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Paying Iranian Terrorists Billions in Ransom Is Nothing To Brag About, Mr. President!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

The going rate for an American hostage these days is around $1.3 billion. That's what the Biden administration paid out for five Americans in a prisoner swap with the Islamic Republic of Iran this week. And with little overhead, it's mostly profit for the mullahs.

But don't let the term "prisoner swap" insinuate that there is any moral ...Read more

There's More Than Enough Evidence For a Joe Biden Impeachment Inquiry

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

"Without evidence."

They want those two words imprinted in your mind whenever you hear about the House impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. "Since gaining the House majority in January," writes the Associated Press, "House Republicans have aggressively investigated Biden and his son, claiming without evidence that they engaged in an ...Read more

The ADL Does Not Speak for the Jews

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

Elon Musk has threatened to sue the Anti-Defamation League for some $22 billion over its slandering of him as an antisemite, which he alleges has tanked X's advertising revenue. "Based on what we've heard from advertisers, ADL seems to be responsible for most of our revenue loss," Musk says.

Judging from my own feed, there are plenty of real-...Read more

Yes, Washington Is a Gerontocracy. And It's Our Fault

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

For the second time in recent months, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell froze in the middle of a press conference, staring off in silence before being saved by an aide. The episode was widely covered by the establishment media -- and fairly so, considering his position and power.

It would be nice, and ethical, if the same level of scrutiny...Read more

Hunter Biden Special Counsel Appointment Is a Blatant Act of Corruption!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

There's simply no rational or legal explanation for Attorney General Merrick Garland naming David Weiss a special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation. Other than the most obvious one, of course.

Garland contends that he's "confident" the Delaware federal prosecutor "will carry out his responsibility in an evenhanded and urgent manner and ...Read more

The Best Presidential Candidate in the World Is Running in Argentina

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

The media would like you to know that Javier Milei, the upstart candidate who improbably won Argentina's presidential primary this week, is a "Trump admirer," "right-wing populist," "far-right outsider," "far-right populist," "rightist," "far-right libertarian," a "radical" -- and did they mention he's on the "far right"?

Anyway, I'm no expert ...Read more

'Bidenomics' Has Been a Disaster!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

After 40 years of "trickle-down economics," President Joe Biden says, "Bidenomics is just another way of saying restoring the American Dream."

It's not often that a politician openly pledges to bring the country back to a time of crippling inflation, high energy prices and stifling interest rates. But this president is doing his best to keep ...Read more

Jack Smith's Jan. 6 Indictments of Trump Are a Partisan Attack on Political Speech!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

If recklessly lying to voters were a crime, most everyone in D.C. would be serving life in solitary confinement at Supermax. But in a liberal democracy, as frustrating as it often is, political misconduct is settled by voters and elections, not partisan prosecutors or rioters.

Feel free to campaign and vote against Donald Trump if you like. I'm...Read more

Ignore President Biden; I Will Tell You What Is Really Happening in Israel!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

President Joe Biden has reportedly asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to stop pushing through a "divisive" judicial overhaul bill amid protests.

This is the same Biden, incidentally, who crammed through a massive, highly "divisive," generational spending bill with zero votes from the opposition; the same guy who regularly rules by ...Read more

It's Increasingly Clear the Feds Weren't Protecting Hunter Biden, But Joe!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

Two veteran IRS agents with impeccable records have now testified under oath that federal officials not only slow-walked the Hunter Biden probe but nixed efforts to investigate Joe's role in the family business. And though legacy media are conveniently apathetic about the developments, they seem somewhat newsworthy to me.

On Wednesday, we ...Read more

Electric Cars Are a Leftist Scam!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

The left likes to treat skeptics of electrical cars as if they were Luddites. Truth is, making an existing product less efficient but more expensive doesn't really meet the definition of innovation.

Even the purported amenities and technological advances EV makers like to brag about in their ads have been a regular feature of gas-powered ...Read more

Americans Have Never Been Less Threatened by 'Extreme Weather'

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

"Extreme heat kills more people in the United States than any other weather hazard," is the first claim in this Washington Post piece warning about the deadly summer heat -- and it is almost certainly false. Similar warnings about the deadly weather appear in virtually every mainstream media outlet.

First off, the only reason "extreme" ...Read more



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