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Joe Biden Is Now Chasing the 'Death to America' Voter!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

It was Al-Quds Day last Friday. To celebrate the occasion, protesters in Dearborn, Michigan, chanted "Death to America" and "Death to Israel" while a speaker named Tarek Bazzi declared the United States -- a place that's afforded him the liberty to openly support rapists, murderers and terrorists -- one of the "rottenest countries" on the planet...Read more

RFK Jr. Is Right About Joe Biden!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. can be an unhinged leftist and crackpot, but he also happens to be correct about President Joe Biden's attacks on constitutional order, particularly free expression.

Speaking to an incredulous Erin Burnett on CNN this week, Kennedy argued that Biden was a bigger threat to "democracy" than Donald Trump, a position that ...Read more

Only Democrats Get To Lie on NBC News!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

Ronna McDaniel, formerly chair of the Republican National Committee, was recently hired and subsequently fired by NBC News when the "talent," unable to countenance even moderate dissent, revolted on air. The entire kerfuffle is unsurprising considering the state of modern "media."

But one of the funniest moments of the McDaniel blowup came when...Read more

Yes, Israel Is Now a Partisan Issue

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

"To make Israel a partisan issue only hurts Israel and the US-Israeli relationship," Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer had the temerity to say only days after demanding the Jewish state's duly elected government be toppled.

Schumer was responding to Donald Trump's hyperbolic contention that Jews who vote for Democrats "hate Israel" and their...Read more

Turns Out Biden Lied! About Hur, Beau, And Why He Pilfered Classified Documents!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

One of the big takeaways from the newly released transcript of President Joe Biden's two-day interview with Robert Hur is that the special counsel was being exceedingly generous when describing the president as a "sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory."

Much of the conversation with Hur is littered with barely incoherent ...Read more

The Supreme Court's Support of Trump Makes It the Last Properly Functioning Institution in America!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

In a 9-0 decision, the Supreme Court ruled states cannot use Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to kick former President Donald Trump off state ballots over his alleged "insurrectionist" actions on Jan. 6, 2021.

Learning that state officials aren't empowered to simply toss leading presidential candidates off ballots came as a great surprise to ...Read more

If This Is 'Christian Nationalism,' Sign Me Up!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

The other day, Politico writer Heidi Przybyla appeared on MSNBC's "All In With Chris Hayes" to talk about the hysteria de jour, "Christian nationalism." Donald Trump, she explained, has surrounded himself with an "extremist element of conservative Christians," who were misrepresenting "so-called natural law" in their attempt to roll back ...Read more

While the President Pushes Ukraine To Fight, He Demands Israel Surrender

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

President Joe Biden has not only promised to veto any stand-alone Israeli aid, but he's reportedly circulating a draft resolution within the United Nations Security Council that would compel the Jewish state to stop its ground offensive in Rafah and, effectively, give Hamas a pass. Beyond that, the U.S. is also reportedly thinking about ...Read more

Tucker Carlson Is Wrong About Moscow!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

At the World Government Summit, Tucker Carlson told a gathering of world leaders that Moscow was "so much nicer than any city" in the United States. "It's radicalizing for an American to go to Moscow," Carlson went on. "I didn't know that. I've learned it this week, to Singapore, to Tokyo, to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, because these cities, no matter ...Read more

Why Biden Is Threatening to Veto Aid to Israel

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

President Joe Biden promised to veto any stand-alone aid bill for Israel, and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries and most House Democrats voted against one. The administration maintains that Israel's security is so "sacred," it must be tied to a doomed legislative package containing entirely unrelated issues that deal with border security and...Read more

Joe Biden Keeps Rewarding the Terrorists

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

Peace is for suckers.

Even as Israelis were rooting out the barbaric child murderers and rapists of Hamas, President Joe Biden was trying to bully the Jewish state into repaying the Palestinians with a new state. Now, the State Department is reportedly fast-tracking recognition of an "independent" Arab state, which not only promises to envelop ...Read more

You Can't Defend 'Democracy' and the Administrative State!

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

The government shows up at your business and demands you pay the salaries of the regulators who lord over you. If you refuse, you'll be ruined. You have little recourse. You've never even voted on the policy because no law implementing it exists. Bureaucrats in D.C. cooked up the idea, and a political appointee signed off on it.

That's what ...Read more

Nothing DeSantis Did or Didn't Do Would Have Made Any Difference

From the Right / David Harsanyi /

There's a lot of talk about Ron DeSantis' poor showing in the Iowa caucus. It's destroyed his future. He's not ready for prime time. The race exposed a dour and robotic personality. He's just too unlikeable to be president.

I'm skeptical. For one thing, I suspect in a few months no one is going to care about the 2024 GOP primary results. In a ...Read more



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