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Middle-class Joe cashes in

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

The American middle class just got a lot richer.

Joe Biden, who invariably and tiresomely refers to himself as "Middle-Class Joe," made $15 million the first two years after the end of the Obama administration.

This hardly qualifies as a rounding error in the portfolio of any billionaire mogul, but for the average American, a million here, a ...Read more

The US Women Are Winners, Not Victims

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

The women of the U.S. national soccer team are famous for being extraordinary athletes, repeat world champions -- and plaintiffs.

The team's lawsuit alleging pay discrimination against the U.S. Soccer Federation has done much to define its identity. A nearly perfect run through the World Cup has been widely interpreted as vindication of the ...Read more

Ballparks demonstrate a uniquely American beauty

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

We live in an era of public ugliness, of architects who deliberately make their forms unsightly and inhuman, and of public art installations that are invariably ridiculous.

The most obvious exception is the ballpark, which has gotten more beautiful rather than less in a great example of renewal through a return to tradition.

Paul Goldberger, a...Read more

Buttigieg needs to find a way to broaden his appeal

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

It would tax even the prodigious powers of the late novelist Tom Wolfe to create a more poignant political scene than a bright, young, white mayor of a small city, who is an upstart presidential candidate and progressive darling, getting yelled at by black residents during a town hall.

The mayor, of course, is Pete Buttigieg. A controversial ...Read more

We're seeing what a border crisis looks like

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

News flash: There's a crisis at the border.

This was discovered again over the past few days when immigration attorneys talked to reporters about appalling conditions at a Border Patrol facility detaining migrant minors in Clint, Texas.

According to the lawyers, many of the kids had to sleep on the concrete floor, failed to get proper adult ...Read more

Trump's caution is, at best, madcap

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

The worry last week was that the Trump administration was ginning up fake intelligence about Iran blowing up oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz to justify a war against Iran. Then, this week, President Donald Trump said the Iranian attacks weren't a big deal.

The episode is another indication of the underlying modesty -- not a very Trumpian ...Read more

Oberlin is forced to check its woke privilege

From the Right / Rich Lowry /

If there is one thing you learn about at Oberlin College, the notoriously progressive liberal arts college, it is surely privilege: white privilege, hetero privilege, gender privilege, you name it.

Now, an Ohio jury has identified an entirely new variety, woke privilege, and resolved to hold people who believe they are protected by it to ...Read more


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