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Thomas Issues Career-Defining Court Opinion on Gun Rights

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

On Thursday, the single greatest living American used the occasion of his 74th birthday to remind of his greatness. He did so by issuing the single piece of writing that, at least thus far, best encapsulates and defines his career as one of the most towering constitutionalists in the history of the republic.

It is unfortunate that Justice ...Read more

Democrats Engage in Selective Outrage Over 'Insurrections'!

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

To listen to House Democrats' -- and Liz Cheney's and Adam Kinzinger's, but I repeat myself -- shrieks of hysteria from the opening nights of the Jan. 6 House Select Committee dais is to hearken back to the Soviet-era show trials of yesteryear. Vladimir Lenin, as the veteran conservative commentator Roger Kimball reminds us, referred to them as ...Read more

The Chesa Boudin Inflection Point in the Fight for Civilizational Sanity

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

Chesa Boudin is, by any reasonable measure, a nut job. Conservatives could not grow a more picture-perfect political villain in a petri dish, even if they tried; Boudin really is that caricaturable.

Boudin's parents were Weather Underground domestic terrorists and, following the 1981 Brink's Robbery in New York state, convicted as cop-killers...Read more

What Is the US End Goal in Ukraine?

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

President Joe Biden recently signed into law a massive $40 billion "emergency" measure allocating additional U.S. aid to Ukraine. That $40 billion sum, which includes $20 billion in direct military assistance, $8 billion in general economic support, $5 billion directed toward food shortages and $1 billion toward the Ukrainian refugee crisis, ...Read more

The Difficult Search for Answers After Uvalde

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

I find myself more shaken and stricken after this week's latest mass shooting, the elementary school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, that saw 19 children and two teachers slain in cold blood, than I did after other mass shootings in recent years. Part of that is biographical: As an ex-Texan, the son of an elementary school teacher and the owner of ...Read more

Against American Mobocracy

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

In his 1838 Lyceum Address in Springfield, Illinois, a 28-year-old Abraham Lincoln spoke on "the perpetuation of our political institutions." The speech was eerily prescient, coming 23 years as it did before then-President Lincoln presided over a nation tragically brought into a grisly Civil War -- the ultimate test of that "perpetuation" -- ...Read more

Biden Persisently Acts in a Manner Contrary to the Interests of the Median Citizen!

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

Last June, the Biden administration unveiled its "National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism." Despite its anodyne-sounding name, the "National Strategy" was anything but anodyne. The pamphlet represented the logical culmination of the Left's cynical use of the Jan. 6, 2021, U.S. Capitol riot as a means of ginning up large-scale, ...Read more

After Horrific SCOTUS Leak, Justices Must Plow Ahead and Overturn Roe

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

The scandalous leak of a full draft of Justice Samuel Alito's five-justice-strong majority opinion in this term's marquee Supreme Court case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization, is an event without precedent in the Court's history.

If Alito's coalition holds, the leaked majority opinion, a February-dated first draft whose ...Read more

Musk Must Be Held Accountable to His Own Professed Word

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

The impending acquisition of Twitter by the world's wealthiest person, Elon Musk, is one of the most improbable developments out of the business world -- and, indeed, the political world -- in decades. Though a fairly modest percentage of adult Americans use Twitter, at least when compared with more popular social media outlets like Facebook and...Read more

Against 'Principled Loserdom'

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

I was in New Haven this past week for a couple of events at Yale, one of which was a William F. Buckley, Jr. Program debate for a primarily college-age audience on "common good conservatism." During the debate, I argued on behalf of the more "muscular," more forceful and less "liberal" approach to political economy and political gamesmanship ...Read more

The Civilizational Suicide of 'Criminal Justice Reform'

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

The long and disturbing rap sheet of Frank James, the black nationalist New York City subway shooter arrested on Wednesday and charged by federal prosecutors with one count of committing a terrorist act against a mass transportation system, ought to serve as a national wake-up call. The 24 hour-plus nerve-racking manhunt ended in anticlimactic...Read more

The Great Sovereignty Reclamation Movement

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

The great debates of our time are not exclusively those hard-hitting ones affecting human anthropology and political community -- how many genders exist, what criteria we should look for in prospective immigrants, and so forth. Certainly, many of our most notable debates do implicate those most foundational rifts. But some of our ...Read more

Hunter Biden's Laptop Story Confirms: Rein in Big Tech or Cease To Be a Free People

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

On the precipice of the regime-defining 2020 presidential election, Facebook and Twitter committed their "Pearl Harbor attack" against the incumbent president, Donald Trump, and in dutiful favor of the regnant regime's favored candidate, Joe Biden.

In an October move that would presage the collapse of the "public"-"private" distinction during ...Read more



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