The

Latino left was baptized Democrat, and it hates Republicans. It ...Read more

Protestors blow whistle on Biden over immigration

SAN DIEGO -- Immigration baffles both political parties. Republicans have made such a mess out of their handling of the issue that we often forget that the topic is just as messy for Democrats to deal with.

The GOP struggles to please two opposing wings of the party that want different things: Chamber of Commerce Republicans who want the ...Read more

If Latinos want to see what's in America's melting pot, they can turn up the heat

SAN DIEGO -- The reaction to recent columns has been colorful. Reading about how tough it is to be brown has white folks seeing red.

A reader offered this advice: "I strongly think you have to get beyond this 'ethnicity factor' that you're eaten up with."

What eats at me is ignorance, prejudice, dishonesty and blindness.

Do some people really...Read more

Americans are right to be skeptical about merit

SAN DIEGO -- Is the merit system dead? Can America -- this so-called land of opportunity -- really be called a meritocracy?

Once upon a time, if you got good grades, attended a good college, and landed a good job, you were guaranteed a good life. Nowadays, that argument is a tough sell.

One group that isn't buying it is a couple of dozen ...Read more

California bill would fail students by suspending discipline

SAN DIEGO -- California may be the most populous state in the country. But it is not always the sharpest knife in the drawer.

We can blame state lawmakers who are always hatching grand schemes about how to make the world better -- when they ought to just concentrate on how to do their jobs better.

One of the latest legislative follies is a ...Read more

In bullying immigrant kids, Miller brings a bad idea back from the dead

SAN DIEGO -- Stephen Miller is a magnet for bad ideas. The White House adviser, and de-facto immigration czar, never lets a stinker get by. If there is a proposal out there to reduce immigration (legal or illegal) that is unworkable, unfair, unlawful, or un-American, it'll come to him in a stroke of idiocy.

This includes ideas that are dead and...Read more

Politicians have plenty of time off. Should they judge how much the rest of us should work?

SAN DIEGO -- This Labor Day, I'm looking for a job. To be honest, I've been looking for a job for the last 20 Labor Days.

In 2000, after graduate school, I went hunting for a newspaper job. When I found one, I went looking for another job in media -- on nights, and weekends. And when I had two jobs, I wanted three. I was juggling five gigs -- ...Read more

When it comes to anti-Mexican violence, some Americans can't handle the truth

SAN DIEGO -- As we near the one-month anniversary of the massacre at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, that killed 22 people and wounded two dozen more -- most of whom were of Mexican descent -- I'm no longer just angry at the assailant.

Now I'm angry at many of you. The bystanders. The enablers. The deniers. You know who you are.

It's not bad ...Read more

Yang masters the politics of authenticity

SAN DIEGO -- There's a new crew of political outlaws riding roughshod over the 2020 Democratic primary, and they call themselves the Yang Gang.

These are the folks who have thrown their lot in with 44-year-old entrepreneur and lawyer Andrew Yang, a longshot presidential candidate who is short on political smoke and mirrors.

With Yang, what you...Read more

Let's not be in such a hurry to leave El Paso -- it takes time to digest madness

SAN DIEGO -- I'm sorry, but I'm not quite ready to leave El Paso.

The rest of the media can go on ahead without me. In fact, many have already

moved on to other news -- including the tariff standoff with China, and whether

hip-hop mogul Jay-Z should be partnering with the NFL.

Not me. I'm still processing the story of the most savage assault...Read more

After El Paso shooting, Castro loses his restraint -- and finds his voice

SAN DIEGO -- Just as the liberal media largely erased Latinos from coverage of the El Paso shooting -- by excluding Latino commentators and focusing on guns -- so too did the El Paso shooting nearly erase the White House hopes of Julian Castro.

As the first viable Mexican American candidate for the presidency in U.S. history, Castro was in an ...Read more

O'Rourke's heated reaction to the El Paso massacre was the right one

SAN DIEGO -- Whether you're a journalist talking about politicians, or a politician talking to journalists, sometimes you just have to throw up your arms and shout: "What the f---?"

Such was the response when a reporter asked Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke what President Trump could do to prevent mass shootings like the one that tore a hole in ...Read more

El Paso shooter puts Mexican Americans in the crosshairs

SAN DIEGO -- Forget the Alamo. Mexican Americans will always remember El Paso.

The West Texas border city is now our Selma, our Kent State, our Columbine. It's where something ghastly happened that revealed how savagely some people can treat their fellow human beings.

A lot of Mexican Americans -- and our Latino brothers from other mothers -- ...Read more

Can Mad Men spruce up the image of border patrol agents? Stay tuned.


Tasked with carrying out the Trump administration's barbaric policy of taking migrant children from their parents to scare off future refugees from coming here, the reputation of Customs and Border Protection has been dragged through the mud.

The entity responsible for CBP's image problems is not the media or ...Read more


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