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Prescription for defeating COVID-19 is to keep an open mind

SAN DIEGO -- It's not just toilet paper that is in short supply. Americans are also suffering through a shortage of common sense.

Having more of it would allow them to put aside politics and partisanship long enough to consider the possibility that there's already a drug on the market that might be effective in treating COVID-19.

If that's ...Read more

Playground antics of Trump and media get in the way of fighting the virus

SAN DIEGO -- Americans have more urgent things to do than police another schoolyard fight between President Trump and the media.

I get that. But this dysfunctional relationship is everyone's concern -- especially now. We're facing two wars. And the war between Trump and the media threatens to get in the way of fighting the war on the invisible ...Read more

Sanders won't go quietly -- or go near a certain hot-button issue (the coronavirus)

SAN DIEGO -- Bernie Sanders has not left the building. And - even after losing three more states this week (Florida, Arizona and Illinois) -- he stubbornly refuses to leave the stage. Even with no discernible path to victory, the renegade Vermont senator won't quit the race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Sanders' aides say that he ...Read more

Politics has the magical ability to transform enemies into friends

SAN DIEGO -- This is why people hate politics.

Ever notice how quickly once-bitter political rivals seem to be able to forgive and forget, and become the best of friends? They go from attacking each other to linking arms against a member of the rival party.

One minute, they're saying how this other person is not up to the task of leading. The ...Read more

Even when two white men square off, racial politics can color the outcome

SAN DIEGO - Politics is no stranger to irony. Now that the most diverse presidential primary field in history has withered down to a choice between two old white guys, the fortunes of Democrats rest with voters of color.

Joe Biden has a tight grip on the black vote. Bernie Sanders has scooped up the Latino vote. Both men are likely to split the...Read more

The Latino engine driving The Bernie Express

SAN DIEGO -- Coming out of left field, the 2020 election has produced the ultimate odd couple: Bernie Sanders & the Latinos.

How important were Latinos to Sanders' victories this week on Super Tuesday? Well, he triumphed in states with significant numbers of Latinos -- prevailing in Utah (14.2%) and Colorado (21.7%) and was poised to take the ...Read more

With or without 'sanctuary,' Uncle Sam always has the upper hand

SAN DIEGO -- The whole idea of "sanctuary" is one of the biggest scams in the immigration debate.

Whether you're a conservative or a liberal, you may have heard about these magical provinces where undocumented immigrants live happily ever after because federal immigration law doesn't apply -- and, oh yes, leprechauns ride unicorns through ...Read more

How Sanders and Nevada went crazy for each other

SAN DIEGO -- Things went loco in Nevada. Nothing that happened in the recent Democratic caucuses in the Silver State makes sense.

Starting with this: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders beat the house and got 46.8% of caucus delegates, far outdistancing former Vice President Joe Biden, who came in second with just 20.2%.

The closer you follow ...Read more

Warren and Biden still have plenty of fight left in them

SAN DIEGO -- When you're in a hurry, you're more likely to cut corners and make mistakes.

The media are no different. At the moment, they are in a terrible hurry. They want to simplify the 2020 election by thinning out the herd of Democratic candidates for president and finding the strongest candidate to defeat President Trump. And they want to...Read more

In Nevada, Latinos could decide which Democrats hit the jackpot

SAN DIEGO -- For Latinos, the 2020 Democratic primary is only now getting under way. In Nevada.

Iowans took their first-in-the-nation status more seriously than they did the integrity of the caucusing process, which resulted in a debacle.

New Hampshire is like a cozy club where voters can't decide who to support until all the candidates have ...Read more

Our differences aside, Limbaugh's radio show was music to my ears

SAN DIEGO -- I have friends on the left, and critics on the right. I also have friends on the right, and critics on the left.

Perhaps everyone should sit down for this column.

I hope I'm at the right meeting. My name is Ruben, and I'm a "dittohead." In fact, I have been addicted to a certain radio talk show for nearly 30 years.

Blame it on my...Read more

Hey Democrats, Klobuchar could be The One

SAN DIEGO -- Hello, Amy Klobuchar! Where have you been all my life? Or at least -- the whole Democratic presidential primary?

It's not often that someone comes in third in the New Hampshire primary, and then gives what amounts to a victory speech. And it all sounds pitch perfect.

"My heart is full tonight," she told supporters. "We have beaten...Read more

While Trump supporters fall in line, Democrats fall apart

SAN DIEGO -- When picking a presidential nominee, Democrats have only two ways of doing business: coronation and chaos. Neither works out very well.

In 2016, there was a coronation. Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee conspired to sideline Bernie Sanders. In the general election, many of the Vermont senator's supporters ...Read more

J. Lo's halftime show was a gift to America -- wrapped in red, white and blue

SAN DIEGO -- The coronation is complete: Mega-performer Jennifer Lopez is the reigning Queen of America.

Correction. Should I have broadened that and said "Queen of the Americas"? This would include Mexico, Central and South America, maybe even the Caribbean.

What I mean is that the Bronx-raised "Jenny from the block" -- who showed during ...Read more

America's 'dirt-y' secret: Latinos are disappearing

SAN DIEGO -- You do this job long enough, and eventually you see it all. Like this: A bunch of Latino writers are upset that they're not being treated like "Dirt."

Of course, I speak about what the Latino literati has been referring to cryptically -- and often angrily -- as "the book."

The book is "American Dirt," and it's a novel, which is to...Read more

Sanders' record of disrespecting female candidates should not be ignored

SAN DIEGO -- Conservative radio host Ben Shapiro hawks a tumbler that lets fans drink "liberal tears." Liberal presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren offers supporters a coffee cup to hold "billionaire tears."

Where can I buy a mug to catch "white male tears"?

In politics, being a white male is the golden ticket. When a white male runs for ...Read more

NFL fumbles as Tom Flores gets passed over for the Hall of Fame

SAN DIEGO -- How do you get to Canton, Ohio? Well, sir, if you're Latino, it is exceedingly difficult to find a road that leads there.

In fact, it sometimes appears that "NFL" stands for "Not for Latinos."

What other conclusion can fair-minded football fans draw now that the National Football League has once again snubbed, for induction into ...Read more

Warren and Castro are kindred spirits who know that running for president is tough if you don't fit the profile

SAN DIEGO -- Julian Castro is finally getting the media attention he deserves. All he had to do was drop his bid for the Democratic nomination for president and stump for Elizabeth Warren.

These days, you can find the former secretary of housing and urban development telling crowds in Iowa how his former opponent would make a great commander in...Read more

In a dangerous world, Sanders gets burned

SAN DIEGO -- This just in: The U.S. drone strike that killed Iran's top military commander, Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani -- and the reflexive criticism it sparked from the liberal media and the Democratic Party -- has effectively claimed another casualty: the presidential bid of Bernie Sanders.

The potentially mortal blow occurred when Sanders ...Read more

A New Year's resolution for America: An attack on one group is an attack on us all

SAN DIEGO -- Many Americans have turned inward and stopped worrying about the heavy load carried by fellow citizens. Our national motto used to be: "E pluribus unum (out of many, one)." Now it has become: "It's not my problem."

But desperate times call for a collective response. We need to speak with one voice and say loud and clear: "...Read more


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