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Trump vs. Biden is a rerun of France’s 2012 presidential race

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — “So, who’s going to win: Trump or Biden?” That question is being asked with increased frequency in casual conversations at backyard barbecues. Polls famously failed to predict the results of the 2016 race between Trump and Hillary Clinton, so political watchers are looking for other signs. They should really...Read more

US losing to China in the global dating game

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — The U.S. won over the hearts and minds of other nations in the Cold War era because they looked America up and down and decided they wanted a piece of what was on offer — namely, its wallet, er, “values.” But now, as the U.S. resorts to threatening allies to maintain the status quo in its relationships, it ...Read more

America is borrowing from China’s playbook in dealing with protesters

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — The Department of Homeland Security was created in the wake of the 9/11 attacks as a daycare center to encourage the FBI and CIA to play nice and share terrorism intelligence with each other instead of hoarding it. But Homeland Security has a new focus these days under President Donald Trump.

Formally, the new ...Read more

Report on Soleimani assassination suggest US committed war crime

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Congratulations to President Donald Trump on a setting a new global benchmark. He’d better just hope that it doesn’t land him in The Hague.

In January, Trump ordered the killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Soleimani had been a U.S. ally against the ...Read more

US regime-change puppet now facing war crimes

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — The Trump White House was supposed to host a so-called peace summit late last month. It never happened because one of the would-be participants was charged with war crimes in The Hague. The event was subsequently scrubbed from the official calendar and swept away by a news cycle dominated by squabbling over ...Read more

Trump becomes the target of regime-change rhetoric

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Anonymous U.S. intelligence officials say that Russia offered money to Taliban-linked fighters in Afghanistan to attack American and Allied troops, according to the New York Times. The leak of presumably classified and unvetted raw intelligence from inside the U.S. intelligence community follows a well-worn ...Read more

John Bolton book-bombs himself and U.S. foreign policy’s facade

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Former Trump administration official, John Bolton, mentions the “United States” or “America” exactly 351 times in his new memoir, “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir.” “Iran” or “Iranian,” however, appears 755 times. To put it in perspective, that’s about the word count ...Read more

Low-level COVID jurisdictions risk becoming sanitary dictatorships

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Here on far-left coast of Canada, there haven’t been any deaths attributed to COVID-19 since June 5, at the time of this writing. Yet, while hard-hit countries like France are now almost entirely back to normal, despite a couple of ...Read more

Tone-deaf enablers and sycophants are a threat to Trump’s re-election

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — It was like Moses parting the Red Sea – except with blasts of tear gas. After authorities had attacked peaceful protesters with a chemical irritant, cameras followed President Donald Trump as he walked over and stood in front of a church near the White House. (It had earlier been damaged by a small fire in the ...Read more

How the US government would be talking about itself if it were a foreign country

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

PARIS — It looks like democracy has finally arrived, and the regime’s days are numbered. It was a single spark in a tinderbox of totalitarian exasperation that ignited a firestorm of freedom. An innocent civilian, George Floyd, member of a minority racial class, died at the hands of regime authorities.

Video of the incident leaked online ...Read more

NATO proves we’re not all in this together

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

PARIS — Where has NATO been during this pandemic? U.S. President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron have repeatedly referred to their nations being at war with the coronavirus, so why haven’t we seen a coordinated international response to the “attack”?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization operates on the premise that ...Read more

Botched coup attempt in Venezuela raises a lot of questions

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

PARIS — U.S. President Donald Trump just fired the State Department inspector who was reportedly investigating Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s use of his staff to walk his dog. By all means, let’s launch a full inquiry into that. And if Pompeo is guilty, rocket him into orbit on Elon Musk’s first manned SpaceX rocket in a few days.

...Read more

Lockdown proponents are eager to resurrect communist system

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

PARIS — France’s strict eight-week lockdown mercifully came to an end on May 11. No more permission slips just to go outside or back to work.

On the same day, the French government’s “Mr. Deconfinement,” senior civil servant Jean Castex, published his long-awaited report on unlocking the country.

“The possibility of an emergency ...Read more



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