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The Moral Perverseness of Democrats' Foreign Policy Priorities

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

Few areas of public policy lend themselves less easily to big-picture doctrinal sorting and various "-ism" labeling than does foreign policy. That is perhaps now truer than ever, as America's two major political parties continue their already ascendant realignment, with Democrats abandoning their working-class roots in favor of a professional-...Read more

Mark Milley Exposes the Myth of American 'Democracy'

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

This week's deeply unsettling revelation of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley's alleged late Trump administration-era perfidy, bordering on high treason, is but one glaring fusillade in a years-long crusade by America's decrepit ruling class to condemn and ultimately subjugate us "deplorables," "wrong-thinkers" and all ...Read more

The Vaccine Mandate Assault on the Common Good

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

As President Joe Biden launches via executive order a sweeping vaccine mandate for all federal government workers, and now a brand-new initiative for private sector mandates, the issue has once again risen to the forefront of the national dialogue. United Airlines, for example, recently became the first U.S. airline to mandate COVID-19 ...Read more

Impeach Joe Biden For Dereliction of Duty!

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

President Joe Biden, the oldest man ever elected to the most powerful office in the world, is not merely doddering in a palpable senility, flailing haplessly before the cameras with a wizened countenance that is a microcosm for American decline. He has not merely already exposed himself, both physically and mentally, as wholly unfit for the ...Read more

After Afghan Debacle, Stop the Nation-Building Crusades Once and for All

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

President Joe Biden's haphazard, poorly executed troop withdrawal from the morass of Afghanistan has irrevocably sullied America's reputation. Even those of us who have long supported drawing down the decades-old American military footprint from this strategically unimportant third-world backwater have been horrified at the indefensible manner...Read more

The Olympic Games Remind Us of the Necessity of Nationalism

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

The recently completed Tokyo Summer Olympic Games were, in many respects, an unmitigated flop. NBC's prime-time coverage averaged a paltry 12.9 million viewers, making for the weakest ratings since NBC first began airing the Summer Games in 1988. Overall, the Tokyo Games saw a 49% ratings drop since the previous Summer Games, 2016's rendition ...Read more

Democrats' Are Hypocrites, and Their Hypocrisy Is Now Impossible To Ignore!

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

Earlier this week, New York State Attorney General Letitia James, a partisan Democrat, released a bombshell 165-page report that another partisan Democrat, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, previously sexually harassed at least 11 women in the workplace. According to the report, Cuomo engaged in nonconsensual touching, groping and kissing, in ...Read more

The Case for the Unconstitutionality of Abortion

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

In the April issue of the conservative journal First Things, the esteemed natural law philosopher John Finnis wrote an essay titled "Abortion Is Unconstitutional." Finnis' basic argument was that the traditional conservative or originalist stance on abortion and the infamous 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision -- namely, that the ...Read more

Joe Biden Has Given Vladimir Putin a Huge Win on the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

For years, Democrats and their cable news echo chamber conjured up and broadly disseminated the most lurid and patently ludicrous rumors about former President Donald Trump being a corrupted and (literally) compromised agent of Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. Democratic talking heads ultimately tried in vain to distance themselves from this ...Read more

The Left's Disgraceful Failure To Condemn Cuba's Communist Dictatorship

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

The Castro (and now post-Castro) regime in Cuba is a deeply repressive communist dictatorship whose ultimate place in the proverbial ash heap of history cannot arrive soon enough. A retrograde relic of the Cold War era -- when it served as a strategically positioned Soviet satrapy -- the impoverished island nation has barely changed an iota ...Read more

Secure Law and Order in America

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

Over July Fourth weekend, according to CNN, at least 233 people were killed and 618 others were injured in more than 500 shootings across the country. Unbelievably, those tragic statistics actually represent a 26% decrease from July Fourth weekend in 2020. But overall, violent crime in 2021 across the nation -- and especially in major urban ...Read more

Yes, We Should Ban Critical Race Theory from Our Schools

From the Right / Josh Hammer /

As we head toward this weekend's 245th anniversary of American independence, critical race theory has emerged as the dominant subject gripping and dividing the nation. The threshold question, itself the subject of rancorous and oftentimes disingenuous debate, is what the term "critical race theory" even refers to. When this semantic debate ...Read more



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