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President Biden's Chinese Cosmetics

Since President Joe Biden was inaugurated, the United States has imported more than $1.5 trillion in goods from the People's Republic of China, according to the Census Bureau's publicly released data for the period from February 2021 through March 2024.

At the same time, China has purchased only approximately $477 billion in exports from the ...Read more

They Spent $29,284 per Pupil, but Only 28% of 8th Graders Were Proficient in Math

The public schools in the state of New York doled out $29,284 per pupil in "current expenditures" in fiscal year 2022, said a report published this week by the Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics.

"Current expenditures comprise expenditures for the day-to-day operation of schools and school districts for public ...Read more

Blinken Meets With Genocide Perpetrator

When Secretary of State Antony Blinken held a press conference last week to announce that the State Department was releasing its 2023 country reports on human rights practices, he said the People's Republic of China was engaging in genocide in Xinjiang Province.

"The report documents atrocities reminiscent of humanity's darkest moments," ...Read more

State Department: Ukraine Has 'Significant' Human Rights Issues

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives last Saturday voted 311 to 112 to approve a bill to spend $60.89 billion on aid for Ukraine.

Among House Republicans, this bill lost 112 to 101. Among House Democrats, it won 210 to 0. As of this writing, the bill was expected to pass the Senate. President Joe Biden has said he would sign it....Read more

A Law That Is Unchangeable

Does it matter how long theft has been prohibited? What about murder?

Do laws prohibiting these acts deserve less respect because they have stood for so long?

Of course not.

So, why did President Joe Biden -- in promoting his view that killing an unborn child should be legal -- insist on pointing out that an Arizona law that prohibits ...Read more

Chuck Schumer's $79 Million Week

Back on May 30, 2023, after then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy cut a deal with President Joe Biden to suspend any limit on the federal debt through all of 2024, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer praised the deal as an act of "responsible" government.

"Again, nobody got everything they wanted," said Schumer, "but this bill is the responsible and ...Read more

It's Time to Restore Fading Families

Utah, Idaho and Wyoming all share common borders and something else that matters more.

According to data the Census Bureau gathered in 2020, these were three of the four states that had the highest percentages of households headed by married couples of the opposite sex.

New Hampshire also ranked in the top four.

In 2020, 57.8% of the ...Read more

How Many Mountain Lions Are Too Many?

I saw it by accident.

I was sitting in the kitchen at my family's ranch in the high foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains -- not far from Yosemite National Park.

I got up to refill my water glass and looked out the window behind the kitchen sink. About a hundred yards away -- across an upward-sloping field of yellowed grass -- stood a ...Read more

Americans Are Leaving Los Angeles, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Chicago and Philadelphia

There is one competition where Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Philadelphia are not beating other major locations in this country. It is in persuading people to stay there.

The Census Bureau this month released its estimates on the populations that each American county had as of July 1, 2023. In a release about this data, it included a ...Read more

Biden's 'Fiscally Responsible Ways'

President Joe Biden -- in his State of the Union address -- once again tried to present himself as a "fiscally responsible" president.

"And, by the way, the first couple of years, we cut the deficit," he said, according to the White House transcript of his speech.

"I've been delivering real results in fiscally responsible ways," he said. "We...Read more

Mayorkas, Biden and Our Unsecured Border

There seems to be at least one impenetrable barrier connected to this country's southwest border. It is the one that stands between Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and an accurate assessment of what is actually happening there.

In September 2020, the last month of that fiscal year, the Border Patrol encountered 54,771 aliens ...Read more

Where Public Schools Never Beat Catholic Schools

There is one area of competition where Catholic schools always beat public schools.

It is not in track and field. It is not in football or basketball. It is in the average scores for national reading and math assessment tests.

The National Center for Education Statistics, which is a part of the U.S. Department of Education, published a ...Read more



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