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Racing's colosseum goes dark waiting to welcome its family back home

From the Right / Salena Zito /

BRISTOL, Tennessee -- April's race weekend came and went with no one filling the steep stadium stands of one of the largest sports venues in the world; no one standing proudly to sing "The Star-Spangled-Banner"; and no hushed anticipation before the most famous words in motor sports, followed by the roar of the engines that power some of the ...Read more

Trump takes jabs at Biden's mental fitness

From the Right / Salena Zito /

ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania -- President Donald Trump, speaking to the Washington Examiner ahead of an event at a medical supply facility in this key swing state, took aim at Joe Biden's mental faculties, at one point claiming his Democratic challenger "has absolutely no idea what's happening."

Trump was reacting to news that Biden had teamed up ...Read more

The Natural: MLB legend recalls his 27-strikeout game

From the Right / Salena Zito /

BELLE VERNON, Pennsylvania -- As Ron Necciai recalls, the first two batters both went down in strikes. The third guy got lucky -- sort of. The ball got away from the catcher, who quickly got the batter out at first.

It was May 13, 1952, a cold, damp Tuesday night for 1,100 people at Shaw Stadium in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. Necciai ...Read more

On Virginia-Tennessee border, one side is open for business while the other is still on lockdown

From the Right / Salena Zito /

BRISTOL, Tenn./Virginia State Line -- Joe Deel is behind the chrome-trimmed turquoise counter of his legendary diner, the Burger Bar in Virginia, working with his wife, Kayla; daughter Emily; and sous chef, Corey Young. They can see people going to lunch at the State Line Bar and Grill in Tennessee, just across the street and less than 50 yards ...Read more

Small-town America: 'One bad season away from bankrupt'

From the Right / Salena Zito /

OHIOPYLE, Pennsylvania -- Like most places in the United States, this tiny patch of a town is struggling to stay afloat. Like most places, people here are trying to help others out. And like most places, those who live and work here wonder whether their community will ever be the same.

Vicki Marietta's family has been in this place forever. ...Read more

While the economy goes bust, farm-to-table booms

From the Right / Salena Zito /

MIDDLETOWN, Md. -- There is an argument to be made that the coronavirus pandemic could change the food supply chain for the long term. It may disrupt across the board our reliance on distant producers, processing plants and large chain grocery stores.

In the process, it would connect many of us to local food in the same way our parents and ...Read more

American truckers: Our new first responders

From the Right / Salena Zito /

SHIPPENSBURG, Pennsylvania -- Chet Eby is making sure you will get all of the bacon you need for breakfast, or that thinly sliced prosciutto and provolone sandwich you've been craving. It is a Wednesday afternoon, and the 31-year-old has his young sons, Austin and Evan, with him hauling a load of 20-pound piglets from Cumberland County to Iowa. ...Read more

Coronavirus claims new victims: Places and pasts

From the Right / Salena Zito /

BROTHERSVALLEY TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania -- Anyone who drives along the narrow, winding township road just off of U.S. Route 219 immediately finds themselves whisked back in time, if only for a moment, as their car enters the Burkholder Bridge.

The 150-year-old structure has cherry-red shingles; a charming sign bearing its name across the arc of ...Read more

Coronavirus even closed the Waffle House

From the Right / Salena Zito /

CHAMBERSBURG, Pennsylvania -- It is early Sunday morning along one of the few congested stretches of the Lincoln Highway when an empty parking lot below the familiar cheery yellow sign for the local Waffle House catches the eye.

The 24-hour diner chain, born in the Atlanta suburbs 65 years ago and now spreading across 25 states with nearly 2,...Read more

Veterans running for office put pandemic plight before politics

From the Right / Salena Zito /

ALIQUIPPA, Pennsylvania -- Retired Army Capt. Sean Parnell, a decorated war veteran who served in combat in Afghanistan, found himself doing what he always does when he feels the need to serve.

"My community is struggling right now," he said. "It is sort of not in my nature to stand by and do nothing. One of the things I learned in the Army is ...Read more

Portrait of an American city at the dawn of a pandemic

From the Right / Salena Zito /

PITTSBURGH -- On Friday, James Coen is folding and unfolding, arranging and rearranging the piles of colorful St. Patrick's Day T-shirts he has displayed on folding tables outside one of the three sports retail stores he owns. The stores are all large historic buildings with big, shiny, planked hardwood floors, all snuggled in a three-block ...Read more

What we lose by the closing of community department stores

From the Right / Salena Zito /

PITTSBURGH -- Five years ago, the sad goodbye to an icon began when Macy's decided to close its flagship location in downtown Pittsburgh. The void, alas, still remains.

For most of that building's storied 110-plus-year-old life, until Macy's took it 15 years ago, it was Kaufmann's department store: a place where parents, whether they were ...Read more

Centrists flirt with Democrats, and the party rebuffs them

From the Right / Salena Zito /

PITTSBURGH -- There is a battle going on here within the Allegheny County Democratic Committee, a formidable force of centrist, conservative and liberal Democrats whose backgrounds range from union halls in the city to the businessmen and women who have spread out into the leafy suburbs that hug the city limits.

A key figure in the battle is ...Read more


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