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In This Election, Latinos Made Headlines But Not Headway

SAN DIEGO -- I often wonder how white people see Latinos, America's largest minority and its fastest-growing group of voters.

Do they see us the way we really are, or do they buy into the caricatures generated by media, Hollywood and the political parties? Do they think we're all pushing grievances, playing the victim and accusing anyone who ...Read more

In the Media's Election Coverage, Latinos Have Been on the Losing End

SAN DIEGO -- I was recently asked if I thought the media had failed Latinos in this presidential election.

My answer was a quick and unequivocal "yes."

It's not just Latinos. The media -- especially the so-called elites whose world revolves around Washington and New York -- failed all Americans.

And local media have not been immune. The Daily...Read more

Who Should You Vote For? It's Not for Me To Say

SAN DIEGO -- On Election Day, I'm voting for ...

Actually, it's none of your business who I'm voting for. In fact, I believe there is something wrong with those columnists, pundits and commentators who have, as of late, felt the urgent need to share their presidential picks.

This could be a sign of the times. Many in the media feel compelled ...Read more


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