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Crime is a Legitimate Issue

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

There's been a wave of violent crime the last couple of years, and the best way to address the issue is for everyone to pass over it in silence. That's the implication of the liberal pushback against the GOP attacks on Democrats as soft-on-crime in the closing weeks of the midterms.

The Democrats are running defensive ads and have passed a ...Read more

Stacey Abrams And The Perils Of Hagiography

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

This shouldn't be happening to Stacey Abrams, not after all that has been invested into her budding political super stardom.

New York Magazine wondered in its 2019 profile of Abrams if she'd run for governor, senator, vice president or president -- the world was her oyster. Vogue asked, "Can Stacey Abrams save American democracy?" A Washington ...Read more

Biden's Migrant Crisis Hits The Blue States

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

The nation is having a contentious debate over whether illegal migrants coming over the Southern border should be transported further inland, and if so, where and by whom.

Should they stay in San Antonio or end up in New York City, get bussed to a rural town no one has heard of, or get flown to one the most desirable summer spots in the country...Read more

Title: Senate Republicans Run And Hide On Abortion

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

There was a time when Senate Republicans were squarely behind a federal ban on late-term abortion. And it wasn't long ago.

When South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham proposed such a limit early last year, nearly every Republican supported it and provided stirring statements in favor.

Now, Graham is advancing a slightly more restrictive version --...Read more

The Democrats Have A Culture-War Midterm Strategy

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

Who's using the culture war to distract from the economy now?

Democrats have long believed -- going back at least to the famous 2005 Thomas Frank book, "What's the Matter with Kansas?" -- that Republicans cynically deploy cultural issues to divert attention from kitchen-table concerns.

If only Democrats, they told themselves, could convince ...Read more



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