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Will Speaker Johnson Balance the Budget?

Newly elected House Speaker Mike Johnson has posted on his congressional website what he calls "The 7 Core Principles of Conservatism."

"In 2018," the website explains, "Speaker Johnson drafted this summary of the central beliefs of American conservatives to help anchor the work of the House Republican Conference in the timeless principles ...Read more

When Yale Crushed Notre Dame -- In Football

When Knute Rockne started at end for the Notre Dame football team in his sophomore, junior and senior years, the team never lost a game.

Then, in 1914, Rockne graduated and became an assistant coach to head coach Jesse Harper.

"Rockne while at Notre Dame was known as one of the most fearless players that ever wore the gold and blue," the ...Read more

The Freedom to Drive

When President Barack Obama named retiring Republican Rep. Ray LaHood of Illinois to serve as his administration's secretary of transportation, LaHood brought with him a vision for changing the way Americans moved from one place to another.

It would start with empowering the government to monitor how many miles they drove.

"We should look at...Read more

Another Time in the Tenderloin

When I graduated from Princeton in 1981, there were two things that I wanted to do: make my living as a writer and live in the city where I was born.

That was San Francisco.

During some summers in my college years, I had worked for a family-owned car rental company that had its headquarters on O'Farrell Street in San Francisco's Tenderloin ...Read more

Biden Shakes Hands With Leaders of a Genocidal Regime

After President Joe Biden met last week with Wang Yi, the foreign minister of the People's Republic of China, the PRC's Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted a statement and a photo on its website.

The photo showed Biden shaking hands with Wang.

"Biden asked Wang Yi to extend his greetings to President Xi Jinping and expounded on the position ...Read more

How Many Hamas and Hezbollah Terrorists Have Crossed the Southern Border?

When then-FBI Director Robert Mueller testified in the House Judiciary Committee on May 9, 2012, Republican Rep. Elton Gallegly of California asked him about the threat of terrorists entering the United States by crossing the Southern border.

"First of all, as it relates to our Southwest border," said Gallegly, "do you see any growing ...Read more

What Schumer Did Not Say in His Beijing Press Briefing

It was a rare moment of bipartisan consensus in Washington, D.C.

On Dec. 14, 2021, the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act came up for a vote in the House. It passed on a voice vote.

Two days later, the Senate approved it by unanimous consent. President Joe Biden then signed it into law.

What does it do? It "imposes importation limits on ...Read more

The Iranian Threat

The late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was an evil man, who ran an evil regime that did evil things.

But in the years leading up to the second Iraq war, the U.S. government did not do a good job watching him.

In October 2002, Congress voted to authorize the president of the United States to use military force in Iraq. The main purpose of ...Read more

Schumer Delivers Millions to Cast Shade on New York

Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York may serve as the Senate majority leader, but the press releases he posts on his official Senate website do not tend to focus on national issues.

They focus instead on spending federal money -- in New York.

In September, for example, Schumer posted 19 press releases on his ...Read more

The 10% Rule: These Congressional Districts All Elected Democrats

Call it the 10% rule: If 10% or more of the workers in a particular congressional district were civilian federal employees in 2022, then that district elected a Democrat to the House of Representatives.

The Congressional Research Service this month published a report entitled "Current Federal Civilian Employment by State and Congressional ...Read more

Pelosi's $14-Million Tree Travesty

When the Senate debated the Inflation Reduction Act on Aug. 6, 2022, two Republican senators drew attention to an obscure provision buried in it.

"Their so-called Inflation Reduction Act is chock-full of Green New Deal spending; things like $1.5 billion -- billion dollars -- for a grant program to plant trees," said Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.). ...Read more

The Double-the-Debt Decade

President Barack Obama took the oath of office for his second term on Sunday, Jan. 20, 2013, in a private ceremony inside the White House. As of that day, the total debt of the federal government was $16,432,619,424,703.06.

Last Tuesday, it climbed from $32,841,516,339,054.53 to $32,890,665,217,705.83 -- a little more than twice what it was ...Read more

Afghanistan Failed the 'Freedom Agenda'

President George W. Bush delivered an address on Nov. 6, 2003, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the National Endowment for Democracy. In that speech, he expressed confidence that Afghanistan would become "a free and stable democracy."

"With the steady leadership of President Karzai, the people of Afghanistan are building a modern and ...Read more



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