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Western leaders keep peddling this particularly undemocratic value

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

PARIS — “The G7 countries are united on tackling our greatest global challenges,” tweeted Secretary of State Antony Blinken last weekend. Look, can we stop trying to make unity happen?

How did this push for unity and solidarity ever become a defining quest for Western leaders who apparently want us all to live in a giant echo chamber run ...Read more


The migration root cause that officials don’t want to talk about

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

PARIS — Relying solely on border control to curtail migration is like counting on spankings to fix a spoiled brat. The underpinnings of the problem are elsewhere.

Population displacement has taken center stage this month from America to Europe. The situation is so bad in New York City, with 60,000 newcomers spilling out of requisitioned ...Read more


Shocking New Survey Explains the Mess Caused by US Institutions of Higher Indoctrination!

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

PARIS — There’s a direct link between the disastrous direction of America and the lack of free speech and diversity at its top universities.

In a recent study by the nonprofit Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE), America’s most prestigious institution of higher education, Harvard University, ranked at the very bottom ...Read more

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There's a crass new Washington talking point in the Ukraine conflict

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

PARIS — Why are tone-deaf Washington elites treating Ukraine like a Black Friday bargain?

“Even Americans who have no particular interest in freedom and independence in democracies worldwide should be satisfied that we’re getting our money’s worth on our Ukraine investment,” wrote Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-NY) in a recent ...Read more


Donald Trump is the new Che Guevara

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

For decades, Ernesto “Che” Guevara has been the face of counterculture resistance, emblazoned across college kids’ T-shirts. But now they have Donald Trump’s mugshots on T-shirts, available through his candidate fundraising website.

Trump’s message? “Never surrender.” To whom? To the establishment, of course. The left, which once ...Read more

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Where has our climate cash gone if not into preventing wildfires?

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

PARIS — Wildfires are front and center in the Western world this summer, from Hawaii to Canada and around Europe. Our leaders are telling us that it’s because of climate change. What have they been spending our cash on if they claim that wildfires are getting worse despite our contributions?

“Millions of people are experiencing dangerous ...Read more

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Who’s Really Benefiting from Biden’s Endless Foreign Aid?

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

PARIS — For every round of billions of dollars that Washington sends to a foreign country under the pretext of protecting freedom and democracy, weapons manufacturers and establishment leeches cheer. And so does a significant chunk of the general Western public, perhaps because of how this help is marketed.

“I just signed a request to ...Read more

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US-backed protégés in Africa ditch their training wheels to stage a coup

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

PARIS — Another group of Pentagon star trainees — this time in Niger — has taken over the shop, ousting their Western-allied president in a coup. Behold, your tax dollars at work, America.

“Niger is the largest recipient of State Department military assistance in West Africa and the second highest in Sub-Saharan Africa,” the State ...Read more

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Biden Tosses LGBTQ+ Under the Bus to Impress a Right-Winger

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

PARIS — Do I need some new glasses? Was that really Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni at the White House last week in a tête-à-tête with President Joe Biden? The same Giorgia Meloni who told French TV when she was 19 years old that “Mussolini was a good politician, in that everything he did, he did for Italy” while other women her ...Read more


Controversial top appointment unearths divisions among Washington and its allies

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

PARIS — Shortly after Yale professor and former Obama-era Justice Department official, Fiona Scott Morton, landed the role of the European Commission’s chief competition economist, the knives came out here in FRANCE.

French President Emmanuel Macron led the charge himself. “If we have no (European) researcher of this level to be recruited...Read more


U.S. justice is targeting the wrong foreign meddlers

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

PARIS — In the latest chapter of its ongoing crusade against foreign influence, the U.S. Department of Justice has just unsealed an indictment against an Israeli-American director of a “global energy security” think-tank near Washington, leveling accusations of attempting to influence the Trump administration on behalf of Chinese, African,...Read more


How’s everyone enjoying their politicized heat waves this year?

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

PARIS — Fresh off the latest French riots, the country didn’t even have time to catch its breath before being bombarded with nanny state heat-wave alerts. I just sat in my air conditioned apartment, chillin’ like a villain — whose superpower is being impervious to air conditioning-related guilt trips.

In addition to panic over pretty ...Read more

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Will the latest French unrest lead to civil war?

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

PARIS — The scenery during a half-hour stroll through the French suburbs last Thursday afternoon included two cars that had been torched right into the pavement and a completely gutted city hall. Yawn. Just another day in the so-called City of Enlightenment in the wake of yet another uprising.

While tourists might have found the scene ...Read more



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