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Immigration restriction is not hate

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

President Donald Trump's immigration agenda has always been considered exclusionary and prejudiced by progressives; now they consider it tainted by mass murder.

The El Paso massacre, carried out by a white nationalist waging a lunatic war against Hispanic immigration, is being used as a bludgeon against Trump and immigration restriction more ...Read more

The FBI crushed the Klan and should target violent white supremacists today

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

At some point in the late 1960s, you could be forgiven for thinking that the FBI was in charge of the KKK.

It infiltrated, manipulated and ran the group into the ground. The name of the operation: COINTELPRO-White Hate. With violent white hate again on the rise, we should take some inspiration -- even if the methods can't be replicated -- from ...Read more

'Moscow Mitch' is a ridiculous smear

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

There was a time when the left considered McCarthyism the worst of all political tactics. That was before it became useful to question Mitch McConnell's loyalty to his country.

The Senate majority leader's offense is blocking Democratic-sponsored election security bills, which has occasioned the sort of charges that Democrats have spent the ...Read more


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