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The left wants regime change

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

Constitutional revolution is going mainstream.

After delivering lectures about political norms for the entirety of the Trump era -- often with good cause -- much of the left is now threatening to kneecap an important institution of American government on a partisan vote in an act of ideological vengeance.

If the Republican Senate confirms a ...Read more

Don't expect our elites to learn from the Los Angeles police shooting

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

The attempted assassination of two Los Angeles County deputies, caught on a security video, is chilling and enraging enough.

A man walks up to the parked black-and-white cruiser, and fires point-blank through the passenger window, then runs away. The stricken officers manage to stagger out of the vehicle and call for assistance. They are ...Read more

Trump's 'play it down' debacle is one of his own making

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

The latest hammer of a book to fall on President Donald Trump is Bob Woodward's soon-to-be-released "Rage," and it's his own words that are the issue.

According to the book, the president told the veteran Washington Post journalist in March that he publicly minimized the danger of the coronavirus: "I wanted to always play it down. I still like ...Read more

Democrats should curb their enthusiasm for mail-in voting

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

There's a giant scheme afoot to disenfranchise voters in November -- it's called mail-in balloting.

Mail-in voting has, like many things in our politics, taken on the aspect of tribal warfare -- if President Donald Trump is vociferously against it, Democrats must be vociferously for it, and vice versa.

Absentee voting is unquestionably less ...Read more

The left shifts blame for the riots to Trump

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

Until a few days ago, Democrats were content to pretend the disorder in American cities didn't exist.

Now, worried that Joe Biden is on his back foot on the issue, they readily acknowledge the rioting -- and blame it on President Donald Trump.

One would think that, given the fusillade they unleashed against Trump at the convention, if ...Read more



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