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Biden wants to amend Constitution to limit political speech

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos -- whom National Public Radio called in December "by far the wealthiest person on the planet" -- used a small sliver of his vast fortune in 2013 to buy The Washington Post.

In 2020, this newspaper endorsed Joe Biden for president.

"Mr. Biden's competence and honor are more important in this cycle than any particular ...Read more

Xavier Becerra will lead a Biden HHS that is focused on the killing of unborn babies

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra has a record of attacking the freedom of speech and freedom of conscience.

It is not surprising, therefore, that Joe Biden has decided to name him secretary of Health and Human Services. They have shared values.

In 2018, Becerra filed a brief in the Supreme Court in the case of National Institute of ...Read more

WWI pilot Hobey Baker was an American hero during The Great War-- and forever

The Great War had been over nine days when Hobey Baker took off in his Spad airplane to explore some of the territory the Allies had seized back from the Germans.

"On the way home my engine suddenly went dead and I had to land on the side of a hill only ten kilometers from Metz," he wrote in a letter to his father. "Had my engine stopped the ...Read more

Congress may end long tradition of not convening on Sunday

Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, the president pro tempore of the Senate and the longest-serving Republican in that body, sent out a tweet last week lamenting the imminent demise of an ancient and admirable Senate tradition.

"US Senate has NEVER convened a Congress on Sunday out of respect," said Grassley.

"Not once in 231 yrs," he said.

Grassley...Read more

A Chinese virus has made us more like the People's Republic

Something that began in Wuhan, China, in December 2019 continues, a year later, to have a monstrous impact on the way Americans live their lives.

We are less free today because a Chinese virus came our way -- and because of the way some politicians have reacted to it.

Start with the science: COVID-19 originated in China.

"As COVID-19 began ...Read more

Schumer wants Biden to transfer wealth from auto mechanics to Harvard grads

Jim and Jill were born a little more than a year apart to the same unmarried mother in Southern California.

Jim was adopted by a working-class family in the San Fernando Valley, where the father made his living as an auto mechanic and the mother as a maid.

Jill was adopted by an upper-middle-class family in Pasadena, where the father was a ...Read more

Joe Biden says he wants a 'revolution'

In which America would you prefer to live?

In one America, a family that works hard and saves money can afford to buy a detached home on a nice piece of land -- with a two-car garage.

In their home, they have a refrigerator, a freezer, a stove, two ovens, a dishwasher, a washing machine and a dryer.

They purchased all of these appliances in ...Read more

The Gipper's greatest comeback

Some newspapers in the Midwest in 1920 referred to the Notre Dame football team not as the Fighting Irish but as "the Catholics."

Notre Dame's star player, however, was not one.

George Gipp grew up in a small northern Michigan town, where he did not play high school football and his father was a Baptist pastor.

He arrived in South Bend in ...Read more

5 evil things, against God, Biden plans to do as president

Are the policies Joe Biden plans to pursue as president good or evil?

As the nation's second Catholic president, will he act in a way that is consistent with the teachings of his faith?

Will he follow the natural law and protect the God-given rights to life and liberty?

At least five things candidate Biden promised to do as president can ...Read more

Biden's majority doesn't work full time, stay married, or go to church

A week after the 2020 presidential election, one thing is obvious about the United States of America: It is deeply divided.

With 148 million votes counted, President Donald Trump trailed former Vice President Joe Biden by about 4.7 million votes.

But, according to the exit polls, there were some demographic groups that did pick Trump over ...Read more

Philadelphia vs. Catholic Church over foster children being placed in homes of homosexual couples

If you were a child who, through some tragic circumstance, needed to be placed in a foster home, do you think it would be better for you to be placed with a married mother and father who had a documented history of compassionately caring for children or with two men living together in a homosexual relationship?

The government of the City of ...Read more

Trump versus Biden: Pennsylvania and Ohio

The Republican Party nominated its first presidential candidate in 1856, putting up John C. Fremont against Democrat James Buchanan, who had been a senator from Pennsylvania.

Fremont lost Pennsylvania to Buchanan and lost the election.

Four years later, the Republicans nominated Abraham Lincoln, who ran in a divided nation against a divided ...Read more

Americans spent more on taxes in 2019 than on food, clothing, health care and entertainment combined

In 2019, according to the Consumer Expenditure Survey published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans on average spent more on taxes than they did on food, clothing, health care and entertainment combined.

Bottom line: Funding their local, state and federal governments cost Americans more on average last year (which was before the COVID-...Read more



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