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Trump's wish list makes him worst immigration president

SAN DIEGO -- On his Oval Office report card, Barack Obama earned a massive fail on the immigration issue.

He broke his campaign promise to reform our immigration system, deported about 3 million people, dragged his feet for three years before giving executive relief to young undocumented immigrants through Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals...Read more

Sensible center needs to reclaim gun debate

SAN DIEGO -- As those of you who follow the news and keep an eye on politics have probably noticed, our country's gun debate is misfiring.

It has gotten to the point where, whenever I hear just about any discussion of the subject -- whether by conservatives or liberals -- I'll wind up engaged in what has become a familiar ritual. I'll put my ...Read more

Cable news host fails race test

SAN DIEGO -- When it comes to race, conservatives will never ace the quiz.

It stands to reason that this bunch would be slow to understand a subject that they usually downplay, dismiss or deny. Those on the right -- including many Republicans and most Trump voters -- often pretend to be colorblind in order to seem enlightened. Ironically, the ...Read more

Is it time to start profiling white males?

SAN DIEGO -- White men scare me. There, I said it.

Based on my conversations with Latino and African-American friends, I think many of them feel the same way. If they're walking down a dark street at night and see three white men in their 20s walking toward them, they're thinking hate crime.

After all, pick up a history book, and look at what ...Read more

Life lessons to save the next generation

SAN DIEGO -- My kids watch the news with me. And, these days, much of what they see confuses them.

Like the spectacle of self-absorbed millionaire African-American football players who breathe rarefied air and have much for which to be grateful disrespecting the very country that provided such opportunities. Instead of stunts intended to show ...Read more

NFL protest proves Americans are stuck on stupid

SAN DIEGO -- Nearly a century after its founding, the National Football League finally has its own Hall of Shame. Inductees include:

-- Nearly two dozen players with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens who took a knee this week during the national anthem. The players will claim that this was done to draw attention to the fact that ...Read more

Are McConnell and Ryan tired of winning?

SAN DIEGO -- Don't cry for Mitch & Paul. The truth is they never served you ...

These Republican swamp dwellers only serve their own interests, which they've hitched to the wagon of the Washington establishment. To join this club, members of both parties must take an oath never to put public service or doing the right thing ahead of more...Read more

Feisty, outspoken Dreamers are true Americans

SAN DIEGO -- Immigrant advocates have always said that Dreamers deserve to have a voice in their own fate.

I definitely see the value in that -- now that a group of these undocumented young people have used their voices to shout down Nancy Pelosi.

Angry Dreamers called out the House Minority Leader Monday in her own back yard of San Francisco ...Read more

Hard-liners on DACA may be too hard-hearted for Trump

SAN DIEGO -- Scheming. Backstabbing. Manipulating. Name calling. Political maneuvering.

When did the immigration debate become an episode of "The Apprentice"? You know the answer. It was when we made a reality television star president.

This season, tune in as Democratic congressional leaders -- who have a lot of time on their hands because ...Read more

DACA lies cloud immigration debate

SAN DIEGO -- The national dialogue over immigration remains the most dishonest debate in America.

Politicians in both parties routinely lie to their constituents. Liberals promise on the campaign trail to go soft on immigrants and then, once in office, hammer them to placate union members. Conservatives promise to get tough on illegal ...Read more

Dreamers debacle leaves plenty of anger to go around

SAN DIEGO -- For writers, happiness is overrated. Some of the best columns have been fueled by anger.

And now that President Trump has turned upside down the lives of about 800,000 hardworking but undocumented young people -- all by springing a trap set by his predecessor, Barack Obama, to win re-election in 2012 -- I have plenty of anger to go...Read more

Deporting Dreamers won't mend Americans' broken spirit

SAN DIEGO -- This Labor Day, I skipped the barbecue and instead forced myself to digest a morsel of truth that is unappetizing but undeniable: Americans are facing a work crisis.

By this, I mean that -- for all the complaints about globalization, corporate greed, closed factories, lost jobs, immigrants and falling wages -- the fact of the ...Read more

Dragons don't just sprout up in the desert

SAN DIEGO -- Now that President Trump has pardoned Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Arizona's Maricopa County, many Latinos are feeling enraged. And a lot of white liberals -- in the media, academia and politics -- are, as usual, acting morally superior.

But those who have shrugged off the seriousness of illegal immigration -- and, in some ...Read more

America has become a nation of victims

SAN DIEGO -- The motto of the United States is no longer "e pluribus unum." Sadly, it's become: "Hey! I was wronged. Get my lawyer on the phone!"

Or, recently, south of the Mason-Dixon line: "Let's grab clubs and tiki torches and go make trouble."

America has become a nation of victims. The same people who, a decade ago, might have scoffed at ...Read more

Trump's racial legacy is smoke and mirrors

SAN DIEGO -- What's convenient isn't always fair and right.

I don't like President Trump. I don't like racism. So it would be convenient to blame the former for the latter. But it wouldn't be fair or right.

After white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia, sparked a racial melee that killed three and injured 19, the hyperbolic outcry on ...Read more

Sanctuary Cities put California in showdown with Trump administration

SAN DIEGO -- California is facing off with the Trump administration over a total fantasy that has survived this long only because both political parties have an interest in keeping it alive.

Democrats and Republicans alike insist that the Golden State offers "sanctuary" for illegal immigrants by creating safe spaces that are somehow beyond the ...Read more

Affirmative action has overstayed its welcome

SAN DIEGO -- Color me surprised. Attorney General Jeff Sessions and I finally agree on something, albeit with radically different motives. It's time to end affirmative action in college and university admissions.

The Alabaman -- who has been wrong on matters involving race and ethnicity for his entire career -- used to be my least favorite ...Read more

Trump's latest medieval idea: a scheme to keep out legal immigrants

SAN DIEGO -- By unveiling on the same day a pair of divisive and incendiary policy initiatives, the Trump administration made clear that it opposes affirmative action for some Americans but supports it for others.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department frown on preferential treatment in college admissions because they seem to...Read more

Trump is but the latest politician to serenade Youngstown

"The story's always the same. Seven-hundred tons of metal a day. Now, sir, you tell me the world's changed. Once I made you rich enough. Rich enough to forget my name."

-- Bruce Springsteen, "Youngstown"

SAN DIEGO -- Youngstown again? As an avid spectator of politics, I've been hearing about that city in the Mahoning Valley of northeast...Read more

Trump and the media just can't let the election go

SAN DIEGO -- What's the date today? Don't ask the media or the White House. Neither of them has the foggiest idea.

They're both stuck in November 2016. And curiously, neither wants to admit it -- even though they're both quick to accuse the other of being needlessly mired in the past and inexplicably intent on replaying the presidential ...Read more

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