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Kavanaugh's whole adult life tips the scales far more than one uncorroborated accusation

From the Right / Mona Charen /

In the wake of the revelation of Christine Blasey Ford's identity, some have suggested that her allegation against Brett Kavanaugh will be handled more sensitively than such accusations once were thanks to the #MeToo movement. That may turn out to be true, but only if at least one other woman comes forward with similar charges.

#MeToo gave ...Read more

What The Times misses about poverty

From the Right / Mona Charen /

It's an affecting story. Matthew Desmond, writing in The New York Times Magazine, profiles Vanessa Solivan, a poor single mother raising three children. Vanessa works as a home health aide, yet she and her three adolescent children are often reduced to sleeping in her car, a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. In the morning, she takes her two daughters and...Read more

Liberals mock the norms they purport to uphold

From the Right / Mona Charen /

Many of the current president's critics on the left insist that they are standing up for norms of democratic conduct and for democracy itself. Some are sincere. Neal Katyal, for example, who served as principal deputy solicitor general in the Obama administration, endorsed Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. Liberal feminist lawyer Lisa Blatt ...Read more

The GOP is monkeyed up

From the Right / Mona Charen /

There comes a point when even the most indulgent listener must doubt whether political figures deserve the benefit of the doubt. Ron DeSantis, that means you.

In what should have been a celebratory interview after his victory in the Republican primary for governor of Florida, DeSantis seemed spooked by the upset win of Democrat Andrew Gillum, ...Read more

Imperial me

From the Right / Mona Charen /

An avid fan of President Trump, she carried a red Make America Great Again hat in the backseat of her car. But when she was asked to render a verdict on Paul Manafort, she voted guilty. Juror Paula Duncan told Fox News that "Finding Mr. Manafort guilty was hard for me. I wanted him to be innocent. I really wanted him to be innocent, but he wasn'...Read more

Define 'Historic'

From the Right / Mona Charen /

Tuesday's primary results were hailed as "historic" by a number of media outlets. "Vermont Democrats made history Tuesday," declared the Burlington Free Press. NPR framed the matter with the same word, "historic," as did The New York Times, ABC and others. Most were pealing the bells for Vermont's first "openly transgender" candidate for ...Read more

Summertime Is puppy time

From the Right / Mona Charen /

"Have any big plans for the summer?" people sometimes ask by way of small talk. I reply literally: "Yes, housetraining a new puppy."

Our newest family member is a 12-week-old Labrador retriever mix -- jet black from the top of his nose to the tip of his slightly odd long tail. When I phoned the local vet to make his first appointment, the ...Read more

There's more than one kind of corruption

From the Right / Mona Charen /

When people think of corruption in high places, they tend to think of elites feathering their own nests. Bill and Hillary Clinton monetized political power into a personal fortune of hundreds of millions, and played the system better than any couple since Napoleon and Josephine. Paul Manafort is alleged to have sold his services to sketchy ...Read more

Can feminists cure what ails men?

From the Right / Mona Charen /

"Boys need feminists' help too," declares founder Jessica Valenti. Writing in The New York Times, Valenti worries that while women "protest, run for office, and embrace the movement for gender equality in record numbers, a generation of mostly white men are being radicalized into believing that their problems stem from women's ...Read more

Putin speaks code. Does Trump understand?

From the Right / Mona Charen /

Back when word first leaked that Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort and Donald Trump Jr. had met with a Russian lawyer and others offering dirt on Hillary Clinton, President Trump seemed to think he was supplying an exculpatory cover story. Flying home from Germany on Air Force One, Trump reportedly instructed Don Jr. to claim that he and the Kremlin-...Read more

What Thailand's cave boys teach us about abortion

From the Right / Mona Charen /

Twelve boys and their adult coach trapped in a dank, oxygen-deprived cave in Thailand riveted the world's attention for two weeks. Why, people ask at times like this, are we so focused on these individuals when half a million Rohingya refugee children are in danger of starving on the Bangladesh border, or when 400,000 Yemeni children are ...Read more

Amy Coney Barrett's 'Cult'

From the Right / Mona Charen /

When Notre Dame law professor and possible Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett was nominated for the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, her affiliation with a religious group called People of Praise raised red flags. It was some sort of cult, they implied. Sen. Dianne Feinstein famously reproved the nominee by intoning that "the dogma lives ...Read more

Why I Write

From the Right / Mona Charen /

I began writing the book just published this week -- "Sex Matters: How Modern Feminism Lost Touch with Science, Love, and Common Sense" -- in 2014. I'd been thinking about the issues it addresses for decades. Yet yesterday, when an interviewer posed the simple question: "What prompted you to write this book?" I had a Ted Kennedy moment.

In 1979...Read more


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