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Where the Wave Begins

From the Right / Salena Zito /

MIDLAND, Pennsylvania -- For as much cash and strategy as partisans put into creating a wave for their own parties, they always seem to miss where the ripple starts and why.

Part of the reason they miss it is that they are in Washington and not in places such as this one.

Midland is a borough in Beaver County -- an urban area that hugs the ...Read more

The Unbreakable Will of This Pennsylvania Town

From the Right / Salena Zito /

LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania -- Sometimes, a community's relationship with its culture and its people is so strong it can withstand anything that tries to break it apart. Such durability is a testimony to the sense of what Americans have within their communities.

On social media, we mostly read about traditions falling to the mob or, ...Read more

Life Along The Border Collapses

From the Right / Salena Zito /

Take all of the imagery you have seen of the over 14,000 Haitian migrants camped under an international bridge in the small Texas border town of Del Rio and add the complications of disease, public excrement, unbearable heat and heightened frustrations. It has led to violence that has injured Border Patrol officers.

Now close your eyes and ...Read more

Americans Have Not Forgotten the 13 Soldiers

From the Right / Salena Zito /

MIDDLETOWN, Pennsylvania -- When judging the nation's character, the media tend to gravitate toward its loudest voices, its most extreme measures, its deepest grudges. The result is a loss of all subtlety and nuance.

In the days and weeks following Aug. 26, when our nation lost 13 service members in a deadly terror attack in Afghanistan, ...Read more

Brother of Fallen Firefighter Has Made It His Life's Mission To Take Care of Those Who Serve Us

From the Right / Salena Zito /

SHANKSVILLE, Pennsylvania -- The first thing you notice about Frank Siller is the resolve in his mission. Each step he takes along Shanksville Road on the outskirts of this Somerset County town is done with purpose.

The sound the steps make is a forward motion; there is no hint of retreat.

You can imagine it is a trait he shared with his ...Read more

The Negligence of Joe Biden

From the Right / Salena Zito /

Last Thursday, Aug. 26, at 6:00 p.m. in Kabul, a suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest as American troops at Abbey Gate were processing entrants to Hamid Karzai International Airport. Nearly 200 people died at that horrific moment, including 13 U.S. service members.

It was a horrific massacre that didn't need to happen.

There is only one...Read more

The Restorative Power of the American People

From the Right / Salena Zito /

LEBANON, Kansas -- There is something uplifting about standing in the center point of the United States of America. It evokes a sense that is both spiritual and patriotic, particularly if you reach this point having traveled on both sides of the monument that marks the spot.

There is a restorative energy you absorb, no matter where the back ...Read more

What Biden Doesn't Understand

From the Right / Salena Zito /

GETTYSBURG -- On an overcast day, the national park that has preserved the history of one of the bloodiest and most significant battles of the American Civil War is filled with people from all over the country. It is a testament to the desire everywhere not just to know our history, but also to honor the soldiers who fought and lost their lives ...Read more

In South Dakota, the Road Signs Lead To the Wall

From the Right / Salena Zito /

WALL, South Dakota -- Everything about Wall Drug, arguably the most iconic and long-lasting drugstore in America, exemplifies a doggedness. It took persistence to not only survive, but also thrive against insurmountable odds in a place few thought a small business had any business starting an enterprise in the first place.

In 1931, when Ted ...Read more

Trevor Donovan's Approach to Hollywood and Celebrity Is a Much-Needed Throwback

From the Right / Salena Zito /

INDIANA, Pennsylvania -- When you cross the street in the downtown of this borough, located in a county that shares its name, you're in for a reminder that it's a wonderful life. Two of the crosswalk signals guide pedestrians with the voice of the late Jimmy Stewart, who was born and raised here in Indiana.

"Please wait to cross Philadelphia ...Read more

The American Labor Crisis Has Hit All the Small Businesses on This One Street

From the Right / Salena Zito /

PITTSBURGH -- It's 4:30 in the morning, and Raymond Mikesell's alarm has gone off.

Within an hour, as the first rays of pink and orange morning light reflect off the skyscrapers in the city, Mikesell is at his restaurant, Cafe Raymond, in the Strip District, the city's Main Street for small businesses.

On his way to the restaurant, he stops by...Read more

The Everett Railroad Brings Back the Magic of the Steam Engine

From the Right / Salena Zito /

HOLLIDAYSBURG, Pennsylvania -- If you were the president of a railroad 100 years ago, you were kind of a big deal. Yet when Alan Maples became president of the Everett Railroad Company in 1983, a purchase that made him the youngest person in the history of the industry to hold that title, the Alabama native knew full well he would not wield the ...Read more

There's More Than Meets the Eye at a Demolition Derby

From the Right / Salena Zito /

NEW ALEXANDRIA, Pennsylvania -- The scent of funnel cakes, grilled hot dogs and an ever-so-faint whiff of diesel fuel fill the air. The odd combination somehow works, adding to the excitement and anticipation as thousands of families and gearheads fill the stands surrounding the track of the local Lions Club Demolition Derby here in Westmoreland...Read more

How Bourbon Rose From a Humble Grain To Embody American Exceptionalism

From the Right / Salena Zito /

BOURBON COUNTY, Ky. -- About 250 years ago, farmers looking for a way to make their surplus corn crop profitable decided to distill it. Today, that leftover grain has become a billion-dollar industry and a symbol of the Bluegrass State's identity, economy and culture.

"How bourbon came about is (what) ... the American spirit looks like: ...Read more



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