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How DC Can Vote in Federal Elections

When the Massachusetts Ratification Convention was debating whether to approve the U.S. Constitution in January 1788, Dr. John Taylor, a delegate from Worcester County, asked a pointed question about the language in the draft that called for creating a new and independent city to house the federal government.

"Dr. Taylor asked, why it need be ...Read more

Biden's Proposal: Increase Debt By 57.8%!

When President Joe Biden sent Congress his budget proposal for fiscal 2023 last March, he tried to sound as if he were a fiscal conservative.

"My Budget details the next steps forward on our journey to execute a new economic vision, reduce costs for families, reduce the deficit, and build a better America," Biden said in the budget message that...Read more

Americans Rank Congressmen Lower Than Journalists and Car Salesmen for Honesty and Ethical Standards

Americans do not have tremendous respect for the honesty and ethical standards of car salesmen or journalists, but they still give people in these professions a higher rating for these characteristics than they give to members of Congress.

This week, as first reported Tuesday by the New York Post, Gallup released the results of a survey it ...Read more

It Is Obvious That Biden is Not Serious About Securing the Southern Border!

President Joe Biden, working with a Democrat-controlled Congress, increased the federal debt in 2022 by approximately $11,374 per every American worker.

On Dec. 31, 2021, according to the U.S. Treasury, the federal debt was $29,617,214,856,051.75. By Dec. 30, 2022, it was $31,419,689,421,557.90. So, in calendar year 2022, the federal debt ...Read more

When Penn State Trained for the Rose Bowl -- At the Grand Canyon

The train was on its way west to Los Angeles when it stopped in the small Arizona town of Williams and detached a special car it had been carrying.

Twenty-two young men got out and headed north.

This was the 1922 Penn State football team. They were on their way to Pasadena to play the first-ever Rose Bowl game to actually be played in the ...Read more

The "Transgender Trajectory" is Driving America Away From a Society Based on Objective Truth!

The children had gathered that day for the first time in their first-grade classroom. At the top of the agenda: learn how to do simple problems in addition and subtraction.

After the teacher had reviewed some basic principles of arithmetic, she asked one of the students: "Do you know what one plus one equals?"

The little girl responded: "Two."...Read more

When Four Seconds Mattered

Some people might think that sitting high up in the end zone of a college football stadium is not a good place to watch a game. They would be wrong.

The ultimate strategic goal of every football team in every game they play is simple: Score more than the other team.

That makes the goal line and the goal post the key locations on the field -- ...Read more

US Has Sent a Net $309 Billion to Communist China This Year

Two weeks after he was inaugurated, President Joe Biden traveled over to the State Department to deliver a speech about his foreign policy.

One point he repeatedly stressed in that speech: He was not going to let the People's Republic of China take advantage of the United States.

"American leadership must meet this new moment of advancing ...Read more

Biden Vows to Legalize Nationwide Killing of Unborn Babies!

Thirty-five years ago, Democratic Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, who was then serving as chairman of the Judiciary Committee, gave a speech explaining why he was going to vote against confirming Judge Robert Bork to the Supreme Court.

Biden spoke as a self-proclaimed "child of God" and claimed his opposition to Bork was all about God-given rights....Read more

Biden Has Increased Debt $33,521 Per Income Tax Payer

President Joe Biden has been in office a little more than 21 months, but during that brief period he has managed to increase the federal debt by more than $3.4 trillion.

On Jan. 20, 2021, the day Biden was inaugurated, the total federal debt was $27,751,896,236,414.77, according to the Treasury.

On Oct. 31, 2022, the latest day for which the ...Read more



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