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Reopen America Now

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

On Tuesday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves announced they would be lifting their statewide mask-wearing mandates, business capacity limitations and various other COVID-19-related restrictions. "COVID still exists," Abbott said, "but it is clear from the recoveries, from the vaccinations, from the reduced ...Read more

The Supreme Court Must Now End the 'Systemic Racism' of Affirmative Action

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

As the nation's incipient racial reckoning following last May's killing of George Floyd morphed into the summer's riotous anarchy, the term "systemic racism" emerged as a fixture of our public discourse. What began as a somewhat arcane dialogue about purported police "militarization" and the "qualified immunity" legal doctrine soon took on a ...Read more

Politicized 'Science' Is Not Science at All

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

Most middle schoolers or high schoolers in America are taught a mode of empirical inquiry and knowledge attainment usually referred to as the "scientific method." Although the discipline has origins dating back to classical antiquity, the term emerged in the 19th century and took on sustained life in the 20th century. The multistep "scientific...Read more

Overwrought Nazi Analogies for Me, But Not for Thee?

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

Earlier this week, Lucasfilm severed ties with "The Mandalorian" actress Gina Carano after a hyperbolic social media post in which she compared current political imperiousness and cancel culture in the United States -- and the treatment of "wrong-thinking" Americans who hold views at odds with those of ruling class elites -- to the 1930s-era ...Read more

The limits of 'free speech'

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

When embattled freshman Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., took to the U.S. House floor Thursday morning in advance of a chamberwide vote to possibly strip her of all committee assignments, she spoke through a face mask embroidered with that most iconic of all American rallying cries: "FREE SPEECH." Greene thus followed in the footsteps of many...Read more

American elites seek to rig the game

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

In the aftermath of the disgraceful Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, the American ruling class has flexed its muscles like never before.

Big Tech oligarchs moved in unison to kneecap upstart Parler, a would-be Twitter competitor, and ban former President Donald Trump and scores of other conservatives. Simon & Schuster, one of the nation's most ...Read more

Conservatives' energy must be spent plotting towards 2022

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

The presidency of Joseph R. Biden Jr., a thoroughly mediocre and gaffe-prone career politician in the throes of debilitating senescence, has commenced. It has done so with disingenuous paeans to unity, thinly veiled swipes at his "deplorable" political foes and an immediate executive action-driven assault on his predecessor's legacy -- from the ...Read more

Trump's parting shot To China should be full U.S. recognition of Taiwan

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

President Donald Trump's two greatest foreign policy accomplishments both involve departures from outmoded paradigms that had, for decades, enraptured bipartisan neoliberal elites: unprecedented Arab-Israeli rapprochement in the Middle East and an assertive China containment strategy in the Asia-Pacific. On the former front, Trump boldly ...Read more

If Trump cares about the movement he helped build, he should now go away

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

The ignominious events in the nation's capital on Wednesday, Jan. 6 will not soon be forgotten. Images of an enraged mob overpowering police and breaching the walls of the U.S. Capitol, the West's preeminent citadel of republican self-governance, will hinder Americans' already cratering faith in their government's institutional integrity and ...Read more

It can't get any worse than 2020, so here's my 2021 political wish list

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

At long last, 2020 is about to end.

This year, one unlike any other in my lifetime, was uniquely terrible. We faced a once-a-lifetime global pandemic, which brought to heel our entire economy and put an abrupt halt to hundreds of millions of law-abiding Americans' very way of life. We endured a once-a-generation national "dialogue" about race, ...Read more

Immigration politics went away during COVID-19. It's coming back.

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

Donald Trump famously sought the presidency in 2016 on a platform that elevated the immigration issue to the singular political forefront. He was right to do so. There is a very strong case that immigration, both legal and illegal, represents the indispensable issue facing the United States. No other political issue so broadly affects ...Read more

Hunter Biden saga personifies ruling class power and conceit

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

On the precipice of the 2020 presidential election, the American ruling class pulled off every stunt imaginable for its preferred candidate, Joe Biden. Presidential debate moderators deliberately refused to delve into the realm of foreign policy, an area in which Uncle Joe has been wrong on every major issue for four decades. Media elites ...Read more



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