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My numbers for Ilhan Omar's plan to cancel college debt don't add up

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota is proposing that the federal government transfer a massive amount of wealth to a class of Americans she perceives to be exploited and descending into desperation.

On Tuesday, she tweeted a video that featured her discussing the issue at a press conference she held last year with socialist Sen. Bernie ...Read more

We continue to ignore the virus and the malignancy of our federal debt

The word "unsustainable" is often used by politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., when they are talking about -- rather than acting on -- the federal debt.

Such was the case when then-acting Office of Management and Budget director Russell Vought appeared in the House Budget Committee on March 12, 2019, to talk about President Donald ...Read more

Biden would emulate Henry VIII

Joe Biden and Henry VIII have something in common. They both decided to use the power of government to force individuals to act against their consciences on matters of profound consequence.

But Henry VIII renounced his Catholic faith. Biden currently declares, "I'm a practicing Catholic."

In 1534, the English parliament declared the king "...Read more

What happened to the record income taxes Americans paid last year?

Back in fiscal 2019, which ended last September before COVID-19 hit, the federal government set two records.

It collected more money in individual income taxes than in any previous year -- and then spent more.

Did the Americans who paid that record sum in income taxes get their money's worth?

Or were they ripped off?

Let's start with the ...Read more

Charlie Daniels a great example of what makes America great

Charlie Daniels, who passed away Monday, was a great musician, a great man and a great example of what makes this nation great.

He should be remembered not only for his contributions to popular music but also as a role model for the American dream.

Starting from his high school days in North Carolina -- as he explained in his memoir "Never ...Read more

Clarence Thomas versus John Roberts in a battle of good versus evil

Chief Justice John Roberts essentially argued in the opinion he filed in an abortion case this week that his opinion was both right and wrong.

Justice Clarence Thomas, meanwhile, offered perfect clarity in his dissenting opinion in the same case, June Medical Services v. Russo. He argued that Roberts and the four liberals with whom Roberts ...Read more

Pelosi reigns as this nation's Queen of Debt

In the 2,000 days that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has now served as the leader of a division of the federal government that the Constitution gives authority over all appropriations, the federal debt has increased by a record $9,655,515,485,628.06. That is more than all the debt the federal government accumulated ($8,670,596,242,973.04) under all of ...Read more

Will Joe Biden become our first female president?

Some Americans were hopeful in 2016 that Hillary Clinton would become our first female president. She did not.

But now Joe Biden may do it.

Excuse me, you might ask, isn't Biden a man?

Well, he is for now -- under the Biden gender rules. But he need not be next year.

"Transgender equality is the civil rights issue of our time," Biden tweeted...Read more

A great comeback in 1918

Two things -- a war and a virus -- almost stopped Americans from playing football in 1918. Both failed.

The Brooklyn Daily Standard Union ran a piece at the top of its sports page on Sept. 13, 1918 that summed up the war situation.

"With Gen. Pershing," it said, "leading our brave American boys in a triumphant march to Berlin ... while a ...Read more

Will Joe Biden be America's second Catholic president?

While the Republican Party has never nominated a Catholic for president, no Democrat has been elected president in the last 60 years without having the support of at least a plurality of Catholic voters, as measured by either an exit poll or Gallup's last preelection poll.

In 1960, the last Gallup poll before the election showed John F. Kennedy...Read more

Biden doesn't think American families should earn more than $125,000 per year

They work hard, but they are not rich.

He is a local police officer in a suburb of a midwestern city. His annual salary is $67,620 -- exactly the national average for his job, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

She is a registered nurse at the local Catholic hospital. Since their youngest joined his siblings in high school last fall,...Read more

Is a world where unmarried people have babies by surrogate a better place for children?

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared on CNN with Anderson Cooper on Monday, she started the interview with an effusive statement about Cooper's "new baby."

"Well, first let me say how happy I am about your new baby. How lovely!" she said.

"Thank you," said Cooper.

She then told him: "And as you now are a father, you see how important it ...Read more

America will need a medical and political pandemic postmortem

When COVID-19 emerged in China at the end of last year -- then spread to the United States in January -- were there political leaders or public health officials who clearly understood what the virus was about to do to this country and how to most effectively counter it?


On Jan. 17, for example, the Centers for Disease Control and ...Read more



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