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If This Is 'Christian Nationalism,' Sign Me Up!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

The other day, Politico writer Heidi Przybyla appeared on MSNBC's "All In With Chris Hayes" to talk about the hysteria de jour, "Christian nationalism." Donald Trump, she explained, has surrounded himself with an "extremist element of conservative Christians," who were misrepresenting "so-called natural law" in their attempt to roll back ...Read more

While the President Pushes Ukraine To Fight, He Demands Israel Surrender

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

President Joe Biden has not only promised to veto any stand-alone Israeli aid, but he's reportedly circulating a draft resolution within the United Nations Security Council that would compel the Jewish state to stop its ground offensive in Rafah and, effectively, give Hamas a pass. Beyond that, the U.S. is also reportedly thinking about ...Read more

Tucker Carlson Is Wrong About Moscow!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

At the World Government Summit, Tucker Carlson told a gathering of world leaders that Moscow was "so much nicer than any city" in the United States. "It's radicalizing for an American to go to Moscow," Carlson went on. "I didn't know that. I've learned it this week, to Singapore, to Tokyo, to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, because these cities, no matter ...Read more

Why Biden Is Threatening to Veto Aid to Israel

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

President Joe Biden promised to veto any stand-alone aid bill for Israel, and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and most House Democrats voted against one. The administration maintains that Israel's security is so "sacred," it must be tied to a doomed legislative package containing entirely unrelated issues that deal with border security and...Read more

Joe Biden Keeps Rewarding the Terrorists

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

Peace is for suckers.

Even as Israelis were rooting out the barbaric child murderers and rapists of Hamas, President Joe Biden was trying to bully the Jewish state into repaying the Palestinians with a new state. Now, the State Department is reportedly fast-tracking recognition of an "independent" Arab state, which not only promises to envelop ...Read more

You Can't Defend 'Democracy' and the Administrative State!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

The government shows up at your business and demands you pay the salaries of the regulators who lord over you. If you refuse, you'll be ruined. You have little recourse. You've never even voted on the policy because no law implementing it exists. Bureaucrats in D.C. cooked up the idea, and a political appointee signed off on it.

That's what ...Read more

Nothing DeSantis Did or Didn't Do Would Have Made Any Difference

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

There's a lot of talk about Ron DeSantis' poor showing in the Iowa caucus. It's destroyed his future. He's not ready for prime time. The race exposed a dour and robotic personality. He's just too unlikeable to be president.

I'm skeptical. For one thing, I suspect in a few months no one is going to care about the 2024 GOP primary results. In a ...Read more

The Drive-by Smears of Clarence Thomas Never End!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

Most Clarence Thomas hit pieces can't stand up to perfunctory scrutiny. But the newest doesn't even make any sense.

In a new five-person-bylined article, anti-Supreme Court outfit ProPublica takes a decades-old offhand complaint the justice made about his salary and spins it into a nefarious conspiracy. In 2000, Thomas apparently groused about ...Read more

Let Me Be Clear; This Isn't About Hunter Biden, It's About Joe!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

When James Comer wondered on CNN whether special counsel David Weiss had indicted Hunter Biden on nine tax-related charges to protect him from having to be deposed in the House Oversight Committee, Jake Tapper snarkily responded: "Yes, the classic rubric. He indicted him to protect him. I got it."

Well, yes. Indicting a person on lesser charges...Read more

Joe Has a Long Record of Lying About Biden Inc!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

After being asked the other day why he's interacted with "so many" foreign associates of his son Hunter and brother James, President Joe Biden responded by claiming the allegations were "a bunch of lies."

This, of course, wasn't the first time the president blatantly lied about his role in the family influence peddling business.

You might ...Read more



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