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Institutional wokeness is destroying American higher education

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

The English department at Rutgers University, the eighth-oldest university in America, recently went woke. In an email obtained by The College Fix, Rebecca Walkowitz, English department chair, announced to faculty, staff and students that the department would implement a set of "anti-racist" initiatives. Lest the gullible be led astray by such ...Read more

There's a crisis in the conservative legal movement

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

According to 2016 presidential election exit polling, the Supreme Court was the single most predictive and determinative issue. Amidst the backdrop of a Court vacancy left by a dearly departed icon, Justice Antonin Scalia, a sizable plurality of voters cast their ballots based on the presidential candidates' avowed preferences for Supreme Court ...Read more

The ruling class has sold out the American people on Communist China

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

The all-encompassing geopolitical, military, diplomatic, cultural and economic threat posed by the thuggish Chinese Communist Party represents America's generational challenge. Decades from now, historians will assess the rising generation based, in no small part, upon how we do in mitigating, confronting and ultimately thwarting the ambitions ...Read more

The battle lines between Americanists and civilizational arsonists continue to harden

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

As the nation grapples in the throes of a once-a-generation soul search, the battle lines of our cold civil war between the Americanists and the civilizational arsonists only continue to harden.

This week saw the stunning public resignation of Bari Weiss as a New York Times opinion editor and columnist. In her cri de coeur, Weiss lamented the ...Read more

President Trump emerges as defender of the American regime

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

Last holiday weekend, President Donald Trump pivoted toward an electoral posture that this column, among many others, has repeatedly urged him to assume: that of defender of the American regime and preserver of the American way of life.

At the iconic summertime setting of South Dakota's Mount Rushmore National Memorial, amidst the backdrop of ...Read more

How to salvage a pandemic Independence Day

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

Although July 4 is celebrated as Independence Day due to it being the day in 1776 the Continental Congress approved the final text of Jefferson's Declaration, the actual independence vote was on July 2 of that same epochal year. Accordingly, on July 3, John Adams sent a famous letter to his beloved wife, Abigail, in which he predicted how ...Read more

The American regime is under siege

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

More so than at any time in at least a half-century, and possibly at any time since Lee's surrender to Grant at Appomattox, the American system of governance and way of life is under existential duress. As one astute remonstrator observed on Twitter, what we are now witnessing is an attempt at regime change in the United States of America.

That...Read more

How to fall in love with America again

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

The past month has seen domestic turmoil perhaps unprecedented at any time since the heyday of Vietnam War protests. Simmering tensions from the Draconian coronavirus lockdowns, cathartically released in the national uproar over George Floyd's unjust death in Minneapolis, have yielded large-scale angst and frequent condemning of America itself. ...Read more

A unified American republic is worth fighting for.

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

What comes of a nation whose newspaper of record publicly caves to overwhelming pressure and repudiates an opinion piece written by a duly elected leading national legislator who boasts degrees from the nation's most famous educational institution, has undeniably relevant life experience on the subject and advances an argument supported by a ...Read more

Law enforcement is not the enemy

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

The unjust and indefensible death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has ignited the combustible spark that laid barely beneath the surface of the months-long coronavirus lockdowns and self-inflicted economic ruination that the lockdowns have entailed. And the destructive outburst of that simmering tension has been ugly to watch.

The past week has ...Read more

Trump is on the ballot -- not his Twitter feed

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

This past week, years-long tensions over the rather peculiar Twitter feed of the president of the United States reached a boiling point. President Donald Trump, of late, has been engaged in a rather sordid and baseless bit of social media mudslinging about popular cable host Joe Scarborough's purported involvement in the death of a congressional...Read more

Confronting the Chinese Communist Party is America's generational challenge

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

Americans, with good reason, are increasingly turning against the Chinese Communist Party. New polling from POLITICO/Morning Consult shows that the percentage of Americans who say China is an "enemy" has risen 11 percentage points since January. According to an Economist/YouGov poll, more Americans would support than oppose the U.S. punishing ...Read more

Annexation is clearly better for Israel and for America

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

As Israel forms its new government and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo returns stateside from Jerusalem, the contested issue of Israeli "annexation" of large swaths of Judea and Samaria -- what the international community illogically calls the West Bank -- is beginning to permeate anew American public discourse. Indeed, Middle East scholar Daniel...Read more



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