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Progressivism Versus Popular Sovereignty

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

On Thursday, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall filed a letter, on behalf of 16 state attorneys general, to U.S. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). The letter, which pertains to Biden administration policy on COVID-19, is both important on its own merits, insofar as what it urges the new Congress to do, and more broadly significant ...Read more

Israel's Judicial Reform 'Controversy' Is Much Ado About Nothing

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

Like a dog returning to its own vomit, the supercilious elites of our so-called international community maintain a rather curious fixation. Like clockwork, these elites always find a way of singling out for opprobrium one tiny nation-state, no bigger than New Jersey. That state, of course, is the Jewish state, the modern State of Israel. There...Read more

Is the Deep State Coming After Joe Biden?

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

The second half of Joe Biden's presidential term has officially gotten off to an ignominious start.

Earlier in the week, CBS News first broke the story that Biden had been storing classified documents, taken from his previous stint as vice president to Barack Obama, at the Chinese-funded Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement "...Read more

Kevin McCarthy Drama Underscores Impotence of Republican Elite

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

After Republicans clinched their narrower-than-expected new House majority in November's midterm elections, the only relevant questions for Congress-watchers seemed to pertain to what Rep. Kevin McCarthy's (R-CA) impending House speakership would look like.

To what extent, if any, would he return House rules to "regular order," whereby bills ...Read more

Celebrate Elon Musk, but Don't Lose Sight of Big Tech's Structural Problems

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

The story of Elon Musk's acquisition, transformation and public rehabilitation of Twitter is nothing short of remarkable. Here is that rarest of confluences: A right-leaning (or at least right-sympathetic) mega-billionaire privately acquires a disproportionately influential public company out of genuine public-spiritedness, perhaps even a hint...Read more

Why Does the GOP Elite Hate Its Own Base?

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

It is one of the most bitter and tragic ironies of our contemporary politics that the leadership of one of America's two major political parties, the Republican Party, utterly despises that party's very own voting base.

The GOP elite's scorn for its own voters has, at this point, been a long time in the making. The trend accelerated during ...Read more

After 2022 Setback, GOP Race for 2024 Is Wide Open

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

The 2022 midterm elections were, by any objective measure, tremendously disappointing for Republicans. As has already been discussed ad nauseam, the "red wave" that so many -- yours truly included -- had predicted simply did not materialize. The reasons for that are numerous; no one individual, one institution or one specific systemic failure is...Read more

Florida, the New Capital of Red State America

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

In what was an overall frustrating election night for Republicans, in which the oft-predicted "red wave" failed to materialize nationally, there was one state above all that provided a clear beacon of hope. That would be my adopted state of Florida.

In the Sunshine State Tuesday evening, Gov. Ron DeSantis cruised to a second term with an ...Read more

The Return of Bibi Netanyahu

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

It turns out that, sometimes, the fifth time is a charm. With the final ballots now counted in Israel's fifth national election in four years, the results are officially in: Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu, already the longest-serving prime minister in the 74-year history of the modern Jewish state, is set to return as premier. After four elections ...Read more



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