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Legacy of 7 Justices: More Than 62 Million Dead Babies

After President Richard Nixon appointed then-Appellate Court Judge Harry Blackmun to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1970, Blackmun somehow convinced members of the U.S. Senate that he embraced judicial restraint and felt a duty to protect "little persons."

When Blackmun's nomination came up for a vote, Democratic Sen. John McClellan of Arkansas ...Read more

Disserving San Francisco

When I was a boy growing up in Marin County, just north of San Francisco, my mom enforced an unwavering wardrobe rule on my brothers and me: When we went downtown in the city, we had to wear a suit and tie.

We did not have to dress that way in the suburbs or in the peripheral residential neighborhoods of the city. Nor did this dress code apply ...Read more

23 Aliens Previously Convicted of Homicide Charged With Illegal Reentry in Arizona in Biden's First 9 Months

Since February, which was President Joe Biden's first full month in office, 23 aliens who had previously been convicted of homicide in the United States were charged in Arizona with illegally reentering this country.

We know this because the office of the U.S. attorney for Arizona regularly publishes these numbers. It puts out a monthly report ...Read more

We Must Allow Americans to Exercise Religion in an Execution Chamber!

Dustin Honken was convicted of murdering five people, including two children, and was sentenced to death in a federal court in 2004.

Sixteen years later, he was executed.

He also received the last rites of the Catholic Church -- in the execution chamber -- from Father Mark O'Keefe, a Catholic priest who accompanied him there.

"On the day of ...Read more

We Must Stop Biden's DOJ Which Filed a Brief Claiming the Right To Abort a Baby With a Beating Heart!

The activities of the Biden administration this past Friday featured two remarkable and profoundly contradictory events.

In Rome, President Joe Biden met with Pope Francis. In Washington, his Justice Department filed a brief with the Supreme Court arguing there is a "right" to kill an unborn baby with a beating heart.

What transpired in ...Read more

Pope Francis Must Tell Biden to Protect Unborn Babies!

A Catholic American president will travel to Rome this Friday to meet with Pope Francis.

There is a very profound and obvious issue they could discuss: Is it OK for a politician of any religious faith, or even none at all, to violate the natural law and support the deliberate killing of unborn babies?

President Joe Biden unambiguously supports...Read more

School Spending Up, Test Scores Down

Thirteen-year-old children in American public schools were not quite as good at math and reading in 2019 and 2020 as they were in 2012.

This is despite the fact that American taxpayers invested more money per pupil in the nation's public schools in each of the last two fiscal years than they did in 2012.

Bottom line: Increased spending on ...Read more

4,676,300 Unborn American Babies Murdered In Pelosi's First Speakership!

During the first four years that Nancy Pelosi served as speaker of the House (2007 through 2010), approximately 4,676,300 unborn babies were aborted in the United States, according to estimates published by the Guttmacher Institute.

To put that in more precise language, adopting the accurate wording to describe abortion that Pope Francis ...Read more

Terry McAuliffe Did Not Go to Government Schools

"You're an Irish Catholic kid from Syracuse, from St. Ann's school, right?" asked Hugh Hewitt.

"Yes," said Terry McAuliffe in that Jan. 29, 2007, radio interview.

At that time, McAuliffe had just recently become chairman of Sen. Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign. He would later go on to serve as governor of Virginia from 2014 to ...Read more

Biden's Afghanistan Disaster: Predictable and Not Over

A Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Tuesday put a bright spotlight on President Joe Biden's imprudent withdrawal from Afghanistan.

At one point, Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa asked Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, some simple yes-no questions about its consequences.

"Has the military's task to defeat ...Read more

Is Biden Bringing Terrorists From Afghanistan to America?

Is President Joe Biden bringing terrorists from Afghanistan to the United States?

The answer: Even Biden himself cannot know for sure.

The administration is bringing two distinct types of evacuees into the United States from Afghanistan. Some hold special immigrant visas. Others are so-called parolees.

In June, the Congressional Research ...Read more

The Enduring Path to Financial Health: Graduate, Work, Marry and Have Children

The basic path to financial success in this country has been revealed once again by the Census Bureau's annual report on income and poverty, which was released this week. What did it show?

People who graduate from college, get a job, get married and have children generally earn more money than those who do not. People who drop out of high ...Read more

The 9/11 Problem That Was Not Fixed

Twenty years later, it appears they are still there.

Had you driven through a certain intersection on Leesburg Pike in Falls Church, Virginia, yesterday or today, you would have seen a group of men -- some standing, some sitting, but all waiting in the shade, apparently hoping someone would drive up and hire them to do some work.

Twenty years ...Read more



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