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New French poll separates citizens from elites on Ukraine conflict

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

PARIS — As the conflict between Russia and western powers continues in Ukraine, truly independent, impartial analysis is growing increasingly difficult to formulate in real time. Press censorship and the blocking of opposing sources under the guise of protecting official government narratives in a time of conflict does little to serve those ...Read more

Putin Ripped a Page from NATO’s Playbook, and They Aren't Happy About It!

From the Right / Rachel Marsden /

PARIS — Nearly every day, we’ve been bombarded with predictions of when — not if — Russia would invade Ukraine, either World War II-style or completely invisibly, depending on which versions of this fantasy you happen to come across. Instead, the U.S. and its extraterritorial military coalition, NATO, ended up with one of their own ...Read more



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